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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 2 July


You will be an erratic driver if you have to take to the roadways right now. Best to let someone else drive, because your mind is all over the map, and you could wind up in the ditch because you are not paying attention. Leave the workload behind you and keep your eyes on the road.


This is not a good time to confront a loved one or relative about their lack of ambition of late. You may be coming across a little more harshly than you intend, in part because you are worried about them, but in part because you feel you are holding the bag.


You will again be focused on investments and savings right now, but there are some unexpected twists and turns in store. You may decide to make more changes than you first planned on, because you strongly feel the need to ensure your future stability.


Do you know what "prosperity consciousness" is? If not, look for an old copy of Napoleon Hill's "Think and grow rich" or Stuart Wilde's "The trick to money is having some". You have a lot of good energy for making money right now, and insights will come into how you can make even more.


You are still attracting people like iron filings to a magnet. You may in fact find that there are too many people looking for your undivided attention. They will have to settle for some divided attention, because you are going to be awfully busy just juggling your schedule.


You should be whistling a happy tune right now, as the financial, career, financial and investment aspects are turning in your favor. If you don't have any plans, make use of the day to meditate on and affirm your dreams and goals in life, and start working on a written plan for their attainment.


A friend or acquaintance will have you in a bit of a quandary right now. They may confess a more than friendly attraction, or reveal the existence of a love triangle in your circle of friends. You'll have romantic opportunities right now that should be carefully pursued.

It may be a little challenging to stay silent in the face of what may seem to be abuse, but unless things are at an immediate crisis point, it may be better to stay quiet but observant for right now. Your chart says stepping in with strong opinions about childcare could be risky.


You may have some unusual dreams this evening. You may be thinking about your relationship with your significant other and how you need to adjust things so the two of you have a more harmonious relationship. You may also be thinking about your investment plans for the future.


You will get an intriguing phone call from a friend or companion who wants to help you connect with someone new. They may not have the best "matchmaking" record normally but their intuition is likely to be good right now. What have you got to lose?


Your partner comes across as stern, cold or depressed right now, but chances are good it has little to nothing to do with you. They may have encountered an old friend, relative or a former lover who has brought up some issues that are a little touchy.


Someone on the Internet may present you with what looks like a dream job opportunity, but make sure you study the fine print carefully, especially if they are asking for money up front. The offer or information may not be entirely as advertised.

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