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This month, Mars is one of three planets entering retrograde motion or appearing to move backward in the sky. The astrological implication for you surrounds a period of reflection commencing from around mid-April until the end of June. Reflection, however, doesn't mean you can kick back and refrain from making effort in any way. What you're likely to see, however, is what effort made recently has brought you and this will please and reassure you greatly.


Have you recently made a wise decision? Did you pursue the right course of action? Whereas March might have seen you asking such questions, April promises to bring answers. Much seems to revolve around the role you play in a certain situation or if you're made to feel as if you belong within a larger, overall scheme. As it becomes clearer that you do have a helpful if not essential role to play, your confidence, sense of belonging and comfort levels can only increase.


A particular plan might have made much sense to you but possibly came under criticism from certain others. Undeterred by this, you have stuck to your guns and pursued the plan close to your heart in the best way you saw fit. During April, you can expect reassurance to replace uncertainty or apprehension. By sticking to what you knew to be right, you're about to silence anyone who believed you'd missed a crucial point.


We tend to dread, 'enough is enough' situations because they require us to say or do something we feel we've been pushed toward. We can all suffer in silence for so long until we reach a point where we have to take action someone else is fearful of taking or point out the obvious in ways we wish we didn't have to. April will likely have its share of tension but this can bring about a result that's long overdue. Just be prepared for 'push' to come to 'shove' in some way.


People often say, 'he who hesitates is lost'. Sexism aside, someone who hesitates isn't always 'lost'. The act of hesitation shouldn't always be compared with procrastination or deliberately avoiding essential action. This month, you're being encouraged to take proper stock of a situation before deciding the best way forward. This is wise and timely. It isn't due to laziness or reluctance on your part. Choosing the right moment will bring the best possible result, so take your time.


Some people delight in saying something's done a particular way 'because that's the way it has always been done.' A seemingly good reason for doing something a certain way gets introduced and some way down the line, that reason gets forgotten but all anyone can remember is that it must have been a good one way back when! April brings a change to an outdated routine in your world. It's time to accept a tired situation doesn't have to remain as it has always been.


'Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!' So said Oliver Hardy to Stan Laurel. Stan's intentions were good. He rarely foresaw events that would cause his friend to feel so aggrieved yet, as both would discover, the situation they found themselves in would be something they'd eventually become grateful for. Before you view a situation caused by someone else as undesirable, allow coming events to confirm how you might actually end up being grateful for it.

Pluto and Mars are associated as ruling planets for your sign. This month, they are two of three planets entering retrograde motion, or creating an illusion of moving backward. Normally, when planets go retrograde, we're presented with a chance to pause, reflect or prepare in some way. This month, however, sees you in demand from certain others. The more you interact positively with them, the more both you and they can gain something valuable.


What's 200 multiplied by 12 multiplied by 16 minus 82 times 0? The answer is, of course, zero but it's possible you had to go through a tedious process before arriving at an answer that didn't necessarily require you to go through. During April, you might roll your eyes at what's expected of you in some way and resent apparent pressure to fulfil an obligation. Applying a bit of foresight will result in you seeing a solution that shouldn't require as much effort as you believe it will!


With the equivalent of a finish line in sight, giving up cannot be an option. You might believe effort, patience and faith required where attaining a goal close to your heart is concerned will be difficult to summon but you're possibly underestimating how much progress you have made and that's what the coming month intends to make clear to you. You're further down the road to success than you imagine yourself to be. Don't stop doing now what has brought you this far.


We don't mind out-of-the-blue developments when they're delivered on our terms. We want such developments to be welcome and offer a surprise of the most delightful kind. When we're the recipients of both, we don't mind if we have to reassess certain plans in the light of such wonderful, fortuitous developments. This month, you might be taken by surprise at what transpires in an unexpected way. Even if you have to change an agreed plan, it will be worth it.


This month, you become aware of flexibility on offer that you didn't believe was available. Where you've grown used to looking at and assessing a situation in the belief it is either 'this' way or 'that' and no 'middle ground' exists, you could discover you don't need to be so strict on yourself or stay within clearly established boundaries. In fact, April looks likely to be a month where you finally push a boundary and discover, to your delight, that you benefit enormously from doing so.

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