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Nobody likes a know-it-all. You know the sort of person. They're someone who won't be told or taught anything. Whatever you think you know much about, they believe they know more than you do. A vibe you're sending in a particular way might make you appear unapproachable to someone who wants to assist or support you. Be willing to accept either or both and you'll bridge a gap that could really do with bridging between you and someone else.


Something appears to be more interesting and worthwhile if it's shared or efforts are divided between you and a certain person in some way. Where you might have opted to do something solo or in the belief going it alone made more sense given circumstances at the time, you can hopefully be seeing benefits to working together to encourage a certain outcome. You might even be underestimating how much you've learned in a short space of time that can prove helpful.


Making a conscious effort to 'ground' yourself could have more benefits than disbenefits. When we're excited, fired up and motivated, the last thing we tend to want is to accept a need to keep both feet on the ground and approach something in a serious, disciplined or restrained way. For now, that's a strategy to implement. Don't see it as dull or uninspiring. See a need to apply caution to a particular scenario as wise.


You might be unaware of how easily you do something someone else is struggling to get their head around. That might confirm why you feel as frustrated with them as you do. To you, what you're expecting of them isn't rocket science and should come as naturally to them as it does to you. It's possible their lack of confidence is playing a part in their apparent lack of ability to do what you need them to do. Honesty on their part might be all that's needed and it's coming.


Don't worry if all around you are losing their heads. Don't be concerned at what appears chaotic, unstable or volatile. It can be easy at this time to become distracted and focus negative attention on what could be stealing the spotlight from what truly deserves it. This has something to do with a relationship or commitment that's shifting from tense and awkward to heart-warming and productive. That's one development that truly deserves to be embraced.


Do you need proof of your ability in a particular area? Many of us want confirmation of our abilities before we start to believe ourselves capable of doing anything. Once we're reassured we're capable, then our confidence receives a nice, welcome boost and we wonder what else we might be capable of! Where you might have believed yourself to be inferior or unable in a particular way, prepare for confirmation to the contrary and a timely confidence injection!


We know the importance of 'giving credit where credit's due.' We want this to work two ways. The first surrounds being big enough to offer acknowledgement or praise to others and the second involves us being the recipients of both when we know we're due both. Where you appear to have made something impressive happen singlehandedly, acknowledgment or praise might not be forthcoming immediately. Bask in the glow of success in the knowledge both are coming.

A journey needn't be seen as finished even though you might be very aware of having arrived at a particular destination. There are times when we find ourselves more excited about the process involved with achieving something than the achievement itself. Whilst you might be feeling something similar, you have a new achievement in the offing that needs your attention and effort now. Don't waste valuable time wondering if the 'chase' might again be better than the 'catch'.


There are times when we're too modest. We can be too quick sometimes to 'play down' our achievements when we ought to be basking in the warm glow of appreciation and respect others are keen to send our way. What might appear to you to be something unworthy of commanding respect for appears to be something at least one other person is in awe of your ability to make happen. You're owed some praise for your efforts. Allow it to come to you.


'You're simply the best.' Tina Turner sang those words many years ago and felt compelled to remind someone of why they're exceptional, at least in her eyes, anyway. How often do you say such words to yourself? As a Capricorn, probably rarely. You don't have time for self-congratulatory comments when there's always a new goal and achievement begging for attention and effort. If you need a reminder of why you're as wonderful and gifted as you are, it's coming.


Are we kidding ourselves when we tell ourselves or others that 'nothing's impossible'? With little effort, we can come up with a long list of what we know is impossible or that a lifetime's amount of effort will never achieve. We also know that we're capable of bringing a surprising and delightful result where we genuinely believed one stood no chance whatsoever of happening. It's in that way that you might actually make what you deemed impossible, possible.


What separates a dreamy aspiration from a feasible one? Often, it's our levels of belief. History is full of people who made possible what so many others deemed impossible or fanciful and many such people happen to share your sign. We know every action we take is preceded with a thought. It's also true to say that many amazing achievements start off as little more than a fanciful whim. That's why you need to give one tugging on your shirtsleeve some attention now.

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