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You experience all kinds of emotional ups and downs and itís very probable because of this that you get into disputes, or at the very least, angry discussions. Make sure you don't say anything in these situations that you later regret and find difficult to take back. It's better to let things run their course, even if temporarily at least it seems to your disadvantage.


In your personal relationships it seems whatever you say or do is easily misconstrued and that any thoughts regarding the idea of entertaining a new partner isnít likely to be very successful either. Concentrate on less sensitive activities instead, keep any romantic contact and communication to a minimum. The best solution is to make plans with friends.


Youíre focused on your ideas and express them clearly, others compliment you on your ability to comprehend and evaluate the situation. Let them share your enthusiasm, involve them in your deliberations and remain the driving force. In your personal life, pay attention to an emerging interest thatís of growing concern to you, donít ignore it any longer!


People try to goad you, but don't let them. There are those who may be jealous of you and who want to make your life difficult. Privately, youíre also subject to some opposition and feel you're being undermined. Try listening to others more carefully. If you feel tired or run down, enjoy an evening on the sofa with a warm cup of tea. This does you good.


Even minor disagreements develop into real disputes over time and can spoil your relationships with the people who are important to you, work colleagues, life partner or a friend. Don't expect others to make the first move, you must take the initiative if you value being on good terms with them and want clear up misunderstandings or differences of opinion.


Youíre able to motivate others but attending to your own need is still important when your goals are so close and clearer than ever. Your energetic approach is infectious and recognized by others, there is no reason not to celebrate your ideas. Don't let this become your accepted behavior, you feel energetic but too much of the good life is harmful to your health.


Perfect conditions prevail to demonstrate your ability to comprehend difficult concepts in new ways. Your increased intellectual capacity helps you gain plenty of recognition for your efforts, both at work and at home. You learn a great deal, above all in the area of organization. Take note of the fact that interpersonal skills are also required for success.

Itís very tempting to only trust in the tried and proven, but this is also how things become stuck in a rut. Look for new ways of how you can achieve success. In the event you do make a new start, those closest to you react positively and also offer invaluable help. Gratefully accept this, since youíre able to learn a great deal from the experiences of others.


You discover how sociable you are when pitting your mental wits against others when learning or solving problems. Make sure that counterparts know the rules of the game and don't allow themselves to be led into needless arguments. If conflicts persist, they need to be discussed responsively with resolution aided by your self-assured and honest approach.


Normally very outgoing and sociable, as a matter of course you push yourself forward at the expense of others and by doing so they rail against you. Concentrate on a common goal rather than on your own welfare, or if you see others as a hindrance or as competitors, go your own separate way. Be open about any decisions to rule out any misunderstandings.


You find that your mood fluctuates more than normal, youíre easily irritated and find it difficult to put up with the whims of others. Regardless of the way youíre behaving, problems with your love life become apparent for reasons you find difficult to understand. Address any existing tensions between you in order to relieve the stress and take it easy!


Everything seems easier and you achieve things you really thought were not possible before. You need to use this period constructively, dare to take on an exciting new project, perhaps one that previously you have not much relevant experience with. You discover talents and abilities you have are effective, that youíre able to use to your advantage.

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