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No reason to worry about being put to the test, provided you demonstrate your full capabilities. In your personal life too you’re able to defend your point of view. Never lose sight of what you actually want to achieve, even if a lot of choices are difficult. Overcome physical problems with a rest. Life is not a competition – you don't have to fight so hard to win.


Full of self-confidence, you’re able to cope with any difficult circumstances, although behaving in such an arrogant manner turns people against you. Being modest helps you avoid any further problems in your personal life. Even if your solutions are better options, don't question everything else, adopting a diplomatic approach is beneficial for everyone.


You find it difficult to be totally enthusiastic about the tedious things you’re continually confronted with. This is perfectly natural feeling, in reality, you don‘t really know what it is you're missing. Slow down, instead of hectic activity, seek advice from friends. Sometimes it's helpful to stand back from something to appraise the situation.


Confronted with situations that push your patience to the limit, it’s important not to doubt your abilities, you do have the power to change your circumstances. If you’re faced with difficulties, remain in control and discover the best way to resolve outstanding issues. Problems occur so we can learn from them, be positive and improve the skills you require.


Under so much pressure, you behave in an uncontrolled manner towards other people. You want to progress, but are too hasty or plain tactless. Put the brakes on your energy somewhat and don't discourage potential friends, all they want to do is help you. Postpone important talks, things go wrong if you behave awkwardly and are unable to be convincing.


When it comes to anything strenuous you don't really feel in the mood but much prefer to relax and take things easy. Be careful, this is somewhat problematic and likely to lead to confrontations you need to avoid. Try to find some middle ground without conceding too much. Watch your diet, not only for your weight but to care for digestive system as well.


Try to approach things in a relaxed way without getting too wound up about any problems that occur. Ignore the urge to blame others for any misfortune, this is very disruptive of your relationships. Perhaps you need to take the time to look for other reasons for your bad luck. Don't get into arguments, your tendency is to say things you later come to regret.

Your ability to learn improves and you’re able to master new tasks. You evidently enjoy getting to grips with new topics which stimulate your mind and test your understanding. Use this motivation to find out more about a subject, which has long been of interest, when you satisfy your initial curiosity you still want to carry on exploring every facet.


Beautify seems important to you and if you’re particularly conscious of appearances, this could take on an exaggerated form. However, don't attach too much importance to the way you look or judge others by appearance alone. If you’ve neglected your body, it is now time to rectify this. Put a nutrition plan together and also put in place an exercise routine.


Things have come to a halt for no apparent reason. Although not having bargained for a change of course and wanting to stick to a fixed schedule, instead you take a detour to avoid the obstacle and don’t waste all your energy on trying to overcome it. It may take a bit longer to reach your goal, but you might gain more valuable experience in doing so.


There are storm clouds in the air, don't behave or react in an overly opinionated way, or you are seen as being rather arrogant. Wait until the situation returns to normal. It's better to remain calm during any disagreement or conversation with your partner. Your honest opinions might be construed as hurtful. Listen to your body and give it what it wants.


Incredibly efficient, the way you approach things prompts the total respect and admiration of the people you care about most. The directness you display attracts new friends, it’s never been this easy for you to meet people so don't waste this unique opportunity. If you are single interesting people find your attitude appealing and difficult for them to resist.

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