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Who are you to argue? That might be a question you're inclined to ask yourself or possibly someone else now. When faced with a strong argument put forth by someone else, perhaps succumbing to their point is the best option now. Someone in your world needs to express themselves in some way. This could be manifesting as taking a stand that might take you slightly by surprise but there is undeniable logic contained within their need to do so. So, hear them out.


Apparently, bulls are colorblind. Therefore, the color red means nothing to them and, when they become excited by a matador waving a cape, it has more to do with movement than color. There can be no denying the bull is very focused, even if color appears to make things unnecessarily complex. It's possible focus and attention you're giving now needn't involve any more than as absolutely necessary. Stick with what truly needs your attention and ignore what's superfluous.


People who specialize in training animals know time is needed before animals understand what's expected of them. Associations are made; if the animal performs or behaves a particular way then it understands it will be rewarded in a particular way and progress eventually gets made. Someone in your world needs careful handling now. They can and will respond a certain way if you encourage them to respond in a way you want them to. Keep calm and they'll do the same.


People speak of 'a change for the better'. Change, despite how it appears, is always progressive. As the Moon forms a tense link to the planet of change, Uranus, you're likely feeling a strong urge to instigate change in some way and this will likely involve you taking a stand to make clear what you've had enough of. There's a situation you want and need to free yourself from. Ignore any feelings of fear or insecurity. You're about to bring about a much needed improvement.


You have much luck available to you. It sits waiting for an opportunity to present itself in the most helpful ways possible. If you're not seeing evidence of this at present, it could be because luck isn't what you need in the way you believe you need it. Don't think of help you need now as grand, overblown cosmically-created, serendipitous situations. Fortuitous assistance on offer now is working in much more subtle but effective ways. Trust that.


Genies who reside in magic lanterns or bottles learn quickly if they're being taken advantage of. They can spot those who think they're being clever by making unfair demands by trying to wangle additional wishes. Genies prefer those they deal with to be focused and request wishes that have had some degree of thought given to them. Similarly, you can narrow down a lengthy wish list to one that truly matters now. With effort and faith, you can achieve it without the help of any genie.


Is it time to take a risk? You have the option to remain in a situation you know is less than ideal but provides some level of comfort and familiarity. It might also be due to investment made emotional or otherwise that is causing you to believe inviting change might not be the best idea you've ever had. Yet, there's something tantalizing about doing what might have, at one time, been unthinkable. If you take a risk now, you can be certain of being protected in every sense.

'I don't know where I'm going, but I sure know where I've been'. So sang Whitesnake's David Coverdale about finding himself in a very familiar but potentially uncertain situation. We all know where we've been but is there often something exciting about not knowing precisely where we're going? You don't need to stick quite so rigidly to a visualized plan. Allow some room for flexibility, maneuver and just a tiny bit of magic to take you where you're going now.


We're willing to invest faith in the value of paper money. When we see a particular currency in paper format, we take its value at face value. We don't demand to see the equivalent value of coins to prove its worth. Even if it was possible, would we not question the authenticity or value of the coins? There are limits to lengths we need to go to for reassurance sometimes. Push pessimism aside in an area of your world now. Believe something is as positive as it appears.


It was Aristotle who said, 'we are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit.' Habits are habit-forming. If we do something over and over again, then, in time, it becomes habitual and that applies in both a positive and negative sense. One habit the sky is suggesting you need to release yourself from is the inclination to focus on a negative outcome in an area of your world. Convincing yourself a positive outcome is likely would be far more sensible.


When we act impatiently, we often believe we're doing so for a good reason. We're certain something needs doing or taking advantage of immediately and time isn't on our side. Yet, should we discover we ought to have been less impatient or impetuous, what's the worst that happens? We learn and carry on. There's no harm in acting impatiently now but do so only if you're willing to retrace your steps to put right what will need correcting in a relatively easy way later.


Rabbit's feet. Four leaf clovers. Horseshoes. Salt. Over the centuries, we have created a very long list of what we believe to be lucky. Who's to say such belief is right or wrong? No scientific proof exists to prove otherwise and even scientific proof that was once unquestionable is now being looked at in new lights. When we believe without question, amazing things can happen. It is your belief in something that will bring the most wonderful example of luck your way now.

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