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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 25 October


You need more "playtime" than you are getting. Even something simple, like a movie, or a new game for your television game station or your computer would help you break up the monotony right now, and give you a way to work off some of the stress of your daily life.


You may be approached by a friend or companion who pleads or begs for financial help - for themselves or for some worthy charity. It probably won't work on you right now, though. Especially if there is a heavy dose of guilt attached to saying "no".


You want to sneak off for a little fun and frolic, but the budget does not support it. A little creative financing and you can figure something out - or you could take advantage of some free time to spend with your mate and partner. They can use the attention.


That new leadership role you are thinking of assuming could turn out to have financial strings attached. You could get lucky and be voted treasurer of your favorite club, but you may also find out that the cupboard is bare, and you are the one in charge of the next fundraising drive.


You'll meet strange, unusual and creative people right now. You could be asked how you can help a new club, group or charity. The answer is "better communications technology". It's all about "people talking to people" right now, in new ways with new technology.


A friend or companion could reveal a medical problem that makes some sense of their odd behaviour of late. Someone you love could confess that they are having a hard time with one of their kids. It seems like everyone is coming to you for advice right now.


You have good financial news related to your long-term career, but a friend, group, or association of some kind is trying to pick your pockets. This could take the form of unwelcome or unexpected utility bills or a demand for a payment from a charity you don't recall joining.

You have a chance to make a breakthrough in communicating with a loved one right now. If you have been getting into arguments with a partner or spouse recently, now is the time to take action to re-affirm your affection and respect for each other.


You will be on the phone a lot right now, likely with friends or siblings, and the topic will be someone's hot and heavy new romance! Maybe even your new romance? You'll be excited and active right now and could feel anxious at times because there is too much energy in your body.


We're being a little impulsive with our spending right now aren't we? Yup, those credit cards have barely cooled down before they are fired up again. Best to leave them at home and to only take out what you have already budgeted for or agreed to spend.


Do you know what "prosperity consciousness" is? If not, look for an old copy of Napoleon Hill's "Think and grow rich" or Stuart Wilde's "The trick to money is having some". You have a lot of good energy for making money right now, and insights will come into how you can make even more.


You'll have good news about your career or social standing right now - just be careful that any celebrating you do is not too terribly costly - you could easily break the bank, spend your winnings, and find yourself worse off than when you started.

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