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Sometimes, explanations and justifications get in the way of carefully-laid plans. We feel a need to explain and justify actions and decisions to ourselves. We also feel an obligation to explain and justify both to certain others who haven't had the same train of thought. This month, be prepared to have to retrace old steps or reiterate your reasons for pursuing a particular course of action. This might need to be done to yourself. It might need to be done for the benefit of others. You can trust, however, that the repeating process will be helpful, productive and delightful. Expect soon to see how understood and supported you really are.


Bulls have many distinctive traits and characteristics, horns being one of them. Watching two bulls collide and lock horns is both impressive and daunting. The determination and ferocity in which they lock together often results in a kind of stalemate for a period of time. With that in mind, the coming month could see you and a certain person or possibly an organization doing something similar. A dispute or disagreement could see you focusing on making or proving a point, getting your way or parting someone's hair with a few chosen words. The more you can act sensitively and cooperate, the more likely it is that a satisfactory conclusion can be reached.


Habits, we know, are habit forming. We are told by those who profess to know much about breaking habits that we must condition our minds to see habits as dogs barking outside wanting us to let them inside. As soon as we give in, we return to Square One. This month could see you struggling not so much with an actual habit but a train of thought you are so used to entertaining. For so long, you've allowed a certain person or situation to play constantly in your head and part of you probably wonders how empty your world might be should they or it be banished from your thinking. This month provides the opportunity to finally free yourself.


In action films, characters often find themselves in strange and unfamiliar territory through decisions and actions they believed would take them to where they wanted to be. Yet, through no real fault of their own, they must cope with a setback and use every resource available to get back to where they need to be. Perhaps, this scenario sounds familiar. In some way, you've found yourself in a less than desirable situation that affected a plan you believed was unshakable or solid. Like our action hero, all you need to do is keep moving. November marks the start of a new journey toward a better and happier ending to a tense, uncertain and drawn-out saga.


Have you tried to find a pearl contained within an oyster? I suspect the process, although ultimately rewarding, is not particularly pleasant to begin with. We don't simply produce a brilliantly white pearl from oysters. Jewelry manufacturers make them appear so. Pearls are actually unattractive things despite the magical process that created them. November brings a magical process for you but, you might not regard it as magical to begin with. To benefit from magic promised this month, you might have to get your hands dirty or tolerate a brief unpleasant experience. Soon, you will see how what appeared unattractive is beautiful and worth having.


Sometimes, before we believe ourselves able to do something, we need to see evidence of success before taking the proverbial plunge. Recently, you've surprised yourself with a brave step taken or something you achieved that you believed was only something those benefiting from a kind, caring and supportive cosmos ever experience. Guess what? November will confirm you're precisely that kind of person. The brave step taken, although not insignificant, will become less significant in light of a bigger, bolder and necessary step you must now take. Ignore any doubt. Take serious notice of what you're heart is encouraging you to do and you will be delighted.


People who enjoy restoring vintage cars love nothing more than discovering a real gem in need of love and attention, overlooked by others who failed to see beauty concealed beneath layers of dust and rust. With effort, skill and foresight, something written off as scrap can again be made beautiful and valuable. During November, something in an area of your world might appear unappealing, uninspiring or requiring considerable effort to 'put right'. Your head will probably see the task as onerous or even pointless. Yet, your heart will have different ideas. Developments during coming weeks will help to restore magic and beauty where both have been missing.

We often fail to see how much of what we desire is 'within reach'. Filmmakers enjoy making a scene more dramatic by dangling what a character wants badly and allowing only their fingertips to barely touch it. By mustering a tiny bit of effort and faith, our hero or heroine manages to seize whatever-it-is and save the day. Something similar looks likely for you this month. Something is being dangled tantalizingly in front of you yet is frustratingly beyond reach. Much depends on how badly you want it. But, if you truly want it, then a way will be made possible for you to have it, provided you too are willing to dig deep for just a tiny bit more effort and faith.


Some actors will only accept parts in films if they're allowed to throw scripts to one side and perform their role instinctively. Whoever invented certain cutlery probably had no idea it would serve as a makeshift screwdriver. During November, avoid a perceived need to make a grand gesture or take serious action to solve a particular problem. What's needed is imagination and willingness to improvise in some way. What you're faced with is surprisingly and easily surmountable but it will require you to adapt accordingly. Trust that you have all you need this month to make a necessary and long-lasting difference. Don't focus or dwell on what is missing.


Are you destined to be left on the sidelines? Is it your destiny that others should bask in warm rays of success whilst you watch and wonder when you'll experience something similar? It's not that you have reservations about climbing a particular proverbial mountain. It's the fact that you believe if you do, you'll be presented with another needing conquering that will lead to yet another. You're wondering if giving certain effort or commitment will be worth it. This goes much against the grain of someone born under your sign. You're made of sterner stuff. November offers a fantastic opportunity to restore your and others' faith in what you're truly made or capable of.


Where do you 'fit' in? Why do you feel a need to give such thought to how or where you 'fit' in? Society has always been about 'conforming and that doesn't look set to change in the near future. So many people adhere to rules set by unseen councils who believe themselves worthy of dictating terms surrounding what is required from anyone before they can 'fit in' or be accepted. During November, it will become increasingly clearer how much credibility you do have already and what it is you can offer in ways you might believe through convincing yourself or being told by certain others you can't. Expect during coming weeks to gain much deserved respect.


Life presents us with different types of 'curves'. There are 'curve balls', situations that often appear suddenly and cause us to reassess our positions. Then, there are things called 'learning curves' that are intended to be helpful and enlightening but have a tendency to cause us to react negatively. Sometimes, we react to both inappropriately because we draw upon past experiences and results in the belief we're about to encounter similar. This month, you set a new precedent. Although a situation appears familiar and worthy of caution or suspicion, what you've learned previously can be applied in a way that ensures you bring about a new and much more pleasing result.

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