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  Updated Daily to your web site - Friday 9 December


While Venus may have only brought the laws of attraction and synchronicity into play yesterday, she will keep them in play over Christmas and right through to the New Year, with some serendipitous times ahead. Yet it's not just that fate is in play that makes this such a magic time, but that you've got the courage to take some blind leaps of faith.


After bringing a sense of romance and adventure together over the last four weeks, Venus moves on today, but not before leaving you with a sense of what's possible. You're not going to suddenly forget what's possible and even if you tried, you would find it hard to go back to hiding behind old excuses.


Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships you're moving into some important relationship and defining relationship days, with a chance to get to the heart of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. While there is a need to take responsibility, you can't change the past.


After spending 26 days helping you to get to the heart of what you want from your relationships Venus has moved on, but not before leaving you with something to hold onto. Knowing what you want from your relationships can only ever be a starting point, with communication the next step.


This is a time of year when there is often a lot of pressure on even the best of relationships and even if you're single, there is a more poignant sense of what is missing. Yet with this you have a much better sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, at a time when you have the support to do something about it.


The last few days have been a revelation in terms of getting a better understanding of relationship matters, but more importantly a sense that the tide has turned. This is bigger than any one relationship and even if you're not in a relationship this has brought a sense that the past has finally set you free.


The love gods have delivered an early Christmas gift in the form of Venus, planet of love. Having returned to your romantic sector yesterday and due to stay on over Christmas and into the New Year, the best has been saved to last. With romantically charged energy in effect for the rest of the year the question is, what are you going to do with it?

Venus, planet of love only began the process of making your life as love friendly as possible yesterday, but already this is getting the hurry up. Normally this gives you warning that you're four weeks away from some of the most romantically charged weeks of any year, but in fact they are just 10 days away.


Just days before next week's Full Moon in your relationship sector, something special is already developing that is already turning this into an opportunity for a breakthrough. As she spends her first full day in your relationship sector, Venus is on hand to not only give your relationships a voice when they need it, but before they do.


When Venus, planet of love left your sign yesterday she left you with a clear sense of what you want from love, but this was just the starting point. If you're not sure of the next steps to take you're over thinking things, for this isn't about next steps and all about staying in the moment and letting the romantic desires and expectations fuelled over recent weeks settle.


As Venus, planet of love makes her second visit to Aquarius for the year, it is clear from her first full day that this time is different. Not only is there a few demands and distractions, but with the romantic and Christmas spirit due to intertwine, she promises a magical and romantically charged end to 2016.


As Venus, planet of love spends her first full day in a nostalgic part of your chart she has brought you to the start of a nostalgic trip down love's memory lane, one that will take until the early days of the year to complete. A sense of romantic nostalgia will hang over the remaining weeks of 2016, with the doors now open to the past and second chances.

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