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Mercury's last full day in your career sector isn't as clear cut as it might seem. Yes, this is a day for having your head in the game and to use his intellectual savvy to make the smart choices, decisions and plans that will put your new professional year on the track it will continue on, but the reality is that things will continue to evolve. What you need are plans flexible enough to change as the year progresses.


Mercury's return to your career sector tomorrow will to a degree be a game changer, more because this will bring you to a phase in the launch of this new professional year where it's time to start making more specific choices, decisions and plans. Until then, the Sun's last full day on his own is more about simply observing, focused on establishing an authentic starting point.


A lot of water has passed under the bridge so far this week, but it was a combination of the Moon's monthly visit to your career sector and an alliance between work and career forces, coincidently happening at the same time, that has left you with a better awareness of just how many options you have on both fronts. Chances are the scope of this has taken you by surprise.


The Moon's monthly visits to your career sector will always sharpen your professional instincts and trigger Eureka moments, but today this is also likely to fuel a new sense of professional confidence that wasn't here this time last week. Your instincts are picking up that something has shifted and that's influencing things across the income, work and career fronts.


Mercury's last full day in your work sector is all about having your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open, but the urgent need to commit to choices, decisions and plans for the coming year just isn't there. With your heart taking a few more days to determine its stand, today is more about having your head in the game than doing anything specific with it.


With Mercury returning to your work sector tomorrow to help make the final days of your annual review a lot more strategic and hands on, the Sun's last full day on his own here is a chance to keep your eyes, mind and your options open, focused more on an authentic starting point. The 'when, where and how' and the 'where to from here' can wait.


While they are now moving apart, an alliance between income and work forces earlier in the week has left you with a better understanding of not only where things stand on both fronts, but a better sense of what you're fighting for and what's motivating you. This is a taste of things to come, with work and income matters likely to come together from next week.

face to the fact with the forces that is triggering Eureka moments, not only making them more likely today but making them more transparent and easy to understand. As is always the case leave the progressing until after the Moon has moved on, focused more on letting your mind and imagination run free.


While the professional gods are providing a strong and solid foundation, for the most part career matters and your professional year as a whole is being played as a long game, where you're running a marathon and not a sprint. So it's no hard ask then for the professional gods to take a back seat, on a day that is more about income talks, choices, decisions and/or plans or simply having your head in the game.


While the professional gods aren't demanding a lot at the moment, there are three different realities in play. On one hand over two years of continuous planetary activity in your career sector needs time to play out, getting out of the way and letting things evolve. At the same time, while new work opportunities will open up that's still another two months away, giving you time to explore your options, while the third reality is major new career developments in September.


Where forces that came into play midweek brought together a new sense of confidence and determination on both the income and career fronts but especially where they come together, this was just a taste of things to come and you're sensing this. While you may have yet to experience a breakthrough on either the career or income fronts, all your senses are telling you that that's about to change.


Today you're witnessing the seemingly impossible, which is a chance to not only bring income, work and career matters and options together, but with a nose for money, an intuitive edge and Eureka moments, sense how they all fit in together. Income and career forces have been working together for some time, but an intuitive edge will pick up that something has shifted on the work front as well.

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