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Any problem can be as big as we want it to be. Think of how searching online for what might be causing a minor ailment results in us convincing ourselves we've caught a rare, tropical and incurable disease. We know if we tell ourselves something enough times we start to believe it too, regardless of how inaccurate it might be. This month, you finally start to see an issue in the perspective it needs to be seen in and that's what will ensure you solve it, swiftly and easily.


It could become clear throughout July how pressure is coming your way from two particular sources. The first surrounds pressure you're putting on yourself. You're setting some high expectations for yourself. The second could surround difficulty in terms of your efforts to match someone else's expectations of you. Tension might increase before it dissipates but, when it does, a strong sense of optimism and confidence will replace any uncertainty or pessimism.


May and June might have been a period where much got prepared or put in place in a particular area of your world and July looks set to the month where red turns to green and a plan commences. If you've felt you've had to take a back seat or watch developments from sidelines, you can expect to have much involvement and input into a plan that not only involves you but is close to your heart. Expect July to be a time when something finally 'clicks' neatly into place.


The first half of July could see you wondering if you possess necessary levels of enthusiasm, tolerance and patience to continue investing effort in a particular area. Maybe, you feel your suggestions are falling on deaf ears. Perhaps, you can see a glaringly obvious change that needs to happen that others cannot or can't be bothered to consider. It's the second half of July that brings a series of pleasing and inspiring developments that replace pessimism with optimism.


Leos can be the most impressive leaders. However, even the most impressive leaders must accept a need to learn and request support from time to time. Coming weeks see you embarking upon a learning curve of some kind and to truly benefit from this, you're going to have to accept there's something you don't know or have an answer to. By gaining knowledge or insight where it's needed, you can identify - and seize - a very valuable opportunity.


There's often no harm in aiming our sights higher than we need them to be. This can sometimes put us in a 'worst case' scenario that results in us achieving what we actually wanted to achieve. Sometimes though, we discover frustration that comes from not achieving a particular result stems from us being a bit too ambitious or unrealistic. Coming weeks might see you 'downsizing' an ambition or expectation but, by doing so, you're making a realistic one much more achievable.


Cartoon characters, when experiencing moments of revelation, are often depicted with lightbulbs above their heads. They've not only received a timely Eureka Moment but are able to apply whatever has dawned upon them successfully. July brings the equivalent of more than one light bulb for you. Expect to gain insight, wisdom and clarity in ways that make it possible for at least one cherished plan to proceed and succeed in a way you never thought possible.

Some people have no issue with commands or demands shouted at them. Those in the Armed Forces would be surprised and suspicious should their superior say 'please' or 'thank you'. Others tend not to respond positively to being spoken to in such ways, regardless of how important or urgent what's being asked of them is. This month, progress relies on your ability to ask for what you need calmly and sensitively. Any other way will delay an opportunity the sky promises is on offer.


It's interesting how often we expect the worst in a situation and find ourselves feeling comfortable or reassured when 'the worst' happens. If we manage to feel such ways toward negative outcomes, imagine how we'd have felt if we'd focused on a positive outcome. Coming weeks could see you adopting an unfair and unnecessarily gloomy prognosis of a particular situation. If you're willing to consider the alternative, then you look set to be delighted with what transpires.


Some people take comfort from looking at awkward situations from every angle. They convince themselves that, by doing so, they're accounting for every outcome or eventuality. What they're really doing is deliberately delaying taking action they know they need to take. July brings a need for you to 'bite the bullet' and give effort or attention to something you've been delaying or dreading. A pleasing and reassuring result will cause you to wonder what all the fuss was about.


Rome, they say, wasn't built in a day. But, one day, someone at least recognized the potential a piece of land had to build a city upon. What started off as a simple idea escalated over time in size and strength. This month brings a chance for you to put in place a process that can make a simple idea become considerably bigger. Don't boost your stress or pressure levels by trying to find a short cut to what time and patience are integral to making happen.


What is our greatest source of stress? The list could be a long one but rarely would any of us add our name to it. We fail to see sometimes how we bring greatest levels of pressure and stress upon ourselves. We worry. We procrastinate. We create convenient excuses. Then, we wonder why we're under sudden intense pressure to make something happen. This month, the more willing you are to accept you're the greatest source of increased stress levels, the less stressful your month will be!

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