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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Friday 6 March


While the money gods are keeping a low profile at the moment, there is at least one that will be paying special attention to today's Full Moon in your work sector and anything this might push. With Venus, planet of money, desire and attraction just 11 days away from your income sector this is giving work matters a push just as she's lining up new income opportunities.


Today's Full Moon is likely to create the distraction you need, not because the money gods are in any way connected with this and more because they're not. With Saturn already slowing down ahead of his retrograde turn in your financial sector at the end of next week the more you can take a hands off approach the better, with today's playful lunar vibes the perfect distraction.


Money matters and your financial confidence in general is set to get a boost from today's Full Moon and especially when it comes to financial matters on the home, family and/or property fronts. Falling at an auspicious aspect to both Ceres and Pluto in your financial sector, even if it triggers no actual opportunities and just a boost in confidence, then it's a job well done.


The Moon's departure from your income sector yesterday finally saw any remaining financial tension ease back, just as Mercury moves into his final week in your financial sector. On both the financial and income fronts it's been a fraught few days, but it's left you with a nose and a smart head for money and a sense of just how many options you have.


Today's Full Moon is bound to create some financial tension, but it really is a case of 'no pain no gain'. As the Moon, moving through your income sector, moves into opposition with the Sun in your financial sector this will create tension, but also the potential for a breakthrough on both fronts and some real leverage on the income front.


As Mars crosses the lunar nodes, that point where the Earth's orbit around the Sun intersects the Moon's orbit around the Earth, this will touch on any sensitivity in a balance between income and financial matters, but shouldn't create too much financial tension. If it does it could be that that is being exaggerated by today's Full Moon, which means the message this delivers will also be amplified.


While Venus won't return to your financial sector for another 11 days, today's Full Moon is likely to bring a boost in financial confidence, even if you're not sure why. There is something about the emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses this triggers that speaks directly to your financial imagination, sensing that the financial tides are about to turn your way.

With Saturn already slowed down to a crawl and having to come to a complete stop before turning retrograde in your income sector at the end of next week, there is nothing to be gained by pushing things, but every reason to feel confident. As work and career forces come together they're doing all the work, making it more important to have your professional rather than your money hat on at the moment.


Today's Full Moon might be providing the professional push you need, but it's also likely to boost your financial confidence. With no planetary activity in either of your professional hours for 6 months this is the trigger that the income forces have been waiting for, with hints that there might be more to come as the professional gods finally start to awaken.


One of the biggest contributors to fuelling the financial tensions that had come to a head earlier in the week was the Moon's position in your financial sector and having left yesterday this means there is no longer anything to keep it fuelled. However, the Moon also gave you direct access to lucky Jupiter and the money gods, with a chance now to work with the motivation and resolve this has left you with.


Today's Full Moon can't help but create some financial tension, as it's an opposition between the Moon in your financial sector and the Sun in your income sector. Yet this is the wakeup call and the push that both income and financial matters need and with a total lunar eclipse in your income sector in 2 weeks time, any financial tension can already be channelled into motivation.


Take a little bit of financial tension and blow it out of proportion and that's what you have today, with Mars passing over the lunar nodes, which are keeping income and financial matters balanced, just as a Full Moon is creating some tension and strong emotional responses. Yet if it amplifies the message then use this as an advantage, while being aware that things are likely to be exaggerated.

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