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February commences with Venus entering your sign on the 3rd to join Mars already there having entered Aries at the end of January. It won't take long for you to see what the planets of love and passion working in tandem can bring, either! You have a perfect opportunity to focus on what or who makes your heart beat faster and channel Mars' energy toward making it happen. This is a month to truly make your mark and attract - or impress - whoever you set your sights on.


During February, a process commences that will last until June involving Venus dipping between Aries, Pisces and Taurus. As it won't be until early March that Venus goes retrograde, you'll have her influence in the most mysterious part of your chart during February and a secret plan or project could finally be revealed. A Lunar Eclipse on the 10th brings a home/family matter to a head and a Solar Eclipse on the 26th will make clear who your closest friends really are.


Venus will be influencing your solar sector of friendships and networking and you could be delighted at friendships that get formed or revived during coming weeks. What transpires around the Lunar Eclipse on the 10th could give you plenty to consider, especially as contracts and negotiations could feature at this time. If the Lunar Eclipse didn't involve a creative talent you possess, then the Solar Eclipse on the 26th might! A new professional opportunity beckons.


Mars will be boosting your energy levels to make career-related progress and Venus' arrival in the same sector on the 3rd will really sweeten a deal or two during coming weeks. A Lunar Eclipse in your solar sector of earned income brings a boost to your finances, especially with Jupiter and Saturn lending a hand. A Solar Eclipse on the 26th occurs in your solar sector of faraway places and education, bringing travel or, for some Crabs, study plans to the top of your priority list.


For many Lions, an educational pursuit becomes a priority during coming weeks, either to embark upon a new level of learning or advance what has been achieved. As your solar sector of 'broadening the mind' is so active this month, learning, publishing, advertising or broadcasting could feature prominently. It's the Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 10th that fires you up and has you beaming with pride. At long last, a goal is fulfilled and a step toward a better life is taken!


With Mars and Venus activity in your solar sector of deep sharing, intimacy and regeneration, a bond can deepen or progress to a new level and a boost to your finances can occur, possibly from commission, royalties or money separate from earnings. The Lunar Eclipse on the 10th highlights how you can make more money from an underused or neglected talent. However, it's around the Solar Eclipse on the 26th that a new and very exciting partnership can be formed.


Your solar sector of commitments and contracts is active, with Venus joining Mars to bring changes that won't go unnoticed. Something between you and someone close is about to shift in a positive way. A Lunar Eclipse on the 10th in your friendships and networking sector deepens a bond between you and a chum or brings a cherished goal within reach. A Solar Eclipse on the 26th offers a chance to make a long-overdue improvement on the health front, work front - or both!

With Venus and Mars active in your solar sector of self-improvement, something connected with work, health or both could be transformed. Venus' influence could encourage some Scorpions to embark upon an office romance or find love in a gym or fitness center. A Lunar Eclipse in your career sector brings recognition and appreciation your way. A Solar Eclipse in your true love sector could give you and someone close something new to focus on creating or sharing together.


From as early as the 3rd, something delightful can occur in your love life as Venus joins Mars in your solar sector of true love and creativity to work in tandem to bring heartwarming developments. A Lunar Eclipse on the 10th encourages you to broaden your mind, through an educational pursuit, travel or maybe both. It's the Solar Eclipse on the 26th that brings a delightful and timely shift where something connected with your home or a family member is concerned.


Mars and Venus put emphasis squarely on matters related to home, family or both. Mars might be problematic at times but Venus will ensure harmony and comfort are on offer. The Lunar Eclipse on the 10th brings positive news related to finances, either in the form of commission or possibly a loan. If you've been waiting to launch a writing project or give a presentation, then the Solar Eclipse on the 26th will bring a touch of magic to any way you choose to convey yourself!


Venus' arrival in your solar sector of communication and ideas will sweeten negotiations or discussions and this will be helpful as Mars, in the same sector, could cause exchanges to be unintentionally confrontational at times. On the 10th, a Lunar Eclipse in your sector of commitments and contracts will boost your optimism about a partnership's future. A Solar Eclipse on the 26th in your earnings sector could mark the start of a new or improved source of income.


Mars and Venus will bring positive developments on the financial front and you might feel more willing to pursue a source of income you felt hesitant about pursuing previously. What transpires around the 10th could attract attention your way and boost your earnings even more! It's the Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 26th that brings a magical fresh start and boosts your faith levels in at least one ambition you wrote off previously as being impractical, impossible or too fanciful.

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