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If something is to be done properly, then it needs to be done within a realistic timescale. That's the message from the cosmos to you this month but you probably knew already that whatever it is you're embarking upon needs patience applied to it. You appear to be treating an offer or opportunity with caution and are right to do so. There is though, something valuable and magical to be gained from taking something slowly. Get the balance right and you'll succeed with putting in place something permanent with considerable potential for delight.


You're being encouraged this month to look at restrictions in your world and why they exist. Are they of your creation or have they been imposed upon you? Part of you feels comfortable adhering to them because of predictability and comfort they offer. Yet, reasons for accepting them previously aren't appropriate today and that's what the cosmos intends to draw your attention to. By identifying what can be achieved by pushing or redefining certain boundaries, you're about to discover much that is inspiring - and attainable - with a little bit of courage and effort.


During coming weeks, it's likely to become clear how a particular development or opportunity offers much to be excited and inspired about but also has certain questionable conditions attached that can't be ignored. You could be punching the air with delight one minute and then realize you ought to be applying caution toward whatever-it-is the next. In the same way anything that needs to settle usually needs shaking up at first, as March progresses, you will become aware of how certainty is gradually replacing ambiguity. Then, you'll know what you need to do.


Have you ever tried to drag an unwilling horse to water to make it drink? Have you ever tried to teach a reluctant pig to sing? Unless you're receiving cooperation from either, the exercise is a futile one that will cause you to wonder why you're bothering to invest so much effort. During March, you'll likely wonder why you're giving effort to a situation that isn't bringing appreciation or reward you hoped it would. The good news is, your effort, patience and perseverance will be rewarded. Prepare to be surprised and delighted at what the cosmos intends to give you.


Maybe, one day, vehicles won't have steering wheels. We will simply set our destination and then relax as the vehicle delivers us safely on its own. In a similar way, and with regard to where you feel inclined to make the most effort, you can relax. During March, you have tremendous and very powerful celestial assistance available. The more you try to gain control of what needs to be left alone, the more you'll discover leaving alone what needs to manifest in its own way and time is by far the best option. So, relax and allow yourself to be guided safely to where you need to be.


A distraction in an area of your world needs to be seen as that and nothing more this month. Like a wasp at a picnic or mosquito in a tent, it needn't detract attention from what truly deserves it. During March, an opportunity is presenting itself that holds much potential for happiness and freedom yet you could be inclined to look past it at something that's little more than a nuisance. If you make a conscious decision to put an aspect of the past behind you and embrace an aspect of the future that wants so much to be embraced, then a very positive and delightful result awaits.


Our reluctance to pursue a particular plan or seize an opportunity is often hampered by the words 'what if?'. We ask ourselves 'what if this was to happen?' or 'what if that was to happen?' and usually there's a negative connotation attached. We ponder what might go wrong or in what ways we might be setting ourselves up for disappointment. This month, you're right to be asking the question, 'what if?' but ought to be focusing on what might actually go well or bring reassurance and delight. It's time to have faith in something you've deliberated and delayed for too long.

Some household appliances are designed to be noisier than they need to be. Many believe that, if something operates quietly, it isn't powerful and therefore falls short of expectations. We often equate power and influence with discord or dynamism. During March, something transformational is building in an area of your world. You might believe change you want to see would require a fanfare or make a grand and profound entrance. What unfolds during coming weeks might appear subtle or unobtrusive but have faith in the fact that it is very powerful and very far-reaching.


During March, you might experience the 'I've been here before' syndrome. We all experience it from time to time. We find ourselves in a situation that looks and feels all too familiar and recall how it didn't go to plan previously or we ended up feeling nothing more than disappointment with what transpired. History doesn't always repeat itself and the past should not always be a way of measuring the future. Where you feel inclined to prepare yourself for disappointment during coming weeks, you have every reason to feel optimistic this time around.


Some of the highest-paid sporting personalities sit on the sidelines during games. Sometimes, they replace another player with minutes to spare. This usually doesn't make sense to anyone watching but we assume powers-that-be know what they're doing and their decision forms part of a strategy of some kind. During March, need exists for you to be detached from a situation you wish you were more involved with. Have faith that your input or assistance will be required but only when timing is perfect to do so. Until then, simply be ready to act when called upon.


We tend to be good at identifying obstructions when we encounter them. We can often easily determine why something is blocked or functioning to a certain point before it fails to go beyond that point. If the problem is easily identifiable, then the solution often is, too. During March, you get a chance to see, perhaps for the first time, why you keep encountering opposition or frustration with regard to progress you yearn to see happen. The blockage is easily identifiable and, to your delight, so too is the solution. Expect to finally make a breakthrough of some kind.


The coming month brings a Solar Eclipse in your sign. The Rolls Royce equivalent of aspects graces Pisces for the first time since 2007 and the interesting thing about eclipses is what they tend to reveal. What has been on shaky ground tends to be highlighted and resolved in ways we might not have chosen to resolve ourselves if the decision was ours. This month, you have a choice. It is within your power to retain what you don't want to lose. Expect to have one or two harsh realities highlighted but you needn't lose what you know, in your heart, must be retained.

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