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  Updated Daily to your web site - Thursday 25 August


You may get some strange, unexpected phone calls from friends, loved ones or siblings right now. The topic of conversation is likely to revolve around love lives - yours, theirs or both. Someone may be calling with news they are "coming out", or will confide a secret fantasy you find both exciting and a little disturbing.


Friends and companions are confusing, upsetting but oddly charming right now. It may be that there are a lot of people around you with conflicting needs, or just one or two who are having really dramatic and unusual mood swings. If it's the latter do what you can to stay out of range.


You may be confused about a religious or spiritual issue, and you won't get as much support right now from your loved ones, who may be busy or absent. You may have to deal with some miscommunication or problem with your bank, broker or another income professional.


You'll want to escape the office or work responsibilities right now. Kids in your life will be delighted because you'll suddenly be a playful bundle of fun. Your physical and emotional energy is high. Your romantic energies are also high, much to the delight of your partner.


If it comes between trusting friends or intimates right now, the latter are your best hope for sane and lucid advice. Friends are likely to have their own agenda - something involving the bottom line - and they may not be all that grounded in their expectations. You may have to pull someone back down to earth.


You are hotter than hot right now. If you are still single, you could meet someone with the potential to totally change your life. If you are already married, you and your significant other could be coming up with some intriguing indoor recreation this evening.


You are very likely to end up in arguments right now. You are a bit surly even if you don't mean to be. It may be best if you avoid family members, siblings and loved ones if you can, because you may confront them with a little too much blunt honesty.

Friends and companions will be an interesting bundle of contradictions right now. Some will be banging their heads against invisible brick walls for no apparent reason. Others will be calling with jokes and good news. Focus your energies on those who bring joy.


You can get good travel deals at the last minute from a friendly tip or an online travel site. Keep your eyes open for something unusual or off the beaten path. A short trip somewhere for a few days may be in the offing.?


Your subconscious mind is very fertile and creative right now and you will find yourself almost exploding with ideas. You could find yourself making secret or serendipitous connections with people who share your interests. Romance is possible.


You may have an opportunity to travel, but there are some unique challenges. You may have to make some personal adjustments to your schedule. You may have to reschedule a trip to the beauty parlor or salon that you booked or planned recently.


The Big High Mucky Muck may be visiting your workplace soon. You may be expected to put on a show that you really do not have enthusiasm for. You may find it easier if you think of it as a step you need to take in a role-playing game. You need to do it if you want to level up.

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