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You long for a "breath of fresh air" to liven things up. It's best to start by doing simple things that donít place too many demands on yourself, otherwise you end up taking on more than you can handle, rather than making improvements to your daily routine. Generally you appear restless, don't overstep the mark and end up doing something you later regret.


You cooperate with people, others are drawn towards the positive things you have to say and you find having such an optimistic outlook has the effect of cementing your friendships and making them even stronger than before. Possessing such positive energy helps you meet people and if youíre already attached you get on especially well with your partner.


You make full use of your predominantly good mood. The pleasant atmosphere created is especially beneficial for projects you're involved in. Be sure to arrange your schedule of activities in order to take advantage of the all this positive energy. Any disagreements or differences of opinion can be put to use finding solutions that help everybody.


Dominated by positive feelings of love and good-will, any meetings you have, whether to do with work or personal matters turn out to be satisfying and good-natured. The warmth you show towards the people you meet, as well as those you love and care about most is warmly reciprocated and they feel positively influenced by your very agreeable mood.


Your openness has the desired effect - you are sensitive and responsive making friends easily. You generally feel quite optimistic, confident and keen to get involved, to know more people. Among these new relationships are those that involve romantic possibilities. If you donít have a partner already, then something new could well be on the horizon.


Even though you feel particularly sensitive, donít over-analyze the things people say. In the scheme of things however, your sensitivity helps you positively influence matters. Women really appreciate your emotional sincerity and the intelligent conversations they have with you. Pay attention to physical warning signals and avoid too much stress.


In demand, you share many interesting activities with friends and also have the opportunity to make new acquaintances by utilizing your appealing, sensitive approach to help gain the trust of others. Look after your fitness and well-being, build up reserves of energy necessary, to stand you in good stead for more challenging events that remain ahead of you.

One achievement follows another and youíre able to make an especially good impression when cooperating with others. You even impress outsiders with your sensitivity, leading to exciting opportunities you must consider whether to follow up on or not. Whatever you decide, donít be fearful, youíre in great shape to make the most of this promising time.


Your capacity for solving complicated problems is in demand. You have a talent for getting to the bottom of things and readily make use of your instinctive abilities. Some questions are best dealt with intuitively rather than with a protracted debate, but don't go too far, even if you feel a need to make drastic changes in your personal life, make them carefully.


You display an air of confidence and composure. People are willing to go along with what you say and it is easy for you to resolve any problematic issues as they arise. This is a period when you try your hand at something new. Youíre likely to be pleasantly surprised at the outcome and enjoy having a new experience that is a forerunner to your future success.


Donít be too fearful of your emotions, even if you feel overwhelmed by the experiences they bring about and are left feeling rather fragile. Examine these feelings and accept them - only then are you able to enjoy what is happening. Carefully look at whether long-held needs you have result from your own wishes or from the expectations of others.


Anyone who hears what you have to say notices how good you are with words and is impressed enough to follow your lead, safe in the knowledge that you have the success of all concerned in mind. The power that you wield is not what motivates you, preferring to be popular and ensure a successful outcome for the team is far more appealing.

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