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  Updated Daily to your web site - Monday 15 September


You are having a classic "he said, she said" moment. It is probably more like "they said" because there is more than one critical voice whispering in your ears or tongue wagging behind your back. Ignore the gossips and stick with your own plans. Avoid making impulsive decisions.


You will come across an unexpected windfall, some kind of bonus, gift, a good sale price, something special that is just the perfect thing to boost your spirits. You may also find the perfect gift for a friend or lived one.


You get some interesting ideas or opinions from neighbours, siblings or close friends about religious and spiritual beliefs today. Try to keep an open mind. You may discover that someone has some compelling thoughts and philosophies that are useful to you.


You will have an opportunity to improve your home in a way that could benefit someone's health, fitness and wellbeing. You may put in a sun room, or bring a rebuilt computer to a shut-in relative who needs some help keeping in touch with the rest of the family.


You will soon have more time for crafts, hobbies and recreation. You may have to carefully plan your activities though, because you will be in great demand by others who share your interests. If you are single, look for classes or seminars in the hobbies you favor - great places to meet people.


You will be having a busy productive day today, when you are called aside by your boss or a "higher-up" and asked to take on a leadership role. You may be eager for the opportunity, just keep in mind that it is going to require adjustments in your work schedule.


If you are still single, this could be an incredibly lucky moment in the history of your love life. There are people with great potential coming into your life. These are new relationships with the possibility of long-term benefits both as lovers and companions.

Spend money on improving your lifestyle, not just on temporary pleasures or distractions today, especially if you want to get the most bang for your buck. Some impulsive purchase you thought would be a boost to your status could instead turn into a giant White Elephant.


You may have an opportunity to sit down with a good book today. If you have children, you may find that reading together could be a wonderful way to spend some free time together. If you have to travel to work today though, the traffic could be extra heavy.


This is not the best day to set up a big partnership with your boss, employer or supervisor. Instead it may make more sense to get together with coworkers, friends and companions to brainstorm ideas from the "bottom up". You could get a lot accomplished today through creative and active listening.


Friends and companions may be a lot more helpful today. Someone you know has an inside track with some great high mucky-muck in a position of power and authority and it is this person who can help you turn an innovative idea into a practical plan for success.


You will still be struggling between your intuition and your knowledge, between your heart and your head, but the focus is on your own wellness today. You may also need to find a way to tell someone that they have to take better care of themselves.

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