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The timing of the Moon's return to your work sector couldn't be better, though there is a danger of this becoming a mixed blessing. As Mars spends his first full day in your career sector and Pluto his first full day in direct motion there is a dramatic upswing in both momentum and enthusiasm, with a need to use the Moon's intuitive edge as an additional skill, without letting it overwhelm your emotional responses.


If an alignment between the Sun and lucky Jupiter in your work sector over the last few days has done anything, it was waking you up to the huge potential you have access to, but also how early in the journey you are. Despite the fact that you're just days away from the weekend's New Moon and a chance for new beginnings, continue to keep your mind and your options open.


Still in her early days in your work sector Venus is already having an impact, mainly because of the conditions already in play. Had Mars not spent so many months in your work sector so far this year you wouldn't have the options you do and with what has been invested on the career front you wouldn't be where you are now. Trust a sense of professional confidence that suggest options ahead of their time, for you're more ready than you think you are.


A day after Mars' departure from your work sector and already you should start to sense a drop in urgency and that the almost manic pace of recent months is no longer there. Could this mean that you're finally able to pace yourself with fear of losing your edge? It all comes down to working smarter, with trusting a nose for money a vital element.


The Moon's return to your income sector during Mars' first full day in your work sector brings the nose for money needed to work smarter from the get go. There has been a dramatic turnaround over the past 24 hours and with the pace on the work front set to rise and only get busier over the coming weeks, from the get go this is a chance to get a sense of where the money is.


After a massively important alignment between the Sun and Jupiter in your work sector over the last few days has left you with a sense of what's possible and ahead of the weekend's New Moon, which will ask for some kind of commitment, there is a chance to let things settle and to get your bearings.


Sometimes it's not the best of astrological conditions that do us the greatest favours and allow us to advance the most, but the difficult times, for that is when we're able to prove our true mettle. As you begin to emerge from the fog of war and work tension starts to turn into motivation, especially with the carrot of new income potential dangling in front of you, be grateful for anything that has or continues to challenge you.

Apart from the fact that the Moon's departure from your career sector today leaves you with an intuitive edge and your professional instincts sharp, you're likely to find that the mental fog has cleared and your mind is not only operating in high gear, but a flood of new thoughts and ideas are starting to flow. You're moving into a creative period and it needs to be embraced from the get go.


The Moon's return to your career sector has two purposes, the more obvious and the less obvious ones. The more obvious is that at a time when you're tying up loose ends on the and finalising your professional game plan this gives you the intuitive edge you need, but on a deeper level will be a sense that you're coming to an end of an era, with the future determined by the choices and decisions made over the coming days.


With the first Jupiter alignment in your career sector under your belt you're able to look to your short and long term professional journey with confidence, aware that it really is about the journey. In the early days of your annual professional review but the early weeks of your biggest professional year in over a decade, a confident starting point and a confident end goal are starting to emerge.


Venus' return to your career sector over the weekend has opened new professional doors much earlier in the year than is normally the case, arriving almost a month before the Sun gives your heart a powerful say in what you want the future to bring. For now let your professional desires and expectations run wild, without limiting your imagination by focusing on the 'when, where and how'.


In the Moon's final hours in your work sector continue to keep your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground, letting your emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses run their course without over thinking things. With Mars having left your career sector yesterday and now the Moon your work sector today, there'll be times over the coming days to process the messages both have left.

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