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Weekend or not there's a need to keep your professional hat on, with Mars' return to your career sector a game changer. While it's tomorrow and over the coming days and weeks that the real influence is felt, as Mars' professional passions and fighting spirit kick in a call for change and to shake things up is unleashed.


Just 2 days after the Sun and Venus left your work sector, wrapping up your annual update and review, leaving you with a clear starting point and of where your heart stands, Mercury turns direct here today. This is when your mental focus shifts to the road ahead and the job of tying up loose ends begins.


While the real push to bring work matters that you've been working on and towards all year and in fact over recent years home and weekend or not the professional gods ask that you keep your work hat on, there is just enough playful energy in the air to ensure that life doesn't become all work and no play, which is a creativity killer.


Just hours before Mars is due to leave your work sector today, an event that would have created a vacuum and allowed you to lose your momentum, the Moon returns to ensure that doesn't happen. Over the coming days you'll transition from an urgent, passionate and possibly deadline driven sprint, to what is becoming a marathon.


The whole dynamics of the year changes today, though it may take until tomorrow for the full implications to be felt. For this is the day that Pluto, planet of change and revolution's slow build up of speed and momentum turns into a sprint, with Mars returning to fuel your drives, passions, fighting and competitive spirit. As the planets of war and revolution come together things are going to heat up considerably.


Mercury, now the only planet left in your income sector, is not only spending his first weekend on his own, but turning direct today his smart head for money shifts to the future. While he'll leave early next month, with big developments on both the work and career fronts in early December, he's giving you a chance to look to the future.


You've reached a point in the year where, while income and work forces are working together, they each have assigned roles. Your income focus needs to be on the road ahead as new opportunities unfold, whereas on the work front the focus needs to be on the rear view mirror, with the past having a big influence on things.

The Moon's return to your income sector just hours before Mars is due to leave your income sector today will not only ensure you have a nose for money as his 6 week visit wraps up, but will keep things engaged until backup arrives in 2 days time. This is where support from work and career forces kick in, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.


As Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos leaves your sign today hold onto the passions, drives, competitive and fighting spirit he's fuelled over the last 6 weeks. While a lot of these will now be directed towards smashing through any glass ceilings as Mars returns to your income sector, the rest needs to be channelled into continuing to follow your passions.


Just 2 days after the Sun, the Moon and Venus all left your career sector, bringing your annual professional review and update to an end, Mercury turns direct today, bringing you to the point where it's time to start tying up loose ends. With Mercury not leaving for another 2 weeks this gives you time to work on your game plan, have talks or make the choices, decisions and plans that need to be made.


While the Moon will leave your career sector after a fairly dramatic few days, which kicked off with a solar eclipse, this not only leaves you with the professional instincts needed to remain on track, but a gut sense of what you're working towards. With Ceres in her last weekend in your career sector there's one last chance to redefine your definition of success, determining what you're striving for.


Weekend or not there's a need to keep your professional hat on today, with the Moon returning to your career sector just hours before Mars is due to leave. While this should be the end of the story, with Ceres returning in 2 days time and before the Moon leaves, it's the professional instincts being triggered today that will provide the perfect incubator to keep Mars' professional passions and fighting spirit fuelled.

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