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The Moon's first visit to your career sector since Jupiter turned direct in your work sector and Mercury in your income sector is a chance to regroup, especially as you started the month with the doors open to the past, second chances and untapped potential across the income, work and career fronts. While the money and professional gods are still working together, more and more new doors are opening up.


While the Sun and Venus' early days in your income sector are getting off to a bumpy start, this is made worse by the fact that there are no professional gods to provide any support. Yet by the time the Moon returns to your career sector tomorrow you'll be ready to seize the opportunity, with a need to already start turning financial tension into both financial and professional motivation.


When Mars retrogrades back into your work sector over the weekend, while he won't be in any kind of hurry, this is going to dramatically increase the amount of focus on work matters, making life a lot busier than it is right now. Until then make the most of the free time you have, taking the time to explore what it is that excites you and your passions.


While this time of year will always bring you to the final weeks of an old solar year, a time of year when the wind is taken out of your sails and there is a need to slow down, there isn't usually planetary activity in your work sector. The fact that there is requires compromise, which is what tension and pressure over the last few days has been all about, looking at ways to work smarter.


The Moon's first visit to your work sector since lucky Jupiter turned direct in your income sector and since Mercury turned direct in your career sector earlier in the week is a chance to regroup. Where the month began with the doors open to the past, second chances and untapped potential across the income, work and career fronts, it's only on the work front that this is still the case, which calls for a new approach.


While being met by a wall of pressure as the Sun returned to your career sector last weekend and Venus two days ago might not have been an ideal start to a new professional surge, but as tensions ease back this is being replaced by a new sense of motivation and determination. Already, just five days after new doors opened you're ready to fight back in a way that would normally take you weeks to get to.


With June destined to be a big month for income, work and career matters, but where there will also be a need to pace yourself, working smarter is a must. This brings a need to take any work/life balance tensions or issues seriously, choosing to see this as a help rather than a hindrance. You can't change what you can't see and the time to prepare for next month's busy developments is now.

While financial tension can often be used to fuel both financial and professional motivation, this is especially so when the planet under pressure is Mars in your income sector and he has the support of the planets moving through your work sector. However, this is more a call to work smarter, looking at where you're putting your time and energy and what you're getting back in return.


With Mercury still in his early days in direct motion in your work sector and Jupiter still in his early weeks in direct motion in your career sector both are working together, while keeping your professional game as a whole in a low speed zone. Neither planet need or encourage rushing forward, not when you have time to exploit all the possibilities.


Considering that before the Sun returned to your work sector over the weekend and Venus two days ago there had been no planetary activity here since June 2015, the work tensions and pressure over recent days is starting to look like a blessing. As tensions start to ease back your motivation is likely to rise, ready now to turn the wakeup calls into advantages. Remain alert to a need to work smarter.


With some unexpected and game changing doors reopening on the career front over the weekend and new doors opening on the work front next month, your professional year is about to roar back to life. In these final days, make the most of a chance to keep your professional hat off, knowing that the next chance won't come until August. What you need today is time to hear yourself think.


Now just two days away from retrograding out of your career sector Mars is coming out from the pressure that he's been under since the weekend, but it has taught you some valuable lessons. Take heed of any wakeup calls, especially when it comes to work/life balance, while choosing to use Mars' final days as more a chance to reflect on the old passions resurfacing, than taking action.

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