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  Updated Daily to your web site or APP -Monday 20 February


The closer the Moon draws to its return to your career sector tomorrow the more you need to take a hands off approach. This gives you time to reflect on the revelations across the work and income fronts over the last few days, as you start to suspect that you have more options than you thought you had.


In most years there is transition between the Sun's departure from your career sector and the finalising of the launch of a new professional year. The last time there was an abrupt end once the Sun left was in 2012. So it's ordinary to half time to tie up loose ends. This year you have just six days and the clock is ticking.


The Sun might return to your career sector at this time every year, but you don't usually have the head start or the confidence that you have this year. Even so, with just seven days until a solar eclipse opens the door to major and fateful new beginnings, you still need time to get your bearings and adjust to the sunlight pouring in.


The timing of the Moon's monthly visit to your work sector couldn't be better, turning what is an ordinary event into something potentially game changing. This will sharpen your instincts and give you an intuitive read on the work matters, just as things are coming together on the work front. Yet this will also prove grounding.


Waiting for the Moon's return to your work sector tomorrow before you get a read on work matters shouldn't be a problem, with plenty to keep you busy today. It was only yesterday that a five day alliance of income and career forces ran its course, revealing insights at a point in the year where there shouldn't be anything happening on either front.


The Sun may be gone from your work sector, but you're still in the process of tying up loose ends. In fact, you've only just started that phase. The Sun will always leave your work sector at this time each year, but often you will have weeks to tie up loose ends. This year you have just six days.


The fact that just hours after the Sun's return to your work sector you're lining up for a solar eclipse in just seven days' time should bring more urgency than it does. Not only will a lot of things come together in the days leading up to the solar eclipse, you've got a lot more options on the table than you normally would at this time of year.

Just as you move into the business end on what was already a game changing month for work matters, it's the money gods that have come through for you. Having the Moon in your income sector is giving you the nose for money that will make it easier to work smarter, at a time when there is a definite need to work smarter.


Chances are you're starting to suspect that all is not as it should be at this time of year. An alliance between job and career forces over the last few days will have brought this to your attention, but chances are this only confirmed what you already suspected. This is still flying under the radar, but there is every reason for confidence.


The Sun and Moon come together to create the perfect mix of intuition and logic, imagination and intelligence. Mental clarity, sharp instincts and with your imagination engaged, you'll find it easier to read between the lines, especially with any professional pressure and/or work/life balance tension. As this is all about working smarter, you've got all the resources today to do just that.


It is only now, a day after the Moon left your career sector that you usually get a chance to process the message behind strong emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses. That is still the case, but already sharp professional instincts are proving invaluable as things start to move on the income front.


Ever since Saturn returned to your career sector in December 2015 the Moon's monthly visits have been more than a chance to sharpen your professional instincts. This has been a chance to check that you're on track and connect with the powerful forces in play behind the scenes. With some turbulent financial seas, there is a chance today to set a straight professional course.

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