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Feeling more vibrant and alive, seeking the company of others is a particularly satisfying activity. The pleasure you create turns out to be extremely rewarding and enjoyable, especially if you spend it with someone you love. Openness and honesty is central to your contentment, try not to think too much about the exertions of work and enjoy yourself!


Everyone you meet means well, thanks to your friendly and obliging conduct you continue to receive the help you need. You may even be astonished by the sudden support you get from a much unexpected source. Accept such help and use it as a starting point for new friendships, which you find extremely encouraging and increases your sphere of influence.


You can play a leading role in any situation you’re currently involved in, but don’t have to direct others much as they seem to know what is expected of them. You achieve what’s needed without too much effort, but the part you play is extremely beneficial and your contribution influential. Your happy–go-lucky approach ensures everyone feels good.


You acquire the composure you have long been searching for. As a result of gaining this inner strength you’re able to radiate confidence and integrity. Friends from your personal life or others you know from your working environment ask you for your help. Support them if you can and be as helpful as possible but do not forget to pursue your own goals.


According to plan, work commitments are easily dealt with, leaving you the time to devote to the things you're really interested in or find more important. Your warm-hearted way of dealing with the people you care for most assures you the satisfaction and contentment you need, gained from the affectionate responses and devotion you receive in return.


Alert to all possibilities no-one gets the better of you, instead they appreciate your quick-wittedness and want to talk to you. The suggestions you come up and the competence you’re able to demonstrate assists them in dealing with any difficulties they face. Your drive is what counts now, so with no excuse direct your energy into recreational activities.


Even though you’re able to dedicate time to more daring tasks, don't lose sight of the main objective. Connections you make are agreeable because of your confident manner. Previous differences with loved ones are simple to resolve and you feel very pleased with yourself. Preventative measures you take help combat any possible ill feeling that may arise.

Being as you are, so fixated on superficial cosmetic appearance, it’s really difficult for you to focus on matters that are of far more importance and to substantiate exactly what these might be or indeed mean to you - you’ve trouble getting to the root of anything! Better to postpone important decisions until later and concentrate instead on having a good time.


Feeling in great spirits, one way or another you’re in the mood to make things happen. You’re ability to concentrate, not be diverted from what is important to you, doesn’t stop you looking forward to putting even more pleasurable activities on the agenda. Don’t be surprised if the know-how and charm you demonstrate make others look to you for inspiration.


You’re able keep track of the things that matter, managing to take control and concentrate on what's really important to you. Such an optimistic approach positively affects your personal life, helping you to resolve any potential problems you have to deal with and uncover the true significance of your relationships and exactly the direction they are heading.


You’re a tower of strength, and others look to you for protection and comfort. You’re very patient finding the right words to make unhappy friends smile again. Even though this is reward enough, you need to take time for yourself and go for a walk alone, to free yourself from any burdensome emotions or otherwise have support from somebody too.


Feeling generous you help other people sort out their problems, and seem to be able to do this much quicker than you can resolve any of your own difficulties. The assistance you give is appreciated, but beware false flattery and don't let your readiness to help others be taken advantage of; don't neglect your own problems by taking on more responsibility.

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