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You may be frustrated with loved ones and relatives right now, because they are all buzzing with energy, but they are cranky, distracted and unfocused. They are all thinking about some kind of trip or adventure, while you are worried about making ends meet.


You may be considering a new investment opportunity right now. It could involve some kind of real estate speculation or an addition to your home. Be careful that you do not move too quickly. You need to study the idea and make sure you can absorb the risk.


A friendship is developing in new and important ways. You may share a moment of insight, or take time together to explore shared spiritual interests. Meditating or praying together could bring you closer and open up new ways for you to understand one another.


You lack confidence in your creative skills right now, even though people are giving you the signs of approval that you have been seeking. You shouldn't worry what anyone else thinks right now - stay focused on your own personal priorities and concerns.


You may have a sudden insight that leads you to take revolutionary changes in your personal appearance and lifestyle, but anything too drastic right now is likely to shock and surprise your loved ones. Remember to include them in your planning.


You could be challenged to justify your values, finances, and perhaps even your choice of career, but it is not the day for you to undergo a revision of your life goals. Find a hobby or a good book to relax with instead of spending too much time focused on your work life.


Your love life is getting interesting right now. You have had to make some challenging changes in your social schedule to please your partner, or to find a new one. Either way, you will find that something you dreaded turns out to be a huge blessing in disguise.

The workplace will be even more exciting and interesting right now because you can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. A supervisor, employer or client will put you in touch with information you needed or an authority figure may clear an obstacle from your path.


Some extra money is coming your way. You may be headed for a raise, bonus or promotion, because of your ability to bring people together in practical ways. You figured out how to motivate people and get them all working towards an important goal.


A friend may help you right now. They can see what you need to understand so you can get your self-esteem back. Your friend will likely say "maybe you are being a little too hard on yourself". You are more patient and understanding of others than you are of yourself.


Sex, drugs, music and politics are normally topics that can lead to trouble. You may have knowledge or strong opinions about the state of the world that are threatening to elders or to those who have a strong investment in the status quo. Be careful where you share your opinions right now.


You may find that a sudden expense, perhaps related to a child's recreational or educational plans, or your own, proves to be more expensive than you figured. You don't have to break the bank to have some fun. There are inexpensive alternatives that could come to mind if you keep it open.

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