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A week on from the Moon's departure from your career sector, you're able to look back and put things in perspective. As is often the case, it's by looking back that we're able to join the dots. Pay attention to the original thoughts, inspiration and where your imagination has taken things since then. With less urgency you have more time to reflect.


Until the Moon leaves a reflective part of your chart tomorrow there is still likely to be some work tension and job pressure. However the Moon and Venus are no longer in opposition with Jupiter in your work sector. This has seen tension ease back but not completely, with just enough remaining for you to see what's still pushing your buttons and why.


Apart from leaving you with sharp professional instincts and a boost in professional confidence, the Moon's visit to your career sector over the weekend has stripped away any urgency. With a Full Moon in your career sector earlier in the month still playing its course and career matters now unfolding without pressure, you can afford to take a wait and see approach.


As she moves into her final two weeks in your career sector Venus is surrounded by support. Aligned with the Moon and with a flotilla of planets across the income, work and career fronts, no wonder there is a growing belief that anything is possible. Yet with forces on all fronts taking at least the rest of this year to play out, work/life balance remains an important issue.


The Moon's return to your career sector tomorrow will bring a chance to regroup, as well as to balance out Mercury's more strategic take on things. For now this means keeping your head in the game and looking at things objectively. It's from tomorrow that you'll have the professional instincts needed to read between the lines.


The Sun only returned to your career sector over the weekend, but already you're just three days away from a New Moon that will ask for a new line in the sand. In any other year this would have caught you off guard and unprepared. Yet with Mars already here for a month by the time the Sun returned you should have a good sense of what excites you.


Two days on from the Moon's departure from your work sector you're likely to find that the confidence evoked is not dropping back, nor is a sense that something has shifted. Don't be in a hurry to over think things and instead continue to trust what your instincts and your imagination are telling you. You can afford to let this run its course, with new career matters now opening up for another 13 days.

The work tension and job pressure of the last few days is likely to be dialling back, with enough remaining to keep you on your toes. With Venus moving into her final two weeks in your work sector today this is the push to stand behind what your heart is telling you and to push through old barriers. This is a time for taking some blind leaps of faith.


With the Sun gone from your work sector since the weekend and Venus still two weeks away, Mercury is focused more on keeping your head in the game and the wheels turning. There is no need to reinvent the wheel or over think things. Instead you've got the intellectually savvy edge needed to keep your head in the game and work smarter when you need to.


It was an alignment between Mars and Jupiter that fired things up on the career fronts late last week, in a way that brought a new and confident sense of what's possible. It will be up to the other forces to figure out the 'when, where and how'. As much as there is pressure to work smarter and pace yourself, there is no pressure to rush anything on either front.


What has set 2017 aside from last year is the lack of planetary activity in either of your two professional houses. That is set to change with Mars' return to your work sector in 13 days' time. This will not only kick off the busiest months of 2017, but a period of cascading job and career developments that will take three years to unfold. Make the most of this slower pace while you can.


Saturn, in retrograde motion in your career sector has a potentially game changing mix of support and pressure. Pressure can push things and if it happens when there is a chance for new opportunities, this can create the potential for a breakthrough. This is especially so on the income and career fronts. Any pressure is both a push out of your comfort zone and a work/life balance reminder.

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