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Use the long weekend as a chance to catch your breath, doing whatever you can to feel rejuvenated, ready to embrace life's challenges and opportunities full on and with equal vigour. While the most challenging days of 2014 are right in front of you, with the Sun spending his first full day in your income sector and the Moon in your career sector, sharpening your professional instincts personally, professionally, financially and every way possible, come out of your corner fighting.


Welcome home, for with the Sun spending his first full day in your sign, this is the first full day of your birthday month and new solar year, a return home to the energy that you were born into. Very fittingly you have the Moon in an adventurous part of your chart, not only putting a very welcome spin on the long weekend, but allowing you to move into this new solar year, ready to embrace the journey ahead.


Today marks the start of one of the most important months of the year, the month that the Sun will spend winding down your current solar year, giving you a chance to look back and within as you process the journey that's been, before embarking on a new journey. Just when the long weekend has hopefully bought you some extra downtime, there is a need to find time to hear yourself think, stepping back from life's challenges and demands, giving yourself permission to move over to life's slow lane when you need to.


With the Moon in your relationship sector and the Sun in his first full day in your friendship sector, there is a chance to use the long weekend as an opportunity for friendship and relationship building, especially with personal and/or relationship tensions likely to be mounting. This comes at a time when balance issues across the board are coming to a head with time out, catching up with friends the perfect antidote.


Just as Pluto, now in retrograde motion in your work sector, is coming under pressure and work tension is mounting, his Fairy Godmother has arrived, in the form of the Sun's first full day in your career sector. While this can't stop work tensions coming to a head, this provides the objectivity required to put things into perspective, but as new doors open on the career front to use this as motivation, with a new sense of competitiveness kicking in.


There is a cosmic conspiracy to ensure you make the most of any extra downtime the long weekend provides, with the Moon in a playful part of your chart just as the Sun spends his first full day in an adventurous part. This comes just as life's pressures were threatening to suck a lot of the pleasure out of life, too busy juggling all of life's different needs to factor in your own. While you can't hold real life at bay forever, this is one day where you need to put in your best efforts to do just that.


As the Sun spends his first full day in your financial sector you're able to not only look at your financial situation and money matters more objectively and confidently, but a lot of life's other tensions as well. With personal and/or relationship and work/life balance tensions already coming to a head, financial clarity is going to provide a surprising amount of clarity across the board, shining the light on the deeper feelings that you're not usually aware of.

Having the Moon in your communication sector as the Sun spends his first full day in your relationship sector is a chance to start the way you want to continue, making communication a priority from the get go. While it's your relationships that will benefit from this, this comes just as communication issues, challenges and tensions were coming to a head anyway, providing the push needed to turn this into an opportunity for a breakthrough.


It might be the long weekend, but the stars make this an important day for keeping both your money and work hats on. For the first time this year you've woken to planetary activity in either of your professional houses, but with the Moon in your income sector as the Sun spends his first full day in your work sector you've got a nose for money from the get go. This comes just as financial tensions are mounting, with a chance to turn this into motivation and a new sense of resolve.


The Moon's return to your sign is likely to be both a help and a hindrance, depending on how you choose to use it. On one hand this is going to give you an intuitive and imaginative read on things, while on the other this is going to exacerbated not only any personal and/or relationship tensions but any work/life balance tensions as well, making things seem a lot worse than they actually are. Yet this makes everything more transparent, allowing you to see this as the balance issue it really is, remembering that you can't change what you can't see.


As the Sun spends his first full day in your home and family sector this is the first planetary attention home and family matters have received since last May, bringing a much neglected part of your chart under the solar spotlight just as the long weekend buys you extra time off. With a solar eclipse here in 8 days' time, the point where you need to be ready to draw a new line in the sand, this gives you time to simply observe and pay more attention.


While nothing can stop the tensions coming to a head over the next few days from escalating, as the Sun spends his first full day in your communication sector and with Mercury returning in 2 days time, this creates the potential to turn this into an opportunity for a breakthrough. Regardless of where and how tensions are presenting in your life, this brings the mental clarity needed to see things objectively and to ensure the communication lines are open.

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