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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 28 January


You have a strong need to get out and play today, but personal responsibilities or challenges with your children could keep you hopping from one chore to another. Late in the day you could have a healing chat with your significant other.


Take some time to evaluate your career options if you are feeling bored, stressed or anxious right now. You may be resisting the very changes that would resolve a lingering financial or emotional problem.


Your love life could get really interesting today. You will be surrounded with interesting, unusual people who push your buttons. You may be surprised when a friend or companion opens up about a secret crush ... maybe even a secret crush on you!


The voice of the spirit is talking to you strongly today. It is telling you things about your own creativity and what that means to your connection to the Divine. You might want to write down some of your insights today - they will be powerful and inspirational.


Work-related paperwork is going to be a bit of a drag. There will be too much of it, it will be too serious, too long-winded and it's likely to contain enough grammatical and spelling mistakes to drive you around the bend. You really don't feel much like working today.


You are likely to be out looking for art, music or decorations for your workplace today. Your mind is on work, not pleasure, and while you may not be able to get into the office, you can still have fun thinking up new ways to get ahead today.


If you want to have an interesting discussion with your friends today, bring up topics like sex, investments, values, and religion. You will not always agree, but the discussion will be fascinating and enlightening. One of you might even pick up a valuable tip.

You may have amazing flashes of insight today that can lead you to better home conditions and improved relationships with family members. There may be unusual spiritual gatherings, or perhaps you will reach out to loved ones who share your spiritual values.


You may feel some insecurity as a result of running into someone better educated today, but don't let that get to you! Your creativity and innate intelligence is more than a match for any fancy degrees. You may have to push yourself to get motivated today, though.


Take a look around your house or neighbourhood, there may be an opportunity for you to make some money close to home. You may come across a spectacular deal to spruce up your home, or a sibling may offer to help out in a way that saves you time or money.


You are going to find it difficult to communicate, because your mouth wants to run a mile a minute, and your mind says "Hey, hang on, wait for me!" You will come across as serious and studious today, even though in your head it's Mardi Gras time.


You have a lot of extra physical energy today, and the best way to burn it off is to get outside and work on the old homestead. If you are a renter, you may decide to spend a little time and money on redecorating your digs, or helping out a loved one with their home instead.

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