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Having the Moon in your career sector as tensions come to a head is a mixed blessing, with your professional instincts giving you a read on both any professional pressure and work/life balance tensions, but also exacerbating them. As you prepare to move into a short and intense week take a moment to gain some perspective.


This is one time when a long weekend comes at just the right time, with the right amount of support. For just as work tensions are building, adventurous lunar vibes bring a chance to step back and put things in perspective. For while work tensions are building, with this comes the opportunity for a breakthrough, providing the push that anything stalled needs.


From her position in your career sector Venus is not only immune from rising tensions in other areas or your life, but is actually providing the support needed to turn this into leverage. It's Venus' support for Jupiter in your income sector that has the potential to turn financial tension into an opportunity to inflict some serious damage to any remaining glass ceilings.


The Sun's departure from your career sector yesterday brought your annual month long professional review to a close, leaving you with everything out in the open and an authentic new starting point. Yet you are still several weeks away from having all your cards and options on the table, with this still a work in progress.


Having the Moon in your work sector as the Sun spends his first full day in your career sector is likely to be a mixed blessing. Apart from giving you no show of keeping your professional hat off over the long weekend, this is likely to exacerbate work tensions. Yet with the Sun's clarity and the Moon's intuitive edge you're able to turn this into an opportunity to gain some real leverage.


Making the most of any downtime the long weekend provides is less an opportunity and more an order from the stars, with something within ready to snap if you don't make a conscious effort to find a balance between work and play. There is nothing to be gained today from keeping your work hat on and a lot to lose.


While pressure on Jupiter in your career sector is mounting and you're likely to be dealing with professional and/or work/life balance tensions, there is enough support to turn this into an opportunity for a breakthrough or a turnaround. When something isn't sustainable change becomes a viable option, with luck and the professional gods on your side.

Even though the Sun left your work sector yesterday work tension is still rising, in what could be a case of 'here we go again'. This is more than the long weekend creating a case of Mondayitis, with work tensions coming to a head over the next few days revealing what is and isn't working and where change might be trying to break its way through.


For the first time all year you've woken to planetary activity in your professional houses, with the Sun's first full day in your career sector opening the door to the most professionally active months of the year. While it might seem like bad timing that this should happen over the long weekend, it's giving you a chance to get your bearings.


Where the Sun's departure from your home and family sector yesterday, where he had been putting pressure on career forces should have taken the wind out of any work/life balance tensions, that's unlikely to be the case. Rather than weather or wait this out, it seems that you really have to deal with those issues once and for all.


During the year that lucky Jupiter will spend in your work sector taking your work hat off is never really an option, but there is a concerted push from opposing forces today to at least find a balance. This comes just as the long weekend buys you some extra time, with pacing yourself and working smarter now a requirement.


With the Moon having just left your career sector yesterday there is a need to keep your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground, trusting your professional instincts, especially with financial tensions once more rising. Yet with your professional instincts sharp and a smart head for money you're able to use this as leverage.

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