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  Updated Daily to your web site - Monday 27 March


If you are looking for a way to turn recent frustrations into a positive, healing experience, consider teaching or helping others with similar experiences. You may find you have a skill that you can exploit for a much more lucrative career.


Take a little time out for yourself right now. You may need to get some time away from work. You are coming across right now a little more intently then you may intend. If someone seems to be reacting to you, keep this in mind.


You may find yourself thinking that you want to be like someone else when you grow up, but hey, who says you have to grow up? Or at least be grown up all the time. Some silly giggles and fun or funny distractions would be a blessing right now.


You have a business or career opportunity right now that may be hard to resist. It will take a lot of energy and there is some risk involved, but if you are prepared to move quickly, there could be money-making opportunities in unexpected places.


Kick back, relax and have yourself a good time. Put aside your worries and fears about your career or social standing right now. You will have a great deal of creative energy, and there is fun, family and good entertainment around in abundance. Take advantage of an opportunity to escape reality.


You'll be tempted to spend money you cannot afford on stuff you don't need right now. Avoid malls, leave credit cards at home, stay as far away from temptation as you can. You need to focus on your long-term goals, don't get side-tracked.


You may have to dip into your investment, savings or take out a credit card to cover unexpected costs related to travel, research, paperwork or education. It is not a good day to go shopping for travel books over the Internet! Avoid arguments if you can right now.

It may be a little challenging to stay silent in the face of what may seem to be abuse, but unless things are at an immediate crisis point, it may be better to stay quiet but observant for right now. Your chart says stepping in with strong opinions about childcare could be risky.


You are the center of attention right now. You are extremely popular and everyone seems to want to grab a piece of your time right now. You can make new friends and learn things right now that will be important in your future. Keep the door open to some unusual people - they may have unusual gifts.


There are some strange people in your life, people who want to teach you things you have avoided for some time. You may get into political or spiritual debates with loved ones, siblings or friends who think that it is time that you broadened your horizons.


You come across right now as a unique individual with many innovative ideas. You want freedom to expressing yourself in an unusual or unconventional way, to make a big splash in a social setting, and may be drawn to new and interesting hobbies.


You'll sort out an interesting issue with a friend or loved one. The experience will make everyone feel much more happy and secure. Be sure that everyone understands the consequences. There will have to be adjustment and the changes may be stressful at first.

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