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What are you capable of? I accept that's a general question that could be annoyingly or frustratingly vague. It is, however, a question you're being encouraged to consider as it becomes clear you're more talented and potentially gifted in some way. A plan of some kind might need to be revised due to you starting to see glimmers of possibility in ways you haven't previously. You're more ready than you might believe yourself to be to take a necessary and brave step.


We tend to believe words said in powerful or passionate ways have more depth or meaning. We believe if anything is to be said with a real level of belief or conviction, then subtlety needs to be removed from the equation. Yet, it appears you're about to experience the opposite. It's what's said by you or possibly to you in a calm, quiet and subtle way that could hold the most depth and impact. A shared exchange looks set to resonate and resound deeply. Allow it to do so.


Your sign is ruled by Mercury, known also as 'the winged messenger' and it appears you have a message to deliver to at least one other person. There's a point you need to convey and one you're determined will be understood. Trust that you're receiving cosmic assistance to make this and the fact that such levels of assistance are on offer implies this is one message that others need to truly understand. Just show willingness to make it and the sky will take care of the rest.


Maybe, whoever created the phrase, 'the penny dropped' was a Cancerian. We know the words to mean a revelation of some kind or sudden level of awareness of something that escaped us previously. If you're willing to trust your instincts now, then a revelation appears to be on offer. Something will 'click' or make sense in ways it hasn't recently or previously. Just be willing to trust what you feel to be the reality of a particular situation and you're unlikely to be wrong.


Be careful now how you are measuring success in some way. What might appear to be going off on a tangent to what seemed a solid and carefully thought-through plan is ticking along quite nicely, even if it gives the impression of falling short of your expectations. You are arriving at a particular destination, just not in the way you expected to be travelling to it. Allow the equivalent of a cosmic sat-nav to work out the best route. There's no danger of disappointment.


We take some restrictions too seriously. We believe that, if they exist and have been imposed upon us, then we ought to accept them, especially if resisting or opposing them appears to be more trouble than it might be worth. Time though, has a way of highlighting how someone else is benefiting from a restriction imposed upon us. As you start to resist one you've accepted for too long, expect a certain person to voice their displeasure. It will be obvious why they're doing so!


We know the disbenefits of over-rehearsing something. We can play over and over in our minds what we want to say, how we plan to say it in the belief conditions will be precisely as we imagine them to be. Then, what happens? We find circumstances change and what we'd carefully and painstakingly rehearsed differs from what we expected. You'll do much better by allowing spontaneity to take over where a need to rehearse a point you want to make is concerned!

In some way now, it appears someone in your world needs to know something on a 'need to know' basis. It's important you trust that you're not doing them a disservice by withholding certain information or keeping certain cards close to your chest. It will soon become apparent that they'll be able to put two and two together and make a deduction you want them to make. When they do, it will be more helpful to them - and save you from having to spell something out for them!


A particular plan needs a solid foundation before it can commence properly. That means you're going to have to discount any short-cut or 'quick fix' to getting it underway. If you find yourself giving consideration to both, then try to determine the cause of your impatience. Why is it so important that something happens quickly rather than allowing time to ensure it happens properly? If something's worth doing, then ensure it's given a proper and thought-through start.


A way of doing something, diligently and patiently, that might have come naturally to you is something someone appears to wish they were able to do, and do as well. You might be accused of being a stickler for applying discipline and patience to what you undertake but it appears such methodology is something someone is appreciative of. You could have adopted a more hasty or impulsive way of doing what you've done, but didn't. A reward of some kind is now on offer.


Sometimes, when we find ourselves having to make what we believe to be a tricky decision, we forget or overlook how there is no 'wrong answer'. Either option will take us to where we want to be, just in different ways. Try to let yourself off the hook now as you wrestle with a dilemma or decision that is so neck-and-neck that you can't see a clear way forward. This is a time when trusting your heart really won't let you down. Opt for what it's telling you now. It will be right.


Some people have a very strong will. Others have a very strong 'won't' and it's possible someone is misjudging your levels of stubbornness in some way. You appear to be very certain and resolute about something you believe strongly about and won't be swayed by persuasion or resistance coming from certain quarters. Try though, to see how their determination is being fueled by the fact they care. Accepting that fact could bring about a helpful compromise.

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