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What is it we're told about sleeping dogs? We're supposed to 'let them lie'. Leaving sleeping dogs alone is one thing but how we do we navigate a sleeping dragon? Surely, more caution is required lest we inadvertently and regretfully disturb the beast. Chances of finding yourself having to be wary in the presence of a dragon are slim this month but the analogy about applying caution is relevant. An issue that appears daunting or intimidating can be carefully sidestepped successfully this month. Don't succumb to a belief it poses any problem, despite how it appears.


Perhaps, one day, someone will invent the 25 or 26-hour day. Maybe, that would remove urgency from all we believe we don't have enough time to fulfil. As May commences, you could believe time isn't on your side in ways you wish it was. With 'this' commitment needing honoring and 'that' obligation needing fulfilling, you could, at first, see the coming month as one that involves only meeting crucial deadlines that benefit everyone but you. As May unfolds, expect to see how you're the one benefiting– and how more flexibility exists in some ways than you thought it did!


In some ways this month, you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. In other ways, you have the world at your feet. So, which of the two should you be focusing time, effort and attention toward? Coming weeks offer an opportunity to make progress in an area of your world where you've patiently waited for the chance to make it happen. The only proviso surrounds a need to enlist help from certain quarters. What you want to make happen requires input or assistance from someone else. The good news is, they're both willing and very able to provide it.


We hear people say leaders are 'born'. How often do we see wristbands on newborn babies that read 'Leader'? Leaders emerge and have a tendency to do so when a need arises in some way for someone to take charge of a situation. Not all leaders do so with absolute confidence initially. Sometimes, it takes time for them to understand why leadership is required and recognize ways in which they're best placed to provide it. During May, it will become clear you have a challenge to rise to. You will not only rise to it successfully but will inspire others from doing so.


If we do what we fear most, then our greatest fear is likely to disappear. We can all recall times when we put off and put off doing something we knew needed doing and our reluctance to face what needed facing was usually caused by fear in some way. Yet, we can also recall times when we summoned courage, faced what needed facing and discovered to our delight that our fear was misplaced the whole time. Coming weeks bring a chance for you to face and conquer successfully a fear that has held you back unfairly for too long. Then, prepare to be delighted.


A question that might rear its head during coming weeks could surround, 'who is right and who is wrong?' Arriving at an answer might be easier if you weren't so very aware of others believing they know what's best for you and putting forth strong arguments for being 'right'. You, on the other hand, know yourself better than anyone else and are therefore best placed to know what's right and, particularly, what's right for you. That's why, despite difficulty that might arise from doing so, you need only listen to one voice this month – yours! Trust that and all will be fine.


How much easier would life be if only a certain person saw something in a situation you see and simply agreed with you? Chances are, the person in question is asking themselves the very same question where you're concerned! So, that leaves a stalemate to be dealt with and resolved and that's what focus will be squarely on during coming weeks. Interestingly, it appears neither of you is truly 'right; or 'wrong' and what's needed is an agreement that can arise simply from accepting each other's' point of view. Be flexible, be accommodating and, above all, be willing to listen.

Anyone who was friends with King Midas knew where to go if they wanted something turned into gold. Midas, being the accommodating person he was, probably obliged any requests, too. It required little effort on his part but both he and the person asking for assistance were oblivious to a much bigger issue waiting to present itself through Midas being so intent to use his power and influence in the ways he did. You have power and influence available to you this month. However, what's needed is a realistic attitude adopted to how wisely – and sparingly - you should use both.


Imagine being stuck in a traffic jam stretching as far as the eye can see. Imagine as well that, in the distance, you can see the queue of vehicles rising up a gentle hill. Indication that the jam has cleared will probably arrive once vehicles in the distance start moving and then it will only be a matter of time before you start moving, too. In a similar way, removal of an obstacle this month will allow you to start seeing progress where you've wanted for some time to see it. However, you will need to allow a bit of time in order for it to become clear how clear the road ahead really is!


Pretend you're standing on one side of a wide river you wish to cross. No bridge is available but there are several boulders protruding from the water that you know, if you stepped very carefully from one to the other, would facilitate crossing to the other side safely. So, all you need to do is ensure each step is made carefully and deliberately. A similar scenario exists in your world this month. To make progress or achieve a particular result will require you to take very careful and focused steps, one at a time. Apply strict methodology to a plan and success is assured.


We're led to believe the best things in life, in addition to being free and worth waiting for, are worth fighting for. The need to fight for something that could be provided free or with levels of patience applied is surely wasted energy! There are times though when we feel something we achieve or attain is worth more if it has been achieved or attained with vast effort or struggle. This month, refrain from believing something you want and need can only be available in such ways. You might find what's worth waiting for is granted in way that could even be described as free!


Authors and scriptwriters are often criticized for endings they create for their stories. What makes sense to them in terms of how a story of their creation ends is sometimes met with confusion or worse by others who often fail to see how the ending has been set up through a logical and complex series of events. This month, you know precisely how you want a particular story in your world to end and why. You're better placed than anyone to recognize the series of events that have brought you to it. That's why you needn't heed any criticism likely to come your way.

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