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June could highlight more than one reason for you to assess how involved you should continue to be with a particular arrangement or how supportive you should continue being toward it. Coming weeks could see proverbial goalposts moving by others who believe they can dictate what you should be doing in ways that suit them. However, you could start to question whether your efforts to placate them really suit you and that's where a particular revelation will be timely and helpful.


Circumstances during June could cause you to consider 'playing it safe' or resisting entering unknown territory in some way. Bettering a certain Devil you know might have its benefits but, as June progresses, it could become clear a risk needs to be taken. One reason why you might have resisted doing so previously surrounds being unsure if you really want to deal with change that would inevitably accompany it. This month, it's time to summon courage and take that step.


Can you remember when you first saw a sun shower? You were probably small and struggled to grasp the concept that rain could occur whilst there was sunshine. Now, when one occurs, you manage to see what's magical but know as well that rain won't last long. Coming weeks bring the cosmic equivalent of radiant sunshine to your world but, at the same time, expect the equivalent of rain. Moments of both, will, however, contain much that is both magical and memorable.


The sky speaks clearly about your ability to get more than one person on your side and win the trust and possibly admiration of those whom you've felt excluded from recently. You have a voice that is about to be heard and listened to. You have a point of view that will, eventually, be accepted. As June progresses, you'll become increasingly aware of how easier it has become to win friends, influence people and build bridges where more than one has been needed.


Coming weeks will likely see you focused on a particular plan, determined to prove something to yourself and one or two others in the process. That's fine, but, at some point, it will become clear that, to get what you want in a particular area, you're going to have to make yourself a tiny bit vulnerable. This will likely take the form of being a bit more flexible where you've been determined to stand your ground. Be brave, but, above all, be sensitive and accommodating.


Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion and optimism remains in your sign and will do until September. Although it spent the first five months of this year in a weakened state, it's very much on form this month. You have reasons to feel optimistic about your outlook in more than one area of your world. It's possible though, you might err on the side of pessimism in a defensive way. Don't allow unfounded negative thinking to hamper genuine and heartwarming progress on offer.


Opinions, suggestions and criticisms will be in abundance this month. One person will believe they know what's best for you in one way and another will have their own view they'll be keen to convey. With so much advice coming your way, you might believe there'll be no need to think for yourself this month. After all, so many people seem to have your best interests at heart but do they? As well-meaning as many might be, exercise your right to do what you know is best for you.

Some people appear to have 'all the luck.' They appear to go through life without a care in the world and seem to have a knack for bringing success effortlessly to whatever they choose to focus on. Things just seem to 'happen' for them, leaving everyone else wondering how or why they've been singled out in such ways. This month, you look set to be the recipient of such fortuitous events. Prepare to discover what it feels like to have a Midas Touch!


In some way this month, 'the end' is in sight. A finishing line is within view. You, however, might see either as a mirage; something that will move further away cruelly once you reach it. You'll benefit more from giving a final burst of effort to something you might feel needs approaching cautiously through not believing you've reached the end of a long, drawn-out and tiresome process. Trust that you're far too close to completion to slow down due to negative thinking.


We live on a planet spins at 1,040 miles per hour and orbits our sun at 67,000 miles per hour. There's proof if it was needed that nothing on Earth stands still! We, however, can be real sticklers for wanting much in our world to remain the same. We take comfort from predictability and resent change despite knowing it's essential. This month, resist clinging to something you know, in your heart, must change. When it does, you'll be in no doubt the change is for the better.


Recent decades have seen a shift in attitude toward accepting the power of that which is small. Mobile phones were once the size of shoeboxes. Hatchback cars were rarely seen on roads. Sometimes, 'less' can be 'more' and that's what developments this month need you to remember. By downsizing an expectation, you're giving success a more realistic chance of presenting itself. Have faith in the fact that the power of what you're putting in place won't be altered!


Most cookbooks prefer that we stick to the recipes. There's clearly no law against deviating from a carefully selected and measured list of ingredients but if we can make use of someone else's experience and learn from their mistakes, then it makes sense to stick with what's proven to work. You're a clever so and so but don't think yourself so clever that you can ignore an accepted way of doing something. The accepted way exists for a reason and one that can truly help you.

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