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There are some confusing and contradictory aspects in your workplace right now, and while you may have an occasional disagreement, it is most likely to be some kind of last-minute rush that has your coworkers in a tizzy. Treat it like an adventure, it could be fun.


It is important to think through your words before speaking right now, especially where it comes to your significant other. They may be touchy or prone to hearing things you didn't intend to say. If you are patient and understanding you can resolve any misunderstandings.


Everyone wants a piece of you right now. You will be bombarded with requests, from reasonable to ridiculous, asking for your help or attention. Focus on your friends and love partner - family and siblings are likely to fall into the "demanding" category.


If you have been having trouble with your weight or health there may be an advancement in science or nutrition that could turn your life around. Look for ideas from online friends in social media. Someone's offhand testimonial could put you onto a good thing.


You feel let down because some promised raise, perk, bonus or promotion looks like it may not be coming through, but chances are it is just a delay. Even if the setback is permanent, there will be silver linings in the storm clouds you see brewing right now.


You may find this is a good time for deep, philosophical discussions about the meaning of life and the mysteries of creation. You don't have to agree to have a good time! In fact you may learn more from a good argument.?


Try to get out and get active. Dancing, walking, or aqua-fit could be the key to a physical or emotional breakthrough. Your energy may feel low, but that could be misleading. Stretching exercises could also help you push past a limitation or blockage right now.

You have an intuition about the health or wellness of someone in your family. You may have an insight that leads you to a workable holistic healthcare option, or to an affordable service that will make their life and yours that much simpler.


You and your significant other are not likely to see eye to eye right now, not entirely. There are big changes highlighted in your chart for romantic relationships right now, and you can make the most of an opportunity for personal growth.


You may be approaching a transition stage in your life or a loved one may be making some challenging changes. This is not a good time to get into new financial deals with friends or family, if you do so, make sure all expectations are clearly understood.


Communication is likely to be confusing right now. Some of your loved ones have some pretty strange ideas, and their mood is hard to properly judge. Be patient and tolerant and you can help someone you care for come to grips with a powerful life change.


A health-related challenge that may have slowed you down could be improving with the help of an alternative treatment. Relaxation, meditation, acupuncture or herbal treatments could be very valuable to you right now.

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