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Some ailments heal themselves over time. We don't have to invest much in the way of effort and leaving them alone to sort themselves out sometimes proves effective. Some problems, on the other hand, don't possess the ability to heal themselves, no matter how long we leave them in the hope they will. This fact could become apparent this month as an issue you have chosen to disregard for reasons known best to yourself confirms it won't be resolved without intervention from you. It's time to face the issue that needs facing and put it right, once and for all.


Enthusiasm, we know, is infectious. When we're exuberant, we find others want to be part of our passion or energy. There are times though when we are oblivious to how passionate or energetic we become and this can be misinterpreted by others as us being heavy handed or forceful. Mars is bringing passion and energy to all areas of your world this month. This makes you prone to being more commanding, convincing, dynamic and forcible than what you and others are used to. Less effort might actually be required from you to get a result this month.


This month, the cosmos provides you with the equivalent of a 'cosmic cushion' in the form of Venus that will spend the second half of this month in your sign. Her presence will sweeten areas of your world where tension might exist. She will also have much to offer and improve where your romantic and financial prospects are concerned. The first evidence of Venusian influence you're likely to experience surrounds progression with a plan close to your heart that has been subject to much delays and uncertainty. As the month progresses, so too will you.


Coming weeks could see a situation go from 'push' to 'shove'. Where you have been gently steered a particular direction or toward a necessary decision, coming developments will bring a sense of urgency, followed by a noticeable increase of determination on your part. Progress you yearn to make or changes you have felt the need to ring but haven't because time hasn't felt right will experience tangible progress throughout April. As missing information finds its way to you, the end of the month could look very different than the start in more ways than one.


Since Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion and optimism has been retrograde in your sign since December, you have probably felt many times since the end of last year that you have been pushing on a door marked 'pull'. You have likely wondered why the investment of effort on your part has resulted time and time again in frustration and bewilderment at why what worked previously hasn't worked lately. As Jupiter awakens from its slumber this month, plans and aspirations that have been equally dormant start to become revived and so too will you.


Think of the last time you played Jenga. You know the game, players take turns removing a block at a time from a tower of blocks. Each extracted block is placed on top creating a taller but less stable tower. In a similar way and in an area of your world this month, you need to apply care to action taken in some way that has a knock-on effect to another area of your world. What you do in one affects the other. The sky insists nothing is about to come crashing down and provided you are careful and sensitive in ways you need to be, you can make real and pleasing progress.


Do you work best under pressure? Coming developments will likely answer that question. The interesting thing about Librans is the perception among many people, including astrological textbooks, that you require peace, stability and balance in your world at all times. In truth, you love and even encourage wherever possible a bit of chaos and it's what you choose to put in a state of disarray with a view to restoring it that will bring the greatest level of pressure and eventual delight. A solution might bring anxiety initially but that will be replaced with reassurance.

Somewhere in an area of your world, you took a risk recently. You invested levels of faith that might have been unprecedented and were surprised at what you achieved within finite timescales. So, what challenge are you setting for yourself in April? This could be much less involved in terms of effort but will require more in the way of courage. Action you need to take this month requires you to face a particular fact and invest effort in a way that will finally remove a fear or remedy tense or uncertain situation, once and for all. Again, you will succeed admirably.


When we feel a need to reduce our level of commitment to someone or something, we often believe we're selling someone short or compromising a consistent result we've achieved so far. As long as a desired result does happen, those we're committed to tend not to care how much effort we've given toward making it happen. The coming month is likely to see you focusing on how you can reduce levels of effort you're giving toward a commitment or obligation whilst still achieving something impressive and wonderful. The sky insists it is both possible and necessary.


Imagine being a child on a haunted house ride, terrified at the creepy and intimidating spectacles and seeing wires connected to The Mummy to make it move or the unintentional exposing of mechanics contained within Frankenstein that operate it. When we see what gives our fears life, they become much less fearful. Coming weeks could see you discovering what you have primed yourself for being unworthy of fear you have so far given toward it. As April progresses, a sense of vulnerability will become replaced with justified courage and confidence.


To bring harmony to a tense situation requires much in the way of courage, patience and willingness. When a tense situation involves others who are more preoccupied with defending themselves or their point of view than exploring what can be achieved through compromise or cooperation, such people tend to not take kindly to a mediator seen to be interfering if nothing else. Coming weeks bring an opportunity for you to lessen tension in ways that benefit you and certain others. First, you must see something they cannot. From there, progress can be made.


There will always be people who want to see us fail. They usually have numerous reasons why they want to see that happen. Two of the most popular reasons surround them being fearful that we might actually succeed with what they wish they could experience success with or they're afraid to do whatever it is we're doing themselves. Coming weeks could see you subjected to negative criticism. Some of it might even sound convincing or give the impression it is justified. Don't allow yourself to be distracted from something truly wonderful unfolding this month.

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