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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Friday 23 June


When the Moon left your income sector yesterday this left you with the nose for money and the determination to make Venus' final 12 days count. All of a sudden you have a deadline to work to, for once Venus leaves there will be no more planetary activity here until 2018. This was never about the money and is all about your expectations.


With the Sun and Mercury gone from your income sector, the Moon has returned for what should be a chance to tie up loose ends. Because the Moon left just hours behind Mercury, you've got a nose and a smart head for money to draw on. Yet both will be telling you the same thing. That income matters are still evolving. This will feel anything but finished.


A week before Mars is due to move into opposition with Pluto, there is a chance to defuse things ahead of time. An opposition between Mars and Juno will create financial tension, but this is not the planets of war and revolution in opposition. As income and money matters clash, pay attention to what any financial tension is telling you, knowing you have a week to work on it.


The money gods are wisely taking a back seat today and will do until the Moon returns to your income sector early next week. In just 13 days an incredible 15 month run will begin on the income front and I'm talking an active and not a passive one. Today's major alignment between work and career forces is a chance to get your professional ducks in a row.


A week on from Neptune's retrograde turn in your financial sector not a lot has changed, other than even more support when it comes to your financial imagination and daydreams. There will come a time when more reality checks will be required but not yet. This is still all about revisiting those financial dreams and passions you began the year with.


Today is the first full day of a major alignment between Eris in your financial sector and Saturn in your home and family sector. As well as bringing you to the start of a 15 day period where financial matters on the home front are favoured, this is a chance to get to the heart of your financial truth. This means getting past the money.


When the Moon left your financial sector yesterday it left you with more than sharp financial instincts. An alignment with Venus was a chance to put your financial instincts, desires and expectations on the same page, but has also brought your first real sense of urgency. The call has gone out to start tying up loose ends on the financial front.

Having the Moon move through your financial sector right after the Sun and Mercury moves on, is an amazing chance to process what have been a tough few weeks. This should be the point where you're ready to tie up loose ends on the financial front, but that is obviously not the case. For now, listen to your financial instincts and imagination.


As much as an opposition between Mars and Juno is likely to create some financial tension as income and financial forces clash, the timing couldn't be better. Just a day before a New Moon in your financial sector, this can create some real motivation. Yet the real advantage is a chance to defuse a more explosive opposition later next week.


The money gods are happy to stand back, especially as things regroup on the job front and the wheels start moving on the career front. A partnership between income, work and career forces ensure that as things come together on the job and career fronts, the money is more likely to follow.


A week on from Neptune's retrograde turn in your income sector there is unlikely to be any sign of movement, but the support from work forces has literally tripled. A week ago it was just Mars in your work sector, but now the Sun and Mercury are here as well. With Neptune still at a standstill, this is a chance to assemble the right crew on the income front.


Today is the first full day of a major 15 days alignment between Eris in your income sector and Saturn in your career sector. Both have had their share of challenges, with Eris and income matters over recent months and Saturn and career matters over recent weeks. This is a chance to regroup, with a chance to learn from the journey so far.

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