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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 16 December


There are strange energies in the air right now. You may feel confused or distracted, yet you know there is great potential for change, especially where it comes to your friends, family life, children, hobbies and romances. Go with the flow of life, it could take you unusual places.


Do not believe everything that you hear on the news. There are hidden agendas, missing or edited information and outright lies abounding. Online news sources may be unreliable, and there may be a spate of bogus news memes floating about on social media.


If you are considering a new business partnership, consider if you might not be better off on your own. You have a strongly positive aspect that supports your work, finances and career future, but there are challenges from partners and competitors.


You may be asked to take on a leadership role, or to teach others right now. One of your personal skills, talents, or a craft or hobby could come in handy when dealing with unexpected responsibilities right now, particularly if they involve the care of small children.


If you are still single, you may find yourself pondering your future, and what you might do to improve your love life. If you are already married, your relationship may be hitting a major turning point shortly. Be patient and keep an open mind.


You may be considering changing doctors, dentists, or seeking out new healthcare alternatives. You or a lived one may encounter resistance or challenges from these kinds of people, and family members may not be entirely supportive of alternative treatments right now.


You may find that you have more time on your hands than usual. It may be a good time to catch up a little chores, or just relax. You may want to take a trip out of the house without your cell phone so that you can get a little time on your own.

You and your partner need to talk about your social life. You may be spending too much time "out" or not enough. Someone needs more play time though, and the best cure is for the two of you to sit down and find some way to enjoy each other free of other demands.


Your home needs a makeover and this could be a good day for you to start planning some creative changes. Your creativity is high and so is your personal energy. You can impress a boss or an authority figure with an idea for a big new project.


You will have a great deal of energy right now, and if you have the luxury of focusing entirely on your own priorities, you will get a lot done. If you have to work with others, you may find that a challenging moment turns into a mutual learning opportunity.


Someone is trying to push some ideas on you that conflict with your religious beliefs or sense of personal values. You may be tempted to defend your position, but that could lead to an argument. You don't have to agree in order to be a good listener.


Unexpected changes and challenges arise from the people you know as friends. You may find that your plans for a weekend outing have to be changed at the last minute because of one person's stubbornness, selfishness or insensitivity. Go without them.

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