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Sometimes, people who don't see eye-to-eye are shown standing with their backs to each other and arms folded. This helps to make clear a shared refusal to communicate each others' stubborn and inflexible stance. It's interesting though that they should be seen to be close to each other whilst doing so. This month, it is an unshakable, understood and accepted closeness you have with someone that can finally bring some level of resolution to a drawn-out dispute.


We love it when something 'goes to plan'. We feel delighted when we achieve a result through a plan we devised and actioned. Do we not also love the occasional surprise? When we find ourselves the recipients of a fortuitous development that we didn't plan for, do we not feel protected and blessed? During October, allow for the possibility of such a development. Sometimes, wonderful things happen that don't form part of any carefully-made plans.


What is it they say about what we usually regret most in life? We tend to regret what we didn't do, as opposed to what we did. We can all relate to that statement. Whilst we can recall quite easily something we did that we wished we hadn't done, we can be a bit too quick to ignore something positive that did actually result from action we took. During October, it is likely to become clear that you needn't nurture a regret or continue to feel apologetic for action taken some time ago.


We know we often miss something only when it has been removed from our lives. We also know we can be appreciative of something that finds its way into our lives, especially when it arrives in an unexpected or unplanned way. If you feel satisfied with levels of comfort and security in your world, then there is no reason to believe either will diminish during October. But, be prepared to feel a new level of delight when you notice both increase in a way you didn't anticipate.


For some time, a particular plan has required careful timing on your part. For it to bring the result you need, you've had to watch and wait patiently for the right moment to present itself. Various factors have had to be considered. Acting too soon could bring a premature result in the same way taking action too late could mean an opportunity could be missed. October brings a chance to do what you've been waiting to do. Expect to finally be aware of how perfect your timing is.


October offers pleasing encounters with more than one person. It also offers a chance to put to rest an issue that has been a bone of contention for some time. Is there a 'catch'? With so much promising and pivotal on offer, should there be something you need to keep a careful eye on? Actually, yes, there is. All that has potential to be pleasing this month can only manifest if you lose a sense of pessimism has grown strong of late. Do that, and a memorable time awaits.


What is and isn't within your ability to change? What must you resign yourself to never changing or accept it will always be as it is? Answers to those questions are dependent upon how confident you feel that you can bring change where you want and need it and how resigned you are to believing yourself incapable of doing so! October offers a glimpse into what might be possible in ways you believed impossible. It's time to do what you believed was beyond your ability to do.

Coming weeks will confirm how far you have come in some way. 'How far' can mean distance travelled. It also implies you're in a different situation to one you were in not so long ago. Regardless of which applies to you, October offers a chance to take stock of what has improved through the investment of faith and effort and to improve things further. You might need to be made a bit less comfortable to do so but that, you will see, will spur you into action in a new way.


What are you 'made of'? I don't mean physiologically, chemically or biologically. If offered a chance to rise to a particular challenge, would you do so? Would you face it head on and see it as surmountable rather than insurmountable? The good news is, during October, you're being supported cosmically in a way that should make light work of something you might normally be daunted by. You're about to exceed an expectation - and set a new precedent for yourself.


The path of least resistance is always an easy one to take. We all do it, too. If given a choice between doing something we see as difficult or taking an easier option, we often choose the latter wherever possible. Does that make us lazy or sensible? Coming weeks bring a chance for you to free yourself from a time consuming, stressful, awkward and difficult commitment. An easier option is about to present itself and you'd do yourself an enormous favor by taking it.


Imagine if everything we did was easy. Imagine if we excelled at anything we tried for the first time or didn't have to experience challenges with anything we undertook. How dull would life be? It might be fun for a while but we'd lose every sense of achievement or any thrill associated with exceeding an expectation. October requires you to rise to a particular challenge. This will bring a very brief, initial struggle that will soon be replaced with reassurance and delight.


Remember, as a child, when you rode a car at a funfair or theme park attached to a metal rail? You probably believed you gained control that was supposed to be inhibited by a metal rail. During October, it's important to recognize how you're being carried, transported, whatever you want to call it, to a particular destination. Don't worry about effort required on your part to get there. Relax and allow yourself to be taken to a new level in some way in an area of your world.

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