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One of many well-known English sayings is 'where there's muck, there's brass'. Although the saying relates to financial gain being possible through undertaking jobs few others want to do, it also implies gain from being prepared to get one's hands dirty and finding something worth having from investing such effort. This month, you're not expected to go above the call of duty in terms of attaining something worthwhile. All you need to do to make a positive and tangible gain is be prepared to invest effort in a way that hasn't excited you to date. Taking a deep breath and a brave step forward is all that's needed to bring a pleasant and heartwarming result.


We know the benefits of dotting every 'i' and crossing every 't'. If we give something we're undertaking our utmost attention, then we do so in the belief that we're minimizing or eliminating altogether any risk or risk of disappointment. Yet, we can become too fixated on some situations that need a bit of space and time to develop or unfold in their own ways. They appreciate our attention but only to a point. This month, your keenness to achieve a particular result could cause you to give a matter more attention than it requires. You've recently set an important process in motion. Trust that it intends to work with you. Give it attention but only in measured doses.


Geminis are renowned for identifying faultless strategies that take others longer to identify. Geminian minds are capable of seeing straight away what needs implementing and whilst it might take time for you to convey your thinking to others, you tend to get there eventually. This month, your ability to formulate a strategy is likely to require you to have to work a bit harder than you'd prefer to in order to get your point across. You might even be putting yourself at slight risk of having to oversee it single-handedly. With patience and willingness to convey yourself in way that empowers others, you can gain support for a very worthwhile, collaborative effort.


Luck, we understand, stands for 'labor under constructive knowledge'. In other words, with effort focused in the right way, combined with belief in what we're investing effort toward, we can find ourselves in fortuitous situations and effectively make our own luck. How do we know though, if we're investing effort toward the right cause? We can be a bit too quick sometimes to refer to past events and compare them too closely to what we're embarking upon in the present. This month, you're superbly placed to benefit from what can only be described as a stroke of luck, provided you're pursuing whatever-it-is with your heart and ignore anything resembling a past precedent.


Imagine trying to run a race with a ball and chain attached to your ankle. Attached to it is a kitchen sink and attached to that is an anvil. Ok, I accept that is, in many ways, a ludicrous analogy but the point surrounds not only one factor preventing you for making progress but several. It doesn't matter how skilled or talented you are, there will be clearly defined limits to your progress if you're expected to carry or support what is beyond your means to do so. This month, it becomes clear what must change if you're to be free to pursue a plan close to your heart. Whatever or whoever is being carried in ways that slow you down is about to be released.


There are some areas of our world we can do much within to ensure levels of predictability exist. These tend to surround routines. Rarely, can we expect predictability from humans. It's just not how we're wired. Human beings are and always will be unpredictable, changeable and erratic creatures. Such qualities make us as frustrating to others as we are fascinating and magical. This month, your experience with certain people and one in particular is likely to be more frustrating than magical. But, with a learning curve attached to a relationship or arrangement, magic can be the end result. Just get the frustrating bit out of the way. That's what December is all about.


Do good things only happen to others? Are guardian angels so fickle that they will select specific people to assist only because they like the look of them or believe they'll be less high maintenance than others? If we're willing to invest such wasteful effort, we can see others around us who appear to be closely guarded, protected or the constant recipients of luck and good fortune. Yet, they look around their world and feel the same about others. This month, regardless of what you feel you don't have or wish you had more of, understand you are being looked after by a kind and caring cosmos that is in a very festive, giving mood where you're concerned!

If you were to build 'it', would 'they' come? History is full of individuals who sought support for plans that were first met with scorn or negativity. Yet, over time and with a certain level of persuasion, people got the point and played a part in making something wonderful happen. Coming weeks suggest you might be unaware of influence you hold where gaining support of others is concerned but coming developments confirm this will become clearer soon. A restrictive influence you've probably grown used to during the past couple of years is now giving you a chance to show people what you're capable of.


As you read this, Saturn is practically on the border of your sign. It enters Sagittarius nearer the end of December where it will make itself comfortable until summer 2015 when it grinds back into Scorpio for a few months. Saturn last resided in Sagittarius between 1985 and 1988 so cast your mind back to then for some idea of what its influence involves. That makes December an important and pivotal month, particularly for you. With Saturn, comes opportunity. Opportunity brings life-changing decisions. Coming weeks will make clear how aspects of your world are changing and where effort is likely to bring the greatest reward. Embrace a new era commencing.


Imagine reading a novel or watching a film and coming to what you believed to be the end of the story. Now, imagine being confused or angry with the fact that you invested valuable time trying to understand what the story was about and not having a clue. So, you chalk it up to experience, vowing to be more discriminating about novels or films in future. What if you discovered the story hadn't finished? What if you discovered a hidden ending? What if this ending made much more sense to the point of being inspirational? December's developments aren't too far removed from that long-winded analogy. Expect new information on an old saga to alter your opinion of it.


Can others see what you can see? Is there a vision you have that you know is recognized and supported by others? In many ways now, it doesn't matter how 'in tune' with a goal of yours others are. What fires your imagination does so because you can see what the tangible and achievable result is. There are therefore limits to how much persuading - or arm twisting - you are obliged to do. As December unfolds, it will become clearer how able you are to make progress in your own way and time and in a way that suits you. As long as you remain inspired, you can make December a very memorable month.


Sporting match referees are incapable of seeing everything associated with a game. That's why they have helpers or linesmen watching from the side empowered to advise the referee in certain situations. As much as a crowd might have a thing or two say about certain transgressions, the referee has final say and that's the way it is. It doesn't matter how many people disagree or vent their frustration, once the decision is made, it sticks and has nothing to do with stubbornness. You could be on the receiving end of disgruntlement or disagreement from certain others regarding a stance you're immovable on. You're basing your decision on facts and factual assistance from other quarters. If it upsets certain people, then so be it.

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