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  Updated Daily to your web site - Tuesday 17 January


Listen to your mate, partner, and to the people in your life who are telling you that it is time you took control of your diet or a bad habit that is threatening your well being. You have a chance to make a powerful personal change and to influence others to do the same.


You may be considering exploring some of the deeper mysteries of life, and a practice that includes physical activity with spiritual or personal growth, like yoga or martial arts, would be ideal. You can make powerful new friends in a class or workshop of this kind.


You won't feel much like working right now. Your mind is on your home, family or on a renovation project that has to wait until you have some free time. Pay attention to your intuition right now, you could come up with an idea that puts new life in your career path.


Your health will benefit from your getting out and more active right now. You may be suffering from some stress because someone is not being totally honest with you about something and you are not sure how to handle it. Wait a bit longer before taking action - the right course will become obvious in time.


Travel or educational plans should go smoothly. A workplace dispute or scheduling conflict might throw your plans into disarray, but that could actually rebound in your favor. If you are going away, ensure that someone is there to keep up with your emails.


Communication, travel and paperwork are greatly improved right now, with the help from a friend, companion or large group of people. You could be hearing a lot of good news from clubs or groups you belong to. Someone will call to tell you about a streak of good luck.


Your energy has gone down the drain overnight, and you may feel a bit heavy or burdened right now. You need someone to share your troubles with, and luckily for you, you have a good friend who can provide both a shoulder to cry on and some sage advice that will pull you back out of your funk.

Your recent medical research could pay off right now. Your insight and knowledge could lead you to a promising treatment for yourself or a loved one. Family members will be more open to your advice right now, so take advantage of the opportunity to help out.


You may want to change your lifestyle dramatically right now, but that severe diet or exercise program that has caught your eye might actually be dangerous. Don't make sudden changes without consulting a dietician or healthcare professional who knows your current lifestyle.


This can be an incredibly romantic day so keep the lines of communication open. Don't try to "fit in". Relax, be honest, be yourself - be more of a listener than a talker. You can be more romantic when you don't try so hard. Someone is going to be impressed by your sincerity.


You may be a bit accident-prone right now, so be careful if you have to do any chores involving sharp objects or power tools. You need to take things slow and careful, because you are full of energy, and feel impatient and impulsive right now.


You are likely to encounter flashbacks to some uncomfortable moments from your childhood right now. An encounter with a childhood friend, an old teacher, or a relative you have not seen in years could have you rethinking something you long since considered resolved.

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