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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Saturday 19 April


With the Sun returning to your income sector tomorrow and Mercury just 3 days later, bringing the first support since last May, there is both a sense of anticipation in the air and a need to take care of any general financial housekeeping first. The more you can have a tight control of your financial situation, the less likely what is about to come in is to leak out.


With no planetary activity in either of your money houses so far this year the Moon's monthly visits to both have become a lot more important and that's especially so on the financial front today. The Moon's last visit to your financial sector before new doors open on the income front is a chance to take care of any financial housekeeping first.


An alliance between Venus and Jupiter, the planets of money and luck is going to create some auspicious conditions, opportunities and a boost in confidence, no matter where and when it falls. But with Venus in your career sector and Jupiter in your income sector and with financial tensions rising, this creates the potential for a major breakthrough.


This is one time when the money gods are happy to stand aside, knowing that it's in their best interests if you keep your professional hat rather than your money hat on at the moment. The money gods know that you'll gain more from upcoming income openings if you have the right professional momentum behind you.


From her position in your financial sector Venus is not only boosting your financial desires and expectations, but is largely immune from tensions building elsewhere. This makes it important to fiercely protect your financial confidence, realising that where you're experiencing financial tension it most likely has nothing to do with money.


The Sun's last full day in your financial sector is a chance to put things in perspective, especially with financial tensions and pressure mounting. There is a need to be aware that this would be happening anyway and is not a sign that something is broken, with both income and financial forces battling for your attention.


This is a day for continuing to focus on income and professional matters, using the nose for money the Moon's visit to your income sector over recent days has left you with. There will be time enough from tomorrow to focus on money matters as a whole, even if that means sticking your head in the sand for now.

Having the Moon in your income sector as the Sun spends his last full day in your work sector is giving you a nose for money when you need it most. With your annual review of your work situation, matters and options coming to an end but the real journey just beginning, this provides a clearer sense of where the money is.


An opposition between Jupiter in your financial sector and Pluto in your income sector is just another 2 days away from peaking, making it important to use this as an opportunity rather than a sign that something is broken. The money gods are simply raising the bar, with the potential for a breakthrough or to really change things up.


Until the Moon returns to your income sector early next week, for the first time since a 3 month push from the money gods ended, it's too soon to make any firm stands or to close the circle. It's when the Moon returns and a nose for money kicks in, that most things will fall into place and into context.


An alliance between Venus in your income sector and lucky Jupiter in your work sector peaks today, just as work tensions continue to rise. As well as a better sense of where the money is and a boost in confidence, this provides the means to work smarter, with a better sense of where the money is and of what you're fighting for.


Having the Moon in your career sector as the Sun spends his last full day in your income sector ensures that your professional instincts are sharp and also that you have an eye on the big picture. Along with Mercury's smart head for money this allows you to turn any financial tension into motivation.

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