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  Updated Daily to your web site - Sunday 19 April


You have a lot of extra energy today, but you may find that you are stopped from doing something you enjoy because of a feeling of unfocused anxiety. Put your attention on what you want to happen, not on what you fear will or will not happen.


A teacher, lecturer, or expert of some kind could bring you answers about an alternative healthcare treatment that could not only improve your well being, it could be a significant bargain compared to the traditional treatments that are available.


Your romantic life is in turmoil because your needs and values are at odds, and you are being positively wishy-washy at the moment. This is a good day for the two of you to put aside your differences, and just enjoy each other's company. Sit down and hammer out the budget etc., some other day.


There is a bit of a personality conflict between you and someone in a position of "financial authority", someone you look up to for financial advice. Take any differences of opinion as opportunities to learn more from them about the way money works.


You are having a touch of the wanderlust right now, but other commitments are likely to keep you rooted firmly at home. You may have investments or responsibilities that get in the way of getting away. Paperwork does go smoothly and a business trip will be challenging but successful.


If you feel that your career has become boring lately, get everyone in the workplace together for a brainstorming session. Make it as creative as possible. Set it up sort of like a silent auction. Have everyone write ideas on business cards, toss them in a hat, and pull them out one at a time.


Friends and companions bring equal amounts of joy and challenge today. You may find that you are getting a lot of invitations to expensive gatherings or holiday events today. Focus on your personal priorities today, don't get side tracked.

Today it is you who are daydreaming, and hopefully you are as forgiving of yourself as you have been to the children in your life. One of those daydreams has good potential to drive you further down your career or social path, provided you can find a way to make it a reality.


Your energy is high, and you may come off as a little pushy or overly assertive at an important meeting today. If you are trying to impress the high mucky mucks, take a clue from their attitude as to the level of energy you should put in your presentation.


You may decide to forgive a loan or to give to others as a way to atone for some feeling of guilt or worry you have been carrying. You may have some worries about your income right now but a sudden burst of energy will make you feel much better.


You are in danger of floating off into outer space, but that's not entirely a bad thing. You have earned some "feel good" time. Some friends, companions and loved ones may be getting together to celebrate someone's wonderful news this evening.


You may be entertaining unexpected guests today. Someone that you love may drop by uninvited. You may be talking with a relative today about alternative healthcare, medicines or herbs. You may be able to help them find a better way to heal.

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