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Others are surprised, youíre making such an effort to be friendly and as a result you receive much more recognition than usual, almost everything you do appears to be popular with the people you know. You continually manage to impress and do what others reckon to be the right thing and are warm hearted towards everybody you come into contact with.


Others are impressed with your positive energy and enthusiasm which has such an encouraging effect on your life. If you have been waiting for an appropriate moment to have an important discussion, this is definitely a good time. Other conversations with those in authority, such as the police, officials or tutors, turn out well and meet with your approval.


Your ability to concentrate and deliberate on the affairs of others is strong. Often your advice is sought, due to the shear clarity of thought youíre able to bring to any situation pertaining to the lives of those you are close to. You impress in any situation where youíre called to make a constructive appraisal of a situation and eventually itís easily resolved.


Enthusiastic and energetic, you make a concerted effort to explore some different opportunities that eventually lead to exciting and unforgettable experiences youíre unlikely to forget. Be careful you donít become involved in too many different things at once and exhaust yourself. If you do, youíre inevitably faced with unfinished tasks that are a liability.


Passionate impulses are a good thing, since you react sensitively towards those you care about most and resolve any outstanding issues or render them totally unimportant. If single you may even flirt with or meet the love of your life. Physically youíre feeling in good shape and can improve your fitness and vitality - consider limits to avoid any injury.


Particularly good at supporting a cause, your ability to empathize and be sensitive to the needs of others shows results, not just in your personal life, but also in the family relationships too. In making plans for your next excursion or for a special purchase, donít forget your own needs, you may end up going over the top by trying to do too much for others.


You find work related issues easy to handle and using your alert and active mind you apply fresh impetus to projects that require concentrated team effort. You encounter very few obstacles in your personal life, whatever you choose to focus your attention on others are enthused by your innovative approach and appreciate the concerted effort you make.

Although tempting, don't take on too much, concentrate instead on those matters most important to you. Otherwise you run the risk of being overwhelmed. If you do decide to tackle something new, be open and invite others to help you. Success is likely if you focus your energies and do not let yourself be side-tracked by problems that arenít your concern.


You radiate a sense of inner contentment, this makes you the perfect intermediary and youíre easily able to intervene with a degree of success. Don't hold back from approaching the people you care about most- they appreciate it. You're not averse to flirting; your openness impresses others, caution is required when they make too many demands of you.


You approach people with spring in your step and are happy to see them, with your open talkative mood youíre an ideal conversationalist, with friends turning to you for advice. Your reputation is enhanced, personal relationships flourish, with consequential benefits affecting your health and well-being which is further improved by taking more exercise.


Youíre alert and understand how important it is to express your thoughts clearly. Youíre more capable than usual and easily earn respect in any negotiations or discussions you undertake. Taking the opinions of others into account helps you to eventually arrive at the correct solution. If all this is work is too overwhelming, take a well-deserved break.


Your professional and private activities are noticed by the people in your life that are most important to you. Make use of this and apply yourself to the task with renewed confidence. Put forward your views with conviction but don't overdo it - arrogance does not help your cause - but the composure you show is more likely contribute positively to the result.

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