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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 1 July


Some animals, regardless of how stubborn or wary of humans they are, can be coaxed or persuaded if the right methodologies are used. Approach a pony grazing in a field by shooting pistols in the air and we know how the animal will react. Approach it calmly, quietly and with a cube or two of sugar in one hand and we'll get a very different, more desirable result. Someone in your world needs similar handling if you're to make progress within a tense or stubborn situation.


Today's Full Moon occurs in the area of your chart ancient astrologers referred to as 'broadening of the mind'. There are numerous if not countless ways we're able to learn during our lifetimes and educational institutions account for only a few of those. A learning curve you have been experiencing of late is now coming to an end. Before you can embark upon a new era and a very new learning curve, one tiny obstacle needs to be overcome. With this, you'll succeed admirably.


Geminis are renowned for being analytical and possessing great problem-solving skills. Does this mean you're incapable of reacting emotionally to any situation? Must a cerebral approach always be taken? Of course not. You're human and have the right to involve emotions when you deem suitable to do so. What's needed now is a balance between your ability to analyze a confusing situation and allow yourself to be motivated emotionally to implement a solution.


A Full Moon is occurring in your partnerships, commitments and lifetime love sector. Interestingly, this area includes those with whom your relationship is tense or 'less than friendly'. Some astrologers refer to such people as 'enemies' but we both know it's virtually impossible for anyone to truly feel such a way toward someone as loving, generous and affable as you. That's why your relationship with one particular person can be improved or repaired more easily than you believe.


There are situations in our world we allow to tick along in their own way without interruption or intervention from us because we accept 'that's how it has always been' or 'that's just the way it has always been done'. Even when we are painfully aware of a need to alter what has become predictable, we choose not to in the belief we could do without the upheaval doing so might bring. The Full Moon indicates it's time to alter a situation or arrangement you're now weary of.


John Lydgate, an English monk and poet said, 'you can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.' Abraham Lincoln said something similar about fooling people. You're now having to placate more people than you might be used to placating. Being honest with yourself about your ability to do this will ensure you don't fool some into believing you're entirely at their beck and call.


A family or domestic matter might take precedence now where today's Full Moon is concerned but this could pale in comparison to the celestial equivalent of a boot poised at your posterior to take initiative where a particular plan close to your heart is concerned. If you're not already seeing evidence of a need to take a proverbial bull by horns and give effort toward a plan or goal that could cause a few people to look on in admiration, then you will do, very shortly!

Some people, on various social media websites, have thousands of 'friends'. Many of whom such people undoubtedly know and can call friends but, if push came to shove, how many of the X thousand would truly be there for that person? In the age we now live in, the word 'friend' has, in some ways, been diluted. It's likely to become clearer very soon how strong and tenuous certain bonds and alliances are in your world. This will be as reassuring as it will be enlightening.


The darkest hour, we are told, is just before dawn. It's perhaps helpful most of us are in a state at that time of day where we're oblivious to it. It can be said we experience darkest hours every day but awaken refreshed and receptive to opportunities the coming day brings. That's why it's important you see how a situation unfolding in your world offers so much in the way of optimism and potential that makes what gives the impression of worrying about pale into insignificance.


The first of two Full Moons that occur this month takes place in your sign. The clear indication of this is a particular chapter coming to an end and a new once commencing and, chances are, you have been able to sense what or who is being removed or given far less importance in your world. It's time to acknowledge and embrace a new beginning in some way and the sky insists this is accompanied with levels of comfort and optimism you've long wanted.


Today's Full Moon occurs in the difficult-to-define area of your chart associated with secrets, all that is hidden as well as your connection with organizations and institutions. Accompanying aspects though, indicate a significant and long-term shift in a relationship and every Aquarian will have their own story to tell about what transpires where a particular commitment is involved. Be aware though of the difference between 'winning' and 'gaining what you truly need'.


Who is and isn't on your side? Who truly has your best interests at heart? Such questions might be ones you're asking yourself now as powerful aspects point toward you taking stock of whom you believe can be relied upon where progress close to your heart is concerned and who's telling you what they think you want to hear. This is a time where strong and helpful alliances are formed in more than one area of your world. Allow coming developments to confirm who's worthy of your efforts and support.

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