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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Saturday 23 May


In between the Sun's departure from your income sector 2 days ago and Saturn's return to your financial sector next month the money gods will take a hands off approach, letting income matters instigated and initiated play out run their course, but also take hold. Don't turn your focus onto financial matters just yet, with a lot you can do on your own to firm things up on the income front.


While financial tensions are likely to once more be on the rise, coming just as an alliance between income, work and career forces is coming together, it won't take much to turn this into motivation. As the last standoff between income and financial forces plays out, with just next month's Full Moon left to give a final push, you're able to turn this into an opportunity to gain some leverage.


While financial tensions are still likely to be running high, as the Moon's monthly visit to your income sector wraps up this leaves you with both the nose for money and the motivation to turn this into an opportunity for a breakthrough. This has been a chance for income matters to start fighting back, in a year where until now the money gods have only been focused on money matters as a whole.


Just 2 weeks to the day before Venus' game changing return to your income sector the Moon makes a timely visit, one which will see a nose for money and some lucky hunches kick in over the next few days. As well as giving you a better read on where the money is this comes with a sense of where to look for untapped potential.


While there could be some work tension or pressure today any pressure is coming from the right planet at the right time. Pluto, now the only planet left in either of your professional houses, is in retrograde motion and there's a danger that work matters could go off the boil. Venus, the planet who will eventually usher in new income opportunities is out to ensure that doesn't happen.


While there could be some real pressure today and that pressure is likely to be felt on a number of fronts, this is something the professional and money gods are staying well clear of. While your professional and/or financial confidence might be dented this is more a case of collateral damage and pressures elsewhere.


A week that began with a New Moon in your financial sector now has zero planetary activity, not just here but in either of your money houses, with a chance to take your money hat right off. Yet before major new developments on the income front next month there's a need to tie up loose ends on the financial front, putting yourself back in the driver's seat.

After just 2 days in your financial sector the Sun is not only shining the solar spotlight on your financial situation, matters and options, but as financial tensions once more come to a head this allows you to get right inside what's pushing your buttons and why. You're able to see this for what it is, a power struggle between income and financial forces, that once harnessed and balanced gives you incredible power and control on both fronts.


While financial tensions caused by an opposition between income and financial forces are still likely to be running high, the Moon's departure from your financial sector will take away the emotional component. Already a new sense of motivation and determination is likely to be emerging on both fronts, with the spirit of rebellion in the air.


Just 2 weeks to the day before Venus is due to return to your financial sector, putting the planets of money and luck together with game changing potential, the Moon returns to sharpen your financial instincts and trigger some lucky clues and hunches. Over the next few days keep your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground, but your head right out of the equation.


Pressure on Venus, moving through your work sector, is unlikely to get you down and is more likely to motivate you. With major developments on the career front next month and support from income forces already in play, expect this to spawn a new sense of resolve and determination, with a better sense of what you're fighting for.


The money gods will stand back as work/life balance tensions once more come to a head, especially as the Moon's return to your work sector will come with some lucky hunches. It's forces on the income front that know too well the value of working smarter and the importance of smart time management. If there's nothing in it for you then the message is to put your time and resources elsewhere.

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