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  Updated Daily to your web site - Monday 27 June


Listen to your intuition right now. While the ideas you get may seem radical and they do pose challenges, there are some terrifically positive contributions you can make if you'll stick your neck out. Trust and believe in your own ideas right now.


You have a lot of extra physical energy right now, and the best way to burn it off is to get outside and work on the old homestead. If you are a renter, you may decide to spend a little time and money on redecorating your digs, or helping out a loved one with their home instead.


If you have kids they are likely to disappoint you in some way right now. Hold your breath, count to ten, then ask yourself whether or not you are over-reacting. You will have concerns about education, communication and travel to be resolved right now, whether you are a parent or not.


Are you spending too much money on your kids? Or on a niece or nephew? You might have to pull back some of your "play money" right now, whether the toys are for a small loved one, for a love partner, or for your expanding "hobby closet". Leave home without the plastic right now.


If you want to lead, especially among loved ones and family, do so by deed and not by word. Actions are what really speak to people, especially those you would convince to change unhealthy lifestyles. If you are not practicing what you preach, you may get in trouble.


It is time you got your back side moving. You may mistake your extra physical energy for anxiety or nervous tension when your body is really screaming to run or dance. Getting in motion would help in more ways than the merely physical, if you are single, a coed exercise class or gym could be a great place to meet someone new.


It's time for a serious sit-down conversation with some friends. You have some long-term plans to make and it is friends, associates and companions who can help you decide which path to take. It is also possible that you could hear from an old friend who has been out of touch.

A new technology or digital tollway could help you with your daily work, chores, or communications. You may feel that you don't have the budget to purchase anything new, but some extra money could be coming your way soon. Keep your eyes open for good bargains.


This is not a good time to tell a friend that their parenting style reminds you of the movie "Mommy Dearest". Even if that's true, there are better ways to say "I am worried about you and your family". There may be better times, places and better company, too.


You will have an opportunity to take action on a financial or career opportunity right now that could bring significantly positive changes in your income. Follow your intuition - a dream or a "gut feel" could lead you to the right person or an authority figure who can help.


You will face challenges when trying to share recent spiritual breakthroughs with others right now. You are so excited about the growth you have experienced, and that makes you come across a little too strongly. Tone it down a bit if you see someone's eyes rolling.


You are concerned or cynical about the motives of a partner or associate who has their hand in your pockets. If you are involved in a business partnership or have shared resources, it is a good idea to make sure that everything is spelled out on paper.

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