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It might feel as if work or career matters are dominating your thoughts or requiring much-focused energy, but that's probably because you're pushed during coming weeks to consolidate professional matters. Fortunately, attracting the right kind of attention and getting your way professionally or in any area of your world will be significantly easier due to Venus boosting your charm and persuasiveness from the 6th to the 31st. From the 22nd, Mercury starts its three-week backward motion in your sign. Miscommunication could cause problems at this time, so bear that in mind when the Full Moon at month end pushes you to make a decision regarding a relationship or commitment.


The month kicks off with the cosmos determined to boost your feel-good factor, and focus is squarely on affairs of the heart during much of this month. A Full Moon influences all things romantic, and a romantic or relationship shift of some kind is promised. For some Taureans, a relationship with a child could also reach a new level of depth. From the 17th, any task or project concerned with people connected with afar or overseas, in-laws, a legal matter, publishing, broadcasting or advertising is superbly starred, so take your pick! What gets started around mid-month might take until mid-May before it comes to fruition, but you appear to have an exciting opportunity well worth seizing!


This month, you could find you possess a Midas touch where instigating or resolving certain plans or issues are concerned. As March commences, your focus is squarely on a home, family or real estate matter. You might also need to juggle this with a positive career development requiring quick thinking on your part. Once Mercury commences its three-week, backward motion from the 22nd, you'll be in the throes of preparation for a cherished plan. Reconnecting with or reviving one involvement or association is also possible. However, the Full Moon on the 31st could mark the end of one relationship. Walking away from it should only be an option if you are certain you've explored all other possibilities.


It could become clear during early March that you hold more power and influence over certain matters and arrangements than you thought you did. Even if one relationship, commitment or contract comes to an end, secretly, you'll feel more relief than regret. However, perhaps the biggest news involves mighty Mars influencing partnerships and commitments from the 17th until mid-May. This brings as much passion as it does stress to a relationship but increasing the former and reducing the latter is by no means impossible. Making a concerted effort to channel energy positively and putting in place an understanding with a loved one or partner that any stressful issues get nipped in the bud before they escalate will ensure you get through the other side unscathed - and possibly with a big smile on your face!


If you've had plenty of ideas recently to boost your earnings or make better use of a talent or skill you know has greater earning potential, then you could find an idea become something more during coming weeks. Further good financial news could arrive due to a family member or a partner receiving a bonus that will have both of you punching the air with delight. This could be connected with home, property, real estate, or a business venture. From the 17th until mid-May, power planet Mars influences your everyday work routines and health matters. Guard against being short-tempered with work colleagues during this time.


Emotions could run high as March kicks off due to a Full Moon in your sign. The more you suppress your deepest thoughts, feelings and emotions, the more stressful this Full Moon is likely to be. If a relationship or possibly a business partnership is to be taken to a deeper level, then it will be essential for you to open up and state honestly what you think and feel. The 17th is also a date for your diary, as this brings a New Moon affecting partnerships and passion planet Mars affecting love and romance until mid-May. Once Mercury commences its three-week backward motion on the 22nd, you will need to summon your Virgoan eye for detail, especially regarding financial matters. Avoiding complications will rely on you scrutinizing closely what needs to be scrutinized!


Focusing on your own needs might feel uncomfortable and possibly even selfish, but it might be essential during coming weeks. The cosmos is encouraging you to step back into the shadows and do whatever you need to do to bring greater levels of comfort and reassurance, especially if a health matter has been on your mind recently. You might need to make a concerted effort to deal with one issue at a time rather than believe you're superhuman and can cope with numerous demands. Mercury's three-week backward motion will affect partnerships and commitments so don't assume anything you say or that is said to you will be immediately understood. Finally, a Full Moon in your sign on 31st reminds you why it's essential to put your own needs first. Making sure you're in tip-top shape, both emotionally and physically, will ensure you're able to assist in supporting others where necessary.

A special partnership can be formed or strengthened during coming weeks, and this could become evident from the 1st. Once the New Moon occurs on the 17th, It could be all systems go! With Venus working her magic in your work sector, romance could blossom in the workplace. Some Scorpions could find a friendship starts to deepen or becomes more important. You will also have power planet Mars influencing communication from the 17th until mid-May. Your words can often carry considerable cloud, but they will do so even more during this period, So, summon your Scorpion sensitivity before speaking your mind! By the 31st, the urge to detach yourself from others or the world generally could be strong. If you feel a need to do so, then don't resist it. It might be essential for you to regain balance and recharge what needs recharging!


A superb reason will exist at the beginning of March for you to feel optimistic about or proud of a career development. A Full Moon on the 1st highlights professional achievements and your status in the eyes of others. Perhaps, some long-overdue praise is about to come your way. It's also possible you could experience an epiphany regarding your true calling in life. Mercury and Venus influence all things connected with love and romance from the 6th and if you're a single Archer looking for love, then what transpires on or around the 11th could make you smile. This might be connected to an ex-lover or ex-partner getting in touch. The 17th brings a New Moon influencing home and family matters. Interestingly, on the same day, Mars influences your earnings until mid-May. This could make purchasing property more of a priority - and possible!


If your home or domestic setup have been uncertain, disruptive or volatile recently, then you could see significant improvements from the start of March. It's also possible lines of communication could be improved between you and family members, or one in particular. However, any smooth-flowing conversations or exchanges could be prone to miscommunication from the 22nd, so try to get as much agreed or in place as possible by then. Perhaps the biggest news for you this month involves the arrival of Mars in your sign from the 17th until mid-May. The planet of power and passion intends to spur you into action where action is needed. You could be amazed at what an increase in determination can do to transform any area of your world!


There will be little point in getting worked up about a financial matter or expense. Whether this is tax-related or another form of essential expenditure, face it, tackle it, and move on. You might not have as much flexibility or room for maneuver as you wish you did, but that doesn't mean a monetary matter can't be resolved swiftly and effectively. From the 17th, there could be something you feel is necessary to keep to yourself, perhaps a plan, project or idea that you will reveal to the world only when you believe it's ready to do so. This might also involve you detaching yourself from the rest of the world to pursue it. If you feel your energy or passion flagging, then take that as your cue to recharge and rejuvenate yourself. By mid- May, it will be a very different story about where your energy will be focused, but March marks the start of some necessary “you time.“


Something looks set to shift regarding a partnership or commitment. This could coincide with a revelation, and a relationship might not be the same again in light of this, but for all the right reasons! However, it will be the New Moon in your sign on the 17th that brings the most powerful and potentially far-reaching fresh start or new beginning. You have a superb chance to win someone over or impress a particular individual who believes in your talents and abilities, and their support and faith won't go unnoticed by you. With the planets of love, comfort, money, and commerce influencing your earnings from the 6th, not only can you consolidate your finances, you could come up with a brainwave to enhance them - as long as you don't make any impulsive financial moves or transactions during coming weeks!

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