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In the final weeks of any year there is always bound to be a certain amount of regret, as you start to ponder on the 'woulda, shoulda, couldas', especially where you haven't made the most of having lucky Jupiter in your romantic sector. However, due to turn retrograde in just a few weeks time the love gods are about to provide a rare opportunity to make up for lost time.


With Venus having left your relationship sector earlier in the week, the Sun yesterday and the Moon today and especially with Mercury leaving next week, the focus today is on committing to the journey ahead and on ensuring the communication lines are open. While you can learn from the past, it's the future you're committing to.


The Moon's return to your relationship sector today and the New Moon this triggers during the Sun's early hours should leave you unprepared for the commitment to the future and the line in the sand this requires. In reality you've spent more than 2 months getting a deeper sense of what you want from your relationships and of what you're ready to commit to.


During the course of the week first Venus, the Sun and today the Moon have left your relationship sector and with Mercury leaving next week and Saturn on Christmas Eve, it really is the beginning of the end. Romantic forces will follow you into 2015 and the time to make a commitment to the spirit of romance and matters of the heart is now.


The Moon's return to your romantic sector today, just hours after the Sun returned to throw the solar spotlight on matters of the heart, is going to create a very early New Moon, one that should catch you off guard. Less than 24 hours into this annual update you shouldn't be ready to commit to following your heart, but you're more than ready.


At the same time that Chiron, planet of healing is spending his last full day in retrograde motion in your relationship sector Mercury, planet of communication is spending his last weekend in your communication sector, with the two working together to give the past and unsaid words a voice, lay any old ghosts to rest and to get ready to move on.


It's during the Sun's first full day in your communication sector that the Moon not only returns but aligns to form today's New Moon, bringing an opportunity for a fresh start and to draw a new line in the sand. This is when the ideal of what's possible comes together with the resources to make it happen, with your relationships receiving some major support that is anything but fleeting.

Despite the fact that Venus, planet of love left your sign earlier in the week, Neptune turned direct in your romantic sector a week ago and the love gods are now committed to moving on, Chiron's last full day in retrograde motion is all about embracing the past. When the planet of healing turns direct in your romantic sector tomorrow it will be time to move on, but today you have one last chance to dance with some old ghosts.


Despite the fact that not only is Venus, planet of love spending her first weekend in your sign but a New Moon brings a chance to commit to the journey ahead, with Uranus still in retrograde motion in your romantic sector the doors are still open to the past. This is less about taking a nostalgic trip down love's memory lane and more that the past still has the ability to surprise you.


With Venus, planet of love spending her first weekend in a nostalgic part of your chart and the Sun his first full day, there is a lot of focus on the past, yet today's New Moon reveals how short this meander down love's memory lane is likely to be. With Venus returning to your sign in just a few weeks time, this is a chance to dance with some old ghosts first.


During Venus, planet of love's first weekend in a social and serendipitous part of your chart and the Sun's first full day, a New Moon brings an opportunity for a fresh start. This is triggered by the Moon's return, which also triggers the kind of hunches your heart will have no trouble decoding, especially those that can put you in the right place at the right time.


While the love gods aren't able to help you with keeping the spirit of romance alive with so much unfolding professionally, they would be pretty disappointed if you don't know how to take up the cause yourself. Lucky Jupiter's 12 month visit to your romantic sector only wrapped up in July, a visit that filled you with enough romantic momentum and intentions to power your love life for the coming decade.

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