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You can, if you wish, accept a particular situation 'is as it is' and leave it to its own devices. You can opt, should you choose, to allow a scenario to unfold at a pace that suits it in the hope that its agenda mirrors your own. The question you need to ask yourself now surrounds whether or not you care enough about a particular matter to invest effort toward it in the hope you gain control of a situation that gives the impression of needing being left alone. With effort and faith, you can make a very big difference to it.


Because nature has a strong dislike of vacuums, it is often quick to fill them. Where space gets created in our world, a process soon commences to fill it. Such processes might take time but they exist and are always effective eventually. Where a certain space exists in your world now, you could be inclined to take the initiative to ensure it doesn't remain a void for very long. Curb your impatience. You're very well looked after and don't need to take action in ways you might believe is necessary. Coming events will confirm this.


Imagine a kite you've been flying successfully managed to break from your grasp and got carried considerable distance away. All you see in front of you is a long trail of string. You wonder if making effort to locate the kite will be worth it and, should you find it, what condition of disrepair it might be in. You might believe you've lost control of a situation and are understandably wondering if you'll ever regain it - or if you truly want to. Follow the trail. Something is not only retrievable, it is very much worth rescuing.


If we believe something is worth making happen and have reached the end of our proverbial tether in some way, then we find ourselves willing to pursue any option that appears the most feasible. If we feel truly fed up with a certain scenario and decide there is something we can do about it, then that option usually receives serious consideration. Take a moment to consider if a particular solution you're keen to apply is as helpful or ethical as you believe it is. A moral issue could be at stake here.


As tempting as it might be to roll your eyes and shake your head in despair at information coming to light now, there is a way to turn a less than desirable situation around. You could choose to voice your opinions or make clear why you feel as strongly about a particular matter as you do and can trust your comments will be taken on board by whom they're aimed at. Consider though, how being supportive instead of critical might just bring more than one much more impressive result.


Energy always needs an outlet. We tend to be quite good at identifying how best to channel it but can overlook sometimes how much guidance or even encouragement energy requires. The sky speaks now of your willingness to invest effort in a particular area. It also suggests though that there might be some level of uncertainty about whether or not you're aiming it where it would be most effective. That's why waiting a little bit longer might be a good idea. Let your focus become clearer as it will do, very shortly.


If we allow ourselves to 'rise above' certain issues, then we make them appear smaller. We allow them to be seen in a much more realistic light. If we're determined to see them as 'bigger' than we are, then we risk seeing a molehill as a mountain or something that appears much more difficult to overcome than it really is. What's needed in your world where a particular matter is concerned is perspective. Soon, you will see how less of an issue something is.

Frustration levels, when they reach a particular point and with a particular situation, can cause us to feel a strong urge to demand someone moves out of the way to allow us to take over something that needs doing properly. You appear to have had to deal with certain levels of apathy or lack of concern from certain quarters and been close to taking on responsibility that isn't yours to take on in order to ensure a result happens. You're further down the road with a process than you might believe. Soon, you will see a good reason to finally relax.


To prove a point, we will sometimes go to great lengths. We understandably believe the more effort we make, the greater our chances are of accomplishing what we set out to do. There's a saying though, about throwing enough 'mud' in the hope that some of it 'sticks'. In other words, we can be willing to accept wastage if it means we stand a chance of hitting our target. What's needed where a plan to 'give it all you've got' is discrimination. You can afford to do less where you feel it essential to do otherwise.


Is it adjustment where a certain situation is concerned that is the cause of concern? Is it a need to accept a new set of rules or the changing of proverbial goalposts that makes you feel less than content? Where a certain change has occurred lately, you appear to be in the throes of accepting a new or possibly enforced situation. This is causing you to wonder where you stand in the greater scheme of things. Embrace what appears to be 'up in the air'. It's what's about to settle that will both reassure and delight you.


Solutions can be easily found if we're prepared to 'start at the very beginning'. In other words, we need to push aside impatience surrounding ignoring the need to break down a problem to find its source. This can mean having to give consideration to what we believe is glaringly obvious or seemingly not worthy of giving time toward. If you're willing to do what's necessary toget to the source of a particular issue now, then you stand to discover something essential that has been overlooked.


What is the definition of 'complacency'? If you do a few searches online, you'll discover definitions found aren't particularly flattering. They use words such as 'smug' or 'smugness'. They also use words like 'apathy' and 'unconcern'. I suspect you're feeling none of the above where your willingness to be comfortable with a particular situation is concerned. You've wanted comfort within and now you have it. Now, you simply need to decide how to improve the situation you're in. The sky might speak of complacency. What I see is someone enjoying a well-deserved respite before embarking upon a new era.

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