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  Updated Daily to your web site - Tuesday 17 January


You have an opportunity to make extra money right now if you can get past the challenges and temptations offered by your personal life. You may find that your partner is spending too much money or that they think that you are. You may have to make a compromise on the budget.


Your subconscious mind is playing tricks on you right now. You may experience strange dreams or unusual sensations during sleep. Keep a journal of your dreams right now, an important message is coming through that you may be better able to interpret later on.


If you are married, you have a good opportunity to make amends with an in-law or relative on your spouse or partner's side of the family. You will make an incredibly good impression if you just patiently listen to them, without any judgment or argument.


Avoid the road if you can right now, especially if you are as introspective as your chart indicates. Your mind won't be on the road. You may be too cautious or distracted and other folks aren't too patient with delays right now. Don't take that cell phone call until you are safely parked.


There are potential misunderstandings in the workplace right now, especially if you or your company is in the middle of a communications technology upgrade. It will all be in your best interest, but right now there are likely to be a confused tangle of cords and electronics in your workspace.


A sudden and unexpected dispute could prove to be troublesome, but it may also bring along financial opportunities. You may find yourself juggling schedules at the last minute right now so that you can take advantage of someone else's dramatic mood swings. Your boss may seem a bit "bi-polar" right now.


Friends and companions are a little erratic right now. Trying to get a large group of friends together for some fun might be a little like trying to herd cats. You may be trying to get your friends together to support a worthy cause soon - use your imagination to motivate them!

Relationships with older women and those in positions of power in the medical or healthcare professions could be challenging right now. This is not the best time for a check-up, and if you have to see your doctor, be ready to insist on a second opinion.


You are acting like a big kid right now, and people have noticed. You may find that a friend or companion is getting in your face with irrelevant and unwelcome arguments right now. You may decide it is lots more fun to play alone, on your computer, or with your romantic partner.


You will have a dramatic financial upswing. Some of you will be offered new jobs, promotions or raises. If you operate your own business, expect a busy and profitable day. If you want to buy yourself a treat, make it something beneficial to your health, like a trip to a spa.


If you are single, "When will you ever settle down!" will be the lament of your family. Someone you love may decide to take matters into their own hands and start pushing a strange and inappropriate assortment of potential partners in your face.


Sudden changes in the balance of power in a personal relationship could throw you off kilter for a bit right now. While you regain your balance ask yourself if you might be better off doing more listening than talking right now. Older relatives may bring more than experience to the table.

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