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Confucius said 'real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance'. What you don't know definitely cannot hurt you now, despite your apparent keenness and desperation to know something. Let something unfold. Let a process get a bit more underway before pursuing aggressively a solution or an answer. Your determination to know a truth that is making itself known to you in its own way and time is the source of your current frustration.


When jumping off a high diving board or taking the plunge whilst fastened to a bungee, there is always the nervous 'waiting time' as we descend. Only when the splash is seen and the swimmer emerges smiling or the bungee jumper sways happily above ground does anyone breathe sighs of relief. You have recently 'let go' of something and are experiencing a similar tense waiting period until a new process begins. Soon, you too will be smiling.


When the rest of us are stuck trying figure out the answer to a complex question, we really ought to call a Gemini. Your ability to assess any puzzle or conundrum and find an answer by looking at it in ways the rest of wouldn't have considered is legendary. That's why you're being called upon to provide a solution now. A complex scenario needing sorting requires your problem solving abilities. It might not be easy but you will succeed.


Your resistance levels are being tested now, particularly regarding your involvement or possible involvement with a dispute or controversial issue. Where others are keen to instigate discussion - or, dare I say it, gossip – you're being given an option now as to how supportive of the discussion you want to be. Tongues appear to be wagging enough as it is without another adding to it all. Keep your distance and remain objective.


It's important you understand you're not being deliberately deceived or even being told half-truths for that matter. However, what you're not being told or what's being withheld might be because of a perception that it's in your best interests or possibly none of your business to know. You have a right to know more than you do about something that affects you directly and with gentle probing to the right sources, you can find all you need to know and move forward.


Customer service employees usually have a pretty good idea of what their job will involve each day. One general enquiry will followed by four complaints. Imagine how they'd react if someone called to say how delighted they were with the product the purchased and wanted to personally thank the company for making it available to them. Imagine too, your surprise if you received gratitude for something you never someone to even acknowledge you'd done. Deserved recognition is coming.


The repetitiveness of a certain situation is starting to become tedious. Instead of enjoying or being comfortable with predictability it offers, you appear to be aware of how little you're benefiting from continuity or monotony in a particular area. Look closely at your reasons for supporting something that offers you very little in return. The sky speaks of financial and emotional freedom if you're willing to let go of whatever it is now.

'Everything I do, I do it for you…' So sang Scorpion Bryan Adams. Are you feeling inclined now to look at how much you do for someone and why you do it? You appear to be weighing up in true Libran style your commitment to a person or possibly a cause. Your commitment isn't as much an issue as the reasons for involving yourself. Remember that everything should always have at least two benefits.


If we look out of the window of a jet travelling at 600 miles per hour, it appears we're travelling at a fraction of that speed. A quick mental calculation made as we're waiting at a turnstile for our luggage confirms how fast we must have been travelling to have covered distance in the time we did. It might appear that you're moving slowly in a certain area. Trust that you're moving toward a chosen destination faster than it appears you are.


When people say the words 'that's it, no more', most people usually mean it. Sometimes, such words get said fuelled by anger or impatience and in that frame of mind, it's not difficult to go a bit over the top and ring a few more changes than intended. Be careful now what or whom you choose to remove from your world. Your reasoning might be blinkered by resentment or blind fury that could result in you regretting taking such drastic action.


If you're one of the few Aquarians who has yet to see evidence that areas you're used to struggling and compromising within are showing signs of yielding, then evidence is coming. Perhaps though, because you're used to everything requiring more effort to get a desired result, you're priming yourself for the need to give extra effort just to get a tiny result. Great strides really can be made now and with a fraction of the effort and tolerance you're used to giving.


Sometimes, it's better to have a small percentage of something than one hundred per cent of nothing. As business investors will confirm, the small percentage can become a large one in a short space of time if it's nurtured properly. What you perceive to be worthless or insignificant is likely to hold more potential than you're giving it credit for. Something needs more time to reveal this to you, and it intends to.

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