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Amazing things are going through your mind, ambitious ideas, plans for personal activities with friends or a desire for self-improvement - try to do as much as possible and use your unlimited energy to the best of your abilities. Your mind needs to rest too, or it might short circuit, give it a rest during a walk or exercise with some light recreational activity.


Youíre unlikely to get bored, people are eager to engage in conversation and youíre as keen to speak with them and do so in an open and frank way. Livelier, more enthusiastic about understanding exactly what's going on around you than normal, you make an effort to be as helpful as you can with others, to bring about results that are particularly promising.


You approach people in a natural way, get involved in prolonged conversations that turn out to be very beneficial in helping you develop your ideas further and new strategies surface youíre able to follow up later. Your openness and honesty is appreciated, you make others feel extra special and generate a lot of goodwill for yourself in the process.


Get together with friends, if possible do something beneficial for the welfare of others. People you contact find what youíre doing extremely commendable and automatically join in the tremendous effort youíre capable of making. Any helpful group you assemble responds well to bring about the changes everybody wants to see actually become a reality.


Youíre exceptionally sharp and seem to have the right instincts for good decision making. With a confident approach to difficult problems, the chances are you solve them, or at least find a way to live with them. Get these problem-solving strategies down on paper as clearly structured notes are extremely helpful later, when everything doesn't seem so clear.


An ideal negotiating partner, you always have the upper hand during disputes and adopt the correct approach both at work and your personal life, but you must let others have their say too. Then they feel youíre always fair and objective. Plenty of physical exercise helps you counterbalance mental activity. A long walk or jogging session works wonders.


Mentally youíre sharp, you take on ambitious projects and need to make the most of any opportunities, but donít forget both sides need to see themselves as winners. Itís easy to advance your ideas and make arrangements. In your personal relationships, think over and reconsider your goals and visions. Let tension go, possibly practicing yoga or meditating.

Donít be surprised when friends and relations get in touch with requests, questions or just want to talk. Youíre more than capable of responding in a sensitive and caring way. The same is true of your personal relationship, you really appreciate each other, the intimacy and enjoyment you share is seldom as pleasurable, something to be envied by all.


Reliant on an especially clear mind for your decision making that enables you to focus your full attention on important choices and concentrate on any tough problems you face. Fortunately the chances are that you find practical solutions. Focus on personal issues, inform the people you trust the most of your plans and receive invaluable advice they offer.


Your dealings with others are especially easy and any potential disagreements avoided when you act together as a team. You succeed in putting forward your ideas and convince others of the validity of the position you adopt. Importantly you need to build trust, so others are aware theyíre able to always rely on you when any difficulties need addressing.


With a heavy workload to cope with, don't throw yourself into it without planning your strategy first, work out how to manage the things you have to do calmly and sensibly. Your efforts are rewarded and other people become a valuable source of inspiration. Don't be afraid to talk to them, you get valuable ideas which ultimately complement your own.


Your friends and those close to you appreciate the care you take and your good humor. These characteristics make you popular especially in times of stress, but don't get too caught up in the demands of others. You must politely refuse to get too involved when necessary. Then you have more time to evaluate your life and take your own needs seriously.

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