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In her final days in direct motion in your income sector Ceres is on especially good terms with the Sun, with an awareness of your options on the work front evoking a sense of financial confidence. Knowing that you'll soon have a chance to retrace yourself steps eliminates the fear that you may have missed income opportunities in the past.


On the other side of a major alignment between Mars and Saturn, the first in your financial sector in 28 years and the last here for another three decades, a new sense of courage, tenacity and raw warrior spirit has been unleashed that there is no going back from. Something has shifted and even in years to come you'll look back at this moment as when you become a true financial warrior.


In the Moon's final hours in your income sector keep your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground, trusting what a nose for money is telling you, but also paying attention to any buttons this might push. The very mechanism that is sharpening your nose for money is also creating some financial tension and you can't have one without the other, with a need to use both to your advantage.


While the Sun's departure from your income sector six days ago has brought all the planetary activity for the year to a close, as the Moon returns and a nose for money kicks in it becomes clear that you haven't even begun to tap into your full potential. A sense of where the money is brings you to the start not the end of the journey.


Venus' last full day in your income sector requires a total detachment from reality or from over thinking the 'when, where and how', focused only on the 'what'. Venus' job is not only to evoke a sense of what's possible but to fuel a sense of entitlement, which in turn makes her job of attracting opportunities a lot easier. Leaving the 'how' up to the money gods.


While the money gods are making the most of their last full day for another 15 months, where the focus is exclusively on financial and money matters as a whole, ahead of major new developments on the income front, there's a need to hold onto the professional instincts and the valuable clues, hunches and insights gained over recent days, with some lucrative times ahead.


As she spends her last full day in an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart Venus, planet of money, desire and attraction is working to boost your financial confidence by bringing a chance to alter the way you look at things. Right now the money gods aren't able to change anything but they can change the filter through which you see things, giving you the power to change things up yourself.

A recent alignment between Mars and Saturn in your income sector, the first here in 28 years, did more than bring your fighting spirit and a powerful sense of determination together, it saw you break free from the past's inertia. While it may have been possible to break through glass ceilings before, the difference now is that you know it's possible and nothing can now hold you back.


As things start to come together professionally this can't help but raise your professional and financial confidence, with a bit of financial tension today very quickly turning into motivation. With your financial instincts sharp but your emotional responses running high and a lot of things blown out of proportion, this is a chance to give financial and money matters some much needed attention.


In the six days since the Sun left your financial sector, bringing your annual financial review and all the planetary activity for the year to an end, things have had a chance to settle and you've had a chance to look at where to from here. As the Moon returns, coming full circle from last month's New Moon, this is a chance to revisit the intentions and resolutions already made.


During her last full day in your financial sector Venus is asking for total faith in the financial confidence, desires and expectations she's fuelling, asking that you focus on the 'what' rather than the 'when, where and how'. The money gods staying behind are more geared towards making things happen, but they're relying on Venus' desires and expectations to give them something to work for and towards.


With Venus' return to your financial sector tomorrow not only diverting a lot of your and the money gods' focus onto financial and money matters as a whole, but keeping it there for the next 15 months, income forces are making the most of their last full day of having your full attention. Right on cue the Moon's return to your work sector brings a chance to put your income, work and career options on the table.

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