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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Tuesday 16 September


As you adjust to life without Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos in your financial sector, you'll find there isn't the hype or urgency there was, but that his financial passions and fighting spirit are converting into a new sense of determination in what is now a work in progress. In the meantime, trust a nose for money as the Sun moves into his final week in your work sector.


When the Moon moved into your income sector 2 days ago it was just hours after Mars returned to your financial sector, with their opposition creating some financial tension. Yet this has eased back enough for you to appreciate the new sense of determination this is creating on both the financial and income fronts and a sense that something has shifted.


As Pluto, planet of change and revolution moves into his final 7 days in retrograde motion in your financial sector, it's likely to feel like things have become stuck or stalled, yet a sense of financial confidence allows you to appreciate and maximise the last few days of being able to study things through the rear view mirror.


While there is no doubt that Mars' return to your work sector over the weekend has been good news for lucky Jupiter in your income sector, but from the get go, as well as a clear sense that income, work and career forces are working together, is a sense that this is no flash in the pan and that you have time to take this slowly.


As the Sun moves into his final week in your income sector it's with the confidence of knowing that not only will Venus stay on until the end of the month to bring things home, but with a turnaround on the work front next week the conditions are only going to improve. The Sun's focus in this final 7 days is establishing a new starting point.


As Mercury aligns with the North Node in your income sector today this brings a smart head for money and a sense of direction together and with your professional instincts likely to be spot on, this is likely to provide a clear sense of direction and of where the money is. With the Sun not returning to your income sector until next week, this is still a fact gathering exercise.


Mars' departure from your income sector not only left any glass ceilings shattered or full of cracks just waiting to crumble, he also left behind forces that will keep the momentum going, but will also provide the checks and balances needed to ensure you know what you're fighting for, maintaining the right priorities.

When the Moon returned to your financial sector just hours after Mars returned to your income sector 2 days ago, this created some financial tension, yet while they're both still here the tension has eased back and you're able to appreciate the chance this creates to look at your income and financial expectations objectively.


On the same day that Pluto moves into his final week in retrograde motion in your income sector, the Sun moves into his final week in your career sector, bringing a new sense of urgency and confidence on both fronts. With Venus not leaving your career sector until the end of the month and Pluto turning direct in your income sector next week, the best is yet to come.


It was 2 months ago to the day that lucky Jupiter returned to your financial sector, with a lot of water having passed under the bridge since then, including your annual financial review and update. It was however just 10 days ago that Venus left, with the financial desires and expectations she left you playing a determining role in how the coming year will unfold.


As the Sun moves into his final week in your financial sector a new sense of financial clarity and confidence is emerging. There is something empowering about knowing what you have to work with, what your options are and the fact that this is simply a starting point. Your imagination and wishful thinking are now the most powerful tools in your tool belt.


While Uranus has been in your income sector since 2011 over the last 48 hours professional conditions have come together in a way that you haven't seen before. This begins a new partnership between income, work and career matters that will remain in tack and continue to grow over the next 13 months.

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