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Youíre able keep track of the things that matter, managing to take control and concentrate on what's really important to you. Such an optimistic approach positively affects your personal life, helping you to resolve any potential problems you have to deal with and uncover the true significance of your relationships and exactly the direction they are heading.


Others understand that you donít want to take on any more responsibilities and in fact need time to yourself to gain a fresh perspective and determine exactly what your true feelings are. Once you feel more refreshed and have taken the opportunity to regain your composure you have an innate ability to interact and chat with others in a constructive way.


You have the energy and stamina needed to start projects you only dreamed of. Don't shrink from formalities or long-term projects; your energy makes everything seem like child's play. However, do guard against becoming too big-headed, otherwise circumstances may quickly turn into seriously hard work which you might not be able to cope with.


Youíre acutely aware of your feelings, unperturbed youíre more in touch with your emotional state, your thoughts are relaxed and calm. Relationships with others are constructive - you willingly make acquaintances and relate well with anyone who you happen to come across. Look after your fitness otherwise your wellbeing can be adversely affected.


Much quicker on the uptake than usual, you recognize connections and effortlessly formulate your thoughts in a clear and logical way to those concerned, with accompanying inspirational flashes of genius. Subsequent meetings and talks turn out to be productive, satisfy everyone's expectations and help bring events to their successful intended conclusion.


This period is characterized by your undeniable composure and self-assurance in the way you deal with others. People who previously had unfriendly feelings towards you react positively and it is easy to forget old grudges and overcome any previous resentments. You find everyone is happier when hostilities are finally forgotten and consigned to the past.


You make important connections, significant and decisive steps forward, adding to a detailed understanding of your situation. Your awareness is strong and youíre inspired by a variety of sources. Take every opportunity to exchange ideas, to develop them further. You never know how and when you get the critical piece of information that you need.

You cope with whatever situation youíre presented with in an open and responsive way. Itís easy for you to enjoy the company of your friends and family, to cement relationship ties with those you care about most. You feel in good physical shape, take up a recreational activity, if this isnít your thing, rest and relaxation is just as beneficial for health.


Mentally youíre sharp, you take on ambitious projects and need to make the most of any opportunities, but donít forget both sides need to see themselves as winners. Itís easy to advance your ideas and make arrangements. In your personal relationships, think over and reconsider your goals and visions. Let tension go, possibly practicing yoga or meditating.


Itís probable that any franticly put together plans have to be discarded and if this is the situation you have to improvise, don't be intractable see it as an opportunity to show how flexible you are. Especially in your personal life, unexpected changes have positive effects and are a source of inspiration, as far as your health is concerned be open to anything new.


Take on as much as you possibly can, with so much going for you, itís easy to achieve a great deal with a minimum of effort on your part. In your personal life, seek out the company of those closest to you and enjoy the pleasant feelings of warmth you can share. If single, making the most the warm feelings you display, make it easy to meet new people.


You tackle obstacles you previously thought impossible to overcome. You make the most of any opportunities and challenge yourself to take on new tasks. People you encounter are open and friendly and when you respond in the same way there is a positive outcome with new horizons for you to explore that ultimately turn out to be extremely rewarding.

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