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When Jack was given magic beans in exchange for a cow, he must have had initial concerns. A risk was being taken in terms of the seemingly unfair exchange, let alone whether the beans were truly magic or not. After all, he had only the word of the bean giver to go on. What's being granted to you now might fall short of your expectations in some way but don't underestimate power it holds. What seems insignificant can bring serious and long-lasting change.


A particular matter doesn't deserve any worrying time you're inclined to give it. It might be doing a good job of tugging at your sleeve constantly, pleading with you to do as it asks but it knows any decision to assist it must come from you. So, with that in mind, take a moment and look at the worry demanding your attention. Notice how it can do nothing more than stare back at you. That should give you clear indication of little power it actually has.


We're aware of what's 'against our better judgment' yet still do what we feel we shouldn't be doing. Sometimes though, something within us spurs us on to take action. We then find ourselves torn between honoring self-respect by not succumbing to what we vowed never to do and excited by the possibility of a surprising or delightful result. The sky insists the latter is on offer if you can break, for a very necessary reason, a certain promise made to yourself not so long ago.


Action you're considering taking does carry some level of risk, that much is true. Might you regret doing what it is you're considering doing? Might you end up feeling in any way foolish by pursuing a particular plan? Such questions are natural ones to be asking. Many reasons might exist that put forth a very strong argument against taking a course of action. Focus on the one reason that you know feels right.


We sometimes need to become aware of levels of discomfort offered by a certain situation before we decide to do something about it. For as long as we believe we can tolerate it, we delay taking action where we know it is needed because we would rather put up an annoyance than invite change into our world. Allow a sense of uneasiness to spur you on to remove yourself from an outdated and unhelpful comfort zone. The time has come to free yourself from it.


People will always have the ability to surprise us. Even those we feel closest to can, from time to time, do something that alters our perception of them and our relationship with them. The sky speaks now of a delightful revelation in that respect on your part. You had a pretty good idea about where you stood with a particular person but are about to discover there's more to them than has met your eye and in a very comforting way.


If we adhere to every rule that exists in our world, then we score invisible brownie points for 'playing safe' or being seen to tow particular lines. This pleases those who create and impose rules. Yet, there are times when such people are so focused on creating and imposing that they overlook how every rule cannot always be suitable for every person. You can benefit from doing what suits you now, even if it does concern someone in a superior or authoritative position.

How strong are your powers of deduction? We both know you possess an amazing ability to see beyond the obvious and gain insight into people and situations that many others wish they had. You learned long ago to trust your instincts in ways others do not. Yet, you appear to be doubtful about what your instincts are telling you now. Push aside such unusual behavior and trust them implicitly.


In an area of your world now, a certain issue needs you to ignore it. You could understandably believe it needs attention and effort and such demands being made of you could be helpful to identify it. The sky implies undue or unjust attention, worry and concern could be focused on something that truly doesn't deserve it. The issue is at risk of being amplified or exaggerated in a very unhelpful way. As evidence of this becomes clearer, you will soon be better placed to relax.


To persuade someone of something, we sometimes believe we must prepare a long list of reasons why they should agree with us. Part of us knows they could surprise us and simply agree without having to reinforce our case but, to be on the safe side, we decide to arm ourselves with every defense possible. Then, what happens? They agree without any need on our part to have done so! Don`t believe you need to go to great preparation lengths to receive an agreement now.


To receive respect, there are times when we must command it. There are also times when we do this unknowingly and it`s possible you could be unaware of levels of respect you're commanding or possibly even demanding now. Does this mean you should make more of an effort to be less intimidating? Not at all. A brief astrological influence could be causing you to be seen in such a way but provided you're aware of others` altered perceptions of you, all will be fine.


The inclination to look over the proverbial fence at others` lives and seemingly better situations can be strong within us all sometimes. We don't always do so because we are unhappy in any way with our lot in life. We sometimes do it in order to see what someone else has made possible or achieved. As far as we`re concerned, if they did it, then we can do similar. Comparing yourself to a certain person now might actually prove to be both inspirational and motivational.

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