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In some ways, the saying, 'it's not what you say, it's the way you say it that counts' is relevant. Yet, with so much emphasis on communication during December, you can't rely on enthusiasm alone to convey your points. There needs to be substance to your message or whatever suggestions or proposals you find yourself embroiled in during coming weeks. You have more than one point that needs made and, during December, you can expect to be listened to.


Astrology textbooks portray Taureans as so laid-back, you're at risk of falling over. I'm sure bulls are passive creatures until something fires them up and during December, any laid-back demeanor you might possess will be replaced with energy and enthusiasm not seen in a while. Expect to be removed from a comfort zone but expect as well to see clearly what your next move must be in a particular way and receive praise and appreciation where you've wanted both.


Relationships will be a focal point this month, due to a Sun/Saturn link occurring in your solar seventh house of commitment. This could prove to be a wake-up call or a swift reality check where your connection or involvement with a certain person is concerned. This is reinforced by the Full Moon in your sign on the 13th that could see you focusing more intently on your needs and whether an involvement or commitment is - or is no longer meeting your expectations.


Mars in your solar eighth house of finances could bring unwelcome focus to money owed rather than money gained. Venus in the same sector brings comfort, relief and reassurance on the financial front so any worries will be short-lived, especially around the 25th. Focus then shifts to relationships and a retrograde Mercury could see you and a certain person covering old ground but a New Moon will make crystal clear what needs to be done for both of you to move forward.


Until the 19th, you'll benefit from Mars's influence in your solar sector of partnerships and commitment, boosting passion and libido in delightful ways. Once Venus enters this same sector on the 7th, love becomes energized in thrilling ways. A Full Moon in your social sector could remind you of who is and isn't worthy of your friendship and with this same sector governing your deepest hopes and wishes, one cherished aspiration could finally become something more.


This month, it's not what you know but who you know that counts and whilst focus is likely to be on work and career matters, recognition, praise and promotion could result with a little help from more than one person keen to see you progress professionally. Collaborative efforts are superbly starred within the workplace but once Mercury commences its final backward motion this year, you could find yourself reminiscing on past loves and possibly reconnecting with one!


The year closes on an amazing note where love and romance are concerned as Mars influences this sector until the 19th. Once your ruling planet Venus enters the fray, a love/passion combination will take affairs of the heart to a whole new level. A Full Moon in your faraway places or learning sector could mark the end of a learning curve or litigation matter. Be prepared to work harder to communicate clearly with family members once Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th.

There will be much focus on domestic or family matters, with many Scorpions making significant changes within their abode or something within the family circle altering. Something connected with your home could soon become a drain on finances so try to keep spending focused only on essentials. There could also be less space in your home for a reason worthy of celebrating - but be prepared for communication or contractual mishaps from the 19th until early January.


Venus brings harmony and comfort to discussions, so if you've experienced tension in certain exchanges, these could become noticeably sweeter. The Full Moon in your relationship sector could be the catalyst for more improvements to your closest relationships - or a delightful result where anything of a contractual nature is concerned. Retrograde Mercury in your earnings sector could bring revelations about income and expenditure, so be prepared to adjust your budget!


During a time of year many consider most expensive, you'll have your finger on your financial pulse during December. Mars's influence could see costs increasing by the hour but, fortunately, Venus is at hand to ensure you don't have sleepless nights about money issues. The Full Moon on the 13th could bring an interesting opportunity to boost your income while the New Moon in your sign on the 29th could revive your keenness to pursue a certain ambition close to your heart.


With assertive Mars continuing to transit your sign until the 19th, whatever you set your mind to achieving stands every chance of success. On the 6th, Mars is joined by Venus and a combination of enthusiastic energy and charm will ensure you get your way, even with the most stubborn person. Perhaps, they won't be able to resist charisma you'll be oozing? A Full Moon in your romance sector on the 13th could confirm how deep someone's feelings for you really are.


The first half of December could see you keeping something connected with your personal life to yourself and as much as you might want to shout from rooftops, you'll probably see the benefits of keeping certain cards close to your chest. From the middle of the month, focus turns to home and family matters and changes on both fronts are in the air. Mars then enters your sign from the 19th boosting your confidence and enthusiasm where both might have waned recently.

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