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Is a problem shared a problem halved – or doubled? As often as we are encouraged to speak our minds and 'open up' to others, are we doing ourselves or them a favor by sharing what we ought to have kept to ourselves or sought a solution to on our own? By communicating our thoughts, feelings or fears to others, we can often gain valuable insight. It is sometimes possible they see what we don't see – or encourage us to look at or consider what we don't want to look at or consider! This month, a solution to something you've wanted help with for some time comes from sharing your thoughts and feelings with at least one other person. Doing so will not only remove a fear but help to remove a burden you've shouldered on your own for too long.


Saturn, the planet of restriction among many other things, has recently departed your opposite sign of Scorpio where it has resided since 2012. Regardless of what Scorpio represents in your personal chart, you have grown used to a particular restriction and a need to learn several harsh lessons. Whilst this influence is temporary and won't be fully removed until later in 2015, you are undoubtedly enjoying respite from an annoying and frustrating influence that has held you back in more than one way. Coming weeks will reveal how freed you are from something you have felt a forced obligation toward. This month, you can – and deserve to – relax and set your sights on what is possible without being held back or delayed in ways you're used to.


What is considered normal or fashionable was, at one time, considered peculiar or worthy of being cautious toward. It takes time for anything to be accepted, as anyone who has brought to the world a revolutionary idea will tell you. With that in mind, consider the brave step you're considering taking now. You're right to believe it to be different or unorthodox. You're also right to believe it to be innovative or even controversial. However, you know why you're feeling what you feel now and why something that strays quite far from your normal way of thinking feels right. This month, it is time to push a boundary or invite a new kind of change into your world. Ignore doubts and ignore also those who might believe you've taken leave of your senses. You're on the brink of something exciting and rewarding.


As 2015 commences, you could be aware of emotions running high. You are likely to find yourself involved in yet another tense situation that mirrors numerous others you have dealt with of late. What's different about this one? A clue could be found in what transpired during the first few days of 2014 – and what's unfolding now has a few similarities! However, what you're not experiencing this time around is a stalemate scenario that carried on throughout much of last year. You're now taking a brave and necessary step forward to bring closure to an involvement or arrangement you simply don't need to continue involving yourself with. Prepare, this month, to finally be freed from a tense and uncertain situation that has truly had its day.


This month, prepare to be 'put in the picture' in some way. You're about to find out where you stand with a particular individual and where much discussion has been had behind closed doors or with everyone else but you, you're about to confirm levels of thinking on the part of others about where things go from here. For some time, a plan has been in the pipeline that you've had little choice other than to accept certain others knew what they were doing or had your best interests at heart. Coming weeks will reveal how good a job they've done to progress something that means a great deal to you. Your involvement is essential but soon, you will be able to identify clearly where your involvement begins and involvement or input from others ends.


It's interesting watching people display nervousness. We experience nervousness for a whole host of reasons but we will all agree that much of what made us nervous was little more than a proverbial storm in a tea cup. We get ourselves wound up and tense for reasons that are often unjustified. This usually has much to do with us seeing an issue as much bigger than it is. Your task this month surrounds seeing the reality behind a seemingly problematic matter that has sapped much of your energy and thinking time of late. You've believed so far that, because it smacks of being important and grand, it requires a complex solution to be applied to it. Prepare to be relieved at how small and simple what you're dealing with really is and then prepare to relax.


'If it makes you happy, then it can't be that bad…' So sang Sheryl Crow who also asked a few lines later why, if something made someone happy, why they felt the need to be so sad about it. There are times when we feel a sense of misplaced guilt or obliged to chastise ourselves for doing what does little more than bring a small sense of pleasure to our world. This month, guard against such feelings. You are entitled to happiness during your stay on this spinning rock and if what you're doing feels very right to you this month, then you can trust that it is right. You're not as obliged to explain or justify your actions to others as you might believe yourself to be. Let the gift that is being presented to you now become a more integral part of your world.

'If I knew then what I know now…' We hear others say such words. We say them ourselves, sometimes. It's interesting how such words get said with a sense of reluctance, despondency or even guilt. Yet, life is a learning experience. That's why we're here. We're supposed to make mistakes. We're supposed to learn from them and apply as best we're able the many valuable lessons learned from our past to what's happening in the present. This month, it's important to recognize how much you have learned, particularly whilst strict, lesson-learning planet Saturn occupied your sign. Let coming weeks prove how well-placed you are to make a key decision based on razor-sharp instinct and an ability to draw on valuable experience from the past.


During our lifetimes, we identify numerous goals, dreams and desires we want to fulfil. Over time, many remain with us and tend to do so because, at one time, they meant a great deal to us. We do reach a point though, where, sometimes, we lose sight of why they were so important to us. If such goals, dreams or desires remain unfulfilled yet we are aware of how they have been stored in our brains in a file marked 'Important', then time comes eventually where we start to question their relevance. This month brings a need for you to do something similar. It's time to assess how important and relevant something once close to your heart is. If it still inspires and motivates you, then proceed with confidence. If it doesn't, then it might need to be abandoned in favor of something that does.


Many mocked David when he confronted the mighty Goliath. It was understandable that they did, too. There was a small and seemingly inexperienced boy about to take on a mighty warrior with a strong reputation to protect. Yet, by applying ingenuity with a minimum amount of effort, David achieved what was deemed impossible. In doing so, he proved fear can be overcome with cleverness and belief. That sums up a key situation in your world this month. Where you have been fearful or intimidated, you can bring about an impressive result and long-lasting change by simply applying a combination of imagination, cleverness and belief. What – or who – has had an uncomfortable level of control over you for too long is about to lose its - or their - grip.


Sometimes, when a child is confronted by an adult about a misdemeanor, the child feels obliged to offer a long, drawn-out explanation about what happened. This serves several purposes but a main one surrounds belief on the child's part that, if the adult is provided with every bit of essential information about what occurred, it will serve to ensure a fair punishment is given if one is to be given. The adult though, doesn't need as much information as the child feels obliged to give. The situation speaks for itself. I should point out the cosmos is not indicating in any way that you're likely to be on the receiving end of punishment this month but it is indicating that you might go to greater lengths than are necessary to make a point to justify yourself in some way. Someone doesn't need convincing or placating in ways you believe they do. So, relax.


We know what a tiny snowball tossed down the side of a snow-covered mountain is able to achieve. We are also told that a butterfly fluttering its wings on one side of planet Earth can create a tornado on the other. There is much in life that requires only a tiny amount of momentum behind it to alter or influence something much greater. In the same way a small lever can shift a huge amount of weight, you too can influence the outcome of a particular situation with much less effort than you probably suspect is required. This month, don't believe a certain dispute or arrangement is set in stone. There is much you can change if you're willing to summon courage, belief and imagination. Find all three from within and you could surprise yourself at how easily you transform something you believed to be immovable.

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