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You possess the ability to mediate in conflicts and to clear up misunderstandings. Whether they're your own problems or your friends, you have enough understanding and patience to listen to everybody and find the ideal compromise for all those involved, from whatever side. Should anyone be left out, your warmth and understanding helps console them.


Activities undertaken in your free time are enjoyable and pleasurable. You get on particularly well with the people you meet and are able to put them at ease without difficulty. The people youíre fond of most show you a lot of respect and admiration allowing your relationships to flourish and the most intimate ones in particular to become more passionate.


Looking forward, your outlook is characterized by being a lot less stressful than before, allowing you to enjoy a much needed and welcome break from such hectic times. Use this peaceful period constructively to recover and make sure you spend the time necessary to develop your goal setting strategies for both your short and long term future plans.


Sensing yourself and your feelings more clearly, you better assess your frame of mind and what youíre capable of. Be open and show your feelings to others so they see exactly where they stand with you. Youíre able to open the door to your heart, make wonderful new friends, who deeply influence you, itís conceivable that you meet the love of your life.


Others are impressed with your positive energy and enthusiasm which has such an encouraging effect on your life. If you have been waiting for an appropriate moment to have an important discussion, this is definitely a good time. Other conversations with those in authority, such as the police, officials or tutors, turn out well and meet with your approval.


Youíre upbeat and lively, the friendly cheerful manner you exhibit appeals to people you meet and they respond in the positive way you would expect. You may well make exciting new acquaintances who find you totally fascinating to be with, they demand your full attention. Follow your feelings and don't think too much about the consequences that result.


You feel best, at your strongest, when amongst others. Perhaps in participating with friends as much as you do you find these experiences enriching and good for consolidating your connections; or youíre simply stimulated by your working environment and are able to take on difficult tasks with a team. Use these group dynamics to take another step forward.

Everything is accomplished with ease, the effort you have previously put in pays off. Everyone youíre involved with appreciates what youíve done and benefits from the outcome. Being acknowledged gives you confidence to expand your sphere of influence and together with your positive attitude effortlessly wins people over to support your cause.


You are remarkably relaxed and feeling physically fit, make sure this good feeling continues to last. Whilst your talent for diplomacy prevails, put some effort into clearing up any prior misunderstandings, whether at home or at work. Donít hold back, you are quite capable of interceding in other peoples arguments if you want to help resolve their issues too.


Don't be surprised if your partner pays you compliments for no apparent reason or if you are single you get far more attention than you would normally expect. Others find you more captivating and alluring than ever and this enables you to flirt outrageously. Your instincts are strong, youíre drawn towards opportunities which ultimately result in success.


You feel enthusiastic and look forward to spending some time with friends and those you care about most. Follow your inclination, get your friends together for an experience youíre able to share with your partner too. You enjoy anything involving physical activity. If single promising opportunities to meet up with others and flirting are on the agenda.


Incorporating a good exercise regime, youíre able to benefit from the additional energy you possess and draw on this extra energy to improve other aspects of your life. Goal-oriented, you strive creatively on long-term projects that result in praise for your hard work and the realization that youíre more than capable of achieving your well-deserved success.

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