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Restless, under stress, youíre unable to discern the correct limits of the energy and capabilities that are available to you. You take no notice of, and pay very little attention to suggestions from friends and colleagues. You need to apply a great deal more care and discipline if you are to lessen chances of blazing rows occurring or being played out in public.


Your friends and your work colleagues find you irritating and are easily provoked by your attempts at being aggressive. All this stems from the inner turmoil you feel but don't be too disappointed if some things go wrong, instead put off big plans until you regain your equilibrium and trust in the positive influence of your partner or someone close to you.


Ideally suited for any joint venture others are attracted towards what you say and do. The qualities you possess are appreciated, especially your understanding of the situation and sympathetic approach to the task at hand. Make new friends or if youíre involved in a relationship, your charms are all too apparent for your partner to enjoy and admire.


Avoid reacting too impulsively, be prepared for the worst to happen and expect to encounter more problems when resolving outstanding difficulties. Donít be too disappointed at this apparent block to your progress, take responsibility for any subsequent mistakes that occur, otherwise your refusal only creates a bad atmosphere for those people involved.


Things are agreeable for you, but you begin to feel an inner restlessness when you stick to a certain routine for too long. Small changes you've been considering making for a long time are the perfect answer. All matters to do with love and feelings are positively influenced. If you are single youíre able to overcome any shyness and make contact with others.


You may well feel attracted to someone, regardless of whether they are available or not, this is a dangerous area to contemplate and unless you want to get yourself into trouble, do your best to avoid dwelling on this type of scenario. Depending on your character, you either have your thoughts under control or if not, deal with them as best as you can.


Youíre feeling totally at ease with yourself and your surroundings. Youíre able to make new discoveries and may experience something that affects you in a way that alters your life. Remain grounded and do not get too carried away with unrealistic plans, otherwise reality eventually brings about a rude awakening that totally disrupts your dreams.

You feel balanced and relaxed, your good mood is infectious and there isn't anything that is likely to get you down or prevent you from being in such a good mood. Approach others and develop your friendships further. Use this mood to strengthen existing relationships as well, or as a reason to get back in contact with people you have neglected recently.


It is difficult for you to make decisions and justify your actions. Especially in disagreements, youíre not in a position to state your point of view with any confidence. Avoid making matters worse, by accepting compromises which you donít normally make. Far better to put off conversations until youíre feeling able to deal with them in a more confident way.


Itís difficult to unwind and your restless behavior has a negative effect on the people around you. Don't take out your resentment on your loved ones, but try to overcome it. Pay some attention to your fitness and well-being, you feel tense, and rather anxious - a relaxing massage or long session in the sauna can work wonders and youíre your old self again.


Anything you do is a totally pleasant experience, nothing prevents the happiness you feel, and youíre able to approach any situation with a sense of fun and playfulness. Others value what you say, seeking advice from you, youíre surprised by your partnerís openness and gain a deeper understanding, that helps grow and improve your relationship with them.


Everything is getting too much, accept offers of help and jobs can be gradually be broken down into manageable tasks. Don't let personal conflicts get you down, even if confronted by the worst. Wait a while, sometimes the solution arrives due to changes in your circumstances. Donít ignore any physical symptoms you notice, deal with the root of the cause.

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