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  Updated Daily to your web site - Sunday 29 May


You have an opportunity to make money right now, and if you want to keep more of the money that you make, it may be a good idea to put an upcoming windfall towards paying off your credit card debts. You might also be getting close to having enough for a home loan deposit.


Don't spend too much money on creative or playful projects right now. You are likely to find yourself investing big dollars in sporting equipment that lies around the garage the next few months. Try a used sporting goods store, or rent until you are 100% sure this new thing is "it".


Work-related investments could turn out to be less lucrative than you hoped for, and you could be frustrated with a coworker or employer who you feel is standing in your way. Be careful with your temper right now as any resentment you feel may be more obvious than you'd like.


Things may seem a little crazy and chaotic right now. If you are going out for fun and pleasure, take some extra time to get from one place to the other. You may find that there are special challenges with commuting and parking, but you'll have fun when you finally get there.


You are very uncertain about your finances right now, but just when it seems that you are headed for a downswing, a sudden opportunity could pull your bacon out of the fire. Listen to someone with some big ideas and get ready to make a huge commitment to your future prosperity.


You may be called on or asked by a coworker or employer to come into the office to do some more paperwork. The answer should be along the lines of "Gee, I am driving way out in the countryside with my family and that would be just about impossible." That is provided your cell-phone is even charged ...


You will be very much in demand socially right now. You could find yourself with a number of invitations to parties and events. Charity events are especially lucky for you - you could make some important social or financial connections in some unlikely places.

You may be considering a big change in your workplace. You may be thinking about looking for a new job, but if you do that, you may find it profoundly affects your home life and family. Make sure that they are supportive and that you can afford any risk.


If you have been putting off that home-based business you have been considering, right now is the day you may find a new technological toy that makes the concept more practical or workable. You may be considering adding a web site to your list of "must haves".


You will have a happier and more harmonious day right now if you avoid getting into political, spiritual or financial arguments with a friend or companion. They may be acting like and opinionated so and so right now, but you won't have the energy to argue with them.


You may be the target of some jealousy from a friend who envies your good news. It looks like you could be traveling or taking a vacation soon, but you may have to deal with friends and companions, or agencies related to group travel that make things a tad more challenging than you expected.


You will meet unusual and creative new friends right now. You are drawing people into your work and social life who are creative, compassionate, and politically active, even though they are not always the most practical folks on the planet. They may show signs of musical talents.

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