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  Updated Daily to your web site - Friday 31 October


For the third time in just 2 months Mercury aligns with the North Node in your relationship sector today, quite a feat considering just 2 months ago this was an event that hadn't happened here since 1997. Each time brings you one step closer to getting a real sense of direction and of the path forward.


As important and well supported as your relationships are, they're likely to get a run for their money as professional forces battle for your attention today. The reality is that there is more professional urgency than there is relationship urgency and so long as you're still paying attention, most relationship matters can wait.


At the same time that Ceres, in her early days in your relationship sector, is beginning a mission to redefine your relationship priorities, Mercury is moving into his final days in your romantic sector, bringing a mission that began almost a year ago to a close. This is the start of a transition from a romantic and a relationship focused era.


As the Moon's monthly visit to your communication sector wraps up, the first since Mars returned over the weekend and since Pluto turned direct here last month, hold onto the emotional responses triggered and also the passions and fighting spirit. Something has shifted, with settling for less or the status quo no longer an option.


In a case of either good timing or divine intervention just as Mercury, moving through your communication sector receives some support and a real push, the Moon returns to your relationship sector. This is a match made in heaven, with the Moon able to stir your emotional responses and Mercury able to give them and your relationships a voice.


As the Moon's monthly visit to your romantic sector wraps up, the first since Mars returned over the weekend and since Pluto turned direct here last month, hold onto the romantic sentiment, the emotional responses and romantic passions triggered over the last few days. Within this you'll find clues to what the love gods have on the menu over the coming weeks.


At the same time that there is a new sense of confidence, not only in knowing what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, but in the journey ahead, some much needed romantic sentiment also comes into play today. With this are clues to what lies ahead on the personal, relationship and romantic fronts.

As the Moon's monthly visit to your communication sector wraps up there's a need to make a commitment to continuing what this started, especially when it comes to giving your emotional responses a voice. In the lead up to next week's Full Moon in your relationship sector do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes to ensure the communication lines are open.


While there is a lot of focus on the past with Venus, planet of love in a nostalgic part of your chart and Uranus in retrograde motion in your romantic sector, that won't always be the case. With Venus returning to your sign in just a few weeks time and Uranus turning direct just before Christmas you're starting to get clues to what you want the future to hold.


As Venus, planet of love moves into a more assertive mode as she moves through a social and serendipitous part of your chart, she's not only triggering the laws of attraction and synchronicity, but is encouraging a lot of wishful thinking. With a Full Moon in your romantic sector next week, get excited about what the love gods may have up their sleeves.


While the Moon's return to your sign today is bound to put your relationships on notice and over the coming days may create some personal and/or relationship tension, from the get go there's a need to appreciate the valuable wakeup call this really is. At a time when relationship matters dominate, this is a chance to ensure your own needs aren't being neglected.


As Venus, planet of love begins to separate from the Sun as they move through an adventurous part of your chart it's not only their energies starting to separate but their lights. In just a few weeks time Venus will reappear in the night sky, this time as the Evening Star, with a desire for more romantic adventure becoming stronger.

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