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You balance your own wishes with the needs of others and therefore make interacting with them a more pleasurable experience. With such an accommodating manner, youíre especially good at putting friends or partners at ease even if theyíre feeling tense or unduly stressed. However, avoid any physical assistance, you may cause unnecessary pressures!


Itís particularly difficult to explain why you feel so tense and restless. Avoid letting the way you feel needlessly affect the people around you and thereby cause even more tension and stress to develop. Spend some quiet time alone and think carefully about the things you need to accomplish, instead of being driven to make rash decisions and mistakes.


You long for change, new people and challenges. In reality your wishes are in stark contrast to what is possible for you to achieve. Unless you use your time sensibly by making some viable plans for the future, when you do attempt to turn wishes into reality you quickly run out of steam. Exercise helps regain your strength before putting plans into effect.


Donít be surprised if the simplest of conversations lead to misunderstandings. This isn't necessarily your fault, there's possibly something wrong, so try again later. Or indeed if it is your fault and you're being far too obstinate that people are forced to contradict you, rein in your ego somewhat, then others talk to you and respond in a more customary way.


Avoid spending time chasing after things that ultimately do not meet your needs. Youíre too inclined to behave brashly without considering all the implications in relation to the important people you value most in your personal life. You must realize youíre not able to force issues. It's a good to take a long walk in order to set realistically achievable goals.


You may well feel attracted to someone, regardless of whether they are available or not, this is a dangerous area to contemplate and unless you want to get yourself into trouble, do your best to avoid dwelling on this type of scenario. Depending on your character, you either have your thoughts under control or if not, deal with them as best as you can.


Everything seems easier and you achieve things you really thought were not possible before. You need to use this period constructively, dare to take on an exciting new project, perhaps one that previously you have not much relevant experience with. You discover talents and abilities you have are effective, that youíre able to use to your advantage.

Within your closest relationships there are tensions that arise. Try to avoid spending too much time with your partner as itís likely to lead to some rather serious differences of opinion between you. Allow each other plenty of space to attend to your own particular interests. What you have to say to each other afterwards improves the relationship between you.


People you meet find are fascinated by you. You may meet your dream partner, or end up spending time with them or alternatively meet some interesting new people, which could eventually cause you to question your current network of friends. You could easily give into your feelings, without considering the consequences that such an action would bring.


If involved in unfriendly discussions, keep a cool head, otherwise you endanger your career plans with careless words. Genuine patience is necessary, as needless confusion continues in your personal life, hold back and behave impartially, not in a biased or in any way hostile manner. Relieve the tension you feel with fun activities, let go of any aggression.


Youíre an invaluable team player, either by clearing up certain minor misunderstandings or by simply displaying such a degree of positivity. You find being involved with a group is very enriching and feel only shared success is real success. Your biggest reward is seeing other people happy. That's why you're especially generous and reap the benefits in full.


With the time you have at your disposal, itís almost impossible to do all the things you have promised to do. Slow down a little, otherwise you create even more work for others. Additionally in your personal relationships, your expectations are too high. Rethink any unrealistic ambitions and make your plans known if you want to avoid confusion or argument.

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