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  Updated Daily to your web site - Friday 9 December


You'll have terrific physical energy right now - a little too much perhaps. You may find yourself getting angry or frustrated a little more easily than usual. Make sure that your mantra for the day is "I am calm", especially where it comes to dealing with family members, relatives and authority figures.


If you are still single, this is a good day to get out and about, to meet new people. Bookstores, seminars, and places where ideas are shared are good places to be seen right now. If you are already married, a gift of a book, CD, or evening class could brighten your significant other's day.


There will be opportunities for learning that come to you as a result of your career. Changes in your field or work sector may demand some kind of re-education, and if that is the case, your employer may actually offer to cover the costs.


You and a sibling may be competing in the romantic department. If you are still single, it is a good idea to avoid anyone or any place where you might run into people that you already know. If you are already married, you may want to avoid a brother or sister-in-law.


You may be considering dumping a friend because you just don't see eye to eye anymore. You are especially concerned about their lifestyle, the way they treat their kids, or the way they make unfair demands on your time or pocketbook. You do need to put your foot down, one way or the other.


Your love life brings mixed blessings right now. You are idealizing your partner or a potential partner though, and will have to cope with the realization that they are as human and fallible as anyone else you know. If you find yourself being disappointed, ask yourself if your expectations were realistic.


One of your friends has something of the bohemian artist energy about them. This person is big on alternative movies, music and theater, and you can learn a lot from them. If you are still single, there may be potential for romance. This artsy person is not as coldly intellectual as they seem!

Your love life gets downright strange. There is a love-hate note in the passionate symphony you are playing out right now. Ride along with it - let it sort itself out. Trying to force it into something predictable right now would not work.


Your affirmation of the day is ... I open myself to the abundance of the Earth. If you are feeling a bit stuck financially right now, remember that the abundance of nature is limitless. While we all have ups and downs, no situation lasts forever. You will soon find conditions improving.


You may be having a bit of a down moment because you can't get to some favored recreational, sporting or entertainment distraction, but the delay is temporary. There will be other options. If you are a parent, this is not a good day to push the kids about their grades.


You will have a lot of intensely creative ideas right now and an opportunity to take on a new leadership role could be offered to you because of your skill with words and ideas. You may be asked to keep this unexpected opportunity secret for a while.


You may be inspired to learn more about other people's religious beliefs, spiritual and political traditions right now. You may run into an opportunity for learning hidden information or secret knowledge about a religious or spiritual belief.

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