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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 23 August


Focus less on what has not happened and focus more on what is going to happen, with you being in the right place at the right time, there is someone there waiting for you to cross their path. Just trust this natural inclination of yours called your intuition.


Going out of your way to impress someone you are quite keen on will not go to plan today, as the Moon is interfering in this joy that you are feeling. Just wait and assess the energy that you feel around this person first, before you attempt your signature move.


Going out on a limb today and inviting someone you are very keen on to a lunch or a cup of coffee will do wonders for your self confidence and self worth, for their response will be in the area of 'I would love to' it's not always a no, you know.


Great news Cancer you have been noticed. Is it your new outlook on life, or is it your great dress sense? Look, whatever it is, it is working. Keep it up, this new you is more friendly and is way more expressive with your dress sense. All this effort is paying off.


Stop and ask yourself 'will this bring love and romance into my life or will this take me even further from it'? Whatever it is that you want to say or do today, you must use this as the measuring stick to make sure that any decision you make today is being thought out first.


Look out, there is a surprise on its way today. Maybe it's an invitation, maybe it's a welcome relief to your day that someone does something nice for you, regardless of how big or small this gesture is, just know that you are always being considered.


Have an open hearted discussion today about what you would like your future to look like in your relationship, as there is just a little bit of a misdirection in play at the moment. Nothing that a simple refreshing conversation won't fix.

Focus less on what you have not done today and focus more on what you can do for someone else, as the picture you paint sometimes does not leave room for anyone else and this is a reminder, that for your relationship to flourish, they have to be in this picture too.


Open up and share an intimate desire or even something new that you have not tried before with your partner and watch how they in turn reply with a warm open heart. It just takes you to get the ball rolling to get some new injection into this relationship.


Hold off seeing someone that you think could be the one today. Even though you are excited, it is not in your best interests today, as there are too many emotions in play and you can not be ready for someone brand new in your life until you clear these thoughts and feelings. Just wait until you are truly ready, you will know when that is.


Speaking about your sexual interests is sometimes not your way to approach the subject at hand, but if you want more invested, then you have to invest in it as well. Be more open towards your partner about what it is that you would like and you will be appreciated for your honesty.


Sit down and take a load off, with all this unnecessary drama of late it is taking its toll on you emotionally and physically. Just tell your family and friends that you can not be there for them today and that goes for anyone else in your immediate circle. Enough is enough sometimes.

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