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Find a balance between not letting any work/life balance or professional pressure get to you, refusing to create challenges where there are none, while at the same time paying attention to any important wakeup calls. What makes today's wakeup calls is that they are the last, with a chance to turn this last hurdle into a stepping stone.


Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos only left your work sector 2 days ago, but already you're likely to notice that you're no longer chasing your tail and there isn't the constant need to be on top of your game 24/7. Over the coming days you're set to realise that it takes a lot less effort to keep the momentum going.


Just 48 hours after Mars returned to your work sector and just 7 days since Saturn turned direct, already things have completely turned around. After being in the slow lane for the last 5 months you're back in the fast lane and there's no chance of things slowing down anytime soon. Now more than ever, there's a need to work smarter in order to avoid burnout.


Having the Moon move through your income sector during Uranus' early days in retrograde motion in your career sector was always going to be an advantage, giving you a nose for money just as the doors open to second chances and untapped potential, but as a New Moon this triggers a real turnaround.


While there is some very familiar work tensions coming to a head today, there is something very different about both the nature of the pressure and the possible outcome. The main point of difference is that this really is the final wakeup call, with Venus challenging you to ask yourself what you really want, while at the same time turning this final hurdle into a stepping stone.


If it feels like the wind has been taken out of your sails it's because it has, not because you've run out of steam or you've lost your edge and more because now that you're at cruising speed this is no longer required. What you have now is a chance to process things, letting things settle until a Full Moon in your work sector in 14 days time brings the next push.


While on the surface today's opposition between Venus in your career sector and Pluto in your home and family sector may feel the same as the countless work/life balance challenges of the past 12 months, yet emerging from this is a new sense of resolve, determined to solve this once and for all, finding a balance that works for you.

With the Moon still in your career sector after yesterday's New Moon this is something that is still playing out, making it important to keep your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground, using the tailwind this creates to push things forward. Whether you're taking concrete steps or just making a commitment to the journey ahead, it's time to draw a new line in the sand.


While on the surface today's forces are so unrelated to professional matters that they don't seem relevant, in reality they are. With a New Moon playing out in an adventurous part of your chart, this is going to evoke a sense of curiosity just weeks before new professional doors open, while financial tensions are likely to give rise to a new sense of determination on the income front.


While Mars' departure from your career sector 2 days ago has taken away a lot of the urgency, drive and the constant pressure to be on top of your game 24/7 it's done nothing to slow down the momentum nor will it anytime soon. You've earned your right though to engage cruise control, letting the momentum already gained carry things for a while.


The timing of Mars' return to your career sector 2 days ago couldn't be better, for it means that your professional passions and fighting spirit are engaged as Venus, now in her final weeks in your work sector, comes under pressure. With any work tension today revealing where your heart really stands, this is likely to inspire you to start fighting back.


With the Moon still in your work sector after yesterday's New Moon this is still in effect and will be until tomorrow, making this a day for drawing a new line in the sand and commitment to the game changing journey ahead. At this point it's less about the details and more about committing to the future with blind faith, ready for a fresh start.

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