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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Wednesday 20 August


As Mars and Saturn draw closer to their alignment next week, the first in your financial sector since 1984, there's a need to take a smart approach to money matters, keeping your eye on the big picture. With Mars firing up your financial passions and fighting spirit and Saturn giving you the power to move mountains if you have to, it's important to know what you're fighting for.


As the Moon's monthly visit to your income sector wraps up hold onto the nose for money this leaves you with, without complicating things. Right in the middle of a short professional lull and with money matters becoming a lot more important from next month, keep things as simple and clear cut as possible.


When Venus left your income sector last week she not only wrapped up her own short visit but 16 months of continuous planetary activity. With the money gods having shifted their focus onto money matters as a whole since then, at a time when things are coming together on the work front, holding onto a sense of where the money is, is essential.


The next few days are transition days on the income front, with the Sun getting ready to leave and Venus getting ready to take the lead. Where Venus is fuelling your desires and expectations and triggering the laws of attraction the Sun asks you to keep it real and take responsibility, with the two needing to go hand in hand for now.


While the financial tension caused by a clash between income and financial forces over the last few days is easing back, it's more a temporary truce. In the early days of the most important 6 weeks of the year for income matters, this is challenging old financial attitudes and even excuses, but is the shakeup you need on both fronts.


As the Moon's first visit to your career sector since one wave of income momentum ended and the last before another wave hits in less than 2 weeks time, holding onto the professional instincts and the valuable clues, hunches and insights this leaves you with is essential. This comes as you're able to stand back and reassess your income expectations.


In just 6 days time the first alignment between Mars and Saturn in your income sector since 1984 will peak, but already they're close enough for you to feel the fighting spirit and determination this is creating. With your professional desires and expectations banked it's more important than ever to work smarter, with the focus becoming more and more on where the money is.

As the Moon's monthly visit to your financial sector wraps up, as is always the case there's a need to hold onto the financial instincts and the emotional and intuitive responses triggered over the last few days. By the time the Moon comes full circle next month there will be a lot more focus on income matters, making these messages a lot harder to get through.


Pluto, now the only planet in either of your money houses since Venus left your financial sector last week, is not only enjoying a lack of pressure and a chance to get his message across, but some confidence building success. While still in retrograde motion in your income sector Pluto is now even more determined to work with you to access untapped potential.


Having aligned with lucky Jupiter over the last few days Venus, planet of money, desire and attraction is inspired and pumped up, ready to take the financial desires and expectations she's evoking to a whole new level. At this stage you're still hampered by the Sun's position in your income sector as well, with a need to balance this with the financial housekeeping that needs to take place at this time every year.


While Mercury's return to your financial sector over the weekend is already pushing buttons and creating some financial tension, due to his opposition with forces in your income sector, it's providing some valuable wakeup calls when you need it most. This is waking you up to where you've been asleep at the wheel, providing some welcome motivation.


Where for the majority of the year you've had to balance and work with competing forces in play on the income and financial fronts and that will once again become your reality from early next month, for a few weeks you have a chance to put your focus onto income matters, fortuitously just as things are coming together on the work front.

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