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  Updated Daily to your web site - Saturday 19 April


Being the center of attention is less fun today. You may be fuzzy and disconnected and you don't have a lot of time or patience for other people's crazy antics. And they are crazy enough today. Put your spare energies into learning what you can about alternative healing today, it could pay off.


A dispute over family finances could be resolved in your favor if you keep the lines of communication open. Don't let your frustration with one relative's lack of ambition get in the way of your own plans or ideals. Get out in front and take charge.


You need to talk with someone, not yell at someone. You may be frustrated with their behaviour, but if you want them to listen to you, you are going to have to reciprocate. A coworker expects too much of you, or vice versa today, or perhaps it is a mutual thing?


There are some beneficial energies blessing the "home, house, real estate, family and relatives" sectors in your chart today. You can expect that recent disputes will be resolved, or are more easy to deal with, especially if you have a little extra money to spread around.


Think back to when you were a kid and how you felt in your family's place of worship. Did you feel safe, secure and emotionally nurtured? Or did you have to face a scary, punitive God each week? What legacy of memories do you want to give your own children? Those are the critical issues you will be grappling with today.


A breakthrough in your workplace or working conditions is coming. Someone higher up has decided that they have had enough of the shenanigans that has, coincidentally, been driving you batty for the past few months. The changes will bring opportunities as well as some stress.


You can heal wounded relationships with in-laws right now if you appeal to their need for security and "sameness", by showing them new and innovative ways they can connect with their loved ones. You may be teaching your mother-in-law how to surf the net. Be patient now! We were all newbies once.

You have picked a winner, and you'll have lots of support and interest. Someone could offer to invest in the start-up of a new business. Your personal energy is high, and you are eager to take action on your ideas. Any time and money you spend on sporting or fitness activities is worthwhile. You may find you have social opportunities at sporting events.


You can learn a lot from your friends and companions today. They will be excited, full of strange and interesting ideas. You may find that people have very unusual ideas, particularly the older males in your family. Be careful when dealing with older men today.


Unexpected good news in the career department has you smiling again, but these energies are not long lasting on their own. You have to seize the opportunity and nail it down, or it will fly away as quickly as it came in. Don't be afraid to take risks on creative challenges.


You may be considering dumping a friend because you just don't see eye to eye anymore. You are especially concerned about their lifestyle, the way they treat their kids, or the way they make unfair demands on your time or pocketbook. You do need to put your foot down, one way or the other.


Your subconscious mind is sharp as a razor today. You may be the beneficiary of some secret information that leads to unexpected benefits and opportunities. A family member may confide that you are mentioned in a will, or are being considered as the executor of an estate.

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