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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Thursday 8 October


While the Sun will return to your financial sector later in the month, there's nothing to be gained by rehashing money matters, especially as they're likely to have been hashed to death over recent months. You're financially savvy enough to keep the wheels turning without having to get out and reinvent the wheel every 5 minutes. Trust that you're on the right track.


The key to working with Saturn in your financial sector is appreciating that time is on your side, that the slower you can take things the better. Still in her early weeks the hard taskmaster of the cosmos is surrounded by support today, support that is inspiring your imagination and a sense of financial confidence. This is part of the process of taking your power back.


While Pluto, planet of change and revolution is in your financial sector until 2024, as Ceres moves into her final 3 weeks her mission to get past the money to what really motivates you, is becoming a lot more urgent. With the money gods favouring evolution over revolution, key to moving things in the right direction is really knowing what you're striving and working for.


As she spends her last full day in your income sector, as well as the Moon's presence sharpening your nose for money, support from work and career forces gives you the confidence to believe that anything is possible. If Venus is doing her job she's working to leave you with expectations and goal posts that seem impossibly high, more in the realms of wishful thinking.


As an opposition between Mars in your income sector and Neptune in your financial sector trails off financial tensions will start to ease, but don't wish them away too soon. For the first time since this battle between income and financial forces began your fighting and warrior spirit has finally kicked in, ready to declare war on any glass ceilings in your way.


Now in his final days in retrograde motion in your income sector Mercury is slowing down to a crawl and while you've got a smart head for money and 20/20 hindsight to work with, there is still a need to avoid rushing or pushing anything. Despite the fact that you're drawing close to a New Moon here early next week, there's still a need for a wait and see approach.


While the money gods are still firmly focused on income matters, just past the halfway mark in a 5 week gap between Saturn's departure from your income sector and the Sun's return, there's a need to take a wait and see approach. Where until now it's been about building the foundations for success and growth, you'll soon have a chance to start reaping the rewards.

In her last full day in your career sector Venus might be cementing your professional desires and expectations, but she is keeping a firm eye on where the money is. With a powerful partnership between income and work forces building over the coming months and years, there's a need to trust all you need is a sense of which path is the most lucrative one.


The wind has not only been taken out of the sails of any financial tension earlier in the week, but this has already turned into a new sense of determination, especially on the income front. As you start to appreciate the professional momentum you have to draw on you're also aware that how high you set the bar on the income front is up to you.


With the Moon in your financial sector during Venus' last full day avoid over thinking things at all costs, with today more about trusting what your heart and gut are telling you. After 15 months of direct planetary support you're more than ready to take the reins of your own financial destiny, with these financial hours all about deciding where to position the goal posts.


As financial tensions once more start to ease back it's important for neither income nor financial forces to emerge the victor, with true breakthroughs coming from win/win solutions. While Mars is here to fuel your financial passions and fighting spirit, income forces are not about to be side lined or old dreams discarded.


At the same time that a new sense of confidence is emerging on the income, work and career fronts, the money gods call for a wait and see approach to money matters as a whole. While a New Moon is just 5 days away, with Mercury still in retrograde motion in your financial sector there's a need to measure twice and cut once.

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