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Plans are ready to be put into action, don't delay any longer, help is available to you from a number of sources. React openly to constructive criticism, it is only meant to help you. Do something for your body, pay particular attention to your diet and develop your fitness with some regular recreational activity. In this way youíre able to overcome stress.


You recapture a fresh perspective in order to bring together all of your contrasting interests. Whether it's to do with your working environment, family, closest friends or love relationship interest - you accommodate them clearly, in measured ways. Donít neglect your own needs, relax a little and take time for yourself and care of your body by eating correctly.


Full of energy, youíre able to deal with important issues. Your clear thinking helps you successfully bring a certain situation to a close. Even in your personal life, concerns you have are made much clearer, youíre able to face up to any difficulties you previously avoided and consequently receive a positive response to how easily you handle everything.


Adopting the right approach you make headway resolving outstanding issues, the worst thing you can do is to dither and cause unnecessary delay. If youíre single make a first move towards cementing friendship, don't be shy about showing your feelings, honesty brings desired results. If you are looking for a change of job, turn your thoughts into action.


Your ability to make plans and the social skills you display are unusually strong. You must use this to take control of things. You can be successful both in and out of work, even in your personal life your warm outlook brings you many admirers. People are highly appreciative and treat you with affection, think about returning some of this to them.


Youíre full of energy, use it to go out with friends, visit someone or try something new. Youíre convincing, full of ideas and people are attracted to your concepts and take up offers to be involved in your projects which they find realistic and well organized. Remember to let others have their say and don't think every exchange of ideas has to be a competition.


You learn to appreciate the positive signals you get from your surroundings and feel rejuvenated when you begin projects which involve your imagination. Your natural authority means more than ever, youíre able to be of help to others. Itís important you donít behave in a superior way, but instead give your support so everyone can be a winner.

Refrain from involvement in any strenuous tasks, instead you must allow yourself the time to give free rein to your thoughts and most importantly, your feelings. Something completely new has a dramatic effect on your circumstances is waiting to be discovered and capable of being the catalyst that eventually brings about dramatic changes to your life.


People you know are encouraging and supportive, with this team of helpers youíre able to take on difficult challenges that eventually assist you in accomplishing your ultimate ambition. The vibrant dynamic that develops between you and your associates, help you overcome the most demanding and difficult of tasks, to bring lasting achievement and success.


Focusing in a concentrated way helps put into perspective everything youíre now trying to achieve. Your powers of reasoning work like clockwork and you recognize what is important in your life. Later when the outlook is not so conducive this exercise stands you in good stead, you know what you consider valuable and what you can do without.


Youíre full of energy and enthusiasm. No wonder everything you take on succeeds so quickly and efficiently. The admiration of those around you is clear to see and boosts your self-confidence. Be careful you donít overreach yourself by being too arrogant or by too much reworking, otherwise this apparent good luck can just as easily turn to misfortune.


Whatever you do, you do it in a relaxed way enjoying every minute and it doesn't seem like work at all! Other people want to be around you to share in your enthusiasm, you're fun to be with and help them forget everyday worries with your easy-going attitude. You also find their company pleasant and enjoyable too, because they make you feel special.

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