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Your actions or a particular decision could be at risk of being fueled by passion. Note the word, 'risk'. Passion is a wonderful thing but when we allow it to override logic or sensibility, we often wish we'd been a bit less hasty or impetuous. Allow whatever is firing you up or providing some form of 'intense motivation' to do so but try not to succumb to a sense of urgency that might be accompanying it. Something really does need to be approached slowly and sensibly.


Try to resist an urge to poke, prod or intervene with a process in an area of your world that would benefit more from you leaving it alone. That includes worrying about it, too. You could be seeing a situation in an exaggerated way and not seeing the benefits of giving it time and space to do what it needs to do. It doesn't need pushing a particular direction and neither does it need you to nurture what the sky implies is an unfounded fear connected with it. Relax, watch and wait.


Something might require a swift decision or action from you but try not to see this as an unwelcome obligation or responsibility. As much as you might believe you're being pushed to do what you'd either prefer not to do or feel is right to question whether or not you should be involving yourself, simply rise to the occasion and do what's demanded of you. You look set to be glad you didn't waste time prevaricating or procrastinating.


It's easy to focus on negative outcomes. Negative thoughts find some way of jumping the queue and being given attention first. Try to focus on where you're resigned to a negative outcome in some way now. On what grounds are you basing this decision? History? Instinct? Perhaps both? In any case, as practical as you might believe you're being by focusing on a negative result, the alternative deserves attention, too and to be allowed to jump the queue this time!


Someone in your world could do with a positive word of encouragement from you. This could quite literally take the form of a single word 'yes'. Where a certain person has wanted you to see a situation from their point of view or tried to encourage you to accept their take on a shared situation, there is much you can do to bring closure to an ongoing tense arrangement and rebuild a bond in a way it deserves rebuilding. Push aside pride or resentment and react positively.


When we decide to become resigned to a situation, we take comfort from doing so. We think to ourselves, 'well, at least I know where I stand, even if it's far removed from what I wish it was' and life carries on. We return to our decision later on and then decide we're better off sticking with it rather than risk inviting change. It could be time for you to reassess your reasons for feeling 'resigned' in some way and accept that changing your mind could now be beneficial and timely!


We're told those who hesitate are 'lost'. When we choose to take a big step back from what we ought to be taking a bold step toward, we often do so because of uncertainty and we want to assess a situation properly and thoroughly before deciding our next move. We can then become 'lost' in a myriad of options we create or believe are presenting themselves. Trust your initial reaction to a potentially challenging situation now. It's very likely the right one. Act on it.

Sudden developments have a tendency to instill senses of fear and pessimism. We all know the saying about something being too good to be true. We can all be guilty sometimes of believing a positive and even delightful development will be short-lived or unseen forces are at work and determined to make it so. What you might see as an unexpected turn of events deserves to be welcomed, not treated suspiciously. It truly is a helpful and necessary step in a right direction.


We hear stories about people taking items stored in attics for decades to antique appraisers and discovering what was regarded as worthless is priceless. To recognize the true value of something, we can't always trust our eyes. We need to make some effort to dig a bit deeper and connect with it properly. Something you've dismissed as unhelpful could prove to be invaluable if you're willing to consider it with an open mind. It can benefit you enormously if you'll let it.


Someone once said, 'patience is the ability to count down before you blast off.' Astrology textbooks like to portray Capricorns as possessing patience of Saints and seeing losing one's cool as impractical, illogical or pointless. Yet, every one of us has our limits in terms of what we're prepared to tolerate and a person or organization in your world might be left in no doubt about how you've reached your limits. Try to not say any more than is necessary in pointing this out!


Taking a particular situation or offer at face value might result in it to be seen as very appealing. It's possible you're allowing emotions to play a part in how you're seeing it. Emotions can cause us to lose sight of what's realistic or logical and that's something the sky is implying you should guard against now. Where you feel an urge or need to throw caution to wind and commit or agree in some way, take a step back briefly until the emotional influence has waned.


We can all put much too importance on 'past precedents'. Legal systems refer to them constantly because it makes someone's job easier and removes any comebacks their direction if they base a decision on a similar one made previously. We don't need qualifications in law to know that every case should weighed on its own merits. That's why you shouldn't be looking to the past for an answer. Look instead at what is unique about your current quandary and treat it so.

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