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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 29 July


You'll be a bit tongue-tied and twisted right now. Your subconscious is not your best friend. It may be a good idea now that you are all partied out anyway to take some rest time alone for a while. You may be too restless to get too much relaxation, however.


You have to make a sudden and unexpected change to your lifestyle. Someone is going to point out a challenge to your wellness that you can only address by restructuring your daily routine. It may be you need to get some more exercise or better organize your daily schedule.


Relationships open new worlds of possibilities for you today. If you are single, you could meet someone new through friends, companions, clubs or groups you belong to. If you are with a partner, broaden your horizons by getting out in the company of others together soon - have some fun.


Take the credit cards out of your wallet and leave everything but spare change at home. You will be extremely tempted to buff up your wardrobe as a result of a careless comment from a friend, and there are less expensive ways to update your appearance. Wait until you calm down before going on a makeover tour.


You are pushy and impatient, the very soul of road rage today, and are a moving hazard if you are not careful. Pull back, take some deep breaths, make sure there is enough space between you and the driver in front of you - even if they are driving slow in the passing lane.


You and your partner need to talk about your social life. You may be spending too much time "out" or not enough. Someone needs more play time though, and the best cure is for the two of you to sit down and find some way to enjoy each other free of other demands.


An old friend is thinking of you and your recent struggles, but they may not be quite ready to help out as you would like. Expect small changes over a period of time, rather than one big change all at once, but things will start getting better soon.

A subconscious message of some kind - a dream, intuition sudden insight, will come to you. There is a message for your friend, the one who is having trouble conceiving a child, or getting over a creative blockage. The message is "good things come to she or he who waits" - but not always in the form they expected.


You may feel like the proverbial invisible man or woman today - it seems that people overlook you, but not in a negative way. You just do not register on the radarscope. There are times and places where this can be a good thing, so don't take it personally.


Someone could come over seeking financial help in escaping an abusive, perhaps even potentially violent situation. If this rings true for you in any way, check into local community resources, find out what might be available at the Red Cross.


There will be unusual and interesting telephone calls, emails and letters today. Everyone seems happy and excited about some important news or gossip that they want to share with you. Your mind, with and humor will be sharp today and people find you interesting.


Your home is likely to resemble Grand Central Station. People will be busy coming and going, and there is an air of "organized chaos". Not everyone will be happy - your love life could use a boost right now and your parents are grumpy. But you will be more upbeat because you are seeing positive changes in the air.

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