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A relaxed approach allows you to easily deal with any difference of opinion that occurs or resolve situations that are likely to test your patience. As circumstances improve, youíre able to turn your attention to more personal matters and spend some precious and rewarding time with friends and loved ones and consider your future options and outlook.


The people you meet enjoy your pleasantries and engaging conversation, you find it easy to accommodate the requests they make without compromising your own position in any way. Stay away from any potentially stressful situations, earmark some of your valuable time to spend quietly, collect your thoughts, make some ambitious plans for your future.


Resign yourself to being unusually anxious, donít speculate as to the reasons why, but accept the way you feel. Even the differences of opinion with friends, donít take them too seriously, if you say something inappropriate, apologize. People are only too eager to forgive you, because friends fundamentally realize that any moods pass as quickly as they come.


Youíre more than capable of dealing with people, you respond naturally to them in the most appropriate way you know, understanding their needs and requirements. It's not difficult for you to take on any sort of task youíre presented with. Partners notice how much energy you have available and propose a new joint venture which you do well in together.


Normally very outgoing and sociable, as a matter of course you push yourself forward at the expense of others and by doing so they rail against you. Concentrate on a common goal rather than on your own welfare, or if you see others as a hindrance or as competitors, go your own separate way. Be open about any decisions to rule out any misunderstandings.


Your strength of purpose and ability to carry out what you want is much stronger than usual. If you let yourself get too carried away this inevitably brings problems, donít fight against things you know are out of your own control. Instead develop a patient approach, things run more smoothly and small difficulties don't lead to such negative consequences.


Even though youíre a well-balanced person you notice your feelings fluctuate a great deal. Don't be too upset by mood swings, make the most of any positive feelings when something turns out well and let others share in your pleasure. If things donít go too well, itís best to stay out of peopleís way and find a quiet place to think over over just how you feel.

Youíre feeling really good and don't particularly know the reason why but approach things in a relaxed and carefree way. Sensing somehow youíre able to tackle anything, your optimism seems justified, everything you do is successful. Keep both feet on the ground and don't risk taking on too much, you donít know how long your luck is going to last.


Out of sorts and prone to being easily disheartened or something of that ilk, you don't feel in particularly good shape. Do anything you can to improve the way you feel, maybe by taking a break and ridding yourself of as much stress as possible. Get home early, prepare yourself a good meal, preferably with friends or family, to regain your composure.


Youíre able to relax more, any infighting is over and you no longer feel on the offensive. Other people are drawn to you as increasingly the inner calm you feel helps improve and further develop your personal relationships. Make sure you don't expend too much energy on recreational activities, concentrate on the fun aspect rather than hard physical work.


In demand, you share many interesting activities with friends and also have the opportunity to make new acquaintances by utilizing your appealing, sensitive approach to help gain the trust of others. Look after your fitness and well-being, build up reserves of energy necessary, to stand you in good stead for more challenging events that remain ahead of you.


Acutely aware of your own needs, this certainty helps you appreciate what's important, enabling you to really focus on turning long-term dreams into reality on the home front as well as at work. Longing for an active social life, donít take on too much, instead cultivate an approach to your friendships youíre more able to cope with, do things in moderation.

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