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With a heavy workload to cope with, don't throw yourself into it without planning your strategy first, work out how to manage the things you have to do calmly and sensibly. Your efforts are rewarded and other people become a valuable source of inspiration. Don't be afraid to talk to them, you get valuable ideas which ultimately complement your own.


Alert and extremely active you have one good idea after another and bring them to fruition after first talking about them with friends or even random people you happen to meet. If someone contradicts you, take time to listen to them. If you mind is still busy try something artistic without exerting yourself too much, to counterbalance your active state of mind.


Faced with new challenges in your job, you receive support at just the right time so you’re able to calmly complete any project, even if the help appears to come from unusual sources, do not turn it down. In health matters you can set the course positively for the future if you approach things with patience and care and are able to renounce your old habits.


You’re unlikely to get bored, people are eager to engage in conversation and you’re as keen to speak with them and do so in an open and frank way. Livelier, more enthusiastic about understanding exactly what's going on around you than normal, you make an effort to be as helpful as you can with others, to bring about results that are particularly promising.


Everyday life is very appealing in its nature, you seem to be getting along famously well with everyone you encounter or come into contact with. Enjoy yourself, you’re in position to reap much goodwill and support from everyone you meet. Use this positive energy, liberate yourself from any hassle and eventually you can enjoy more peace and quiet.


You’re able to complete outstanding tasks that require your undivided attention, the expert way you’re able to achieve results impresses others, inspiring you to tackle new interesting ideas that turn up. Opportunities arise for you to make collaborative plans and a concerted effort to progress further, whilst utilizing the degree of proficiency expected of you.


Everything seems easier than usual for you at work as well as in your personal life. Any discussions are satisfying for everybody involved. You’re able to effortlessly carry out any task that's required of you and feel in great shape, you perform better all round. Enjoy yourself, seldom are you so well placed to take advantage of such beneficial conditions.

Your charm and spontaneity means you win people over easily and they’re eager to spend time with you, making you a welcome guest for all who know you. It would not hurt for you to pay some attention to the less prepossessing or eye-catching people around you too, you may discover that they’re more interesting and have something worthwhile to say.


Whatever decisions you make are supported by your colleagues and friends. Make good use of this time to implement the new plan or strategy needed to start any outstanding project you are considering. The enthusiasm you show is easily spread and those around you are keen to be involved and share in your success. You’re keen to take on a new challenge.


Incredibly efficient, the way you approach things prompts the total respect and admiration of the people you care about most. The directness you display attracts new friends, it’s never been this easy for you to meet people so don't waste this unique opportunity. If you are single interesting people find your attitude appealing and difficult for them to resist.


Take on as much as you possibly can, with so much going for you, it’s easy to achieve a great deal with a minimum of effort on your part. In your personal life, seek out the company of those closest to you and enjoy the pleasant feelings of warmth you can share. If single, making the most the warm feelings you display, make it easy to meet new people.


Full of good ideas and ingenious concepts, is certainly a consequence of the positive way you feel. Instead of letting yourself be overwhelmed by ideas, just concentrate on one and keep the others for later. This benefits you outside of your work too. Your inventiveness proves attractive, leading to conversations which enrich your ideas even further.

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