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Welcome to a month where strong alliances are formed or strengthened. Welcome, also, to a month where restriction plays a large part in slowing down progress you yearn to make. Why would I suggest you be welcoming toward a potential source of frustration? The answer surrounds you taking proper stock of commitments you need to fulfil and being able to apply a careful and methodical approach to ensure you exceed your - and others' expectations!


The coming month is likely to highlight a need on your part to know and accept certain limitations. If it hasn't been clear recently how limits exist to what you can achieve within specific timescales, then it will become clear during coming weeks. Don't see this as a reason to feel despondent or unworthy. The more you try to control a situation determined to unfold in its own way, the greater your frustration levels will be. Your best friends this month are patience and time.


If action always causes a reaction, why aren't you satisfied with a reaction you're receiving? You might believe you've done what's required of you in terms of effort but aren't seeing a result that mirrors this. Are you expected to give more than you have already to a plan? Actually, no, you're not. In fact, coming weeks provide a perfect time to let go of what you're clinging to tightly and see what occurs if you do nothing more than relax and give a process time it now needs.


How many people insist on paying compliments to a chef when they've had an outstanding meal? Perhaps, some people do but, generally, if we receive a service we expected, then we leave satisfied and don't always feel the need to show our appreciation or gratitude. As the month commences, you might be very aware of a lack of support in an area you would like to receive it within. As November progresses, you will receive much reassurance - and even gratitude!


If you don't have as many answers available as you wish you did, then don't worry. Where you might have felt inclined to take control and make what you need to see happen yourself, then coming weeks should make clear the benefits of collaborating. More than one cherished goal relies on support and assistance from others in November. The best way to benefit from this is to be more willing to delegate and listen than you might have ever done previously.


During November, it appears you're on a quest of sorts. There's something you want and need to know. This is going to require you to look beyond the obvious and 'get to the bottom' of a matter that you have, so far, only been able to view from a distance. You're armed with certain facts but these aren't enough yet to provide an accurate assessment of a situation. That's why coming weeks and valuable insight you finally gain into what's uncertain will be of enormous help.


On the 8th of November, Venus enters Libra where it will remain until early December. It might take until the middle of the month before you begin to become aware of increased levels of comfort, both physically and materially but you can be certain both are on offer during much of November. The cosmos is working to provide a level of cushioning or what can be described as a safety net for you. With this will come a much deserved sense of relief and reassurance.

There are many sayings and responses associated with people born under your sign. It is believed Scorpios delight in proving someone wrong, especially if whoever-it-is is renowned for being difficult to prove wrong! Coming weeks offer a chance to help a certain person eat their words and for more than one person to see how, in true Scorpio style, you are able to emerge Phoenix-like from a tricky or volatile situation to one of comfort, stability and reassurance.


Benjamin Franklin said, 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure', meaning a little precaution applied before a crisis occurs can save a need to put it right later. Please let me make clear that the sky doesn't indicate a crisis looming for you. It does, however, through Saturn's presence in your sign, imply strongly that you are right to trust your instincts where taking a precautionary measure in some way is concerned, and will benefit enormously from doing so.


Help is known to come at unexpected times and from unexpected sources. Just as we resign ourselves to having to accept defeat or failure, there are times when an out-of-the-blue positive and reassuring development can do much to restore our faith in guardian angels or shifts to situations we believed were done and dusted. November promises assistance where you need it most. Accept it and don't question it. What's offered is precisely what you need.


'Nobody told me there'd be days like these'. So sang a perplexed and perhaps cynical John Lennon who believed he was living in strange times. We can all react in different ways to finding ourselves in unfamiliar territory and unable to decide how best to deal with it. As you find yourself in more than one unfamiliar situation this month, have faith in the fact that you're precisely where you need to be. What feels strange will soon start to feel reassuringly comfortable.


We tend to resent others criticizing or condemning our actions but can sometimes be more prone to doing so to ourselves. We tell ourselves it's fine if that happens in the belief we deserve whatever occurred. During November, it becomes clear that you are, in some way, the captain of your own destiny. The first thing you need to do is steer your ship out of potentially troublesome waters. Then, once done, pat yourself on the back instead of making a rod for it.

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