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As the Moon's monthly visit to your career sector wraps up, the first since the tide turned and Mars returned last week; hold onto the professional instincts this leaves you with and the passions and fighting spirit this has fuelled. More important than the details is a sense of excitement stirred.


The Moon's return to your career sector might seem more an advantage for work matters, ensuring your professional instincts are sharp during Mercury's early days in direct motion in your work sector and as you begin tying up loose ends. While that's still the case, there are clues to pending career opportunities in their own right.


Despite the fact that with the Sun and Venus in your work sector to help Saturn in his final phase it's time to put everything you have into everything you do in order to bring things home, something will be telling you that you need to hold something back in reserve, keeping your mind and your options open for now.


Make the most of the slower pace since Mars left your work sector over the weekend, realising that while you can't afford to rest on your laurels and it will be a long time before you can, that you can maintain a slower and more effective pace by work smarter and picking your battles wisely.


As the Moon's monthly visit to your work sector wraps up, the first since Mars returned and since Pluto turned direct, hold onto the intuitive insight gained over the last few days and any strong emotional responses. The professional gods are waking you up to the fact that the tide has turned and to the things that excite you.


While the Moon's return to your work sector will ensure you've got your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground at what is an important time for income matters and will bring a chance to put your income and work objectives on the same page, it's also a chance to look ahead to new developments just starting to appear on your radar.


While things are starting to come together on the income front it may feel that work matters have become stuck or that you've lot your motivation. Yet it's the fact that things seem to be slowing down on the work front that is a sign that the tide is getting ready to turn, with a chance to tie up loose ends first.

As you begin to redefine your income priorities and needs this is going to force you to reassess your professional priorities as well, with the two intertwined. This is a valuable chance to redefine your definition of success across the board, as you start to look beyond the money and look at all the currencies in your life in your life objectively.


In the lead up to next week's Full Moon in your work sector the Moon's monthly visit to your income sector was always going to ensure you had a nose for money, but as this monthly visit wraps up it will also leave you with a sense that the tide has turned. The seeds of revolution have been sown, with any glass ceilings the target.


While Mercury might be on his own, tying up loose ends on the career front he gets some support from the Moon's return to your income sector today. It's not just the nose for money that kicks in during a critical point in your professional year, but a boost in both financial and professional confidence this is bound to trigger.


As Venus starts to become a more formidable force in your career sector and especially as she moves towards her last alignment with Saturn here for another 30 years there's a need to listen to your heart, your professional desires and expectations. You've got over 2 year's worth of experience to draw from.


With the professional gods giving you time to redefine your professional priorities and even your definition of success, it's also important to keep your professional passions and fighting spirit fuelled. The best way to do that is to avoid over thinking things, instead letting your imagination run wild, daring to imagine what's possible.

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