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Within the space of just 2 hours first the Sun and then the Moon return to your career sector today, creating a New Moon that should catch you off guard. As the last New Moon here until 2016 this brings the added pressure of jumpstarting your 2015 professional year ahead of time, but it's something you're more than ready for.


With the professional gods set to gate crash Christmas this year the least you can do is play hooky while you can, making the most of today's New Moon in an adventurous part of your chart. With so much building on the work and career fronts and especially as it will spill into the early months of 2015, you can afford to take a break from things.


As much as you might be more than ready to take your work hat off for the year, with Saturn in his final days in your work sector, whether you've knocked off for the year or not you still need to have your head in the game. This is about making sure no stone has been left unturned, putting everything you have into everything you do and putting things on a path you want them to continue on.


Just 17 minutes before the Sun is due to leave your work sector today Uranus turns direct in your career sector, ensuring that the lights are on as the professional tide turns. With the Moon leaving your work sector just a few hours later you'll have an intuitive sense that the tide is turning, but also that something even bigger is developing.


By rights the Sun and Moon's return to your work sector today, the New Moon this creates and the call to draw a new line in the sand should catch you off guard. Yet while this falls in the first 2 hours of your annual review of work matters and options, the reality is you've already got your head and heart in the game and have spent the last 2 months preparing for this moment.


As urgent as Mars is trying to make things on the work front, with his first Christmas in your work sector since 1999 making it hard to take your work hat off, you have until March to bring things home. Mars' job is to motivate you, your passions, drives, competitive and fighting spirit, with a need to embrace those but ditch any hint of panic.


Sometimes procrastination and putting things off is not advised, but this is one of those times when it is, especially when it comes to work matters. With not a lot happening until after Christmas the professional gods are happy to wait their turn, knowing it's the money gods that need your attention right now.

Just 17 minutes before the Sun is due to leave your income sector today and less than 3 hours before the Moon is due to leave Uranus turns direct in your work sector today, turning the tide and shifting your focus onto the road ahead. With a nose for money and the Sun revealing your income options, as the tide turns on the work front it's with a clear sense of where the money is.


For the first time in 19 years you're due to move into the New Year with the Moon in your work sector, giving you an intuitive edge from the get go and with lucky Jupiter returning to your career sector next year, the future is looking bright. Yet neither has happened yet, with how much effort you put into winding down this working year up to you.


With all of this year's professional cards on the table, with a Full Moon in your work sector earlier in the month having delivered the final wildcard, you're at a point of your professional year where what you see is what you get. With the professional forces in play now the same as what will be in play for most of 2015, there'll be a natural flow from one year to the next.


No matter how exhausted you are and what this professional year has taken out of you, there's a need to remain engaged for another 2 days, with the professional gods promising you can take your professional hat off over Christmas. Whether still at work or already on holiday the next few days are about extracting as much wisdom from the past as possible.


As first the Sun and then just a few hours later the Moon leaves your career sector today, hold onto the awareness, options and the professional instincts they leave you with, while realising that this is far from the end of the story. If things feel unfinished it's because they are, with everything until now just a practice run.

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