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  Updated Daily to your web site - Thursday 23 October


Your relationships are about to undergo dramatic and powerful changes. You may be coming off as a bit strident and pushy right now, and those you are closest to could be pushing back. If you are finding people are acting more stubborn than normal, this could be the main reason why.


You may be considering ending a friendship because there is a sudden and dramatic difference between financial resources. This is not about snobbery, it is about more practical matters. One or the other party simply cannot afford the treats and recreation the other now takes for granted.


Romantic energies are strong in your chart today, but you do have this tendency to speak your mind with just a little too much clarity. You may feel anxious about a secret you are asked to keep from a loved one, and it may be incredibly difficult to keep a promise to stay silent.


You will be uncomfortable with a choice made by a family member today, likely because they have placed you in a position of responsibility you did not want. This is likely to be a financial duty, and it may possibly take the form of being an executor in a will.


You want to sneak off for a little fun and frolic, but the budget does not support it. A little creative financing and you can figure something out - or you could take advantage of some free time to spend with your mate and partner. They can use the attention.


The workplace is a strange confluence of energies at the moment. On the one hand, you and your coworkers are capable of remarkable insights and ideas, but when it comes to the other hand, you find it difficult or clumsy to implement or bring them to fruition.


Relationships are changing, and that can be a challenge. Don't shy away from a confrontation with a loved one that might be upsetting at first. You could find yourself greatly enjoying the positive outcome that results from honesty and open communication.

You may need help sorting out someone who is more interested in playing than working. A long-term investment goal looks promising but before you sign on the dotted line, especially if it involves real estate, make sure that your long-term career prospects can support the plan.


You may feel some insecurity today. Someone better educated or more experienced can get to you with big pointless arguments. You are more than a match for any fancy-pants with a hundred degrees. You just have to push yourself to get more motivated is all.


There is some teacher, lecturer, or "expert" headed for your workplace, and your boss or an important client is treating this character like the proverbial guru at the mountain top. If you avoid meeting them you may miss an important opportunity to show off your own know-how.


You will be making new friends today. Not that there is much wrong with your old circle of companions, but you did need some new blood, and the people you meet right now are likely to be full of action and adventure. Never a dull moment for these folks.


It could be a tough day for dealing with other people. They will be contrary and hypercritical, and you don't have the patience for dealing with quirky, childish behaviour. If you can avoid being in public, or in large-group situations, that might ease your feeling of tension.

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