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You might feel an obligation or strong pull toward involving yourself in someone else's drama. It's possible to find balance where your involvement is concerned, particularly if you believe a certain person either needs to stand on their own two feet or can benefit from learning something the hard way. On the flip side, there is something you can do to support and reassure them. The choice, as they say, is yours.


A sense of adventure or keenness to bring dramatic change in some way might be understandable on one level but you could benefit more from adopting a less 'intense' view toward what you believe is needed in an area of your world. Going hell for leather and hanging consequences will undoubtedly bring excitement but it could also cause you to accept you pushed a desire for change a bit too hard. For now, instigate change slowly.


We know much in life is easy once we've learned how to do it but can sometimes forget the steep learning curve attached to some learning processes. Whilst you might feel confident to reject assistance in a particular area and perhaps even be keen to undergo a learning curve, do consider how you can reduce stress and timescales by accepting support someone appears keen to offer especially if toiling away in silence could soon become draining.


Approaching an offer or proposal with hesitancy is advised for more than one reason now. A situation could be more volatile than it appears but don't rule out the likelihood of it becoming less so over time if you allow yourself to accept or enter into it slowly and gradually. You could do with a bit more time and information coming your way before feeling reassured enough to commit in a way you're being encourage to.


An idea might appear far-fetched but it's possible you're putting unrealistic timescales against it. Don't dismiss an idea as unfeasible simply because you want it to happen sooner than is realistic. A sense of urgency is understandable but there can be no denying limitations that exist. Resist an urge to run before you can walk. Starting a process off slowly will be much more beneficial in the long run and as you learn more about what will be involved from you in the near future.


A decision or action you're considering might appear hasty but there are benefits to being prepared to take a calculated risk. The sky is trying to convey that there really is no time like present where taking action in a particular way is concerned, even if doing so brings puzzled comments from one or two individuals. If you can feel that taking immediate action is right, then do so confidently. If you don't, then coming events should provide all you need to know.


It might suit financial institutions to encourage us to give constant thought for the future. Many make money through us paying to protect ourselves for something that won't happen! The cosmos is trying to encourage you to put greater emphasis on the present. Try not to focus too much on a future that relies on something integral to happen now. Focus on and give effort toward what needs doing now and you'll be setting the pace very nicely for the future.

Trust needs to play a more important part in how you choose to react to a particular person or situation. Provided you're willing to trust that an outcome that differs greatly from one you believe to be inevitable is going to be the likely result, then you'll be doing what's needed to bring calmness and reassurance to your world. You can afford to be less cautious, suspicious or defensive. Give it a try.


You could be watched by more than one person where your reaction or response toward a particular situation is concerned. Even if you aren't aware of eyes being actually upon you, you can be certain the way you deal with a certain matter will be assessed in some way after you've done it. Don't believe you have anything to prove to anyone. Provided you react or take action in a way that you know to be best, then you can trust it will be met with approval.


A surprise development could be giving you plenty to consider and it's also possible that, in one way, what's transpiring is something you've hoped would occur. Even if you've been pinning your hopes on a particular development unfolding, you could still be taken aback at the way it chooses to present itself. It appears to have more to reveal so refrain from taking immediate action until a bit more information comes to light.


It could be a case of 'judge not lest ye be judged' in an area of your world now. You might feel it appropriate to cast judgment in some way or consider yourself well-placed to do so but care needs taking to ensure whatever decision you reach is done sensitively. What's needed is kindness and compassion, not stubbornness or intolerance. Do unto someone else as you'd have them do unto you!


If you've convinced yourself that your chances of convincing someone of your point of view are nil or your efforts to persuade them in some way are slim, then don't keep persisting in the same way. A new approach is likely needed and this should comprise focusing more on what you and a particular person have in common and what the shared benefits are. It's possible your proposition has been just a little one-sided!

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