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Many people go into 'attack mode' at the first opportunity if they feel they must defend themselves in some way. When this happens, their perceived adversary usually does the same. If both parties truly understood each others' issues and had all facts available, then there would perhaps be more willingness to talk rather than take defensive stances. You can escape a tense discussion by taking necessary time to establish certain facts now.


There are some things in life that, no matter how hard you polish them, will never shine. You are considering the fact that a particular situation is likely to never change or improve, no matter how much effort or possibly money you invest in it. Don't see this as a reason to be regretful or despondent. It's this realization that will free you from an unhappy or undesirable scenario. Give coming developments a chance to prove this to you.


Image children at a birthday party beating a piñata with stick. The piñata is showing no signs of breaking. Children have grown bored with whacking it and run off to find something else to do. One shy child picks up the abandoned stick and with the feeblest of hits, breaks the piñata wide open, spilling its glorious contents on the ground. A similar experience awaits you. With the tiniest amount of faith and effort, you can achieve something that will truly touch your heart.


A well-known saying involves someone named Muhammad, his acceptance of the fact that a mountain wasn't going to come to him and decision to go to it instead. You appear to be considering a move that will bring you closer to something or someone at a distance. Although this plan has significant, life changing implications, it also has potential to offer freedom you have longed for whilst closing a gap that has been the cause of a frustrating separation.


Some people give too much lip service to the phrase 'there's no gain without pain'. 'Pain' doesn't always refer to that of the 'hurting' variety. Sometimes, it represents 'hard work'. An option does exist to make strides in an area that has been difficult recently but this difficulty is easing now. You can make a significant gain without having to experience discomfort of any sort. Don't convince yourself otherwise.


Imaginations can be like small puppies in cages. When confined, they're easily managed. When let loose, they sometimes become uncontrollable. Your imagination could be doing you a disservice now, only because you're unlikely to be seeing a situation as it really is and could be creating unnecessary worry for yourself. Accept that there's much more to a scenario than you perceive and you'll save yourself a lot of stress now.


People are often afraid to ask for help. People are often unwilling to ask for help. There can be a difference between being afraid and unwilling. Through fear, we dread another person's response. Through being unwilling, we often believe we haven't explored all options before calling upon someone else's assistance. Someone in your world wants to help you. Accepting will do much to resolve a problem you would truly like to see the back of.

Many people enjoy 'fixing' things. They assess what's in need of repair, enjoy the process of discovering how something 'works' and provide a remedial solution. Sometimes, we confuse a need to repair with a need to 'improve'. We believe that, if something isn't how we want it to be, it is 'broken' and requires 'fixing'. What you believe needs fixing simply needs a bit more time to mature. It will improve, in its own time and without you having to intervene.


The time for wondering, considering, assessing and analyzing is drawing to a close. An argument is beginning to become tedious. If something is unattainable now, then there's much you can do to make it attainable. A need exists for you to prove yourself in some way. Someone's decision or lack of faith in your abilities can be reversed but only if you're willing to create a situation they cannot ignore or refuse.


Money, they say, facilitates more opportunities than lack of money ever could. It's therefore interesting how many multi-millionaire business people started with barely in a penny in their pockets. Their belief in their abilities was so strong that they overcame the fact they had no money to help them to pursue their dream. You don't need nearly as many material resources as you believe you do to begin pursuing something close to your heart.


People in Third World countries have been told that, to clear their debt, they must cut down rain forests. They're then instructed not to cut down rain forests because of massive environmental implications. We can hardly blame them for being confused! For some time, you've received contradictory demands from someone who wants you to do X and then demands you do Y instead. Trust that this frustrating and counterproductive scenario is finally coming to an end.


Having power to transform a situation is a bit like having 'potential', until it is realized, very little happens. It's within your capability to make something close to your heart happen by making a conscious decision to invest some time and effort toward it. You probably sense that there's no more time left to think about what you'd like to make happen. You probably sense that giving some effort is better than doing nothing at all. Your senses are correct. Trust them.

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