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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 23 August


Something in an area of your world could be showing signs of actually going your way. You might, naturally, be suspicious of this. Yet, you could be so focused on a particular outcome that you've forgotten how much legwork and groundwork you've done to get to this stage. What's transpiring now could be regarded as luck. But luck is 'labor under constructive knowledge.' You've earned what's unfolding now. Embrace it in the knowledge you've made it happen.


Something in an area of your world might not be going to plan. In truth, it's bang on target regarding where it needs to be, and your belief that it's going off on a tangent could be due to having very different ideas or expectations about what it is you need. What you want and what you need are two very different things, and you might need a bit of time to adjust to this. The cosmos has your best interests at heart. You'll be more reassured of this very shortly.


Your time and efforts could be pulled in more than one direction now, and you might also feel as if you're dealing with annoyingly small and time-consuming tasks that ought to be managed by someone else or even taking care of themselves. Don't become despondent or resentful toward the need to manage your time in a different and more efficient way. You want the change this process will bring. Adjusting to it is part of the process.


You're likely aware of how a certain situation or arrangement can't carry on as it has done. Where you might have, at one time, enjoyed and drawn comfort from what's predictable and routine-like, your brain is seeking a greater level of stimulation and inspiration than what's offered currently in some way. This means you're going to have to draw upon your creativity. A brainwave or revelation is about to make doing this very easy.


The Sun has left your sign, but that doesn't mean you need to take your seat and allow someone else to have their turn to shine. You look set to experience reassurance on more than one level, especially where material desires are concerned. The feel-good factor making its way into your world can do much for your confidence, too. So, don't stop doing what you're doing in the belief you're being left behind in some way. Momentum is still working very much in your favor.


There are limits to how prepared we can be for any eventuality. Insurance companies want us to believe we need to consider every possible outcome for whatever policies cover. Yet, we know limitations exist in terms of how far down the road we're able to look, even if we desperately want to. You might feel a sense of unwelcome pressure to be looking into your future in some way now. Does what you're being pressured to consider and prepare for suit you or someone else?


Someone could be setting bait they hope you'll rise to. They seem to know how to get you to respond a certain way, probably because their efforts to irk you have been successful in the past. Of course, you have a choice regarding how you choose to respond to their attempts to provoke you. You have the upper hand now. Just continuing smiling, count to ten and someone's annoying influence will wane.

Your reactions to a certain situation could swing from being overly optimistic to intensely deflated. The middle ground you want to find might be very elusive, but it's important to recognize how this unsettled time is the result of an area of your world experiencing change that is about to lead to transformation. Even if you feel like the little metal ball in a pinball machine, being bounced back, forth and up and down, try to roll with what's occurring now. You're going to prefer your new position when chaos subsides.


Relationships need to get off 'on the right foot.' Those that last the longest and bring us the greatest levels of happiness, joy and fulfillment are embarked upon with the strongest foundations. The basis of these is honesty and truthfulness. As much as it might appear a relationship in your world seems to only head into tricky or comfortable territory, don't overlook how strong its foundations are becoming.


Your relationship with a certain person is shifting and to a new level. You, however, might view what's happening as an unhelpful and annoying setback. You might feel as if you've been in the situation unfolding now many times in the past and don't want to be drawn into something that smacks of a previously unpleasant experience. In truth, there's something you need to accept about yourself. Once done, the issue raising its head once again will not be an issue in the future.


If you think someone shares your train of thought on a certain matter, then it would be best to think again. You could find yourself moving forward eagerly with a plan in the belief someone is there, at your side, and then discover you've left them way behind. A way forward might be painfully obvious to you, but something someone else is trying to see the logic within. Slow down and be patient. If you give them a chance to experience an epiphany, then they will.


What's the definition of success? Many would say it's 'waking each morning and loving what we're going to do that day.' That's something to bear in mind as you ponder what you should be doing with your life in a particular way. Sure, there are financial considerations that influence your decision or narrow down your options. However, there are considerations that need to be made about how fulfilled you'll feel creatively. A process is commencing to could help you to strike a perfect balance.

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