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You are extremely popular and will be in great demand today. You deserve a little "time out", a chance to "re-create" yourself. You will probably find that the money you want to splurge on yourself magically appears at just the right moment.


You have a financial opportunity and everyone is full of advice. Most of it silly and based on little more than guesswork. Only you can make the final decision. You may have a partnership opportunity. Get everything in writing before you proceed.


You could be spending a lot of time on the telephone today, fielding a lot of speculative gossip about a new leadership opportunity that has come your way. Don't let a friend talk you into a radical makeover. Be sure that your image reflects the real you.


A friend will help you deal with "in-law" troubles or family problems with some helpful advice. You may think at first that no-one could possibly understand but you'll find out you are not alone walking this road. In fact, the whole thing could turn into a blessing in disguise.


Don't spend money on mindless recreation today. If you are feeling stressed, ship out to a spa or invest in some yoga or massage treatments instead. You could be invited to a picnic or a theme park, but right now you need to rest and recreate on a deeper level.


You need to focus on your health and well-being. You are being asked to take on additional responsibilities, but it's not likely you'll be offered extra compensation. You will at least have to speak up for that and you may not be comfortable demanding your due.


If you are already married there could be dramatic changes in your relationship today. Some kind of profound and challenging change could actually work to bring your closer together. If you are still single, you could meet someone dynamic and exciting soon.

Your heart and dreamy idealism are leading your head and pocketbook into dangerous territory today. If you do any financial work today, take advantage of an opportunity to pay down debts, avoid new ones, and focus on fact not speculation.


There is an opportunity for you to benefit greatly from heading back to school. You may find that it is a challenge, that you have to focus a lot of your mental energy, but the effort will be worthwhile. Your work-load may be heavy today, especially if you deal with paper or communications.


Your career is looking pretty good right now. You have an opportunity to shine by taking on new responsibilities. Someone will tap you for a project that has much better potential than you may think at first. You will have a lot of energy today.


A demanding, needy acquaintance may put you in a bad spot if you allow them to set your agenda for the day. You may have to set some stronger boundaries with someone whose erratic behaviour is getting on your nerves. Try to be patient - harsh words can come back to haunt you.


You are keeping secrets today. You may be harboring an unrequited crush, or a secret admiration, or it is possible that the one with the secret admirer is you. If you are still single, you could meet someone mysterious. If you are already married, look for some mysteries at home!

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