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As she spends her first full day in your financial sector Venus will find that her job of fuelling your financial confidence, desires and expectations is incredibly easy, mainly because of what has already been accomplished this year. The first thing this will do is add fuel to the financial passions and fighting spirit Mars spent so many months fuelling.


As Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos spends his last weekend in your financial sector he's continuing to fuel your financial passions and fighting spirit but the urgency of recent days is already starting to drop off. Realising he has just two more days to work with Saturn, Mars is focusing more on your ongoing commitment to what you're fighting for, rather than what can be achieved in the short term.


While the money gods are active this weekend they have divided into two very different camps, calling for two very different approaches. As Pluto spends his last weekend in retrograde motion in your financial sector and with a major turnaround just two days away this is a day for reflection, while having the Moon in your income sector and a nose for money during Venus' first full day in your work sector has you excited about what the future holds.


This is not only Mars' last weekend in your work sector for another two years, but his last weekend with Saturn here for another three decades and with all your income potential over the coming months and years dependant on having the right traction on the work front, this is where your focus needs to be. Weekend or not there is a need to keep your work hat on today, with the money gods standing right back.


The Sun's departure from your income sector two days ago was the last in a line of prominent departures and just 16 days after your biggest income year in over a decade ran its course, it is now down to Mercury to bring things home. Armed with a smart head for money, 20/20 hindsight and an enormous amount of momentum, it's time to start making smart choices, decisions and plans about where to from here.


During the 15 days that Venus spent with lucky Jupiter in your income sector, because she returned they never aligned and her job was simply to lead the way. Yet just two days after returning to your income sector the Sun is just a day away from the first Jupiter alignment here in over a decade, the reality that your luck has changed is finally starting to sink in.


Where last weekend's lunar eclipse in your work sector brought a need to keep your work hat on over the weekend with no apparent rewards, just a week on income, work and career developments come together to reveal the breakthroughs this has cleared the way for. As Venus spends her first full day in your income sector she is ushering in the most potentially lucrative weeks of 2016.

Knowing that only so much can be accomplished in his remaining two days in your income sector, Mars is more likely to regroup over the weekend, focused more on attacking the glass ceilings in your own mind and looking at the fight you'll continue once he's gone. With plenty of support and in fact some of the most powerful forces in the solar system staying on, there is no danger of taking on more than you can handle, with your biggest danger being setting the bar too low.


Having the Moon in your financial sector during Pluto's last weekend in retrograde motion in your income sector is both sharpening your financial instincts and keeping you on your toes, creating just enough financial tension to ensure you're paying attention. With a major income breakthrough and turnaround now just 48 hours away, any financial tension will very soon transform into some much needed and timely motivation.


When Venus left your career sector yesterday she left you with your professional confidence, desires and expectations fuelled, but also the confidence of knowing that with lucky Jupiter on board and with your luckiest professional year in over a decade stretching out in front of you, that those expectations are in safe hands. Also in safe hands is the income potential triggered and while not as obvious, where things go professionally the money will follow.


Where lucky Jupiter's 13 month visit to your financial sector was great at creating some major financial goals and ambitions, Venus was great at fuelling your financial confidence, desires and expectations and the Sun at providing the reality checks needed to deal with money matters objectively, Mercury is great on the details. You know the 'what' and now it's time to get down to the 'when, where and how', taking control of your financial destiny by the choices you make.


Just two days after the Sun's return to your financial sector he's less than 24 hours away from the first Jupiter alignment here in over a decade and the reality checks he brings is just how much is now possible. While at the end of the day Jupiter is nothing but hot air, his belief in what's possible combined with the Sun's reality checks put the two largest objects in the solar system on your team, daring you to take charge of your own financial destiny.

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