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A long cherished wish is forcing itself into your consciousness and onto the agenda. You sense an inner pressure to invest all your energy in fulfilling this desire. Work out why this wish has suddenly become so strong, check if it's really about your wish, or if itís a result of what others expect. If itís the latter, itís time to work out your own desires.


Your improved powers of concentration help you quickly resolve difficult issues. You have an impressive talent for presenting your point of view, and yet are still able to respect the opinions of others. Don't become too obsessive about every detail or overly worry too much about others. Instead clear your mind, find time to relax and enjoy long walks.


Get out and strut your stuff. Feeling attractive, youíre easily persuaded to make the most of your looks with a visit to the hairdresser or the health club. You're amazed at the transformation. Feeling even more appealing, when you meet up with others your attractiveness shines through, youíre aware how people notice you, itís not your imagination.


An alert mind allows you to comprehend things which otherwise might not be so obvious. Others react in a constructive way to suggestions you make and if you really want to, help you to transform your working environment as well as your personal life. This is especially true concerning fitness issues, too hectic a lifestyle isnít good for your long term health.


Everything you work towards is likely to be positively received and youíre extremely satisfied with what you achieve. Similarly your relationship is extremely gratifying for you both. If single, you receive advances from people you find appealing and enjoy these but donít get too carried away, instead take up a recreational activity to use up excess energy.


You find work related issues easy to handle and using your alert and active mind you apply fresh impetus to projects that require concentrated team effort. You encounter very few obstacles in your personal life, whatever you choose to focus your attention on others are enthused by your innovative approach and appreciate the concerted effort you make.


Feeling as you do, you get carried away with the chances you get to flirt and by taking advantage of these opportunities gain a positive boost to your ego. Such an easy-going manner increases the chances of success. If you have a partner, take care not to overdo things. Flattering your ego a little is all right, as long as you remember to respect your partner.

You radiate a sense of inner contentment, this makes you the perfect intermediary and youíre easily able to intervene with a degree of success. Don't hold back from approaching the people you care about most- they appreciate it. You're not averse to flirting; your openness impresses others, caution is required when they make too many demands of you.


Your intuition is strong, you're in a relaxed mood and have a good feel for any promising opportunities that arise and consider them carefully. Youíre ready to venture into unknown areas, for new experiences not previously considered. With new acquaintances your casual and playful way of dealing with complex situations makes you very appealing.


Your ability to understand any situation is good and youíre able to undertake any sort of mental task. Equally, youíre communicating without any difficulty, possible negotiations or similar conversations turn out to be successful. You also find your general level of curiosity is heightened and youíre keen to acquire knowledge and learn as much as you can.


Feeling very affectionate you are totally relaxed and composed in matters of the heart. Ultimately the openness and understanding that you have is very satisfying and rewarding for both you and your partner. Having plenty of ideas, even if single, you enjoy ever increasing popularity amongst your friends, who find your resourcefulness exhilarating.


Tensions you have been aware of ease after much confusion, uncertainty and some emotional outbursts, they eventually give way to and are replaced by a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. All doubts and misgivings get fully resolved, a quiet stress-free atmosphere returns, finally making way for activities to agreeably continue much as they did before.

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