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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 28 May


This is not the best day to make big changes to your house or place of residence. If you are planning a home move, keep the boxes. Chances are good you'll be moving again soon, faster than your had planned. Buying or selling real estate could result in less financial gain than you hope.


Like it or not you just may have to take charge in your family, but while banging their thick heads together may sound appealing, that could bring more trouble than resolution. If you want to help, be a patient and tolerant listener to both sides.


You may be considering taking a class, attending a lecture or traveling soon. If you are still single, it will be at a venue where ideas are shared and explored that you will find new romantic opportunities. If you are already married, your partner may give you a new book to read.


You are not telling someone the truth, but you are mistaken if you believe you can hide your feelings forever. Some part of them knows the truth. The haggis may hit the fan when the truth comes out, but at least you will not be carrying the burden anymore, and you are likely to find out that it your own fears were bigger than the problem.


You have an opportunity to take on a eadership role, but there are a lot of unrevealed responsibilities or challenges that you have not been informed of. It may be prudent to take a slow approach to the offer. Spend a little more time reading or re-reading all of the fine print.


You may be feeling a bit stuck or bored, but this will not last forever. For now, just focus on your current tasks or chores, and remind yourself that this too shall pass. You will get a lot more done in a shorter time frame if you don't waste time worrying about the details.


You are beating yourself up lately and that's not a good idea. Whatever you do, don't call a relative who has made a hobby of indiscriminately pressing your hot buttons. You won't have a lot of patience or tolerance for unfair criticism right now, but you won't feel like fighting either.

A social opportunity may also provide you with a chance to make some extra money right now. You could find a way to make extra money from art, crafts, or music, or get together with others from your workplace who share your interests or hobbies.


Don't let a friend drag you off your budgetary discipline right now. You could be all too tempted to break out the credit cards for something like a trip to the big game or amusement park, and that could be something you'll enjoy now, but regret later.


It's not a good day to go out searching for a new mutual fund manager on the spur of the moment, but you may do something like that. You feel your finances or personal values are under attack. Don't be hasty. Take the time to check out your options.


You'll have some fun in a long conversation right now. A friend or sibling is in a good mood, and there will be some interesting gossip to share. You could be invited out to a concert, sporting event or get-together this evening. Romance is possible.


A financial issue or concerns could bring you closer together with family members. Learn to listen to the wisdom of the older women in your family or community. You may be surprised to discover how much they know.

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