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Even if you tried to, chances are you'd find it hard to keep your professional hat on over the weekend, with some work/life balance tensions surfacing if you do. Ahead of next week's Full Moon in your work sector the professional gods think it better that you not only recharge your batteries and clear your mind, but address things on the home front so that they don't become distractions.


Just as Mercury moves into not only his final 12 days in your career sector but as he prepares to wrap up all the planetary activity here, an opposition with Jupiter is likely to bring work/life balance tensions or pressures to a head or just generalised tension that could threaten your professional confidence. Yet from this is likely to emerge a new sense of resolve and determination to make these final days count, albeit with a need to work smarter and manage your time more effectively.


While the Moon's position in your income sector might be creating some financial tension today, it's good news professionally. With the Moon on especially friendly terms with the Sun and the rest of the planets in your career sector, as a nose for money and a growing sense of professional confidence come together it's giving you a broader sense of what's possible.


With today's standoff between Mercury in your financial sector and lucky Jupiter in your income sector since New Year's Day, the difference to the last three occasions is that this time you've got the professional clout to turn this into an opportunity for a breakthrough. This is just the kind of pressure that Mars and Venus, moving through your career sector thrive on, with a new sense of professional determination being born.


With March the month when things are set to move professionally, with next week's Full Moon in your income sector giving things a kick start, keep your work hat off as much as possible. While with Pluto in your work sector from 2008 to 2024 this will never be entirely possible, it will be a lot easier than it's set to become over the coming weeks.


With the Moon having just left your career sector yesterday your professional instincts will still be sharp as Mercury, now in his final 12 days in your work sector, moves into opposition with powerful Jupiter. Jupiter is demanding that you slow down, forcing you to work smarter and manage your time more effectively, something you should be doing anyway.


Having the Moon in your career sector as the Sun spends just his second weekend in your work sector, at the end of a week that has given you a much clearer sense of where you're starting from and where you're going, this is a chance to regroup. While this means keeping your professional hat on over the weekend, that's been the case since Mars returned to your work sector on the 12th January.

An opposition between Mercury in your home and family sector and Jupiter in your career sector is likely to once more bring work/life balance tensions to a head, but this time around the cards are stacked in your favour. With income, work and career congregating around Jupiter and Mercury's intellectual savvy coming into play, you're able to take a smart approach to seeing this as the opportunity it is to streamline things.


You've had no planetary activity in either of your professional houses since last September and nothing to push things along, yet that's all about to change next week, with March the month when your professional year really begins. Until then make the most of the chance you have to take your professional hat off over the weekend, as you start to get a sense of what excites you.


Today's opposition between Mercury in your income sector and Jupiter in your financial sector, while it may bring financial tensions to a head, is a lucky event. With the Moon having just left your work sector yesterday and a clear sense of professional direction, this will provide the support needed to turn this into motivation, aware of what you're fighting for.


With the Sun in your income sector and the Moon in your work sector you have a chance to put your income and work objectives on the same page, but also a need to keep your work and money hat on over the weekend. However, it will be worth it, for while things are unfolding on the income front, with no planets in either of your professional houses you need the Moon's valuable clues, hunches and insights.


An opposition between Mercury and Jupiter today is likely to create some work tension or just pressure on your time, energy and resources. With Jupiter in your work sector but Mercury in a reflective part of your chart one wants you to work through and the other to take time out over the weekend to hear yourself think. This is forcing you to create the kind of balance and smart approach that will serve you well over the coming weeks and months.

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