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  Updated Daily to your web site - Thursday 2 July


You have an opportunity to take a step up the ladder of success, but the next rung is inhabited by some strange or unusual creatures that may take some getting used to. You may encounter strange or unusual ideas that challenge your preconceptions about others right now.


Believe in yourself and your ideas. You may have an insight that could prove profitable if you establish a long-term game plan. Make sure any financial planning is geared for stability and slow growth, but don't be afraid to sink some time, effort and money into your hobbies too.


You'll have a romantic afternoon, with a lot of opportunities to speak with your significant other about the values, ideas and ideals you share in life. You may find that there are a few challenging moments, because change is never easy, but overall it will be incredibly rewarding. If you are single, look into a chat room or a gathering where people are expected to do a lot of talking!


It may seem to you that absolutely nothing you can do would help certain people understand or respect you. So why not just go ahead and be yourself? Try to avoid getting all wound up about what other people are thinking. Spend time and energy on the things you want enjoy.


Art, music, film or drama could play a special role in your day right now. You may find a TV show or movie to be just the escape you needed to lift your spirits up and reconnect you to your own creativity. Don't go too far out on a limb with a creative project.


You'll have mixed financial news right now, and may have to juggle responsibilities so you can stay on top of everything. This is not a good time to visit the bank to discuss refinancing your home or to arrange for a loan to cover old debts. Leave such issues aside for another time.


You may find that your skills as a communicator are called to a great challenge - explaining to a small child why they cannot have the best of everything, right now. You have to help them find a way to understand the value of money, or start them on the road to contributing to their own recreation expenses.

Sudden changes in your or your partner's career or attitude could leave you feeling uncertain. Follow your intuition, your "gut feel", to chart the right course. You can benefit by serious study of the issues, don't be afraid to seek out help and advice.


You have a friend who is undergoing a spiritual crisis or religious transformation that you find incredibly challenging. Before you get too excited, just remember that no matter what they believe, they are still the same person you always knew.


Family responsibilities may take the joy out of some planned recreation or sporting activity you had planned right now - but only if you allow it. You can integrate the two, and bring along your elder relative to the big game, or out for some fun at the bingo parlor.


Friends and companions are a big feature of the day. If you are hosting a party or gathering, make sure that there are toys, snacks, and treats for little ones, and a place for them to nap. Others may bring along their kids without notifying you.


Your mind is on values and religion right now. You may have made a judgement on someone else's spiritual beliefs, and are finding to your embarrassment that you have made an error in judgement. It won't hurt to admit you were wrong, and you may find it brings you closer together in the end.

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