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Youíre a real social butterfly but have perhaps neglected one or two relationships recently, you need to reconnect with these people and get in touch. The chances of resolving a dispute among family or friends for once and for all are high. You experience a remarkable period of agreement and unity that has a moderating effect on any future developments.


One achievement follows another and youíre able to make an especially good impression when cooperating with others. You even impress outsiders with your sensitivity, leading to exciting opportunities you must consider whether to follow up on or not. Whatever you decide, donít be fearful, youíre in great shape to make the most of this promising time.


Even though success comes naturally you maintain your composure and down-to-earth approach. In this way you keep friendships and allow your loved ones to experience the joy of how warm hearted you are. You understand that any past conflicts are not important and they never actually were. Relaxation helps keep your well-being and composure intact.


Perfect conditions prevail to demonstrate your ability to comprehend difficult concepts in new ways. Your increased intellectual capacity helps you gain plenty of recognition for your efforts, both at work and at home. You learn a great deal, above all in the area of organization. Take note of the fact that interpersonal skills are also required for success.


Your thinking is clearer and offers a chance for you to extend your understanding into new areas, to broaden horizons and itís enjoyable too. Yet if youíre overly ambitious, unexpected pressures weaken motivation and hamper progress, making you feel unsettled and nervous. Counteract this by relaxing, by taking a walk, meditating or active recreation.


Anyone who hears what you have to say notices how good you are with words and is impressed enough to follow your lead, safe in the knowledge that you have the success of all concerned in mind. The power that you wield is not what motivates you, preferring to be popular and ensure a successful outcome for the team is far more appealing.


Full of energy and courage, you need not ask for better conditions to achieve your ambitions. Proceed with caution as you easily get side-tracked by intricate details that appear to be interesting and distract you. Approach things in a level-headed and sensible way and avoid taking too long to reach a successful outcome by concentrating on important tasks.

Full of good intentions, circumstances are ideal for any sort of activities involving your friends who find you especially pleasant company. Youíre making a good impression on almost everyone you meet, including your more influential acquaintances in your circle. If you want to talk over something with any one of them you can do so without hesitation.


Even if within your social circle, everything seems exceptionally good and appears to be easy-going, it is important you keep up your involvement. Retain connections with others, not only at work but in your personal life too. In future you may require the help and support of those closest to you and they remember only too well your past support for them.


You reach a highpoint that enables you to recognize connections and understand things you previously found difficult to reconcile. The surge of energy you experience is at times too much, perceived as negative stress or nervousness but is best used constructively in order to take a step nearer your goals. In any case, physical activity helps to calm your mind.


Your positive and pleasant way of handling people brings you support from unexpected sources you could not have anticipated getting or thought possible. Use this opportunity to let others know of your growing concerns regarding the issues most important to you, so you can make positive changes that are long-lasting for yourself and those around you.


Youíre friendly towards everyone. If you want to deepen your existing relationships by doing things together or make completely new friends, being with others satisfies you and helps you to get on. If you help others selflessly, they help you too. A particular conversation with somebody special is particularly rewarding and has a very positive outcome.

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