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The words, 'enough is enough' could be said by you and where more than one area of your life is concerned. October can be a pivotal month as you start to have more faith in what you want and your abilities to make it happen. A Full Moon in Aries on the 16th will encourage you to question limitations you've been too willing to accept where certain aspirations are concerned and a Mars/Pluto conjunction a few days later will only enhance a feeling of being unstoppable!


The cosmos appears determined to help you showcase your talents and this could be evident from as early on as the 11th when you might receive confirmation of how extensive your audience is. What you have to offer is much more far-reaching than you believed it to be. As the month draws to a close, you could be tempted to take a brave step to formalize - or deepen - a certain commitment. This could be a time to take one involvement a delightful step further.


New levels of openness and honesty will be evident in your close relationships and interactions and the constant theme during October surrounds reaching new levels of agreements and forming stronger or deeper commitments. One particular unexpected development around the Full Moon on the 16th could have you punching the air with delight and Venus's entry into your commitment sector on the 18th will sweeten anything of contractual nature.


Your home or with whom you share it could be a focal point with many Cancerians making changes to or within their abode. The Full Moon on the 16th could bring pleasing, albeit unexpected, news. Something connected with your career could change swiftly and you'll soon be able to see the benefits to you regarding what transpires - especially if it surrounds long-awaited recognition of your talents or the fact you were right about something all along!


Communication and bringing resolution to certain drawn-out sagas will be the focal points and you might sense certain exchanges could go on indefinitely but by mid-October, you'll likely be reassured you are being listened to and resolution of at least one issue is imminent. Once Venus moves in your fifth house of love, romance and risk-taking, life will become noticeably sweeter, especially if you've sense love, admiration and respect have been absent in your world recently.


Your talents and one in particular could be sought after during coming weeks so don't underestimate or 'play down' expertise you can offer. The Full Moon in Aries on the 16th can also be a time when you see your earning potential receive a timely and welcome boost so be sure to enter confidently into any financial discussions the sky insists are on offer. With your confidence about to soar, be willing to be a calming 'voice of reason' where someone close needs it.


Your powers or persuasiveness are about to receive a significant boost once communication planet Mercury enters your sign on the 7th and receives brilliant support from good luck planet Jupiter on the 11th. If you've been waiting for the right time to clinch a deal or sign on the dotted line, this would be a perfect time to do so. The Full Moon in your commitment sector on the 16th could bring a surprising - but very pleasing - development between you and someone close.

You might need to keep one particular plan close to your heart under wraps for a little while longer, especially as the first couple of weeks could require you to work in solitude to progress whatever-it-is. Just be careful you don't burn too much midnight oil to honor a deadline as a health matter could require you to give it deserved attention. Once Venus enters your earnings sector on the 18th, a boost to your confidence could also result in a boost to your bank balance!


If contact or communication with friends or peers have dwindled recently, the first week of October could be a real tonic where connecting and reconnecting with friends and acquaintances are concerned. Increased emphasis is on teamwork and more than one fantastic result can be achieved and with a little help from a friend or two, too! On the 18th, Venus enters your sign until 11 November, boosting your powers of attraction and bank balance!


Mars remains in your sign for the whole of October, boosting your energy and passion levels and you'll feel much more in control of what you have felt powerless toward. A Mars/Pluto conjunction in your sign on the 19th could encourage you to succumb to pressure unnecessarily and possibly unfairly so be prepared to stick with what you know feels right. A sudden but very pleasing development on the home front on the 16th will also give you much to consider.


Mind-planet Mercury's arrival in your 'mind broadening' sector indicates learning or study could be focal points. Whether it's you who's embarking upon a learning curve or are the one imparting wisdom and experience to others, you'll be delighted with what you accomplish. A Full Moon in your communication sector on the 16th could bring sudden closure to one communications-based project and any negotiations done at this time will have a surprising - but pleasing - outcome.


Money matters and particularly joint finances will be likely be focal points this month and a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction on the 11th could herald a time when good news is received about an inheritance, investment or commission owed to you. The theme continues with a Full Moon on the 16th in your earnings sector and, with the planet of surprise, Uranus, involved, what transpires in a sudden way could have you feeling shocked but delighted!

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