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A boost of energy and enthusiasm encourages you to take stock of ideas and plans with a view to trying to connect them with whatever is motivating you. However, this 'marrying up' process could prove problematic as you see how spoilt for choice you are with options in more than one area. You'll need to whittle down those which are most inspiring and then try to narrow them down to one. That's why it's wise to say nothing to anyone about plans until that happens.


You're not expecting a grand show of support from certain others as you appear to know what needs doing in a certain area and afre determined to do something your way, however you can't help but be touched by subtle gestures coming your way now from certain individuals. They understand your quest or plight and whilst they're willing to watch from the sidelines, they're also keen to ensure you know they're rooting for you.


You could receive confirmation that your instincts were correct in some way but it's also possible you'll discover an idea or plan you thought had potential on one level could hold much more potential than you realized. This could be the result of joining forces with a certain person and feeling creative energy increasing between you. You're both on the same page and bouncing ideas back and forth will ensure one amazing one gets agreed and actioned.


You're wise to approach a certain opportunity cautiously. The closer you get to it, the more you're able to identify what has been concealed within it and whilst this shouldn't be a reason to run a mile, it offers a very good reason to explore it more thoroughly. Be willing to dig deeper and prepared to draw attention to what you find. Before you can commit in a way you're being expected to, you owe it to yourself to ensure you've left no stone unturned!


You can turn heads and even make a few jaws drop at your ability to tackle a certain aspiration fearlessly. Where others might have chosen to assess it from every angle and allow a way forward to present itself with time, you have no intention of hanging around. This is yet another example of how well you can take the reins and gain support from others where you need it. What fires you up now will be something that excites others shortly.


There are so many ways you can turn a recent disappointment into something positive and inspiring. If anything, you could be grateful for whatever has transpired recently that you saw as an unwelcome setback as it has only served to boost your motivation levels. Achieving a certain aspiration or getting it back on track for success will require much effort and patience but you know that to be the case. Focus on what can happen, not what has happened.


Your powers of persuasion are strong and, with less effort than you're used to having to make, you can talk yourself in or out of anything with anyone. Whilst this enhanced ability might be short-lived, you'll still need to ensure whatever you're saying is underpinned with honesty. If a hidden agenda exists to get someone on your side, then you can be certain this will be transparent. Use your power for good, not evil.

A relationship matter could grow in intensity and, by seeing it as complex, your first reaction could be to seize control and dictate terms. However, this is likely to be a defense mechanism on your part and one unlikely to prove helpful or beneficial. A conversation or exchange needs to be more two-way than you appear willing to allow it to be. You have a valid viewpoint that deserves a voice. Convey it and then step back to see how closely it matches someone else's!


A certain matter or cause close to your heart might not be embraced as keenly as you wish it was by a certain person or group but don't let that deter you from pursuing it with gusto. The fact others aren't as prepared as you to throw themselves into finding out more about whatever-it-is means you have a chance to become an expert in your field. As your knowledge of the subject increases, you could find others do a U-turn as they seek your advice on it in the future.


Adopting a defensive stance with a certain person might bring a brief halt to a tense or awkward scenario but will undoubtedly serve to prolong it in other ways. As soon as you put your foot down and make clear you're no longer willing to be supportive or receptive, you kill any chance of keeping essential communication flowing. There are ways of retaining or regaining control that don't involve stubbornnesss or assertiveness. Explore them sensitively.


A sense of urgency could arise, highlighting how time doesn't appear to be on your side in a way you wish it was. Before pressure manifests itself fully, take stock early on in the day to confirm which tasks can be pushed to one side to allow focus and effort for what truly deserves it. The more flexible you can be, the more your stress levels will be reduced. Resist any urge to be superhuman and try to tackle everything that comes your way. Being selective is conducive to being productive.


Putting a strategy in place to consolidate or support your financial position needn't involve being so strict with yourself that you deprive yourself of some well-deserved treats. This isn't being irresponsible because you can enjoy creature comforts that won't break the bank or result in nasty letters from a bank manager. It's the future more than the present that needs attention and a tiny but consistent effort to make your future more secure will bring results surprisingly quickly.

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