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Feeling as you do, you get carried away with the chances you get to flirt and by taking advantage of these opportunities gain a positive boost to your ego. Such an easy-going manner increases the chances of success. If you have a partner, take care not to overdo things. Flattering your ego a little is all right, as long as you remember to respect your partner.


You have a need to understand as much as you possibly can about your current situation and how to improve your position and outlook for the future. You no longer avoid making this challenge a top priority and need to learn exactly how to make improvements become a reality. Recognizing such a solution is satisfying and brings you untold benefits.


In any other circumstances, the clarity of your thoughts and words might lead to your plans being carried out more quickly. In reality this turns out to be self-defeating, as others find your direct manner offensive, and they challenge you. Choose your words with care and to be diplomatic. A verbal dispute wastes your time and uses up all your energy.


You encounter challenges which you must contend with. Maybe this is because someone is working against you or simply upsets your equilibrium just by being there. But you must deal with these challenges and show due consideration that such hindrances demand, otherwise they can easily affect your life in an adverse way, if you don't deal with them.


You show such good-will to everyone you meet, effortlessly gaining their approval and affection. You’re more capable and ingenious than usual and more drawn to beautiful things than you normally would be. As a result you’re much more appreciative of the attention you receive from loved ones and are able give in return, making you feel vibrant and alive.


Your thoughts are clearer than usual, your mind is sharp and unlikely to be adversely affected by outside influences. Think situations over carefully, put them in perspective and build up a clear picture of your requirements, visions and goals. Use this as a foundation and source of encouragement you need to guide and propel you forwards into the future.


An unexpected event forces you to completely change your plans and alters the way that events unfold. Don't be too upset, if you plan everything, then many of life's more surprising pleasures or unusual outcomes never occur. Instead be more alert to the many hidden treasures life holds in store that ultimately change your life’s path positively in the future.

Although everything is running smoothly you’re not quite satisfied, wanting praise from everyone and expecting special treatment. You're unreceptive and don't seem capable of making an effort to do anything positive about your position. Perhaps what you yearn for is far too unrealistic. If you give up wishful thinking your frustration is likely to disappear.


React calmly to any gibes or provocation you receive from others. If you feel deceived, take extra care when choosing who to confide in. You place far too much emphasis on any adverse comments and overreact to slightest criticism. Deal only with those who don't take your mood too seriously and are used to your conduct. Resting makes you feel better.


You probably feel the need to overturn old ways of doing things and develop a new approach to your plans that makes full use of your talent for inspiring others. Where a personal relationship is concerned, you achieve a great deal and it's appropriate to replace outmoded routines in your life together and discover a new pastime you both take pleasure in.


Your mind is full of ideas but unusually you don't have the requisite energy or enthusiasm to follow them through. Let those close to you know how you feel, otherwise they may not understand why you are so reluctant to join in with their plans. Tell people you need some peaceful, quiet time on your own, especially to recover your emotional well-being.


You think you're seeing things as they are but in reality your point of view isn't the only one. Rid yourself of delusions and accept that other people have ideas of their own and in this way your viewpoint gains a degree of credibility. Don't try to be right all the time, accept other people's opinions, playing down your strength you’re able to avoid arguments.

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