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  Updated Daily to your web site - Tuesday 28 April


As the Moon's first visit to your romantic sector since the tide turned wraps up, hold onto the romantic sentiment triggered over the last few days, but also a new sense of romantic confidence. With so much focus on the past and the rear view mirror over recent months it's finally time to look to the future with confidence.


As the Moon returns to your romantic sector choose to not only embrace the spirit of romance and romantic sentiment due to be triggered over the coming days, but to do so with an open heart. The love gods are lining things up for some spectacular developments midyear, with a need to trust where your heart and the spirit of romance is leading you.


While the personal and/or relationship tensions triggered by an opposition between Venus and Saturn earlier in the month are over, there are more wakeup calls to come. This is ultimately working to strengthen and empower your relationships and retain your own needs and truth, it's also essential to ensure the communication lines are open.


For the first time since Pluto turned retrograde in your relationship sector the Moon returns to your communication sector, in what is the first of many connections over the coming months. With Pluto holding the door open to the past this is a chance to give your relationships, emotional responses, past and unsaid words a voice.


As busy and professionally focused as things are, there is not only a need to find a balance between work and play, with romantic and relationship forces no longer willing to be side lined, there is no need to create challenges where there are none. Neither romantic or relationship forces are in any kind of hurry, focused more on the journey.


At a time when both romantic and relationship forces are more focused on the journey, as Mars moves into his final 2 weeks in an adventurous part of your chart a passion for adventure and a hunger for life's richer experiences is becoming more intense. With powerful forces in play on the romantic and relationship fronts simply going through the motions is no longer enough.


An important few days for friendship and relationship building makes way for something that is set to endure, with a sense that from this point on things will only get better. A better sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you has the support and backing of not only the relationship gods, but communication and friendship forces as well.

With Venus already been and gone from your relationship sector, Mars now in his final 2 weeks and Mercury leaving in 3 days time, the time to invest in your relationships is now. You've reached a point where you should know what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, leaving you with no excuses to hide behind.


With Mercury not only returning to your relationship sector later in the week but set to both trigger some personal and/or relationship tension and bring the means to turn this into an opportunity for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough, the more you can spend time now getting a sense of what you want from your relationships the better.


While there is a new sense of urgency in the air as Mars moves into his final 2 weeks in your romantic sector, once his romantic passions and fighting spirit have been captured there's no reason why you can't hold onto them. In fact, the love gods' message today is that while embracing your romantic passions has become more urgent, the real journey has just begun.


Just as a sense of romance is taking on a new sense of urgency there is also likely to be a clear sense that a corner has been turned on the relationship front, with your focus now on the future rather than the road behind. With lucky Jupiter in your relationship sector and Venus, planet of love in your romantic sector good things are possible on both fronts.


Just as Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos moves into his final 2 weeks in your communication sector Mercury, planet of communication into his final 3 days, the Moon returns to your relationship sector in what is a case of perfect timing. Any emotional responses or buttons this pushes comes with the potential for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough.

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