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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP - Tuesday 17 January


Normally, the Moon's departure from your income sector last week will have left you with a nose for money and that would be that, until the Moon returns next month. Yet while that nose for money is proving vital during the Sun's final days in your career sector, there are clues to tangible income developments before the Moon can return.


Right now, as Saturn spends his first full week back in your financial sector and as the real journey begins, it matters less how good or sophisticated your financial game plan is and more that you have one. Your game plan can be as complex as you like or as simple as watching your spending. It matters less what you're committing to and more that you're committing to something.


While the Sun is now just three days away from leaving your financial sector, Mercury will stay on until early February. You can afford to hold off utilising Mercury's smart head for money and 20/20 hindsight to work on your game plan until after the Sun has gone. Until then it is all about having your eyes open and head out of the sand.


As the Sun draws closer to your financial sector there will be the temptation to jump the gun and start focusing on money matters already. While you do need to be mindful of money matters, this can't come at the expense of what is more important today, which is using a nose for money on the income front to start leaning professionally, in a lucrative direction.


An opposition between the Moon in your income sector and Mars in your financial sector might create some financial tension today, but both sides will use it as motivation. At the same time that Mars is fighting to fuel your financial passions and fighting spirit, the Moon is giving you the nose for money needed to steer this new professional year in the most lucrative direction.


At the moment and on the income front in particular, it is all about having a bullish sense of confidence, one that borders on wishful thinking. It is just as well that lucky Jupiter is all about fuelling a bullish sense of confidence, but also at backing this up. Trusting that there is a lucrative year stretching out in front of you is more of a sure bet than you realise.


While the Moon won't return to your income sector until later in the week, giving you a nose for money at a critical point of the month for job matters, chances are this will confirm what you already know. While you might not see this as a nose for money, with Venus in your work sector you're probably already leaning in a lucrative direction.

Attitude is everything when it comes to working with Saturn in your income sector, because this is all about believing in what you're worth and being willing to stand your ground. Right now it is all about committing to something and that something will be determined by what you believe you deserve. To raise the bar on the income front you must start with how much you value yourself.


Just three days before the Sun is due to leave your income sector, you are all of a sudden getting a whole new take on your professional prospects. Until just a few days there were few clues to the work and career developments ahead, developments that you wouldn't expect at this time of year. Already this may have you revisiting your income options.


In the lead up to the Sun's return to your income sector in three days' time, the professional gods are already flexing their muscles. While the Sun returns to your income sector at this time each year, the last time you had lucky Jupiter in your career sector at the time was 12 years ago. Already a new sense of professional and financial confidence is starting to build.


As much as this is a week that is all about income matters, the Moon's first visit to your financial sector for the year is a valuable chance to get your financial bearings. While income matters will continue to dominate for months to come, the Moon brings a short window of opportunity when you can get a clear read on money matters as a whole.


While the coming months will see income and financial forces go head to head again and this makes a balance between money coming in and money going out important, there is every reason for confidence on both fronts. The bar is being raised, simply because so much is on offer. What lies ahead are huge income and financial developments, with the professional support to back them up.

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