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How impressed would you be to see a racing car with no engine? Its design and interior might be impressive but an essential part of the vehicle – particularly in terms of 'impressiveness factor' – is missing. Even moving the car to the top of a hill to recreate the thrill of the driving experience would have limitations in terms of excitement on offer. This month presents you with a need to see through a façade and face the reality of something that appears exciting but is, in some way, without substance. All that glisters is not golden. Don't succumb to a temptation based only on how appealing it appears.


It's interesting what we perceive as 'being weak'. There are many natural human reactions to situations that we go to great lengths sometimes to conceal from others for fear of being seen as weak or incapable. Think, for example, how many people struggle to say several three word phrases, like 'I love you' or 'I don't know'. This month, you appear unwilling to say three words that can transform a sensitive or delicate situation. These are 'I need help' or 'please help me'. There is much support available to you to resolve or even strengthen an unsatisfactory scenario. To receive this, all you need to do is be brave, strong and willing to ask for it.


We speak often about 'clearing the air'. We tend to be in no doubt about what this means when we hear it. We can understand it to mean getting rid of stale or 'bad' air but its connotation tends to involve getting rid of doubts or hard feelings, particularly with at least one other person. This month presents you with an opportunity to do the latter. There is much that needs to be said between you and a certain person. You have a chance to set a particular record straight and make some helpful discoveries at the same time. What comes to light will help you to get a better grasp of the reality behind a situation that has been confusing or misleading for too long.


'What do you think I'll shave you for nothing and give you a drink'. Those words appeared on a sign in a barber's shop as a joke. Punctuation removed deliberately changed completely the reality of what the barber was saying. Have a play with punctuation and you'll see what I mean. This month, there's much being said to you but in what way are you supposed to interpret exactly what's being said? There could be several meanings and even though essential and long awaited information is coming your way, it doesn't necessarily mean you're grasping the true meaning of what's being said. As July progresses, you will. Prepare to finally know where you stand.


What's the definition of 'success'? Ask one hundred people and you'll probably receive one hundred different answers. Most involve sums of money in bank accounts or acquired material possessions. It's interesting how many people who have more money and material possessions than they'll ever know what to do with often reply. Their answers tend to be along the lines of waking up each morning and loving what they do during each day. With that, material gain often follows. This month, you will find yourself noticeably more comfortable in some way that will bring a boost to your confidence. And, with that will come a reassuring boost to your bank balance.


Sometimes, we want a result even if we believe one isn't forthcoming and, to achieve it, we sometimes feel inclined to create a bit of drama. We tend to do this with situations we believe have become stale or are showing little signs of progress in the belief that stirring a situation artificially is better than watching it grow stale on its own. This month, let a proverbial sleeping dog lie. Just because you're not seeing constant evidence that something is moving forward doesn't mean it isn't. Avoid the tendency to stir a situation just to see what reaction it causes. If you can remain patient, then you'll soon see why leaving it alone was the best option.


Some people find themselves in the right place at the right time and inadvertently make something wonderful happen. They surprise themselves when this happens, shrug their shoulders and put what happened down to fate. They believe we're all due a break sometimes and they had theirs. This month finds you in a similar position. As keen as you probably are to achieve a result and see progress in a certain area, the sky insists that don't need to invest nearly as much effort to make something happen as you believe you do. You're well placed to benefit from momentum working in your favor now. Let this show you how it intends to help you.

Some people possess the ability to provide help or support in a variety of ways but prefer to be asked for their assistance rather than offer it. This doesn't necessarily make them selfish. Sometimes, some people would prefer that others made some effort and learned from a mistake or two before seeking guidance or help. This month, you could be inclined to overlook how helpful or supportive you can be to a particular person. Your knowledge, experience or other input could be of enormous value to them but perhaps you feel they're unlikely to approach you. Look closely this month at where someone could use your assistance and then, don't be afraid to offer it.


Magic finds itself very difficult to manifest where there is no belief in its ability to do so. Magic also struggles to manifest when there is no room for it to do so, either. There is a direct correlation between the two scenarios. Does anyone believe in magic anymore or has our faith in instant results offered by today's technology sapped much of our belief? We're led to believe that any problem can be solved by throwing enough money at it rather than having faith in a positive development occurring in its own way and time. This month, you need to boost your faith levels in magic and then make space for what a bit of magic really can bring into your world.


How much does today's 'instant' society play a part in peoples' growing impatience? We've grown used to making instant purchases and communicating across planet Earth within seconds with the push of a single button. We forget how some things in life cannot and will not be rushed. There are and always will be processes that need to play out in their own time and way. This month brings a reminder that, no matter how keen you are to see a particular development finally happen, it needs more time to unfold. Avoid the tendency to accept a less attractive option in the belief it will have to suffice. Be patient and have faith that what you need will come to you.


Let's talk about 'passion' and, particularly the sort that drives and motivates, not the sort we tend to associate with romance or intimacy. Passion is fuelling your belief in a particular plan. In the same way successful people discovered a passion for something and pursued it relentlessly until it facilitated what they deeply desired, you too are well placed to achieve something spectacular. This relies entirely upon you maintaining consistent belief in what you're pursuing. Mars and Saturn's involvement with this plan suggests you're going to invest considerable effort to make it happen. But, if it means as much to you as it appears to do, then a pleasing result is on offer.


Let's talk about germs and bacteria. Maybe we can also talk about the smallest insects or what damage a tiny spark can cause. All of the above are more formidable than we sometimes give them credit for being. We ignore them because they're seemingly insignificant until such time that they cause us problems and then we discover how large a problem they really can create. Your forecast for July is extremely encouraging and positive and an extremely encouraging and positive development is on offer provided you're willing to consider what appears insignificant or unimportant. Don't lose sight of how something small really can bring about a something major if the right attention is given to it.

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