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A new set of priorities could be the result of adjusting to a swift or sudden change. Something that offered predictability and was even a source of comfort appears to have been removed from your world and you've had to adjust to a void being created. You might have even believed finding a replacement could be a tall order. The sky doesn't promise an ideal replacement but it does indicate that the replacement process might be smoother and less painful than you think!


Do we feel any sense of shame or guilt when we discover we've outgrown an item of clothing? We do if bathroom scales make clear how this has happened, and, for many of us, outgrowing anything is something we stopped doing decades ago. If anything, many of us are shrinking! Whatever it is you feel might be necessary to release yourself from, welcome and embrace the need, especially if it is an outdated idea or philosophy that is no longer relevant or appropriate.


Try, if you will, to consider the issue in your life most at risk of being made into a big deal. Consider what matter you're prone to being unnecessarily fearful of. There are times when astrologers are at risk of highlighting certain issues the sky implies might be big and daunting but can be seen as easily manageable and solvable. By choosing to see a potentially big or daunting issue in a positive light and shaking a sense of pessimism, you can overcome it very easily now.


Perhaps, in keeping with the universal technological language used by so many nowadays, I should write your forecast for today entirely in 'text speak'. Hopefully, you wouldn't have a clue what I was on about. Perhaps, even in this traditional way of speaking, you still don't! However, the idea you have about how a far better result can come from applying 'a traditional way of doing something' could prove to be accepted by those you believe should be accepting it.


It can be amazing what a feel-good factor making itself felt in any area of our world can do to help us to take certain matters less seriously. We know, if we're feeling upbeat and positive, issues that might normally cause us to feel beaten or despondent are seen as challenges that can be overcome easily. It's by allowing some very positive vibes to enter your world and alter your attitude in such a way that you can overcome what might have got the better of you otherwise.


Today, the Sun enters the part of your chart associated with communication and thinking. We have all learned that the latter should always precede the former. In other words, it is always wise to engage our brain before we open out mouth. You might feel a growing need to speak you mind and possibly in ways you've resisted doing so previously. All will be fine as long as you give thought to what needs saying or conveying before doing so. Ensure your brain is engaged first!


Back in Victorian England, it was considered offensive for a woman to reveal her ankles in public. One century later, the same country included in a certain tabloid newspaper a specific page dedicated daily to a photo of naked or semi-naked female models. Attitudes toward long-upheld traditions change with time. We become more lenient toward what we were determined should be upheld. Perhaps, a certain 'tradition' in your world could benefit from more leniency from you?

Today, the Sun enters your sign just a couple of days before Mercury. This combination intends to make you something of a powerhouse where conveying yourself in particular ways is concerned. We all experience a very natural sense of hesitation or even embarrassment when conveying our most powerful ideas and dreams. Expect soon to find the confidence to reveal some of yours and expect to be able to do so with justified belief and conviction.


We are naturally wary sometimes when it comes to asking for advice. We know some people might tell us what we don't want to hear but know we need to hear! There are times though when we need to see how consistent a response is from asking advice from those whom we trust to offer it honestly. You appear able to benefit from asking certain people for their advice now. It looks set to be very honest and what you want and need to hear!


There can be nothing quite as impressive as a Capricorn with the proverbial bit between their teeth, determined to make something happen and in ways that will undoubtedly be impressive. You've probably grown used to certain people not connecting with what appears to be a slow and unconcerned approach on your part. Yet, you look set to shine in a wonderful way now. A well-deserved pat on the back is coming by showing one or two others 'how it's done'.


You have your idea how something should be done or a certain situation should be handled or managed. Is it any surprise that someone believes their way is best? Clearly, they are unable to see what you see in what's unfolding and requiring effort in a particular way. Don't succumb to pressure to placate them in the way they believe you should. This is a time to stick to your guns and refuse to deviate from a very carefully considered plan.


We often underestimate the power behind investing faith in something we can't see. Doing so isn't always easy but that's where intuition comes in. You need to trust your intuition now. Be willing to seek a hidden, practical advantage in what's arising, no matter how daunting it might appear. As long as you trust what your deepest instincts are telling you, you'll be given a solid reason to feel much more hopeful where you have felt pessimistic of late.

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