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As the Moon leaves your work sector this brings the New Moon this created 2 days ago to an end, but also brings you to a point where the real journey just begins. This has been more about drawing a new line in the sand, with most work opportunities and a professional turnaround coming next month.


Just 5 days before Mercury's return to your work sector is due to usher in a new wave, the Moon's return brings a chance to get a jump on this. Yet while it's important to pay attention to the emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses this is set to trigger, avoid over thinking things before you have to.


At the same time that having the right work/life balance is essential if you're going to work with the powerful forces in play on the work front and gain as much momentum as possible, so too is finding the right balance between work and play. The path to success lies in following your heart and your passions.


Just 2 days after one alliance between income and career forces ended another begins today, further cementing the partnership between the money and professional gods. Slowly the veil is being lifted to not only reveal how well positioned you are on both the income and career fronts, but the true value of past steps.


While there are already signs of developments and a strong relationship between income and work forces, it's next month that the real opportunities will unfold. In the meantime, this gives you a chance to explore your options, think outside the square and challenge old assumptions.


At a point in the year when most of your professional expectations and objectives have been banked, it's becoming more and more about the money. It's the Moon's return to your income sector today, the last before new doors are due to open next week that brings a nose for money and a chance to start looking to the future.


It's only been 16 days since Venus left your career sector but you will already notice that the constant drive to be on top of your game 24/7 is no longer there. In fact, you'll find that things start to become stuck or you become frazzled when you do, with a need to experiment until you find a balance and pace that is your sweet spot.

As the gap widens between Venus and Jupiter in your career sector their different agendas become clearer. Venus' more urgent agenda is all about listening to your heart and attracting both attention and opportunities your way now, while Jupiter is looking to the long term and those goals that can't be achieved overnight and will take longer to pull off.


As the Moon leaves your career sector this brings the New Moon this created 2 days ago to an end, leaving you with your professional instincts sharp and a new sense of resolve. With your head in the game, eyes open and your head out of the sand, it's time now to start playing it like you mean it, ready for a fresh start.


The Moon's first visit to your career sector since a massive 9 month planetary push ran its course was always going to be important, but as the Moon returns and your professional instincts kick in this will also reveal how close you are to the next wave. Stay in the moment and don't over think what your emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses are telling you.


When Mars and Saturn aligned in your career sector earlier in the week it not only brought Mars' professional passions and fighting spirit together with Saturn's power to move mountains if you have to, it's changed the dynamics. You're likely to find that things are moving more freely and you're now in the fast lane.


Because much of the support and developments that will contribute to the very successful professional months and years stretching out in front of you is still coming together, a lot of blind faith is required. There is a need to trust what your heart and a growing sense of confidence on the income and work fronts are telling you, with blind faith if need be.

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