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  Updated Daily to your web site - Tuesday 31 March


With the Moon not only in your romantic sector but a sense of romantic nostalgia putting a rosy hue on things you may miss signs of rumblings on the relationship front. With a lunar eclipse in your relationship sector over the weekend pay attention to relationship matters without blowing things out of proportion or popping your romantic bubble.


Things are due to become a lot more romantically charged tomorrow when, within the space of less than 2 hours first Mars will join Venus, planet of love in your sign and the Moon will return to your romantic sector, fuelling your romantic passions and igniting a powder keg of emotional and romantic responses. The focus today needs to be on making your life as love friendly as possible ahead of time.


With a total lunar eclipse in your romantic sector over the weekend you can afford to put matters of the heart and the spirit of romance on hold for now, taking advantage of a rare opportunity to give your emotional responses, relationship, the past and unsaid words a voice. This comes in the heart of a rare 24 day period where the doors are open to second chances on the communication and relationship fronts at the same time.


All the focus for now is on your relationships, with the love gods promising a romantic push over the coming months. For now it's about putting your relationships or more importantly your relationship expectations on the course they can continue on, with the focus on the start of the journey rather than feeling you've got to accomplish everything overnight.


For the first time this year the Moon's monthly visit to your sign is unlikely to create any personal and/or relationship tension, because for the first time since early December you have no planets in your relationship sector. That's about to change, but in the short term is a chance to look at your own and your romantic needs, able to get back to your relationships as early as this coming weekend.


As Mercury leaves your relationship sector today he's not just wrapping up his own short visit and mission to ensure the communication lines are open, but a 3 month mission from a parade of planets committed to establishing what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. It's only now that the real journey begins.


Just as Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos is spending his last full day in your relationship sector and is likely to be firing and shaking things up Mercury, planet of communication returns with an opportunity to ensure the communication lines are open. This is a day where you want things out in the open, but it's a waste of time if nothing constructive comes out of it.

As Mercury leaves your romantic sector today he wraps up a defining 3 months that began with Mars' return in early January, with the love gods having thrown everything they had into establishing what you want from love and giving matters of the heart as much traction as possible. It's now that the real journey begins, with just enough support to continue what the love gods have started.


Just as Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos is spending his last full day in your romantic sector Mercury, planet of communication returns to take over from where he left off. For a few hours you've still got Mars' romantic passions and fighting spirit being fuelled, while gaining the support needed to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page.


With Mars due to return your romantic sector tomorrow to fire up your romantic passions and fighting spirit Venus, planet of love is making the most of her last full day on her own, making it all about getting a sense of what you want from love. When Mars returns he'll want to make things happen, with today more about letting your heart and your daydreams run wild, without over thinking the 'when, where and how'.


In a case of perfect timing, just as the Moon is making one last visit to your relationship sector while Jupiter is in retrograde motion and while the doors are still open to the past and second chances Mercury, planet of communication returns to your communication sector. There was already the potential for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough, but this gets a whole lot easier from today.


As Venus, planet of love spends her last full day on her own in your communication sector she's more focused on giving your heart a voice than she is on any specific issues. Venus knows that with the Moon returning to your relationship sector and Mars to your communication sector tomorrow, anything that needs to come out in the open will do on its own, but also that for now that can wait.

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