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Don't expect the year to start with a hiss and a roar and if anything, you may find it hard to get out of holiday mode, with a languid feel hanging over the first four weeks of 2017. Life will go on, your new professional year will begin and all of life's other demands, opportunities and responsibilities, but you will find it hard to motivate yourself to move out from the slow lane. However, the problem isn't that you can't and more that you're trying at all, for that four weeks spent in the slow lane is your only chance all year, so you need to make the most of this. This is a result of a number of factors and while a challenging end to 2016 is one factor and a slower than normal start to your professional year is another, the real reason is you have found yourself in the closing weeks of a nearly two year long Mars cycle. Mars will return to your Sign every other year, loaded with a fresh supply of passions, drive, energy and an urge to throw yourself into the things that excite you and will then spend nearly two years sharing that around the various areas of your chart. Then Mars comes to the final phase and by this point you're usually running on empty, the wind is taken out of your sails and if you continue to push it, you will find the air taken out of your tyres as well. This can mean only one thing that Mars will be on his way back, with a whole new Mars cycle starting on the 28th January. What is going to make this slow lane a lot more pleasurable is Venus' return to this nostalgic part of your chart on the 3rd January, kicking off a nostalgic trip down memory lane that will continue until early February. Don't be put off by this slow start, for once things kick in later in the month, you'll be wishing you had appreciated this time in the slow lane and a chance to slowly get your bearings.


While your year gets off to an incredible start on the professional front, you will find that this is not as daunting as it may have appeared in the final weeks of 2016 or as demanding. For the first time in 12 years you have moved into the New Year with lucky Jupiter in your work sector, but not due to leave until October and already slowing down ahead of a retrograde turn in early February, after a push to get things started, the pace will drop back. It was over the last two weeks of December that work tension and job pressure is likely to have run high, especially if you tried to push through without taking time out to recharge your batteries. That has all been sorted now and hopefully you'll move into the New Year committed to working smarter. Venus' departure from your career sector on the 3rd January will see that professional focus drop back even further, with a chance to let things settle until the Sun returns on the 20th January. Instead there is a chance to focus more on your social life this month, with Venus and Mars offering a rare opportunity to make this a priority in a way that you can have fun with it. While Mars will work to foster personal and professional networking, Venus will be out to have some fun, creating some serendipitous conditions. If you haven't already there is a need to take money matters seriously, though if you moved into the year with firm financial resolutions, you will have a chance to head back to the drawing board from the 5th January to the 13th January. In what is going to be a busy year, make the most of the fact that the Sun, as is always the case, will be spending the first three weeks of January in an adventurous part of your chart.


While there are many different factions vying for your attention from the get go, making it clear that 2017 is destined to be a vibrant year, the two most dominant in the early hours will be a sense of adventure and a dream start to your professional year. While the two might not seem to go together, rather than being in opposition with each other they are running in parallel lines, allowing you to jump from the other when you can. Yet to start with, despite the fact that you'll begin the month and the year with Mars and Neptune aligned in your career sector, starting the month with the Moon and Venus aligned in an adventurous part of your chart comes with more urgency. With the Moon leaving on the 2nd January and Venus a day later, not to return until 2018, that sense of adventure you start the month with needs to be embraced. While the Sun will return to your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery on the 20th January, it won't be the same. What makes this even more urgent is the fact that Venus will join Mars in your career sector, where she will spend the rest of the month. That dream start to your professional year is only going to get better. Meanwhile, while the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of every year in your financial sector and there is a need to have your money hat on from the get go, even the money gods are giving you the whole of January and into early February to work on your financial game plan. In the early days of the month there is even a need to hold back, choosing to measure twice and cut once when dealing with any money matters.


While it is a given, with Uranus in your career sector until March 2019 and Saturn in your work sector until the 20th December that you have your work and professional hats on from the get go, even they don't require an all or nothing approach. It was the work/life balance issues that came to a head over Christmas that brought a valuable lesson, one that you need to take heed of, for despite the fairly slow and measured start to this professional year, by the end of the month you'll be looking for the handbrake, the safety belts or both. Uranus only turned direct in your career sector on the 29th December and with the Sun not returning until March, there should be little if no urgency. While Saturn was always taking work matters on a slow journey through the coming year, Mercury will retrograde back in from the 5th January to the 13th January, with a chance to head right back to the drawing board. However, what work/life balance issues couldn't do, a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure in the air throughout the month probably can, with the holiday spirit expanding out through the whole of January. Things start to heat up professionally with Mars' return to your career sector on the 28th January and with Venus returning early next month, once things start to move they will really take off. In the meantime, while there is a chance to have your money hat on from the get go, this is more about moving into this new financial year with a wish list rather than a list of financial resolutions. A relationship review will extend out to the 20th January, with the early days of the month offering a chance to give your relationships, the past and unsaid words a voice.


Despite the fact that you'll move into the year with your money, work and relationship hats on, this isn't as onerous as it sounds. Even if the money, professional and relationship gods had decided to come down heavy, a major alliance of playful and adventurous forces over the holiday periods has created a major shift, changing the way you look at life. The days of all work and no play are over, as are being the victim of financial circumstance or settling for anything else. Moving into the New Year with Venus in your relationship sector is giving your heart a voice from the get go and while the Sun's return on the 20th January will kick off your annual relationship review, by then you'll have put things on the course you want them to continue on. In the meantime, you get a dream start to money matters this year, moving into the year with Mars and Neptune, the planets of passion and dreams aligned in your financial sector. Mars will continue to fire up your financial passions and fighting spirit through to his departure on the 28th January, while Venus will return on the 3rd January to help you capitalise on this from the get go. Despite the fact that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of each year in your work sector, even if you wanted to you would find it hard to throw yourself head first into this new professional year. With Mercury in retrograde motion here until the 5th January and then retrograding right out, it's not until he returns on the 13th January that you'll be ready to get your head in the game and start making things happen. Most of the traction that will keep this new professional year on track happened in the final months of 2016, with the early weeks of this professional year more about tying up loose ends.


Most of the tensions that were building last month seem to have blown themselves out over the holiday period and while you may put this down to a break over Christmas providing some perspective, this was coming from the stars themselves. The biggest impact will be the financial tensions that had been building for weeks, but finally came to a head over Christmas. It's not just that this is dropping back as you move into the New Year, but this is already turning into motivation. Not only has the financial tide turned, but for the first time in 12 years you've moved into the New Year with lucky Jupiter in your income sector, something you're just now waking up to. The fact that you will also move into the New Year with Venus in your work sector, means you'll start the year with the Midas touch and a clear sense of what you want on the job front. While Venus will leave on the 3rd January, the Sun's return on the 20th January will bring you to a point where you can start walking the talk. A New Moon on the 28th January will bring you to a point where the desires and expectations you began the year with, have a very good chance of becoming a reality. Either way, this will be an important day for drawing a line in the sand on the job front, with a chance to tie up loose ends next month. Meanwhile, while January will always be an important month for matters of the heart, something special is developing on the relationship front as well. Between them Venus and Mars, the planets of love and passion are set to create some of the best relationship conditions in a long time, breaking free from the challenges of the past two years.


While the period between just before Christmas and the New Year may have been a challenging time for you, by the time you move into January any personal and/or relationship tensions will be dropping back and in their place will be a new sense of authenticity. It was during that time that a relationship turnaround took place, while major support from the communication gods also created an opportunity for a breakthrough. Yet the most important thing that you have emerged with is a clearer sense of who you are, what you want from your relationships and how to balance the two. While there is a chance to let relationship matters settle in the early weeks of the year, Mars will return on the 28th January to spice things up with Venus, planet of love and guardian of your relationships returning early next month to bring her longest visit in eight years. Balancing your personal and relationship needs won't be the only balancing act this month, with a balance between work and play also important. Work matters get a dream start this year, but it does mean you'll need to have your work hat on from the get go. Yet, policing that is the fact that you will also start the year with Venus in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart and if anyone can police a balance between work and play, she can. January will also be an important month for tying up loose ends on the home front. While D Day for getting things out in the open and to a point where all you have to do is tie up loose ends is the 20th January, you will have until early next month to take care of all the details. After that home, family and/or property matters will remain important and will continue to run their course, though on their own steam.

From the get go 2017 is likely to feel so different to 2016 that you may wonder if you slept through the year and have instead arrived at 2018. Chances are you were tired enough too, arriving at Christmas exhausted, spent and experiencing both work tension and job pressure. Yet here you are moving into the New Year, work replaced with a new spring in your step, a new sense of perspective and ready to take on the world again. No, a few days off can't account for that, for even if you worked through this will be your reality. What happens is that pressure on you and all the things that kept you busy finally moved over, just as the tide turned and instead of looking back at where you've come, you're looking to the future. With Mars reaching your work sector on the 28th January and Venus early next month, there are some very good things ahead. However, life is going to get busier and the lessons learned last month are invaluable, especially when it comes to working smarter from the get go. With Saturn in your income sector that shouldn't be a problem, especially if you follow the money. Another reason that you're likely to have a spring in your step from the get go is because the fun and playfulness has returned. Matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative have a dream start, putting you on notice from the get go that 2017 cannot and will not be a year that is all work and no play. It seems that the monkey you had on your back for much of last year has jumped off, with 2017 a lot less stressed, just as professionally and financially successful and a lot more fun.


This year is going to have a very different feel from the get go, especially compared to last year. Without the professional pressure to be on top of your game 24/7 but still able to enjoy the benefits, you'll find that regardless of when you head back to work after the holidays, this is likely to be easy and effortless. In fact, you will find from the get go that finding a balance between work and play is not only easier, but you've learned the hard way what happens when you ignore this. From the get go what is clear and will become even clearer later in the month, is that this is a year for having more fun, with a special emphasis on romance or hobbies that you get a lot of enjoyment from. It's as though you've been sleep walking, only to wake up asking why you're not doing the things you love, only to find the gods asking the same question. This came from a major turnaround over the holiday period. While you might put this down to an awakening over the holiday period, even if you work through you would have felt this. It was pure coincidence that the shift came between Christmas and the New Year, but it makes it easier to define this by drawing a line in the sand between 2016 and 2017. Meanwhile, don't be surprised if, despite the fact that the Sun left Sagittarius just before Christmas you don't yet have a game plan or are still struggling with defining your New Year's resolutions. This is not you procrastinating, but the gods themselves asking you to hold back. For with Mercury retrograding back into Sagittarius from the 5th January to the 13th January, this will bring a rare chance to return to the drawing board, with a chance to finally create your game plan for the coming year.


You are one of four signs that bore the brunt of some fairly challenging influences in play over the final two weeks of 2016. If you're looking for someone who can relate to what you've been through, then seek out the Cancereans, Aries and Librans, for you all had it just as tough. Yet you're all part of a unique survivors club, that have been given a massive head start on 2017, some clear objectives from the get go and some valuable lessons learned. The only reason why tensions came to a head over Christmas was that for the first time in 12 years you've moved into the New Year with lucky Jupiter in your career sector. Take Jupiter out of the equation and there would have been no tension, but then you wouldn't have the enormous opportunities you have for professional growth and opportunity. These are opportunities that will dominate the first 11 months of 2017, so a few tough weeks were a small price to pay, even if it was over Christmas. However, rather than a cost this was a gain, especially when it comes to the work/life balance lessons learned. The problem came from the fact that Uranus, in his final days in retrograde motion in your home and family sector, was not happy about Jupiter's professional focus and it was their opposition that created the tension. Now that everything is out in the open and a truce has been called, you're able to not only benefit professionally from the professional growth ahead, but there are signs that January could be a lucrative month. What is clear is the importance of working smarter from the get go, but goes one step further in that you'll also find it easier to think creatively and outside the box. With your birthday month not running its course until the 20th January and Mercury staying on until the 7th February to tie up loose ends, get a feel for this new month and new year before finalising your game plan or your resolutions. Too soon and you run the risk of associating too much with 2016, a very different year to 2017.


On paper 2017 is a continuation of 2016, in that the same areas of your chart that were active last month are still active and in most cases the same planets are in the same place, yet everything is likely to feel different. The final two weeks of 2016 was a cacophony of cosmic voices all trying to be heard at the same time and just a general sense of pressure that was compounded by the time of year. The fog of war has already started to clear by the time you move into January, with a new sense of excitement in the air from the get go. Mars only left Aquarius a few days before Christmas and with Venus still here, you will have a clear sense of what you want and what excites you from the get go. This is tapping into a sense of adventure that has been in effect for several months now, but finally seems to have broken through your excuses over the holiday period. Lucky Jupiter returned to your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery in September but it is only now, as you move into the New Year that you can sense that this is going to be an exciting and adventurous year. That's not the only thing you'll sense, with clues from the get go that this is likely to be a lucrative year or at least that's the case if the early weeks are anything to go by. You'll start the year with Mars in your income sector, where he's been taking a sledgehammer to any glass ceilings since just before Christmas. Venus' return on the 3rd January will capitalise on this, kicking off what could be not just the most lucrative weeks of 2017, but the most lucrative months. There is also a hint of romance in the air from the get go or at least the determination to take matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative more seriously.


From the get go you're going to love 2017, a year that I liken to the Genie you need rather than the one you thought you wanted. Imagine finding a Genie in a bottle and you got three wishes, only the Genie didn't answer those three wishes but instead the wishes you need answering, with this year seeming to know what you need before you need it. Chances are, the three wishes you would make would be to do with money, especially after the financial tensions of last month, less personal and/or relationship tension than previous years and a year where you could work less and earn more. What a waste of wishes that would be, because the personal and/or relationship tensions of the past few years are already easing back and it's been more a case of their memory haunting you. At the same time, financial tensions was simply a case of income and financial forces competing, with a major income turnaround and breakthrough possible this month, with real signs in the later part of the month. As for less work and more money, with Saturn moving into his final year in your career sector he's reminding you that you're running a marathon and not a sprint and he has already partnered up with income forces. In other words you would be wishing for what you already have. Now about those things you don't even know you need? What about the fun, the passion, the creativity and breaking the romantic drought? 2017 isn't just a year where last year's challenges are easing back, but a year where it's time to bring the fun, passion and colour back into your life and it starts from day one. Without 2015 and 2016 you wouldn't be ready to seize the opportunities and appreciate all that this year has to offer, so appreciate what it took to get here, but there is a need to embrace 2017 as its own, very different year from the get go.

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