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We know what's meant by the saying, 'I'm all right, Jack'. We also know what's meant by the saying, 'Looking out for Number One.' We can be criticized for being generous to a fault and can be criticized equally for being apparently selfish. Life requires us to find middle ground between both. You owe it to yourself to focus solely on your own needs in a particular way. It's not selfish if it helps you whilst making something easier for someone else at the same time!


'Let go, you won't fall!' Have you ever had such words said to you? Being in a real position to have them said is likely a rare occurrence but even if you have, it takes an enormous amount of trust on your part to believe you're in safe hands. Yet, the message from the cosmos to you now is along similar lines. You can afford to let go of what you feel so determined to control or steer. Relax and trust that you're well protected.


It serves some people well to provide information to others on a 'need to know basis'. Doing so sends a clear message to others about what is - and isn't - their business. An issue could exist about how obliged you are to explain yourself in some way to a certain person. Are they simply prying or do they have a valid need to know more than you're telling them? That's something you might need to decide.


Would you agree that too many people in this world demand everything they and others do, 'makes sense'? As a sign that enjoys throwing caution to wind at times and opting to pursue what others might deem insensible, you can often see the benefits of enjoying what might be considered unorthodox. If an urge to do something spontaneous is growing strong, then you can satisfy a part of your heart that needs to know the truth in some way by giving in to it.


When people say, 'if you don't ask, you don't get', what do they mean? Do they mean we won't get what we want or we won't get what we need? There's often a very big difference between the two. If we're asking for something, then it's usually because want it but if we get something we didn't expect, we sometimes fail to see we've been given what we need. Be careful what you're asking for in now, only because what you need differs greatly from what you want.


Is a problem yours and yours along to resolve? That depends on if you're only going to see it as a 'problem'. Whilst it's true you have an issue to rise to find a solution in some way for, it could be easy to mistake an opportunity for a problem. What you're having to tackle now is actually a very helpful stepping stone to something you want to be in more control of. See the current issue in that light and, by overcoming it, you'll find yourself in a position you'll be glad to be in.


Leopards, we understand, are incapable of changing their spots. Why would they want to do such a thing, anyway? They'd only attract attention to themselves and cause anyone to feel suspicious toward them. Even if they could change spots, does anyone have the right to demand they do? The same can be said about people. We sometimes wish certain others would change something about themselves. Consider if what you want someone to change about themselves is fair.

Ask not what's 'in it for you' to make what appears to be a small compromise in some way. You might see the act as something bigger or demanding more from you than you believe to be fair. Yet, part of you can at least recognize how willingness on your part to be more accommodating can alter a situation or arrangement in way you've long wanted. Don't be too quick to resist someone's request that you meet them halfway. You will benefit from doing so.


None of us would ever try to put obstacles in the way of luck entering our lives. We might build barricades in other ways but we're always receptive to the slightest possibility luck might arrive and bring some level of transformation to our lives. Even if you believe luck chooses to favor others, don't rule out the way it's taking a keen interest in you now. It might make only a token gesture of support but that might be enough for you to be delighted with the result.


Saying the words, 'enough is enough' often brings some level of closure to an ongoing issue. Where we might have been willing to let certain situations and scenarios play themselves out in their own way and time, there does come a time when we decide it's necessary to bring one or two to an abrupt halt. By doing so in some way in an area of your world, you're about to bring closure to an ongoing and potentially draining situation and relief where you've long wanted it.


Does anything have an ability to surprise us in the way people can? We often see how surprising situations have progressed in particular ways to bring about an out-of-the-blue development but people are rarely as predictable. When someone does something that takes us aback, we can only put it down to dealing with something extremely complex and volatile. You have a good reason to be delighted and reassured by someone's sudden change in behavior or attitude now.


You appear keen to put a certain person upon a pedestal and whilst they're nothing particularly wrong with doing so, it might be worth assessing your reasons for holding them in such high regard. The best way to benefit from doing so is to weigh up what it is they've done to earn such high levels of respect and what you can learn from their story. Are they where you'd ideally like to be? Whatever formula they used to get where they are can be followed similarly by you.

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