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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 4 March


You may notice that others are turning to you for advice and guidance. If you are not sure, ask some leading questions. How do they feel, what is their next step, what do they want? You may help solve the problem by helping them think it through.


Something has put the brakes on your mad romantic moods right now, and you are suddenly coy and cautious. You are second-guessing yourself, and that may be a good thing. You have plenty of time to change your mind again if the red flags are premature.


It may be difficult for you to open up to a family member - especially if the person in question takes the form of "mother in law". It is a good day to practice being a patient listener. You will learn much if you listen without falling top the temptation to argue or defend yourself.


You may have to make a choice about your finances right now, between your needs and those whose desires and needs may seem at odds with your own. You may be vulnerable to dirty tricks. Don't let someone put a guilt trip on you to manipulate your actions.


Your family may ask you to take on a new leadership role that you don't quite feel ready for at this time in your life, but you are underestimating yourself. If you give it a chance, you may find that the chore they are suggesting could be a huge opportunity.


You may be backpedaling over the last few weeks's worth of personal changes right now. You are looking at which bits to keep, which pieces to throw away. What, who, and what places have you outgrown mentally, spiritually, emotionally or physically?


Only the last-minute intervention of a friend saves you from throwing the Mother of all Temper Tantrums right now, and then only barely. You will find yourself wrapped up in emotions that will cry out for expression. In some ways this is a good thing - you need a good, cathartic "holler".

Hopefully you made a career choice recently, because if you are still sitting on your hands it may be fate or the universal creative Spirit that takes matters out of your hands. If not "God" then it could be your mate and partner that pushes you over the edge into action.


The Big High Mucky Muck may be visiting your workplace soon. You may be expected to put on a show that you really do not have enthusiasm for. You may find it easier if you think of it as a step you need to take in a role-playing game. You need to do it if you want to level up.


A chore or activity that you find boring or repetitive could lead you to create new ways to manage your time. You may find a solution that actually needs you to enjoy the process and you will get a lot more done than you expected.


You have to make some changes or adjustments in your diet, exercise schedule, lifestyle or chores soon. Someone is asking you to carry too much of the load on your own, and you are learning that you have to put your foot down if you want fair play.


You may find that travel, commuting and communications are downright wild right now. It may be prudent to let someone else take the wheel, especially if you are involved in a rather rambunctious car-pool. Strange arguments may take your eyes off the road.

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