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You’re extremely provocative, even the slightest difference of opinion with others turns into a quarrel. In your personal life too, your friends don't like it when you continually criticize them. Hold back a little and refrain from your repeated opposition, don't press your point so blatantly. Instead unwind, relax by taking a long hot bath or by having a massage.


Your feelings are up and down, making you seem moody and irritable. You warm quickly to prospective partners, but this rapidly turns to cold indifference. Be far more considerate and thoughtful in the way you approach others and you avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Work out exactly what you want to achieve in your relationships long-term.


Your enthusiasm is noticeable. Use your persuasive ability to demonstrate to your partner how much you feel for them. Organize a special surprise to stimulate agreeable feelings between you. When you combine your laid back attitude and the organizational ability you possess, the overriding effect is to establish a wonderful feeling of stability between you.


You balance your own wishes with the needs of others and therefore make interacting with them a more pleasurable experience. With such an accommodating manner, you’re especially good at putting friends or partners at ease even if they’re feeling tense or unduly stressed. However, avoid any physical assistance, you may cause unnecessary pressures!


Your friends and your work colleagues find you irritating and are easily provoked by your attempts at being aggressive. All this stems from the inner turmoil you feel but don't be too disappointed if some things go wrong, instead put off big plans until you regain your equilibrium and trust in the positive influence of your partner or someone close to you.


You glow from within and feel on top form, you’re appreciated and if you have partner they reciprocate the affection you show. Use this time to do something unusual – that you’re likely to never forget. Even if single, you’re able to use your sensitive manner to assist others; empathy you feel has a stimulating effect on the people you care about most.


You’re more than capable of dealing with people, you respond naturally to them in the most appropriate way you know, understanding their needs and requirements. It's not difficult for you to take on any sort of task you’re presented with. Partners notice how much energy you have available and propose a new joint venture which you do well in together.

As you encounter others they are captivated by your charisma that’s apparent for everyone to see. Revel in the admiring glances you receive but be careful not to get too carried away, such self-admiration is not a very attractive trait or way to behave. Relax and enjoy the ride for what it is and remember the magic is lost when you try in any way to control it.


You’re more relaxed than usual, which is in part due to the fact that life is running smoothly and other people are particularly friendly towards you. It’s equally due to a healthy attitude that you have. Give more attention to your friends and make an effort develop new relationships. Importantly take advantage of opportunities when they arise.


Fully committed with plenty of energy available, your enthusiasm makes you feel more restless than you normally are. If you’re the type of person to make your feelings known, lighten up and take it easy and be sure not to exaggerate or overreact, as others find any unduly overbearing conduct, or loyalty and dedication to your cause difficult to tolerate.


Mutual goodwill is a decisive factor in helping you make an extremely good agreement which benefits everybody concerned. You’re able to demonstrate that you’re the right partner for such an agreement. How you achieve your part of the deal goes a long way to deciding whether you’re able to make similarly beneficial agreements in the future.


Your relations with others run smoothly and are especially amicable. Your relaxed and easy manner in approaching and talking to people is infectious and brings you admirers. Take full advantage, prolong existing business or personal talks. Everyone benefits from your good mood, making any discussions a worthwhile and extremely enjoyable experience.

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