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  Updated Daily to your web site - Friday 30 January


You have an awful case of foot in mouth disease right now. Be very careful when allowing yourself to vent or share strong feelings - you can come off as a lot madder than you ever intended. You may find that people are cranky and impatient and they misunderstand your intentions.


An unexpected financial challenge could hold the keys to greater opportunities if you are able to keep your cool. You may find that it pays to accept a small loss in lieu of future favors, or pay off a debt that clears the way for better credit.


Kick back, relax and have yourself a good time. Put aside your worries and fears about your career or social standing right now. You will have a great deal of creative energy, and there is fun, family and good entertainment around in abundance. Take advantage of an opportunity to escape reality.


You may find it is difficult to communicate with coworkers right now. The problem is that someone has the idea you make more than them, or that you unfairly got a bonus or promotion they felt they deserved. Fact is you have earned your perks and you owe no apologies.


Relationships will take your attention for most of the day. There may be arguments with loved ones, most likely relatives and parents, but there are good times as well, with friends and partners. Don't worry what people say or do. Their attitudes are likely to change quickly.


You may find that travel, commuting and communications are downright wild right now. It may be prudent to let someone else take the wheel, especially if you are involved in a rather rambunctious car-pool. Strange arguments may take your eyes off the road.


You may be asked to lead or teach a bunch of children right now. You have a life experience that their parents find valuable, or a spiritual presence they find comforting. Your own inner child is crying out for the company of young people right now.

You may find that entertainment or sporting outings don't go well from a "win-loss" point of view, but that does not mean they can't be fun. You may feel a bit apathetic or unmotivated right now. You want to have fun, but you are not eager to get out in the snow with the kids.


Your body's stress levels are screaming out for a break. A trip to the spa, or even giving yourself an extra hour or two of sleep tonight could work wonders. Treat yourself to some aromatherapy or a massage, find some way to relax and unwind.


A friend or companion could email you right now with an interesting invitation. They may be setting you up with a friend of theirs who is coming to visit from another city. You will have a lot in common, and there will be lots for you to discuss.


Your love life is heading for a welcome boost. There is a sudden and unexpected interest in a more secure, stable and committed relationship being expressed in your chart right now. If single, you may be attracted to someone older and more socially established.


Debts, credit cards, and investment plans are very much on your mind right now. You are finding yourself embroiled in a debate with your own inner values because a deal you have looked at appears to be too good to be true. Proceed with caution and follow your instincts.

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