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Your dynamic, go-getting approach to much that you do is admirable in the eyes of many. Your determination to make things happen and seize opportunities before they've had a proper chance to manifest is something many wish they could do. You are you. Others are who they are. Try to be a bit more patient with someone who prefers a less forthright approach to a shared objective.


Current events indicate you're close to achieving something you've long wanted to achieve. It's possible you convinced yourself a particular development would probably never happen, so there has been little point in pinning hopes on it ever happening. Time might have passed in a way that you're now not certain what you once wanted is as appropriate. The cosmos thinks otherwise.


If it was within your ability to accelerate a particular plan close to your heart, what would you do? Ah, there's a question for you. You know progress relies upon someone or something to do their or its part and that's where the delay appears to stem from. So, there's not much point in allowing impatience to get the better of you. Have faith that a plan is moving as quickly as it is able.


Your powers of persuasiveness and influence are strong. Where you might believe it's not your place or feel disinclined to speak your mind, you can be certain what you have to say is valid and any point you make will be listened to attentively. It's within your ability to right a particular wrong or offer a proposal to improve an unsatisfactory situation. Use your influence to do either or both.


Within your growing list of priorities and obligations is one particular task that doesn't exactly fill you with inspiration. With so many other pressing tasks to tackle, you could be struggling to give attention to this particular one that offers little in the way of gratitude and reward. Actually, if you give this seemingly mundane task your attention, that's precisely what it offers!


Where someone has gone out on a proverbial limb for you or made a surprisingly unselfish gesture, you might naturally feel inclined to reciprocate. It might not be within your means to go to quite the lengths someone went to you for you but, then again, you don't need to consider one upmanship now. A heartfelt thanks from you is genuinely all they require.


Some people perceive those who draw a line under help they've been offering as selfish. In truth, it's not the person retracting or withdrawing support that's selfish, it's the person who believes they're being slighted through the retraction or withdrawal that is being so. Someone has grown a bit too used to support you've provided. Might it be time they stood on their own two feet?

A way forward in your eyes differs from someone else's. This is causing you to feel certain levels of frustration and suspicious of someone else's intentions. You might feel their agenda conceals a hidden motive or something you need to keep a careful eye on. The sky not only insists there's no hidden agenda but their way might actually be more worthy of considering than yours!


Might you have been a bit too quick to impress in some way? Through responding as swiftly as you might have done to a call of duty, it's possible you've made a situation a bit more complicated through providing a level of assistance that exceeded what was called for. Time is still on your side to ensure someone knows limits exist to what you're able and willing to provide.


We make many decisions based on our moods. If we feel positive or accommodating, we're more likely to agree to something we might not have agreed with otherwise. Where a requirement exists to offer some level of commitment, you might be a bit too quick to agree without weighing the facts first. If you sense you're likely to commit to something instantly, pause and think it through.


You can't ignore what you feel. Neither can you ignore the need to pursue a particular plan with levels of passion you know exist within you. It's becoming increasingly clear that a way must be tried and a certain risk needs to be taken. The good news is, you're not motivating yourself to do this all alone. It forms part of a fantastic cosmic plan that will take you to where you need to be.


It's possible levels of intrigue and excitement outweigh concern you have about taking a risk now. Under normal circumstances, you'd probably shy away from taking such a risk but it's the fact that something within it is so inviting and encouraging that you're giving serious consideration to the possibilities. By keeping your faith levels high, you will be afforded all the protection you need.

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