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'I can't be bothered'. We all say such words from time to time and usually when we sense exasperation is likely from doing a certain uninspiring task. Sometimes though, such apathy can work in our favor. Think, for example, how we escape certain tense situations through being unwilling to enter into them. It is your unwillingness to play a part in escalating a certain tense situation that will play the biggest part in reducing or eliminating it. Relax and be flexible.


When we want to kick a habit, we're told to see it as a dog barking outside a back door and refuse to let it inside. When we need to get over a relationship that has ended, we're advised to play a song repeatedly that reminds us of that person until we tire of it. There's a lot to be said for creating association to assist with solving a problem. Association you're able to make with a particular past event that mirrors something your experiencing now is about to come in handy.


Here's a test for you. When I count to three, see if you can find something to worry about. One…two…three! How did you do? Did you think of something immediately? Most of us can. The real trouble with worrying is, we forget that we should only worry about something only long enough to do something about it. A worry you might be nurturing needs an action plan. If you can create one and take the initiative, then that worry will become one you can strike off your list.


At this time, around much of planet Earth, many people will be disguised, donning costumes and wearing masks. Many will enjoy the brief change in how they're seen by others through changing appearances in very specific ways that excite them. There are ways in which you can alter how you're seen by others now and it has nothing to do with tricking or treating. Through your confidence increasing in some way, you're about to impress and attract more than one person!


People are quick to complain. They're not as quick to compliment. Neither are many as willing to express their gratitude as we wish they were sometimes. I'm not trying to cast a gloomy picture of life on planet Earth, I'm trying to convey how relaxed some people are about how much you have done and continue to do for them. It's because you're doing such a good job that little is being said. Expect proof of how loved and appreciated you are, and by one person in particular.


What are you capable of? What do you believe yourself to be capable of? There is a distinction to be made now. We are all capable of more than we believe ourselves to be and I don't have enough space here to list ways in which you could surprise yourself now but I am confident you are becoming increasingly aware of how you could shine now if you took a risk or two. A courageous step needs to be taken first. Once made, you will have entered exciting territory.


There's something pictorial about us being described as 'captains of our own destinies'. We steer personal crafts through both choppy and still waters. We learn how to identify rocky shorelines from a distance. We also learn how to set sails to maximize help strong winds blowing in the right direction can provide. That's why it's important to recognize now how much control you do have in an area you might be feeling rudderless within. It's time to set sail in a very new direction.

If what we're cooking is to look anything the picture in the cookbook and taste as we know it should, we feel we shouldn't deviate from instructions. After we've cooked the same recipe several times, we start to identify ways we can modify it to suit our personal tastes. You could feel inclined to do something strictly 'by the book' now but is there not a good reason to allow for more flexibility? You could gain more from being less strict and rigid. Improvise and then relax.


Remember when you were at school and studied levers? Science behind how something huge can be moved with minimum effort is fascinating and something Prehistoric Man discovered. For some time, you've grown used to investing considerable effort to make something happen. The fact that you're about to discover how surprisingly easier something has become might cause you to feel suspicious. Have faith in the fact that a draining influence is being removed.


Tonight, many neighborhoods will have numerous costume-donning people wandering around them on a mission to trick, treat or acquire enough candy to see them through to Christmas. Uncertainty surrounding who's beneath a bed sheet or behind a rubber mask is exciting. It's one many people actually welcome. They know it's temporary. So too is confusion or uncertainty you're experiencing in some way now. There is something that can be welcome from it.


When we're confident and relaxed, we can deal with aggression or confrontation easier than if we're inclined ourselves to part someone's hair with some well-chosen words. We all know how easy it is to not only get drawn into an argument or dispute but to fuel it as well. We sometimes think 'if this person wants confrontation, then I'll make sure they get it'. You can avoid a tense spiral from happening if you wish to. All you have to do is keep your voice at conversational level!


Some people are unable to sleep without noise in the background. Others who live near airports don't hear jet engines overhead despite windows rattling in their homes. It's amazing what we can be oblivious to – or miss if it wasn't part of our lives! For some time, you've grown accustomed to something that took time to grow accustomed to. Now that it's being removed, you might find an absence very noticeable. See how superbly placed you are to fill it with something more suitable.

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