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When did the first public relations people appear? I guess it could be argued they had their place before biblical times and famous composers required some form of profile-raising activity hundreds of years ago to fill concert halls. I mention this because you appear to be attracting considerable attention from individuals who recognize what you can offer them. Let this deserved attention continue finding its way to you. You need only be yourself for it to do so.


We all know omelets cannot be made without breaking eggs. Where the art of omelet making is concerned, eggs have little choice in the matter. Whilst they get broken, they become something much more interesting. You are aware of what has been sacrificed or lost in your world. It is understandable that you should believe this to be an unhelpful setback. Coming developments will bring some reassurance that what has been lost is about to replaced with something better.


It's interesting how, where each of us is at this stage of our lives is the result of decisions we made in the past. What we're experiencing is the result of us making choices that we believed to be right and appropriate. This sums up, in many ways, where you are now. Without using corny analogies involving crossroads, you are at a stage that can take you one or more directions. You're being expected to make more than one decision now. As long as any decision is made with your heart as opposed to your head, you can expect to be delighted with where you will be.


It's amazing what time combined with pressure can achieve. There are, of course, limits to how much pressure each of us can tolerate or withstand. It can also be said that there are clear limitations to how much we can achieve within limited timescales regardless of how hard we try or how much pressure we're put under. The sky speaks clearly of pressure you're under now. This appears to be coming from someone who believes you share the same goal. Perhaps you do, but might you be more realistic and pragmatic than you-know-who? Agreement can be reached.


In a world where less is more and smaller is more convenient, we have learned how bigger is not always better. We sometimes believe that 'big' situations require 'big' decisions and will have 'big' implications. You could be drawn toward a solution that you believe to be more appropriate because of how much bigger and more complicated it appears. In truth, you don't need to go to lengths you're considering. A more subtle approach will bring a much better and bigger result.


Few of us enjoy removing ourselves from 'comfort zones'. Interestingly, we often choose not to remove ourselves from comfort zones even when they provide little in the way of comfort! We sometimes remain in a scenario that is uncomfortable or even painful if we believe it to be less uncomfortable and painful than an alternative. It's time for you to make an uncomfortable - but brave and very necessary - move. Do it and you will remove an ongoing source of discomfort.


Silence can be a deafening thing. It can sometimes be more musical than any song. It can also imply consent. Whilst you might have reasons for choosing to say nothing about something your opinion clearly matters about, it's important to understand how saying nothing sends a very clear message to a particular person. Your silence suggests approval. If you don't approve, then coming developments will help you to speak your mind.

Everything we do is preceded with a thought. Every action we take and, despite what we and others might think sometimes, every word we say. Most of our thoughts are fleeting yet we can identify those we know are worthy of storing and returning to because they contain something we can't quite put our fingers on. Don't be dismissive of a nagging thought now. Chances are, it exists to spur you into action in some way. Let it continue to encourage you in ways it is trying to do now.


We know what a tiny spark can do to the driest of tinder. Without anything resembling a spark, the tinder is safe but a spark almost unidentifiable to the eye is all it takes to create an inferno. Be careful how you handle a sensitive situation now. You could be reacting over sensitively toward it and risk creating a tense situation inadvertently. A certain person is very sensitive at present and it won't take much for you cause a situation to escalate unnecessarily. Be calm, subtle and sensitive.


We're told that 'anything is possible'. The part that is often removed from that statement is 'if someone else has done whatever-it-is already'. Yet, whoever was the first to do something was aware of the lack of precedent available to what they were undertaking! Don't concern yourself with whether or not an opportunity presenting itself now is feasible. Allow yourself instead to be receptive to the plan becoming apparent that will help you achieve a desired result.


On television and radio quiz shows, a buzzer often sounds when a contestant gives an incorrect answer. In life, no such buzzer sounds when we make (what we believe to be) an incorrect decision or assumption. You could do with such a buzzer in your world now. This doesn't relate to you actually making an incorrect decision or assumption. It relates to how you believe you are doing so. Trust your instincts now. You're about to discover how correct your thinking has been.


They say 'there's no such thing as bad publicity'. A few celebrities would disagree with this. There have been numerous occasions where the press has spun untrue stories that have done more harm than good. That's why you need to be discriminating about attention you're attracting now. Ensure it involves how you'd prefer to be seen by certain others. Whilst there are advantages to having as many eyes on you as there appear to be, with this power will come a need to be responsible.

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