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If you are frustrated with your career right now it is because you feel you have more to give than is being exploited. You want to teach someone something, but they seem determined to do things the hard way. Let them! You'll both come out better for it in the end.


Make everyone stick carefully to the budget. Your family members might resent you for being the official "stick in the mud" but persist anyway in demanding a value case be made for new and expensive projects. Someone is pushing for a vacation that you can't afford.


Family members are likely to be tense and wound up right now. There are big, important events to attend to, and they may feel a bit overwhelmed by the responsibility. That's why they seem to be so impatient with you right now. You can help by staying focused.


You may want to take some time to help out an older friend, loved one or family member. While this may be a chore, there may also be a lot of satisfaction in making a difference for someone you care deeply about.


Unexpected personal adjustments are occurring because of changes in your family. If you are a new parent, aunt or uncle, you are discovering that there are a lot more responsibilities to be shouldered right now. You may be considering taking classes or lessons soon.


You will be planning or considering a vacation or pleasure trip soon. Make music, art or other forms of "beauty appreciation" a part of the adventure. If there is a choice between work and responsibility or kids and play right now, the latter should be the clear winners, all worries about finances aside. Some things just can't be sacrificed.


You may be at a significant turning point in an important relationship. If single, you could meet someone new. If dating, things may be getting serious. If you are married, you may be adding to your family, or taking a step into a better lifestyle soon.

Definitely your day to play nurse, but it might be a slightly naughty kind of drama if you catch my drift. You'll be highly energetic and your imagination is running rampant - along with your hormones apparently. Have a good time, but play safe.


Travel cancellation insurance is an excellent idea if you are booking any future travel right now. You may encounter delays, problems with communications or with a service provider's scheduling, or have to take unexpected detours on your way to an appointment.


You may feel torn between the workplace and responsibilities at home right now. There could be arguments or misunderstandings over the phone or through the Internet. Stick to your paperwork, stay focused, and you will impress someone with your dedication.


You could hear good news about the family finances right now. You and a close family member will probably disagree on how to spend an anticipated windfall, but you will all enjoy the greater prosperity. You could be re-thinking your home-business plans a lot more carefully.


Someone may accuse you of having an authority figure complex, but that would not be fair. You just have a problem with authority figures who abuse their power, and right now you are in no mood to sit and take it. You have discovered a way you can make a difference.

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