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  Updated Daily to your web site - Sunday 4 October


The big changes right now are going to be those that affect your pocketbook. You know you need to make some changes, and one of those will be more philosophical than material. You need to find a way to make a living that feeds your soul as well as your bank balance.


You may decide to spend some spare time tidying up and polishing your resume in your spare time. Whether you are actively looking for work or not, your chart speaks of paperwork, life-altering career choices and personal creativity. You may be writing for pleasure or for work.


You have some interesting inspirational ideas about decorating or redecorating your home. You may decide to go out shopping for a new stereo or entertainment centre, or set up a new hobby room where you can pursue a new craft in a peaceful pleasant atmosphere.


If you are making plans for a trip, vacation or even an outing to the local park soon, avoid settling on the details or scheduling plans right now if you can. Someone will cancel or change their plans at the last minute, and the whole thing may have to be sorted through again at a later date.


You have an unexpected or sudden opportunity to take on a new leadership role in your community, perhaps involving some kind of children's charity. If you have been looking for a way to give to your community, think of ways you can put computers in the hands of those without.


Get off your own back, stop harping on yourself. You are your own worst critic at the best of times. You are doing a lot more and a lot better than you give yourself credit for. Stop comparing yourself to other people and your level of happiness will greatly improve.


A small change in your diet or lifestyle may be needed to turn around a chronic problem. A little online research could point the way to an alternative treatment or a handy tip that could improve the condition, boost your mood or improve your overall energy level.

You may have an unexpected opportunity to have a little extra fun or recreation right now. Just don't let yourself get over-committed to an expensive, fancy outing. Look for a better value for your dollar. Your local community center, church or synagogue may have a program that fits the bill.


You'll be anything but tongue-tied right now, but you may look back and wish you had been! Your mental and physical energy is a little too high right now, and you might misinterpret that as anxiety. Take frequent breaks right now or a time out for exercise if you find yourself moving too fast.


You may be a little hard on a parent or in-law right now, especially if they come off sounding judgmental of your significant other, or lack thereof. Remember, it's not just selfishness, they can't mind their own business about your love life because they care about you.


It looks like you are in something of a winning streak right now. You can find amazing bargains, and may actually win a small amount of money, or find a lost valuable in your back yard, in the car, or in a laundry basket. You will have a lot of energy right now.


You have dreams of winning the lottery and though that's unlikely to happen, you do have opportunities to make some of your fantasies of "big bucks" come true right now. The focus is on your career and the challenges you face to make a long-term prosperity plan functional.

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