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In the lead up to next week's Full Moon in your income sector it's all about getting your professional bearings, trusting your professional instincts and a sense that something has shifted. While Mars is still in his early days in your career sector it's clear that the professional tide has turned.


While the money gods are mainly focused on keeping your financial passions and fighting spirit fuelled, while guiding you through an important period of review, it's the professional gods that are thinking ahead to future income growth and potential.


As the Moon's first visit to your financial sector since the financial tide turned wraps up, hold onto the financial instincts and the strong emotional responses to money matters triggered over the last few days. It's where this has helped to fuel your financial passions and fighting spirit that you need to pay most attention.


With the money gods more focused on income matters, not just now but for the next 12 months, the Moon's return to your financial sector is a welcome chance to focus on money matters as a whole. This makes it important to keep your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground, trusting what your financial instincts are telling you.


With plenty of untapped potential on the income front and the money gods already lining up for even bigger prizes next year, gaining the right professional momentum is a must. As the Moon's first visit to your work sector since the tide turned wraps up hold onto the valuable clues, hunches and insights this leaves you with, especially where it's evoked your fighting spirit.


The timing of the Moon's monthly visit to your work sector couldn't be better, for it not only comes at a pivotal point of the year for income matters, it will provide clues to opportunities head. As Mercury works to tie up loose ends on the income front this will give you the intuitive read on work matters that you need.


While you've already got some of the most powerful planets in the solar system in your income sector and have had some extraordinary resources to tap into over recent months, all the pieces aren't in place and you're likely to feel that something is missing. This is still an evolving situation, with opportunities still unfolding.

While there is a growing sense of confidence on the income front, which needs to be trusted, don't be alarmed if at this point you don't have a specific target or a clear sense of what you're fighting for. As the money gods marshal their resources this is buying you time to redefine your priorities.


As is always the case when the Moon's monthly visit to your income sector wrap up it's important to hold onto the nose for money this leaves you with today, but also an intuitive sense that the tide really has turned. With this is a chance to get a better read on what you're fighting for and which battles to wage first.


As the Moon returns to your income sector there's a need to keep your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground, trusting what a nose for money is telling you. At what is a pivotal point of the year for career matters this is both a chance to put income and professional objectives on the same page and to get a better sense of where the money is.


With the Moon just a few days away from your income sector and as it's due to bring some vital insights as the tide gets ready to turn, it's important to keep your mind and your options open, waiting until a nose for money kicks in to assume anything. Until then it's all about keeping your eyes on the rear view mirror.


For the third time in just 2 months Mercury aligns with the North Node in your financial sector today, bringing a smart head for money and a sense of foresight and direction together. With Mercury travelling the same ground for the third time as he ties up loose ends on the financial front, expect a lot of things to start falling into place.

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