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  Updated Daily to your web site - Tuesday 2 September


You and your significant other could end up in an argument today. One of you may have to make a compromise between the amount of time you spend together, versus the amount of time you spend with friends. A good friend may give one or both of you a verbal kick in the pants, for your own good.


Be careful if you are considering making a large purchase today. All a good salesperson has to do is flash a little glamour in your eyes and you are ready to buy. You could blow a bundle on some gigantic electronic toy that it turns out you have absolutely no use for.


If you are bored today, pick up the phone and call someone that you have not spoken to in a while - an old friend or sibling. You can catch up on some gossip and learn something new is going on in their life. You may visit a bookstore today to pick up some new reading material.


There is big news coming from your family, positive welcome developments in finances or attitudes that brighten your hopes for a better future. You could hear from a friend whose musical or spiritual interests have brought them good luck.


You are about to have a moment that will be more fun than the proverbial barrel of monkeys. You may be buying a new electronic toy, or taking in a wild new movie, or getting out together with some friends for a little wild-eyed fun this evening.


If you have had some health challenges lately, you may stumble across a promising treatment today. Keep an open mind about alternative and holistic treatments. You may discover that the problem is really nothing more than stress - a spa visit could work a miracle.


You may want to sweep your partner off their feet, and the idea for a romantic trip is a good one - but you may find that work-related scheduling problems get in the way. If you are single, you may find romance on the road, but there will be a few potholes.

You will find an interesting opportunity to share your values and ideals with someone higher up on your social or career path. Listen to them carefully, as they are offering not only advice, but opportunities. They are waiting to see how "hungry" you are.


You will have a strong impulse to buy into a travel or vacation package today, but you could end up regretting the purchase. If you buy a last-minute trip, make sure to include cancellation or re-booking insurance, as you may have to change your plans at the very last minute.


There are some dramatic changes coming in your career plans. You will find that your daily schedule is really challenging. For some reason things seem to be changing from one day to the next, and you aren't really sure where you stand. Don't worry - there is opportunity in chaos.


A friendship will bring great joy and inspiration today. You could greatly benefit by taking a leadership role in a group, club or charity. Don't be afraid to take control, your insight is sharp, and you will be downright inspirational when you speak out today.


Keep your thoughts and impressions to yourself today. If others are foolish enough to press you, they may be offended by your frank assessment of their shortcomings. And you could come to regret your blunt honesty when cooler heads prevail.

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