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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 1 July


It may be time for you to go back to work, but you are still in "play" mode. You may have to make some compromises or do some creative schedule juggling in order to get to an entertainment or sporting event that you want to attend this evening.


You have an opportunity to get some chores done and dramatically improve the look and livability of your home. You may be buying artwork, renovation materials, or simply cleaning up a big ugly mess. Regardless, it will be smoother and more affordable than expected.


It is important to think through your words before speaking today, especially where it comes to your significant other. They may be touchy or prone to hearing things you didn't intend to say. If you are patient and understanding you can resolve any misunderstandings.


Investment income from home-based business is possible, but you may have to make some significant lifestyle changes. Talk to you family members and loved ones, and find out what the local zoning laws are before you jump in with both feet. There may be snags you can avoid.


You may have to make some last-minute travel changes this evening related either to your career or to a conflicting schedule. Try to work out a noble compromise - people are watching and evaluating your reactions under pressure right now, and word will get around.


You are going to be hearing about big changes coming in your career that will lead to more stable working conditions, a better budget or more resources that will help you do your job better, or make a big impression on a visiting dignitary.


One of your new friends has something of the "geek" about them. This person is really big on technology and the Internet, and you can learn a lot from them. If you are single, there is potential for romance here. Keep an open mind - this techie is not as cold as they seem!

You have strangely ambivalent feelings. On the one hand you are anxious and fear that something bad may happen, on the other, you have a feeling something incredibly good is going to happen. Hold onto the latter thoughts. It is the good feelings that should be nurtured.


You are likely to go on a shopping trip to buy a new wardrobe soon. Make sure that you go for the gigantic changes you are craving - if you stick to a conservative look just to impress others, it may backfire. Be yourself, let your creativity and individuality shine though.


The money is coming in again, or you have found some extra wiggle-room in your budget. Daily chores go quickly today, and you can make the best use of the day's energies if you focus on your own needs, particularly where it comes to healthy lifestyle choices.


You have an unexpected opportunity to show off your creative skills. If you are involved in the Arts, you may be interviewed for a radio or TV program, or featured on a high-profile web site. The Internet is a wonderful place for you to show off your talents.


There is still a lot of good news floating around, but later in the afternoon you may hear a sour note coming out of a family member. Someone has been a little less than honest with themselves about a drug or alcohol problem, and it may be up to you to get them some help.

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