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  Updated Daily to your web site - Friday 23 June


You'll have a wonderful idea for a "get away and play" event, and you could find, especially if you are single, that you are the centre of attraction all of a sudden. Your love life is heating up along with your libido. The timing is right - get out and show your stuff.


That new person in your life holds some shocking surprises. Whether they are just a friend or a potential partner, it may turn out that they have "padded" their personal resume a bit, or you will find out that you have radically different values in life.


You are worried about some medical expenses that are coming in, but you may find that what you need is not more expensive herbs or medicines, it's a good old fashioned "venting" session, preferably with a loved one with strong shoulders and the ability to keep a secret.


A supervisor, manager or client in your workplace may be coming across a bit like a barking dog right now, and likely they can say the same. They are just passing the misery along. It may be easier to tolerate their ill humour if you do not take things they say personally right now.


You will find that a friend or associate you meet this weekend could prove to be important to your future well being. This person may affect your work, home, family or even your health. They will bring great changes to your life in the next few weeks.


You'll get some really hot and interesting bargains coming your way right now. You may decide to buy a big-ticket item that you have wanted for some time, but have been putting off because you could not afford it before. Just be extra careful with those credit cards.


That travel bug is giving you a rash right now. You may find that there are a lot of delays and detours, and unmarked dips in the road. Be prepared for anything. If you think you probably won't need it, chances are excellent you will, so bring it along.

Listen to your partner right now. You will be full of energy and excitement, and you may run off at the mouth a bit. You need to slow down, be more patient, and listen more carefully. If you slow down a bit, your efforts to pay attention could be well rewarded.


It is a good idea to avoid getting into religious or theological debates with loved ones or close friends right now. You could change someone's mind, but for all the wrong reasons. Let go of the need to be "right". You can't make things happen right now. Go with the flow.


You are likely to experience a dramatic confrontation or encounter right now, but just because there may be some harsh words exchanged, that should not ruin the whole day. In fact, once the dust settles, you may find that you and your adversary have more in common than you thought.


You may have a profound spiritual or psychic experience right now, one that leads you to new friendships, to a new social circle whose influence or knowledge could be a significant benefit to you, both spiritually and in more down to earth ways.


Don't take some unexpected criticism to heart. You may have difficulties relating to your coworkers, employer, or the people in your social circle right now. But the challenges you face right now may prove to be beneficial in the long term - you'll learn a new way to communicate.

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