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  Updated Daily to your web site - Friday 31 October


Now is not the time to stick your neck out over a family dispute - you are likely to get it bitten right off. You might find it hard on your self-esteem to swallow your pride and quietly take an unfair tongue-lashing, but it will be better that do you take it ... for now. Things will change.


You have good ideas for ways to improve your finances, but you may not believe in your own potential enough to take a risk on them. What would be worse, trying and failing, or never giving yourself a chance for a much better and more rewarding life?


A book or web site may bring words of comfort or inspiration at just the right time. ?You may be feeling a bit out of sorts with a friend or sibling. Now may not be the best time to push for resolution, unless you are willing to give a lot of ground on your side of the argument.?


You might be facing "in-law" troubles today if you are married. If not, your latest date may come with family baggage and issues you can do with out. If you are totally single, the most likely thing is that your family is griping and pushing you to hurry up and settle down.


If you do crafts and hobbies, you could find yourself working on some strange projects that bring in new technological elements. If not, you may find yourself drawn to recreation on the Internet, or to a movie with a high-tech plot twist. Video games could suddenly pique your interest.


You must make certain to balance your needs with the needs of loved ones that count on you for emotional, physical, or financial support. You will tend to get too carried away taking care of them, to the point you neglect yourself. It is vitally important to your well being that you book yourself as much fun and recreational time as possible.


If you are trying to have a baby, you could receive unexpected good news soon. If not, it would be an excellent idea to carefully watch your birth control. If you are single, you may be unexpectedly attracted to a potential partner who comes with a "pre-made" family.

You will have a lot of changing and contradictory opinions today, particularly where it comes to finances and investments. You'll have a lot to think about there, because someone in your workplace is giving you some tips that may be pretty risky.


You need to have a good long look at some information, research or publications in your work field - they may not be accurate. You could profit from this through building confidence in your knowledge, or by setting things straight, just in the nick of time.


If you find yourself in the middle of a faux pas at a meeting or work-related gathering, fall back on safer topics like favorite foods, warm moments and funny high-school stories. This is not a good time to try to trigger thoughtful introspection.


You may have to make a sudden adjustment to your budget because of the actions of a friend who leaves you hanging today. Your significant other has some ideas that could help you use your social connections to find a new income source, new clients or a new job.


The morning will be tough, with some rather tense aspects making you a bit of a bear for a while. Your energy will lighten by the afternoon, but you won't much feel like working and the work you do may be incomplete or have to be revised later on.

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