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We know, from experience, how wonderful hindsight can be. We also know frustration it can bring. It's easy to look back on past situations we found difficult or upsetting and identify instantly what we would have done differently and why. Yet, we forget how certain situations we're experiencing here and now will one day be looked upon similarly. October presents you with an opportunity to reflect upon a situation that confused, irritated or even hurt you. With the benefit of hindsight, you can apply knowledge gained to a repeat scenario and, this time, won't feel it got the better of you. You will know what to do when the time comes and succeed admirably.


Artists must, from time to time during the creation of masterpieces, stand back and assess them. This gives artists the chance to admire them, too. We can all get so close to what we're doing or so intently focused on what we're trying to achieve that we forget the need to distance ourselves in order to see precisely what we are creating and how closely it fits with what we want to be creating. With that in mind, October provides an essential opportunity for you to assess or take stock of where you are at with a particular, cherished goal or plan. Expect to feel a wave of relief followed very shortly by delight.


When you say the word 'jump', how many people ask 'how high?' Hopefully, your management skills don't involve such discourteous tactics but, through seeing a noticeable increase in your ability to influence others of late, you're likely to see how much control or, dare I say it, power you have available to you this month. Others will undoubtedly be looking to you for guidance. You possess knowledge, experience or both that put you in a strong position to influence an outcome and very much in your favor. To do this though, you need a few people on your side. Take the lead, calmly and confidently, and you'll soon discover how willing others are to follow.


If we plant a seed, provide it with all it needs to grow and then shout at it to start showing signs of growth, then all we achieve is making ourselves look a bit daft. Some processes will not be rushed and there's usually a good reason for this. If something is to change positively or permanently then realistic timescales need to be allowed for. You can shout as much as you like at the proverbial seed you've planted recently in the hope a result will materialize quickly but October is all about patience and timing. The plan you've set in motion hasn't been without thought or previous lessons applied to it. When the time comes to seize your opportunity this month, have faith that you will definitely recognize it.


If you're prepared to lay your cards on the table, then you'd like to know someone else is prepared to do the same. You're willing to be transparent in discussions yet can't help but think that certain others are withholding information or perhaps are willing to be economical with truth. During coming weeks, a situation that relies upon meaningful and truthful dialogue escalates. You and someone else appear to share a desire for progress yet both recognize that this can't happen unless honesty and truthfulness play more of a part than they are now. Allow truth to reveal itself. When this happens, there can be only one way a conversation can go.


When stuck in traffic, it can be frustrating to see a green traffic light in the distance knowing that others are benefiting from it long before we will. We can see evidence of progress yet know we must apply patience until such time the green light applies to us. In a similar way, a situation in your world shows every sign of moving forward in a way you wish it would yet, for more than one reason, you're unable to move forward in ways you wish you could. In October, this changes. The green light you've been waiting for is very much visible and, before the month is through, will apply to you. When it does, you will know the time is right to seize a long-awaited opportunity.


Someone once said 'he who hesitates is lost'. We've all experienced times when we've been glad took a moment to hesitate before taking action. Yet, we know other times when we failed to seize a fleeting opportunity we ended up wishing we had. People born under your sign tend to know a thing or two about the need to weigh up decisions. This innate skill could come in handy during coming weeks. Time is fast approaching where an instinctive decision is going to be required. Time might not be on your side in ways you wish it was but, provided you're willing to make a decision fairly and your actions are based on honesty, then you cannot fail to reach the right one.

Those who lay on beds of nails might say it's comfortable and relaxing. Others, skilled in the art of sword swallowing would regard it as a most pleasing pursuit. Yet, the rest of us probably have different ideas. 'Why', we ask, 'would anyone choose deliberately to pursue something that has to be painful or offering unnecessary levels of discomfort?' Those who enjoy laying on beds of nails and swallowing swords learned how to grow used to and benefit from discomfort. This month sees you doing something similar. Don't prepare yourself for a need to stoically accept something uncomfortable. With willingness and imagination, you too can find a way to benefit from something you're otherwise quick to dismiss as painful or uncomfortable.


When people meet celebrities, there's often a moment when a famous person appears just like 'any other person'. If they're not donning certain attire we tend to associate them with or appear shorter than we imagined them to be, we become intrigued with how 'normal' in many ways they really are. It occurs to us that they are, after all, human beings like the rest of us and wonder why we thought they would appear any other way. This month, an opportunity presents itself in a way you probably didn't expect it would. It's likely to surprise you with how far removed from your expectations it is. If you're willing to embrace it, then you'll see how much magic it still contains.


Do you remember studying how levers work at school? Applying enough leverage beneath a heavy, immovable object often achieves minor miracles. After all, it makes more sense to try and move the seemingly immovable object that way, rather than attempt to budge it in other ways. With that in mind, consider the situation in your world that doesn't seem to give any indication of moving. It appears set in stone and is refusing to cooperate. This month, that starts to change. Something spectacular and memorable can be achieved if you're willing to invest some faith and effort in yourself to make a change - and one or two individuals very well placed to help!


We're encouraged from a young age to let our imaginations run wild. As we grow older, we understand we're supposed to become responsible, realistic and practical. The latter attitude does much to sap imaginations that have a part to play in the most mundane and seemingly serious situations. Of course, we need to balance this with the need to be practical sometimes but what harm can result from releasing ourselves into colorful worlds of our own creation from time to time? This month, it's your imagination and ability to be creative that brings you closer to a cherished dream, not seriousness, sensibility or adhering to strict protocols.


Something confusing to us is often not confusing to someone else. That's usually because they have a better grasp of what we're trying to get our head around or are privy to information that has yet to wing its way to us. Until we're armed with knowledge someone else is, we have no option other than to wait for it to become apparent. This month, don't succumb to a strong desire to make sense of something that cannot yet be made sense of. You're experiencing the equivalent of trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle with numerous essential pieces missing. During October, and one by one, pieces you need will become available. An uncertain or daunting picture will form and what's confusing now will be less so very soon. Have faith and be patient.

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