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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 22 October


Be careful what you say in the workplace right now, be tactful. Someone could take things the wrong way. You risk getting involved in some kind of "gender politics" if you impulsively speak the truth about the challenges you are facing right now.


You may find that your subconscious mind is playing tricks on you all of a sudden. You will find that your emotions and attention swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. Your spiritual beliefs and traditions will be a source of comfort right now.


You may be one of those overly-cautious drivers that drive everyone crazy. If you can't keep up the pace, stay off the highway. Seriously, you do need to be more aware - but being timid is worse than being aggressive. Do anticipate delays on the roads as well.


You may find that you are attracting people to you like moths to flame. You have an opportunity to make new friends, form new associations, and you can take a leadership role in a group, association or club. Sporting clubs are a wonderful place to make new friends.


You have a strong urge to play right now, but you may be tempted to spend far too much money on your choice of entertainment. If you are a parent, setting aside some time to play with finger paints or a favorite craft could help you soothe the urge to be creative and have some fun together with your kids.


A friend will be pushing you to "get busy" right now, and that's excellent advice. You need some physical activity, and some sport shared with friendly company is just the ticket to get your mojo going. You may be asked by a club or association to take a leadership position right now.


Think back to when you were a kid and how you felt in your family's place of worship. Did you feel safe, secure and emotionally nurtured? Or did you have to face a scary, punitive God each week? What legacy of memories do you want to give your own children? Those are the critical issues you will be grappling with right now.

An old document or letter may turn up with some good news about an investment or inheritance. Someone you know may have useful investing information. There appears to be an interesting opportunity that could bring in some extra income.


You want to make a large purchase of some kind of sporting goods or entertainment device, but if you are not careful, you could regret the purchase. Don't let yourself be talked into buying that gigantic home gym that you will never use.


You will have an opportunity in disguise that forces you to confront some issues involving your work, career, business or social future. You may be able to turn a sudden setback onto an opportunity for career or social advancement. You need to stick up for yourself.


You could be asked to speak or appear at an important event right now. You may be a bit nervous, but you'll make a good impression. You ideas are important to someone, who will show their interest by introducing you to others who share similar thoughts.


Your workplace seems a bit dark or challenging right now, but the struggle to get changes happening is not the best battle to fight right now. Best to bide your time, to get organized, to structure your own cubicle for another time when you can reach people better.

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