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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 24 August


You may be the center of attention right now in your family or neighborhood, but it may come about because someone you care for or have to live near has decided to pick an argument with you over your spiritual or religious beliefs. Avoid these topics if at all possible.


You may think that you have the perfect answer to a friend's problem with their love life or children, but in truth, you are not at your most clear right now. It may be better to sit back and wait for them to come to the realization themselves.


Your family is on something of a roller-coaster ride. One minute they are up and supportive, the next they seem gloomy and negative. You may want to focus your attention on the feedback of the elders in your life right now. Their ideas have less sparkle and more staying power.


The focus moves to your pocketbook and you are only too happy to open it up and collect the money. You will hear good news about family finances, money related to home or real estate investments, and there could be good news about your credit rating.


The stress you have been feeling recently melts and dissolves and magically heals itself right now. You can get a lot of work done and are able to make a positive impression on a business superior or important business contact whose opinions are important to your career.


A huge change in your attitude towards money, finances, and investments is coming. You may be given a raise, bonus, or perhaps even win some money through gambling. Found money, or inherited money are also possibilities right now. You should speak to your investment advisor about changing your strategy. If you don't have one, now is a good time to check into the services available.


A miscommunication in the workplace may have you pondering a career change. Do not be hasty. Take the time to go back and review what was said, what is the policy change, ask pointed questions. You may find it is not such a bad change after all.

You will be asked to take on a leadership role in setting up some kind of gathering or get-together that involves everyone's favorite entertainment. Be sure that you think of all the people now, especially the little ones - will there be enough toys, Kool-Aid and snacks appropriate for them?


You may be thinking about going back to school right now. It would not be shocking to find you in a big, comfortable chair, surrounded by books and papers, planning out your future with energetic zeal. You need to challenge your mind right now.


A massage session or a meditation retreat may seem like an exorbitant luxury, but yourself have those little treats you have been denying yourself. You will be able to work that much more effectively if you are relaxed, refreshed, and in command.


You may find yourself in one of those "family moments" right now that you normally dread. Relatives are likely to be erratic, confused and cranky. Avoid pushing anyone's hot buttons right now. If you want to lead, don't suggest solutions, be quiet and patient instead. Listen carefully right now.


You may be looking at a new job, promotion, or transfer to a better office. Your ideas are powerful right now, and you need to take command, take a leadership role, get things moving. Don't be afraid to take a risk on a good idea that needs an advocate.

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