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Do you enjoy being tested? Many born under your sign do. They see a chance to show what they're capable of or can make happen within finite timescales as exciting challenges to rise to and succeed with. With that attitude, how can anyone fail to experience success and fulfilment? During February, it is your willingness to accept challenges coming your way that will be half of what you need to succeed. The other half will come with faith and effort. Have faith in that!


This month, you could feel tempted to take drastic action to achieve a result. We all do this from time to time. We believe it's better to give 110% effort in the belief we'll achieve more than if we gave 100%. A plan or ambition is clearly important to you but guard against going overboard in the Effort Department. This advice isn't to encourage you to be lazy or complacent. It is intended to help you recognize the level of effort that is required and why investing more is unnecessary.


If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing to the best of our ability. That's fine if the job is ours to undertake. If others are involved, things can become confusing regarding who's doing what. The sky doesn't speak particularly about a job you must complete this month but it speaks clearly about your belief that situations or people need controlling if something is to happen that suits you. Trust you are being supported where you need supporting and can relax more than you think you can.


What's that you're looking at? It looks like spilt milk. Given that you're the one looking at it, you're presumably responsible for it. I definitely know it wasn't me, and ok, enough of this analogy that, although silly, helps illustrate where your responsibility for a situation begins - and ends. This month, ensure a drama isn't prolonged through drawn-out levels of discussion about where 'blame' should be apportioned. Accept what's yours and someone else will do the same.


We don't need to have a full understanding of how engines work in order to drive a car. Most of us put faith in the fact that, when we turn a key, the engine will come to life and be integral to transporting us to our destination. With that in mind this month, resist nurturing a belief that you need to have a full understanding of a situation in order for it to 'work' for you. All you need to supply is faith that it will do what it needs to do. Then, give it a chance to prove you right.


Years ago, British comedian Harry Enfield portrayed a TV character called Mr. You-Don't-Want-To-Do-It-Like-That, who was an infuriating know-it-all. This month, you probably won't struggle to identify someone who thinks they know what's best for you in numerous ways. They might sound like they have all the answers, too. You, however, can put yourself in an advantageous position by accepting that learning something valuable will require you and you alone to make it happen.


Astrology textbooks often portray Librans as indecisive. You're apparently the worst person to ask what color a room should be painted or provide an opinion because, as the sign of The Scales, you struggle to be impartial. You and I know how decisive you can be and how difficult it can be to change your mind. This month requires you make a decision that, whilst it might not be particularly easy, will be the right one provided you have faith in your ability to be impartial.

Some people appear to drift effortlessly through life. They appear to never engage in any tense discussions or confrontation. They also often have many friends. Why is that? Because people gravitate toward those they believe have got the Secret of Life 'right'. This month, don't rule out how influential you can be in the eyes of others in terms of encouraging positivity. If you're seeking agreement or co-operation, then simply be yourself and both will come.


A little bit of insight can go a long way. We don't need much in the way of information to make accurate assessments or draw accurate conclusions. Sometimes, all we need is the faintest hint or glimmer and we're soon able to put two and two together to arrive at something factual. This month, expect relief and reassurance regarding a matter that has perplexed you for some time. Both will come from your ability to make a significant discovery based on trivial information.


Why is it luck seems prevalent in the lives of everyone else? We see others who manage to be in the right place at the right time or seem to go through life appearing to be carefully protected and provided for. Of course, that's how it appears and far from reality. Yet, there are definitely times when we are afforded luck and the cosmos chooses to reward us in wonderful ways. This month brings more than one development that will ensure you feel justice has been done!


When you were a child and someone said, 'let's play Follow the Leader', did you take that as a cue to appoint yourself the one to be followed? Or was your place in the game automatically assumed? I ask only because of ways your leadership skills could be integral to progress this month. Even if you're a rare Aquarian who doesn't believe themselves to be a leader, your knowledge or experience will likely be sought after in some way. Be willing to lead or share.


Bob Dylan sang about answers blowing in wind. Looking for answers in wind is, well, much more difficult than needles in haystacks. It also doesn't occur to many of us that answers might be concealed within currents of air. This month, you appear keen to find a particular answer but are unsure where to start looking for it. The best way to make a particular discovery is to let it come to you. That's right. Relax, be patient and let what you need to know find you.

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