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With the Sun and Venus both having left your financial sector during the course of the week and Mercury leaving next week, the more practical phase of bringing things home is almost over. While Saturn won't leave your financial sector until Christmas Eve, the job of bringing things home and committing to the journey ahead begins now.


In any other year, having the Moon not only return to your financial sector during the Sun's first full day but create a New Moon, one that asks that you make a commitment to the journey ahead, would have caught you on the hop, woefully unprepared. However, you've spent more than 2 months firing up your financial passions and fighting spirit, as well as redefining your financial priorities.


You've reached a point in the year where you've got a huge amount of experience on the professional, income and financial fronts, but where you also have the rest of the year to bring things home. However, both the professional and money gods agree on one thing, they don't want to carry things over to 2015, they want to see results by the end of the year.


A New Moon in your work sector during the Sun's first full day not only brings a need to keep your work hat on over the weekend, but your money hat as well. As the first New Moon since lucky Jupiter returned to your income sector this was always going to provide an important trigger, but it reveals something just as powerful building on the work front.


It's during Chiron's last full day in retrograde motion in your financial sector that the final strand connecting you to the past is about to be severed, but where you still have a chance to look back through the rear view mirror. From tomorrow the money gods will shift all your focus onto the future, with a chance to learn from the past by looking back.


While the money gods have taken you on a roller coaster ride this year, there is every reason to feel confident as you move into the final weeks of the year. With a period of financial review in its final weeks and income matters due to get a major boost from next month's professional boost, you can afford to take a wait and see approach.


A day after the Sun left your income sector the Moon leaves today, leaving you with a nose for money and a promise of a return before Saturn leaves to help tie up loose ends. In the meantime, with Mercury spending his last weekend in your income sector it's time to head back to the drawing board, working with a nose and a smart head for money.

Having a New Moon during the Sun's first full day in your income sector should catch you off guard, giving you no time to prepare for the new line in the sand this requires. But the reality is you've been working towards this point for over 2 months now, with a nose for money telling you this is just the start of a major comeback.


With 2015 seeing surprisingly little planetary activity in your income sector with even the New Moon that will give things a push falling this year, all the traction is being generated now. With 2015 destined to be an auspicious year for work opportunities the money gods are focused on fuelling your expectations and a sense of what you're fighting for, both financially and across all the currencies in your life.


Due to turn retrograde in your financial sector early next month lucky Jupiter is slowing down, while at the same time Mars is racing towards your income sector, with the money gods about to shift their focus. With income matters set to become a lot more important in the later weeks of 2014 and early months of 2015 the time to cement your overall financial ambitions is now.


It's during Chiron's last full day in retrograde motion in your income sector that you have one last chance to look back through the rear view mirror, with the money gods shifting all their focus onto the future from tomorrow. With the push to bring your professional year home becoming more urgent, the money gods want you to learn from the past but get ready to move on.


Just a day after Uranus moved into his final month in retrograde motion in your income sector, where the focus is on making sure no untapped income potential is overlooked, a New Moon in your career sector gives a powerful new professional chapter a kick start. As new doors open on the career front this gives you better access to second chances on the income front.

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