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  Updated Daily to your web site - Monday 31 August


If you have kids they are likely to be hyperactive and excitable today - but that may work, because they are getting it from you. If you want your loved ones to calm down right now, you are going to have to calm down yourself first. Take three deep breaths. There. Feel better?


You'll be dealing with some kind of healthcare issue today, something that you are working a little too hard to keep secret from family and friends. Or perhaps you are keeping it secret from yourself, by denying a problem exists? Check it out for your peace of mind.


You may be feeling somewhat lonely or estranged from your love partner today - if you are single, you may find it hard to connect with new partners. If you are with someone you may find them to be curiously uncommunicative. Either way, you will find that pushing others to open up won't work right now.


You are suddenly filled with spiritual energy and psychic potential, and may find it a little challenging to sort out fantasy from reality right now. Go with the flow. Keep notes of the strange ideas and thoughts that come to you right now, even if they don't immediately make sense.


If you are reading or writing for work, you may find the going tough. If you are reading or writing for pleasure, then you may find unexpected insights that are far more valuable today. You will want to push yourself, but the harder you force things, the more challenging they get.


A dramatic change in career fortunes could have you considering a change in jobs or your career path. You are feeling you need more responsibility, a greater leadership role. Be aware that you will be incredibly impulsive today, and it may not be the best time to decide on a course of action.


You have gone beyond passive into doormat mode today, a state of affairs that is totally outside your normal modus operandi. No matter what people ask of you, you seem to do it, regardless of how you feel about it. Everyone knows that's not healthy, and not just for the members of your Sun sign.

Someone is not telling you the whole truth. They are asking for your help with a personal or financial matter, but when you press them for details they get a little foggy. Insist on hearing the whole story, it will make a difference to your choice.


You are in the spotlight, in the limelight, but being the center of attention is not the glamorous opportunity you thought it would be. In fact, it can be hard work, and the people who were applauding yyou esterday seem to be determined to tear you down right now.


You may be overly focused on your financial future and personal prosperity today. You might even be accused of being a little obsessive about it. You do have an opportunity to improve your working conditions and overall well being - provided you keep your eyes open.


You may feel confused by family members who don't seem able to make up their mind whether to help out or get in the way. There will be money issues today with equal measures of challenge and opportunity. You may be considering a career change soon.


Changes in your family structure may suddenly force you to take a sterner more authoritarian role in your family. You want to be "the nice guy", but it will be the "cranky old coot" who forces everyone to get more motivated to improve conditions.

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