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Your friends and your work colleagues find you irritating and are easily provoked by your attempts at being aggressive. All this stems from the inner turmoil you feel but don't be too disappointed if some things go wrong, instead put off big plans until you regain your equilibrium and trust in the positive influence of your partner or someone close to you.


Adopting the right approach you make headway resolving outstanding issues, the worst thing you can do is to dither and cause unnecessary delay. If youíre single make a first move towards cementing friendship, don't be shy about showing your feelings, honesty brings desired results. If you are looking for a change of job, turn your thoughts into action.


Others believe youíre behaving in a rather fanatical way, you need to hold back and be more accepting of their attitude. Don't get so angry if they make a mistake. Too much excitement upsets your ability to remain in control, you need to behave more considerately. Leave stresses of everyday life behind, relaxation helps you rebuild your reserves of energy.


The stress youíre feeling is partly your own doing. In asking too much of yourself, things become even tougher, you end up in a bad mood, nothing gets done despite all your efforts. If in turn, you expect too much from those close to you, you might lose your temper with them. However, this doesnít solve the problem, take time out to reflect instead.


You find that your mood fluctuates more than normal, youíre easily irritated and find it difficult to put up with the whims of others. Regardless of the way youíre behaving, problems with your love life become apparent for reasons you find difficult to understand. Address any existing tensions between you in order to relieve the stress and take it easy!


You find pleasure in the slightest thing and enjoy interaction with other people. Happiness and exuberance abound and is extremely infectious, affecting those closest to you, who in turn are affectionate towards you. If single, you may be extremely attracted to a future partner or have a spellbinding effect on someone for whom you have sexual desires.


Your normally go-getting ways arenít particularly realistic. On other occasions they may be appropriate, but youíre inclined to put off strenuous activities and let your time pass idly by. With such an indifferent attitude youíre unlikely to feel very satisfied and unsurprisingly your attempts to find gratification lead to some less than pleasant consequences.

Youíre very much at ease with yourself and give the impression of being a stable personality. Your sensitive approach leads people to be open and to suggest you make any overdue visits or formal agreements, but you must be aware that you need to demonstrate worthiness of the trust placed in you, to make full use of these positive relationships in future.


You communicate particularly well with those around you and when presenting plans with an air of excitement, youíre able to quickly attract some enthusiastic followers. Don't be distrustful any longer and accept help thatís offered. Open up to the ideas of others and perhaps integrate these into your own plans. This propels your ambitions further forwards.


You perceive beauty in all you see, everything seems like a valuable work of art. Youíre full of wonder at the beauty of everyday objects and find pleasure in agreeable interaction with others. Get creative and produce something of beauty yourself. If you thought of yourself as untalented, try your luck and youíre surprised at how imaginative you are.


You clash frequently with people, some might see you as selfish and seemingly avoid any conversation with you for no good reason. Both at work and home, you upset people with exaggerated displays of ego. Counter any unpleasantness by treating your counterparts with respect, taking their opinions seriously and remembering others have their needs too.


Well-being has positive effects on your mood, make an effort to keep up a health regime. If you don't pay attention to your diet, then think about how to eradicate any bad habits you have developed. Join a cookery class or study a cook book to improve your dietary skills and straightaway demonstrate your sociability. New acquaintances are permanent.

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