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You get on famously with everyone you meet and it appears you have more friends than ever. Your helpful and obliging nature encourages others to be ready to lend a hand and be especially keen to return your kindnesses. This is a good time to introduce yourself to a potential employer, or enter into important discussions, which ultimately turn out well.


You feel drawn to beautiful and luxurious things that are expensive. It could be that the most beautiful things in life are often those that are the simplest, and mostly come without an expensive price tag at all. Keep your eyes peeled for these treasures - the wonders of the world - youíre able to sense them and recognize their true worth more clearly than ever.


A long cherished wish is forcing itself into your consciousness and onto the agenda. You sense an inner pressure to invest all your energy in fulfilling this desire. Work out why this wish has suddenly become so strong, check if it's really about your wish, or if itís a result of what others expect. If itís the latter, itís time to work out your own desires.


You might become more aware of who your true friends are, since you receive help unexpectedly from them. Be generous in the way you reward them and with your thanks. Surprise them or present a gift to them in an original way. Youíre working especially well with others, which is not only advantageous to you, but also benefits them as well.


Interesting conversations and opinions openly exchanged provide significant stimulus for new projects. People in your personal life want to be near you and turn to you for advice. Your inquisitiveness leads to further invitations for you to take part in talks. Make thorough plans for your leisure time, otherwise you end up rushing from one place to another.


Passionate impulses are a good thing, since you react sensitively towards those you care about most and resolve any outstanding issues or render them totally unimportant. If single you may even flirt with or meet the love of your life. Physically youíre feeling in good shape and can improve your fitness and vitality - consider limits to avoid any injury.


Everything you work towards is likely to be positively received and youíre extremely satisfied with what you achieve. Similarly your relationship is extremely gratifying for you both. If single, you receive advances from people you find appealing and enjoy these but donít get too carried away, instead take up a recreational activity to use up excess energy.

You find work related issues easy to handle and using your alert and active mind you apply fresh impetus to projects that require concentrated team effort. You encounter very few obstacles in your personal life, whatever you choose to focus your attention on others are enthused by your innovative approach and appreciate the concerted effort you make.


Powers of perception increase the clarity and strength of your intellectual ability, youíre able to pursue goals without outside influences and create a clear vision of your future. An increased level of mental energy gives you added impetus to turn your visions into reality step by step. Recreational activities help you stay in balance, physically and mentally.


Don't think too much, instead imagine youíre stuck and you can only extricate yourself by making an energetic jump. As you do, momentous and enjoyable outcomes result. Other people prefer your warmth and understanding ways to a cool-headed approach and return this warmth. Be careful not to get engulfed by your overly passionate appetite for life.


Your intuition is strong, you're in a relaxed mood and have a good feel for any promising opportunities that arise and consider them carefully. Youíre ready to venture into unknown areas, for new experiences not previously considered. With new acquaintances your casual and playful way of dealing with complex situations makes you very appealing.


Your friends and colleagues enjoy your sociable manner and are more than happy to be of assistance to you if you feel it is needed. Your existing relationships have a particularly trusting and loving quality about them you find particularly stimulating and rewarding. Love apart, youíre able to enjoy the company of existing friends and win over new ones.

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