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As the Moon's starts to wrap up its first visit to your financial sector since lucky Jupiter's return, it is with the knowledge that they will meet up every four weeks, for the next 13 months. Due to return as a New Moon next month and with the Sun returning tomorrow, today is more about letting your financial confidence, instincts and imagination take on a life of their own.


Throughout the nearly three years that Saturn has been in your financial sector, the Moon's return every four weeks has given you a chance to get your bearings and stay on track. When the Moon returns tomorrow it will be for the last time while Saturn is on his own for another three decades. This makes it already important to have your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground.


Since Pluto turned direct in your financial sector late last month, he has had the support of Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos. As the planets of war and revolution, they have helped to fuel your financial confidence and get you excited about the journey ahead. Mars is about to away from a position where he can continue that support, but you're ready to take the trainer wheels off.


As much as things are well positioned across the income, work and career fronts and they are now one united force, this is not something that you have to over think. For the first time in 17 years you have the North Node in your income sector, naturally keeping things on a lucrative course. However, never before have you had the kind of professional support you have this time. Relax into this and enjoy the journey.


As Mars spends his last full day in your income sector he has two missions as he prepares to wrap up all planetary activity for the year. The first is to inspire you to continue to fight for what you deserve. The second mission is to work with Pluto, now gaining some traction on the job front, to steer things there in a lucrative direction.


While the Sun will leave your income sector tomorrow, rather than the end of the story this is when the most lucrative weeks of 2017 will really kick off. With the Sun gone Venus, planet of money was always going to have her turn, but her ability to attract opportunities will get a massive boost from Mars' return tomorrow. Today is more about the reality checks, before things really start to move tomorrow.


While it is when the Moon comes full circle and returns to your income sector next month that it will be as a New Moon, you have a chance for a practice run. When the Moon returned two days ago it was just hours after a New Moon, giving you all the benefits of a New Moon but without the pressure of having to do anything other than make the most of the tailwind.

Ahead of the Moon's return to your income sector tomorrow, there is a need to have your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground. While the Moon will sharpen your nose for money you are already able to trust your instincts. With the Moon about to make its last visit before things start to move on the income front, keep your head out of the game and trust what your nose for money is telling you.


While Mars won't return to your income sector until March, by then your sense of what's possible will have completely changed. You're just under two months away from massive new developments on the income front, which is spurring Mars on to make the most of his last full day in your career sector. Trust that with the right professional momentum now, the money will follow.


The Sun might leave your career sector tomorrow, but this is when things are not only due to take off, but Venus will have a much better chance of steering things in the right direction. For this will put Venus, planet of money in the lead, just as Mars is due to return to fire things up. The best weeks of this professional year are still in front of you, along with the most potentially lucrative.


When Mars leaves your financial sector tomorrow this will not only end all planetary activity here for the year, but will see the money gods redeploy all their resources onto income matters. This is something to be excited about, but today is about identifying what you're still fighting for financially, knowing you can continue the fight once Mars has moved on.


The Sun's last full day in your financial sector is always going to be about keeping it real. It's the Sun's job to look at things in a black and white way, which means having your eyes open and head out of the sand. Yet this will give you the authentic starting point that Venus and Mars will start building on from, from tomorrow.

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