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  Updated Daily to your web site - Tuesday 1 December


It was less than 2 months ago that Venus wrapped up your biggest romantic push in decades, with the Moon's monthly visit to your romantic sector triggering romantic sentiment, while at the same time challenging your excuses. The love gods have invested too much into establishing what you want from love for it to be forgotten just months later.


Whether it's preparing for Venus, planet of love's return to your relationship sector later in the week or the Moon's return to your romantic sector tomorrow, both significant events in their own right, there is a chance today to focus on making your life as love friendly as possible, appreciating the importance that having the right work/life balance has on your love life and your relationships.


As the Sun and Saturn's alignment in your relationship sector, the first in 28 years comes to an end, the Moon is still on hand, moving through your communication sector in an effort to keep the communication lines open. Yet with Venus, planet of love in her final days in your romantic sector, she won't be happy if this means putting matters of the heart to the side.


While the money and professional gods both want your attention, the love and relationship gods won't have any argument, knowing that this might earn them some IOUs that they can call on later. With Venus returning to your romantic sector over the weekend and Mercury to your relationship sector next week, you might need to borrow attention off the professional gods over the coming weeks, with a chance today to pay it forward.


While there may be some personal and/or relationship tension in the air, there is also a very powerful romantic influence, along with support from forces that know all about finding your voice and triggering serendipitous moments and/or encounters. Sometimes a bit of pressure turns out to be a blessing in disguise, with an opportunity for some real breakthroughs on both the romantic and relationship fronts today.


While Venus, planet of love is on her way to your communication sector and will return over the weekend, taking over from the Sun who left early last week, this won't be in time for the personal and/or relationship tensions due to come to a head over the coming days. However, you've learned enough to take responsibility yourself for ensuring the communication lines are open.


Just as a powerful alignment of communication forces peaks, an auspicious partnership between communication and relationship forces begins. With Venus, planet of love in her final days in your sign she's keeping a watchful eye over both your relationships and matters of the heart, ready to use this as the opportunity it is, for a real breakthrough.

While you've reached an important day for income, work and career matters and because of that there's a need to keep your professional and money hats on today, there is just enough work/life balance pressure to remind you that life can't be all work and no play. With the romantic tide turning and Venus, planet of love returning to your sign over the weekend, the love gods are prepared to take a backseat for now, but don't expect their generosity to last.


While the Moon has long since moved on from last week's Full Moon in your relationship sector and any personal and/or relationship tensions this created are behind you, you've reached a point where there is a danger of forgetting the very real wakeup calls this brought. Your relationships don't get much of a voice at the moment and key to benefiting from last week's wakeup calls is having the communication lines open.


With no planetary activity in either your romantic or relationship sectors both matters of the heart and your relationships are at the mercy of outside forces. While your relationships are being supported by improving conditions and a real turnaround on the communication front, romantic matters are being supported by a strong and confident sense of adventure in the air.


Today is a living example that sometimes it really is all about being in the right place at the right time, for that's the case with the Moon's monthly visit to your relationship sector. While this might push some buttons and fuel any personal and/or relationship tension, it comes just as Mercury and Uranus have teamed up to not only create an opportunity for a communication breakthrough, but some serendipitous moments and/or developments.


Even powerful relationship forces take a backseat in the face of today's powerful professional developments, with fragile romantic forces that came into play over recent days not standing a chance left to their own devices. Key to making the Moon's monthly visit to your romantic sector, which wrapped up yesterday count, is cocooning the romantic sentiment, feeling and yearnings triggered, bringing them out when life isn't so hectic.

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