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Because conditions on the professional front are improving so gradually, with the work/life balance tensions of the last year slowly easing back, it's only in hindsight that you're able to appreciate how far you've come. At this point don't be in too much of a hurry, with new doors not opening on the work front until next month.


Just 2 days before Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos is due to wrap up his longest visit to your work sector in 3 decades the Moon's monthly visit to your income sector wraps up. Leaving you with a nose for money when you need it most, this is a chance to fight the right battles and to work smarter.


Just 2 days before Mars' return to your career sector is set to see your passions and fighting spirit kick in and what began 3 days ago as a slow turnaround quickly accelerate, an alliance between income and career forces kicks in. With a smart head for money, some clear expectations and old professional dreams resurfacing, some of that old confidence and motivation is returning.


With Uranus in retrograde motion in your career sector until December and new doors not usually opening on the work front until November, this should be the start of a slow professional patch that extends out to later in the year, giving you a chance to focus more on income matters. However, you only have until mid September to enjoy a much needed slower pace.


You've reached a point in the year where it could feel like you've lost your motivation and that even the work tension that kept you on your edge is easing back. However, rather than a sign that something is wrong this is the point where you needed to be, for the frenetic pace that you moved into the year with was never sustainable or necessary.


A month to the day since Venus first returned to your career sector but 5 days after she left, the Moon's monthly visit wraps up, giving you a chance to finally tie up loose ends. It was over the weekend that all the planetary activity for the year wrapped up, leaving you with everything out on the table and a clear sense of what you've got to work with and more than enough momentum.


At the same time that Venus is working to put you in the professional spotlight, both by attracting opportunities and attracting attention your way, she's working with Neptune, in retrograde motion in your work sector. This is a chance to revisit old dreams and aspirations, marrying them with new professional desires and expectations emerging.

If teaming up with lucky Jupiter for the first time in your career sector since 2003 wasn't enough, during the Sun's very first full day they align, kicking off two of the most auspicious days of not only this professional year but in a decade. With this is a chance to look back to 2002/2003 and what inspired you then or to what is now coming full circle.


It was a month ago to the day that Venus not only left your work sector but wrapped up all the planetary activity for the year. Thanks to the Moon's visit earlier in the week you've had a chance to tie up loose ends, leaving you with a clear mandate to work with, with a chance to start looking to the future, wondering what next.


A month to the day since Venus first returned to your work sector to tie up loose ends the Moon's monthly visit and the first since your annual push ended wraps up, just days before Mars is due to leave your career sector. Yet while there is a sense of urgency, it's simply to get the ball rolling, ensuring that everything is pointed in the right direction.


Just 3 days after Saturn turned direct in your career sector and just 2 days before Mars is due to return to fire up your professional passions and fighting spirit, there is a chance to start bringing things together on the income and work fronts. With this is a chance to regroup, putting your income and work priorities on the same page.


Work forces aren't mucking around, with the Sun aligning with lucky Jupiter in his first full day in your work sector. While Jupiter returned and your luck changed last week, it's only now that the solar spotlight is directed this way that you're able to see the first signs of just how many options and choices you now have.

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