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Many novels and films don't 'make sense' to begin with. Such confusion is often deliberate on the part of writers. They want us to be confused in order for us to take a keener interest in the story but they also often recognize that they have finite timescales to hold our interest within. Where something in your world appears nonsensical or undefined, give it some time. There's more to the tale that you have yet to discover. When you do, a Eureka Moment will follow.


Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of new information to make its way to us and the grandest and most carefully thought-through plans go awry. We resent new information that causes us to have to reassess our position and also resent the fact that what comes to light is something we should have been more prepared for. New information emerging now could cause you to have to reassess a particular plan or goal but it shouldn't be cause for you to be concerned or consider abandoning it. Stick with what you've started in the knowledge you now know more about it.


We all have the world at our feet. Yet, we tend to be far more concerned with the world we prefer to carry on our shoulders. It's possible you're taking on more than your fair share in some way or that you believe yourself to be responsible in some way for a recent drama. It takes two to tango, or, put another way, two heads are often better than one. There is a way you and someone else can share a responsibility in ways you're inclined to believe rest entirely upon you. Be willing to speak your mind and someone will get the point about where their responsibility lies.


Cancerians are intuitive people. However, you already knew that. In fact, being so intuitive, you probably knew that was what I was going to say. Your intuition rarely fails you and taking heed of what it's trying to tell you now would be helpful. You appear to have advice coming your direction from more than one well-meaning person who thinks they know what's best for you. Yet, you know what's truly best for you, even if it meets with disapproval from certain quarters. Stick with what you know feels right, because it undoubtedly IS right.


Waiting for anything is difficult. Being forced to do nothing but wait for an outcome to present itself requires considerable patience, self-discipline and self-control. This is often made more frustrating when we know there's nothing that can be done to accelerate a process. So, with that in mind, accept that you have done as much as you can to bring about a result that fully intends to manifest in its own time. The sky insists the wait will have been worth it. You know, in your heart, what outcome is most likely and it is very much worth focusing on that now.


Actors are trained in the art of conveying themselves in numerous different ways. The same sentence, delivered in different ways, can be interpreted in numerous different ways, too. If something is said in an authoritative and convincing tone, we take notice and believe whoever is saying it must know what they're talking about, even if they don't. That's something to keep an eye on now. You could believe someone to be more knowledgeable about something than they really are. Let your instincts be the judge about whose advice you should be taking now.


As the Sign of the Scales, you probably know a thing or two about judgment and fairness. You probably also struggle to understand why, when something is just and fair, others cannot see it as easily as you can. There are ways in which you can help someone to see where they're going wrong in terms of their pursuit of what they believe to be fair. Through doing so, they're selling themselves short in some way. They'll appreciate your input if you're willing to provide it.

Rhetoric questions can sometimes be fun to answer because no real answer exists to them. That leaves us with an entirely open playing field. We can give any answer we like in the knowledge that nobody can criticize or condemn it. But, where does that leave us, ultimately? If a question cannot be answered, then are we not better off trying to answer what questions are answerable? In your world now, you can either spend valuable time trying to come up an answer to something that doesn't need answering or focus instead on making progress with a question that truly does!


To fix something properly requires willingness to look beyond what can be done in a remedial or short-term way. It we cut corners, then we can expect to have to return to the problem again in the future. With a bit more imagination and effort, we can do much to ensure what needs fixing doesn't require our attention again, if ever. I think you can see where I'm going with this. If you really do want to improve a situation or arrangement, then you're going to have to look beyond what needs fixing immediately at what needs agreeing and putting in place for the future.


We tend to be impatient creatures. When we decide to pursue a plan of action, we do a good job visualizing what we want to see happen, set off to make it happen and then find timescales dictate we might have to allow more time than we'd prefer to for it to happen. Mars in your sign isn't helping with your patience levels at present. To say you're possibly chomping at the bit or becoming weary with a plan constantly moving further into the distance might be an understatement. However, what you want and need to happen is happening. Please trust that.


If we walk some distance with a pebble in our shoe, discomfort tends to be temporary. Eventually, we sometimes grow used to it and don't notice it after a period of time. Other times, we have to stop what we're doing to remove the source of discomfort but, in an area of your world, there is something you can adapt to without having to bring a plan to a complete halt. What might seem to be demanding attention is less significant than you might believe. Stop if you wish to improve it but don't believe it is the frustrating inconvenience it gives the impression of being.


Let's discuss the difference between a risk and a calculated risk. In fact, is there any difference? If we take a risk, then we take a risk. Even if we give one second's thought to it and embark upon what seems an impulsive or reckless plan of action, we have still 'calculated' it in some way. There is something you know you must do that you're inclined to weigh up from every possible angle through fear, uncertainty or both. The risk is one you understandably find daunting but you've done enough calculating. Give in now to a need to try.

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