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Brace yourself for the unexpected, pleasant surprises are extremely possible. Above all your partner has something special in store for you. However, don't expect too much and be thankful for whatever you receive. Your friends react positively towards you. In particular, potential partners appreciate you and are easily captivated by the way you behave.


You learn to appreciate the positive signals you get from your surroundings and feel rejuvenated when you begin projects which involve your imagination. Your natural authority means more than ever, youíre able to be of help to others. Itís important you donít behave in a superior way, but instead give your support so everyone can be a winner.


Even if within your social circle, everything seems exceptionally good and appears to be easy-going, it is important you keep up your involvement. Retain connections with others, not only at work but in your personal life too. In future you may require the help and support of those closest to you and they remember only too well your past support for them.


People you know are encouraging and supportive, with this team of helpers youíre able to take on difficult challenges that eventually assist you in accomplishing your ultimate ambition. The vibrant dynamic that develops between you and your associates, help you overcome the most demanding and difficult of tasks, to bring lasting achievement and success.


People you meet find are fascinated by you. You may meet your dream partner, or end up spending time with them or alternatively meet some interesting new people, which could eventually cause you to question your current network of friends. You could easily give into your feelings, without considering the consequences that such an action would bring.


Youíre able to express your creative impulses, giving free rein to your creativity you discover a new facet of yourself. It could be in the form of a new project, with which you can amaze your colleagues at work, or you might persuade your friends to start a new hobby or become involved in some form of group activity and you can have fun together doing it.


You perceive beauty in all you see, everything seems like a valuable work of art. Youíre full of wonder at the beauty of everyday objects and find pleasure in agreeable interaction with others. Get creative and produce something of beauty yourself. If you thought of yourself as untalented, try your luck and youíre surprised at how imaginative you are.

Those close to you appreciate that youíre so full of the joys of living and enjoy being with you all the more because of it. You create a convivial atmosphere everyone can enjoy, especially in your personal relationship the affection you show is reciprocated. Your physical well-being is boosted by sensible eating and exercise involving good co-ordination.


Youíre particularly attractive to those you meet, but this doesn't bode well if, as much as you feel like doing so, you flirt in inappropriate places. Singles should limit your search for new people to their leisure time, the right person could be just around the corner. If living with a partner, their needs should come first, show them there is no reason to be jealous.


Full of energy, youíre able to deal with important issues. Your clear thinking helps you successfully bring a certain situation to a close. Even in your personal life, concerns you have are made much clearer, youíre able to face up to any difficulties you previously avoided and consequently receive a positive response to how easily you handle everything.


Your readiness to talk strengthens your personal relationships, helping to cement and develop the interaction you enjoy between you. Enjoying chats with colleagues is a good thing just as long as you don't neglect tasks you have and fall out with the wrong people. Use your time constructively; keep on good terms with the people who are important to you.


Your ability to make plans and the social skills you display are unusually strong. You must use this to take control of things. You can be successful both in and out of work, even in your personal life your warm outlook brings you many admirers. People are highly appreciative and treat you with affection, think about returning some of this to them.

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