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The Moon's visit to your career sector over the last few days has left you with more than just your professional instincts sharpened, but a whole smorgasbord of emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses that will take days to shift through. As well as leaving you with an intuitive edge at an important point of the year for both work and career matters this has also alerted you to any work/life balance issues.


The Moon's monthly visits to your career sector will always sharpen your professional instincts and give you an intuitive edge, but when it moves through during Mercury's final days in your income sector then the advantage goes beyond that. With a smart head for money and your professional instincts sharp you've got a better take on where to direct your focus and the direction to take from here.


As you move into some of the most important weeks of 2016 for income, work and career matters, with a real crossroads ahead, today's adventurous lunar vibes offer a chance to gain some perspective. While you'll find it hard to keep your money or professional hats off and you don't want or need to, what you have today is a chance to look at the big picture.


As a seven day alignment between Uranus and Ceres in your career sector peaks the laws of synchronicity are at their most potent, at a point where you're more aware than ever of your sense of purpose. Just four days on from a Full Moon in your work sector you're getting a clear sense of where your time and energy needs to be directed.


While the Moon's visit to your work sector over the last few days may have evoked some strong emotional responses and even pushed some buttons, it has left you with some valuable clues, hunches and insights that you're only now able to process. However, with the wind down of your old solar year underway, this has also revealed where you need to pull back and pace yourself.


Having the Moon in your work sector as Mercury moves into his final days in your career sector is a chance to not only put your work and professional hats on, but gives you both an intuitive and an intellectually savvy edge to work with. A better read on both your work and career objectives and the ability to keep your head in the game, finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground gives you a real advantage.


In the Sun and Venus' early days in your career sector they are less concerned about the 'when, where and how' and more concerned about the direction. With Mercury returning with his strategic and intellectually savvy edge next week the professional gods know that so long as you're on the right path you can make it up as you go.

In a week that is likely to see the laws of synchronicity, Eureka moments and the element of fate in play on the work front, things reach a peak today with the fog of war clearing to reveal some stunning revelations. Whether it is a light bulb moment or an unexpected wake up call, the truth will be working to reveal itself today.


The last full day of a major alignment between Jupiter and the North Node in your career sector not only brings the elements of luck and fate together but brings you to what is an important rite of passage. Until now you've been finding your feet and slowly bringing things together, whereas it's time now to test your sea legs and give this professional year everything you've got.


What a difference a few days make. At the start of the week, in the guise of a Full Moon that Moon was putting direct pressure on Mercury and work forces, but now in your income sector the tables have turned. As Mercury ties up loose ends on the work front, from its position in your income sector the Moon's nose for money makes it easier to work smarter.


When Mars moved into his final week in your career sector yesterday this didn't just start the countdown to when the door would close to the past, second chances and untapped potential, but has seen the warrior planet of the cosmos slow down to a crawl. Having to come to a standstill ahead of next week's U turn this brings a need to hold back, ironically just as work matters are charging ahead.


While the wind may have been taken out of your sails compared to the push the week began with, having had two Full Moons in your career sector in just a month really does require time to process all the wake up calls. While the week began with a Full Moon in your career sector whatever push this was going to bring has been delivered, with a need to let things play out.

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