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  Updated Daily to your web site - Friday 23 June


You have an opportunity to enjoy music right now, and may even be considering learning a musical instrument. This could interfere with some promises you made to help out with someone's household chores though, and you may end up having to make a compromise between duty and pleasure.


You could be strongly attracted to someone you meet at a high-powered social event. Be aware that you are likely to be overly impulsive right now and try to be a little more cautious than normal. Your powers of attraction are strong, but the glue that binds for the long term is not there right now for new relationships.


There might be a bit of a dispute or argument between yourself and your partner about "values" or shared finances. You will be able to work things out to mutual satisfaction if you both keep an open mind. You might both have to work a little harder for a while.


You have a feeling that you must be cautious about your daily lifestyle. Someone new has entered the workplace scene who you are concerned about, but you may be blowing their impact out of proportion. Be good to yourself, take things easy right now. Get some rest time.


You may be looking at a new job, promotion, or transfer to a better office. Your ideas are powerful right now, and you need to take command, take a leadership role, get things moving. Don't be afraid to take a risk on a good idea that needs an advocate.


You may have a misunderstanding with an important person in your workplace. It is best to avoid hot-button topics like sex, politics and gender issues altogether. Keep things light and impersonal. Avoid the office gossips, keep your head down.


Sudden changes in the balance of power in a personal relationship could throw you off kilter for a bit right now. While you regain your balance ask yourself if you might be better off doing more listening than talking right now. Older relatives may bring more than experience to the table.

You don't trust yourself right now. Your eye is drawn to a new home, or to home-improvement projects that may actually be very good investments, but because you are uncertain you may miss an opportunity. This is one time when your impulses and intuition are on target - trust yourself for a change.


Are you in touch with your own ideas yet? You should be. Your energies are extra hot for making money and profiting from your personal inventions, creations and ideas. Today you will find a great deal of support, except from authority figures, but you can avoid most of them, anyway.


You will be speaking out on an important issue right now. The key phrase is "dysfunctional relationships". Whether you are personally involved or not, you will have a clear moment of insight into what makes relationships work, or fall apart.


If things seem a little tedious in your love life, consider taking a break together. A vacation to one of those all-inclusive resorts could be just what you need to shake the cobwebs loose from your romance. If that ticket is too expensive right now, any time alone can work wonders.


You may be looking at the behavior or lifestyle of a friend right now through some old fashioned values or judgments. They may come to you looking for help, suggestions or ideas, and you may have to think about how you want to answer for a while.

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