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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 4 May


Have some fun. Don't think about work at all right now. If you want to feel good and enjoy yourself, put all your worries in a basket, and hide them in the closet until you absolutely, positively have to deal with them. You can't do anything about them right now anyway.


Your mate's crazy ideas are unlikely pay off right now - especially those involving dramatic changes to your social schedule or career ambitions. It may turn out that renovations you undertake right now could be more expensive than either of you thought.


Your family will seem hyperactive and dramatic right now. It's a little like watching clowns on Cirque du Soleil only it's not as funny. But it could be entertaining, if you let your sense of humor come back. And that is the key to saving your mood right now.


You may have to make some last-minute travel changes this evening related either to your career or to a conflicting schedule. Try to work out a noble compromise - people are watching and evaluating your reactions under pressure right now, and word will get around.


If you want to know what's eating your boss or that special client, it's likely an ulcer or some other stress-related ailment. Someone in a position of authority around you seems grumpy and unreasonable, but you can get in their good graces by finding a way to ease their discomforts.


A simple change in seating or a small upgrade on your computer may have a significant impact on your productivity and career satisfaction. You may find that a policy or rule you did not like at first has a hidden benefit. There is a silver lining if you keep your eyes open.


Outer events are a reflection of your own attitudes. So if events affecting your career aren't all going your way, simply change your mind about the situation, then watch how things start to bounce back in your favor. You can find great opportunities within old challenges.

Be careful while driving right now. You could run afoul of drives who are not paying attention to the road. Older drivers may be extra challenging right now, and you could find yourself taking a lot of construction-related detours. The local construction folks are busy tearing up the road.


You are likely in the process of re-evaluating your life, especially where it comes to romance. You and your significant other are likely at something of a crossroads. You may have to decide something serious soon. A crisis that is provoked right now could prove to be a blessing in disguise.


It will be an incredibly dreamy, idealistic and romantic day right now. If you are single, you will have lots of chances to meet interesting new people. You may find them in art galleries, theatres, music stores and other places where creative people gather.


You may have good ideas that could help boost your financial prospects right now, but there may be self-doubt getting in your way. Your head is telling you one thing, and your heart tells you something else. It is a good idea to do more research, but believe in yourself!


Someone else's troubles could be the trigger that gets you and a family member back on speaking terms. One or both of you is going to realize that your little spat was really rather petty - things could be far, far worse. You could both do some real good by reaching out to a troubled friend.

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