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Just three days after returning to your relationship sector the Sun catches up with lucky Jupiter today, for the first time here in over a decade. This is when the reality of your annual relationship review comes face to face with the enormity of this major new relationship chapter, revealing both what's possible and what is now expected of you. If what you sense is possible feels daunting or unachievable remember this is all about the journey, one that will take until the end of next year to fully run its course.


While nothing outwardly might happen or transpire today, but what you're likely to experience is an awakening of just how many options you have, especially on the job front. The first alignment between the Sun and Jupiter in your work sector in 11 days reveals the full extent of what's possible, during what are still the very early weeks of a massive journey. Due to come together again next year this is just the start of the journey and like looking into a crystal ball, you're getting a sense of what could be.


Despite the fact that Venus' early days in your work sector and support from the Moon in your income sector make this a day for keeping your work and money hats on, this is more a case of listening to your heart and to what a nose for money is telling you. This is being kept firmly in its place for a powerful alliance of fun, playful and creative forces, that won't just frown on letting life become all work and no play, but actively blocking it. Your relationships also need your attention today, with having the communication lines open everything.


Even in Mars' last full day in your work sector and with his sense of urgency now at fever pitch you're able to appreciate the importance of work/life balance and probably because a sense of panic or an out of control need to work yourself into the ground is so obvious. Yet as you start to appreciate the importance of things close to home the Moon's return to your income sector brings the nose for money needed to work smarter, not just today but moving forward.


Just three days after the Sun's return to your communication sector an alignment with lucky Jupiter brings home the enormity of what you have to tap into. Just two days after Venus' departure brought her mission to give your heart and your relationships a voice to an end, the Sun's reality checks and need for authenticity provide an insight into the enormous support you have. This makes this an auspicious day for talks and communications across the board, but especially within your personal and professional relationships.


Just three days after the Sun's return to your income sector and at a point in the year when you should still be in the very early days of exploring your options, an alignment with lucky Jupiter brings you face to face with the fact that your luck has changed. While a Jupiter alignment will always create some of the most auspicious days of any year and here on the income front one of the most auspicious days in over a decade, the true value is what this opens your eyes to.


When you walked into your birthday month and new solar year three days ago it was clear from the get go that this was going to be no ordinary year and anything but just another run around the block, with clear evidence in front of you today. For the first time since 2005 the Sun and lucky Jupiter align in Libra, one shining the spotlight on the year ahead and the other on this new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion you've moved into, together boosting your confidence and your first clues to just how big the future can be.

You have a dilemma on your hands today, for while an alignment between the Sun and Jupiter in an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart requires plenty of time for navel gazing and time to hear yourself think, there is also a very real need to have both your money and professional hats on. It all comes down to smart time management and while it's important to have your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground, trusting your professional instincts during Mars' last full day in your income sector, even there you'll benefit from taking the time to think things through.


With the laws of synchronicity in effect, luck on your side and the gods at the very start of a 13 month journey, today's auspicious alignment could see the right people cross your path at the right time or you could find yourself in the right place at the right time. Either way the real implications might not be obvious now, but when you look back in weeks, months or even years' time you'll appreciate in hindsight that luck and fate were at work.


Just three days after the Sun's return to your career sector not only turned the solar spotlight on your career and professional situation, matters and options but revealed lucky Jupiter's presence, their alignment today brings home the full implications. While the solar spotlight will always fall on your professional game at this time of year it's been 11 years since you've had lucky Jupiter on board, with their alignment today revealing both your short and long term options, while creating some auspicious conditions.


While the professional gods will be doing their best to grab your attention today, with the Moon's monthly visit to your work sector wrapping up during Venus' early days in your career sector, a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure is just too strong. Yet the professional gods aren't interested in a power struggle, for they're more interested in getting you to listen to and trust your heart, intuition and imagination and to that end a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure will help rather than hinder you.


While the Sun's month long visit to your financial sector at this time every year will always bring reality checks, demanding that you keep your eyes open and head out of the sand, the reality you're facing today is the huge opportunities and potential opening up. The Sun and Jupiter's alignment today is not only their first alignment here in 11 years but the first Jupiter alignment of any kind in over a decade, bringing you face to face with the reality that this year you have luck, time and the money gods on your side.

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