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As Mercury, planet of communication moves into his final 7 days in your relationship sector, there isn't the urgency you would normally expect, for not only are the Sun and Venus on the way, he'll return for a double dip visit next month. While Mercury is focused on ensuring the communication lines are open, he's more focused on getting the ball rolling than concluding anything.


It was a week ago to the day that Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos left your relationship sector and it will be a week from today that Mercury, planet of communication will return to start moving your relationships into a new chapter. Halfway in between this is a chance to regroup but also stay in the moment, forgetting where you've been or where you're going, focused instead on the here and now.


As Mercury, planet of communication spends his last weekend in your romantic sector, on a mission to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page, the Moon is doing the same on the relationship front. Both your relationships and matters of the heart have the support, on an emotional and articulate level, to ensure the communication lines are open.


At the same time that Pluto is spending his last weekend in retrograde motion in your relationship sector, the Sun is spending his last weekend in your communication sector, working together to give the past and unsaid words a voice, but with a view to moving on. In just 2 days time the relationship focus will shift from the past to the road ahead.


In the week since Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos returned to your romantic sector you've had a chance to tap into the romantic passions and fighting spirit she's evoking, along with a sense of urgency. It's been clear from the get go that old excuses no longer cut it, with some of the best possible times for matters of the heart stretching out in front of you.


At the same time that Pluto's last weekend in retrograde motion in your romantic sector has a sense of romantic nostalgia in the air Venus, planet of love is already preparing for a turnaround in 2 days time. Moving through your sign Venus is already looking to the future, with a nostalgic trip down love's memory lane coming to an end.


A week on from Mars' return to your communication sector and the support he's bringing to your relationships, it's already clear that any personal and/or relationship tension that has come to a head over the last few days, is more a chance for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough. The focus now is on communication.

As the Sun spends his last weekend in a social and serendipitous part of your chart Venus, planet of love is getting ready to take over. Not due to leave until the end of the month Venus can't wait for the more practical mission to end, ready to unleash the laws of attraction and synchronicity, with some serendipitous moments or encounters possible over the next 9 days.


As you look out to the rest of the year and beyond the love gods are putting very little, if any focus on your relationships, pooling all their resources into the spirit of romance and adventure. This is making keeping your relationships on track your responsibility, while embracing a sense of romantic adventure and passion in the air.


At the same time that the Sun's last weekend in an adventurous part of your chart brings a need to keep your work hat off Venus, planet of love is already getting ready to grab your full attention. Venus will stay on for another 6 days after the Sun leaves, with a chance now and even more so over the coming days to bring the spirit of romance and adventure together.


When Venus, planet of love left your relationship sector earlier in the month, she left you with a clear sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, but this was never meant to be set in concrete. With conditions having already improved for friendship and relationship building and communication, don't be afraid to raise the bar, refusing to settle for less.


While the Sun is spending his last weekend in your relationship sector, throwing the solar spotlight on your relationships for a few more days Venus, planet of love won't leave for another 9 days. Venus is staying on to help with the rebuilding, seeing any recent relationship tensions and wakeup calls as a means to recognise what you need to be working on and towards.

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