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Feeling very affectionate you are totally relaxed and composed in matters of the heart. Ultimately the openness and understanding that you have is very satisfying and rewarding for both you and your partner. Having plenty of ideas, even if single, you enjoy ever increasing popularity amongst your friends, who find your resourcefulness exhilarating.


Sensing yourself and your feelings more clearly, you better assess your frame of mind and what youíre capable of. Be open and show your feelings to others so they see exactly where they stand with you. Youíre able to open the door to your heart, make wonderful new friends, who deeply influence you, itís conceivable that you meet the love of your life.


The relationships within your close circle of friends deepen and lead to some unforgettable experiences. Especially in your most important relationships where youíre more closely bound, very positive processes built up over time come to fruition with incredible swiftness, cementing relationships even more. Accept everyone as they are, let the energy flow.


Relating positively to people is particularly straight forward, everyone seems to be drawn towards you and previously unknown contacts surface that have a positive effect on your future. Make sure you show genuine appreciation of the recognition they provide and don't just appreciate them for their usefulness alone but value their worth as people too.


Your path to success is blocked, even though previously even with your original approach, you were always on the right track and made good progress. With too many obstacles in your way itís necessary to re-evaluate the situation and look at new possibilities. Change your approach and focus on the main task, then you are much closer to reaching your goal.


Everything is accomplished with ease, the effort you have previously put in pays off. Everyone youíre involved with appreciates what youíve done and benefits from the outcome. Being acknowledged gives you confidence to expand your sphere of influence and together with your positive attitude effortlessly wins people over to support your cause.


Your organizational skills are in demand, you utilize peopleís ideas and accomplish a lot that has a positive effect on your self-confidence. With such a helpful approach youíre able to bring different personalities together. Being as fit and preoccupied with others health as you are, don't forget to make improvements to your own healthy lifestyle habits too.

Tackle long-planned projects and get them underway, you possess the confidence to attempt something different. As a result, you bring about much needed changes in your career, your physical well-being and in your love life. Your new attitude is noticed and the boldness you display positively supported by others, be sure to keep both feet on the ground.


Although tempting, don't take on too much, concentrate instead on those matters most important to you. Otherwise you run the risk of being overwhelmed. If you do decide to tackle something new, be open and invite others to help you. Success is likely if you focus your energies and do not let yourself be side-tracked by problems that arenít your concern.


Incorporating a good exercise regime, youíre able to benefit from the additional energy you possess and draw on this extra energy to improve other aspects of your life. Goal-oriented, you strive creatively on long-term projects that result in praise for your hard work and the realization that youíre more than capable of achieving your well-deserved success.


Be bolder, share the hopes and desires you have with others. You receive a lot of positive reactions which give you additional motivation to make your dreams a reality. You quickly attract further support, even in the workplace others readily listen to your ideas. Don't be dismissive of advice and criticism, they may complement and improve your plans.


Feeling self-assured and composed, even if your life is usually more hectic and stressful, you now have room to breathe. But if you usually enjoy a fairly peaceful life anyway, this is also a good time for you to contemplate things, appreciate relationships with friends and acquaintances or take advantage of opportunities that arise when you mix with others.

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