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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 23 August


You may have a disagreement with a family member about your wardrobe, hairstyle, general appearance or lifestyle, but when it all comes down to it, they can look the other way. So what if you feel like mixing plaids, stripes and animal prints right now?


Your finances, debts, and savings picture is a little confusing right now, and you find the big picture frustrating. If you are new to investing, you may find yourself frustrated by the strange rules and regulations you have to deal with, and the strange temperament of banking officials puts you off.


Family members may be helpful to you right now, but friends can bring mixed blessings. You may find yourself in a disagreement with a friend over money, child rearing, or your love life. You may be tempted to tell someone to mind their own business.


You may have to make an important decision about your appearance that involves your values or a commitment you shared recently with others. You may want to make dramatic changes, but it could impact your workplace or relationships. Proceed with caution, take your time to make a decision.


You may have to make a sudden adjustment to your budget because of the actions of a friend who leaves you hanging right now. Your significant other has some ideas that could help you use your social connections to find a new income source, new clients or a new job.


If you have some family members you normally describe as "slightly nutty", right now is the day when you find that there is some truth to the idea that great talent often comes with some mental baggage. Let yourself be entertained - you may learn something from your "mad genius".


Sudden expenses relating to children or hobbies are indicated, and you could be vulnerable to a bout of "comfort spending" right now. So leave the plastic safely at home if you are planning to be anywhere near a shopping centre. It may be a good time to consider a budget.

Someone in your family is going to tell you, probably harshly, that it is time you grew up and stopped day dreaming. Well, day dreaming happens to be one of your favorite hobbies, it is unlikely you will ever give that up. But you could pitch in a little more with the family responsibilities.


Financial benefits are going to make your life easier in some ways, but tougher in others. It may be that a relationship is changing or being left behind because you are suddenly and unexpectedly moving into a new or innovative financial category.


You may be looking at some changes in your working conditions due to a boost in the bottom line. Your department may be getting a better budget. You might be headed for a raise, bonus or promotion, but you are likely a little over-extended at home.


You may feel confused by the conflicting energies of the day, unless you find some way to settle your mind. Pick a quiet spot and give yourself some extra time to center yourself, especially if you have to make any important decisions about travel or education right now.


Your energy levels and mood are a little chaotic right now, but there are good opportunities if you keep on your toes. You may hear some news or information that can help you make money, or better make your existing resources work for you.

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