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Have you ever spent hours watching the tiny jet plane on the screen on the seat in front of you whilst on a long haul flight move ever so slightly? Seeing it hovering above the departure point and being aware of how much distance it has to cover can be depressing. This month, you experience the equivalent of waking up after nodding off during your travels to find you've made very pleasing progress. Discovering the reality of a situation you believed to be disheartening, onerous or tedious will first bring relief, followed by delight.


The first documented handshake goes as far back as fifth century BC. Today, there are various customs surrounding handshakes but we all understand the meaning of this universal ritual. This month, an agreement gets reached. During coming weeks, you and a certain person or possibly an organization find common ground and a specific way forward. Collaboration in some way is brilliantly starred during September and this will not only help facilitate a goal you've cherished for some time, it will finally bring relief where you've long wanted it.


Some films should never have been remade. Some films should not have had sequels or prequels, either. They were fine as they were as stories in their own right. September presents the need to make a decision about a story in your world and whether or not it needs extending or expanding. Might a situation be fine as it is? Does a need really exist to perpetuate a scenario best left alone? Expect to answer such questions during coming weeks but you can also expect to discover what is truly wonderful within something that doesn't need further effort or attention.


Think back to when you last had a 'Eureka Moment'. You know the sort of thing I'm talking about, where a solution or clear way forward presents itself to what has been baffling, confusing or uncertain. For some time, restriction has existed in an area of your world you've long wanted to see progress within. You've struggled to identify how to rectify this. During coming weeks, something starts to shift. A scenario you've accepted offered little or no leeway is about to become flexible - and an opportunity you've wished for will soon be waiting to be seized.


How helpful would it be if a huge celestial hand knocked out of the way a few less than desirable or unhelpful situations? You've been coping with the equivalent of a ball and chain attached to your ankle and wondered how it might be possible to overcome an upsetting or tense situation whilst making progress in an area it has become essential you make progress within. During September, you have an excellent opportunity to bring tranquility to an area where tension has been rife and resolution to a saga that has dragged on for too long. Embrace help on offer now.


Nowadays, pilots know when turbulence is ahead of them. They also know turbulence tends to be brief and the effect it will have on the aircraft. That doesn't mean pilots can relax and do nothing to navigate it. There's always some effort required to put a turbulent period behind them and September sees you doing something similar. You're right to predict turbulence in a certain area. You're also right to believe you have all that you need to overcome it. It will, however, require willingness and effort on your part. Where you choose to take control, you will excel.


“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” So said a certain fictitious, deerstalker hat-wearing detective who knew a thing or two about the need to ask questions and separate fact from fiction as best as he was able. During September, you're likely to discover how a desire to get to the bottom of a confusing or uncertain situation can benefit you. To make progress in an area you've longed to see progress made within, you're going to have to do some detective work. What you discover will prove invaluable.

Despite what happened yesterday, we tend to do tomorrow what we did today. That's an admittedly confusing way of saying we are all creatures of habit. We expect specific situations to arise and invariably discover our predictive abilities were spot on. Sometimes, we find ourselves flummoxed with developments we weren't expecting. When this happens, we find ourselves reassessing needs and priorities. This month, expect the unexpected – but have every bit of faith in the fact that a helpful cosmos is keen to ensure whatever surprises you is much welcomed!


Some sports coaches shout things like 'I need a two hundred per cent effort from each of you!' Some players understandably believe their coach needs a course in mathematics. There is, after all, so much effort any of us can give toward any pursuit. Sometimes though, we believe ourselves capable of more. This is admirable but is it necessary? During September, you could feel inclined to 'up' a particular ante or give more to something or someone than is needed. This is a time to take stock, not go hell for leather in the belief you've not done enough in some way.


During September, a proverbial pill needs to be swallowed. A fact needs to be faced. Some form of communication needs to be had with a particular person or organization. Perhaps, you're a Capricorn who knows precisely what I'm referring to. Maybe, you're another type of Capricorn who actually enjoys surprises. Coming weeks will bring a need for you to tackle an issue that doesn't exactly fill you with joy or inspiration. Face what needs facing. Acknowledge what can no longer be avoided. When you do (and you will), joy and inspiration will follow, soon enough.


Are you obliged to offer help in some way? Can you continue to look upon a situation that seems to require your input or assistance? For some time, you've been aware of a precedent you might be setting through involving yourself and, during September, it is likely to become increasingly evident that doing nothing is no longer an option. You have the ability to bring much needed relief and comfort to someone who needs both. Offer what you can in the belief that you're not being taken advantage of and that your relationship with this person will be strengthened immensely.


We've spoken before about how water has the ability to distort and deceive. A stick plunged in water will always appear bent in some way. That's probably a good example of not trusting what our eyes show us, despite the fact that so many of us refuse to believe anything until we've 'seen it with our own two eyes'. As a Piscean, you're blessed with fantastic instincts. It is these you need to trust during September. Where you feel inclined to think, analyze or assess, try feeling instead. Progress you yearn to see happen is far more reliant on your belief than it is your logic.

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