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  Updated Daily to your web site - Sunday 23 April


You may be faced with a difficult choice in your daily work right now. Do you go along for the sake of peace or do you shout out that everyone is heading for a cliff? Make sure it is a mountain not a mole hill before you speak up.


Your friends and companions may be acting confused or uncertain right now. You need to be the one to lead by example. When someone comes to you to vent or complain, just listen to what they have to say without judgement, and they will figure out the solution themselves.


Be careful where you share your opinions, especially among friends and family. You may risk offending someone who is important in your social network. Ask yourself if you would rather be right or have peace. Going on the political war path is not the best path to peace of mind.


If the cops come calling asking for donations to a charity, be generous. You may be a little impulsive and driven right now. Your subconscious mind is driving you to push for changes and adjustments in relationships.


You may be talking about a parent or relative and their living conditions. Talking is good, doing much about it may still be premature. Focus on the planning stages, or set things aside for a short "cooling off" period. Be sure this solution is the best one.


A financial debacle at an association you belong to could turn into a career opportunity. Look for the silver linings right now as they could turn into gold. You could make a lot of money from an unfortunate situation.


A change of venue or atmosphere in the workplace could help you feel better about working conditions, but there are also likely to be power struggles right now. You must compromise, but there is money in creative problem solving. Brainstorming will be successful if everyone is open-minded.

Your love life is white-hot right now. You are full to brim with the energies of life, and there are ample opportunities for you to share those energies with your love partner right now. If you are single, just step outside. You could quite literally trip over someone special right now.


An investment of some kind is about to pay off. You may hear a good tip that leads you to something new and exciting to invest in. Do your homework on and new projects. Make sure you check the fine print. A new opportunity will pay off better if you know the background details.


Trust your intuition where it comes to dealing with family members. You will have a sudden, unexpected and brilliant insight into someone's behaviors and attitudes, and that will help you connect with them in a structured, healthy and positive way.


A feeling of calm may come to you. When it does, pay attention. You have an angel or spirit guide who is trying to get a message through. The message may seem surprisingly mundane, but it will open the doorways to much greater opportunities later on.


Today the opportunities come in the form of discount travel tickets, free books and chances to meet people in places where travel, learning and ideas are shared. You may find that it is hard to form your ideas into words at times, but they will come if you take things slowly.

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