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  Updated Daily to your web site - Tuesday 1 December


You are still a little foggy right now but it is a warm, friendly "I don't give a hoot" kind of fog now. The anxiety you may have felt yesterday is gone, replaced with a strong feeling that everything is going to work out all right. You may be considering a makeover or a new hair style.


You may be asked to participate in or take a leadership role in a charity or volunteer effort, and that would be an excellent way to take your mind off your own troubles right now. No matter how stressful things might seem, someone else's troubles are far worse than yours.


This could be a wonderful day in the history of your social life. The energy is warm and inviting around you. You may notice that there are a lot of lucky coincidences around friends, or while you are together with a large group of people.


You and your love partner have to sit down and have a "budget debate". You might not be looking forward to it, but even if you are wealthy, chances are excellent that you are starting to live beyond your means. If you are single, a hot date tonight could be pricey.


If you recently had some setbacks right now you may be able to find ways to make up for it. You have an opportunity to make money out of someone's misfortunes, your own or someone else's. Don't feel too bad about that - someone has to, and you are helping after al!


You have sudden flashes of intuition and insight right now that can serve you well if you pay attention to them. You may have strange dreams or visions that come suddenly and leave just as quickly, so carry a notepad. One of those fleeting impressions is golden.


You may be feeling that money is going out as fast as it is coming in, but you can stem the tide if you are more careful about discretionary purchases right now. You especially want to avoid any goodies that are shiny, pretty, flashy and unnecessary.

If you have kids they are likely to disappoint you in some way right now. Hold your breath, count to ten, then ask yourself whether or not you are over-reacting. You will have concerns about education, communication and travel to be resolved right now, whether you are a parent or not.


You may be noticing some changes in the ways you commute or communicate. There may be some technological change that speeds things up for you, or lowers your cost of making connections. You may hear good news from family members as well.


You may find or be given some money, time, or an opportunity to communicate with distant loved ones. Someone may finally be getting online, or has reconnected with a new phone number. They may have exciting family news to share.


You have a wild, strange energy to you right now. You can't seem to decide what you want to do - but you know you don't want to work. You do want to play, and may tend to play a little too hard. Don't go over the top, you could end up hurting or straining yourself.


You may find yourself rethinking some travel plans. Something says that now is not the right time, and you don't have the right place. Be extra careful when driving right now, you will find that people are all driving like escapees from the looney bin.

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