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In a world where answers are easily obtained through use of technology, we need to be a bit more discerning than we are at times. Just because we're given an answer doesn't mean it's automatically correct. We can't simply assume that, just because we 'saw it online' or through one of numerous other electronic means, the answer is verified and accurate. There are times when we ought to rely less on someone else providing an answer, anyway. Now is such a time for you. Don't be too quick to believe you're incapable of reaching a conclusion unaided.


There's little we can't adapt to in time. Regardless of how big, daunting or far-reaching a particular change might appear, we soon discover what it's made of, how it works or ways in which we can actually work with it. All that's needed on our part is willingness to adapt and learn. The only snag with that plan surrounds insecurity we experience when in the throes of change. We wonder if we've done 'the right thing' or if a previous scenario was preferable. Soon, you will adjust wonderfully to change you're experiencing now. Get to know it a bit better.


To what extent is a frustrating distraction playing a part in creating an obstacle where you could really do without experiencing one? It seems something is causing you to take your eye off of the proverbial ball and give time and attention to something or someone that you don't believe is necessary or justified. The really good news is, the distraction and what you would prefer to be focusing on are connected in some way, even if this isn't obvious presently. That's why you need to keep focused on the obligation that irks you.


We become frustrated when we want to Y but discover we must do X first. We become even more frustrated when we discover X is more important than we thought it was or is something we thought we resolved ages ago that is rearing its annoying head needing attention once again. There is an issue or arrangement in your world that remains unresolved and this is impeding progress you yearn to make in another way. You can't move forward while you're carrying baggage from the past. That's why you're being encouraged now to finally release it.


When situations present obstacles, we need to apply a different strategy to overcoming them than we do with people. When people represent obstacles to our progress, we can at least attempt to have a rational discussion with them with a view to reaching some sort of agreement. In your world now, you are encountering an unhelpful obstacle in the form of a person and they are curiously linked to a situation you'd like to see removed. If you're willing to reach an agreement with the former, then you can expect to see the latter removed.


What is the difference between a 'wish' and a 'goal'? The only difference between them is how seriously we take one over the other. Goals usually start as wishes. Wishes start as something we would dearly like to see happen but, for whatever reason(s) we create, convince ourselves that it will never happen or we're being unrealistic. It's time for you to move a wish up a notch to become a goal. This means you're going to have to invest some effort in it becoming so but what you aspire to now has fantastic potential to become reality if it means enough to you.


We know we're 'known by company we keep'. It must therefore be true that others' reputations are affected through association with us. One way to effectively expand a network or circle of friends is to be seen as a definite and interesting option in the eyes of those who know who we know! I recognize though that, in telling someone born under your sign, I risk preaching to the converted. However, you are attracting very much the right kind of attention to yourself in some way now, even if it is in invisible.

Fear often plays the biggest part in our reluctance to seize certain opportunities. There can be a long list of reasons why we might be fearful of taking a risk or stepping over a clearly defined line into unknown territory. It's interesting how, even when we are aware of how fearful we might be in some way, we still feel a sense of inner excitement about what scares us. It is this sense of excitement that you ought to be focusing on now. Do what you fear and your fear will disappear and a sense of anticipation will replace it in a wonderful way.


In many areas of life, hierarchies exist. These are sometimes known as 'pecking orders' or an understood arrangement surrounding 'who is more important than who'. Sometimes, we resent these, other times, we recognize why they must exist and have no problem with them. Yet, in an area of your world now, you are being expected to 'know your place'. Someone is acting as an unignorable authority figure whom you're expected to take notice of. It's likely they enjoy their position through being aware of how you fear them in some way. Do you really fear them?


A floating feather is sometimes all it takes to bring a huge stack of bricks crumbling to the ground. And we know what the straw did to the camel's back, don't we? Sometimes, all it takes is one seemingly insignificant development to bring a huge change to a solid or immovable situation. A situation in your world has been shrouded in uncertainty for a long time. You've wanted to see progress made but have likely envisaged this to involve something dramatic or a grand gesture. Soon, you'll see how a very small twist in the tale brings a very big and welcome change.


There are times when we believe we know precisely how a certain person will react or respond. This often has much to do with our understanding of them as people or how we know how and why they reacted or responded in a certain way in the past. Sometimes, it involves both. Yet, people have an amazing ability to surprise us sometimes. We prepare ourselves for one reaction and discover we receive one we weren't expecting. When this happens, life can become noticeably easier. Someone's surprise reaction is about to make your life easier soon.


We sometimes forget how daunting or scary the world is to a baby. There they were, in very comfortable and protected surroundings and then find themselves in a very new environment much colder than the one they were used to. In a short space of time, they adjust and learn how their new world is, in many ways, preferable to the one left behind. Is the above analogy pointing to an obvious interpretation? A new era is commencing for you. It might seem daunting at first and cause you to miss the one you're leaving but you can be certain you'll thrive within it soon.

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