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While the Sun will always leave your career sector in January, it is not uncommon to have either Venus or Mercury still here, tying up loose ends and taking care of those last minute details that will put your new professional year on track. This year Venus has long gone, having left back in early December. That was even before the Sun arrived, with her desires and expectations along with Mars' professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit having started this current push. Mercury is still here and will be until the 7th February, though not because he arrived late. Mercury first returned in early December, in fact during Venus' final days. He and Pluto, who will stay on and keep the wheels turning, were both witnesses to all that Venus inspired and continue to hold the torch for. Mercury normally moves through in just 15 days, so to have him still here is a real gift. You can thank a retrograde phase for that. Before leaving on the 7th February Mercury will continue to give you the intellectually savvy edge needed to keep your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open. As his departure will put your professional year into a phase where it is then more about keeping the wheels turning, the first week of February is the most important for making choices, decisions and plans or simply getting your head around where to from here. With Pluto here until 2024, the Moon's monthly visits will play an important role in keeping work and career matters on track. The Moon will move through your work sector from the 12th February to the 14th February and through your career sector from the 21st January to the 24th February. During both visits there is a need to keep your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground, trusting what your instincts are telling you.


That you will have your professional hat on at this time of year is a given, with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of February in your career sector. What isn't the norm is for so much water to have already passed under the bridge or anything happening on the work front at the time. Instead, when the Sun returned to your career sector last month it was not only to reveal so much already in progress but that the fact, for the first time in 12 years, you have lucky Jupiter in your work sector. The Sun shines the spotlight on your career and professional situation, matters and options at this time every year, bringing a chance to put your new professional year on an authentic path. Your biggest year for job growth in over a decade is anything but an ordinary professional year, so it's no wonder that reinforcements arrived early and have already invested so much. It's not the Sun that is here to rubber stamp things, but with most if not all your options already exposed, this is more a chance to figure out the 'when, where and how'. Mercury will move through your career sector from the 7th February to the 26th February and with the Sun leaving on the 19th February, this is when all of the choices, decisions and plans that will impact your new professional year will be made. Jupiter will turn retrograde in your work sector on 6th February and in retrograde motion until June, this will see work and job matters pull back. The focus will become more on retracing your steps and working with what is already on the table. As job matters retrench, the Sun and Mercury will continue to explore new professional pathways. They are intent on ensuring that by the 26th February you're ready to take the wheel, with a clear mandate and a clear sense of where to from here professionally.


February is normally the month that things just start to move on the career front and even then, not until the later part of the month. With this is a need to bear in mind that with Neptune in your career sector until 2026 there will be at least one professional god on the job 24/7 for another nine years. For the most part though, this is something that happens behind the scenes. It is when the Sun returns in February that a more active phase begins. Except this year, things kick off exactly two months ahead of schedule. The Sun won't return to your career sector until the 19th February, turning the solar spotlight onto your career and professional situation, matters and options, as he does at this time every year. Yet it was on the 19th December that Mars returns, beating the Sun by a full two months, giving this new professional year a massive head start. Mars continued to fuel your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit until he left on the 28th January, just days before moving into the new month. Yet Venus who returned on the 3rd January, also well ahead of schedule, is still there keeping that flame burning. By the time Venus leaves on the 4th February the Sun is still 15 days away and your new professional year has received the kind of dream start and push that nothing can slow down. With Venus returning in April, even if it started to slow down she'll return to breathe new life into things. Throughout their time here, Venus and Mars have never been focused on the 'when, where and how', only the what. By the time the Sun returns to bring the reality checks an annual review requires, your professional confidence, passions, desires and expectations will be an unstoppable force. However, the Sun and Mercury, who returns on the 26th February, are all about the 'when, where and how' and this is when you enter a more proactive and objective phase, one that is all about the details and all about making things happen. It is during this period that a solar eclipse on the 27th February will bring an opportunity for major new beginnings, something you've been preparing for since just before Christmas.


Every year has its underlying pattern, based on the Sun's very predictable pattern that will always put the spotlight on work and job matters each November/December and on career matters every March/April. That is still the case, in terms of when the solar spotlight will fall on job and career matters, but it has been over two years since you've been able to take your work hat off and seven years since you've had a chance to take your professional hat off. The last two years have seen a slow coming together of work and career forces, to a point where they finally came together over the holiday period. That meant that even though a push on the work front may have ended just before Christmas, there has been and will be little chance of taking your work hat off. However, this month you will find that things become more settled, that you're a lot more focused and it's now more about keeping the wheels turning. It's on the career front that forces have decided not to wait for the Sun. It began with Mars' return to your career sector on the 28th January and will continue with Venus' return on the 4th February. This is so far ahead of the Sun that there will be consequences, with Venus literally being pulled back. This means that instead of moving through in just 24 days, Venus will continue to slow down over the course of the month, until turning retrograde early next month. Venus will then spend another month going back over the same ground she covered this month. Even then, Venus will return in late April, not to start over from where she left off, but to start over from the very beginning, with a complete do over. Venus' return on the 4th February is the start of an extraordinary visit, one that won't run its course until early June. Mars is spending the whole of February here before leaving your career sector on the 10th March, which is the start of some stunning and game changing developments on the career front. A lunar eclipse in your income sector on the 11th February will ensure that where work and career matters go, the money follows.


The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of every year in your work sector and always returning just before Christmas, you have the advantage of starting and ending every professional year in the spotlight on your work situation, matters and options. While the Sun left on the 20th January, it is not unusual to find Mercury still here, tying up loose ends and finalising your game plan for the coming year. What isn't the norm is that Mercury has been here for so long. Mercury returned in early December for what should have been a 15 day visit aimed at giving you the intellectually savvy edge and articulation needed to get your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open. Yet in that time the Sun has been and gone and Mercury is still here and until leaving on the 7th February, each day is a gift. This makes the first week of February the most important for making choices, decisions and plans and for just getting your head around where to from here. Just two days before Mercury's departure Ceres will return to your career sector on the 5th February. Ceres, dwarf planet and goddess of the solar system left in October, putting a mission to redefine your professional priorities and your sense of purpose, promising that she would return. Ceres returns to honour that promise and the timing couldn't be better. Not only does this come just as you're in the final days of finalising things on the work front, but it gives you the rest of the month to prepare for Mars' return early next month. When Mars returns things will take off professionally, whereas you have the majority of this month to work with Ceres. By the time Mars returns to fire up your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit, you should have a better sense of what you're fighting for.


The spotlight will always be on work matters at this time of year, with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of February in your work sector. That is still the case, but instead of being the point of the year when work matters start moving, it is instead the point where you're tying up loose ends. This year, when the Sun leaves on the 19th February Mercury will stay on to tie up loose ends, but only to tie up loose ends and will be gone by the 26th February. At the same time last year Venus and Mercury were still in their early days and both stayed through to March in order to tie up loose ends. This year Venus left 17 days before the Sun even got here. Normally work matters will start moving in January, but they began back with Mars' return in early November. Mars left just before Christmas, but by that point Venus was here and she not only moved into the New Year here, but aligned with the Moon. You began 2017 with a clear sense of where your heart stood and an intuitive sense of where things stand. By the time the Sun returned, an event that last year kicked things off for the first time, this was already a work in progress. Venus and Mars left you with a clear sense of what excites you and of what you want, but the Sun returned for the reality checks. What the Sun does is bring transparency and certainty, giving you a better sense of where things stand, the facts of the matter and clarity to start making concrete decisions. Yet it is Mercury's return on the 7th February that will finally give you the intellectually savvy edge needed to get your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open. While the Sun will leave on the 19th February, Mercury will stay on until the 26th February and it is while he is here that most of the choices, decisions and plans that will affect work matters for the coming year will be made. The Moon will move through in Mercury's final days, ensuring you also have your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground.


The Sun's return to your work sector will always ensure that the solar spotlight will shift onto your situation, matters and options in February each year, though not until the 19th February. Yet with Neptune in your work sector until 2026, whether the Sun is here or not you'll still have your work hat on in some form or other. When you have a planet that is in an area of your chart for so long, in this case Neptune, who is in your work sector from 2012 to 2026, you can't remain in the fast lane all year. You need periods of activity and periods where things can run their course. In this case, those more active periods will usually kick off with the Sun's return. Not this year, with the call having gone out much earlier than that. Instead things kicked off with Mars' return on the 19th December, just in time for Christmas, New Year and the holiday period. Yet while this meant keeping your work hat on over the holiday period, an alignment with dreamy Neptune over the New Year made this more a chance to breathe new life into your dreams and aspirations on the work front. Venus' return in early January meant your heart became involved much earlier in the year than is normally the case. Mars left in late January, but with Venus here until the 4th February, you begin the month with a lot of traction, a lot of confidence and motivation, but as yet no clear mandate. That simply isn't Venus and Mars' job. That job falls to the Sun and Mercury, who make it up with objectivity, intellectual savvy and practical knowhow, what they lack in imagination. The Sun's return on the 19th February and Mercury's on the 26th February ushers in that more practical phase. This is when you're able to get down to the business of making things happen. This means that a solar eclipse in your work sector on the 27th February comes with especially good timing. This will bring an opportunity for major new beginnings or at best a chance to draw a line in the sand, just when you're ready to starting bringing things home.

One look at the developments this month and you know that you are in for no ordinary month and that this is the month when your new professional year gets interesting. Just on paper and with no context this looks impressive. On one hand a lunar eclipse in your career sector on the 11th February not only has a chance to jump start career and professional matters, but will bring the element of fate into play. This comes just as Venus and Mars come together with the forces already in play on the work front, over a month before you can normally expect any real movement on the work front. The Sun won't return to your work sector until the 20th March yet by then Mars will have been and gone and Venus, who returns on the 4th February will, incredibly still be here. Venus returns for what should be a 24 day visit aimed at giving your heart a voice, fuelling your confidence and attracting opportunities. For her to arrive on the 4th February and still be here on the 20th March means something is up. That something is a retrograde turn early next month. If Venus can turn the few weeks she will spend here every year into some of the best for attracting work opportunities in a year, then imagine what she can accomplish in months. Add into that the fact that Mars will spend every moment of February in your work sector, fuelling the work passions, fighting and competitive spirit. A lunar eclipse in your career sector just happens to fall in one of the best months for work matters you've seen in a long time, if ever. The last time Venus turned retrograde in your work sector and spent so long here was in 2009, a year before Uranus arrived. Could Uranus have been slowly working towards this rerun all this time? Expect the unexpected this month, across the income, work and career fronts.


February should be a fairly low key month for both work and career matters. The most active months for career matters are August/September and for work matters, in April/May. A visit from the Moon is about all you can expect at this time of year. Except the norm flew out the window in September 2015 when Jupiter returned to your career sector. While Jupiter left last September, with the North Node in your career sector from November 2015 to May 2017, there is a natural current in effect that is keeping what the planet of luck and expansion put in motion moving and the wheels turning. While things aren't as extreme and as driven, it is keeping professional matters on track. This is like getting going on a road trip, putting in a lot of effort and paying attention during the early stage and then putting the car into cruise control. However, things do start to get interesting this month, though not in a way that is likely to make life noticeably busy or that is pushing for any kind of changes. It began with the Chinese New Year on the 28th January. This ushered in the Year of the Rooster, a year that for Sagittarians is especially favourable for career growth. With the North Node still in your career sector, this will grease the wheels and make things run even smoother, without changing too much. Another subtle change is Ceres' return to your work sector on the 5th February. Ceres was here in mid 2016, on a mission to get to the heart of your needs and priorities on the job front, especially in terms of job satisfaction and a sense of purpose. Ceres retrograded back out last October, promising that she would return, a promise she finally honours this month. Ceres doesn't just take off from where she left off but from the beginning again, with a chance for a complete do over. This time you start with the job half done. That you're able to spend the majority of February getting to the heart of your needs and priorities on the work front is important, with Mars returning next month to get things moving in a fairly dramatic way.


The last time you had a planet in your career sector in February was in 2014, right in the heart of Mars' epic eight month visit. This is not the point in the year that you would ever expect planetary activity in your career sector unless there was something extraordinary going on, as was the case three years ago. This time it is just an even more extraordinary reason and that reason is Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion. Having returned last September and not due to leave until October, Jupiter is responsible for making this your biggest year for professional growth, potential and success in over a decade and chances are the full implications are finally sinking in. Jupiter is a large gas giant, full of gas and to put it frankly, hot air. Jupiter can often over promise and under deliver, especially in his early months, where there is often a state of hubris. This is not a fault of Jupiter or you or even a fault at all and all part of the journey itself. Every Jupiter transit has three stages. The first stage is everything I have just mentioned, where anything is possible and the sky is the limit. The second stage is when it starts to dawn on you the reality of what you've either committed to or sense possible, so you ask 'can we play that again, this time with my feet on the ground'? This is Jupiter's retrograde phase and it starts on the 6th February. By the time Jupiter turns direct in early June you will have retained the best of the hot air phase and best of a review phase and until he leaves in October, this is when everything will come together. If you start the month feeling disillusioned or feeling that all those high hopes aren't turning out don't despair, it means you have an excess of Jupiter energy to work with and that's a good thing. It's time now to move into a review phase, retracing your steps and rethinking what's doable and what isn't. This will also open the doors to the past, second chances and untapped potential. Either way, it's time to not only pull over into the slow lane, but start walking back in the direction you came.


A quiet professional month should do you just fine, considering you had too many of them over recent months. With near continuous planetary activity in your career sector last month and things only going quiet there while things got busy on the work front, there really is a need to let things play out. With so much professional momentum already invested, this is a chance to focus more on the month. For while there is no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses this month, there is a lot happening on the income front. In most cases, this is a case of professional investments in the past finally starting to bear fruit. This also makes the Moon's visits to your two professional houses a lot more important, so much so that they are the most important days of this professional month. The first will be the Moon's visit to your work sector from the 7th February to the 9th February. As well as sharpening your instincts and giving you an intuitive read on work and job matters, this will be a valuable chance to get your bearings. Don't be surprised if this triggers actual developments on the work front. For coming full circle from last month's Full Moon, the Moon can often bring to fruition what is set in motion a month earlier. Either way, keep your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground throughout that time. The Moon's visit to your career sector from the 16th February to the 19th February will sharpen your professional instincts and bring a chance to get your overall professional bearings. These monthly visits are a chance to check with the waypoints staged throughout your professional year, checking you're on track and picking up on any valuable new information that required a course correction.


In terms of Saturn's first full month on his own in your career sector since July, professionally as a whole things will be a lot more settled this month. There is no more information to add, no more planets coming along to put anything different in play. Since Mars 2016 you have had planets coming and going. Both Mercury and Mars left and returned, each time adding more to the pot. It wasn't until Mercury left your career sector last month that Saturn was able to take the wheel and with no more planets impacting on him until November, you're now able to draw a straight line first. After two years in your career sector Saturn is well established, is giving you the power to move mountains if you have to but no option to give up. The only way forward is to just barge your way through, in a straight line. Everything was going to have an influence on this new professional year, as far as overall career matters are concerned has. Like a ship on an ocean voyage, you're now on the open seas and the next port of call is Mercury's return in early November, which is when you will begin preparations for Saturn's departure in December. This is when the long haul slog begins, but is one you've been preparing for, for a very long time. It is also one that is likely to start bearing fruit this month, with February not just a potentially lucrative month, but the start of some lucrative months that extend out to June. Yet while what you see is what you get on the career front, the professional gods have a wildcard up their sleeves, which they will play on the 11th February. A lunar eclipse in your work sector could bring unexpected developments across the work and job fronts. With fate in play stand back and let things play out, especially as it has links to future events that you don't yet know anything about. What is clear, is the whole period that the Moon is in your work sector, from the 9th February to the 12th February will see income, work and career developments come together.

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