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Today marks a major milestone in your financial year, with Saturn's direct turn in your financial sector not only shifting your focus from the rear view mirror to the road ahead, but beginning a 7 week trek back out again. It will be 27 years until the hard taskmaster of the cosmos is back but he's dedicating the next 7 weeks to helping you to take your power back and to move on.


While it will take Saturn another 7 weeks to return to your financial sector his direct turn today means that he's on his way back, with the promise he'll not only return to start over again, but will remain on the job until December 2017. This puts you on notice, for when the hard taskmaster of the cosmos returns he'll review how well you've managed things on your own.


Just as Mars moves into his final and most urgent week in your income sector Saturn turns direct in your work sector, with the Moon's return to your career sector not only sharpening your professional instincts but bringing income, work and career forces together in a powerful way. While the tide turns on the work front today, forces on all three fronts are coming along for the ride.


As the Moon's monthly visit to your financial sector wraps up there may be a sting in its tail, moving into opposition with both Jupiter and Venus in your income sector. Yet with Ceres in her last weekend in your financial sector and Venus and Jupiter creating something special on the income front, both sides need the wakeup calls and the push this brings.


In a case of perfect timing, just a day after Venus retrograded back out of your income sector and 6 days before Mercury is due to return to take over, the Moon manages to sneak in one last, uninterrupted visit to your financial sector. A day earlier or a week later and this would have created some financial tension, but instead is a chance to shift the focus back to money matters as a whole, trusting what your financial instincts are telling you.


A week after turning retrograde in your financial sector Uranus has now settled into a pattern and he's got some very special support, something that should already be giving you more financial confidence, especially as you look back. It's those old skeletons that you've been too scared to look at that are proving much more friendlier than you thought, giving you a chance to rewrite the past in a more empowering light.


The stars or more appropriately the professional gods have come out in force to support Saturn's direct turn in your income sector, which will finally see the tide turn. With Mars moving into his final week in your career sector and the Moon returning to your work sector, you've got the professional savvy needed to sense that the tide has turned and how to take advantage of this.

While Saturn's direct turn today won't have any immediate implications, this is in fact a major turning point for income matters. For it's today that Saturn does a U turn and begins a 7 week trek back to your income sector, with professional developments just taking root now ready to bloom by the time he gets there. This is an event that is destined to have big implications down the line.


The Moon's recent visit to your income sector has left you with more than just a nose for money, with a new sense of just what's possible on the income and career fronts. With the coming months teaming up with income and career opportunities and potential you're now just getting a hint that this requires a lot of blind faith, with what might feel more like wishful thinking anything but.


As Venus spends her first full day back in your financial sector she's returned to find one very strong team in place and with lucky Jupiter just 9 days away from leaving, it's time to start bringing things home. If it hadn't been for the Full Moon 2 days ago Ceres' last weekend in your income sector could have flown under the radar, with a nose for money and financial tension ensuring it's not just money matters as a whole that gain some important leverage.


The timing of the Moon's return to your income sector couldn't be better and not just because it managed to dodge an opposition with Venus in your financial sector by just 1 day. Returning just as Saturn turns direct in your career sector and Mars moves into his final week in your work sector this will ensure you have a nose for money as the tide turns professionally.


A week on from Uranus' retrograde turn in your income sector and he's got some very special company, as Venus spends her first weekend back in your work sector, in retrograde motion. While Uranus will hold the doors open to second chances and untapped income potential through until December, for the next 5 weeks the doors will also be open to second chances and untapped potential on the work front.

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