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For the first time since the career push that every year always begins with, there are new developments on the job front this month. It began with Mercury's return to your work sector on the 26th July, four weeks before the Sun is due to return on the 23rd August. This is the point of every year when the solar spotlight will always shift onto your work situation and job matters. To have a four week head start is a valuable chance to get your head in the game ahead of time. Even more so as this is a slow burn. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and therefore the fastest planet. Mercury can race through your work sector in 15 days, barely giving you time to hear yourself think. This forces you to think on your feet, make snap decisions and make it up on the run. This is the fast burn you normally experience. To reason that this year is a slow burn, is that Mercury is at a crawl, due to his retrograde turn on the 13th August. From the moment Mercury returned last month he knew that whatever ground he crossed he will cross three times. Not due to leave until late September, this not only gives you a chance to approach work and job matters at a more measured approach, but aware that there will be an opportunity for a do over ahead. By the time the Sun returns on the 23rd September you'll have had your head in the game for four weeks and will have already spent 10 days retracing your steps. This gives you the time to measure twice and cut once.


Have you ever had that pressure of having a deadline, having to go for an important interview, speak in public or put yourself out there in a way that there is pressure, but positive pressure? That's the kind of pressure there might be on the job front in the first half of the month. This isn't the work tension and job pressure you experienced in the first half of the year. This is constructive and productive pressure that gives you the push to put yourself out there. It is those situations where we are under pressure to do or be more, but we are in the arena, bloodied and battled, but it is showing up that allows us to prove out mettle and the timing couldn't be more perfect. On the 11th August Jupiter will move into his final two months in your work sector, not to return for another two years. And until the 8th August Jupiter is under pressure from Pluto. Not an opposition, which can create real work tension and job pressure and which you know all about from the past. This is the pressure that pushes you to make things happen and get things done. Coincidently the 8th August is when a lunar eclipse in your career sector brings the potential to bring career and professional matters to a head, turning and/or tipping point. This comes as there is a push to make Jupiter's final months in your work sector count. That whole period, centred around the lunar eclipse on the 8th August and Jupiter moving into his final two months on the 11th August, could see a rallying call go out across the professional front.


It is telling and important that the Moon will make two visits to your work sector this month, but also the timing. Why this is important is that the Moon's monthly visits in general have become a lot more important. Think of it as a cosmic game of treasure hunt, where one clue leads to the next clue and so on, until you find the treasure. The treasure hunt you're on leads to Jupiter's return to your work sector on the 11th October. Between October 2017 and November 2018 is a period of job growth, opportunity and expansion. By the 11th August lucky Jupiter will be just two months away and the Moon's monthly visits bring the valuable clues, hunches and insights that will prove key to lining up for what lies ahead. So to have the Moon visit twice this month, is important. Especially as each visit means that Jupiter is four weeks closer. And as I said, the timing is crucial. With the Moon in your work sector from the 30th July to the 2nd August, means you'll start the month with an intuitive read on work and job matters from the get go. What makes this especially timely is that Venus returns to your income sector on the 1st August, kicking off the most potentially lucrative weeks of the year. At the same time this is a chance to gain a lucrative sense of direction that will prove crucial over the coming months. The Moon will come full circle from the 26th August to the 29th August. Coincidently, the 26th August is the day that Venus leaves your income sector. This bodes well for not just major new job developments ahead, but with a lucrative sense of direction from the get go.


August is that month that professionally you desperately need. You might still have the same amount of work and demands on your plate and you may still work as many hours, but you are likely to find it hard to stay in the fast lane. If there is a short cut, something you can delegate, simplify or generally make it easier for yourself, you're likely to find it. It is not that you have lost your edge and more that collectively the professional gods are making the most of a chance to catch their breath. Fortunately this is a stunning month for income matters, with the professional gods happy for the money gods to take the wheel. If there is forward movement and new developments, this is likely to be driven by the money. What makes this a low key professional month, especially in terms of motivation and an unwillingness to work yourself into the ground, is that all three planets on the professional front are at a crawl. Eris, in your career sector since 1926 turned retrograde on the 20th July. As the slowest planet in the solar system, she will spend the majority of August at a crawl. The month begins with Uranus at a standstill, in preparation for his retrograde turn in your career sector on the 3rd August. This will put both planets on the career front in retrograde motion and it will stay that way until January. At the same time Saturn is slowing down ahead of his direct turn in your work sector on the 26th July. There are some busy months coming up, especially with Saturn leaving in December, but for now there is a strong, steady and stable, but slow force in play across the job and career fronts.


When Venus left your career sector in early July she wrapped up all the planetary activity for the year, which is incredibly late in the year. The Sun will always leave your career sector in May and often this will take all the focus on career matters for the year. So to still have Venus here into the early days of the second half of the year is rare. This has given you the extraordinary opportunity to move into this second half of this professional year with a clear mandate. Not only that, when Venus left she not only wrapped up her own month long visit, but five months of planetary activity. Last yet it took barely five weeks for all planets to move through. In addition you had double the amount of planets this year. This has put an extraordinary amount of focus on career matters, standing you in good stead for the rest of the year. You know what you want, you have all the resources you need and it will take very little to keep career matters on track. Venus' departure was when the professional gods went back to their default setting, which on the work and job front. For unlike your career sector, which is only active a few weeks or months out of every year, you have Pluto in your work sector from 2008 to 2024. It is the early part of the month that will be the most important for work and job matters, after which things will largely continue to plod along. For with Pluto in retrograde motion this is supposed to be a quiet point of the. Pluto is under some pressure until the 8th August. However, this is positive pressure, the kind that can get things done and make things happen. This is important, for the Moon will not only move through from the 4th August to the 7th August, but coming full circle from last month's Full Moon, could bring unexpected developments.


On paper this is a quiet professional month, but there is a lot happening behind the scenes. Venus will begin the month in your career sector but only just. Leaving in the very early hours of the 1st August she will be gone before the Sun rises on the new month. You will wake on the 1st August to find her gone, but also her presence still very much in the air. This will see you start the month with a clear sense of what you want and with two very powerful allies. For while Venus will wrap up all the planetary activity on the career front for the year, in any year there would be more than enough momentum to keep things going. Especially as Venus was the last in a long line of continuous planetary activity that began in April. However, it was last month that Venus made some important allies, allies that will help keep your professional aspirations alive and will continue to support career growth. When Venus returned to your career sector early last month it was to find the South Node in your work sector for the first time in 17 years and Jupiter in your income sector, for the first time in 12 years. These are the allies that will keep the momentum and your motivation fuelled. This could see a lunar eclipse in your work sector on the 8th August trigger unexpected developments across the income, work and career fronts. Especially as this falls just a week after Venus' departure from your career sector and just as Jupiter prepares to move into his final two months in your income sector.


By this time last year all the planetary activity in your career sector for the year had run its course, having ended with the Sun's return on the 23rd July. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of July in your career sector, shining the solar spotlight on your career and professional situation, matters and options. Last year the only planets to move through with the Sun were Venus and Mercury and as they both left before the Sun, the whole update was over within six weeks. That is not the case this year. Mars, making his first visit in two years left on the 21st July, two days before the Sun on the 23rd July. However, unlike last year this did not bring things to a close this year and you have two planets to thank for that. Two planets that are considered sister planets, so similar that one is simply a deeper version of the other. I am talking about Venus and Ceres, the two goddesses of the solar system. Ceres is making her first visit in four years and returned two weeks before the Sun left. It was only when the Sun and Mars left that this dwarf planet and the queen of nurturing was able to make her presence felt. Nine days separate the Sun's departure and Venus' return on the 1st August and Ceres has been using this time to get to the heart of your real professional priorities, even to a point of redefining your definition of professional success. By the time Venus returns to attract opportunities on the 1st August, you'll have a much better sense of what you want. With Venus here until the 26th August and Ceres until late September, this is the month where everything will come together. Where last year things have run their course, this year they're just getting started.

There are a few things you need to be aware of from the get go. The first is that there is going to be a lot of heat and intensity on the career front this month. So much so that there could be a lot of heat, intensity and what can be referred to as a 'fast burn'. By that I mean things happening quietly, with a lot of intensity and even some drama. Yet that is because you have some of the most stunning professional developments ever seen. When the Sun returned to your career sector on the 23rd July it was to find the North Node here for the first time in 17 years. But for Mars, who returned two days earlier, this is his first encounter in 36 years. The North Node is important because since early May it has been creating potential and carving out a clear trail forward. The North Node is also the reason behind a total solar eclipse here in your career sector on the 22nd August. This has the potential for major new beginnings, something you have been working towards since the Sun and Mars returned last month. This takes you into unchartered territory, for the last time you had the Sun, Mars and North Node in your career sector at the same time was in 1925, 92 years ago. Even just having Mars here, fuelling your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit, was going to make this a busy, exciting and dynamic month. But when you add in a total solar eclipse and the element of fate, this can be game changing. The Sun will leave on the 23rd August, but Venus will team up with Mars from the 26th August, returning in time to help reap the spoils. Ironically on the work front things are pulling back, with all the action on the career front.


Even though the Sun will always return to your career sector on the 23rd August, things kicked off four weeks earlier this year, with Mercury's return on the 26th July. This allows you to start the month with your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open. Yet from the get go it will also be clear that this year things are on a slow burn. Mercury is the fastest planet in the solar system and will usually move through in just 15 days. This creates a short and urgent period where you need to be thinking on your feet, making choices, decisions and plans on the run. However, Mercury is already slowing down as you move into the new month, ahead of a retrograde turn on the 13th August. This will see Mercury do a U turn and retrace his steps. This will eventually take him back out for the first 10 days of September, before starting again from the beginning. This means that every step that Mercury has taken from the 26th July to the 13th August he'll take three times over. The first time is getting to that U point, in which case he'll retrace the same steps for a second time. Then, when he turns direct early next month he'll start over again, tracing the same steps for the third time. This not only gives you time to consider your options and to think things through, but with the knowledge if you want to change your mind you have an opportunity for a do over. The Sun and Mercury will align on the 27th August and with the Sun moving forward and Mercury moving back, they'll bring 20/20 hindsight and foresight together.


This is a big month on the career front, the month that Jupiter's 13 month visit starts to become a lot more serious. Here since September 2016, Jupiter has returned to expand your professional possibilities and all of your career options. However, this hasn't always been easier, with the whole first half of the year not only dominated by months of pressure, but Jupiter's own retrograde phase from early February to early June. It wasn't until Jupiter turned direct and Mars returned to your work sector that things started to slowly inch forward. Now, after two months in direct motion Jupiter is starting to regain his speed, courage and determination to make his final months count. For on the 11th August Jupiter will move into his final two months and not due to return for another 11 years, this is when everything will start coming together. Of course, with the Sun returning later next month and Mercury, Mars and Venus over the coming months, you have until December to exploit all the potential. The early part of the month is the most important for Jupiter. Pressure from Pluto until the 8th August is the kind of positive and constructive pressure needed to give you that push to take risks and put yourself out there. It also helps that Venus will only leave your work sector on the 1st August. Pressure from Pluto is exact from the 1st August to the 8th August and it's on the 8th August that a lunar eclipse in your income sector brings the potential for a breakthrough. This is just a week after Venus left your work sector. This could trigger unexpected developments across the income, work and career fronts.


August is likely to be a stunning, but also an unexpected month for work and job matters. When Mars left your work sector on the 21st July and the Sun on the 23rd July, this should have brought all planetary activity for the year to a close. That was the case last year, with a very short six week update over by the 23rd July. This year this was the point where things started to get interesting. For once the Sun's glare moved aside, this revealed that Ceres had been waiting in the wings. Happy to watch from the sidelines while the Sun and Mars blazed a trail across the job front, Ceres was taking notes. For her first visit in four years is all about getting to the heart of your real needs. Ceres doesn't look at what a job needs or requires from you, but at what you need from a job, especially in terms of job satisfaction and a sense of purpose. This might seem a bit late, with the Sun and Mars gone, except for a twist of fate. Held back by a retrograde phase earlier in the year, Venus is late arriving to the party and doesn't return to your work sector until the 1st August. Venus is here to boost your confidence and attract opportunities and to have Ceres waiting at the door with a clear sense of your real needs and priorities, is a massive gift. Venus is here until the 26th July and Ceres until later next month, with the two goddesses of the solar system coming together to work their magic. What they are both aware of is the massive new career developments opening up from early October.


From the get go there is a need to be aware that August is going to be crazy busy. Just one of the many factors in play in isolation and that would be the case, but put them together and there is the potential for something game changing. The reason why I'm telling you this up front is to warn you to pace yourself. From the get go there is a need to recognise the warning signs for where you might be starting to work yourself into the ground. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of August in your work sector and until leaving on the 23rd August the spotlight is on your work situation and job matters, as it is at this time every year. However, this year you also have Mars here, making his first visit in two years. The six weeks that Mars spends in your work sector are always going to be the busiest six weeks in a two year period, both at work and in life in general. Having returned on the 21st July and not due to leave until early August, Mars is here all month and he has no compunction about working you into the ground. All Mars wants is to get things done and make things happen. This was already going to create a busy month, but throwing in the North Node takes this to a whole new level. This not only brings the element of fate into play and the fact that potential has been building since early May, but is the reason for a total solar eclipse on the 22nd August. This sets the scene for major new beginnings and new doors opening. This is just four days before Saturn's direct turn in your career sector on the 26th August is due to turn the tide on the career front.

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