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  Updated Daily to your web site - Sunday 22 October


Chances are Venus, planet of love can't wait for the Sun to leave your relationship sector tomorrow and for Mars to return. Not only will this bring a need for reality checks to an end, but will see relationship tensions drop right back. The Sun is here for the reality checks and Venus and Mars for the rebuilding, which starts tomorrow.


As much as you have reached an important day for both communication and relationship matters, more urgent is Mars' last full day in your romantic sector. This is a day for taking a fearless approach to love, even if you have to fake it till you make it. Embrace the kind of romantic passions and fighting spirit you want to hold onto.


At the same time that the Sun is spending his last full day in your romantic sector Venus, planet of love is bursting with anticipation and impatience. It's once the Sun and his reality checks that Venus is able to take things on a more romantically charged and rose coloured tangent. It is Mars' return tomorrow that will add fuel to that, along with your romantic passions and fighting spirit.


Whatever you have on your 'to do' list can wait, with today's romantically charged lunar vibes and Mars' mission to give your relationships a voice a lot more important. In his last full day in your communication sector, Mars is on a mission to break through any glass ceilings and recharge your batteries. Considering the major relationship developments ahead, having the communication lines open is everything.


In the lead up to the Moon's return to your romantic sector tomorrow, do what you can to take care of any housekeeping today, real or metaphorically speaking. The romantically charged lunar vibes of the next few days coincide with a chance to gain some real momentum on the front, with today a chance to make sure your life is as love friendly as possible.


It's not until Mars leaves Virgo tomorrow that all the pressure will come off your relationships. Yet with the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in your communication sector, they're using this as an opportunity for a breakthrough. In the meantime, Mars is more focused on fuelling your romantic passions and fighting spirit.


As the Sun spends his last full day in Libra, as well as bringing your birthday month to a close, he continues to hold you and your relationships to account. Yet by tomorrow the rebuilding will begin in earnest with Venus, planet of love taking charge. This comes as communication and relationship forces are also starting to come together.

It was this time last week that romantic forces reached their final hurdle, with a chance now to enjoy the benefits. With Venus in a nostalgic part of your chart and Neptune in retrograde motion in your romantic sector, the planets of love and dreams are both holding the doors open to the past and second chances.


As much as Venus would like to make today as serendipitously and romantically charged as possible, she is happy to wait. This is less out of a magnanimous gesture to other forces in play today and more that she knows her chances will be better from tomorrow. For it's from tomorrow that the laws of attraction and synchronicity will really come into effect.


The movement of the planets and their known schedule is more reliable than any bus, train or flight timetable. You can trust with absolute certainty that in January you will begin the most important romantic chapter in a lifetime, one that will dominate for years to come. This makes it important to see work/life balance as something crucial to get right now, rather than a challenge to overcome and move on from.


It is Mars' return to an adventurous part of your chart tomorrow, just as the Sun leaves that will give Venus, planet of love the boost she needs. Until then Venus is taking advantage of the Sun's push to embrace the weekend spirit. However, she knows that it's from tomorrow that a potent cocktail of romantic, adventurous and passionate forces will kick in.


In his last full day in your relationship sector Mars knows that he is not only the last planet here until mid 2018, but that he won't return until 2019. Mars is putting all his focus into giving you the courage and passion to not only fight for what you want from your relationships, but to continue the journey once he leaves tomorrow.

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