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Mercury's departure from your communication sector yesterday has brought all the planetary activity for the year to a close, but the planet of communication has left you with more than enough knowhow to take responsibility yourself for keeping them open. In the meantime, while there could be some work/life balance and also some financial tension today it is simply that a lot of areas of your life are opening up at the same time. A bit of financial tension as the financial tide turns will keep you on your toes, while a nose for money allows you to turn work/life balance tension into a call to work smarter.


In what might seem a case of bad timing but in reality is the best possible timing, the Moon's monthly visit to Taurus is putting pressure on your relationships, pushing some buttons, fuelling strong emotional responses and even some personal and/or relationship tension. While this might not sound like good timing, coming during Mercury, planet of communication's first full day in your communication sector and Mars' first full day in direct motion in your relationship sector, this brings the right push at the right time, with a real communication and/or relationship breakthrough possible.


In a case of perfect timing just as Venus, in your income sector for nearly two weeks, goes head to head with financial forces, bringing financial tensions to a head, Mercury's first full day here gives you the smart head for money needed to turn this into motivation. This marks the start of an exceptional 12 day period where the money gods are going all out to breakthrough some glass ceilings on the income front, especially those in your own mind. As fate should have it, this comes just as the tide has also turned on the work front.


As Mercury spends his first full day in Cancer you're no longer waiting for anything and can finally embrace this new solar year. With a New Moon in just three days time marking the point where you need to be ready to commit to this new solar year, the future and the journey ahead, you're able to get heart and mind engaged in what you want the coming year to bring. While there may be some personal and/or relationship tension, this is simply Venus standing up for your rights and ensuring you have the right balance. With emotional responses on board this comes with the potential for a breakthrough.


Having the Moon in your career sector during Mars' first full day in direct motion in your home and family sector might see work/life balance tensions rise, especially with both sides insisting their voice is the most important one. With the Moon leaving your career sector tomorrow any tension will soon dial back, but while it's still here it is amplifying the messages you're receiving on both the home and professional fronts and that has to be seen as a positive.


Venus finds herself in a position that she really responds to today, with the right mix of pressure and support. Moving through a social and serendipitous part of your chart Venus moves into a positive aspect to relationship forces today, making this an auspicious and serendipitous day for friendship and relationship building, but you'll also find that your excuses are being challenged, with just enough pressure to keep it real and keep it focused on the things that matter.


While the timing of the Moon's monthly visit to your financial sector could be considered a case of bad timing, not only moving through during Mars' first full day in direct motion in your income sector but moving into opposition, the financial tension this creates comes at the perfect time. Apart from a timely chance to get your financial bearings, this creates the right amount of pressure just as the tide turns on the income front, evoking your fighting spirit as you finally gain the right professional foothold.

While Mercury's departure from your financial sector yesterday has been good news for income matters, where the money gods are able to shift all their focus, it is important to hold onto a smart head for money and to the financial game plan devised over recent weeks. Just because the money gods are no longer interested in money matters as a whole, this is even more reason why you need to retain control or at least keep your head in the game. In the meantime, there is a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure that needs to be embraced.


While it will take Mars another five weeks to return to Sagittarius, his direct turn yesterday marked an important turning point and the beginning of a journey back to full vitality. While life isn't about to wait for you and your professional life in particular is already taking off, until you have fully found your stride and your passions, your warrior and fighting spirit are back to full strength, which they will be by the early days of August, there is a need to work smarter and pick your battles wisely.


Sometimes the more challenging cosmic conditions can turn into real opportunities and especially so when the timing is right, as is the case today. An opposition between personal and relationship forces is likely to see personal and/or relationship tensions rise today, but even on its own this is simply pushing buttons in order to get to the heart of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. What turns this into an opportunity for a breakthrough is the support that kicks in from the communication gods, just in time to turn this into a real advantage.


With Mercury in his first full day in your work sector and Mars in his first full day in direct motion in your career sector, your professional year has reached critical mass, with a major turnaround in effect. While the doors will remain open to the past, second chances and untapped potential on the income front, on both the work and career fronts the currents are now all moving forward, with a New Moon early next week set to accelerate things even more. However, before things really take off take heed of a need for not only a need for a balance between work and play, but work/life balance.


With Mercury, planet of communication spending his first full day in your romantic and creative sector and the Moon making its monthly visit to your communication sector, the focus today is on communication, but in a way that is more about giving your heart and emotional responses a voice. With July set to be the month when the year itself transforms, with new doors opening on the work front and a major turnaround on the income and career fronts over the coming months, this allows you to take a smart approach to what is now an urgent mission to find a balance between work and play while you still can.

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