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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 23 August


Even a small amount of "quality time" would go a long way towards improving your relationship with your family. You need to spend a little bit more play and re-creation time with your loved ones.


You have an opportunity to powerfully and dynamically change your relationship with your significant other right now. You may be considering taking a life-altering trip together. If you are single and want that to change, get out to the local library or bookstore right now.


You may find that you get along with female coworkers, employers, and authorities better right now than you do with their male counterparts. Men around you in the workplace will tend to be tense, but women will be more playful and good-natured.


It may be a little challenging to stay silent in the face of what may seem to be abuse, but unless things are at an immediate crisis point, it may be better to stay quiet but observant for right now. Your chart says stepping in with strong opinions about childcare could be risky.


There could be a disagreement or dispute in your family about someone's love life, perhaps even your love life. If you are the target of criticism, pay attention right now, because even though the delivery may be blunt, their heart is in the right place.


Your intuitive abilities are on power surge right now. You may have a strange dream or psychic impression that comes true. If you are seeking spiritual answers, try meditating with some soothing music right now, you may get more than you expected from a few minutes quiet reflection.


If you are confused or conflicted about a spiritual, religious or health matter, seek out an advisor or authority figure who is older, more established, who understands the issues you are facing right now. You need someone who can help you put your feet back on the ground.

Someone may unexpectedly offer you a job, a raise or new financial opportunities that are hard to resist. You may find yourself in the delightful dilemma of having to pick between two equally appealing opportunities. Follow the guidance of your heart.


No matter what ails you, a little bit of brisk fresh air and exercise will help clear your head. Avoid high-impact and extreme sports, though. This will be one of those days if you have a parent who is urging you to add a new branch to the family tree.


You may feel like your prayers are going unanswered right now. You are pushing too hard to make something happen. The prayer needs time to grow or manifest. Focus on living life one day at a time right now - the answer will come when you are ready to hear it.


You may be considering changing some aspect of your spiritual growth or education as a result of changing family structure. If you are a new parent, or your children have recently crossed some kind of social passage, this could bring new urgency to the quest.


You want to spend more money right now, this time on an investment that may or may not be the bargain it appears to be. Check it out carefully before you sink the farm into the opportunity. It may turn out to be a major "learning period" for you if you don't.

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