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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 23 August


You are heading for a positive turnaround in the workplace. An old friend, coworker or former employer could bring an opportunity that is impossible to resist. You need to be prepared to act quickly to take advantage. Travel or a home move could be indicated.


Financial opportunity comes knocking on your door right now in the form of a class, seminar, lecture or workshop. Go! You may learn things that could significantly boost your own bottom line in the near future, and you will find it more enjoyable than you expected.


Be careful when trying out new ideas right now - you have gotten some information about working conditions, lifestyle changes or your health, and it may be inaccurate. Before you get too anxious make sure you have all the facts straight.


Talk to an older family member if you have any financial troubles. They may or may not be able to help out with a loan or a gift of money, but they will at least be able to give you ideas or advice for ways that you can improve the bottom line.


It's hard to address the topic of health and wellness with you right now, because you are a little obsessed with it all of a sudden. A small ache, pain or cough is not a sign of impending disaster! If you are not going to do anything about it but worry, keep in mind stressing yourself out is not healthy!


Get out and have a good time. The movies, theme parks, art galleries and studios are going to be packed with interesting, exciting and creative people right now, and you really need to lose yourself in the crowd where someone interesting can find you!


You and your partner "need to talk". One of you has taken up a hobby or part-time business involving some kind of teaching, publishing or holistic product and is not feeling much support from the other. You need to find a way to compromise on your time together.

You could find yourself making all kinds of "Freudian slips" right now if you are not careful. You will be at your most vulnerable to verbal faux pas right now when you are pushed to anger, so watch your temper. People will come across as rude and cranky.


It would be prudent to be extremely cautious with your driving, and pay special attention to the critical details if you are traveling right now. People will be cranky and unreasonable, and the "road-rage-warriors" are out in full and unpleasant force.


You may have more unusual dreams or visions right now. Pay attention to one that seems to be speaking about an idea for ways to make more money. You could have a winner there. Just be sure you don't act on it until you have looked into all that it will entail.


If you have a friend who is stressed out, take them out for some fun. Social connections, group gatherings and parties can be downright healing. A sport, shared passion, or a simple get-together could form the bridge that brings some desperately needed healing.


If you are a parent it is play day right now but you just don't feel like getting off the couch. Once you drag yourself outside you'll find that you enjoy yourself a lot more than you thought you would. If you are not a parent, you may find it hard to get started on your own hobbies.

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