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  Updated Daily to your web site - Monday 20 February


You may find that your self-esteem is changing for the better as you work on your appearance or your reactions to others. Avoid making comparisons, stay focused on positive changes for your own benefit, and you will grow stronger more quickly.


This is definitely not an auspicious day for a long trip. If you are traveling, expect delays and encounters with unpleasant people. You will not be at your most patient or understanding either, and some of your troubles on the road could be more self-caused than you want to admit.


Your home is calling out for a makeover, but you may be too impatient and impulsive to do a good job right now. This could be a good day to hash out the budget and details with your partner, while pushing the implementation to a date when you can focus better.


You are vulnerable to shooting off your mouth at the wrong moment right now. Be careful when you are among friends or with groups of people where energies are high and your guard is down. Someone could be "trolling" for a reaction from you that they hope will embarrass you.


Someone on the Internet may present you with what looks like a dream job opportunity, but make sure you study the fine print carefully, especially if they are asking for money up front. The offer or information may not be entirely as advertised.


An authority figure you trust is the key to resolving a financial dilemma. This may be someone you hire, or someone in your family, but you need someone who has vision and understands your needs. Find someone close by, or someone who understands your cultural background.


You may be looking at a promotion or a job offer that will significantly improve your social status and overall happiness. You will want to spend a lot of money to celebrate your good fortune but it is a good idea to put some aside for your future first.

You may be having a hard time thinking of ways to complete an old project. If you just take a little time, relax, and do not push yourself too hard, you may find that an unwelcome chore actually proves to be fun and entertaining.


You may have some fuzzy and strange feelings right now. You feel like you should be working, and can't, or feel you should be working harder. There is something missing in your home, something the family wants or you want for the family that you may not be able to afford just yet.


You are finding out right now that even good relationships have some challenging moments. You and your significant other are having a strong disagreement about a lifestyle issue. You can compromise if you both work on it. You may both have to give up something for each other.


Fifty thousand channels and nothing on. You may feeling a bit bored or disappointed with your current entertainment choices. There are other uses for your time! Like getting out into nature or taking a ride in the country. A change in your daily routine is as good as a rest.


It's too bad you can't pay your bills with Monopoly money, isn't it? But your family may come across as thinking that you are a happy money tree right now, and that's not the case. Time for a "reality cheque" moment. You may have to have a family meeting to sort things out.

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