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Alert to all possibilities no-one gets the better of you, instead they appreciate your quick-wittedness and want to talk to you. The suggestions you come up and the competence youíre able to demonstrate assists them in dealing with any difficulties they face. Your drive is what counts now, so with no excuse direct your energy into recreational activities.


Your positive mood helps create promising circumstances and you make progress, either through your own efforts or by good fortune alone. Retain a sense of modesty in case others become envious. Such an optimistic approach helps you feel confident, which is a turn on others find attractive. Your enthusiasm keeps the fun factor going, don't overdo it.


You gain insight into many new issues and make progress as a result. Use any opportunities you get to exchange ideas. Suggestions provide a variety of sources of inspiration; your partner provides you with ideas to make your relationship more stimulating, or a friend suggests something to broaden your mind. What is offered is worthwhile and beneficial.


Full of good ideas and ingenious concepts, is certainly a consequence of the positive way you feel. Instead of letting yourself be overwhelmed by ideas, just concentrate on one and keep the others for later. This benefits you outside of your work too. Your inventiveness proves attractive, leading to conversations which enrich your ideas even further.


When dealing with important matters be considerate towards your partner or rival, then very little or nothing goes wrong and both sides benefit from the understanding that results. Improve your interactive skills if you want to give new impetus to relationships, get to know new people or have a quiet evening, your newfound relaxed style assists you.


You want to be with others and take part in activities with them, or organize something and enjoy the feeling you get of togetherness. You might be keen to make new friends and don't have to wait too long, because others find the way you behave captivating. Enjoy the attention you receive and let yourself be stimulated and inspired by the people you meet.


You feel self-assured and confident, many aspects of your personal life run smoothly and the friendships that maintain your good mood are important to you. Given the added responsibility of important tasks occupying more of your time, itís important for you to avoid any neglect of your partner, they contribute much to your overall welfare and happiness.

Your openly friendly approach is a great help to you and especially when youíre working with others, is of benefit to you in cementing relationships and encouraging them to be supportive of your aims. Because everybody takes notice of your kindness and goodwill this makes you particularly popular and appreciated especially by people you care for most.


Much quicker on the uptake than usual, you recognize connections and effortlessly formulate your thoughts in a clear and logical way to those concerned, with accompanying inspirational flashes of genius. Subsequent meetings and talks turn out to be productive, satisfy everyone's expectations and help bring events to their successful intended conclusion.


You confidently take on challenges, youíre particularly lucky in finding ways to overcome obstacles in your way. Appearing more sociable youíre appreciated by those you meet and could be preferred over someone else for no obvious reason. Be careful, the envy and jealousy this creates can destroy any good-will you have previously enjoyed.


Your positive attitude to life is infectious, you create an agreeable atmosphere thatís enjoyed by everybody and used to mutual advantage. Youíre able to smooth over any emotional concerns within your relationships with the added benefit of creating a solid foundation, which enables you to confidently face any challenges youíre likely to encounter in future.


The hectic pace of recent events slows down and provides you with a good opportunity to improve your relationships. Your relaxed manner makes you popular and potential partners react positively towards you. Physically you feel even stronger and are able to take part in new recreational activities and importantly spend time with like-minded people.

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