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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 16 December


You might find that you are juggling your attention between home and work, especially if you have a small home office business. If you have a "day-job" expect some intrusions from your boss or employer, but there could be rewards for delaying your own entertainment to please a higher-up.


You will find that you have a lot of chores right now, but you have a nice burst of energy just perfect for the mood of the day. You could be spending a lot of time around your home, puttering about, fixing up and having a good time making a more comfortable living space.


A new flavour may catch your attention. New recipes, food preparation ideas or a new foodie craze may have you breaking out the pots, pans and utensils. You might need some exotic tool or ingredient that is a little hard to find.


You are tripping over your words a bit right now, because your subconscious mind is in turmoil right now. You are moody and emotional. Other people will find you hard to talk to. You may need to take a break or two with some chamomile tea in order to settle down.


Your career and social ambitions are on the upswing, and there may be unexpected opportunities for you to boost your bottom line. Just be sure that you are ready for a new leadership role before taking on new responsibilities that could keep you busier than you'd like.


You may get a call, letter or email from an old friend you had lost contact with. The good news they want to share could be surprising, even shocking. A big family secret that disturbs everyone else may be amusing to you, likely because you knew all along.


Unexpected calls from friends and companions bring amusement and good news, but they can also bring some frustrations. You will find those higher on the totem pole bring frustrations, while your close buddies and companions bring a smile to your face.

It looks like you are worried about your health or wellness, yet you are resisting seeking professional feedback. Your worries are most likely exaggerated, and seeking advice might end up bringing you opportunities you might have missed otherwise.


If you want to know what's eating your boss or that special client, it's likely an ulcer or some other stress-related ailment. Someone in a position of authority around you seems grumpy and unreasonable, but you can get in their good graces by finding a way to ease their discomforts.


You have skills and talents that you can pass along to others. You may have an opportunity to teach or mentor someone. Do not be afraid to stick your neck out, you may find the experience of being a teacher to be extremely rewarding.


Your friends and companions may be acting confused or uncertain right now. You need to be the one to lead by example. When someone comes to you to vent or complain, just listen to what they have to say without judgement, and they will figure out the solution themselves.


Daydreaming again, aren't we? That's one of your favorite pass times, but your daydreams are of epic proportions right now. Put them to productive use. Dream up a way you can make a huge amount of money doing something you love and enjoy with great passion.

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