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  Updated Daily to your web site - Tuesday 23 May


You and your partner could disagree about a trip or vacation, and if you travel together, you may find yourselves arguing in the car. Best to agree to disagree until you are safely on firm ground, not hurtling down the highway in the fast lane.


A technological tool or device may prove to be very helpful in dealing with an old chore. You may have had this device for some time, but are suddenly finding ways to make it useful. With a little patience you may be able to find other uses for it as well.


An authority figure or licensing official could be helpful in sorting out some confusion or legal paperwork related to your home. You could discover problems with the plumbing or require a permit to install that gigantic hot tub enclosure you wanted.


You will be considering going back to school, or at the very least taking up the challenge of reading a large and complicated novel. Your mind needs stimulation and challenges right now. Seek out ideas that are dramatically different from those that you normally find interesting.


You may have wanted to spend some money of an expensive toy for your home, and you may get lucky financially soon, enabling that purchase to go through. But there may also be a miscommunication, especially if the gadget is electronic or designed to facilitate communication.


You are highly intuitive right now and you could come across an idea or an opportunity to make a lot of money in a creative effort if you keep your eyes open. The problem is you don't feel too energetic right now. You can push your way past that to success,


You can use your verbal talents to make a good impression on an authority figure in your career or social circle. Your positive attitude in a trying situation will be noted and appreciated, and it could lead to a promotion or additional resources further down the line.

Work-related paperwork is going to be a bit of a drag. There will be too much of it, it will be too serious, too long-winded and it's likely to contain enough grammatical and spelling mistakes to drive you around the bend. You really don't feel much like working.


Investments, finances, debts and savings are the keywords right now. You have realized that it is time for a serious personal audit. You want to tear down all the old structures and replace them with the new. You may decide to change banks or fire a broker.


Your intuition is leading you to a good investment opportunity, but your heart isn't in the hunt right now. You really feel more like kicking back in your current home than chasing after a real estate investment. Radical home improvements could be disappointing.


It's a high energy day and you have a lot of ideas about ways to add some substance to your bottom line. Follow your intuition - your "gut feel" or a sudden insight could prove to be a money maker. Avoid arguments about international politics, though, you are not your most "politically correct".


Relatives and loved ones are in the middle of a power struggle, and you want to do your very best to make sure you are not stuck in the middle of the hullabaloo. Avoid confronting parents and in-laws right now, they will most likely be ... well, "unreasonable" right now.

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