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'It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it'. So went the lyrics to the classic 1930s jazz tune. This month presents you with a much-needed opportunity to reassess something you do and why you do it the way you do it. It is becoming clear that something needs to shift and a new way in a certain area needs to be at least tried. You can choose to play it safe and keep doing what you're doing but would you be happy with achieving the same old result? Of course not. That's why you're being encouraged to adopt a different approach in some way. This will involve summoning a little bit more belief in your abilities but promises to bring a delightful result.


When those around us fail to see how important something is to us and understand our reasons for taking a certain matter so seriously, they often tell us to 'lighten up' or relax. The same often gets said to them, too. For some time, a serious matter has been hanging over your head and no matter how much you've tried to peer through it for inspiration, all you've seen is darkness and despair. This month, the matter in question might not become less serious but its seriousness will be replaced by restored belief in fairness finally playing a part in what you've believed to be unfair so far.


Let's talk about the word 'acceptance'. Let's also discuss the word 'compromise'. The two words are curiously linked. Before we can reach a compromise, we have to be willing to do so. That's where acceptance comes in. This month, there is something you need to accept. There is an issue you will have to come to terms with but it doesn't end there. If you can accept a certain situation, then you'll find yourself superbly placed to reach a compromise surrounding it. There is a way forward. There is a way you can benefit from accepting what might not be immediately acceptable. Be willing to move a situation forward and that's what you'll achieve.


Human beings excel at the act of self-protection. We don't need much in the way of a reason sometimes to put in place strategies we believe will ensure we don't subject ourselves willingly or foolishly to vulnerability or pain. Even the Crab, your own astrological sign, works in a similar way through making use of its hard exterior when it feels threatened. August doesn't bring a need for you to feel threatened or at risk of being hurt but it does present a need for you to be slightly cautious. A sensitive matter needs careful handing. Don't succumb to a belief that you must go to great lengths to protect yourself. A fear can be channeled constructively and positively.


When is enough, enough? When is it appropriate to stop? Artists learn to deal with this conundrum. As tempted as they might be to continue adding a dab of paint or a few more notes to their masterpieces, they learn at some point when it is necessary to accept that something is finished. With that in mind, where do you believe more effort is required in an area you have invested enough within? More to the point, why do you believe more is actually needed? August brings a chance for you to assess where you really are with a particular situation and with that will come realization surrounding the futility of further investment of time and effort toward it.


There are many things in life we accept will not and cannot change that, with a bit of imagination and effort, can change significantly. When certain situations become mechanical and giving a very good impression of controlling us as opposed to the other way around, we grow to accept this. 'It's always been this way, so what chance do I have of ever changing it?' is one of numerous questions we ask ourselves. This month, you're being strongly encouraged to look at something you have long wanted to change but have felt powerless to change. Let the cosmos give you a taste of how much power you do actually possess to bring about the change you yearn for and then, if you use that power wisely, you will amaze yourself at what you're capable of.


Imagine you are stranded on a deserted island with nothing but hundreds of crates of diced pineapple. Imagine, as well, that you detest pineapple. Ok, here we have you in a difficult position but one that you are actually protected within, to a large extent. Your ability to survive is unquestionable but it would require you to accept a need to make do with something you wouldn't normally choose to accept. This month sees you doing something similar. You're superbly placed to go beyond the realms of attaining something, but to do it, you're going to have to accept something difficult to swallow. Make a necessary adjustment and you will succeed.

If ever there was a month to adopt a 'right here, right now' attitude, it's this one. 'Right here, right now' is all that matters. We can debate until cows come home the need to constantly look toward and prepare for the future, but until we pass what's happening in the present, the future a present yet to be dealt with. Avoid a tendency to take a certain matter too seriously this month. It smacks of seriousness and does a good job of demanding attention. Yet, it is something you have little or no control over. That's why you need to train your brain to focus on the present at any given time. If you can do that, then you'll soon see what magic exists within it.


Imagine you were alone in an overloaded boat that, through being overloaded, was at risk of sinking. You could understandably cling to every item in the belief it was important or not to be parted with by throwing it overboard. How would that help you, though? Sooner or later, you would recognize the need to discard anything that could be discarded if you're to put yourself in a more advantageous position. The same applies to an area of your world this month. You can continue to be weighed down by that which you believe you ought to be clinging to or release yourself from it. Do the latter and you'll soon see how free you become from a tiresome scenario.


What do promises and piecrusts have in common? Both were made to be broken. Now, before you foresee a month of letdowns or deceit, please understand the sky states that a fresh start in a certain area is what you need and this will involve a new set of rules or obligations introduced. It will also require you or someone close to commit in ways that might need more commitment made to what's being committed to! It's true something cannot continue as it is. Preparedness exists on your or someone else's part to do what's needed to instigate necessary change. As long as honesty plays an integral part in what's being committed to, then all will be fine.


When playing 'musical chairs', participant numbers dwindle and so does the number of chairs. A particular cycle repeats until there is only one person left, being the winner. This month could see you going round in circles regarding a particular issue but the game is one being overseen by the cosmos. It dictates when something stops and when something gets removed. What it's doing is removing obstacles on your behalf and it secretly wants you to be the winner. Play the game for a little while longer. Let options be removed one by one until you find yourself in a strong and advantageous position. As August unfolds, that's precisely what you will discover.


In a bookstore the other day, I found a self-improvement book entitled '1001 Reasons To Be Happy'. A quick flip through it revealed 1001 interesting and even amusing facts relating to how certain disasters were unlikely to ever happen or why we should see what makes us unhappy as small in the great scheme of things. I felt a bit cheated as I read the author's reasons why I ought to feel happy in the knowledge certain events I hadn't even considered were unlikely to play any part in making me unhappy. But it occurred to me how the same applies to you this month. You have your own reasons to feel happy and optimistic. Very soon, you'll have even more. Let developments this month confirm this.

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