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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 17 December


You may be the center of attention today, especially around your family and friends. Someone may be concerned about your health or lifestyle and may work a little too hard to convince you to make some lifestyle changes. Remember, they are saying they love you!


It's a complicated and confusing day today, but you can get a lot more done if you don't let yourself get too distracted by temporary financial troubles. Stay focused on the daily chores, or on the long-term career goals that will ultimately pull you back on track.


You will likely be spending a lot of time on the phone again today, trying to get this person in touch with that person, and while it will be a challenge to juggle the schedules, there is a lot of promising energy floating around in the ether right now.


You don't trust yourself today but it is not on the merits of your record. You have been listening to a family member who can charitably be described as a depressed neg-aholic right now. Don't listen to someone who wants to drag you down to their level, you are doing just fine!


If you are a parent your kids will be busy emptying your pockets today - literally or figuratively. You could be hit with bills relating to your own hobbies, recreation or love life. If you are in a new romance, you may find your prospective partner is a bit of a social climber.


You feel like you need to get a lot of chores done right now, but somehow it is hard for you to concentrate on them all. That's because you are keeping them all floating around in your head. Start with the small and simple tasks, one at a time, and work your way through. You'll get a lot done that way.


You'll be in a decidedly romantic, chatty mood. The Sweet Nothings will be flying fast and furious. If you are single, get out into some place where conversations and communication between singles is encouraged - a new hobby, class or sport would work wonders on your love life too.

You will have a great deal of extra energy today. If you decide to stay at home, you could get a lot of chores, cleanup and home improvements done. You may decide to invest in a renovation or upgrade that includes new telephone or computer equipment.


You seem to breeze through your paperwork today, but you may want to go through for a second or third edit. You are not that focused and could make a lot of mistakes. The good news is that one of those mistakes could prove to be an opportunity in disguise.


If your boss comes across as cranky today, do your best to remain pleasant. "The Problem" is not you or your performance, it is something going on at home, a bad piece of cake at lunch or a touch of the flu. You may end up saving their day with a suggestion that improves their well being.


Friends can be both helpful and harmful where it comes to shared values, finances and debts today. You have to make up your own mind what is right for the most stable and secure future for your family. Don't let "group think" affect your decisions today.


You are getting some interesting psychic or intuitive impressions today. You have a strange and scary yet exhilarating dream that contains a message about a special person in your life. Pay attention to the symbols, they can teach you a lot about yourself.

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