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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 28 September


There is a sense of urgency about today's romantically charged lunar vibes that needs to be embraced, mainly because you're wholly responsible for keeping the romantic flame burning. While there is a favourable wind blowing, with a powerful professional turnaround underway, it will amount to nothing without the right balance between work and play.


Today's romantically charged lunar vibes have the good fortune of kicking in at the very same time that a passion for adventure also kicks in, creating a potent cocktail of romantic, adventurous and passionate forces. Wouldn't you know it, this comes just as life is getting busy and especially on the work front, making a balance between work and play a major challenge but also priority.


While the main focus this week is on matters of the heart and all things romantic, in the lead up to the weekend's fateful New Moon, today creates a window of opportunity where you and your relationships are able to find their voice. Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships this is a day for wearing your heart on your sleeve.


There is a certain point in each month where you will naturally find it easier to give your emotional responses a voice and whether by coincidence or divine intervention you reach that point today, just as there is a chance for a major relationship breakthrough and turnaround. Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships you reach a point where you're ready to fight for what you want, just as you find your voice.


While the forces fuelling your romantic passions and fighting spirit for so many months ran its course yesterday, having had one of your biggest top ups in decades, it is no excuse for letting the romantic flame burn down. That this happens just as the pace of life and on the work front especially heats up is no excuse, with a need to work harder to maintain the right balance between work and play.


You can be forgiven for wondering what just happened, with a new surge of romantic passion and fighting spirit surging through your system, just as the love gods not only remove old roadblocks, but start opening new doors. Until now your focus has been on the rear view mirror, but in one fell swoop it has not only turned to the road ahead, but the stunning romantic opportunities that are right in front of you.


While you won't find it any harder to communicate today, especially on the relationship front you will find that there is no longer the urgency and with that comes the danger of complacency. Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships communication is the glue that not only holds a relationship together and lets it involve, but will see any new relationship get off to the most authentic start possible.

At a time when you're not only getting a better sense of what you want from love and your relationships, but you're finding the confidence to ask for more, a little bit of wishful thinking will go a long way. Yes, you have to have a realistic starting point but it's having something to aspire to that will keep your romantic and relationship confidence high. When you expect more you get more.


While developments on the professional front or just life in general is likely to make it harder to find a balance between work and play, let alone make matters of the heart a priority, fortunately a sense of romantic nostalgia is going to provide a tempting escape. The love gods require nothing more right now than embracing a sense of romantic nostalgia, whenever you get a chance.


At the same time that the love gods are bringing the laws of attraction and synchronicity into effect, those that have the power to put you in the right place at the right time, you're likely to find that a bold new sense of courage is starting to emerge. This is so sudden that it might take you by surprise, but all of a sudden you're brave enough to take some blind leaps of faith.


Continue to pay attention to strong emotional responses to relationship matters, especially as the source behind any buttons being pushed runs its course today. You can't have buttons pushed that aren't there and with plenty of support from the relationship gods, this is a chance to clear the air. Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships this is a chance to get old emotional responses out in the open where they can no longer fester.


While romantically charged lunar vibes ran their course two days ago, it is more important than ever to keep the romantic flame burning, appreciating that it's all about having the right balance between work and play. As some of the professional urgency starts to scale back, what wasn't possible before might be possible now.

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