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  Updated Daily to your web site - Friday 1 August


Some recent sacrifices you have made and challenges you have overcome have been inspirational to those who love you or who work with you. You are seen as a leader, someone worth following. Just remember that there are responsibilities that you may not expect.


You may have to budget, or consider going back to school because you feel that the current "status quo" is not meeting your financial needs. Study the options carefully - make sure your own desires are taken into account. Don't let a friend push you to spend what you can't afford.


You may feel confused by family members who don't seem able to make up their mind whether to help out or get in the way. There will be money issues today with equal measures of challenge and opportunity. You may be considering a career change soon.


You may be very tempted to pack your bags and run away from home, but doing so could take you out of the proverbial frying pan into the fire. You may experience a home move or changes in your daily routine that are unsettling at first, but they will lead to improvements down the road.


It may be hard for you to make your children understand that you can't have everything - even if you can "afford" it financially. You'll have an opportunity today to teach a child the cultural or family values you cherish, but it may not be as easy as you hoped.


You may find that coworkers and companions attempt to take advantage of your good will today. You have to make decisions about "boundaries". What are you willing to do that is above and beyond the call of duty, and what are your motivations?


Your love life could be anything but boring today, but you may not know which end is up by the time everything is said and done. Your partner seems to have something of a bi-polar mood swing thing happening. Take things slow and easy and it will all work itself out.

You have an opportunity to make some extra money, and it would be an excellent idea if you took that windfall and paid down debt, or started to build up your savings account. Your career is heading for an unexpected upswing, and you will be highly energetic and creative.


Travel and educational opportunities are even better today. It is an excellent day to plan an upcoming vacation, or to pick up a course catalog from the community college. You may get a phone call from a friend or loved one to invite you to take a class or lecture.


You will be trying out some kind of alternative health care product or service, and it could turn out that someone important to your social connections needs to know about it. Share the idea and experience. Just be aware that it may not work for everyone as well as it did for you.


Unusual and exciting new friends may have wild secrets or bizarre hobbies. You will find that people are suddenly coming into and out of your life right now. Avoid the online chat rooms today. They will be full of people with some strange ideas.


Your intuition is powerful and strong today, but you may find to works better in and around your family and home neighborhood, less so in and around the workplace, or when directed towards career issues. The workplace may bring mixed results today.

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