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Strong focus exists on relationship matters this month. One connection looks set to strengthen during coming weeks but you'll need to be prepared to adjust to changes this brings. A Full Moon in Aries on the 5th requires you to make sense of complex emotions. The New Moon on the 19th helps to alter certain fixed ideas you might have about a partnership. From the 10th and during the next 13 months, Jupiter promises a better and more optimistic financial picture. A loan, royalties or commission can make life sweeter for you from this month and until November 2018!


You might struggle this month to keep a secret. From as early as the 5th, it could become clear that you're going to have to 'spill the beans' in some way. The Full Moon that occurs on the 5th could also help to release you from a burden you've shouldered quietly on your own. During mid-October, your ruler, Venus, influences health matters and self-improvement. Something work-related can captivate your attention and your heart. One work-related development or opportunity could have you punching the air with delight!


The Full Moon on the 5th brings closure to a friendship but what transpires is unlikely to be a surprise. An ending brings a new opportunity for both of you. Good luck planet, Jupiter, influences work and self-improvement from the 10th for a 13-month period. Whatever has felt like wading through treacle work-wise recently is about to become significantly easier during October - and throughout much of 2018. This is an amazing month for affairs of the heart, too. Love and passion planets, Venus and Mars, work in tandem to make October a very sexy - and potentially memorable month for you!


A tense Full Moon on the 5th influences your career, causing you to reassess a professional plan you were certain would unfold without a hitch. At least one person will need to respect your decision regarding this. What transpires on home or family fronts around mid-October will be a delightful distraction. Alterations within your abode or a complete change of residence could be possible. Jupiter's change of sign heralds a 13-month period where your relationship with a child - or possibly children - becomes strengthened. If you sense an urge to express yourself creatively in any way, then don't suppress it! A masterpiece could emerge!


Coming weeks bring fantastic opportunities to broaden your mind or embark upon a particular learning curve. However, you'll need to be honest and realistic about whether or not you have time or energy to pursue properly what you're considering. It's also possible certain individuals have different ideas about what any learning or study plans should involve. Fortunately, you're blessed with an amazing 'way with words' this month. If you need to smooth over tension between you and a certain person or delayed a negotiation due to being unsure how to convey yourself, then the right words will be found - and flow - when you need them.


Finances and money matters will require much focus this month. There could be numerous, sudden demands on your income and at least one financial plan will need reassessing or revising. An investment could prove costlier than you anticipated. You could also receive a bill that makes your jaw drop. However, once the Full Moon on the 5th wanes, the financial picture becomes clearer and more manageable. Fortunately, Venus influences your earned income sector, providing a financial cushion where you need it. You could discover a new source of income from teaching or training in some way. Explore creative ways to boost your income, because the sky insists they exist!


The Full Moon in your opposite sign won't be a proverbial picnic, as tension escalates between you and a partner. You and they could have different ideas about a shared situation or arrangement. However, once Venus enters your sign mid-month, life becomes harmonious and comfortable. A New Moon in Libra on the 19th marks the start of a new and important chapter. If you need a kick up the backside to take necessary action you've been avoiding, then Mars brings it a few days later. You've benefited directly from Jupiter's 'good luck' and optimistic influence since September 2016. This month, it exerts a 13-month influence on your earnings. Happy days!

Something connected with your daily routine could bring the end of your tether as October commences. The Full Moon on the 5th highlights your service to others but also influences health matters and self-improvement. If you've delayed kicking a habit or starting a fitness regime, then what you commence has 'long-term' and 'permanent' written all over it! The most exciting news surrounds Jupiter's arrival in your sign for a 13-month visit. Jupiter represents good luck, expansion and blessings, putting you in the right places at the right times to make the right connections during the coming year. This month marks of the start of an amazing and memorable period of fortuitous opportunities one after another!


Every Sagittarian will have their own story to tell about how the Full Moon in Aries affects them on or around the 5th. For many Archers, it highlights a love life matter and could bring the end to an involvement. A creative plan or project could be shelved, possibly due to an issue surrounding money. Other Centaurs could discover something connected with a child to be too costly. However, Venus brings relief by making you more attractive and in demand socially. The New Moon on the 19th marks the start of something spectacular if you're willing to interact and make yourself known. If you're a single Sagittarian looking for love, then it can happen this month!


Whatever tension manifests surrounding a home or family matter could be made up for by a stunning development on the career front. The emotional Full Moon on the 5th could demand quick thinking from you to overcome a home-related hurdle. By mid-month, focus shifts to professional developments. You have a challenge to rise to or an opportunity to seize, possibly both. The launching of a new business, being selected for promotion or embarking upon a new career direction are all supported superbly. Being an observer where your career is concerned is no longer an option. It's time to showcase your talents to those who need and appreciate them!


Even if you're a Water Bearer who believes in constant and open communication, you could find a reason exists to keep one tidbit of information to yourself as October kicks off. Should you not be thinking along such lines be warned! You could let something slip that you'll regret later. Try to be an observer during the first half of the month rather than a talker. On or around the 19th, you could identify a shortfall in your knowledge or experience you want to resolve. Educational or training opportunities will be on offer. The biggest news surrounds Jupiter's arrival in your career sector for a 13-month visit. Prepare for career-related aspirations to soar during the next year!


As October commences, you could find you have more 'month' than 'money' at your disposal. A tense Full Moon on the 5th influences earned income - and a possible loss of income. Some Pisceans might explore other investment options should one fall through. Venus helps to create amazing financial possibilities from the 8th. A New Moon on the 19th marks the start of a new chapter of financial support, even if it's a surprise tax refund landing on your doormat! Then, for the next 13 months, Jupiter enhances the need to broaden your mind or travel. Future success will be dictated by how willing you are to bridge any knowledge gaps during the coming year.

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