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You may be the centre of attention but not in ways you are hoping at the moment. You can talk your way out of a slip-up or faux pas as long as you don't make it an ego thing. Don't take criticism personally right now, as any defensiveness is likely to come back to haunt you.


You may be called upon to organize a party, more likely a small gathering over pizza, beer and a movie than a big formal shindig. You will find that there are strange coincidences that allow you to get all the important people in the right place at the same time.


You have to make some changes or adjustments to an important relationship. Someone has spilled the beans, opened the can of worms, or let a secret slip that has you re-evaluating your love life in some profound and important ways. Keep an open mind - things can change dramatically.


You are keeping secrets right now. You may be harboring an unrequited crush, or a secret admiration, or it is possible that the one with the secret admirer is you. If you are still single, you could meet someone mysterious. If you are already married, look for some mysteries at home!


You have excellent opportunities to make headway in the race up the ladder of success right now, provided you don't get too focused on your own dreams and ambitions. Find a way to serve and help others, particularly coworkers and employers, and you will find they are happy to boost you up a notch.


You are about to take on a leadership role in the education of the children in your family. If you are not a parent yourself, you may be helping to tutor a niece or nephew, or perhaps volunteer to help a neighbor child with a homework problem.


You'll find a way to please that inner child right now. You will spend some needed time resting, relaxing and "re-creating" yourself. If you are a parent, you will spend some joyfully creative and fun moments with your kids right now. Get out the paper and paint and make a giant mess!

You are thinking about recommending a friend for a job or position and you are not completely sure they are right for it. If you are put on the spot, don't be anything less than honest, especially if your own reputation is on the line. A true friend will understand.


Don't end up in a "road rage" incident. Practice counting to ten, taking deep breaths, remember that the idiot tailgating you or driving slowly in the passing lane could be your own mother, father, sister or brother, and you'll have more understanding.


You and your significant other could be making up after a bit of a blow-out the other day. Your physical and emotional energy is high right now. If you are still single, a friend may be calling up soon with a special invitation to a sporting event.


Something has you into the mood for travel, and you are highly likely to be thinking about a vacation right now. The Internet is probably the best place to hunt down travel bargains. If you are traveling with romance in mind, pick some place strange and exotic.


Friends and companions are luckier for you right now. Someone you know could lead you to a serious romantic opportunity. You may be introduced to someone who is older, or better established than yourself. You have a lot of charm right now and your attraction index is powerful.

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