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Just as pressure on Pluto in your career sector peaks and there is one more push to get your attention, Mercury's return to your income sector gives you the smart head for money needed to use this as the opportunity for a breakthrough it really is. From this point on things will only get better, with pressure and tension transforming into motivation and determination.


The timing of the Moon's first visit to your career sector since Venus left earlier in the month couldn't be better, not only sharpening your professional instincts but giving you a chance to tap back into your professional desires and expectations. This comes just as work tensions come to a head, reminding you of the big picture just as your fighting spirit kicks in.


While we have reached what is the most challenging point in the most challenging week of the year, none of the planets in your two professional houses are involved and there is a need to guard against letting this impact your professional confidence. If you can wait out the storm, professional conditions will be a lot more favourable in just a few days time.


Mercury's departure from your career sector today comes just as professional and work/life balance pressures are set to peak, making it important to hold onto his intellectual savvy, keeping your head in the game without over thinking things. It would be very easy to lose your cool today, with a need to keep it simple, refusing to sweat the small stuff or to create challenges where there are none.


The timing of Mercury's return to your career sector today couldn't be better, returning 3 days after the Sun and his smart intellectual savvy kicking in just as work tensions peak. As well as a chance to get your head in the game this is a chance to focus on the big picture, making it harder to sweat the small stuff and easier to see work tension as an opportunity for change.


While it's still too early to look too far ahead, running the risk of not only over thinking things but letting current tensions contaminate your professional confidence, you can gain some valuable information on the work front today. The Moon's first visit to your work sector since Venus left is a chance to listen to what your heart and instincts are telling you.


While lucky Jupiter is under pressure on almost every front as he moves through the most challenging point in his yearlong visit to your career sector, there is some very powerful support from income and work forces that provide the opportunity to turn this into a breakthrough. You're facing the final test, with nothing but opportunities ahead.

While Mercury's return to your work sector today could be seen as a case of this smart and intellectually savvy planet baling out just as the heat gets too much, he leaves you with the resources needed to look at any work tension objectively and turn this into an opportunity for a breakthrough or for change.


Just 3 days after the Sun returned to your work sector, ending the professional drought by bringing the first planetary activity to either of your professional houses for the year, Mercury returns to get your head in the game. With the lights on and a solar eclipse next week opening even more doors, Mercury is here to help you work smarter and to start walking the talk.


The timing of the Moon's first visit to your income sector since Venus left and a 3 month push ran its course couldn't be better, giving you a nose for money and a boost in confidence just as professional and/or work/life balance tensions peak. This is one of the most challenging days of the year, yet a nose for money allows you to turn this into an opportunity for a professional breakthrough.


There is nothing you or the stars can do to stop tensions coming to a head today and especially on the work front, where moving through your work sector Jupiter is under pressure from all sides. Yet from the sidelines forces on the income and career fronts, that aren't under pressure are providing the support and confidence needed to see this as an opportunity for a breakthrough or turnaround.


Thanks to the Moon's visit to your career sector late last week you had a chance to sharpen your professional instincts before financial tensions come to a head. This, combined with the smart head for money Mercury leaves you with, as he leaves your income sector today, allows you to turn any financial tension into motivation and to fire up your fighting spirit.

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