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  Updated Daily to your web site - Sunday 2 August


You may be thinking about travel, but so are a lot of other people. Wherever you end up, it is likely to be seriously crowded. That could be a good thing, because it is likely to bring you together with interesting people, new friends and companions.


You are looking at some more big personal changes right now, but you will find that they are mostly to your liking this time around. You could make a big change to your personal appearance, or take up a new hobby. You may also hear good news from a friend or relative who has been trying to get pregnant.


If you were thinking of making a new investment in your home, it will be a great day to check out home improvement supplies. Some extra cash will come in handy to improve your living conditions. Just be certain you don't over-spend your budget.


If you and your significant other are not seeing eye to eye right now, it may not be the best time to bring up your vacation plans, even if that makes for a welcome change of subject. If you want to surprise your partner with a spontaneous trip, make it to some place that they have always wanted to go.


This is not the day to get into religious debates, unless you want to be taken down a notch or two. A family member with better knowledge than you may be the one to show you that there are aspects to the issue that you were not aware of or had not considered.


You could be overcome by an urge to play matchmaker with a friend right now. If so, make your choice carefully. You may pick just the right person to push all your friend's vulnerable buttons. You may later ask yourself what you could have been thinking.


You need to stay positive and focused right now as others around you are putting out victim vibrations. You may be highly sensitive to other people and need to make sure their emotions do not drag you into their dramas.

Taking some much-needed time off could help you rebuild some perspective and give you some space to bleed off some hard energy you have been carrying home from the workplace lately. Make sure to treat yourself, you deserve a break.


It would be a good day for you to look into alternative healing or healthcare techniques, especially those you are normally skeptical about. You will learn that you still can discover new pearls of wisdom from paths you long abandoned.


You seem to be on a "helping out kick" in the workplace right now, and while most folks are grateful for the extra energy you provide, someone else may find your efforts are a little too strident. If you see "that face", back off a bit and let them come to you on their own terms.


If you are still single, you might not be for very much longer. You have an opportunity to meet someone new and interesting right now, perhaps in the workplace or through a business contact. Keep an open mind, they are likely to come across as a little spacey at first.


You are going to have some strange or unusual dreams this evening. You feel you are being pressured into some lifestyle changes that you are not ready for, and instead of confronting this, have chosen to bury it deep in your subconscious. That is why it's coming out in dreams.

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