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  Updated Daily to your web site - Tuesday 23 May


Finally there is a silver lining on the horizon. Today needs you to break away from the routine of the complete norm today. Do not feel that you have to do something completely left field but rather inject something new into the love department. Romance is key for you today.


Breaking down any old patterns today will see the effects of celebrating how you are no longer willing to postpone or to put off what you intend to do. Today is the day to put it all into action, without needing to procrastinate any longer.


It's not only the perfect day today to be in the backseat of any moving vehicle but also to be in the background today. It is key for you to learn and to observe what it is that you need to do to make a difference within all of your relationships today. Watch and learn.


Watching from afar is a certain individual who has been admiring you for a while now and this certain person is not able to communicate their emotional feelings with you, but needs some type of acknowledgement from you, be extra observant today.


It has been said before that for you to feel in charge you must let another know exactly what your position is and that is even more so for you today. It is the day for change and for standing up for what you know to be right. You are the louder voice in this relationship, so speak up.


Relationships have many moments of insecurity and fears. Whether you are the one feeling this or whether it is the other partner feeling this, it is real. Today you can change it, for either party, by seeing you as the divine blessing you are and saying 'I am free from anyone else's fears'.


Congratulations are what the stars are saying today for not only are you listening to your heart, you are being real and truthful of late and this is to be celebrated. Keep up the good work Libra you are gathering the right kind of momentum.

Backing down from any arrangement never bodes well with another, especially if it has been planned. Instead of opting for a way out, turn it over to the love gods to assist you in reconsidering your actions, for someone else needs your presence there even if you don't want to be there.


Having a heart to heart conversation today will prove to be the easiest way to get your needs met. This special soul just needs to be directed and told exactly what it is that you do need, as they are not getting the subtle clues or hints.


Wonderful news Capricorn many are hearing you lately. There are so many different variations of relationships that you are trying to juggle and the one piece that needs you to really juggle is being there to listen with an open heart.


It's not the day for being vocal, it is not the day for being inauthentic. For not only are you very transparent but you are being watched and when you are being watched from afar, then you are being admired and adored for what it is that you are, not what you say.


Finding the right partner, the one that is compatible with you, will never be achieved if you are trying to. All things come to those that are not looking is the message that the stars want you to hear today. Be deserving of finding that right partner by saying 'I am ready for love'.

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