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As the Moon's monthly visit to your work sector wraps up, hold onto the intuitive insights gained over the last few days and the things that evoked a strong emotional response. With Mars just 4 days away from your career sector this has been a chance to tie up loose ends before shifting your focus to your next big professional moves.


The timing of the Moon's return to your work sector today couldn't be better, returning just as the Sun and Venus not only move into their final days but align. This is the point where everything is starting to come together and with your eyes open, heart and mind on the same page and hindsight and foresight to work with, you've now got the intuitive edge you need.


In just 2 days time Saturn will not only move into his final 2 months in your work sector, but a huge wave of support will kick in on the same day, suddenly moving you out of the slow lane and into the fast lane. Make the most of these final days in the slow lane, where you're able to pay a lot more attention to the big picture, while keeping most things in cruise control.


Mars' final days in your work sector will require some careful handling, for there is a real danger of burnout as you throw yourself into real or imagined deadlines. Mars knows he only has 4 days to get things done, but what you don't know is that it doesn't all end with Mars and instead of a sprint to the finishing line you're still running a marathon.


With Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos now just 4 days away from your work sector, life is set to not only become a lot busier, but stay that way for the rest of the year. Already you need to be preparing for this, especially as the pace is already likely to be picking up on the work front, with working smarter a must.


While there is no planetary activity in either of your professional houses, the professional gods are watching with interest developments on the income front, knowing that new doors are due to open on the work front in early December, that will continue to influence the early months of 2015.


While there has been some work tension or pressure over the last few days, this has been caused by the Moon and because this moves off today, what you're left with are some valuable wakeup calls that you can now process. Chances are the message behind any tension was of a need to pace yourself, making it all about working smarter.

At the moment, with Mars in his final days in your income sector the professional gods are playing a more background role, making it important to remain focused on the big picture. Where they are preaching caution is thinking that income matters require a smash and grab approach, when in fact you've got plenty of time and support.


As the Moon's monthly visit to your career sector wraps up hold onto the valuable clues, hunches and insights gained over the last few days. With your professional instincts sharp you're in a position where you're able to pull all the difference pieces of the puzzle together, deciding how you want the rest of your professional year to play out.


As the Moon returns to your career sector and your professional instincts kick in the seriousness of where things stand is likely to grab your attention. For this comes just as the Sun and Venus, in their final 2 days in your career sector have aligned to form a united front, bringing you to a point where it's time to bring things home.


In the lead up to some game changing developments on the career front in just 2 days time, the Moon makes a timely return to an adventurous part of your chart, contributing and an already all out effect to have your last hurrah. With things about to become a lot more professionally focused, keep your mind and your options open for as long as you can.


With Mars in his final days in your career sector it's important to throw yourself into your professional passions and fighting spirit, but not with the sense of urgency this might be creating. Things aren't as urgent as they might seem and with backup on the way this is more about identifying what excites and motivates you.

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