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You might feel torn between pushing a process to see how it might advance by doing so or leaving it alone in the hope it moves in a direction you want it to of its own accord. Before you allow impatience to influence your actions, try to be appreciative of where you're at presently with this. Recognizing how far you've come in a short space of time might actually result in you leaving a situation alone in order to proceed in a more natural and less forced way.


You could be an excellent sounding board for a friend or family member and able to offer advice that comes easily and naturally but are you able to deal with a personal issue similarly? You can connect with someone else's situation but might be struggling to make sense of what you're feeling toward an issue or dilemma of your own. You just need to be more honest with yourself about what it is you're really feeling and try to resist denying that!


You might be weary of hearing excuses from a certain person when what you want is more action and proactivity on their part. Yet, they don't appear to be fobbing you off with reasons why something can't proceed or is taking considerable time to get going. Obstacles and delays exist that are likely beyond their control. Together, you can create a solution to overcome these.


You could be at risk of overthinking a certain issue or dilemma and if your train of thought keeps bringing you back to the same place each time, then that's your cue to step back and give it some breathing space. To see a certain matter objectively, you need to allow it some room to grow and mature in a way it's trying to. Action you're considering isn't as urgent as you believe it to be, either.


A situation you might be seeing as complex will appear less complicated if you can remove what's unnecessary or irrelevant from the equation. Your main goal might be very much in focus but by allowing it to be surrounded by distractions and irrelevant demands on your time and energy, you could be tricking yourself into believing you're faced with a struggle. Push aside what you know to be superfluous


A collaboration that holds much potential will require investment from you and possibly in more than one way. Top of your list should surround time and how much you'll be able to allocate at least in the early stages of what's being put in place. Emotional and financial investments might not play a part now but could become more integral to the plan as it progresses.


Before you take someone's comments to heart, take a step back and see if what they're saying is intended to be honest and helpful rather than critical or hurtful. It might be a case of the truth hurting and you might be underestimating how someone is actually on your side, despite how their words might sound otherwise.

Taking time out to focus on activities that inspire you creatively will be time well spent, especially if your creative efforts have been dormant recently. Admiring someone else's creative or artistic talents might be enough to encourage you to connect with your own. It's also possible some helpful words or praise from a certain person might be the catalyst to you creating your own masterpiece.


A certain conversation or exchange could take the wind out of your sails and cause you to feel deflated or doubtful. However, closing your ears to what's being said isn't the answer. You might be able to ignore briefly what's being said but what someone's saying holds more than a nugget of truth that needs you to acknowledge and accept it rather than hide from it.


You might be surprised and even cautious toward ways in which a certain relationship is developing. One minute, everything might appear to be on one level and then find itself in much deeper territory the next. Try to see what's fluctuating as part of an essential settling process and how the strong foundation this alliance needs is being built from a solid layer of trust.


You're not being unhelpful or uncooperative by keeping out of someone else's tricky situation or dilemma. If anything, you've probably said as much as you can say in terms of support they're asking for. Someone needs to be encouraged to stand on their own two feet and make a decision for themselves. Help them to do so and they'll soon see how right you were to do so.


Your intuition is unlikely to fail you as you connect with someone else's situation and what they're thinking. It's by putting yourself in someone else's position that you can offer insight they'll find helpful. Yet, you could be struggling with a dilemma of your own that isn't as easy to see in the perspective it needs to be seen in. Assisting someone with their quandary will be a welcome distraction you need.

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