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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Thursday 29 January


As the Moon's monthly visit to your income sector wraps up, hold onto the nose for money and a sense of confidence gained over the last few days, especially as this comes in what is a settling down week professionally, where you're transitioning from the urgency of the past to a much measured and long term approach moving forward.


Just a day after Venus' departure from your career sector left you with the kind of professional desires and expectations that have a built in sense of where the money is, the Moon's return to your income sector allows you to get a better read on this. As a nose for money kicks in this will merge with what your heart is telling you professionally.


As she spends her first full day in your career sector Venus, planet of money, desire and attraction is on a mission to boost your professional confidence and define your professional desires and expectations, but also with an eye to where the money is. With the Moon returning to your income sector in a few days time, by the weekend you'll have a better read on this.


Venus' departure from your financial sector yesterday brings you to a new stage in the journey that is your annual financial review and update, something that happens at this time every year. With your financial desires and expectations banked it's time to take a more objective look at money matters, with a smart, 20/20 hindsight and foresight to work with.


As she spends her first full day in your financial sector, as well as her financial desires and expectations and ability to trigger the laws of attraction fitting in nicely with the financial passions, dreams and fighting spirit already fuelled, coming with this is a new sense of urgency. This brings a need to get as many balls in the air as possible before the money gods ask for reality checks.


Just a day after Venus' departure from your work sector, which not only left you with a better sense of where your heart stands but of where the money is, the Moon's return to your career sector brings a chance to regroup. With your professional instincts sharp this is a chance to put income, work and career matters on the table at the same time.


As the Moon's monthly visit to your financial sector wraps up hold onto the financial instincts and also the reminders gained over the past few days. You moved into the New Year with the Moon in your financial sector and with Venus returning in 6 weeks' time, this is both a chance to look back to the intentions you moved into the year with and forward to where to from here.

With no planetary activity in your financial sector but Saturn still in the early weeks of a 3 year visit to your income sector, there's no doubt the money gods are more focused on income matters. This makes the Moon's return to your financial sector today a chance to take care of any financial housekeeping, even if the money gods need to push some buttons in order to get your attention.


While Venus is still another 6 weeks away from your work sector, both the professional and money gods will be paying attention as the Moon leaves today and so should you. This is the Moon's first visit to your work sector since income forces shifted from the short to the long term last week, with a chance to put your income and work options on the same page.


Where Venus' departure from your income sector yesterday did a good job of leaving you with clear desires and expectations, a sense of entitlement and of what's possible, it's now up to the Sun's objectivity and Mercury's smart head for money and 20/20 hindsight to help you walk the talk. Right on cue the Moon's return to your work sector gives you the intuitive edge you need.


Last year Venus didn't return to your income sector until April and Mars didn't return at all, yet as they spend their first full day together here in 2 years this is a game changer. Mars has been fuelling your passions and fighting spirit for the last 17 days, with Venus' input creating a situation where opportunities are now more likely to find you.


While Venus and Mars are still another 3 weeks away from your income sector, thanks to the nose for money and Eureka moments you moved into the new week with there is already a sense of anticipation in the air. Already there is a sense that both financially and professionally 2015 is a very different year to 2014.

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