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You’re particularly attractive to those you meet, but this doesn't bode well if, as much as you feel like doing so, you flirt in inappropriate places. Singles should limit your search for new people to their leisure time, the right person could be just around the corner. If living with a partner, their needs should come first, show them there is no reason to be jealous.


Being in a great mood, demonstrate how you feel, the zest you have for life, it's genuine for all to see. Those you’re close to are inspired by the imagination and openness you show and the pleasant atmosphere you create that benefits all. If single, your flirtatiousness, charm and easy-going manner are attractive to any potential love interest on the horizon.


Adopting the right approach, you make headway resolving outstanding issues, the worst thing you can do is to dither and cause unnecessary delay. If you’re single make a first move towards cementing friendship, don't be shy about showing your feelings, honesty brings desired results. If you are looking for a change of job, turn your thoughts into action.


You achieve a great deal, not only because your plans are well thought-out and have been well organized, but also because you have staying power to succeed in the long term. You’re able to use your talent and base of knowledge and it's exactly this combination which makes everything seem so easy. Use your talent for communication to win allies.


Your poise and patience leads to pleasant outcomes in your dealings with other people. You feel it necessary to convey composure to them and consequently you’re a sought-after go-between. Try to clear up as many misunderstandings as your diplomatic manner allows. However, don't blame yourself if people carry on arguing. Not all are as calm as you.


Full of good intentions, circumstances are ideal for any sort of activities involving your friends who find you especially pleasant company. You’re making a good impression on almost everyone you meet, including your more influential acquaintances in your circle. If you want to talk over something with any one of them you can do so without hesitation.


Refrain from involvement in any strenuous tasks, instead you must allow yourself the time to give free rein to your thoughts and most importantly, your feelings. Something completely new has a dramatic effect on your circumstances is waiting to be discovered and capable of being the catalyst that eventually brings about dramatic changes to your life.

You reach a highpoint that enables you to recognize connections and understand things you previously found difficult to reconcile. The surge of energy you experience is at times too much, perceived as negative stress or nervousness but is best used constructively in order to take a step nearer your goals. In any case, physical activity helps to calm your mind.


Your gestures of friendliness are especially appreciated and under these circumstances the smallest kindness you do for another can lead to deep friendship and any existing relationships can be renewed or deepened. You intuitively know what is best, offer help at the right moment and find the right words to convey comfort, empathy or happiness to all.


You’re able to relax more, any infighting is over and you no longer feel on the offensive. Other people are drawn to you as increasingly the inner calm you feel helps improve and further develop your personal relationships. Make sure you don't expend too much energy on recreational activities, concentrate on the fun aspect rather than hard physical work.


Whatever you do, you do it in a relaxed way enjoying every minute and it doesn't seem like work at all! Other people want to be around you to share in your enthusiasm, you're fun to be with and help them forget everyday worries with your easy-going attitude. You also find their company pleasant and enjoyable too, because they make you feel special.


Your enthusiasm is noticeable. Use your persuasive ability to demonstrate to your partner how much you feel for them. Organize a special surprise to stimulate agreeable feelings between you. When you combine your laid-back attitude and the organizational ability you possess, the overriding effect is to establish a wonderful feeling of stability between you.

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