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If your faith levels need a boost, then a good reason to feel more optimistic appears to be coming. Much depends though on how willing you are to trust the opportunity presenting itself. It could have a connection with the past that might cause you to question or doubt it. Progress in a particular area requires you to believe that what might have been seen as impossible or improbable could actually be attainable if you're willing to ignore doubt put in place previously.


Proactivity has brought some level of success. Applying yourself in a sensible, practical way appears to have brought a result but something more is needed from you and this involves an expression of true feelings and emotions. Courage and compromise need to be balanced with revealing your true self and making clear to yourself and possible someone else, needs or desires you've chosen to keep concealed. You're human. Don't be afraid to make this clear.


Some of the most amazing stories ever written have the dullest book covers. There was a time publishers didn't care how a book appeared, the name of the author and an understanding that the story contained within were deemed enough to entice readers. We have all learned, in our ways, not to 'judge books by their covers' and make effort to see the reality of situations before casting any judgment. The sky implies that's something you should be considering doing now.


The message from the sky suggests a need on your part to say what needs to be said and say no more than needs to be said! You could find yourself struggling to know when enough is enough where voicing an opinion is concerned. Balance needs to be found between going over-the-top in conveying a certain point and applying self-discipline or self-control. Don't ignore a sense of optimism but do try to ensure emotions aren't getting in the way of sensibility.


Looking through the wrong end of a telescope always presents a misleading viewpoint. We misjudge distance and time. You appear to be in a situation requiring you to gain a realistic perspective about a certain situation. All that's needed is an ability to see truth within an otherwise confusing or uncertain scenario. Seeing the reality of a situation is what will bring balance where imbalance exists currently.


The Moon in your opposite sign could be boosting sensitivity levels but in a helpful way. Its link to Venus is encouraging you to push aside an intense feeling and cease trying to make sense of it. You could be trying to make 'sense' of what doesn't need assessing or analyzing. It's more important you simply trust what you feel because doing so is the most sensible thing to do. Try to detach yourself from what you feel strongly inclined to cling to or scrutinize.


It's possible you might be more encouraged, optimistic or willing to invest effort in some way if you were more reassured about your role in a certain situation or arrangement. You might not be sure about where you stand with a certain person or possibly an organization and are therefore choosing to be cautious or detached. The sky implies a need on your part to ask an important question. Doing so will bring more than one helpful answer to confirm exactly where you stand.

You could find yourself in a 'do what I say and not as I do' scenario. As helpful as you might believe yourself to be by offering advice or providing some level of insight to someone else, you can be more helpful by demonstrating your belief in what you're saying by following your own guidelines. Avoid any possibility of confusion by contradicting yourself. If you're advising someone else to do something, then be seen to be championing your own suggestion!


A need exists to trust your intuition to provide answers your intellect is unlikely to find. It's important to trust not only what your heart is telling you but your ability to identify the hidden benefit within a development unfolding now, no matter how uninspired it makes you feel. Provided you're willing to be optimistic and make an effort to trust what you feel instead of think, then you will find a very good and valid reason to feel both inspired and hopeful.


A Moon/Saturn link could encourage you to take stock of control you wish you had where a certain uncertain or unstable situation is concerned and control you might be aware certain others have over you. Rather than put on a brave face and stoically tolerate or accept what's making you feel insecure, accept that you do have a right and a need to feel doubtful or vulnerable. Doing so will ensure you take the right and necessary action to feel more reassured.


There's much truth in the saying about many things changing being temporary but one thing changing being permanent. We're often oblivious to change occurring on many levels but soon recognize the impact a single change can have. We also find ourselves wondering why we didn't see it coming or were unable to prepare for it. As you become aware of a particular change, don't fear or resent it. It is necessary and will soon play a bigger part in success of a particular plan.


The world needs more dreamers. It needs more people prepared to give thought to where we're going, not where we're at. Even the most serious, stony-faced, furrow-browed technological designer had to have dreamt a little to create whatever it is they created. The world's greatest inventions started out as pipedreams. You now have an ability to draw others into your unique world of images and dreams. Be willing to share these. At least one holds significant potential.

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