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  Updated Daily to your web site - Friday 21 November


You will be the centre of attention in your family. Someone is finally going to notice that you have some pretty spiffy talents, and you will enjoy hearing their praise and admiration. You may receive a gift of artwork, music, or positive reinforcement.


Financial matters and bargain hunting are the likely themes of the day. If you are out with friends, you could over-spend and you really need to focus on your career and business goals. There may be bargains to be had in communications equipment and devices for your business however.


You have a wonderful opportunity to make friends today. You are attractive and are more outgoing than normal right now. People feel that they are getting to see the real you. Sporting and cultural events are terrific places to meet people and share ideas today.


You could hear good news about the family finances today. You and a close family member will probably disagree on how to spend an anticipated windfall, but you will all enjoy the greater prosperity. You could be re-thinking your home-business plans a lot more carefully.


Your body's stress levels are screaming out for a break. A trip to the spa, or even giving yourself an extra hour or two of sleep tonight could work wonders. Treat yourself to some aromatherapy or a massage, find some way to relax and unwind.


You will prove to be a healing force in the life of a friend or acquaintance. Your energies will be high, and you will feel good about being able to be "just what the doctor ordered" for someone you care about. A sudden insight about your life or lifestyle may have you focusing much of your energies on the people closest to you.


You may hear unexpected news about your partner's heath or working conditions. The two of you may have to juggle schedules or work out some kind of budget that allows your partner to take a slower track in the corporate rat race. You are both a little burned out right now.

You may find that shared income, finances and investments are the source of considerable debate around the supper table this evening. You may be considering a debt reduction plan or some other way of making better use of your investments or savings.


You will be preparing for some upcoming time off by spending some time with a book on some kind of alternative medicine, holistic treatment, or searching the Internet for a good spa. You need to give yourself a treat and the time or money will soon free up for it.


Your love life will take an interesting turn today. You are about to find out what your partner, or a potential partner, really thinks about you. You will take it better if you focus on the positive things they say, and take any criticism as coming from a loving space.


A warm, friendly person may have more than merely platonic interest in you. You could be the object of a secret passion! There might be not-so secret admirers coming forward today. Some of them may be a little wilder and less stable than you like in a partner, though.


If you are confused or conflicted about a spiritual, religious or health matter, seek out an advisor or authority figure who is older, more established, who understands the issues you are facing right now. You need someone who can help you put your feet back on the ground.

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