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Conversations are more challenging than usual as others appear to like taking the opposite point of view to your own. Remember only a compromise is a satisfactory outcome for both sides. If you prefer not to risk any lasting damage, you are well advised to let the other person win. You soon appreciate that, on balance, this way of behaving is more useful.


Feeling very affectionate you are totally relaxed and composed in matters of the heart. Ultimately the openness and understanding that you have is very satisfying and rewarding for both you and your partner. Having plenty of ideas, even if single, you enjoy ever increasing popularity amongst your friends, who find your resourcefulness exhilarating.


Itís hard to bring your feelings under control in a calm and rational way, if you donít you make decisions you later come to regret. Conversely, if youíre normally a calm person, who keeps their feelings to themselves, it is easier for you to show them, enabling you to create clarity, to deepen and improve on any personal relationships youíre involved in.


Others are impressed with your positive energy and enthusiasm which has such an encouraging effect on your life. If you have been waiting for an appropriate moment to have an important discussion, this is definitely a good time. Other conversations with those in authority, such as the police, officials or tutors, turn out well and meet with your approval.


Unlikely to ever be bored by having so much to do, those who know you well value your outspokenness. Integrity you bring to the table is ideal for dealing with any unresolved issues and is generally expected of you. Remember every now and again you need to take a break from conversations, for additional respite some deep breaths keep your mind clear.


Get out and strut your stuff. Feeling attractive, youíre easily persuaded to make the most of your looks with a visit to the hairdresser or the health club. You're amazed at the transformation. Feeling even more appealing, when you meet up with others your attractiveness shines through, youíre aware how people notice you, itís not your imagination.


Making decisions about work and also your personal life, youíre completely clear about your current situation and wishes, setting priorities accordingly. You judge external influences accurately so use these promising circumstances to turn your personal dreams into reality. If in a long-term relationship, consult your partner first concerning these matters.

It's obvious why you're in a good mood; full of positive energy you make an impression on those people who play a major part in your life. This might be your boss, your partner or a relation. Itís also good for you to address matters that other times you find more difficult to handle. Take care not to physically overdo things, take a break now and then.


Your absentmindedness can be a problem for the people you know. It's kind of unnecessary to ask you to be sensible, itís rather a waste of time - you simply canít be forced to concentrate on anything. Accept the way you feel and don't get upset Ė you can't change it anyway. Relaxation exercises or a nice warm bath or a sauna make you feel much better.


Feeling as you do, you get carried away with the chances you get to flirt and by taking advantage of these opportunities gain a positive boost to your ego. Such an easy-going manner increases the chances of success. If you have a partner, take care not to overdo things. Flattering your ego a little is all right, as long as you remember to respect your partner.


You have a need to understand as much as you possibly can about your current situation and how to improve your position and outlook for the future. You no longer avoid making this challenge a top priority and need to learn exactly how to make improvements become a reality. Recognizing such a solution is satisfying and brings you untold benefits.


Having done as much as you possibly can you feel weary and definitely need to take a rest. Put your feet up for a while and refuse to do anything you don't feel like doing. Call off meetings arranged with friends and tell them youíre not good company. They understand, so youíre able to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation and keep a clear conscience.

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