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From the get go 2016 was a year where there was always going to be big potential on the work front or in anything that you direct your time and energy into that keeps you busy, but for the majority of the year and over recent weeks in particular it has been more about getting your ducks in a row. Now that you're no longer waiting for anything it's time to go for gold, with the timing right to take some blind leaps of faith. Don't be afraid of putting yourself into sink or swim situations.


While a host of planets in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart are celebrating a coming together that could prove game changing, preparations are already taking place for some much busier times ahead. Where last week's Full Moon gave professional matters a shunt, the Moon's return to your income sector brings the nose for money needed to get a sense of where the money is, knowing that by as early as next week life will start getting a whole lot busier.


While the same work/life balance issues of recent weeks have followed you through to this week, the difference now is that everything is a lot more transparent and heart and mind are more aligned. This is allowing you to see what you're actually dealing with, know what you want and the strategic steps required to make it happen. Knowing you could have it all was the first step, but some more concrete and proactive steps are now required. If your home and professional lives are evenly balanced, everything else will fall into place.


At a time when one of the most important line up of forces ever to assemble in a smart, intellectually savvy and articulate part of your chart has just come together, the Moon's return to an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart provides the perfect counter balance. This does not put intellectual and intuitive forces into competition but instead allows them to neatly work side by side, giving you a day when you have the gifts of intuition and logic, imagination and intelligence to draw on.


The word courage comes from the old Latin word for heart and true courage really does come from being willing to follow your heart, no matter what your head or others are telling you. Fortunately heart and mind are not only on the same page but are being backed up by the solar system itself, with luck on your side when it comes to breaking through personal or financial glass ceilings. All those things that have stopped you from claiming what you deserve from life no longer stand a chance against a fearless sense of courage and entitlement emerging from within.


While Mercury's retrograde turn next week will bring a chance to look back through the rear view mirror, spend time back at the drawing board and as you move into your most important solar year in over a decade that you've crossed all your T's and dotted all your I's, when your old solar year ended two days ago this closed and locked the doors to the past. You can't go back, but you still have a chance to learn from the past and gain from the 20/20 hindsight gained. However, it's the future you now owe your allegiance to.


At some point during the month long wind down of an old solar year a New Moon marks the point where it becomes less about closing old doors and more about lining up for the new doors getting ready to open. Yet while that New Moon is still a week away, it's going to feel like you're already at that point. This could be starting to create some frustration, especially as you're more than ready to move on, but this buys you time to take a look at what excites you and your passions.

While the Sun shines the solar spotlight on your friendships, social life and on personal and professional networking across the board at this time every year, this doesn't usually reveal the fact that luck and fate are at work behind the scenes and have been all year. With the laws of attraction and synchronicity in effect and the element of fate in play, the scene is not only set for some serendipitous moments and/or encounters, but it is being revealed that this has been in play for some time.


While there will be more pressure between your home and professional lives next month and you haven't seen the last of the work/life balance tension and issues of recent weeks, as the last standoff for some time plays out it's important to pay attention. Over the last few days you've crossed a line in the sand and you are now officially into some of the most important professional weeks in a decade and with support between the professional and money gods, it's time to take things seriously. You can't afford squeaky wheels in other areas of your life.


The Moon returns to your work sector once a month and in the scheme of things is not a big deal, apart from a chance today to gain an intuitive edge and pay attention to the emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses being triggered. Yet while the real implications might never be fully appreciated, just five days before major new doors are due to open on the career front the professional gods will be using this to send any last minute advice, hunches and information.


While there is no doubt that the main focus at the moment is on money matters, as you clear one last hurdle you're starting to see the financial tensions of recent months and on and off all year, as the opportunities they really are. What until now looked like obstacles or barriers start to reveal themselves as stepping stones and where the money gods have been raising the bar ever higher, you're now able to look up and see that they're standing at the top of the wall, ready to hoist you over.


At the same time that the communication and relationship gods have come together to not so much create some auspicious relationship conditions but capitalise on those already in play, the professional and money gods are doing the same. Just two days after the Sun's departure from your work sector powerful forces on the career and income fronts come together in a way that suggest the best is still to come. Your biggest problem right now is that you can have it all, which requires smart time management.

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