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As you move into the final phase of putting your professional year on the course you want it to continue on, the establishment of your professional needs and priorities is coming down to the nitty gritty. It's no longer just about professional success, with income opportunities and work/life balance also needing to be factored in.


As the Moon's monthly visit to your income sector wraps up, as well as leaving you with a nose for money this will leave you with a sense that something is about to shift professionally. After all it has to, for how else can you explain a sense that an income breakthrough is not only imminent, but you can sense the professional gods moving into position.


Where over the last few days you've had a chance to not only lay some professional ghosts to rest but learn from the past, the focus is shifting to the future and onto tying up loose ends. The Moon's return to your income sector during Mercury's final days in your career sector will bring a nose for money into play when you need it most.


Despite the fact that with Mars in his final days in your career sector there is likely to be a sense of urgency in the air, what you really need is time to hear yourself think. With Saturn in retrograde motion in your work sector and Jupiter not turning direct in your income sector until the 9th April nothing is as urgent as you think it is.


Over the coming months a parade of planets will move through your career sector at the same time that work matters will solidify, yet on both fronts the footprints they'll follow are being created now by Venus and Ceres, the two goddesses of the solar system. On both the work and career fronts it's about listening to your heart and establishing what you want, leaving the 'when, where and how' for later.


As is always the case the Moon's departure from your career sector brings a need to hold onto the professional instincts and the valuable clues, hunches and insights gained over previous days, with the difference this time around being the message this leaves you with. Trust your gut, especially when it's telling you that you're on the brink of not just a professional turnaround but an income breakthrough as well.


The timing of the Moon's return to your career sector today couldn't be better, ensuring your professional instincts are sharp as Mercury moves into his final days in your work sector. This is not only a chance to put work and career matters on the same page, but allows you to keep your head in the game, finger on the pulse and ear to the ground.

With Jupiter now in his final 2 weeks in retrograde motion in your career sector he's slowing right down and over the next 14 days will come to a standstill and this could make it feel like you're professionally stuck. While things are as busy as ever on the work front if not busier, there is a need to trust that the professional tide itself is getting ready to turn.


If you're working with the professional gods then your focus on work matters is likely to be high on promise but short on substance, mainly because you're not at that stage yet. It's not until Mars returns to your work sector next week that some of the busiest weeks in 2 years will kick off, with your heart having a chance first to get a sense of what you want moving forward.


As the Moon's monthly visit to your work sector wraps up, it's even more important than usual to hold onto the message behind any emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses triggered over the last few days and any clues and hunches. For buried within a flurry of information overload will be clues to some new developments ahead.


The Moon's return to your work sector each month is always a valuable chance to get your bearings and tap into the emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses this triggers. However returning during Mercury's final days in your income sector this is also a chance to put income and work options on the same page.


The biggest danger today, as any work/life balance tension over the last few days eases back, is dismissing this as a few tough days and learning nothing from the experience. You're in your most powerful professional year in decades and it will continue to unfold and ask much from you and the time to address any work/life balance issues is now, while this is an option rather than a demand.

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