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You may find that you are unable to find the help or resources you need right now, or that financial institutions throw grumpy, churlish and unhelpful employees your way. When all you wanted to do was to cash a cheque, pay a bill and be on your way, you may face the 5th degree.


You may be considering a career change. Self-employment is starting to look like a possible pathway to success. Make sure you look into all the pros and cons before taking the big leap, especially if real estate commitments are involved.


You may find that it is incredibly challenging to get new or controversial ideas across to others right now. You have a hot mental aspect happening, but your ideas seem to challenge other people's values, or come across as competitive, regardless of your intent.


You are coming to grips with the fact that you have not been terribly realistic with your debts, savings, and investments lately, and you need to start a plan. But right now is not the best day to put it in place. You are in a profoundly dreamy state. Do research right now - implement later.


You may be considering changes to your home or daily routine that have unexpected and positive benefits in your wellness, both physical and financial. You may have a home-based business opportunity, or are looking at a renovation that will boost home equity.


Expect good news or a breakthrough in the financial department. You may not get that Knight or Princess in shining armor, in fact you still have to come to your own rescue, but at least now you have a few quills in your quiver, and some hope in your heart.


Women in your family may bring you opportunities or ideas that help you improve your home or relationships in your family. You could get into arguments with male friends or children right now, though, so watch your temper around the guys in your life.

If you can, take things easy right now. You have earned a spot of rest. Pushing yourself to get out and active with a friend or companion will take your mind and attention away from a creative project you have been putting off. Don't be afraid to be a little selfish with your time.


Invest in yourself! A home-based business is the tool you need to cut through the glass or paper ceiling you have encountered in the "corporate" or office world. You are sick of the "Dilberts" and the drama, find a way to work, even part time from home, the challenges will be nothing compared to the rewards.


A family dispute could leave you wondering whose bandwagon to jump on. The third option of course is to ride away on your own until the whole thing blows over. You are torn between passionate and strong feelings and complete indifference! Watch where the mood-shifts happen, they can be most instructive.


Your partner is about to pull a one-two punch on your spending plans. He or she is going to question the sanity, never mind the wisdom of the expenses you wanted to make - and may be right in the assessment of the situation. Ask for help from an advisor or banker in setting up a prudent budget plan.


If you are still single, you may find yourself pondering your future, and what you might do to improve your love life. If you are already married, your relationship may be hitting a major turning point shortly. Be patient and keep an open mind.

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