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There are a few speed bumps to get through at the start of the month, but for most part much of the personal and/or relationship tensions that came to a head late last month are either dropping back or now fully exposed. The main body of pressure before personal and relationship forces will peak on the 3rd March, but has been underway since last month and is now a known quantity. If you are going to have challenges you'll know about them by now and hopefully what is pushing your buttons and why. This is coming from the fact that Jupiter, in retrograde motion in your relationship sector, has moved back into an opposition with a line up of planets in Aries. This is the ultimate standoff between your personal and relationship needs, but each result is likely to be a greater sense of authenticity on both fronts. This is Jupiter's first visit to your relationship sector in 12 years, creating relationship opportunities that you're unable to compromise on. Yet at the same time a line up of personal advocates are making sure that this isn't at the expense of your own needs. This has been all about finding the right amount of give and take, all while raising the bar on your relationship expectations. It's just as tensions start to ease back that someone wondrous happens. Personal and/or relationship tension peaks on the 3rd March and will then drop right back. It's on the 4th March that Venus, planet of love will turn retrograde in Aries, opening the doors to the past and second chances on the romantic front as well. In the process, Venus will be able to help Jupiter and your relationships as the rebuilding begins.


A sense of romantic confidence has been growing since late January, when a New Moon ushered in the Year of the Rooster. This is an especially auspicious year for romance, love and matters of the heart for Taurus and it will continue right through to February 2018. However, it is only as romantically charged as it is destined to become and already has, because the conditions are already so favourable. Lucky Jupiter only left your romantic sector last September, so there was already a huge amount of romantic momentum, some of which has yet to even be accessed. At the same time the North Node has been in your romantic sector since November 2015, creating a favourable romantic wind that will continue to draw matters of the heart and all things romantic forward until leaving in May. It was a combination of the romantic climate being so favourable and ripe for any kind of support and the Year of the Rooster coming along at just the right time that tilted the romantic scales in your favour. And it's here that they will stay until February 2018, with the element of fate in play through to the 10th May. Yet while this romantic influence is now firmly established and is focused on moving romantic matters forward, a sense of romantic nostalgia deepens this month. Venus, planet of love returned to a nostalgic part of your chart in early February, a move that should have put her just 24 days away from Taurus. Instead, Venus will turn retrograde on the 4th February, taking her and your heart into the deepest reaches of love's memory lane, parts not visited in eight years. This will see Venus open the doors to the past and second chances.


While lucky Jupiter, making his first visit to your romantic sector in 12 years, has been under pressure since mid February and that pressure will continue into the early days of March, this is already losing steam. Technically this peaks on the 3rd February and will then start dropping back after that, already it is clear where the benefits and challenges are. Jupiter only turned retrograde early last month and having had to come to a standstill in order to make a U turn, this has been the push to get anything stuck or stalled moving. It has been 12 years since the doors have been open to the past and second chances in this way and due to turn direct in June, this is a rare window of opportunity. This has brought the wakeup calls needed to challenge old excuses and push you out of a state of complacency. Tensions will start to ease back in the early part of the month, after which point the benefits will start to flow. By the time the Moon moves through your romantic sector from the 13th March to the 16th March, you should be aware of the second chances this has opened the doors to. These romantically charged lunar vibes should make it clear that you have love, time, luck and the love gods on your side. That was no typo. That really does read 'love gods' and not 'love god', even though Jupiter is just one planet. On the 4th March, just a day after pressure begins easing off Jupiter Venus, planet of love will turn retrograde, going back to help Jupiter and out. With the planets of love and luck working together, if there are second chances to be had, they'll find them. At the same time you have a strong, solid and quiet month for relationship matters, as they wait for their turn for a trip down memory lane next month.


Your biggest challenge this month may be finding time for either matters of the heart or your relationships, though your relationships do have a helping hand. This is not usually a romantically charged point of the year and with your luckiest year for love in over a decade starting in the second half of the year, you will have a chance to make up for this later. However, the real reason why you may have to work to make time for matters of the heart, is that this is a huge and busy professional month. This won't be a challenge for romantic forces, mainly because there are none to speak of. The exception will be the Moon's return to your romantic sector from the 16th March to the 18th March. No matter how busy you are at the time, make time for these romantically charged lunar vibes. Your relationships fare a lot better, but then that was always going to be the case. With Pluto in your relationship sector from 2008 to 2024, even though the Sun left your relationship sector in January and Mercury early last month, they were always going to have support. However, you scored the relationship jackpot when early last month Juno, goddess of all relationships and queen of commitment, returned to your relationship sector for the first time in four years. Normally moving through in just two to three months, Juno is instead here until December. It is in December that three of your most important relationship years in three decades will begin. Pay attention to your emotional responses when the Moon moves through your relationship sector from the 21st March to the 23rd March.


As Saturn spends his last full month in direct motion in your romantic sector this giant of a planet is slowing down, allowing you to take a confident and hurried approach to love. When Saturn turns retrograde early next month it will be his third retrograde phase in as many years, but also his last for another three decades. This massive romantic chapter, thwart with challenges in the early years, is turning into something powering and empowered, so much so that Saturn is becoming the peacemaker of the cosmos. The second half of February and the early part of March is under the influence of a massive opposition between Jupiter and a line up of planets in Aries. Yet Saturn is on good terms with both sides, creating a situation where no matter where there is stress or challenges this month, love really does conquer all. This is most noticeable with Saturn's support for Venus and Mars, the planets of love and passion, as they move through an adventurous part of your chart. Saturn has been supporting a potent cocktail of romantic, adventurous and passionate forces for much of February. Pressure from Jupiter has simply challenged your excuses, at a time when Saturn is giving you the power to move mountains. Venus will turn retrograde in this adventurous part of your chart on the 4th March, just over a month before Saturn turns retrograde in your romantic sector early next month. The Moon's visit to your romantic sector from the 18th March to the 21st March will be a chance to not only tap into the spirit of romance and adventure, but a sense of romantic nostalgia in the air by then.


That the focus is on your relationships at this time of year is a given, due to the fact that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of March in your relationship sector each year. However, often this is just when you're starting to look at your relationship needs and matters and as was the case last year, this can at times be challenging. But what a difference a year makes. Without Jupiter in Virgo there is no pressure on your relationships and thanks to Mars' return to your relationship sector just before Christmas and Venus' in early January, you have already has a massive head start. Mars left in late January and Venus in early February, so you have already had an opportunity to establish what you want from your relationships and to fight for it. On the 27th February, just two days before moving into March, you had your third solar eclipse here in as many years, but also the last for another 17 years. This has given your relationships a massive tailwind and created a chance to draw a new line in the sand. With Mercury here until 14th March and the Sun until the 20th March, the focus is all on working to ensure the communication lines are open and put your relationships on the path you want them to continue on. The Sun's departure on the 20th March will bring your annual relationship review to a close and supposedly a massive push that began when Mars returned on the 19th December, almost three months earlier, to the day. However that's when something peculiar will happen. For even when the Moon moves through from the 25th March to the 28th March, coming full circle from last month's solar eclipse, those won't feel over and relationship matters are likely to feel 'unfinished'. It feels that way because they are with Venus, planet of love and guardian of your relationships retrograding back in for a double dip visit and a do over, early next month.


Some of the most stunning relationship forces ever to come together not only assembled last month, but came together in an extraordinary way in the later part of February. The problem is that this has come just as Jupiter is making his first visit to Libra in 12 years and in retrograde motion, has the misfortune of running in opposition with a massive masse of relationship forces. An opposition between the two began late last month and will continue into the early days of March. Yet with lucky Jupiter on one side and Venus, planet of love on the other and Venus herself meeting Jupiter more than halfway, this can't help but work out well. A lot of what is coming together at the moment is because of two planets that normally operate in the background. They are Uranus, in your relationship sector since 2010 and Eris, in your relationship sector since 1926. That's right, unless you are over 90 she has been here your entire life. Uranus is making his first visit in 84 years and their alignment from the 27th February to the 19th March is a once in a lifetime event. With Mars on board as well, his triple alignment with both in the closing days of February is beyond a once in a lifetime event. This hasn't happened in hundreds, if not thousands of years and won't happen again. With Venus on board, it is fair to say that there are the most extraordinary relationship conditions ever. Yet they are all in opposition with Jupiter until the 6th March, with luck valiantly advocating for your own needs, in his first visit here in 12 years. Uranus was here 12 years ago, so the most spectacular relationship conditions ever, are being met with the fiercest opposition from your own needs ever. Mars' departure on the 10th March will take his warrior spirit out of the mix, but it is Venus' return on the 4th March that puts her in synch with Jupiter, also in opposition in Libra. Between them the planets of love and luck will spend the rest of the month working on a once in a lifetime compromise between your personal and relationship needs.

That the focus is on matters of the heart at this time of year is no surprise, with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of March here. However, there are plenty of surprises this year, one that you'll have to wait for, but the rest already delivered and all the nice kind of surprises. The biggest surprise is that last year's challenges have gone. The biggest challenge you will face this month is that with a busy month time might be an issue, but romantic forces are enticing enough to make you want to make time. The biggest surprise is the head start, with both Venus and Mars having moved through your romantic sector before the Sun even returned. That was followed up by a solar eclipse late last month, the third here in as many years but the last for another 17 years. This has given matters of the heart more than enough of a tailwind. However, with Mercury leaving on the 14th March and the Sun on the 20th March, once the spotlight shifts from heart and mind on the same page it looks like this is when things step back to a new normal. Except the Sun's departure won't feel like the end, a message you'll get when the Moon moves through your romantic sector from the 25th March to the 28th March. This is where the final surprise comes in, though you will have to wait until early next month to unwrap it. Venus, planet of love left your romantic sector early last month, supposedly not to return until 2018. However, a retrograde turn early this month means she'll return for a double dip visit in early April, spending the majority of next month back here. This romantic period still has one more chapter to play out and potentially the most romantically charged chapter, full of second chances. Your relationships get some special attention this month. It was early last month that Ceres, dwarf planet and goddess of the solar system returned for what was a visit aimed at updating your relationship needs and priorities. Ceres won't leave until late April, but Mars' return on the 10th March will reveal why she has made this double dip visit.


To say that there is something special developing on the romantic front is an understatement and even to say there are once in a lifetime developments is an understatement. No one on the planet, Sagittarian or any other sign, has ever or will ever experience the spell you're under this month, putting you in virgin territory. While this most potential chapter began with Mars' return to your romantic sector in late January and is compounded by Venus, planet of love's return early next month, this only partly explains what is happening. The real power behind the romantic throne is Eris, dwarf planet and goddess of the solar system, who has been in your romantic sector since 1926. Unless you are over 90, she has been there your entire life, waiting patiently in the background, for the right conditions to come along. Something was triggered with Uranus' return in 2010, but it has taken them seven years to slowly inch together, aligning for the first time in your romantic sector in eight decades, from 27th February to the 19th March. With Venus and Mars here as well, the planets of love and passion were the icing on the cake. Mars' triple alignment with Eris and Uranus in the later days of February was the first here or in any area of your chart for hundreds, if not thousands of years. When we talk about rare, this is as rare as it gets. What are the odds then that Venus, who normally moves through your romantic sector in 24 days, should see what's happening and decide she's not going anywhere. Instead Venus will turn retrograde on the 4th March, spending her second full month here in retrograde motion. Venus is backing up, wanting to not only savour this, but go back for a do over. Mars will leave on the 10th March, but by then the die will be caste and some of the most romantically charged forces ever will be unleashed. So what can you expect? You're on your own for this isn't in the text boxes and maybe Astrologers in years or decades from now will still be trying to figure it out. What I do know is that Mercury's return on the 14th March will help you get your head around this and the Sun's return on the 20th March will throw the solar spotlight on matters of the heart. The Sun returns at this time every year, so I can only imagine the shock he'll get to return and find what has been happening in his absence. This romantic wave will continue right through to June.


To start with there is every reason to be outraged. On the 3rd February Venus, planet of love returned to a domesticated part of your chart, always the last stop before returning to your romantic sector. Venus will normally spend 24 days, with the focus on making your life as love friendly as possible, ahead of the most romantically charged months of each year. To be fair, with the Sun not returning to your romantic sector until the 20th April, it was never an option that Venus would return two months early. Even if she could there are rules governing how far ahead the planet of love can get and by mid February she was already being pulled back. So I have both good and bad news for you this month, but as I can't ask whether you want the good or the bad news first, I will go ahead and deliver the bad news. Venus won't be returning this month, nor next month or even the month after and instead won't return to Taurus until early June. The good news is that she has already sent one replacement with another special replacement arriving on the 10th March. By the time Venus eventually returns three months later, she'll return to a very active romantic scene and not leaving until July, she will be the cherry on the cake. On the 5th February, about the same time that Venus was realising she wasn't going to make it back to your romantic sector anytime soon Ceres, dwarf planet and fellow goddess of the solar system arrived. If you can't have Venus, then Ceres is definitely the next best thing. Not due to leave until the 30th April, Ceres will keep the romantic flame burning in that 24 days. Venus would have, had she returned this month. Ceres is the crowd warmer, focused less on attracting romantic opportunities and more on getting to the heart of what you want from love and she was the perfect planet for the job. For on the 10th March Mars will return, making his first visit to your romantic sector in nearly two years. Mars will continue to fuel your romantic passions and fighting spirit through to the 21st April, a day after the Sun returns to take his place.


While things are fairly low key on both the romantic and relationship fronts this month, it is mainly because all available love gods are still making communication a priority after last month's lunar eclipse in your relationship sector. Mars, who will finally break the romantic drought on the 21st April, is in your communication sector until the 10th March while Venus, planet of love and guardian of your relationships will spend her second month here. Turning retrograde on the 4th March, Venus will spend the majority of the month giving your relationships, the past and unsaid words a voice. So why all this focus on communication? That's a question that must be asked when an extraordinary amount of focus is invested and here, Venus and Mars are not the only planets making communication a priority this month. While the lunar eclipse in your relationship sector last month partly accounts for this, it is more what this suggested. Eclipses are not random and last month's lunar eclipse wasn't linked to anything happening on the relationship front, rather developments from May on. Developments that are destined to be both fateful and far reaching. The biggest danger this month, with nothing out of the ordinary happening on the relationship front, is failing to appreciate just how important it is to have the communication lines open. The Moon's monthly visit to your relationship sector from the 9th March to the 11th March will represent some of the most important days of the month for giving your emotional responses and relationships a voice. With Mars leaving your communication sector on the 10th March he'll use this as an opportunity for one last attempt at a breakthrough. Venus, in retrograde motion from the 4th March, will use this as an opportunity to give your heart, emotional responses, relationships, the past and unsaid words a voice. There will be a touch of romance when the Moon moves through your romantic sector from the 4th March to the 7th March.


While there is nothing remarkable happening on either the romantic or relationship fronts this month, there is something special on both fronts. In the scene of some of the major planetary activity this month relationship matters are subtle and for the most part it is more about what isn't here. Your birthday month last year became challenging, with a parade of planets moving through Pisces all in opposition with Jupiter, in your relationship sector at the time. While Jupiter has since moved on, you've gained the benefits. Now, with much friendlier relationship forces in play, there is some low key but special relationship rebuilding taking place. What has been important since early last month, has been Ceres' return to your communication sector. A dwarf planet and goddess of the solar system, Ceres is big on support and low on demands and has been on hand to give your relationships a voice. This is the perfect run up to Mars' return on the 10th March and his more aggressive support for your relationships and in getting the communication lines open. Mars will be here when the Moon moves through your relationship sector from the 11th March to the 13th March and during the Full Moon this creates on the 13th March. While this will bring any personal and/or relationship tensions to a head, this will be nothing compared to last year and with Ceres and Mars on hand, is very likely to lead to a communication and/or relationship breakthrough. Matters of the heart are getting a boost, mainly from Mars' position in a passionate part of your chart and Venus' all month, with the planet of love in retrograde motion from the 4th March. The Moon's return to your romantic sector from the 7th March to the 9th March will add an emotional component to an already potent cocktail of romantic, passions, adventurous and nostalgic forces.

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