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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Saturday 16 December


The Moon is tracking some of the most expensive real estate in the heavens at the moment and this will continue for several days to come. As the Moon leaves your financial sector, an alignment with Mars and Jupiter over the last few days leaves you with an intuitive read on their stunning influence. Now, the Moon turns its attention to a sense of adventure, higher learning and Saturn's final days in a more philosophical part of your chart. All this before the Moon treks into next week's professional zone.


The Moon's return to your financial sector today begins the lead up to Monday's New Moon and the chance this will bring to start tying up loose ends. With the Sun and Saturn both in their final days here, but Mercury still in retrograde motion, there are a huge amount of different influences in play. What the Moon will do is fuel your financial instincts and imagination, making it easier to read between the lines and join the dots.


The Moon's departure from your work sector should bring you to a point in your professional year where you're ready now to coast to the finishing line. This last visit for the year is normally the point where all planetary activity has run its course for the year. Instead, after aligning with Mars and Jupiter over the last few days it is clear that instead of winding down, things are still heating up. Take a few days to process the valuable clues, hunches and insights.


The Moon is acting as a weather vane today, swinging in the wind and helping to highlight the powerful forces operating either side of the work/play fence. The Moon starts the day swinging in a more playful direction, but ends the day swinging more into a busy work focus. Yet there will be pulls on both sides, which will be swinging your emotional responses in both directions. It is all about knowing when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off.


With life about to get a lot busier from next week and stay that way, make the most of the Moon's final hours in your home and family sector to ground yourself. As busy as life gets, the focus on home and family life and matters will remain just as strong and this is a theme that will continue throughout the rest of this year and the whole of 2018. The Moon's emotional and intuitive responses bring a chance to define your priorities.


The Moon's final hours in your communication sector brings a chance to wear your heart on your sleeve, at a time when there is a chance to break through some communication barriers. Just a week after Mars' return, there is a chance to give your emotional responses a voice. Instead of digging for words you think you need to say, let your emotional responses deliver the right words at the right time.


To make the most of the Moon's final hours in your income sector it can't be about the money. Yes, this last visit for the year is sharpening your nose for money, but a week after Mars' return this leaves you with a better sense of what you're fighting for. Mars is at war with glass ceilings and that will remain the case until late January, but this is about fighting for what you deserve across all the currencies in your life.

As the Moon wraps up its last visit to Scorpio for the year, this leaves you with a sense that you are just getting started when it comes to what excites you. A week after Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos' return to Scorpio and with lucky Jupiter helping to expand his professional fulfilment, the Moon's emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses have added fuel to the bonfire.


As the Moon's last visit to a reflective part of your chart for the year runs its course, you may find it hard to stay motivated. This is despite the fact that the Moon not only returns to Sagittarius today, but begins the lead up to Monday's New Moon. In the final days of your birthday month it's time to commit to your new solar year, the future and the journey ahead. Yet a tendency to hold back is less motivation and more a natural lack of urgency. You need time to hear yourself think.


The closing weeks of your old solar year are always a time to reflect, with the Moon's return to your sector of subconscious thinking, imagination and review today a chance to take this to a new level. With both the Sun and Saturn returning to Capricorn next week, this is a valuable chance to pull back and over the weekend, make time for some serious navel gazing. The Moon simply exacerbates a need that was already there.


The Moon's return to your sector of friendship, teamwork and networking today comes just as you were already moving into an important few days for connecting, collaborating and teamwork. With the Sun and Saturn both in their final days in your friendship sector, the Moon adds to a sense of synchronicity in play. Pay more attention to your hunches and an intuitive read on people and situations today.


This is the point in the year when, as the Moon's last visit to an adventurous part of your chart for the year wraps up, there is nothing for a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure to hold onto. As this sees the Moon return to your career sector, where there is a massive amount of activity, this is usually a dramatic swing. Not this year, for a week on from Mars' return to your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery, the Moon has added fuel to his passion for adventure.

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