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  Updated Daily to your web site - Thursday 24 July


Things are likely to be unsettled or unstable right now. If you make a minor faux pas, don't worry, no one will notice. If you decide to get a makeover or change your wardrobe right now, you will be likely revisiting your image soon. Leave things until you are more certain of your desires.


It would not be funny right now if I told you someone broke into your bank account and spent all your money on foolish presents that were not wanted by the recipients. It would be even less funny if it turned out it was you who did it! You need to keep your objectivity right now.


Your intuition is strong right now, and can lead you to opportunities in your career or social life. Investment ideas that come to you right now may be important. Make note of the ideas that cross your mind right now, and take the time to check them out.


You may be asked to take on a leadership role in your family or in some kind of community group or charity. The politics may be intimidating at first, but you are the right person to bring things together. You will need to be patient and creative with the art of compromise.


There are wonderful social opportunities for you right now. You can make new and exciting friends, meet new people and enjoy the company of those who challenge you intellectually and emotionally. Someone in your family may introduce you to someone new as well.


You may be playing matchmaker, or the tables are turned and someone is matching you up, but either way it looks like a good idea for the "matchee" to develop a sudden rash or some other excuse and beg off for now. The partners could be compatible, but there are some hidden issues.


A family member could offer opinions or criticisms of your appearance or personality right now, and while that may be unpleasant, the real issue is not what happened right now, but goes way back to their childhood, or yours. If you are dealing with an intractable loved one, ask yourself what the real issue is.

Your love life may be strangely confusing right now. You should be seeing positive signs, but you are worried and pessimistic for some reason. Stay focused on the positive things that happen. Remember, there is nothing sexier than self-confidence.


You'll once again be focused on that home-based business idea or on the health of a family member. You have mixed energies in the chart right now, and while there may be problems with communications and the Internet, there are also pretty good opportunities to build your small empire.


Your "Blarney" has come back, and you are charming and sexy again. If you have been holding off on inviting out that sexy someone, right now is your best day to make a good impression. Find out what kind of sport or physical hobby they enjoy and invite them to the event.


You may find that there is a dramatic change in your romantic fortunes. Your best bet if single could be to meet someone at a debate club or Toastmasters meeting, but be aware this won't be a time for flowers and sunshine romance. You are very deep and serious right now, and may be a little attached to being right. Let go a bit, and let yourself agree to disagree.


It may be a little challenging to stay silent in the face of what may seem to be abuse, but unless things are at an immediate crisis point, it may be better to stay quiet but observant for right now. Your chart says stepping in with strong opinions about childcare could be risky.

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