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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Thursday 24 April


Arriving in your income sector just 3 days behind the Sun and moving twice as fast, in just a few days Mercury and his smart head for money will catch up and overtake, taking a fairly slow start to this annual update into over drive. Where the focus has been on money matters as a whole you're now able to use recent professional tension as leverage on the income front.


Just 2 weeks before Mercury and his smart head for money is due to finally open new doors on the income front for the year, the Moon leaves your career sector and work tension peaks. With your professional instincts sharp and a clearer sense of your professional objectives, you're able to use work tension as an opportunity to clear the way for new income opportunities on the way.


While it will take a few days for tensions to ease back, already you have reached a tipping point, where financial tension is already making way for a new sense of motivation and determination. It's on the income front that with support from forces on both the work and career fronts you're able to quickly recover, with the leverage to shatter any remaining glass ceilings in your way.


As the Moon's first visit to your financial sector since Venus left and a 3 month push to get your new financial year up to speed and on the right track ends, you're left with a clear sense of where to from here. With the money gods more interested in income matters moving forward, keeping your financial game on track is now on you.


Keep your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground as the Moon returns to your financial sector, just 9 days before Venus is due to leave. Over the next few days the Moon and Venus will meet up for the first and only time here this year, giving you a chance to put your financial instincts, desires and expectations on the same page.


Where yesterday was the most challenging day of 2014, with a pair of crisscrossing oppositions bringing things to a head, this is already starting to ease back and financial tensions are already starting to transform into a new sense of motivation and determination. This is when your fighting spirit really kicks in.


While the Sun is just 4 days into a month long visit to your financial sector Mercury is here for just 15 days, with his smart head for money and the Sun's clarity allowing you to start taking care of any financial housekeeping. Due to align over the weekend, for now it's about having your eyes open, head out of the sand and your head in the game.

With Mercury now just 14 days away from your financial sector and the start of some active months on the money front, you're having to balance a need to keep your money hat off for now, while being ready to soon put it on. Until Mercury arrives there is nothing to be gained from over thinking things, but everything to be gained by starting to pay more attention.


As an opposition between income and financial forces ends there is support on both fronts that allows you to turn this into an opportunity for a breakthrough or turnaround on both fronts. It's on the income front that new doors opening on the work front provide both the support and confidence to use financial tensions to your advantage.


Just as pressure on Mars, in retrograde motion in your career sector, begins to ease back the Moon leaves your income sector, leaving you with a nose for money and a reminder of your desires and expectations. This brings the confidence and boost needed to turn professional tension into motivation, especially with a better sense of where the money is.


The timing of the Moon's return to your income sector today is important on a number of levels, giving you a nose for money at a critical point on the income, work and career fronts. This is the point where work tensions start to run out of fuel and the point where you're able to use any remaining tension as leverage and motivation.


As financial tensions start to ease back and especially when they came to a head yesterday, what is likely to have emerged is your fighting spirit. If it hasn't then it needs to, with a need to focus on what is fuelling your financial passions and fighting spirit, with a time for talking over.

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