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With the Moon's departure from your career sector you've been left with your professional instincts sharp and some valuable clues, hunches and insights as you move into Mars' final week, with a much better sense of what you're fighting for and of how and where to direct your passions and fighting spirit.


With Mars returning to your career sector in a week from today, having the Moon here is the perfect way to start getting your bearings, especially as there will be clues starting to appear. At this point, even if it's just a sense of anticipation, trust what your gut and your professional instincts are telling you, letting your imagination run wild.


As Mercury leaves your work sector today this not only leaves you with the means, intellectual savvy and hindsight needed to keep your head in the game, knowing how to work smarter, it also changes the dynamics. The focus shifts to tying up loose ends and not only bringing this professional year home but to commit to the long haul.


Mercury's return to your work sector today gives you the intellectual savvy needed to get your head in the game and with an already overwhelming amount of traction and support and more on the way, to get your second wind and think on your feet. This is one year where things are only going to get busier, with working smarter a must.


Thanks to the Moon's visit to your work sector over the last few days you're able to move into Mars' final week with your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground, holding onto the intuitive edge gained. This is not the time to over think things and instead to focus on the things that inspire and excite you, your imagination, drives, passions, fighting and competitive spirit.


As you start lining up for Mars' return to your work sector in just a week from today, having the Moon here is giving you the intuitive edge needed to both sense what's coming and make the most of the time you still have to keep your mind and your options open. Today is all about listening to the emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses being triggered without over thinking things.


While you're still finding your feet and there's unlikely to be too much movement on the work front, Mercury's departure from your income sector not only leaves you with a smart head for money but a sense that on the income front it really is time to tie up loose ends. At this point it is very much about the money.

You don't just have the Moon in your home and family sector today, putting the focus on home and family matters, but in opposition with Jupiter in your career sector this may bring any work/life balance issues to a head. While this is a reminder you get each month, that passes quickly, there's something about today's wakeup calls that you need to pay attention to.


There is no doubt that the professional gods are taking a backseat, happy to let things play out, knowing they've invested all they can and need to. Right now as Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos moves into his final 7 days in your income sector, it's more about the money and inflicting some serious damage in any glass ceilings.


While the professional gods have one more wildcard up their sleeves, in the form of next week's Full Moon in your work sector, there are clues today that it's about to become a lot more about the money. It's the Moon's monthly visit to your income sector and the nose for money this triggers that allows you to pick up on some unexpected potential ahead.


As Mercury leaves your career sector today, as well as leaving you with the intellectual savvy and hindsight needed to keep your head in the game and continue to play your A game, this changes the dynamics completely. It's no longer about getting things up to speed and it's now all about bringing things home.


Mercury's return to your career sector today not only puts another string to your bow or another tool in your tool belt, but the brains to start making things happen. Mercury is only here for 19 days, with a need to have your head in the game from the get go, turning the professional desires and expectations you've been developing into a more concrete plan of attack.

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