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There are many demands made on our belief systems. Politicians want us to believe what they tell us. Employers and companies want to keep morale and willingness to buy high and strong by encouraging us to accept what they say. Then, there's what we're being told by those closest to us. At the end of the day, we choose what we accept and refuse to believe. Try not to lose sight of your ability and right to do that now. You don't have to believe all you're being told.


We can sometimes be too rigid where expectations are concerned. This isn't always our fault, either. In order to ensure a plan is successful, we have to visualize its outcome before we set off to make it happen. That's why we sometimes see an end result as different to what manifests. It's important you don't see a result manifesting now as inferior to what you expected. What's presenting itself is very appropriate and suitable, even if its appearance is confusing initially.


Expect soon to experience something similar to the delightful snap of final pieces of a jigsaw puzzle put in place. Something in an area of your world is about to 'click' or finally make sense. You're being presented with the final outcome to a situation. You're also being presented with a clear way forward. Being armed with both pieces of essential information will relieve much uncertainty that has surrounded a very uncertain or volatile situation.


What is it people say about doing jobs? They say, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. Some also believe they're worth doing ourselves. It might not be difficult to see how integral you are to a plan involving certain others if it is to stand any chance of success. You, however, might be struggling to summon necessary levels of effort and enthusiasm. That's why you might need to be a bit selfish and focus on what's in it for you should it be done properly, and it will be.


Anyone can look at a car in need of repair and confirm there's something wrong with it. This might not always be immediately apparent and, whether it's a car that needs fixing or anything else, it takes someone familiar with how something 'works' to be able to make an accurate diagnosis. You're able to look far beyond the exterior of a certain issue and through having a sound understanding of its composition, will be able to apply the best possible solution.


We are concerned with feeding our stomachs but what do we feed our brains? They absorb and process whatever we give them in the same way stomachs do. If food provides energy and nutrients, then whatever we give our brains to process affects our thinking, beliefs, attitudes and actions. That's why you need to ensure what you're programming your brain with now is positive. Ignore any belief that negative thinking plays a helpful or protective part in a strategy now.


We're all stubborn in our own ways. We undertake certain actions, subscribe to certain opinions or beliefs that make sense at one time and then give us a reason to wonder why we behaved or thought in such ways. Rather than accept we were wrong, we cling to reasons we believe justify each. If you're willing to accept you have a different attitude toward a particular situation or arrangement now than you did not so long ago, then something heartwarming can occur.

'You'll never be able to do that.' Such words or similar get said to us throughout our lives by people who think they're being helpful by encouraging us to accept limitations surrounding what we're capable of achieving. Some genuinely believe they're doing us a favor, too. There are often two reasons why anyone would discourage us from doing anything. These surround fear that we might actually succeed or fear of doing it themselves. Ignore pessimism coming your way now.


Imagine owning the car of your dreams but being told you weren't allowed to fill it with fuel. It would look spectacular but would be largely useless unless you could rally the help of people to push you or managed to make use of a steep hill to travel down. Something similar applies to dreams and encouraging visions we create but choose not to invest any faith in. Having a wonderful, inspiring idea now needs faith from you to move it forward. Give it the fuel it deserves.


In what way or ways are you being expected to 'tow the line' or adhere to someone else's beliefs or principles? You appear to be encouraged to 'know your place' or accept someone else's idea about what you should be doing is superior to your own. In truth, you can see the flaws in a plan someone believes to be foolproof. You also have your own idea about what is most likely to bring a desired result that suits you and will ultimately suit them. Do what you know feels right.


There's a saying that surrounds 'the tail wagging the dog'. In other words, a small part of something gives the impression of controlling the whole of it. Or, to put it another way, what should be controlling a situation is being controlled by a part that should be complying with a plan and not be so integral to it. You might feel as if you're playing a small part in a plan now but you're able to command more control than you believe. So, adjust your belief levels accordingly.


We have different ideas about how needed we are by others. We have a desire to be loved by those we love and want to be close to. We also have a need that surrounds others recognizing the contribution we can make to a shared plan or idea. We have abilities and talents that are often not recognized. You know what you could offer someone, or an organization if only your offering was recognized or taken seriously. The sky speaks of a chance to prove this soon.

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