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As Mars spends his first full day in your career sector, this has brought you to an extraordinary point in an extraordinary professional year. For the first time in our lifetime Mars has returned to find both Pluto and Saturn here, with his professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit able to link in with forces able to change things up and those allowing you to stick to what you start.


Today's nostalgic and reflective lunar vibes may have taken the wind out of your sails, but this brings with it a valuable chance to tap into your imagination. If you've been over thinking things this is a valuable chance to tap into your imagination and focus more on what your sixth sense, rather than your other senses are telling you.


The Moon may have moved on from yesterday's New Moon in your career sector, but with your professional instincts and imagination fuelled you're only now processing the implications. A New Moon creates a tailwind that can take on a life of its own, so it's about having a feel for which way things are naturally moving.


Mars' departure from your work sector yesterday has finally taken that monkey off your back. After over three years of near continuous planetary activity on the job front, the push over the last seven weeks is over. This is a chance to climb out of the trenches, where all you could see in front of you were tasks and deadlines and take a look at your professional game as a whole.


Adventurous lunar vibes might be a distraction for any other planet spending its first full day in your work sector. Yet considering the implications of Mars' return yesterday and just how busy things are about to get and for how long, the timing couldn't be better. This is both a reminder that this is all about the journey and the importance of having a balance between work and play.


While there is no doubt that Mars' return to your romantic and creative sector yesterday is good news for matters of the heart, this is also good news professionally. Even if your job or the work you do is not considered creative, everything is going to benefit when approached with a creative edge and your creative passions fuelled.


The Moon may have moved on from yesterday's New Moon in your work sector, but the Sun is just now processing the valuable clues, hunches and insights this has left you with. This is also a chance to get a feel for the tailwind this has created and the direction this is drawing things. With the Sun leaving in two days' time, this is more about paying attention.

Just having the Moon in your work sector as Ceres turns direct in your career sector is an advantage, but an intuitive read on work and job matters is also a window into the more expansive support on hand. As the tide turns on the career front, this will give work and job matters the green light as well.


Until the Moon returns to your work sector tomorrow the focus today is on getting a feel for Mars' return to your income sector yesterday. Focus less on the money and more on where you feel the confidence to fight for what you deserve. The Moon's return to your work sector tomorrow will bring clues to new job developments ahead, just as things are moving on the income front.


As much as you're not having to deal with the work/life balance issues you dealt with last year, you can still learn from them and benefit from the challenges of the past. Career matters already have plenty of momentum and with new work and job matters not opening up until next month, this gives you time to focus more on playing a smarter game.


Jupiter doesn't have to do a lot at the moment to bring a boost in confidence on the income and professional fronts and neither do you. After five months in your career sector Jupiter turned retrograde 10 days ago and in these early weeks it is more about readjusting to a focus on the rear view mirror. Yet Jupiter is here until November and with the Sun in his final days in your income sector there is reason for confidence on both fronts.


They say that as one door closes another opens and that is partly true on the professional front today, except no doors have actually closed. But a day after Mars left your career sector, Ceres turns direct in your work sector, proclaiming to the professional gods that she can take it from here. After literally years of pushing forward professionally, things will now start falling into place on the job front.

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