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  Updated Daily to your web site - Monday 27 March


You have an opportunity to switch your attention from a friend or companion who is using you to someone who loves and supports you, so why are you still bothering with the old turkey? Maybe you feel sorry for someone who has a mixed up sense of values and priorities.


You will be forgiven if you wonder what planet people are coming from right now. They may seem mad and happy at the same time. They will be almost literally bouncing off the walls in places. While that's highly entertaining, it may also be frustrating at times.


You'll be able to improve your career prospects through teaching, study and education, and travel. It may be possible for you to start a prosperous new business as a teacher or in the alternative healthcare professions. Dig deep into your past for the answers.


You may be frustrated or confused about your financial situation right now. You may encounter unexpected bills or expenses, but a home-based business, help from a family friend, or home equity may bring in the needed cash just in time. Keep your chin up.


An older friend or associate could provide you with wisdom or information that will help you sort out fact from fiction around a work or health-related concern. You may find that old news can be turned into good and useful current news.


You may come across a good opportunity to make money online. It may be there is an investment of time and money required, and it may not pay off right away, but if you are willing to take a risk, and make a commitment, your gamble could pay off big in the end.


You have so many thoughts running through your mind right now that you are hard pressed to tell anyone which is your first priority. You are also acting and thinking impulsively. So if a friend or companion gets on your nerves right now, count to ten before you say anything.

Family members are both a source of joy and frustration right now. One is busy flipping wildly from one side of the "manic-depressive" spectrum to the other, while another is offering to help out and may even come bearing a gift of money, or news of a possible job offer.


All that worrying you did last week, and for what? See, things have a way of working themselves out. You are about to get some news that should finally put all your stressful fears behind you. Keep your eyes open for a new career opportunity.


You may find that it is challenging for you to get across a creative idea to a loved one right now. They are more wound up in unreasonable fantasies about the future, either positive or negative. You need to stay focused on a talent or skill that brings you joy.


You may be considering a home move or a serious renovation, but you are being motivated by some erratic and temporary energies. You might make the wrong decision based on an impulse you come to regret. Stay focused on your long-term priorities for the time being.


Your home decoration project just got weirder. You want to put in a fiber-optic mural or set up a plasma-screen collage. It's pricey, impractical and high-tech, and you'll get sick of the fad you've bought into in no time. Second thoughts come to your rescue.

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