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Many of us experience a 'falling' sensation when sleeping, or drifting off to sleep. This usually results in us being awoken with a jolt and unfamiliar briefly with our surroundings. This month will bring a similar sensation but it's important to recognize how helpful it is and why you need not be fearful of it. Powerful aspects occurring during April will bring a Eureka Moment of sorts; a chance for you to become very aware of at least one aspect of your world that not only needs to change, but can change. All you need to do is be willing to make a few long overdue decisions and have faith in the fact that what you do change will be very much for the better.


When we're in a situation where we need to provide an answer to a particular question and have no clue what the correct answer is, there's no harm in guessing. Sometimes, we produce a random answer we feel couldn't be further from the correct one and discover, by sheer fluke, we were right. We then wonder what else we might be capable of through belief levels being high. This month brings boost to your confidence levels through discovering your ability to make the right choices at times when you need to make them. You're being assisted by a very busy and powerful cosmos this month. Trust that all the help you need will come to you do to what's right.


When we call many companies and have to wait for a human being to answer, music is often played to help us pass the time. It usually doesn't take long before we grow tired of listening to the same, edited loop but it is preferable to complete silence. When we hear a human voice, we're relieved. We can now make our point without further delay. The above analogy summarizes the coming the month for you. You've recently found yourself delayed and distracted with something that has, in some ways, been pleasurable but has also been frustrating. Coming weeks bring a chance for you to finally get back on track to where you need to be.


We shouldn't disregard the importance our past has played in terms of us being where we are now. Our current situations and experience have been dependent upon events and decisions we have experienced and made. We know the past cannot be changed but that doesn't mean we should be disrespectful of how it has helped us to arrive at the wonderful position we are now in to influence our future. This month, you need to revisit your past in order to make sense of what you are being encouraged to do by more than one powerful and life changing aspects happening in April. At long last, you will be able to move forward confidently and optimistically.


'There's nothing up my sleeve…' Such words are said by magicians and illusionists. Their skill at convincing us their sleeves contain nothing to help with tricks is sometimes as convincing and impressive as the tricks themselves. Yet, we knew that the fact we are being asked to examine their sleeves means there is something we ought to be suspicious of. This month presents you with a good reason to look a bit deeper at or listen more intently to something you're being told. To see the real picture in some way will require you to step back and assess how much truth what you're being told contains. You needn't fuel this with worry or anxiousness. You're about to apply shrewdness where it needs to be applied and can only benefit from doing so.


'Stuck in the middle with you…' So sang Steelers Wheel many years ago. Recently, you have probably felt stuck in more than one way in a less than desirable situation that has probably confused and even angered you. You've wondered what you've done to find yourself victimized or at the centre of what appears to be a three-way spat. This scenario continues into April but with a big difference. You're about to find yourself less excluded and more 'in the know' about where you stand with certain people and one in particular. Let April's powerful influences take control of something that has gone out of control lately and bring calmness where you need it.


During times of adversity, we want to be seen as strong and able to withstand negative forces. This is admirable but is it sensible or practical? Are there not times when we can gain much more support or relieve ourselves of stress and worry by simply succumbing to forces of change being imposed upon us? During April, you're likely to become very aware of how much strength and possibly courage will be required from you to accept powerful changes entering your world. This presents you with a choice. You can either invest considerable effort to keep at bay the changes that need to manifest or simply accept they are needed and intend to help you enormously.

When we visit a doctor, mechanic or computer repair person with a problem we recognize and understand, then we're often relieved to receive from them a diagnosis based on our explanation. We've presented them with the problem, they've agreed with our assessment and responded with a solution we agree with. It's when we find ourselves unsure of what the cause of a problem is and need to seek guidance that we feel a bit out of our depth sometimes. We become aware of limitations that exist surrounding our knowledge and understanding. This month, it will become clear how much you need to begin to trust and push aside wariness, caution and suspicion regarding the solving of a problem you've long wanted to see solved. A solution is imminent.


Walking away from a problem is always an option. It's an easy option, too. So too is turning a blind eye to something that needs addressing. We don't always do this because we're lazy or weak. We do it through fear and uncertainty surrounding whether or not we feel we're doing the 'right thing'. If something truly needs addressing in your world and you've struggled to summon courage and effort to solve it, then be assured that powerful influences at work this month will definitely grab you by the proverbial collar and demand that you give it attention. Something cannot be ignored any longer. That's why you will feel such intense relief when an issue is finally brought out into the open, addressed properly and courageously and resolved, once and for all.


What causes us to feel a 'feel good factor'? Each of us would probably reply differently to such a question. We all have different ideas about what we would like to see happen in our respective worlds that would cause worry, anxiety, concern or doubt to be removed from certain areas we would like to feel more optimistic within. It's difficult to summon optimism when negativity and doubt are more overpowering but, this month, some extraordinary and powerful influences fully intend to lift you from a position of despair to one of comfort and contentment. It's clear that at least one development you've yearned to experience is unfolding. Prepare to experience delight.


If you were hungry and someone presented you with a delicious omelet, would you refuse to eat it because of a few broken eggs? You could say that your hunger might not be satisfied with what someone else's idea of a solution might be but focusing on a seemingly negative aspect of something that could, if you were willing to be flexible, provide a solution to your need is unnecessary and counterproductive. The same can be said about something you're being offered in April. You can see how it provides a solution you need yet feel the need to question how it has become available or dwell too much on a particular negative quality it contains. Be grateful and then be prepared to smile.


We live in a world where 'less is more'. Technology that involves electronics that could fit on the head of a pin has moved so quickly and in such ways that we're all convinced the days of 'bigger' being 'better' are long gone. Yet, we cannot help but be drawn to that which is bigger sometimes. We refuse to rule out ways in which something seemingly bigger might actually have more to offer us and therefore be 'better' in some ways. The coming month presents you with a choice that surrounds recognizing the benefits of something that, at first glance, appears inferior to something that appears superior, more helpful or more appropriate. This month, it's what has yet to reveal itself fully that holds the greatest promise of comfort, stability and happiness.

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