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You are likely working on changes to your career, and if you are seeking to make a big impact for a small amount of money, consider getting one of them new technological toys, a cellular phone or PDA. It will not only be handy, it could be a conversation piece that opens doors.


The paperwork is starting to get to you a bit right now, but if you plow through and get it off your plate, your mood will pick up, and you will find that there is great satisfaction in store. You may be attending an entertainment event or art gallery opening soon.


This is a special day in the history of your career. You face an important choice. Will you follow what you feel is right for you, or will you sacrifice your dreams for the desires of another? A friendly advisor could help you decide.


Your money intuition is not the best right now, but luck could make up for lack of insight. You may find that money comes in nearly as fast as it goes out right now. A financial advisor could be helpful in sorting out your bookkeeping.


An old friend may visit soon. You will find there is a lot to talk about, but sometimes the best conversation is made with fewer words. Just spending time together with friends or elders can be rewarding right now.


We're being a little impulsive with our spending right now aren't we? Yup, those credit cards have barely cooled down before they are fired up again. Best to leave them at home and to only take out what you have already budgeted for or agreed to spend.


Relationships may be challenging right now. You and your significant other need to talk about career changes or social responsibility, but right now it may be hard to see eye to eye. If you are still single, you may be attracted to someone whose politics turn out to be totally opposite to your own.

You have a travel opportunity but you may decide to let go of it, because you are just not sure that you have enough cash to cover expenses. You may be right. But there is a more welcome challenge - you may soon be making more money working at a better job or getting longer hours.


Changes in your attitude towards religion, spirituality or the "powers that be" could have profoundly positive effects. If you normally rage against "the system", this may be the day you find out what it feels like when you are the authority figure for a change.


An interesting pattern forms in the "relationship" sectors of your chart. It indicates dreamy idealized romance, but there is a blockage in the "sex-appeal" zone. This means platonic friendship is a more likely outcome than romance. Anything is possible, though!


You may luck out right now and get those sporting or opera tickets that are so hard to get. You are so excited about an opportunity to have some fun and distraction that it may be hard to get any work or chores done right now. Your lifestyle will change in a positive way.


You still aren't listening to your loved ones. They bribed me to say HEY! Pay attention to us! We love you and we want your attention, time, and affection. We want you to be healthy and happy and we are afraid you aren't treating yourself as well as you treat all of us.

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