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Extremely efficient, whether itís while youíre learning about something new, organizing or using existing information, your mental capabilities easily get overstretched and leave you feeling more nervous and harassed than normal. If you recognize the signs, you need to find time to relax by yourself, do some recreational activities, travelling or meditation.


You might become more aware of who your true friends are, since you receive help unexpectedly from them. Be generous in the way you reward them and with your thanks. Surprise them or present a gift to them in an original way. Youíre working especially well with others, which is not only advantageous to you, but also benefits them as well.


You're not getting as much done as you need to and letting things slide. Although this makes you popular and fun to spend time with, you let other people down when more practical involvement is called for or when problems need to be solved. Make an effort get things done, otherwise people think they can take advantage of you whenever they want to.


Passionate impulses are a good thing, since you react sensitively towards those you care about most and resolve any outstanding issues or render them totally unimportant. If single you may even flirt with or meet the love of your life. Physically youíre feeling in good shape and can improve your fitness and vitality - consider limits to avoid any injury.


Everything you work towards is likely to be positively received and youíre extremely satisfied with what you achieve. Similarly your relationship is extremely gratifying for you both. If single, you receive advances from people you find appealing and enjoy these but donít get too carried away, instead take up a recreational activity to use up excess energy.


Set yourself up for the day and help boost your flagging motivation and general fitness with some early morning exercise. If you donít feel very energetic begin slowly, you donít have to do too much if youíre not feeling particularly in the mood. If possible spend some time relaxing with the friends, maybe play some games in the evening to unwind.


You tend to be nervous and make others restless too, as a result they find it difficult to deal with you and you become increasingly more disgruntled. Accept that you have responsibilities to live up to that need to be approached calmly, with composure, making sure you donít upset those closest to you and at the same time donít cause needless arguments.

Don't think too much, instead imagine youíre stuck and you can only extricate yourself by making an energetic jump. As you do, momentous and enjoyable outcomes result. Other people prefer your warmth and understanding ways to a cool-headed approach and return this warmth. Be careful not to get engulfed by your overly passionate appetite for life.


Feeling lazy it could be youíre overworked or just can't be bothered. Stop making excuses, sometimes itís easy to forget that it's not just about you, your friends may be disappointed and feel let down by your attitude. It seems youíre only interested in yourself but expect understanding from everyone else. Pull yourself together, show them this is not true.


You need to insure youíre not so forceful when you demand to get your own way. Not only in your personal life but at work as well you sometimes take advantage of situations to make progress at the others expense, leading to arguments that itís far preferable to avoid, what you say lands you in trouble, hold back instead try harder not to cause offence.


You come into to contact with lots of interesting people and are stimulated to expand your understanding and awareness of your immediate surroundings. If you arenít able to satisfactorily resolve outstanding issues you still have to address, itís far better to defer giving your honest opinion until much later, otherwise further misunderstandings possibly result.


You feel drawn to beautiful and luxurious things that are expensive. It could be that the most beautiful things in life are often those that are the simplest, and mostly come without an expensive price tag at all. Keep your eyes peeled for these treasures - the wonders of the world - youíre able to sense them and recognize their true worth more clearly than ever.

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