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  Updated Daily to your web site - Friday 9 December


You may find money around your home, be given money by a loved one or relative, or find out that your home is worth more than you thought. You have a good idea for a renovation or home improvement that could brighten up your home and increase its value.


If you have something of a "She Said, He Said" moment with your significant other or a business partner right now, don't let it drag you down. Look upon it as a learning opportunity. You may discover some valuable nugget of information inside a dispute or disagreement.


A friend may help you make a necessary lifestyle or dietary change to improve your overall health and well being. A friendly coworker will help you come to terms with changes in the workplace. There will be some stress or conflict however. You are getting closer to an essential truth, work through it.


There is big news coming from your family, positive welcome developments in finances or attitudes that brighten your hopes for a better future. You could hear from a friend whose musical or spiritual interests have brought them good luck.


Don't buy the kids that spiffy new electronic gadget or toy they have been begging for, not just yet. Wait until you find a better price or there is some kind of incentive that makes this kind of purchase more compelling. If you do buy anything electronic right now, keep the receipt.


You are changing your look and your entire attitude is different now. This could bring problems with insecure companions who fear losing the "old" you. The truth is that this is one of many transformations you are going to go through for a while and if they can't cope, then you may indeed be moving apart.


You just don't feel like working right now, but the financial realities may keep you chained to your desk. If you can keep a positive attitude though, you may find that your special efforts catch the eye of someone important who can help you improve the bottom line.

You need to get away from it all, and you could find the perfect opportunity by taking the children in your family out together with those of friends and companions for a little time in the sun. The physical activity will be good for everyone.


Play, have some fun, get out into the world. Forget about your worries, cares and the minor responsibilities. Take care of the big responsibilities first so you can enjoy yourself without worries. You are likely going to be invited to a sporting or recreational event.


Your creativity will be enhanced by a relaxation technique. Meditation or self- hypnosis could prove to be extremely beneficial to your mood, well-being and outlook for the future. Daydreaming might also help clear your head, especially if you are not able to get away for a break.


It is a lucky day in the history of your love life. Unexpected changes to friendships and sudden encounters with new people leave a smile on your face and a spring in your step. There may be some jealousy on the part of a coworker or social companion who is not as lucky.


You may be asked to write, teach or coach soon. Your energy may draw children and older people to you. You have knowledge that may be more valuable than you realize. An online comment could spark important future connections.

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