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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Tuesday 23 May


With Venus still two weeks away from your income sector this buys you time. Time to let things settle after the Sun's departure over the weekend and time to work with Mercury. This gives you the smart head for money needed to keep your head in the game, also you're able to explore options and think on your feet, without the pressure to make a stand.


The heat between Mars and Saturn is starting to rise and with it there may be some financial tension. This is doing more than put income and financial forces into conflict. Mars wants you to throw yourself into income matters with hotheaded enthusiasm, while Saturn wants you to measure twice and cut once when it comes to money matters.


You've reached a point in the year where the money gods have contributed all that they will do for several more months. Both planets are now settled in their retrograde phase and apart from the Moon's monthly visits things are now set in motion. This frees you and the money gods up to start getting curious about income matters.


As Venus moves into her final two weeks in your career sector she is focused on leaving you with a lucrative sense of professional direction. Venus has been wearing two hats since she returned, but in her final weeks she's aware of the huge support she'll leave behind on the income and professional forces. This frees Venus up to focus on pointing things in the right direction.


The more time that passes since the Moon's departure from your financial sector over the weekend, the more you're able to trust the financial confidence this has triggered. Mainly because time is revealing that there is no false read of things, with whatever has fuelled your financial confidence and imagination still in effect.


Financial tension might remain high until the Moon leaves your financial sector tomorrow. However this is already dropping back and/or turning into motivation. This is the motivation to raise the bar on your financial expectations and to make the most of the doors still open to the past, second chances and untapped income potential.


At the moment you can afford to take a strategic approach to money matters today, focused on the fact. That's because you will gain more context over the coming days. The Moon's return to your financial sector tomorrow will fuel your financial instincts and imagination, while also giving you the intuitive edge needed to read between the lines.

While growing friction between Mars and Saturn may see financial tension rise, this can have some real benefits on the income and financial fronts. As Mars puts pressure on Saturn in your income sector, Saturn is putting pressure on Mars in your financial sector. Both sides are so well supported that this creates the potential for a breakthrough.


A week on from the Moon's departure from your income sector and you should have a clear sense of where things stand. All the big shifts on the income front, for now anyway are over. Both planets are here in retrograde motion and will remain in retrograde motion for months. Now that the doors are open to the past, second chances and untapped income potential they'll remain open until September.


While last week's financial tensions have dropped back, this has left you with a better sense of where things stand on the income and financial fronts. Apart from leaving you with a nose for money at a crucial point in your financial year, this has brought home how important a balance between money coming in and money going out is.


Two days on from the Moon's departure from your income sector and chances are your nose for money is getting sharper and your confidence is becoming stronger. The Moon has tapped into something that is not going to shift on you. What the Moon hinted at you should be starting to see more evidence of.


For the third time this year but for the last time for another year, the Moon and Venus align in your income sector today. That is fairly exceptional, when you consider this normally only happens once a year. It's the familiarity of what your nose for money is telling you and the response triggered that contributes to a more confident call to action.

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