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May brings a boost to two areas of your world. The first surrounds your bank balance. The second, your confidence. Perhaps, the former is linked to the latter but, as May progresses, you should see clear indication that the proverbial Wolf is choosing to loiter outside others' doors, followed by an ability to see a clear way forward in a confusing or daunting scenario. Embrace new levels of comfort, reassurance and optimism determined to find their way to you this month.


Powerful developments will put you in a stronger, more confident and more comfortable position through knowledge gained in a particular area. As you become more familiar with a situation or arrangement and able to see within it what was unseen previously, you'll become aware of the stronger and advantageous position this puts you in. See what the Transit of Mercury in your sign brings to light. Then, be willing to consider how best to use information - and power - it will bring.


This month sees your ruling planet, Mercury, become the 'star' of an impressive celestial phenomenon. As the smallest and fastest planet in our solar system passes in front of the Sun, our most powerful and influential star, Mercury will effectively receive 'star' treatment. This has similar implications for you during coming weeks. Expect your levels of power and influence to rise and, through being blessed with more of both, an important aspiration will become a reality.


Coming weeks should do much to reassure you that your efforts, dedication and loyalty to a particular individual or organization haven't been in vain. You might not have gone to such lengths recently in the belief you did so for praise, recognition or reward but powerful celestial influences occurring this month intend to ensure you are the recipient of all of the above. Expect soon to feel more valued, respected and even admired.


Your ruler, the Sun, provides the backdrop to this month's Transit of Mercury, where the planet of communication passes directly in front of the most powerful and influential star in our solar system. This has significant implications where exerting influence and gaining acceptance of ideas are concerned. You're about to be listened to in ways you've long wanted and find yourself better placed to reach agreements that have, so far, proved difficult to reach.


May brings the Transit of Mercury, a celestial phenomenon that involves your ruling planet passing directly in front of the Sun, our most powerful and influential source of energy. Symbolism surrounding this indicates you too will be invigorated in some way. Expect during coming weeks to be aware of how your focus and faith in a particular plan or goal are revived. A new and fantastic sense of optimism is about to replace pessimism.


Events this month intend to alter an opinion or attitude. Where you might have been fearful of taking action, you're about to take a bold step forward. Where you have felt uncertain or hesitant, you're about to see a situation in a clearer way and know precisely what you need to do to improve it. Prepare to take action where you've clung to reasons to refrain from doing so and with fear or uncertainty being removed in a particular way, a road ahead couldn't be clearer.

With activity occurring in your opposite sector of arrangements, agreements, contracts and commitments, it's clear where much of your time and focus will be given. It is, however, one particular situation that is likely to be a focal point. As the Transit of Mercury brings to light certain information, expect to have to alter a plan you saw previously as set-in-stone. To your delight, you're about to discover how much more promise and potential it actually holds.


The sky speaks this month of a need to assess where your time is best invested and also of a delightful surprise that awaits you by doing so. It appears your faith is about to revived toward an obligation that has, so far, been seen by you as uninspiring and falling short of what you have wanted and needed it to be. During coming weeks, you're likely to see how much potential something you've seen as a drain on time and resources actually holds.


Coming weeks could highlight how and why you ought to be considering a brave move that you've likely dismissed taking in the past. Perhaps, you've preferred to better a Devil you know rather than take action that will inevitably bring change. It has perhaps suited you to accept a situation as it is, even if it falls short of what you wish it offered. This month, a sense of adventure and willingness to be less cautious take over and you look set to be glad you took a certain risk.


Coming weeks bring a sense of acceptance and recognition. Where you might have grown used to ways in which you felt you had to remain outside a sphere of activity or not allow yourself to be as involved with or make a contribution to a certain cause or plan, you look set to be the recipient of appreciation and acceptance. Expect soon to become more involved with and integral to something you've long wanted to be more closely associated with.


This month, the planet of communication, Mercury, passes directly in front of the Sun. Both are in the area of your chart that governs, among several things, communication. This bodes extremely well if you've struggled with conveying yourself in a way you've wanted to be understood. Soon, there will be much less scope for misinterpretation and misunderstanding. Have absolute faith in your ability to enjoy a meeting of minds during coming weeks and reassurance this will bring.

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