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  Updated Daily to your web site - Tuesday 30 August


On a day when romantically charged lunar vibes are adding fuel to the romantic flame, your relationships and relationship prospects receive a special visitor, opening the door to some of the best relationship conditions in over a decade and kicking off what is destined to become an incredible journey. This is the day that the bar is raised and the relationship gods commit to meeting you more than half way.


Right now becoming a hopeless romantic is mandatory, especially if you're going to take into account the massive romantic influences building. This isn't about figuring out the 'when, where and how' or figuring out how you can go from what you have now to what you yearn for. If you can focus on the 'what', the love gods will take care of the 'when, where and how'.


On a day when the communication and relationship gods come together to create a special day for gaining a deeper level of intimacy, with words creating the potential to connect, something special slips into play on the romantic front. Just as it is clear that your relationships or your relationship prospects have turned a corner, the romantic drought finally breaks.


At a time when communication remains important to every part of the relationship journey and whatever stage you're in, the love gods appear to be up to something today. There are signs today that something is pending, as a nesting urge kicks in. Ahead of next month's romantic developments the word has gone out to start making your life as love friendly as possible.


In a case of better late than never, 12 days on from a Full Moon that may have brought some strong emotional responses to a head on the relationship front and delivered some home truths, there is finally a chance to give your heart, emotional responses and relationships a voice. All those unspoken words that have been held back for weeks, months and even possibly years are likely to come tumbling out.


An invisible line in the sand is crossed today that can't be seen but can be felt, the point where weeks of determining where to set the goalposts on both the romantic and relationship fronts ends and the journey towards turning desires and expectations into reality begins. If it's hard to miss a target you can't see, imagine hitting one that isn't there. There is an urgent need today to have something to strive for.


Today marks the start of some of the most important weeks of your year when it comes to determining your romantic and relationship experiences over the course of a solar year that doesn't even begin until next month. The love and relationship gods arrive today, notebooks in hand to start taking note of your updated romantic and relationship desires and expectations.

There is a rose coloured fog descending today that is only going to thicken over the coming days and weeks, as you reach the entrance to a nostalgic trip down love's memory lane. With a sense of romantic nostalgia already in effect this is only going to intensify and with an exciting journey ahead, who knows what lies on the other side.


Your love life gets both a boost and a shake up today, one that will reveal itself over the coming weeks. On one hand, as the laws of attraction and synchronicity kick in this lends itself to some serendipitous moments and/or encounters, but the very forces triggering this are also the same forces that will refuse to let you hide behind old romantic excuses.


There are signs today that your professional year might be coming in for some special attention, with the doors opening to major developments that should have the love gods worried. Instead, while there is a need to make a balance between work and play a reality, there is a sense of romantic anticipation in the air that feels anything but threatened.


It's not just that a sense of romance and adventure kicks in today that will have you excited, but a sense from the get go that this is a keeper, that this is here to stay and not simply passing through. From the outset this is going to feel like the coming of a new season rather than a temporary prevailing wind, with a need to get on board from the get go.


While the most important stage of a major relationship update is still in front of you and you still have the relationship and communication gods, fate and the element of luck on your side, your heart takes a step back. It's not that your heart is no longer in your relationships or the journey ahead and more that having established what you want it now becomes more about making it happen.

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