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With Mars gone from your relationship sector and the Moon's last visit for the year behind you, there is a chance to let things settle as the pressure drops back. This makes a coming together of adventurous and romantic forces today a case of perfect timing, especially as the love gods are getting ready to open the doors to the past and second chances tomorrow.


As the Moon's last visit to your relationship sector for the year wraps up, hold onto the emotional and intuitive responses of the last few days. Just a week after Mars' return this has added fuel to his passions and fighting spirit, while exacerbating lucky Jupiter's influence. Regardless of what this triggered, you have luck, time and the relationship gods on your side.


The timing of the Moon's last visit to your relationship sector for the year couldn't be better. With the Sun and Saturn in their final days, Mercury still in retrograde motion and a New Moon in two days' time, the time is ripe for a new commitment and the doors are still open to the past and second chances. The next few days will be defining days on the relationship front.


The Moon's last visit to your romantic sector for the year doesn't usually get the kind of response it is getting this year. Yet as the romantically charged lunar vibes of the last few days run their course, this is likely to have fired up your romantic passions and fighting spirit. When it comes to a battle between work and play, it is now 'game on'.


The Moon's return to your romantic sector today is something so important that romantically charged lunar vibes need to be treated with reverence from the get go. As the last visit for the year, the last before the Sun and Saturn leave next week and beginning the lead up to a New Moon in two days' time, the love gods are ready to bring everything together.


As the Moon's last visit to your communication sector for the year runs its course, make the most of the final hours by doing whatever you can to ensure the communication lines are open. With Chiron, planet of healing in his first full week in direct motion in your relationship sector, this is a chance to lay any remaining old relationship ghosts to rest.


It was just a few days ago that the Moon's last visit to Libra for the year was exacerbating any remaining relationship tension, after Mars' departure over the weekend took the pressure off your relationships. The Moon's return to your communication sector is a real turnaround and marks the point where the rebuilding can begin.

Life might be getting busy in the final days of the professional year, especially with the professional gods still active. Yet there is a sense of romantic confidence emerging that is putting matters of the heart in their own bubble. With time, luck and the love gods on your side there is no urgency and the confidence of knowing you can always make up for lost time later.


In the final days of your birthday month, the Sun's alliance with Uranus, in retrograde motion in your romantic sector runs its course. As you look to the new solar year ahead, the love gods are keeping the doors open to the past and second chances on the romantic front until the New Year. The last few days have brought a chance to balance the two.


As much as you've embarked on the serious job of not only bringing this solar year home, but a three decade long Saturn cycle, Venus is working to have fun with all the planetary activity in a nostalgic part of your chart. For her part Venus, who won't leave and return to Capricorn until Christmas Day, is focused on fuelling a sense of romantic nostalgia.


As she spends her last full day in direct motion in your relationship sector, Ceres is looking to the future while preparing to open the doors to the past. Because the North Node will remain here and in direct motion, you won't have to compromise between the two. The doors will remain open to the past, present and future for the next three months.


You have not only reached a point where you're bringing this professional year home, but a major push over the last three years. Yet no matter how urgent things appear, the reality is they're not. There is no reason why your love life or relationships should suffer, especially if you don't create challenges where there are none.

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