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Your rather bombastic approach irritates people close to you and you come across as overly self-important. Therefore itís a bad idea to draw attention to yourself by being center stage. Avoid spending time with too many people. Even if it's not intentional, your conduct is likely to disrupt any relationship. Restrain yourself, consider the feelings of others.


Your positive words lead to a frank exchange of opinions. If you approach others openly and honestly, they take note of your good intentions and reciprocate in a positive way. Youíre critical of certain issues which you have long wanted to discuss, be prepared to receive criticism too. Don't just brush them off, but deal honestly with the points made to you.


You're seeing life through rose-tinted spectacles and you seem relaxed and charming towards others you meet. These are ideal conditions for strengthening existing friendships and creating new ones. Go out and meet people. At work meetings and discussions are productive. In your personal life, you are in your element when with a group of people.


You feel enthusiastic and look forward to spending some time with friends and those you care about most. Follow your inclination, get your friends together for an experience youíre able to share with your partner too. You enjoy anything involving physical activity. If single promising opportunities to meet up with others and flirting are on the agenda.


There are many opportunities for entirely new developments. If you take the ideas of colleague and friends seriously youíre able to draw on original solutions from the suggestions they make. Changes abound in your personal life too, welcome new people with open arms, you notice friendships develop which add much to connections you have already.


You make new contacts easily and soon win over new friends. Close relationships need more time though and deserve to be cultivated and appreciated for what they give you. Decide if these new acquaintances are worth investing time and effort in. Take a critical look at yourself and see if these are just fleeting acquaintances or something that endures.


Youíre rather lethargic; especially as far as doing anything strenuous is concerned. Spending money however, youíre less apprehensive about and may regret large impulsive purchases that you later consider a complete waste of money. You seemingly get irritated for the smallest of reasons, make unrealistic demands and appear less reliable than usual.

Feeling very affectionate you are totally relaxed and composed in matters of the heart. Ultimately the openness and understanding that you have is very satisfying and rewarding for both you and your partner. Having plenty of ideas, even if single, you enjoy ever increasing popularity amongst your friends, who find your resourcefulness exhilarating.


Misunderstood, you find it intolerable the way others behave towards you. This is definitely not the best time to meet up with people, especially as you constantly feel so aggravated by what they say. Postpone visits and meetings with others if you can, until you feel more agreeably towards them. Instead, use your time for reflection and to sort yourself out.


Unfortunately the outcomes of very intense communications youíre involved in arenít likely to be at all that positive. Protagonists can very easily stray from the topic at hand and get personal and unnecessarily hurtful. If you notice a discussion is degenerating like this, take a passive role, otherwise you get hurt or even hurt others with what you say.


Unexplained tensions surface, choose your words with care and avoid running the risk of confrontations with others if you can. You find it difficult to remain composed and later come to regret annoying friends and acquaintances. Restrain yourself from unkind remarks, take a moment and plan some leisure time, avoid too many burdensome conversations.


Everybody wants to get to know you and in spite of your great charisma, itís your open and likeable character they find particularly appealing. Consequently, you find it very easy to approach people you donít even know and strike up a conversation, giving them the feeling they're important to you is what makes you approachable and fun to be with.

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