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The Moon's first visit to your work sector since Mercury not only left earlier in the month, but wrapped up 16 months of planetary activity, is both a chance to look back at where you've been and forward to where you're going. While career matters are taking on a life of their own, some quiet reflection and trusting your gut will give you a sense of direction on the job front.


While Mars, who is now just under two weeks away from your career sector, visits every other year, he doesn't usually return to find lucky Jupiter in your work sector, as will be the case this year. Knowing that your professional year is still saving the best until last, you're already able to have fun exploring your options.


While the Moon may complicate things today, bringing work/life balance issues or tensions to a head, this is more a timely reminder of lessons learned in the past. This time around you're able to work smarter, at a time when both your professional and job confidence is on the rise. Today's lunar vibes will be preaching to the choir, for you're already aware of the importance of balance.


The pressure and felt during a Full Moon in your career sector 11 days ago and right through until the end of last week is different to the job pressure you're feeling today. Instead of acting as a roadblock you're experiencing the kind of push that will keep you motivated, while pushing through roadblocks that could have held you back in the past.


After a month in your work sector it's clear that Mars is not going to slow down, his work passions, fighting and competitive spirit aren't going to ease back and almost manic work forces aren't going to drop off. With just 13 days left before Mars leaves and with much of what will transpire on the job front leading on from things started now, put everything you have into everything you do, while remembering to work smarter.


Don't underestimate the power or the importance of your imagination, for if you can't see something you can never make it happen. What might appear to be just daydreams or wishful thinking now is in fact your imagination preparing for major developments on the job front in just under two weeks' time. While you can't yet see or touch anything, your imagination is already moving into overdrive.


Attitude is everything and especially now, with the doors still open to the past, second chances and untapped potential on the job front, but a major turnaround and breakthrough possible in the final months of the year. You're not just being encouraged to put a positive filter on the past and what's possible moving forward, but on the past and where you've been.

Uranus, in retrograde motion in your work sector, knows all about pressure and while the work tensions of recent weeks has eased back, as Venus, moving through your income sector comes under pressure, he'll be quick to help her out. As a positive alliance between work and income forces builds, pressure on either front can be turned into motivation on both fronts.


When Jupiter left your career sector last month this didn't mean the professional gods abandoned you and instead, he left you with the momentum, tools and resources to keep your professional game on track for months, if not years to come. It's the Moon's monthly visit that allows you to tap back into a powerful professional current still in effect, once more getting your fix and a dose of motivation.


The main advantage that you have now is time, along with the fact that you have luck and the professional gods on your side. When the Sun, Mercury and Venus recently moved through your career sector they were working to a deadline, with a limited amount of time to get your head in the game, options on the table and professional objectives banked. Yet with lucky Jupiter on board time ceases to exist, with the only deadline you're working towards being 'as long as it takes'.


After just three days in your career sector Mercury has already overtaken the Sun who returned a day earlier and while their alignment over the last few days brought clarity and an intellectually savvy edge together, a new sense of urgency and confidence kicks in from today. Knowing that you can think on your feet and make it up as you go, you're no longer waiting and whether your ducks are in a row or not, it's time for action.


Because you moved into the year with Venus in your career sector, many of the desires and expectations she's fuelling now are likely to feel familiar, including a sense of resolve and determination. Yet where you might normally wait to see what opportunities came your way, you're developing a sense of rebellion that is giving you a bold sense of daring you don't normally possess. Don't question where it's come from, just milk it.

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