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We 'accept' challenges but a more interesting and perhaps illustrative word is 'rise'. By rising to a challenge, we put ourselves in a potentially stronger and more confident position by allowing what's testing us to be seen as beneath us or in a more inferior way. September offers you a chance to do precisely that in an area of your world. What might appear daunting as you look up to it will soon appear encouraging and even heartening once you decide to show it who's boss.


During September, you'll notice how problematic factors in your world are diminishing or posing less of a threat. So, what has happened to them? Have they become bored and chosen to become someone else's issues or does possibility exist they're no longer as relevant as they once were through you being in a stronger and more promising position than you once were? That possibility doesn't just exist, it is a fact. New levels of reassurance and comfort are coming.


This month, Mercury, embarks upon its final backward motion phase of 2015. This has implications to a plan close to your heart and dialogue with a certain person you've known for some time needs to happen. Where you thought you were likely to put a plan in motion or have that exchange, you'll need to get your proverbial ducks lined up in a more effective way. September is about preparation and the application of patience. You'll be grateful for both.


Recently, there have been limits to how far you've been able to make or push a point to a certain person. You raise a particular topic only to be made to feel you're being uncooperative or insensitive. It might have suited someone to set terms surrounding the extent they're prepared to discuss something but, during September, you gain control where you've wanted and needed it. Expect coming events to confirm how you are finally being listened to - and understood!


Have you been able to spot your Fairy Godmother flying surreptitiously above you? Maybe, you mistook her for the Guardian Angel that hovers nearby. In any case, if you need reassurance you have protection in more than one way, then coming weeks should do much to allay concerns. Much depends though on you and your guardians agreeing upon the difference between what you want and what you truly need. If you do need it, then it will be made available to you.


With Mercury enjoying its final three-week slumber of 2015 and a Solar Eclipse occurring in your sign, September can be a memorable and pivotal month for you. With changes occurring in more than one way, you have to be prepared to experience a little bit of insecurity or tension. Whilst the cosmos is determined to bring change where you need it, it is prepared to reward you for perseverance and patience. Make a point of recognizing that reward when it comes your way.


Welcome to a helpful 'period of reassessment' that awaits you this month. Perhaps, the idea of reconsidering what you believed to be solid and not in need of reevaluating doesn't sound welcome but, by the end of September, you'll be grateful for having done so. Expect though to gain a better understanding of what you need in some way and why this new level of understanding is far more appropriate than what you've accepted previously.

During September, the cosmos is helping to determine what needs to be removed from your world in order to grant you more freedom and allow you to not have to deal with particular problematic factors you've grown used to. You might believe what the cosmos insists should be removed is something you must retain. That's because you've grown used to what has been holding you back - and that's precisely what the cosmos is focusing its efforts on removing!


Saturn's return to your sign could, in some ways, be a bit like the teacher returning a classroom of unruly students. Of course, the word 'unruly' doesn't apply to you but you could have become quite comfortable with the absence of the planet of discipline, restriction and responsibility in recent months and be very aware of how a need to 'knuckle down' will be increasingly prevalent this month. You will benefit enormously from this regained focus. Trust that and all will be fine.


Does a certain person wring their hands and laugh like an evil professor or old-fashioned movie villain at the thought of control they have over you? At least, they think they have control over you, anyway. You might also believe you've had to adopt an inferior or subservient role to them. In truth, September sees you move from a position of uncertainty and volatility to one of strength and promise. If someone believes they hold control over you, then they're sorely mistaken.


It's one thing to feel uncertain but another to feel resigned to it. If we convince ourselves something can never be clear or answered and make no effort to bring clarity or find an answer, then we find ourselves in a self-created world of doubt and confusion. During September, you will be encouraged to bring clarity to what has been confusing. Don't worry about not having enough essential information to do so. That's precisely what the cosmos intends to provide.


If a glimmer of hope is needed in an area of your world to boost your confidence levels and encourage you to feel optimistic where you have felt drained, then hope is what's on offer to you this month. In fact, the cosmos intends to provide much more than a glimmer, just to be on the safe side. You want to know a particular drama is close to having run its course. It is. And it will. Seize the promise of hope and you can ensure a draining scenario gets put behind you forever.

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