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  Updated Daily to your web site - Thursday 18 September


You may be feeling a bit down on yourself, and you are being way too hard on yourself. You would never be this critical of most other people. Once you get off your own back, you may find others are more supportive of you too.


You may have a sudden urge to gamble, but both the casinos and the stock markets are bad places to spend your time and money right now. If a really hot idea crosses your path, by all means consider it, but proceed with any wild new idea with the caution it deserves.


You will find that romantic fever works in your favor for the day at least. Take advantage of the warm fuzzy moments to rebuild some connections to your loved ones, particularly your love partner, who may be wondering about your recent mood swings.


Money matters are a bone of contention right now, especially if you owe anyone any money. They may be seeking a reassurance that you can repay. You do have support from long-term aspects, any issues that come up right now should be minor and short-term.


All the information your subconscious has been mulling about for the past while suddenly bubbles up to the surface and a wellspring of creativity is yours to tap. You may be making some extra money with a dynamic new home-based business involving art or entertainment.


Trust your instincts. You may get a strange urge to contact a loved one or relative for their advice on matters of the heart. They will have just the answers, or the wide shoulders, that you need to sort things out. If you are single, they may be interested in playing matchmaker.


Family members may not be terribly supportive right now, and you may face some criticism from a loved one whose aesthetic sensibilities are radically different from your own. Keep doing your own thing, you need to live with your reflection, they probably don't.

You may be experiencing the proverbial Dark Before the Dawn moment. Things may be looking pretty challenging, but you are about to make a comeback . Just keep your head up high, and be grateful for the many blessings you have. You are more prosperous than you think.?


Your inner child is having something of a temper tantrum, and that isn't going to get you what you want right now. If you feel anxious or confused right now, take aside some time to be alone with yourself and ask what old memory or lesson you are revisiting right now.


An investment secret you are keeping is about to unexpectedly jump into the spotlight, so be prepared to move quickly. You may have an older friend or relative who has expertise or information that will help you make a challenging last-minute decision.


You may be afraid to speak up for yourself right now, especially in the workplace, because some authority figure is putting down your ideas. The truth is that they feel threatened by your innovative approach and are afraid of your potential to usurp their place.


You have been having financial troubles for the past several months and right now you will be given not one, but two distinctly different possibilities to resolve your problem. The dilemma is, do you want to stick with your business plans, or go back to work in the land of cubicles?

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