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Now the only planet in your relationship sector and having turned direct over the weekend Mercury, planet of communication is not only working to ensure the communication lines are open, but help you look to the future. For the third time since returning almost 2 months ago Mercury aligns with the North Node today, a force connected to the future and the element of fate. In talks, words, conversations and in your own mind it's all about moving on.


Still in his early days in direct motion in your work sector but now travelling the same ground for the third time, Mercury's intellectual savvy and 20/20 hindsight is allowing you to work smarter and make the kind of choices, decisions and plans that can tie up loose ends. Yet it's the Moon's return to your career sector and the professional instincts this sharpens that brings a reminder that not everything is black and white.


Right in the heart of some of the most important days of the year for work, relationship and money matters, there is a reminder today of not only a need to have fun, but to embrace a sense of adventure as well. With Mercury already on a mission to create a balance between work and play his job becomes a lot easier when today's adventurous lunar vibes kick in, bringing a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure with them.


Having turned direct in your home and family sector over the weekend and due to leave early next month Mercury, planet of communication is more focused on tying up loose ends, making sure the communication lines are open and that you're able to learn from the past. The most important thing Mercury wants to leave you with is the importance of having the right work/life balance, learning from the lessons of the past. At the end of the day it's all about communication.


Just 5 days after Mercury, planet of communication turned direct in your relationship sector the Moon makes a timely return to your relationship sector. While a relationship push that will begin in early December will begin after this current push to ensure the communication lines are open ends, there is a chance today for the two to come together. It's only later down the line that you'll appreciate why it's so important to have the communication lines open now.


Just 5 days after Mercury turned direct in your income sector and just as he and his smart head for money are tying up loose ends, the Moon makes a timely return to your work sector. With Mars returning to your work sector in early December to help bring this professional year home, this is both a chance to look ahead and also put income and work matters on the same page now. On both the income and work fronts it's time to look to the future.


While the Sun and Venus' departure from your sign last week brought your birthday month to an end, the job of preparing for this new solar year and finalising your game plan will continue until Mercury leaves in 9 days time. Having only just turned direct over the weekend, but travelling the same ground for the third time, you've reached a point where you've looked at things from every angle and you can now start putting your game plan together.

While your birthday month and new solar year began 7 days ago and a New Moon in the early hours has already given you a tailwind, until Mercury returns at the end of next week you still need time to consider your options. When Mercury returns he'll bring the intellectual savvy needed to create a game plan and to make the choices, decisions and plans that will help you walk the talk, but until then it's important to keep your mind and your options open.


You're living proof that it's not what you go through on the way but it's how you end the race that counts, with most of this year's challenges already proving themselves to be blessings in disguise. It's the challenges of the past that have not only cleared away a huge amount of roadblocks, but have revealed your own strengths, skills and inner power. You're waking up to the fact that you're a lot more awesome than you've given yourself credit for.


The timing of the Moon's return to your income sector today couldn't be better or more appropriate. This will give you a nose for money as you reach an important point in your professional year, one where it's not only time to start tying up loose ends on the career front, but you've got a clear sense of what is required. Yet this is also a chance to get a sense of where the money is, especially with new income opportunities opening up in early December.


There is not only a chance to embrace a sense of adventure today, but in a way that challenges your excuses while bringing home the fact that it's all in your head. How adventurous and exciting your life is, isn't defined by the experiences you have, what you do or don't do or anything you can write home about. An adventurous life is defined by the way you choose to look at life, with every day an adventure if you choose to look at it that way.


For so long this year the focus has been on money matters and while the money gods aren't going off duty anytime soon, the intensity and all or nothing focus of the past is gone. With your annual financial review over but Mercury and his smart head for money staying behind to tie up loose ends, it's now more about finalising your financial game plan, realising that you need to allow plenty of flexibility for future growth and shifts.

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