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Whatever has been vague or ill-defined due to lack of communication or miscommunication becomes clearer as May unfolds. This has as much to do with what you've been telling yourself as it does what you've been trying to convey to others. New levels of understanding and agreement can be achieved and reached, whether this involves repairing a relationship or becoming clear about what your next move must be regarding an aspiration close to your heart. Tender moments on offer will make up for any tension experienced recently.


A moment of clarity is on offer as May commences. Expect to become aware of how negative energy or a defeatist attitude haven't helped your productiveness in a particular area in recent weeks. Feeling more involved with or integral to a plan or project might require a 'clearing of the air' but this has likely been long overdue. The month ends with a New Moon that wants to help you to boost your earnings or income. It's time to put at least one money-making idea into action!


Plans that got put on the back burner during April come to life. Technology-based projects are favored so if you've been waiting to launch a website or social media campaign, then you'll be delighted with results. The Full Moon on the 10th will see you taking the reins to get a project close to your heart off the ground or perhaps it's time to lose an unhealthy habit? Any tension or uncertainty surrounding making an idea become a reality are removed with the New Moon in your sign at month end. It's time to show the world what you're capable of!


Confusion or delays that have plagued anything connected with your career start to dissipate as discussions or negotiations become sensible and productive. Try not to dwell on why agreements took so long to happen. The time to move certain plans forward now is much better than it was a few weeks ago. The Full Moon on 10 May coincides with a positive development creatively - or romantically. At month end, the need for quality 'you time' will be strong. Detaching yourself to focus on your own needs will be time well spent!


A learning curve that has grown frustratingly steeper recently is about to become manageable. Whatever you've been busy studying for or having to learn in a particular area will make more sense during coming weeks. A Full Moon deepens a bond with a family member in a delightful way or marks the start of a new chapter domestically. From mid-May until early June, you'll have a louder and more persuasive voice where career matters are concerned. If you have a pitch to make or contract to sign, then you'll shine in the eyes of anyone you're keen to gain support or recognition from.


A financial matter that might have been the cause of confusion or sleepless nights becomes clearer as May commences. Anything connected with loans, commission or taxes is about to become less of a headache and it might be around the Full Moon on the 10th that negotiations end or a contract reaches completion. Your words hold much clout during May, ensuring whatever point you're keen to convey is accepted and understood. A New Moon in your career sector at month-end marks the start of a new and exciting era professionally.


Communication within partnerships becomes smoother and more productive and if a barrier has prevented you and a certain person from making progress or a joint decision, then exchanges become more productive from early May. A Full Moon on the 10th brings a positive development where earnings or finances are concerned. A new source of income or generous payout is likely. With focus then occurring between mid-May and early June on joint finances and investments, you and someone close might come up with a clever moneymaking scheme.

Whatever frustrating stop-start-stop scenarios have occurred where work or career are concerned look set to ease as May commences. Whether this involves a delayed project or ways in which communication with a co-worker could be improved, you'll start to see progress made. A Full Moon in your sign on the 10th enhances your feel-good factor and feeling more at ease and confident within yourself will have a delightful knock-on effect to a close partnership. Feelings of vulnerability could increase - but perhaps it's time someone saw 'the real you'?


Creative inspiration returns and if you've been struggling to express yourself or have a meaningful exchange with a child or lover, then relief and reassurance replace confusion and miscommunication. Try not to resist a need likely to grow strong around the Full Moon on the 10th to withdraw or enjoy your own company. It's by tending to your own needs that you'll find yourself emotionally recharged and refocused. Expect your workload to increase from mid-May until early June but also expect recognition and praise in return for the extra investment of effort!


A plan or project concerning your home or possibly someone with whom you share it that stalled during April picks up from early May. Whether it's a decision you've been waiting for or discussions or meetings to be had to confirm a way forward domestically, confusion will be replaced with clarity. Around the Full Moon on the 10th, expect to feel more integral to a group you've felt excluded from previously or your voice wasn't heard within. New work opportunities present themselves around the 25th. It might be a case of 'take your pick'!


Having the planet of communication creating havoc in your communication sector in recent weeks can't have been easy but from early May, you'll discover how stronger your position is to resume discussions or exchanges than it was in April. A Full Moon in your professional sector brings recognition or praise you've earned, so don't be modest accept either or both willingly! As the month closes, a meeting of minds occurs between you and a certain person close to your heart. You'll be surprised at and delighted with the 'mental connection' that exists between you.


Fog dissipates surrounding matters related to your earnings and, from early May, uncertainty is replaced with order. Be willing to look closely at your financial situation and accept what you've learned in recent weeks that can be applied to boost your earnings in some way. The Full Moon on the 10th brings closure to a plan or project that offers stability in the future, especially if this is connected with learning, studying, publishing or broadcasting. Celebrating this could coincide with a home or family development at month-end that's also worthy of opening champagne for!

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