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If you've been feeling detached recently either from those you wish you had more contact or a stronger bond with then coming events could serve to do both. You might have bridge building to do or could be faced with a need to restore someone's faith in you but neither should present a problem. September brings a chance to restore harmony and accept a need that, in some ways, two heads are better than one. Increased connection and cooperation are the themes this month.


'Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today'. That's a motto that will likely put you in good stead during September. It could be easy to find reasons to delay taking particular action or making a particular decision and some of these could be valid and compelling. However, as September progresses, it will become clear that a time of fence-sitting or procrastination is coming to an end. This, as you'll see, is something you'll be very grateful for.


With little effort, many of us could paint a replica of the Mona Lisa or perform a classic piece of music. Copying anything is obviously going to be easier than having the original idea that resulted in a masterpiece. That's something to bear in mind during September as a brilliant and potentially pivotal idea you have could, in your haste to bring it to fruition, cause you to explore shortcuts. Something this good needs you to give it the full benefits of your wisdom and imagination.


Forgiving is one thing, forgetting is another. Whilst we can often find it within our hearts to let bygones be bygones, it can be understandably difficult to forget what caused the transgression in the first place. This month, there is an aspect of your past that you need to free yourself from. This will likely involve you showing willingness to accept the nurturing of a grudge is both unnecessary and counterproductive. Take the lead in this respect and a certain person will follow.


This month, your words will definitely hold some clout. That bodes well where a need has existed for some time for you to convey yourself accurately and, in some cases, passionately. The thing about passion though, is it can cause us to be seen or heard in inspiring or motivational ways, or have a completely opposite effect. Trust, this month, that your passion for something is admired by others. Just be aware of how heavy-handed you could be come across in conveying it!


There are two separate word combinations that come to mind in looking at your forecast for this month. The first is 'what if' and the other is 'what might'. It's fine to ask questions that start with both provided they only form opening words of questions where you're willing to explore or consider possibilities. They must not form questions that encourage doubt or fear. Fantastic opportunities are on offer this month, as long as you approach and embrace them confidently.


This month, Jupiter enters your sign for a 13-month stay. Having the planet of luck, expansion and optimism in your sign means you're in for a very memorable and potentially pivotal year. As for September, it could be apparent luck and serendipitous developments manifest when you're at your most fair-minded, gracious and accommodating. Some delightful progress awaits if you can make just a tiny bit more effort in each way.

Two developments make September a memorable and progressive month. This first surrounds Venus's entry into your sign and the second involves Pluto moving direct after a five-month slumber. The former will bring a rejuvenating sense of youthfulness to your world that others will sense and grow attracted to you. The second will encourage you to consider and pursue what you'd written off as unworthy of your efforts. Expect to be inspired and motivated, once again.


September offers a much-needed respite in a particular area of your world. Where you might have grown weary, flummoxed or downright fed up with trying to bring about a particular result that, despite your efforts, chose to be as uncooperative as possible, you're being granted a chance to move on from it. It doesn't need continued levels of time and effort because the new opportunity presenting itself will prove itself to be far more worthy of both!


This month, it's a case of being 'careful what you wish for.' It's important though that I make clear that closing your eyes, clenching your fists and wishing for a particular development until your head hurts isn't what the opening line refers to. It refers to where you feel most inspired to focus effort and determination and how doing so is very likely to bring a desired result! Allow coming weeks to make clear what you truly want - and what has been pursued more out of habit.


Have you seen the film, 'The Man with Two Brains'? In one scene, Steve Martin is pulled over by a cop who makes him perform some outrageously daft sobriety tests. In some ways, you too might have felt recently that you've had to rise to ridiculous challenges and prove yourself in unnecessary ways. During September, you are not only granted a well-deserved respite from the silliness but can finally gain respect for your efforts that has been delayed in coming your way.


A challenge needs rising to this month. Before I say more, what thoughts did you have when you read that statement? Did you think to yourself, 'fantastic, rising to a challenge is precisely what I hoped this month had in store for me' or did you think, 'oh great, a difficult, tense and stressful month awaits'? It will become clear during September that you have to take initiative in a particular way but, if you do so confidently, you'll be glowing with pride at your success.

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