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  Updated Daily to your web site - Sunday 22 October


You may have an opportunity to invest in an unusual stock or business. The business sector may be outside your normal range of interests. Your own finances may go through unusual changes due to unexpected new opportunities.


You will be the centre of attention again right now, but there is some attention that you don't really want. You may be asked to take responsibility for a child or a younger relative and you are not completely comfortable. Relax! You'll actually enjoy it if you loosen up.


Would you treat others the way you are treating yourself right now? Would you call them down the same way you do yourself? If you think you need this kind of self-talk to motivate yourself, ask yourself how well it works on others. Cut yourself some slack, give yourself credit for your accomplishments.


Be careful when taking advantage of a last minute tip right now if money is involved. You could find that conditions do not remain stable, and you are suddenly facing problems you did not anticipate. Keep an open mind, but invest with caution.


Looks like you managed to sort out the scheduling problems that you had recently. Someone else from the family may have stepped in to help out with the chores. Your personal well being, fitness and physical appearance will all benefit from your having some fun in the sun soon.


You will really feel a strong need to take time off from personal chores and work duties to "recreate" yourself right now. Plan for some time spent with sporting or playful physical activity that gets you out of the house and far away from the office.


Heavenly energies are blessing the work, career and finance areas of your chart right now. If you were thinking of pushing for a promotion, right now is the best day to work on making that dream come true. You may be giving a large gift to a family member.

Money makes the world go around, and your world is flying like a carousel on steroids right now. There will be a lot of calls, letters, faxes and emails that focus on financial matters. If money is not coming in right now, the cheques will at least be in the mail.


If you have to work right now you may find that people are acting a little oddly right now, or that they are hard to get in touch with. You may soon have an opportunity to make extra money or to participate in some kind of investment plan.


You are still tripping over your words right now, but it is in the area of love life and committed partnerships that you make your biggest errors of judgement. Don't pop the question right now, whatever you do. Wait for more favorable conditions or a more romantic atmosphere before asking for any promises or commitments.


Someone may want you to sacrifice your vacation because of financial concerns. If they are standing out on your doorstep with their hands out, a tough love moment could solve two problems with one step. If they are a little closer to home, you may have to do some hard negotiations this evening.


Love and romance perfume the air around you in a heady cloud. You may not even be able to think straight right now, because your passions will be in control of all your senses. You want to sit on the phone or the Internet and chat all day long, but you really do have to attend to the daily realities.

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