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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 28 March


You will have a strong personal presence right now, but you could come across as something of a steamroller, especially where it comes to relatives, especially your significant other and their parents, or your own. Be patient, they will be feeling unusually anxious right now.


You come out from under your shell right now and you are going to feel pretty good for the most part. One friend is being a pain in the posterior though, as there is some issue with a difference in your social standing or financial backgrounds. You can put it aside though.


Your love life is something of a roller coaster right now. You have all the plot twists of a Victorian romance novel. Try to be patient with your significant other right now. You are both going through some pretty dramatic changes and you need each other's support.


You will get good news over the phone or via email right now. Some challenging situation you are facing in the workplace is frustrating, but the situation may be a good learning experience that you can apply in your love life of all places.


An authority figure or licensing official could be helpful in sorting out some confusion or legal paperwork related to your home. You could discover problems with the plumbing or require a permit to install that gigantic hot tub enclosure you wanted.


You or your partner is suffering from the effects of stress and this is showing up in your relationships. If you are single right now, you may find that you take your frustrations out on the people you love the most - so be extra careful to watch your language right now.


Focus on close loved ones rather than friends and associates right now. The former bring joy and comfort, the latter bring stress and disagreements. Pull yourself towards family, your spouse and the "old friends" and leave the surface socializing for another time.

A home-based business may turn out to be far more challenging than you expected. There is likely to be a lot more physical work involved in a home business or renovation project than you planned for, and it will be important for you to be careful with sharp tools.


Get prepared for some unusual but enjoyable diversions right now. Someone is going to express an interest in your creative talents, or invite you to join them in a hobby you've wanted to pursue for a long time. A word of warning, though, the supplies could be expensive.


This is not the best day to try to gamble on that lucky streak you have had lately. Save or store your wins for a better day. Quit while you're ahead. Don't listen to that nagging little voice that is telling you to get out right now and spend, spend spend.


Unexpected changes in your social or career life could affect your home and family life. Try to keep separate spaces for your loved ones that do not intrude on your ambitions. Someone could come to you seeking help with a child whose daydreaming is driving their loved ones to distraction.


You will feel almost passive right now, taking direction from friends and loved ones where it comes to deciding how to spend your day. You may feel uncharacteristically timid as you try to sort out your feelings regarding an older or more "worldly" companion.

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