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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Wednesday 30 July


With Mars still in his first full week in your financial sector and the financial tide having only just started to turn last week, you're still in the early days of a major financial turnaround, making it important to pace yourself. With the motivation and power to move mountains if you have to, take the time to narrow down what you're fighting for.


The advantage you have right now, with no planetary activity in either of your money houses, is that you have a lot of creative licence. A push on the income front is over and you won't have to think about financial housekeeping until September, leaving you free to focus on what you want to focus on, on your terms, in your own way and timeframe.


At the same time that Mercury, in his final days in your income secto,r is urging you to work with his smart head for money and to keep your head in the game, Venus is getting ready to take over and to play things her way, which is more about wishful thinking. Between them this is giving you the motivation and the knowhow needed to walk the talk.


While the weekend's New Moon in your income sector is well and truly over, with the Moon having only just left yesterday you're only now at a point that you're able to process what this triggered, especially within you. At this point it's too early to over think things, focused more on keeping your confidence and your motivation high.


While the Moon's monthly visit to your income sector is likely to be pushing some buttons and creating some financial tension, this comes with a nose for money and the wakeup calls needed to start lining up for next month's opportunities and new developments. Pay attention to what's pushing your buttons and why.


While you're not out of the woods yet, with next week the point where financial tensions drop away completely, already you're at a point where any remaining tension is turning into motivation and a better understanding of how strongly positioned you are. It's by looking back on the journey so far that you're able to appreciate just how much you've learned.


With Mercury and Venus both in their final days in your career sector but Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos still in his early days in your income sector, they are not only working together but there is a changing of the guard. Where until now the driving force has been on gaining the right professional momentum it's become a lot more about where the money is.

If you take things at face value and you look only at what's happening now you won't be able to see how well positioned you are financially. However, pan out and focus on the big picture and you'll see that the professional gods are lining you up for the income opportunities that will follow, asking that you put the horse before the carriage.


You have reached a turning point in your financial year, with the most recent financial wakeup calls now behind you and already transforming into a new sense of motivation and resolve on both the income and financial fronts. It's the Moon's position in your career sector and the professional instincts being triggered that brings a boost in income confidence as well.


The Moon's departure from your financial sector yesterday may have finally brought the weekend's New Moon to a close, but like a bell that can't be unrung there is no going back from the implications this exposed. Over the last few days the money gods have revealed their hand, giving you the confidence to make this a new starting point.


With the Moon's last visit to your financial sector before new doors open and with the Sun and Mercury's return next month, you have a chance to both line up for what lies ahead, but also to focus on what your financial instincts and any financial tension being triggered is telling you on both the income and financial fronts.


With the Moon still 2 days away from the first visit to your financial sector since Mars left over the weekend you're still not ready to tie up loose ends, though you are getting close. On both the income and financial fronts you've reached a point where it's about putting things on the course you want them to continue on, but in a way that operates behind the scenes.

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