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Consider how this exceptionally motivating, positive trend stimulates team spirit and mutual give and take, might be continued. Itís certainly a good time for planning any sort of gathering. Your friendliness doesnít stop you from occasionally taking time to relax and recover your composure, so you can give others your full attention when required.


You receive the recognition and praise you deserve and are rewarded for your efforts, so enjoy the satisfaction you get from your hard work. In your personal life you have to make more effort to be appreciated, not just friendships have to be attended to, but also love. Donít neglect your fitness either, make sure youíre not stressed and always take your time.


Leaving your past behind, you look ahead and anticipate the future in a more decisive and enthusiastic way than ever before. Don't be afraid to get rid of everything that holds you back. With the formidable amount of energy at your disposal, youíre determined to complete plans and even able to motivate others, becoming an enviable role model.


Those that are close to you really appreciate the way you show such composure and sensitivity when dealing with complicated issues. Great self-confidence together with your shrewd and business like ways can settle any outstanding matters and consequently you never hesitate from letting those in influential positions know how capable you are.


Others understand that you donít want to take on any more responsibilities and in fact need time to yourself to gain a fresh perspective and determine exactly what your true feelings are. Once you feel more refreshed and have taken the opportunity to regain your composure you have an innate ability to interact and chat with others in a constructive way.


You rarely experience such a state of clarity and calm. This is of great help if you want to settle any disputes with work colleagues or relatives. Above all, problems which you previously thought unresolved finally disappear. Relieved of the weight of past anxieties and supported by a positive attitude, you find excitement and new freedom to shape your future.


You benefit from spending time with others, your relaxed, calm manner is very appealing and your relationships are strengthened. Sometimes you feel your own needs, when combined with your partnerís needs must contradict each other. The truth is your needs are easily accommodated in a way that you both find acceptable and very easy going.

Youíre extremely agreeable and natural in the way you interact with others and enjoy co-operating with them, feeling far less inhibited in social situations than you might ordinarily be. Making the most of any opportunities could turn out to be extremely beneficial to you and turn out to be of immense importance bringing lasting happiness in the future.


Reconnect properly with the people who play an important role in your family life. The commitment you make to your family is recognized and the support you provide to those with whom you share a relationship greatly appreciated by everyone involved. Take this opportunity to deal with any unresolved disputes, there is a good chance of reconciliation.


The friends you meet or make contact with are extraordinarily considerate and understanding. You want to meet up with as many as you can, donít overload your diary or let things get out of hand. Similarly at work you get lots of recognition and praise, linked with new and interesting prospects - be careful not to over-burden yourself too much.


Promising conditions win through in your existing relationships. You find your interactions with those close to you inspire and enrich your own understanding. Nevertheless, don't think purely about the benefits these connections bring you, but endeavor to interact on an emotional level as well. Otherwise, any usefulness or agreement is only short-lived.


Openness and friendliness abound, you can talk about your own problems and emotional state without hurting others. Following your instincts, let go of any feeling you have of self-importance and experience an unrecognizable sense of harmony and peace. If thereíve been misunderstandings, or an argument, now is an appropriate time to resolve matters.

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