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What is it they say about 'bygones'? We're supposed to let them be, er, bygones! We're supposed to allow proverbial water to pass under proverbial bridges so a new beginning can commence between us and someone else or at least a new and more promising arrangement can be reached. This month sees you making effort to repair an unsatisfactory situation in some way. You might have vowed you'd never do it but a good reason to do so will present itself.


Anyone emerging from an audience watching a magic show shouting, 'I can see how this trick is done!' isn't going to win popularity prizes with the magician or audience. When we see through facades, we score brownie points sometimes but not always. Some people don't want magic compromised through seeing the reality within a situation. This month, however, you bring a new level of magic into your world by seeing the reality of a situation that affects you and you alone.


The Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz had no heart to begin with yet his actions indicated otherwise. He made numerous unselfish decisions that suggested he at least had something 'in the right place.' You, however, are not without a heart and it is very much in 'the right place.' It's possible though that recent events have made it difficult to prove this. During July, an opportunity exists for you to do something that confirms how compassionate, sensitive and unselfish you are.


If someone makes a point we believe is made with utter conviction, then we're often prepared to consider or support it. The same can be said about urgency. If someone convinces us we must do something right here and now, then we'll often respond positively to the urgent demand. Be careful this month how much pressure you put yourself under through believing something to be more time-sensitive than it is. A sense of urgency might actually be misplaced or exaggerated.


'What more do I have to do to convince you?' Such words are often said by someone who believes they've done all they can do to reassure us that whatever they're offering or proposing is viable and needs supporting. Even the cosmos is known to ask us such a question from time to time. During July, you can expect numerous instances of reassurance where you want and need it. It will be up to you to recognize - and accept - that is what you're being provided with.


People speak about 'going out on a limb'. The phrase implies going to extra or unprecedented lengths to attain or achieve something and often on someone else's behalf. This month, however, you need to 'go out on a limb' but the person benefiting from your efforts will be you. In the same way we must sometimes go out on a limb to pick the best fruit, expect during coming weeks to benefit enormously from investing a bit more effort and imagination where both are needed.


Nothing annoys some people more than having to explain and justify actions or decisions. In their mind, they've given careful thought to what they're doing and have absolute faith in what they're embarking upon. Yet, along comes someone who picks what they believe to be flaws in the plan. During July, you might have to explain or justify your method in what certain others believe to be madness but you know you have a thought-through strategy and that's all that matters.

There are times when the most generous person on Earth must take a step back and assess whether their continued giving is wise or appropriate. We are not robots programmed to continue doing the same thing, over and over again, unconcerned about whether it is right or wrong. Coming weeks are likely to see you reviewing your continued support of something or someone. If complacency has set in on anyone's part, this will become apparent and rectified during July.


There are times when we believe we can leave alone some situations that deserve our attention and effort. We sense they don't need to be dealt with urgently and can give them whatever attention they need when it becomes essential to do so. We don't always do this out of laziness. We often do this out of fear. During July, something you've ignored through being fearful of it isn't going to go away. You will soon see how its insistence you deal with and resolve it is a blessing.


It's understood and accepted some things in life can be late. Brides arriving at their own wedding ceremonies or the start of musicals or concerts are two examples. Their lateness serves to build a stronger sense of anticipation which makes their arrival or commencement much more exciting or memorable. Bear that in mind during July where a plan you want to see happen is concerned. It will happen. It's just being fashionably late in order to build excitement and anticipation for it.


'Oh, well, why didn't you say so?' That's one response we receive from someone whom we manage to change the mind of. It's as if something clicks or a lightbulb appears above their head when we make a particular point that diminishes or eliminates their reason for being unhelpful or obstructive. During July, it might appear anything you do or say won't change a stubborn person's mind. Expect though to find the perfect way to do so before the month is through.


Some situations, when they first appear, can appear worthy of being fearful of. Then, as time passes and we learn more about them, we discover their 'bark' to be much worse than their 'bite'. Behind their seemingly intimidating appearance is a lack of substance to be truly fearful of. For some time, you have felt daunted by a particular scenario but, during July, it becomes clear what you believed to be the equivalent of a ferocious tiger is more of a playful kitten.

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