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In the lead up to some extraordinary developments on the financial front in just a few days time it's important right now to stick to the basics and also to focus on the big picture. So long as you know what you're striving for and what's required of you, when the time comes to start putting all the pieces together you'll be ready.


While the money gods are more focused on money matters as a whole and it will remain that way for some considerable time, already the professional gods are lining up for a Full Moon in your income sector in December that will offer one final chance for an income breakthrough. Effort invested into work matters now could bear fruit this side of Christmas.


By this time next week you'll be in full battle mode, ready to come out of your corner fighting, your financial passions and fighting spirit and a sense of rebellion fuelled. Yet you're not only likely to be feeling anything but motivated, you're still in a phase where you're exploring different ideas and options, waiting for when the call to action comes.


The Moon's visit to your income sector over the last few days has not only left you with a nose for money, but a sense that the money gods have your back covered. With Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos in his final days in your work sector this has provided a valuable sense of where the money is, making it easier to work smarter.


While the Moon's position in your income sector today may create some financial tension, giving financial matters some wakeup calls, this is more likely to work to your advantage. This creates just enough financial tension to keep you motivated, along with a welcome nose for money just days before new doors are due to open on the work front.


While the Sun and Venus, now just 4 days away from leaving your income sector, are firmly focused on the future, the road ahead, new growth and opportunities, in his final days in retrograde motion Mercury's smart head for money is more focused on the road behind, bringing the 20/20 hindsight needed to ensure no stone has been left unturned.


With the Sun and Venus just 4 days away from your income sector and a solar eclipse on the same day drawing a new line in the sand, there should be more signs than there are that something is about to shift. Instead, it seems business as usual, with no real signs of just how close you actually are to a breakthrough.

By this time next week Mars will have left your income sector and as he's here on his own, this could be leading to a sense of panic or frustration that things aren't happening fast enough or you're about to run out of time. Yet help is already underway it's about declaring war on settling for less and trusting that the money gods have your back.


Today is more about keeping your professional rather than your money hat on, while trusting that one will lead to the other. It's the Moon's last visit to your career sector before Mars returns to your income sector and a new income push begins, that brings a chance to first get your professional bearings.


It's only when you get hung up on the details, over think things and start to lose faith in the future that you'll lose your financial confidence, which is why the Moon's visit to your financial sector over the last few days was so valuable. Sometimes you need to come up for air long enough to feel grateful for what you have.


The Moon's monthly visit to your financial sector wouldn't be doing its job if this didn't push some buttons and create some financial tension today. Yet as well as a chance to get your financial bearings this will provide income forces the wakeup calls needed just days before some major developments on the career front.


In the final days of your annual financial review you've got a chance to get a clear sense of where you've been and where you're going, in a way that comes with a smart head for money and 20/20 hindsight. Expect some 'now I get it moments'. However, don't be alarmed by any financial tension that might come with this, using it as motivation on both the income and financial fronts.

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