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  Updated Daily to your web site - Monday 19 March


Your financial picture could be pretty confusing right now. If you do any Internet banking, avoid the bank's web site right now - they could have strange problems or hiccups that could temporarily affect your accounts. Any crossed wires will be untangled quickly though.


Your creativity is just exploding right now. If you are an artist, writer or musician, you could have an amazing opportunity to show your talents to a wider audience. You are a little intimidated by an authority figure of some kind, don't let that get in your way!


You'll be daydreaming through most of the day, composing songs and poetry in your head while your body makes the motions of a workday. You may actually enjoy this, but others in your family or circle of friends may find you to be a little "spacey" right now.


A family member will be a huge help and comfort to you right now. Dramatic changes that you have been expecting for some time will bring joy to your family. Listen to your intuition and pay attention to dreams and flashes of insight right now. They could be lucky for you or a loved one.


You can't wait for the weekend to come. You really need to play and have some fun. Someone in your circle of friends has a mischievous streak though, and you could find that you are the victim of a light-hearted prank. Take it with grace, you'll impress someone special.


You are at odds with a family member over some sudden changes in their or your career status. Someone may feel you owe them a break of some kind, a break they have not earned, or a position you can't trust them to hold. You have to protect your own interests.


Friendships are being formed in the workplace that could have an important and positive effect on the daily working conditions you face. You will form bonds with people who can connect you to opportunities that have previously been denied to you.

You may be thinking about taking a vacation, but if those plans involve a relative, or depend on their help house or baby-sitting, think twice before you book that trip. You may find that the help you were counting on is not as reliable as you might think.


Friends and associates bring you great joy and enhance your self-esteem. It may be that through helping others you feel good about yourself, and you are likely to be on the receiving end of some very sincere compliments right now. Don't know how to respond? A simple "thank you" is all you have to say.


You may bump into cabinets if you do not stop bouncing off the walls. You may need to slow down and take some deep breaths so that you do not end up breaking something. Your energy is strong though and you can get a lot done.


A family vacation or get-together could be interrupted or rescheduled at the last minute. There are likely to be a lot of phone calls from frantic but somewhat unfocused loved ones who are begging for your help to sort out some problem that is much less of a drama than they make it out to be.


The phone will be ringing with all kinds of good news. One of your relatives or siblings may be getting married soon, and another looks like they have finally gotten that job, long after everyone had given up on them. Today is a good day to reconnect with both friends and family.

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