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Interesting conversations and opinions openly exchanged provide significant stimulus for new projects. People in your personal life want to be near you and turn to you for advice. Your inquisitiveness leads to further invitations for you to take part in talks. Make thorough plans for your leisure time, otherwise you end up rushing from one place to another.


An alert mind allows you to comprehend things which otherwise might not be so obvious. Others react in a constructive way to suggestions you make and if you really want to, help you to transform your working environment as well as your personal life. This is especially true concerning fitness issues, too hectic a lifestyle isnít good for your long term health.


Your mind is alert, whether learning something new, reorganizing aspects of your life or applying your skills, you give a good account of yourself. Devote some of your excess energy to leisure time, make use of your optimistic outlook and organize events with friends or plan a visit to the swimming pool, burn off any excess energy and improve your health.


Having a wide circle of friends can be a great boon. You find it easy to bring cheer to others, youíre a ray of sunshine, even more so than usual. Use your positivity to be as helpful and accommodating to people who are less fortunate than you. When you break down barriers, interesting relationship develop into something more promising and worthwhile.


An alert mind helps you perceive your world in a totally new way. You gain insight into many things which formerly were concealed. Share the product of your increased awareness with others, this enriches both your work and personal activities. Take time to look after your health, an increased level of perception helps you easily recognize bad habits.


You are so happy and self-confident that others approach you and ask you for help and advice. Since you feel you can do anything, you take on all kinds of problems and requests. The smiling faces and thanks you receive from others are your biggest reward. You feel you have made the world a little bit better - the attitude you have really makes that true.


As if by magic youíre attracted to everything new, making new discoveries or maybe you start a completely new project or yearn for knowledge. Stay alert and talk to other people, listen to what they have to say, perhaps you discover links between things or people you never thought possible or they add another piece to the puzzle you can use in the future.

Activities undertaken in your free time are enjoyable and pleasurable. You get on particularly well with the people you meet and are able to put them at ease without difficulty. The people youíre fond of most show you a lot of respect and admiration allowing your relationships to flourish and the most intimate ones in particular to become more passionate.


Looking forward, your outlook is characterized by being a lot less stressful than before, allowing you to enjoy a much needed and welcome break from such hectic times. Use this peaceful period constructively to recover and make sure you spend the time necessary to develop your goal setting strategies for both your short and long term future plans.


Tensions you have been aware of ease after much confusion, uncertainty and some emotional outbursts, they eventually give way to and are replaced by a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. All doubts and misgivings get fully resolved, a quiet stress-free atmosphere returns, finally making way for activities to agreeably continue much as they did before.


Itís difficult for anyone to dupe or deceive you. Youíre far more guarded than usual and others are unlikely to gain the upper hand in any form of dialogue you engage in. In the most sensitive conversations, the clear explanation of your position is appreciated and the chance of an amicable compromise is apparent, even if agreement is rather drawn out.


Your happy-go-lucky mood is infectious and ideal for connecting with the friends or those you are closest to. Make the most of the way you are feeling, the experiences you engender in those around you strengthen the bonds between you. The joy you bring is something you can be proud of and provides unforgettable moments you cherish in the future.

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