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You appear to have got 'the taste' for something. Perhaps, you embarked upon some kind of learning curve recently and found what you anticipated would be a steep learning curve was much more gradual. You've received proof of your abilities in some way and understandably want to take things up a notch or two. August offers a new level of learning curve but one you'll see as more of a 'welcome task' rather than a challenge. Expect, this month, to shine.


Speed limits in rural areas exist for good reasons. We might prefer driving at speeds allowed on major roads but accept enforced limits in a different environment. As much as you might have grown used to or comfortable with speed at which something is unfolding in an area of your world, coming weeks could require you to slow down in order to see clearly what's occurring. Don't see this as a need to lower an expectation. It's necessary to truly appreciate something you have.


Apparently, a boy doing his Latin homework as his father and business associates struggled to come up with a name for a new car they'd created suggested the word, 'Audi'. History is full of examples where someone piped up from the background to offer a brilliant solution. This month, you look set to do something similar. What you're suggesting might be obvious to you but a revelation to someone else. Where you might feel hesitant about speaking up, speak up!


'Anything is easy one we know how to do it.' During August, it would be helpful to recall those words as you embark upon a plan or learning curve. At an early stage, what you're expected to grasp or get your head around might not fill you with inspiration or enthusiasm. That could be due to lack of confidence. As your confidence increases steadily this month, you look set to excel at what you felt hesitant about. It will have become easier because you finally learned how to do it!


We all know the saying about putting money where our mouths are. People make claims and others want proof of the claim-maker's ability to back up what they're saying. Words tend to placate only to a point and, in an area of your world, you appear to have said as much as you ought to. Now, it's time to reinforce words with action. Don't be concerned about what you need to make happen. Your confidence and faith levels will leave others in no doubt or your abilities.


If you want opinions from others, then you probably won't have to work hard to seek or find them. It appears more than one person has fixed ideas about what's best for you. In truth, they might be one step behind you because your attitude or opinion to a situation or arrangement is altering. You're about to see it in a new light and one that might not fit initially with how others see it. Expect, during coming weeks, to pursue a plan with a new level of vigor and passion.


A question might exist in your mind or in the minds of certain others about your role or involvement in a situation or arrangement, Are you to be the peacemaker, mediator, dictator or judge? Maybe, you're willing to take on all such roles but your desire to bring balance to an area of your world needn't require you to go to lengths you believe are necessary. This month, you have strong, cosmic support to assist with bringing a new equilibrium to an old situation.

August puts you in a win/win situation but you might be focused too intently on what you believe to be lost to see how strong your position really is. Mars departs your sign and whilst you could see energy and passion levels diminish - compared to what they've been for much of this year - you're also about to lose an irritating source of tension or confrontation. What you're being offered is a well-deserved opportunity to relax where you might have grown used to bracing yourself.


In looking at your forecast, I'm reminded of a professional cleaning service arriving at a home where a wild, all-night party has been had. What's in a state of disarray or in need of improving is about to receive a no-nonsense approach to being sorted. Mars enters your sign. Saturn turns direct in your sign. Venus adds a delightful touch of warmth and color to your world. Prepare for change that brings promise of amazing opportunities and heartwarming developments.


At the end of March, Saturn commenced the backward illusion known as 'retrograde motion'. This month, it moves forward again. Recent months have allowed you to prepare for a moment of truth promised during August. A feeling of wading through treacle diminishing aside, Saturn's forward motion brings with it a chance to embark upon the fulfilment of a dream or cherished ambition. Time, patience and effort will be needed but August is a month you'll back on fondly.


Highlights of this month for you include your co-ruler, Saturn, turning direct after a four-month slumber and a Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse occurring in your sign. The month promises to be a volatile one so be on your guard for out-of-the-blue changes to the most carefully-laid plans. The cosmos promises though that any surprises will be the welcome variety and it's a plan that receives the green light to proceed that could make August a memorable and pivotal month.


August is about 'managing expectations'. Now upon reading those words, was your first reaction to lower one or two expectations? Did you interpret the words to mean failure or disappointment could be likely? If so, then fear not. Coming weeks will help to make clear what recipe is needed for success in a particular area and the good news is, you're not going to have to aim as high as you believed you would to make something truly special happen!

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