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You're going to have to think fast and be quick to respond in a certain area. There will be no time for analyzing, assessing or considering a choice. Fortunately, you're going to be aware of this when the situation presents itself. You're more prepared for something than you probably realize. Whatever it is, expect it soon but don't concern yourself that you might be acting rashly or impetuously. What's unfolding now is as exciting as it is uncertain.


The brain is a wonderful thing but it plays a largely reactive role in our existence. It relies on us giving it information to process. Feed it with positive information and it will work in a positive way with us. Give it negative information and…you know the rest. Stop dwelling on something negative now. You can make something wonderful happen by boosting your belief levels. All that's required is a bit of courage and willingness to do something a bit controversial.


Don't regard what's transpiring now as a setback or be resentful toward time, effort and possibly money you invested in a plan that appears to be changing. It might appear someone has reneged on a promise or support they promised. It's important to recognize how much progress has been made or what lessons have been learned. An arrangement might be changing but that doesn't mean it should be abandoned. Give someone and a shared idea a bit more time.


Time's a great healer and often gives us glimpses into decisions we made that, at the time, we weren't sure why we did what we did. We pursue some courses of action because they 'feel' right. It should be apparent to you now that a decision made a while ago was the correct one. Trust that nothing has changed and that you are in a much better position now to strengthen a relationship or agreement with a certain person. Things really are better now.


If you've been encouraging someone to speak their mind and discovered you didn't like what you heard, is it not better that you know what they're thinking? A façade surrounding a close relationship is on its way out now. You wanted the truth, You're getting the truth. Can you handle the truth? Of course you can. Someone is very willing to be honest and open with you. Be appreciative of what you're learning and how what you're being told can help you enormously.


The clock is ticking. It never stops and isn't concerned about deadlines we frantically try to meet. It shows no sympathy. It has a job to do and if rules get bent for one person, they must be bent for everyone else. You appear concerned that you're going to miss the boat – proverbial or otherwise! Something that appears to have a tight and urgent deadline to it has more flexibility than you suspect it does. So don't worry and tackle what needs doing in a way it needs doing.


Have you heard famous people say that the key to going out in public is to make sure you don't stay in one place for long? Your status is about to escalate. Your popularity is on the increase. This is happening for a good reason but has much to do with putting aside differences with a certain person. You have an opportunity to alter how you're seen in the eyes of certain others by how you react to something that others are expecting you to react negatively toward.

A situation unfolding now will require you to make an uncomfortable decision. Events are turning in your favor but someone close is going to lose out as a result. How are you meant to feel about this? Should you feel guilty? No, you shouldn't and neither should you turn down an opportunity you've been waiting for. A situation that has had its day or played itself out is being removed from your world. The sky promises what's coming is going to be much better and appropriate.


Gold prospectors in olden times had to shake a lot of sand through sifters before seeing a shiny glimmer. It was understood the process of striking it rich was going to be a long one. Scoop. Sift. Have a look. Start again. Something is taking longer than you'd prefer to take shape. A reward for your patience is coming but you still have quite a bit of sifting to do. It's becoming increasingly apparent that you will have a decision to make involving something being disclosed to you.


It's true that something in your world has changed. It's also true it will never be the same again. Should you be worried? Does this change have massive implications to you? The answer to both questions is no. You're going through a period of adjustment to something now. With that comes insecurity that will wane soon enough. If, however, you can't see how special a recent development is, then you will also see that clearly too, soon enough.


No matter how hard you try to make mud look more attractive, it will always be mud. There are limits to what can be done to improve an area of your world and an issue exists surrounding whether or not you even want to. Is something or someone really worth more time and effort? It appears not, so move on. Your time, effort and imagination are needed elsewhere and the sooner you show willingness to detach yourself from an unworthy commitment, the sooner you'll benefit.


The sky is urging you to be careful whom you confide in now. There appears to be one person in particular who could unintentionally make your secret known to the person or people you wanted it kept hidden from. It's not that they have a big mouth. They're just prone to opening it without thinking now. Stick to an understanding that you should only tell someone else what you want others to know and you won't go far wrong now.

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