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  Updated Daily to your web site - Monday 20 October


Now in his final week in retrograde motion in your relationship sector Mercury, planet of communication reaches back to a point where he's not only able to give the past and unsaid words a voice, but a clear sense of where you've been and where you're going. After a roller coaster of a year things are starting to make sense.


Knowing just how many resources the love gods are due to put into your relationships in just 4 days time, this is even more reason for embracing today's romantically charged lunar vibes. As the Moon's first visit to your romantic sector since Venus, planet of love left, this is a chance to tap back into the romantic desires and expectations she left you with.


Mercury, in retrograde motion in your romantic sector, aligns with the North Node in your romantic sector today, in what is a repeat chance to bring a sense of romantic nostalgic and foresight together. With the doors open to second chances and new opportunities, this gives your heart a clear sense of where you've been and where you're going.


In the lead up to some major developments on the romantic and relationship fronts over the next 6 days there are two important forces in play today that aren't very exciting, but can help you line up for what lies ahead. As today's lunar vibes bring a chance to give your emotional responses a voice and ensure the communication lines are open, there is support for making your life as love friendly as possible.


Now in his final week in your romantic sector Mars is fuelling your romantic passions and fighting spirit with a new sense of urgency, but also the confidence to realise that this is just the first step in what is destined to become an extraordinary journey. The time to follow and trust your heart and the spirit of romance is right now.


As the Moon, moving through your sign, moves into opposition with Chiron, planet of healing in your relationship sector today, this is bound to push some buttons, create some personal and/or relationship tension and sound some old alarm bells. Yet this is more a chance to test your relationship resolve, which could turn out to be a healing and cathartic experience.


In the final days of both your birthday month and Venus, planet of love's annual visit to your sign, a time for defining your romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the coming year, the focus is firmly on your relationships. This makes it important not to discount the spirit of romance, with a romantic turnaround a lot closer than you might think.

As well as a need to embrace a sense of romantic nostalgia, there's also a need to do so with your rose coloured glasses on, looking back in a way that you're able to recognise what you might be missing out on, knowing that you'll soon have a chance for a fresh start. This is a chance to both reconnect with the past and lay any old ghosts to rest.


While there are likely to be plenty of professional distractions today and possibly even some work/life balance issues, this will ultimately work to your advantage. There is nothing urgent on the romantic or relationship fronts that can't wait, while both will benefit from anything you can do now to ensure you have the right balance and that your life is as love friendly as possible.


While the love gods are likely to be nowhere to be seen today, they're making the most of a chance to work on establishing the right work/life balance, this time because you want to and because you can, not because it's being forced on you. The focus today is more on making your life as love friendly as possible.


When the Moon left your relationship sector yesterday, wrapping up a monthly visit that would have evoked some strong emotional responses, this also brought a reminder of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. The focus today is on making sure the communication lines are open, even if that means challenging your excuses.


The Moon's monthly visits to your relationship sector will always push some buttons, evoke some strong emotional responses and potentially some personal and/or relationship tension, but it's a valuable chance to revisit and test the relationship desires and expectations Venus, planet of love left you with late last month.

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