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You balance your own wishes with the needs of others and therefore make interacting with them a more pleasurable experience. With such an accommodating manner, youíre especially good at putting friends or partners at ease even if theyíre feeling tense or unduly stressed. However, avoid any physical assistance, you may cause unnecessary pressures!


The people you meet enjoy your pleasantries and engaging conversation, you find it easy to accommodate the requests they make without compromising your own position in any way. Stay away from any potentially stressful situations, earmark some of your valuable time to spend quietly, collect your thoughts, make some ambitious plans for your future.


Making plans for the future, you adopt a position that increases the strengthening of family ties, your relations happily accept this and support you firmly in your plans. The consolidation of personal relationships continues in your love life. You get really close to a certain someone, and a long-lasting bond results from the well-meaning advances you make.


Youíre more than capable of dealing with people, you respond naturally to them in the most appropriate way you know, understanding their needs and requirements. It's not difficult for you to take on any sort of task youíre presented with. Partners notice how much energy you have available and propose a new joint venture which you do well in together.


Brace yourself for the unexpected, pleasant surprises are extremely possible. Above all your partner has something special in store for you. However, don't expect too much and be thankful for whatever you receive. Your friends react positively towards you. In particular, potential partners appreciate you and are easily captivated by the way you behave.


Collaborate with your colleagues, friends or family, if you want to achieve something worthwhile regarding your future. You need to take full advantage of every opportunity offered whilst youíre able to, donít let them pass without making a concerted effort. Otherwise unfinished business returns to haunt you when conditions arenít always quite so favorable.


Relying on your sound common sense you remain in control of your decision-making, whilst considering which actions are most appropriate for you take. Examining the true specifics of the matter at hand, sometimes you find that the actual facts or figures cover up more than they reveal, ultimately your choice is intuitive and reinforced by your gut instinct.

Youíre feeling really good and don't particularly know the reason why but approach things in a relaxed and carefree way. Sensing somehow youíre able to tackle anything, your optimism seems justified, everything you do is successful. Keep both feet on the ground and don't risk taking on too much, you donít know how long your luck is going to last.


Your relations with others run smoothly and are especially amicable. Your relaxed and easy manner in approaching and talking to people is infectious and brings you admirers. Take full advantage, prolong existing business or personal talks. Everyone benefits from your good mood, making any discussions a worthwhile and extremely enjoyable experience.


Youíre able to relax more, any infighting is over and you no longer feel on the offensive. Other people are drawn to you as increasingly the inner calm you feel helps improve and further develop your personal relationships. Make sure you don't expend too much energy on recreational activities, concentrate on the fun aspect rather than hard physical work.


You take on the most problematic tasks with consummate ease. Admired and appreciated for your abilities as a team leader or someone who optimistically spurs others into action and provides the correct amount of stimulus for them to actively harness their dreams. In your personal life, your alert mind helps to resolve a problem you thought intractable.


Acutely aware of your own needs, this certainty helps you appreciate what's important, enabling you to really focus on turning long-term dreams into reality on the home front as well as at work. Longing for an active social life, donít take on too much, instead cultivate an approach to your friendships youíre more able to cope with, do things in moderation.

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