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  Updated Daily to your web site - Wednesday 27 August


You have some interesting energy about you today - it's like there is an electro-magnetic cloud of mysterious, sexy energy that is pulling people into your life. If you are single, make sure you are out in a crowd where it can do the most good.


Slow down on the spending if you want to get ahead. You really have to give them credit cards a rest, or the bills could come back to haunt you, and sooner than you think. An unexpected bargain you stumble across may look good, but don't buy any new high-tech toys on the advice of friends today.


You'll definitely be considering a trip of some kind. A lucky break could facilitate the trip, but make sure that you plan things carefully. Other people in your life may get in the way with unreasonable demands. They may be feeling stress because of power struggles in the workplace.


You'll sort out an interesting issue with a friend or loved one. The experience will make everyone feel much more happy and secure. Be sure that everyone understands the consequences. There will have to be adjustment and the changes may be stressful at first.


Your attention will be focused on your creative skills and abilities in an unmistakable way today. Your intuition, talents and skills could lead you towards a new form of creative self-expression, and possibly to a new career or social circle.


You will be feeling highly energetic today. This is good for getting work, chores, and exercises done, but if you don't find a way to work off the extra physical energy, you may feel uptight, anxious or argumentative. Get out for a good brisk walk!


You are likely to be buying a gift for your mate or partner on the spur of the moment today. Your eye will be drawn to unusual, pretty baubles, strange technological toys that flash and light up - but that may not be the gift they were hoping for.

You have a spiritual challenge today. You could have a disagreement or a falling out with a friend or a group of friends that brings you to a deeper and more full understanding of your spiritual beliefs, values and priorities in your daily life.


Your personal horizons are expending, and you may be drawn to travel and further education. It's a wonderful day to work on any outstanding paperwork that may be sitting around, or to plan for a future vacation. Just be sure your finances are in order.


You could be offered a new job, or a promotion, but there will be challenges as well as opportunities. You may have to step out in front of the crowd when you would rather step back and rule from behind the throne, and it will be a lot of work, regardless.


You may wonder if your friends are avoiding you today, but it is likely that they are just busy with their own chores or family issues. In the evening, people who seemed to be ignoring you all of a sudden are putting demands on your time and attention.


Your intuition is telling you that it is time to take on a leadership role in your family. The theme in the zodiac for today is "creating structure and organization out of chaos". Your family will provide opportunity for chaos to manifest. It is up to you to create the order.

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