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  Updated Daily to your web site - Sunday 27 May


At the same time that the Sun is spending his first weekend in your communication sector, the Moon's monthly visit to your communication sector wraps up. This caps off what has been a stunning and healing few days for friendship and relationship building, something that may have taken you by surprise, but is set to become the new normal.


The Moon's return to your relationship sector each month will always stir some strong emotional responses and even push some buttons. Even more so now that a balance between your personal and relationship needs is being policed. Yet as the Moon returns today Mercury, planet of communication is on hand to turn this into an opportunity for a breakthrough.


As the romantically charged lunar vibes of the last few days run their course, there are many hands reaching out to not only keep the spirit of romance alive, but the spirit of adventure as well. With the roadblocks and barriers of the past behind you, this is a chance to get excited about the journey ahead.


As the Moon not only returns to your romantic sector but comes full circle from last month's Full Moon, it will be to find that a lot has changed. With Venus, planet of love now in Cancer and a potent mix of romance, adventure and nostalgia in play, what last month's Full Moon couldn't do today's romantically charged lunar vibes can.


Mars only returned to your relationship sector 11 days ago, but turning retrograde in a month from today, the warrior planet of the cosmos is already slowing down. Buoyed on by a huge amount of support, it is the Moon's departure from your communication sector that leaves you with the means to keep the communication lines open. Support for friendship and relationship building will only deepen.


It is during the last full day of a major alignment between communication and relationship forces that the Moon returns to your communication sector with perfect timing. Coming full circle from last month's Full Moon, the beginnings of a communication breakthrough last month now becomes an unstoppable force.


As the Moon's monthly visit to Libra wraps up, any pressure this might have put on your relationships will drop back. Yet not only was there a lot less push back this time, but the process of healing has begun. This comes just as Mars, instead of rushing through your romantic sector is slowing down, deciding this is where he wants to spend the majority of 2018.

The one thing you don't want to miss during Mercury, planet of communication's last weekend in your relationship sector is an opportunity to get the communication lines open. This makes the Moon's return to Scorpio today and the buttons this might push a case of perfect timing. This will exacerbate any balance issues between your personal and relationship needs, with Mercury on hand to give this a voice.


As the Sun spends his first weekend in your relationship sector, support from Mars in your communication sector has been a game changer. Already slowing down ahead of his retrograde turn next month Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos is committed to breaking through communication barriers. Over the coming months this will even extend to giving the past and unsaid words a voice.


With Mercury leaving your romantic sector next week, his last weekend here is all about making the most of a chance to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page. In the early weeks of a major new romantic chapter and journey, Mercury's ability to bring heart and mind together will ensure you start with the right intentions.


As the Sun spends his first weekend in your romantic sector there is already likely to a be a new sense of romantic confidence. A week on from Venus, planet of love's departure you're already a long way towards turning desires into reality. With the roadblocks of the past three years gone and the support of Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos, dare to believe that anything is possible.


The Moon's return to an adventurous part of your chart couldn't come with better timing. A week after her return to your romantic sector Venus, planet of love is already enjoying the support of some adventurous and dreamy forces. Adventurous lunar vibes will exacerbate this and the potent mix of romance, adventure and nostalgia already in the air.

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