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Despite the fact that your professional star is on the rise and things become even more professionally focused this month, what is always a month for focusing on your relationships will refuse to be pushed aside. This may see your relationships and relationship matters seem more pronounced, with relationship issues surfacing when and where you feel that you least have time for them, but more likely to be crying for your attention because there are so many distractions. The Sun will always spend the first 3 weeks of September in your relationship sector, so this is when the solar spotlight will always fall on your relationships, warts and all. The Sun is here to take away all the shadows and to pull up all those carpets you've been sweeping issues under, leaving you with no option but to confront them. Yet this comes with plenty of support and while Mercury, planet of communication will leave your relationship sector on the 2nd September, it won't be before doing his bit to ensure the communication lines are open. The real lifesaver will be Venus, planet of love's return to your relationship sector from the 6th September to the 30th September, smoothing over the feathers the Sun ruffles and in the process giving you a much clearer sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. Bless any wakeup calls that keep your relationships high on your priority list.


With no planetary activity in either of your money houses since Venus left your income sector in July and none usually expected until the Sun reaches your financial sector in November, this should be a fairly low key month for money matters, but in reality this couldn't be further from the truth. Yet the Sun, Venus and Mercury won't return to your financial sector until November, for what will be your annual financial review and update, but what happens this month is something completely different, with Mars' return on the 14th September giving financial and money matters a shot in the arm. This is Mars' first visit to your financial sector since 2012 and he'll return to fire up your financial passions and fighting spirit, giving flagging financial forces a major shot in the arm. While the money gods were fairly active in your income sector between May and July, all money matters have had are the Moon's monthly visits to your financial sector. Mars' return changes that, not only in the short term but in the long term, beginning the lead up and practice run for a major financial overhaul and review that will begin on Christmas Eve, but won't run its course until December 2017. By coincidence, if there is such a thing, the Moon's return to your income sector on the 14th September, just hours after Mars returns and position there until the 16th September, will give you a nose for money and just enough financial tension to keep you on your toes as you begin to take your power back.


Where Venus' departure from your income sector last month left you with more than enough momentum and where, after 16 months of continuous planetary activity you haven't even begun to tap into your full potential, this also took away the financial tension that dogged you all of that time. While the money gods have turned their attention away from income matters, with so much momentum now possible on the work front and a Full Moon in your career sector on the 9th September, you'll have the means to keep all that untapped potential going. This does mean that the money gods have shifted all their focus back onto money matters as a whole, but in a way that has also seen things dial right back. Pluto, now the only planet in either of your money houses, is in his final weeks in retrograde motion in your financial sector as you move into the new month and before turning direct on the 23rd September, will come to a complete standstill. Yet without the pressure of the last 16 months and with little or no urgency, this is a chance to regroup, get your bearings and work behind the scenes. Pluto is on especially good terms with the Sun, Mercury and Venus as they move through your home and family sector this month, making this an especially good month for money matters on the home and family fronts, especially mid month. This is a chance to spend time looking back through the rear view mirror, putting things into perspective and taking care of any maintenance.


While it's not unusual to have planetary activity in your income sector, despite the fact that the Sun left last month and in fact, the last time you didn't was in 2009, so it's more often the case than not. However, where in the past the money gods are still keeping income matters active into September, this is usually because they're still tying up loose ends. At the same time, while September isn't normally an active month for either work or career matters, you have a month that is off the scale on all three fronts. While you'll move into the month with Venus in your income sector and she'll leave on the 6th September, though not before ensuring your expectations are high and the laws of attraction are in effect, things won't drop off and this is when lucky Jupiter will come out from behind the shadows, revealing that this is just the start of an extraordinary comeback, one that won't run its course for another year. At the same time, despite the fact that Uranus is in retrograde motion in your career sector and is more focused on working behind the scenes, Mars' return to your work sector on the 14th September will be a game changer. This is Mars' first visit to your work sector since 2012, but for the first time since 1978 he'll return to find lucky Jupiter in your income sector and for the first time since 1931, to find Uranus in your career sector as well. This creates some game changing conditions on the income, work and career fronts this month, but also sets up a partnership that will remain in force for the next 13 months. A sense of confidence you're feeling is anything but wishful thinking.


With the Sun always spending the first 3 weeks of September in your income sector, this is always the time of year when the focus is on income matters and while Mercury will leave on the 2nd September, he'll leave you with a smart head for money and the intellectual savvy needed to keep your head in the game. With this is a sense of urgency, for unlike other areas of your chart where you have months, if not years to get things up to speed, as is the case with Pluto in your work sector from 2008 to 2014, here you have just 6 weeks and 3 days. While it was Mercury's return on the 16th August that got the ball rolling and the Sun will continue to shine the solar spotlight on your income options, situation and matters, it's Venus' return on the 6th September that will bring everything together. By the time Venus leaves on the 30th September, she'll have brought all the planetary activity for the year to an end, it will then be up to the planet of money, desire and attraction to attract as many income opportunities as possible and there is no better planet for the job. The weeks that Venus spends in your income sector each year will always be the most lucrative weeks of any year, but Venus is as much concerned about attracting opportunities now as she is about what you're lining up for. For Venus knows that when she returns next year it will be to prepare for lucky Jupiter's return next August and the start of your most expansive and lucky year for income opportunities in over a decade. Yet a Full Moon in your financial sector on the 9th September and pockets of financial tension throughout the month, will both keep you on your toes and make sure that money matters as a whole aren't neglected.


Where things started to go off the boil on both the income and financial fronts last month and thankfully so, they crank back up this month, but in a very different and much more manageable way. It was Mars' departure from your income sector on the 26th July and Ceres' on the 7th August that not only left you with some clear expectations and some major cracks in any glass ceilings, or completely smashed through, but brought a very challenging first half of the year to an end. For throughout the nearly 8 months that Mars spent in your income sector, he was not only under pressure from Uranus in your financial sector, but both were under pressure from outside forces, with financial tension a constant. While Mercury's return to your income sector on the 2nd September may put you on alert, especially when he moves into opposition with Uranus mid month, once more bringing financial tensions to a head, this is a very different ball game. Not only is your financial confidence a lot more robust and resilient, Mercury's smart head for money is more focused on exploiting the potential that Mars' 8 month visit created. Mars may have smashed through or seriously splintered any glass ceilings but Mercury, your ruling planet, is here to help exploit what's on the other side. By the time the Sun returns on the 23rd September and a New Moon on the 24th September creates an opportunity for new beginnings, you should have made some considerable progress. However, with Venus returning to your income sector on the 30th September, it's next month that the real income opportunities will come.


Apart from the Moon's monthly visit to your financial sector from the 12th September to the 14th September, which you'll soon see comes with incredible timing, the money gods are firmly focused on income matters this month, though in what is a month of two halves. You will move into the month with Mars and Saturn in your income sector, with their first alignment since 1984 having given your expectations a major boost late last month, along with your fighting spirit. Saturn has been on a mission since October 2012 to redefine your priorities across all the currencies in your life, but especially on the income front, while demanding that you take responsibility. It was Mars' return on the 26th July, just 4 days after Saturn turned direct that began a major comeback. Until Mars leaves it's about attaching any glass ceilings with the biggest sledgehammer you can find, believing in yourself and being ready to come out of your corner fighting. This is where the Moon's monthly visit to your financial sector comes with such good timing, for moving through from the 12th September to the 14th September, this will both sharpen your financial instincts and provide enough financial tension in Mars' final days to keep you on your toes. When Mars leaves the money gods will remain as focused on income matters, but the dynamics will change from Mars' urgent and aggressive attack mode to Saturn's more pedantic pace. However, something has shifted and this is no longer the long term project it once was, with a need to start bringing things home.

September is a month when the money gods usually plan their holidays, with nothing much happening. Due to the Sun's annual pattern and how Venus and Mercury follow close by, the money gods turn their focus onto money matters in May/June each year and onto income matters in November/December each year. With Venus having just left your financial sector last month and with your annual financial update having just completed, it should be several months before the money gods turn their attention onto money matters. However that is not going to be the case and it's not surprising, considering that you're just 2 months into your most important professional year in over a decade. The Moon's visit to your income sector, from the 2nd September to the 4th September will give you a nose for money, but will also provide some clues that something is about to shift, for new opportunities will already be starting to show up on your radar by then, even if it's just a vague sense that something is about to shift. Everything changes in a heartbeat when Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos returns to your income sector on the 14th September, 2 months before your annual update is due to begin. However, this is no annual update and more a major development, one that signals the opening of a period of income growth that will extend out to December 2017, albeit in small steps, this being the first. While Mars last visited your income sector in 2012, the last time he returned to find lucky Jupiter in your career sector was in 1978, while it was 1931 when he returned to find Uranus in your work sector as well.


The water not only clears dramatically this month, you're finally able to say goodbye to the financial tensions, challenges, pressures and complications of the last 16 months. It was Venus' departure from your financial sector last month that not only left you with clear financial desires and expectations, but brought a period of continuous planetary activity, that had begun in April 2013 to an end, along with all the pressures and complications this created. Yet as much of that time was made up by lucky Jupiter's 12 month visit to your financial sector, it's only now that the tensions and challenges are behind you that you're able to appreciate the momentum this has created. In the meantime, this not only makes Pluto the only planet in either of your money houses, but puts him in a much better position. With so many planets in opposition for so long, Pluto would be happy just to have the constant pressure off his back, especially when in retrograde motion he wants to be left alone. Instead it was the Sun and Mercury's return to your career sector last month that has already given you the support needed to start reaping the second chances and the untapped potential Pluto's retrograde phase has opened the door to. The real advantages come when Venus, planet of money, desire and attraction moves through your career sector, from the 6th September to the 30th September. This will put Venus in your career sector, attracting opportunities and attention your way when Pluto turns direct in your income sector on the 23rd September. Finally, income opportunities are getting their turn, now that your most important financial review in over a decade is over.


While it's not unusual to still have planetary activity in your financial sector as you move into September, for while the Sun will always leave on or around the 23rd August each year, Venus and/or Mercury will often hang around to tie up loose ends. In fact, the last time you had no planetary activity in your financial sector as you moved into September was in 2009, so to have Venus here in the early days of the month is very normal and routine. What isn't the norm is that when Venus leaves on the 6th September, that instead of leaving your financial sector empty that this is when the extent of the money gods' real support will hit home. For while Venus will leave, lucky Jupiter will stay on and not due to leave until August 2015, this is when the real journey begins. Until now the start of your most important and lucky year for money matters, in over a decade, has been overlapped by the annual financial review that takes place at this time every year. This has masked just how big this is and when this annual financial review is over, ending with Venus cementing your financial desires and expectations, this will shift the focus from the short to the long term. It's the Moon's return to your income sector on the 6th September, the same day that Venus leaves your financial sector, that will both keep you on your toes and ensure that you have a nose for money, as Mercury's first full week in your career sector is getting professional matters back up to speed.


cThat there is a lot of financial intensity and even some financial tension this month shouldn't take you by surprise, for with the Sun always spending the first 3 weeks of September in your financial sector, this is your reality and has been at this time of year for several years now. Since as far back as Uranus' return to your income sector in 2003 and the almost continuous planetary activity you've had since then and will have until Neptune leaves in 2026, a standoff between the two has become your norm. The Sun, Mercury and Venus can't move through your financial sector without moving into opposition with Neptune and Chiron in your income sector, which is where any financial tension and intensity is coming from, yet on both fronts you're better off for it than without it. From Mercury's return to your financial sector last month, to Venus' departure on the 30th September, money matters will only have the support of the money gods for a period of just 6 weeks and 3 days. When you contrast that with the 23 years your income sector will be active, you can't afford to be asleep at the wheel, with just enough financial tension to keep you on your toes. At the same time, this is a fairly slow point of the year for income matters and any financial tension, along with a Full Moon in your income sector on the 9th September, will ensure that income matters receive a push as well. This is especially important considering this Full Moon has the power to bring financial and income matters to a head, turning and/or tipping point during Mars' final days in your career sector.


It seems that you've just finally got a chance to take your money hat off when it's time to put it back on again, however this time in a very different way and with a very different experience. It was Mars' departure from your financial sector in late July, wrapping up an almost 8 month visit and Ceres' departure last month, wrapping up a 9 month visit, that finally brought some of the most challenging financial months in decades to an end, with both under pressure from not only Uranus in your income sector but multiple other forces. This also gave income forces a chance to gain some ground, especially with the support of lucky Jupiter in your work sector and even more support from Mars, when he returns to your career sector on the 14th September. However, Mercury's return to your financial sector is no threat, despite the fact that he'll move into opposition with Uranus on the 11th September, something that may appear to bring old financial tensions to a head. However, conditions now are very different and with Mercury's smart head for money giving you a chance to get your head in the game before the Sun's return on the 23rd September begins your annual financial review, any financial tension is different, the conditions are different and what you have to work with is different. Income forces are too well supported and established to be put off by this, while at the same time this creates a chance to begin a rebuilding phase. A New Moon in your financial sector on the 24th September and Venus' return on the 30th September, will bring a clear message that this is a fresh start and not a continuation of the past, while still allowing you to use the hindsight gained.

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