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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Friday 24 October


Venus, planet of beauty is on the move this week but her shift on Friday is likely to be a very subtle one. Until Friday Venus is evoking a desire for change and for more passion in your life and fashion choices, before shifting her focus to a more adventurous approach. This is when a major mission to move you out of a rut begins, one that will include moving you out of a fashion rut.


While money matters might be pushed to one side as dominant relationship forces grab your attention, there is a sense of urgency in the air that needs to be managed carefully. You need enough urgency to ensure you're fighting for the things you need to, but not so much urgency that it creates panic or anxiety.


Today brings you to the point where the Moon's recent visit to your income sector is set to pay off, especially if you've held onto the nose for money this left you with. For while work matters have been ticking along they not only get a major boost today, but you reach the point where everything until now has been leading up to and everything from now will lead on from.


While Mars, in his final days in your work sector is facing some major competition from playful forces, the fact that this is forcing you to find a balance between work and play can work to your advantage. With a nose for money and support from lucky Jupiter in your income sector, it's all about working smarter.


With the Moon's first visit to your income sector since this year's planetary push ended behind you, but only just, you've been left with a nose for money that is imperative that you hold onto. With new doors opening on the work front in just 2 days time, knowing where the money is will make it easier to work smarter.


There is a mass exodus from your income sector today, when within the space of just a few hours the Sun, Venus and Moon all leave your income sector. This ends a push to get income matters up to speed and to get everything out in the open, but leaves you with enough money gods still on the case in order to tie up loose ends.


Today marks a dramatic shift in fortunes on the income front, with the money gods bringing you to a point where everything until now has been leading up to and everything from now will lead on from. For just as Saturn moves into his final 2 months in your income sector the Sun and Venus return and a solar eclipse brings you to the point where it's time to bring things home.

Your new solar year begins with a bang today, with not only the Sun returning but the Moon and Venus as well, with a solar eclipse in the early hours allowing you to draw a powerful new line in the sand. In one moment the makeup of the coming year is revealed, including the income support you don't usually find.


While it's been 4 days since the Moon left your career sector, holding onto the professional instincts and confidence this left you with is more important than you realise, especially with something special developing on the income front in just a few days time. Get your professional bearings first, trusting that the money will follow.


While it won't be until early December when Mars returns to your income sector that you'll have a chance to reap your full income potential, as the Sun and Venus both leave your career sector today this ends a major push to get you as prepared as possible. At this point it's still about keeping your professional hat on and head in the game.


While the tide won't turn on the income front until next month, future income opportunities, in both the short and long term get a major boost from developments on the career front today. As the professional gods draw a major new line in the sand professionally, there's every reason to get excited about the new income possibilities this opens the door to.


Today brings you to a fairly dramatic point in an ongoing financial journey, with a lot of the urgency dissipating. Within hours of each other the Sun, Venus and Moon all leave your financial sector today, bringing you to a point where it's less about tying up loose ends and bringing things home, working with what is already on the table.

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