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  Updated Daily to your web site - Thursday 11 February


Don't let a friend or a loved one convince you that their newest "cure-all" will fix everything from cancer to dandruff. It is one in another string of such things that trace their dubious roots to the infamous "snake oil" salesmen of yesteryear.


You may make a new friend right now, likely with an older woman who has some interesting skills or hobbies. Your own ideas are a little unusual at the moment, but you may be a little too intimidated to say what is on your mind right now.


Your career is looking pretty good right now. You have an opportunity to shine by taking on new responsibilities. Someone will tap you for a project that has much better potential than you may think at first. You will have a lot of energy right now.


If you are having money problems, seek out an older employer, supervisor or client for advice. They will know something or point something out that will seem obvious in hindsight. You will have to do some juggling to make the cash flow work in your favor.


You may be considering writing some kind of creative tutorial. Other people who share your interests could be helpful in resolving a problem related to communication. Someone might be willing to trade expertise or time in exchange for your talents.


This is not the best day to try to push new ideas forward, or to make sudden changes in your career direction. You may be frustrated and anxious, but don't let yourself get too worked up. The energy could change rapidly in the next while. Make sure you are acting, not just reacting.


You come across right now as a unique individual with many innovative ideas. You want freedom to expressing yourself in an unusual or unconventional way, to make a big splash in a social setting, and may be drawn to new and interesting hobbies.

You have a strong desire to stay at home and work on your renovation projects or on a handicraft to improve your home, but it may be impossible. You'll have a lot of work and chores to get through first. A phone call may bring good news about your health.


There are dramatic and unexpected changes to your home or family. Someone you love may be adding to or starting a new family. If you are a parent, you may hear unexpected good news about one of your children. They may have a talent for science.


The mind-fog clears and you are energetic and excited. Friends are interesting if a little unpredictable. You might find yourself invited to last-minute parties or gatherings, and it's possible that you could be nominated in some kind of leadership role.


Your home and family life may face something of a crisis or turning point right now. If you and your partner have not been clear on your future direction, you may find yourselves asking where you want to go from here. A loved one may be dealing with an emotional challenge.


The time has come for you to put your words and thoughts to paper. You may have a secret vision as a poet or writer that you have nurtured, and the muse is not just speaking to you, she's screaming. You must pay attention to the words and thoughts you put to paper right now.

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