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  Updated Daily to your web site - Friday 29 May


You will be extremely sharp and perceptive today, especially where it comes to children, your own or others. Just remember to be tactful, whether speaking with children themselves, or their parents today. Your words will tend to be a little too frank.


You may have an unexpected challenge on your hands - feeding a large group of people you did not anticipate having as guests or clients. Make sure you have enough food or snacks or petty cash to cover a large meeting.


You'll be talking about romance, but you may not be pushed to do much about it right now. Your energy is on the "rational thought" level, rather than on the "primal emotion" that you really need to bring the beast out in your partner. Sure, they say the mind is the sexiest body part, but not when it's the only part actively engaged.


You may find that you have a difficult time focusing or concentrating on any issue involving healthcare or daily chores. Investments, shared resources and disputes surrounding religious differences are possible. Your family members will have answers.


If you are an artist, you'll be whipping up some pretty odd creations today. If you are in the communications field, you may find that you are misunderstood or are talking above someone's level of understanding. Bring things down to earth in very simple terms if anyone makes the "Huh?" face at you.


You may be considering a new career soon. You may be discussing changes with family members at a get together this evening. Keep your mind and heart open to suggestions. Someone that you love may have a wild idea that sets fire to your imagination.


Arguments or disagreements with friends could be a good thing today. All the cards will be on the table, in full view, and the two of you can decide as mature adults whether the problems can be overcome, or whether or not it might be time to agree to part the ways.

You may be offered an interesting investment opportunity that heavily depends on your past knowledge or experience. If you face what appears to be a risky decision, take a deep breath, and then take a few moments to carefully consider the options before making a choice.


You are about to take on a new leadership role. You may feel drawn to some kind if revolutionary cause. Whether your goals are social, philanthropic, or political, you can move more of the mountain by creating other leaders than you can by creating followers.


Someone may want you to sacrifice your vacation because of financial concerns. If they are standing out on your doorstep with their hands out, a tough love moment could solve two problems with one step. If they are a little closer to home, you may have to do some hard negotiations this evening.


You may be at a bit of a loss for words today. If you are unable to express your own feelings, well, at least you will be a good listener today! If that is not good enough for your loved ones, agree to set aside some quality time later on when you have had a chance to think.


You could be misunderstood by friends and loved ones today, but your creative powers are high. You may be working on written material or documentation of a contentious nature, so be careful when choosing your words. They may get noticed for the wrong reasons if you are not careful.

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