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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 28 September


You may find that your politics, ideas, or attitude towards others in your local community are a little bit out of sync with your friends, family, or coworkers. Right now, your mind is in a completely different space. Be patient, other people will catch up to you in due course. They may even call you visionary!


Quick attractions that fade as quickly as they start may be both exciting and heartbreaking. You can ensure less of the heartbreak if you release your expectations that they will last forever, and ironically, when you do that, you have a much better chance of staying together.


You went and spent yourself silly recently, didn't you? If you didn't, you may be feeling a little frustrated because you want to go shopping more than ever. Whatever you do, don't give into the urge to splurge, leve your credit cards at home.


You may be getting spiritual information from a less than completely credible source. Do some Internet searching, challenge authoritative teachings of any kind. If it is more about fear or judgement than love, keep seeking.


A family member could bring you unexpected financial opportunities. You may be a bit leery but there is gold to be mined in the wisdom of a loved one, even if you have had some ups and downs in the past. Just avoid spending too much money on entertainment and recreational plans right now.


Be careful with any new information or unusual advice that you receive regarding your health or well being right now. You may find some juicy tidbit about an alternative remedy online only to find out that it is a hoax or has dangerous side effects. Be careful!


You may hear encouraging news about your home or family right now. You may be considering purchasing, selling or moving your home because of improved financial conditions. There may be challenges but you are feeling much more optimistic.

It's playtime for sure right now, you strongly feel the need to leave your work and responsibilities behind in order to play and distract yourself from your mundane worries. Just be sure you play safely - get a designated driver, take a cab, or stay over.


It may be a good time for you to spend any spare time reading or studying a self-help book or web site. It is not a terrific time for doing technical paperwork or research. Your mind is focused inward, on your personal issues and the temper tantrum that your inner child is throwing.


If you and your partner needed a chance to talk right now is the day for getting things off your chest. One of you has an issue to do with children or recreation time, and the other wants some attention - you can kill two birds with one stone right now if you are creative.


You may feel a little down right now or low on energy. You may feel that you have hit some kind of creative road block, that you have suddenly turned invisible to the people you work with right now. Don't try to push through right now - wait until the audience is more receptive.


You may be traveling to get to a health-food store or alternative treatment right now. A person in a leadership role could be lucky for you. You are drawn to bookstores, the Internet and other learning venues where you can get information about healthy lifestyles.

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