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Venus' backward movement in Aries from the 4th shouldn't pose much of a problem, especially as excitable Mercury entering your sign could bring helpful and enlightening distractions. Ideas that have been logjammed could flow noticeably easier and so too will your ability to communicate in whatever way you choose. The Sun entering Aries empowers you to take control of what has been vague or undecided but with a Mercury/Uranus conjunction occurring in your sign, it will become clear that one particular decision needs to be made with your heart and not your head.


Venus embarks upon her annual retrograde motion until mid-April which could encourage too much time spent reflecting on the past. Mars then enters your sign and this can be as helpful as it is frustrating, given that Mars is pushing you to take action you could be disinclined to take. Whether it's more money in your bank account, more love in your life or both, you can have it all if you can see how a seemingly small advantage can be turned into an extremely positive gain. All that needed is willingness to be a little more creative.


With much cosmic activity in your solar sector of groups, friends and associates, the social scene beckons loudly. However, the same sector rules long-term goals and a friend might be instrumental in you achieving a closely-held aspiration. You might need to be cleverer than usual when it comes to making the most of what you have available to move a cherished plan forward rather than focus on what you believe to be unavailable. There are no shortcuts to success this month but applying Geminian ingenuity will ensure you don't need to explore any 'quick fixes'.


March is packed with professional productiveness with cosmic activity in your solar sector of career and status. A New Moon brings a work-related fresh start and this could become more evident once Mercury enters the same sector on the 13th. A Full Moon on the 12th could make conveying yourself from the heart difficult but if honesty underpins your exchanges, then closure can be achieved. A Jupiter/Pluto square implies a home or family issue is connected with a close relationship. If you want to reduce tension, then ask for support where you need and deserve it.


Your solar sector of faraway places and future vision is busy this month. Some Leos will be making grand travel plans or establishing connections with individuals or organizations at a distance. This could be a time when your vision of a particular future becomes clearer and a New Moon on the 27th could mark the start of a new venture. A Full Moon on the 12th occurs in your solar sector of money and values. Try to remember that the best things in life aren't 'things'. A Jupiter/Pluto square at month end increases workplace tension. Make sure you don't add to it.


Noticeable emphasis could exist on finances, involving money matters you're sorting out for yourself or those that involve a partner. You could discover what's meant by the saying 'mighty oaks from little acorns grow' as something on the financial front reveals itself to be more profitable than you believed it would be. A Full Moon in your sign on the 12th highlights how you're keen to be seen in the eyes of certain others and a matter of principle could be at stake surrounding this. Try to see any knock to your confidence as March draws to a close as very temporary.


There's considerable planetary activity in your opposite sign of relationships and commitments this month. March commences with Venus going retrograde in this sector until mid-April. A New Moon on the 27th could help with a fresh start surrounding one partnership and you refraining from reflecting on the past. The arrival of Mercury and the Sun help the pace to pick up on relationship fronts but a tense Jupiter/Pluto link on the 30th brings home or family-related tension. An almighty 'clearing of the air' might be what's needed to improve a domestic situation.

Activity is focused on your solar sector of self-improvement and routines and if you've been delaying a New Year's resolution to get fitter, healthier or improve your lifestyle, then coming weeks offer fantastic opportunities to do all of the above. The same sector highlights service to others and simple donations of your time or effort could make a big difference to someone's world. The month closes with a tense link between Jupiter and Pluto. It appears someone might have something to say about time you spend on your own, doing what pleases you.


Single Archers looking for love can find it this month if you're willing to spot opportunities the cosmos is making available. Attached Centaurs can find coming weeks to be delightful too, especially if the heart is allowed to have a louder voice than the head. Whether single or attached, a New Moon on the 27th marks the start of a new chapter for affairs of the heart. A Full Moon on the 12th occurs in your solar sector of career so a change or shift on the job front is likely. Mark that date if you've been waiting for acceptance or approval from an organization, too.


With plenty of cosmic activity occurring in your solar sector of domesticity, many Sea Goats could experience change within their family circle or abode. With impatient and impetuous Aries hosting this activity, be aware of what's within your ability to make happen instantly and how time and patience will be needed in other ways. Only pursue decisions or options that feel right and pay close attention to your inner voice if it's demanding attention. Workplace tension on the 30th could result in fingers of blame being pointed your direction. Stand your ground wherever possible.


You probably have a regular supply of innovative and unique ideas but coming weeks could see this surplus increase noticeably. Having wonderful ideas or creating ingenious plans is fine but these need to be conveyed to others if they're to become a reality. Mind-planet Mercury's link with Uranus and a New Moon in your solar sector of communication, ideas and words could help you create and convey bright ideas with ease. A Full Moon occurs on the 12th and if you or a partner have been waiting for good news on the financial front, it could arrive then!


Your solar sector of money and values is illuminated, bringing focus to the link between what you earn and what you own. A Sun/Venus link could bring a financial opportunity you might be too quick to dismiss. Give any moneymaking opportunities a closer look because they could contain that gold nugget you've been looking for. A new chapter commences on the earnings front with the New Moon on the 27th while a Full Moon on the 12th is focused on a relationship. A new chapter commencing between you and someone close brings an end to uncertainty or tension.

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