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If a situation puzzles or confuses you, are you obliged to 'get to the bottom' of what's happening? You could feel inclined to get the bit between your teeth and do some level of investigation but what exactly do you think you'll find? Perhaps, there's something you know you will find but will finding it actually help you? Much depends on what your instincts are telling you. Only pursue a mystery if you really want to discover the truth. Doing so can be helpful but it isn't essential.


Much in life requires us to do things 'by the book'. So many processes require us to start properly and continue in ways that are methodical with much patience needed. To make something close to your heart happen now, you don't to be quite so diligent. There is actually more room for flexibility in a certain situation than you're accounting for. Your keenness to achieve a particular result is fine but try not to let assiduousness override magic contained within a process now.


As keen as you might be to hasten a particular process, you know, in your heart, that the right thing to do involves showing some hard-to-summon patience. You don't need selling on the benefits of waiting in some way now but it's clear that demonstrating patience might not be particularly easy now. Something you both want and need is becoming available but in its own way and time. Trust that, and you'll be grateful for having given it the time it needed.


The cosmos is offering an invitation to you now. It's a unique and very interesting offer. It's willing to provide you with opportunities that can bring much pleasure, comfort and relief to your world, particularly where you want to experience them. The 'catch' surrounds you being totally honest with yourself about what you really want. The cosmos thinks you might have become confused lately. Be truly honest now and you'll find what you want and need become very much available.


Before you progress a certain plan, take a breather. Stop and think for a moment. Might there be some similarities with what you're considering doing and an experience from your past? Have you not been here before? If so, then that's great news. You're in a superb position to apply a touch of wisdom to where you're going next based on what you did or maybe didn't do previously. As long as what you're doing is being done methodically and thoughtfully, you can't go wrong now.


When we give and appear to get nothing in return, it's natural to consider what giving is getting us. Yet, if giving feels right, we continue to make the effort. The feeling we're making a difference somehow, even slightly, is sometimes enough to keep us giving. Reward or reciprocation might not be finding their way to you instantly in light of support you have given more than one person lately but, by all the laws of astrology, you look set to be heartened by a certain response soon.


What about you? Have you been left behind in some way? Has the cosmos decided that your wants, needs and desires are simply too much hard work and chosen to assist others instead? You know you've earned your stripes in some way, particularly recently, and to know that patience and sacrifice have been worth investing and making would do much to reassure you now. Expect not only to be reassured but amazed at what your efforts have brought you.

On one side, we have your list of shortfalls, what's missing or lacking in your world and why you can justify feeling confused or resentful. On the other side, we have your reasons why you should be grateful for all that is good. It's the latter you're overlooking now and it's always easier to focus on what we don't have. To attain out the former list, you need only allow your confidence to rise, even slightly. You're about to be given a good reason to feel more confident and optimistic.


Some tightrope walkers manage to walk without the aid of a balance pole. They have mastered the art of balancing entirely on their own and carefully and strategically placing one foot in front of the other until they reach the other side. Of course, they have numerous other factors to take into account as they do this. Similarly, you appear to be managing to create balance in your world now but it is not without its share of tension or anxiety. Trust that both will lessen very soon.


Is the risk you're considering really such a big risk? Might there actually be an argument against 'playing it safe'? The path of least resistance can be an attractive one sometimes but we have all experience at some point in our lives regret that comes from what we know we didn't do. The cosmos isn't encouraging you to be reckless at this time but it is nudging you toward the pursuit of something that inspires, excites and daunts you. Make sure your risk is a calculated one.


We resent confusion. We know it plays some part in us being reluctant to pursue a particular plan. If we allow confusion to enter our worlds, it invites more confusion and we find ourselves caught in a spiral of perplexity. When we find ourselves confused to the point where we feel we must take action of some sort, then it's not usually long before we find a solution, even if it is barely visible at first. Confusion you have felt is peaking now and about to spur you into action.


Is the cup half empty or half full? Allow me to rephrase the question another way: do you feel inclined to see all that is negative or worth worrying about in a situation or might there actually be something you ought to be feeling grateful for? What appears negative could be outweighing your reasons for actually feeling relieved, released and grateful. Give a process a bit more time and you might even find a good reason to celebrate all that's happened recently.

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