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  Updated Daily to your web site - Friday 23 June


Bringing fun and romance into your day today will give you a huge amount of energy and will help you to feel alive and will also lead to a great moment, one that is not that common in occurrence, but is definitely one where you get to see with your own eyes how attractive you are to others.


Biting your tongue today is the answer. The stars are saying to be aware of what it is that you think today, for it just might come out in a way that you do not intend. Instead of trying to be quiet, say to yourself 'this is not the time', that way you can protect yourself from harm that may come from speaking out of turn today.


Biting down on an apple is a great way to keep you from saying what you want to say today as there is an energy in the air circulating that is going to cause some very big misunderstandings. Avoid them at all costs by saying very little today Gemini.


Finding out that you are very happy in your love life is not new but accepting it to be the truth is new for you. For it has been difficult and challenging at times in your relationship but the stars are asking that you see the situation as a happy one instead of anything else.


Happiness awaits all of you today in a way that is long overdue. You are entitled to some laughter, a bit of fun and being fancy free today. The angelic community are in full force today to surround you with complete freedom to be the happiest one in your day today.


Going off on any tangent today will be the last time you will feel at peace, for this world, this environment, is not playing very nicely today and may very well set you off on a ride that you cannot get off. Remain calm and at peace today to avoid this at all costs.


Backing away from any conversation today regarding your mistakes is key to being able to make a connection with someone in your personal relationship, for they are wanting to hear something from you that never happened and you know that it is not worthy of your time. Remove yourself or change tact today to avoid a misunderstanding on their part.

Victory is on the cards for you today for not only are you feeling on top of things but you know that you are ready for a real commitment. You are ready for a real relationship and you are ready to meet this soul mate of yours, regardless of your present status today, it will grow in a way that is exciting for you and all involved.


Stop, wait and pause is the message coming through so strongly for you today. The stars are asking that you do not speak without doing at least one of these things, for if you fail to stop, wait or pause in any conversation or in any action, you will find it to be miscommunicated and misinterpreted today.


Standing tall and firm is your best option today for there is one person who will try to push you by their behaviour, by their words and by their temperament. It is time to not listen, to not react, to not get involved, let yourself be the stronger person today.


Breaking down the illusions you have at what someone may say back to you today has to be done. For you are not listening to your heart, instead you have been listening to your fears. It is not true, just step back and see with your heart, not with your mind.


Be open and don't hold back, it is near the weekend and there must be an activity or an outing for you, that you are desperately wanting to have or for it to be, say what you want and be ready for it to happen, manifesting is one of your greatest gifts Pisces.

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