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The first half of the month will bring a need to reassess or revise career aspirations that might have got delayed or put on the back burner as 2016 drew to a close. Once Mercury goes direct in your career and status sector, you might have something new to embark upon or prove professionally. It's the Full Moon in your solar home and family sector that could bring domestic tension to a head. Be willing to offer a solution rather than risk adding to a problem!


Much of what you're likely to deal with will be intensely personal to you and you might choose to distance yourself from anyone or anything that distracts you from resolving a personal issue that got delayed at the end of 2016. Keeping your distance might also prove helpful in terms of ensuring you don't get drawn into a sensitive scenario affecting someone else more than you. You're not as obliged to involve yourself with their problem as you're led to believe you are.


A confusing financial issue looks set to be resolved once Mercury starts moving direct on the 8th. When Venus enters your solar career and status sector on the 3rd, not only will harmony replace any tension on the career front but you could shine in a new role or find yourself being recognized and appreciated by powers-that-be. Don't fret if a financial issue raises its head around the Full Moon on the 12th. What comes to an end is making space for something better!


Mercury's direct motion in your relationship and commitment sector could help you to become clearer about who's truly worthy of your attention and affections. However, it's the Full Moon in your sign on the 12th that turns the cosmic spotlight on you and allows you to make clear how you've been unappreciated or possibly unfulfilled, personally or professionally. Your voice can be heard but with emotions likely escalating, try not to overreact or overemphasize a point.


An exciting fresh start you've been anticipating might take longer than you'd hoped to show signs of progress, so allow until the 12th for momentum to get underway. The Full Moon could highlight in no uncertain terms a sensitive matter, possibly a romantic or relationship issue, that could see you tempted to brush it under the carpet to be dealt with at a later date. You will know it needs accepting and confronting. Rise above it confidently and resolve it, once and for all.


Venus will be influencing your relationships and commitment sector, bringing harmony and affectionate energy to your love life. Bask in warmth on offer in your emotional world because you'll need to focus positive energy toward your social life around the time of the Full Moon on the 12th. Diplomacy and sensitivity will be needed to confront and resolve a tense situation, possibly involving a friend. A sudden development on the career front at month end could make you smile.


Venus's influence in your day-to-day work sector will boost commitment or contentment levels generally in the workplace. However, you'll need to be careful around the time of the Full Moon in your career sector on the 12th as tension between you and a co-worker could escalate with little or no warning. This could also relate to a business partner or even a family member and it will likely be you who has to handle the issue sensitively and tactfully.

Be prepared to use your creative talents to express yourself romantically as Venus influences your true love sector. Romantic thoughts merge beautifully with words or any other way you choose to reveal what's in your heart. The Full Moon on the 12th could highlight a publishing or advertising issue or a matter connected with travel or overseas. This could also have a legal slant to it. A New Moon on the 27th could mark the start of a new era domestically.


With Venus focusing attention on your domestic sector, home and family matters can become harmonious. If you're considering decorating your abode, then this is the month to do it! Once Mercury moves direct on the 8th, uncertainty surrounding your earnings will be removed, allowing you to see a financial situation more realistically. The Full Moon on the 12th might help you to assess your financial situation and decide where some overdue cuts need to be made.


Mercury's forward motion in your sign brings a renewed sense of clarity and purpose whilst resolving an issue clouded in uncertainty recently. A tense Full Moon in your relationships and commitments sector on the 12th could see you at loggerheads with a loved one or partner and you'll need to dig deeply into your patience reserves to keep things calm and civil. The end of the month ends on a reassuring note financially with a new source of income or pay rise on the cards!


Venus graces your earnings sector from the 3rd, boosting your confidence and ability to consider potential moneymaking opportunities. Your sense of 'self-worth' is enhanced and this can have an effect on your bank balance. Your keenness to explore new ways to boost your earnings could result in a new job or source of income around the Full Moon on the 12th - and it might be lack of fulfilment in the workplace that encourages you to invest your time and talents elsewhere.


Venus moves into Pisces on the 3rd, boosting your confidence, attractiveness and charm levels. If you're a single Piscean looking for love, then use Venus's influence until early February. A Full Moon on the 12th could highlight an unexpected development with a child or bring matters to a head involving a partner. Decisive action will be needed either to confront and resolve a love-related issue or cut loose a romantic connection that has become emotionally-draining.

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