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There is no relief that quite matches that when we ask ourselves why we were so primed for concerned about a development that manifests in a calm and settled way. We ask ourselves what the fuss was all about and why we believed we had a perceived reason to worry. If it has been some time since you felt such a sense of relief, then trust that a helpful reminder is coming. Whatever has been a source of stress recently is waning in ability to create any more.


If you're the recipient of such strong and beneficial support from the cosmos, why aren't you seeing clear evidence that one or two cherished plans are going the way you want them to go or you have no reason to worry where you might be worrying currently? Even if you aren't seeing progress in ways you wish you were, then at least place absolute trust in reassurance the sky promises is coming your way now.


Everything happens for a reason. Those words, although factual, often don't do much to provide a sense of comfort when we believe we need it. The sky isn't implying you'll be seeking comforting words but it is encouraging you to look at a recent disappointing development with a view to identifying why it happened and how you can benefit from it. It's what you perceive as a setback or holding little in the way of potential that can bring the most promising progress now.


Consider what your 'breaking point' is with regard to a certain situation. Give thought to how much more you're willing to accept or tolerate, too. Now, also give thought to how much of what irks or infuriates you can be left alone, ignored or simply pushed to one side. It's possible you're trying to dive too deeply into a shallow pool of concern. You can afford to trust a little more than you're doing at present. Summon that and a concern will shrink significantly.


How much are we supposed to eat each day? What do our bodies consider to be ideal amounts and what do they consider to be superfluous or overindulgence? What we believe they need and what they need are likely different. We do something similar in other ways. We believe we need more of something than we really do. Frustration surrounding a perceived shortfall is about to wane in light of you realizing you actually need less of something than you thought you did.


Stop! There is one short sentence and given that a sentence is supposed to convey a complete thought, it serves its purpose effectively. I could add many more words to really drill home the message but are they needed? No, they're not. Consider how much you feel a need to say in an area of your world and how you could effectively convey a message with fewer words. See if you can do it in one. The sky insists it could actually be possible.


Every action we take is preceded with a thought. When we visualize anyone or anything in our minds, we don't see letters such as D-O-G, for example, we visualize the animal itself. There's a way you can achieve something wonderful but, to do this, you're going to have to reprogram your thinking in some way. This involves having a bit more faith in what your unconscious mind is seeing. It's time to use your imagination in a more creative or fulfilling way.

Do we all have guardian angels? Consensus seems to be along lines that we do. We tend to see them as supernatural or benevolent beings that act as intermediaries between the afterlife and Earth. Is it possible some guardian angels are actually of the flesh and blood variety? Might we be oblivious to how some human folk possess amazing abilities to assist us when we need assisting most? You might become aware of such a person in your life, very soon.


Losers, they say, quit when they're tired. Winners, we understand, quit once they've won. There's much truth in the saying about winners never quitting and quitters never winning but don't take the message from the cosmos now as one along the lines of losing in some way. What the cosmos is telling you now surrounds a very real and positive gain coming your way - but provided you're willing to keep the proverbial towel from being thrown into the ring!


Many people choose to reach out or request help only when they want something. Does it matter how or why someone chooses to connect? Is it not more important that they are choosing to do so and when they do it our direction, why would we refuse to assist them? Perhaps, some people believe it's because they get nothing in return for doing so. Try not to adopt such a selfish or short-sighted attitude where someone's call or even cry for help is concerned now.


There are times when we want a solution to be perfect in every way and achieve it. There are other times when we accept we will have to 'make do' with a less than ideal solution but accept it, provided it manages to achieve the bare minimum of what we want it to achieve. You can choose to be fussy if you wish but it appears you're likely to achieve a very pleasing result with considerably less effort than being overly fussy or craving perfection will achieve.


Some topics of conversation, debates and arguments go round and round in circles. Why? Because those doing the talking, debating or arguing give topics enough life to perpetuate discussions. There are times when we know we ought to cease pursuing a line of discussion. We know when there really is no more to say about it. Be 'live' to putting an end to a line of discussion that really has had its day and where little more can be gained from pursuing it.

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