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  Updated Daily to your web site - Friday 9 December


Stronger, both mentally and physically, this is an ideal time to make difficult decisions you have previously pushed to one side. Take the necessary time you need, to carefully think about and go over every detail that concerns you before coming to a conclusion. Once youíve made up your mind donít question your conclusions stick to what you decided.


This period is characterized by your undeniable composure and self-assurance in the way you deal with others. People who previously had unfriendly feelings towards you react positively and it is easy to forget old grudges and overcome any previous resentments. You find everyone is happier when hostilities are finally forgotten and consigned to the past.


A previous misunderstanding or a prior commitment needs dealing with. Don't avoid the issue, use a positive approach toward the person concerned. Dealing effectively with difficult issues helps you win back friends, move forward and consign previous mix-ups to the past. You avoid unnecessary difficulties and disruptions before they resurface again.


Your charm and spontaneity means you win people over easily and theyíre eager to spend time with you, making you a welcome guest for all who know you. It would not hurt for you to pay some attention to the less prepossessing or eye-catching people around you too, you may discover that theyíre more interesting and have something worthwhile to say.


Doubts appear to have dissipated and youíre busy moving forward. Use this new found energy to start new projects and make important decisions. Since everything is taking care of itself you feel totally at ease with what youíre doing and able to be effective and enjoy success. Don't get involved in too many projects, otherwise you risk becoming exhausted.


Incredibly efficient, the way you approach things prompts the total respect and admiration of the people you care about most. The directness you display attracts new friends, itís never been this easy for you to meet people so don't waste this unique opportunity. If you are single interesting people find your attitude appealing and difficult for them to resist.


Take on as much as you possibly can, with so much going for you, itís easy to achieve a great deal with a minimum of effort on your part. In your personal life, seek out the company of those closest to you and enjoy the pleasant feelings of warmth you can share. If single, making the most the warm feelings you display, make it easy to meet new people.

You feel completely confident and composed, at ease both in your working environment as well as with your personal life. This attitude rubs off on others and affects the close relationships you have with your partner and family as well as your healthy attitude regarding give and take. Maintain your inner composure and make plans for long term happiness.


Risking a new start is perfect timing, you have the energy required to get a planned project out of the starting blocks. If you confide in those around you they help you to take the first steps towards a successful outcome. The positivity you generate and display is attractive to others. You can form ties with new contacts and be sure of their willing support.


Alert and extremely active you have one good idea after another and bring them to fruition after first talking about them with friends or even random people you happen to meet. If someone contradicts you, take time to listen to them. If you mind is still busy try something artistic without exerting yourself too much, to counterbalance your active state of mind.


You show what youíre made of, your magnetic personality is particularly well-suited for teamwork. What is it youíre waiting for? You don't know how long this is likely to last. In terms of health you feel completely satisfied and at ease. The balance of body and mind helps you to positively influence those around you. Joint ventures with friends are apt.


You benefit from spending time with others, your relaxed, calm manner is very appealing and your relationships are strengthened. Sometimes you feel your own needs, when combined with your partnerís needs must contradict each other. The truth is your needs are easily accommodated in a way that you both find acceptable and very easy going.

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