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Guard against the perils of extravagance and overindulgence in any way you can. Your current fantasies are unlikely to be fulfilled, theyíre just excessively optimistic. Try not to feel so dissatisfied with your circumstances and be as realistic as possible, instead of needlessly having such impractical feelings and yearnings that ultimately donít make you happy.


The people you talk to are particularly obliging and any social occasion provides you and everybody who is there with a wonderful experience, enabling you to enjoy a very convivial atmosphere in pleasant company of friends. In such a relaxed atmosphere the chances are that you make new friends. It is also possible for you to renew old friendships.


You have differences with your friends. Before you worry too much, bear in mind the extent of the differences. Itís only a bit of a squabble that cannot threaten a solid friendship. Don't take it too seriously but do say youíre sorry if you said something that you now regret. When those affected understand that you regret what you said, they can forgive you.


Youíre upbeat and lively, the friendly cheerful manner you exhibit appeals to people you meet and they respond in the positive way you would expect. You may well make exciting new acquaintances who find you totally fascinating to be with, they demand your full attention. Follow your feelings and don't think too much about the consequences that result.


You feel best, at your strongest, when amongst others. Perhaps in participating with friends as much as you do you find these experiences enriching and good for consolidating your connections; or youíre simply stimulated by your working environment and are able to take on difficult tasks with a team. Use these group dynamics to take another step forward.


You interact easily with others, even those you work with are receptive to any ideas you put forward regarding your professional future. This trend continues in your personal life. Even though you have fun meeting new friends donít forget existing ones. All this benefits your well-being. However, you could do with some activity on the fitness front.


Conserve your energy if you can, in attempting too much you can undermine your well-being. Spend some time with those you care about most, share your hopes, dreams and aspirations that seem to preoccupy you so much. If you donít divulge how you feel and be open towards those you love they get frustrated that you have no time to spend with them.

Don't be surprised if your partner pays you compliments for no apparent reason or if you are single you get far more attention than you would normally expect. Others find you more captivating and alluring than ever and this enables you to flirt outrageously. Your instincts are strong, youíre drawn towards opportunities which ultimately result in success.


You tend to be nervous and make others restless too, as a result they find it difficult to deal with you and you become increasingly more disgruntled. Accept that you have responsibilities to live up to that need to be approached calmly, with composure, making sure you donít upset those closest to you and at the same time donít cause needless arguments.


If you think everything is going to be given you, you're wrong. On the contrary, you need to be careful if someone makes you an offer that is too good to be true. Even if you find it difficult to say no, you must do so, if a lot is at stake. Otherwise you can end up far worse off than before and suffer ridicule from your friends because of your gullibility.


Others regard you as demanding and rather cheeky. Keep the right balance and think about your demands. Donít take criticism of your conduct personally. Compared to your friends youíre finicky and pay far too much attention to rather irrelevant, trivial matters. This can make you very unpopular, be more laid-back and don't take petty issues so seriously.


Activities undertaken in your free time are enjoyable and pleasurable. You get on particularly well with the people you meet and are able to put them at ease without difficulty. The people youíre fond of most show you a lot of respect and admiration allowing your relationships to flourish and the most intimate ones in particular to become more passionate.

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