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As the Moon's monthly visit to your communication sector wraps up, the first since Mercury, planet of communication turned retrograde and last while the focus is still on friendship, social matters and networking in general, hold onto the voice this has given you over the last few days. Now more than ever communication is essential, but it's something that you need to be willing to invest in yourself.


From the moment you moved into the New Year an opposition between Mars and Jupiter made it clear that the rite of passage into 2015 required a commitment to ensuring you have the right work/life balance. Since then as first Mars, then Venus and then the Sun moved into and through your career sector they had to face an opposition with Jupiter in your home and family sector, where for the first time in 12 years he refused to let your home life suffer. As you get ready to face one more, but final hurdle, commit to seeing this as an opportunity to once and for all find the right work/life balance.


Just a day after a powerful alignment between the Sun and Neptune in your career sector ended, giving you a chance to start running your professional dreams through a reality filter, the Moon's return to your income sector gives you the nose for money needed to get an even better perspective. While new income opportunities won't open until April they'll be a direct result of the professional investments you're making now, with a nose for money kicking in at the perfect time.


While there may be some financial tension building ahead of tomorrow's opposition between Mercury and Jupiter, once more putting income and financial forces into conflict, this time around it's likely to feel different, because it is. After nearly 8 weeks in your financial sector Mercury's smart head for money has become extremely astute and armed with 20/20 hindsight and especially with new professional doors opening, on both the financial and income fronts any financial tension is already turning into motivation.


Now more than ever with Mercury, planet of communication not only in his final days in your relationship sector but about to hit the only speed bump in his 2 month visit, it's important to ensure the communication lines are open. While there could be some personal and/or relationship tension building ahead of Mercury's opposition with Jupiter tomorrow, as something that is inevitable it's important to see this for what it is, one last chance to ensure there is not only the right balance between your personal and relationship needs but authenticity on both fronts.


Just as work tension might be starting to build the Moon's departure from your career sector leaves you with your financial instincts sharp and along with Mercury's intellectual savvy it won't take much to use this as a chance to work smarter. Whether at work or with life's other demands it's all about smart time management and prioritising, looking less at how you might be wasting time, for you don't need that guilt trip and more on what you can afford to let slide.


Just a day after an alignment between the Sun and Neptune in your work sector ended and you begin the process of highlighting the processes needed to start turning dreams into reality, the Moon makes a timely return to your career sector. Where Venus and Mars have left you with a sense of where your heart stands and of what excites you, your drives, passions, fighting and competitive spirit and the Sun is now running these through a reality filter, it's your professional instincts that can help marry everything together.

While work/life balance tensions are building they are not only independent of the developments taking place on the work front, but are likely to work to your advantage. Since as far back as New Year's Day you've had to face a series of work/life balance points where everything came together, forcing you to confront any balance issues. The final test will come to a head over the weekend, just as the pace is picking up dramatically on the work front and when having the right work/life balance is more important than ever.


While Mercury, now in his final weeks in your communication sector, is starting to come under pressure, the timing couldn't be better. Having returned nearly 8 weeks ago for what should have been a 2 week visit Mercury is under pressure to ensure the communication lines are open just as the Moon's monthly visit to your relationship sector wraps up. A mix of pressure and an opportunity to give your emotional responses a voice brings the potential for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough.


While there is some financial tension building ahead of tomorrow's standoff between Mercury in your income sector and Jupiter in your financial sector, on both sides there is the support to turn this into motivation. With the Moon's monthly visit to your work sector wrapping up just as tension starts to build, this will allow you to tap into Mercury's smart head for money and 20/20 hindsight, while a new sense of financial confidence that was already building is a chance to see this as an opportunity to raise the bar.


The fact that Mercury, planet of communication has already spent nearly 8 weeks in your sign, compared to the 15 days he'll normally spend here, means that both he and you are more than ready to handle any personal and/or relationship tension building. When Mercury moves into opposition with Jupiter in your relationship sector tomorrow this will once again bring personal and relationship needs into conflict, but for the last time and in a way that is already setting the scene for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough.


There's a need to start pacing yourself and paying extra attention to smart time management, with planets that want you to slow down and spend time at the drawing board moving into opposition with Jupiter in your work sector. This is likely to see not only work tensions rise but tension in any situation where it feels like you've got too much on your plate, are being torn in too many directions and a need to find time to hear yourself think comes when you don't have the time. Yet what this is all about is making that time.

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