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A candlelit evening or breakfast in bed are pleasures not to be underestimated. Spending disproportionate amounts of money on luxury items does not always result in the corresponding amount of pleasure. A journey to the countryside helps you find exactly what you need, reminding you of whatís important in life and is also good for body and soul.


It's obvious why you're in a good mood; full of positive energy you make an impression on those people who play a major part in your life. This might be your boss, your partner or a relation. Itís also good for you to address matters that other times you find more difficult to handle. Take care not to physically overdo things, take a break now and then.


You find work related issues easy to handle and using your alert and active mind you apply fresh impetus to projects that require concentrated team effort. You encounter very few obstacles in your personal life, whatever you choose to focus your attention on others are enthused by your innovative approach and appreciate the concerted effort you make.


Although tempting, don't take on too much, concentrate instead on those matters most important to you. Otherwise you run the risk of being overwhelmed. If you do decide to tackle something new, be open and invite others to help you. Success is likely if you focus your energies and do not let yourself be side-tracked by problems that arenít your concern.


Don't think too much, instead imagine youíre stuck and you can only extricate yourself by making an energetic jump. As you do, momentous and enjoyable outcomes result. Other people prefer your warmth and understanding ways to a cool-headed approach and return this warmth. Be careful not to get engulfed by your overly passionate appetite for life.


You approach people with spring in your step and are happy to see them, with your open talkative mood youíre an ideal conversationalist, with friends turning to you for advice. Your reputation is enhanced, personal relationships flourish, with consequential benefits affecting your health and well-being which is further improved by taking more exercise.


Your ability to understand any situation is good and youíre able to undertake any sort of mental task. Equally, youíre communicating without any difficulty, possible negotiations or similar conversations turn out to be successful. You also find your general level of curiosity is heightened and youíre keen to acquire knowledge and learn as much as you can.

You rid yourself of any past problems, youíre able to deal with existing uncertainties or any unclear issues in your life. You provide yourself with a stable foundation for the future. You don't come up against any new obstacles, others show you respect and you take more seriously. What you sort out helps you later when circumstances arenít so advantageous.


Make the most of your personal relationship by spending a perfect time together with the person you love most of all. Take the opportunity to talk about any unresolved issues between you and help strengthen your relationship for the future. If single, when it comes to love luck is on your side, this is a great time to introduce yourself to somebody new.


The relationships within your close circle of friends deepen and lead to some unforgettable experiences. Especially in your most important relationships where youíre more closely bound, very positive processes built up over time come to fruition with incredible swiftness, cementing relationships even more. Accept everyone as they are, let the energy flow.


Your improved powers of concentration help you quickly resolve difficult issues. You have an impressive talent for presenting your point of view, and yet are still able to respect the opinions of others. Don't become too obsessive about every detail or overly worry too much about others. Instead clear your mind, find time to relax and enjoy long walks.


Your path to success is blocked, even though previously even with your original approach, you were always on the right track and made good progress. With too many obstacles in your way itís necessary to re-evaluate the situation and look at new possibilities. Change your approach and focus on the main task, then you are much closer to reaching your goal.

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