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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 24 September


Movie or picnic outings could be fun and entertaining, but you really need time to catch up on all the news. Someone could call from a distance with news about a loved one in the military.


An investment secret you are keeping is about to unexpectedly jump into the spotlight, so be prepared to move quickly. You may have an older friend or relative who has expertise or information that will help you make a challenging last-minute decision.


You may have a career opportunity, but there are also a lot of challenges. There may not be enough money to stretch from the end of one job to the start of the next, or there are potential problems arising from management-labor disputes that you cannot control.


You can heal wounded relationships with in-laws right now if you appeal to their need for security and "sameness", by showing them new and innovative ways they can connect with their loved ones. You may be teaching your mother-in-law how to surf the net. Be patient now! We were all newbies once.


Your intuition is telling you that it is time to take on a leadership role in your family. The theme in the zodiac for right now is "creating structure and organization out of chaos". Your family will provide opportunity for chaos to manifest. It is up to you to create the order.


If you are looking for a peaceful day, avoid the phone and your circle of friends. If you are looking for drama, chaos and excitement, call them up. They will be something of a stirred up hornet's nest right now, highly excitable and sensitive.


You may encounter some strange electrical disturbances around your home right now. Computers and electronic devices are acting strangely, fuses are blowing, appliances suddenly stop for no reason. It is not a good day to put in new networks, set up a new computer or rewire part of the home.

If you have kids you could be making a last-minute trip to the local computer centre with some broken electronics, computers or telephones right now. Everyone has a lot of excess energy right now and it may be hard to get in the physical exercise needed to work it off.


You definitely don't like the idea of being stuck working right now. You want to play and get away from the rat race. But you may find that coworkers and companions are demanding or needy, or that your creative skills are in high demand.


You are in danger of floating off into outer space, but that's not entirely a bad thing. You have earned some "feel good" time. Some friends, companions and loved ones may be getting together to celebrate someone's wonderful news this evening.


You feel like you have just come out from under something of a dark cloud and your thinking processes are laser-sharp. Problem is, all the ideas you have involve getting people to change their schedules or attitudes and they may resist if you push too hard.


Your family members, loved ones or relatives may gripe about the amount of time you spend working, but they have no complaints about spending the proceeds. You just may have to point that out to them right now. You may be surprised and gratified when the response is one of sheepish apology.

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