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May should and is a month where you're able to ease back, with Pluto spending his first full month in retrograde motion in your career sector and the massive juggernaut of work forces and developments not due to start rolling in until July. It's not that you can spend the month with your feet up or that you can afford to navel gaze your way through the month, but it does mean that you no longer have that monkey on your back, cracking the whip and asking that you go faster. In fact, you'll find that there is a new 'work to rule' attitude in play, realising that you don't have to push yourself 24/7 in order to remain effective and in fact, that if you do you're more likely to lose your edge. You're starting to appreciate that after a busy push this professional year has gained enough momentum for things to continue to develop at their own pace. Another important reason for scaling things back and pacing yourself, apart from a genuine need to spend time reflecting and revising, is that when things start to move on the work front in July you're not only in for a busy few weeks or months, but this will kick off your biggest, busiest and most opportune year for work opportunities in decades. As well as a chance to recharge your batteries, you also need time to consider your options, creating a situation where your best view of career matters will be through the rear view mirror, while there's a need to look to the future for work matters. What is giving your professional game permission to move into cruise control is the support and focus on income matters. If it feels like it has become a lot more about the money and what's in it for you in general, that's because it has, making it a lot easier to work smarter.


May should not only be a low key professional month, but a month where the focus is more on income matters. While the later is true, with a stunning month for income matters and opportunities, with any financial tension you're experiencing very quickly turning into motivation and a steely sense of resolve, things are a lot more professionally charged than you would expect at this time of year. All the planetary activity in your career sector for the year should have ended when Mercury left on the 13th March and with no planetary activity in your work sector until Mercury returns at the end of August, things should be really quiet professionally. Everything changed over Easter when, in the space of 12 hours first Ceres returned to your career sector for the first time in 4 years and a total lunar eclipse in your career sector brought subtle forces in play there back into life. Venus' return to your income sector a week later cemented a partnership between income, work and career forces that continues to develop this month and strengthen, especially as the deck gets loaded on the income front, culminating in some auspicious developments on all three fronts and especially where they come together on the 24th/25th May. What is crucial about developments on the work and career fronts is that this comes without the challenges of the past, with no road blocks and while income forces are encountering some challenges, any financial tension, thanks to the support of the professional gods, is very easily being turned into motivation.


You've reached a point in the year where you're able to ease back, with all the fresh blood that's going to be invested on the career front already invested, but Neptune and Chiron staying on in your work sector to keep the momentum going. However, with both due to turn retrograde next month they're slowing down and you'll find that your motivation is slowing down, happy to put things on cruise control and stay in the slow lane if and when you can. With Saturn having left your work sector on Christmas Eve and the Sun and his followers not due to begin returning until October, it seems that you're in for a slow few months. If that really was the case this will have still worked for you, giving you a chance to let things unfold and play out, taking advantage of the income opportunities opening up from the 8th May. However, a Full Moon in your work sector on the 4th May will not only bring work developments to a head, turning and/or tipping point, but will provide clues to some big shifts ahead. For while Saturn did leave your work sector on Christmas Eve, his retrograde turn last month means that he's on his way back, returning next month for a double dip visit that will run through to September. If the Full Moon in the early days of the month throws up more questions than answers, it's because Saturn's return will prove a real wildcard. With Saturn returning in retrograde motion and Neptune and Chiron both turning retrograde next month, this will see old doors open on the work and career fronts at the same time, making it important to keep your mind and your options open. As with all Full Moons it's about paying attention to either where they're pushing things and/or the strong emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses this triggers. What is clear is that this professional year has more wildcards up its sleeve.


This is a month where you're finally able to ease back a little on the accelerator, finally finding the pace what wasn't possible over recent months. While having the planets move through your career sector from the 20th February to the 20th April created the momentum needed to get this new professional year off the ground and whether it was a push in a new direction or forward on the same path, it most likely felt like you had a monkey on your back, cracking the whip 24/7. With Uranus staying on in your career sector until 2019 there was never any question of losing your professional momentum, for that's not about to happen, but spending his first full month back on his own as the only planet in your career sector and with Saturn not only in his last full month in your work sector but in retrograde motion, there is a general call from the professional gods to pull back. With Uranus needing time to sum up recent months and Saturn bringing a need to slow down and reflect, you no longer need to have your foot to the floor, driving things and yourself so hard. While Saturn, who retrogrades back out of your work sector next month will return in September, by then Jupiter will be gone from your income sector, creating one last month when you have powerful planets in your income, work and career sectors at the same time. With Jupiter not only spending his first full month in direct motion in your income sector but gearing up for some very lucrative months ahead, this is the point where the professional gods take the back seat while the money gods take the driver's seat, making it a lot more about the money and what's in it for you. Throughout the month work with the pace that feels right at the time, not one that you set ahead of time, which is why schedules and plans might have to be adjusted as you go.


This is always one of the most professionally charged months of any year, with the Sun always spending the first 3 weeks of any year in your career sector, but it doesn't usually end as abruptly as it does this year. The Sun will always leave on or around the 21st May each year, but last year Venus didn't leave until the 24th June, keeping the momentum going for over a month afterwards. This year the faster planets have all over taken the Sun, so instead of the first to arrive, as was the case last year, he was the last. By the time you move into the new month Venus has already been and gone, Mercury will leave on the 1st May and Mars on the 12th May, creating a situation where before you even step into the new month you've got your head in the game and your professional desires and expectations banked. You know what you want and what you're fighting for and by the time the Moon returns on the 16th May to begin the build up to the New Moon here on the 18th May, you'll already be tying up loose ends. When the Sun returned to your career sector last month the Moon was already there, coming full circle to bring everything home. This is a New Moon that brings a chance to bring all the experiences of the last few months together, draw a new line in the sand and commit to this new professional year, the future and the journey ahead. While this will bring an end to all the planetary activity in your career sector for the year, with Pluto spending his first full month in retrograde motion in your work sector and some major developments on the income front from July onwards, this is simply setting the scene and the framework that your professional year will build on from and around.


While May is always the month when the solar spotlight falls on your professional game, thanks to the Sun's return to your career sector on the 21st May, this is something that usually happens towards the end of the month and mainly plays out in June. This year things have not only been brought forward early, to a point where it may even feel that you're not ready for the developments that seem to be happening anyway, but in a way that not only has the support of work and income forces, but in a very specific way. For the first time since 2012 you'll move into May with Venus in your career sector and that's important, for with the Sun not returning until the 21st May it means your heart is getting the first, rather than the last say. Even by the time Mercury returns on the 1st May to help you get your head in the game, communication lines open and ideas on the table, your heart will have gained an unshakeable sense of conviction, with Mars' return on the 12th May to fuel your professional passions and fighting spirit giving you the courage to take some bold steps. By the time the Sun returns on the 21st May you'll already have a clear sense of what you want professionally, where your heart stands and what excites you. However, with Mercury turning retrograde on the 19th May there is also a need to keep your mind and your options open, especially as this can often bring a change of mind, which is your prerogative. Over and above what is happening on the career front this month is the support that all the planets have from Ceres in your work sector and the North Node in your income sector. This makes the normal strategic approach of the past ineffective, for you're in the process of redefining your definition of success, with job satisfaction now such an important priority that being in a job that is not authentic and doesn't fuel and nurture you is no longer tenable. For that reason there could be some big changes over the coming weeks and months, with something auspicious developing on the income, work and career fronts around the 24th/25th May.


After the push to get work matters up to speed effectively ran its course at the end of March, with a chance last month to tie up loose ends, you reach a point this month where you're now almost able to put things on cruise control. On the work front you should have a sense of what you're working towards, what you have to work with, what the opportunities and challenges you face are and in general be at a point where, with where things stand now is the new normal and you're almost working on auto pilot. With new career developments always opening up in June, with the Sun's return to your career sector, this should give you a month to let things settle and catch your breath. That will still be the case on the work front and necessarily so, for with Neptune and Chiron both slowing down ahead of their retrograde turn in your work sector next month, a slower pace is required. It's on the career front that there are not only some unexpected developments, but a chance to get in ahead before your annual career review and update even begins, altering the course that your professional year and future takes. Last year Venus didn't return to your career sector until the 19th July, just days before the Sun was due to leave and just days after Jupiter left. That was a confusing time because you had lucky Jupiter creating huge opportunities, but also a huge amount of challenges at the time, with Venus' voice drowned out by more powerful voices, with what you wanted almost an afterthought. This year Venus is determined not to see that happening, with her return on the 8th May and departure on the 6th June allowing her to move through weeks before the Sun even gets here, giving your heart a say in how you want things to run professionally, as well as a chance to attract opportunities and attention your way.

The tide has turned on your professional year and on both the work and career fronts you should notice that you're either finding your stride or will do as the month progresses. In his first full month in retrograde motion in your career sector Jupiter now has your whole professional focus on the future, but still moving fairly slowly and with a parade of planets having just left your work sector on the 20th April, you need a slower pace on the work front as well. This is more a case that the tide has turned, but with the real push to bring career and professional matters home not kicking off until July and especially now that some busy months on the work front are over, it really is a case of pacing yourself, letting the speed and momentum build up naturally, keeping pace with what is happening naturally rather than pushing or driving this. This makes the Moon's monthly visits to your two professional houses especially important, making it important to keep your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground. The Moon's visit to your work sector from the 14th May to the 16th May will see the Moon come full circle from last month's New Moon and as the first visit since the Sun left and some busy months ran their course, this will bring a valuable chance to get your bearings and tie up loose ends. In the meantime, by the time the Moon moves through your career sector from the 23rd May to the 25th May, aligning with lucky Jupiter on the 24th May, it will be less than 2 weeks away, with her return on the 6th June the point where everything will start coming together.


This is always going to be a month for having your work hat on, with the Sun always spending the first 3 weeks of May in your work sector, but this year there are a couple of remarkable differences. The first point of difference is that without Saturn in opposition, which he was the last 2 years, there isn't the pressure, challenges or roadblocks, so you're likely to find that things flow more easily and effortlessly. In general everything is going to seem easier, having you wonder why things seemed harder in the past. It's not just your memory playing tricks on you, it really was harder in the past. The second point of difference is that Mars is here for the first time in 2 years, firing up your work drives, passions, fighting and competitive spirit. The third point of difference is that with Venus already been and gone, Mercury leaving on the 1st May and Mars on the 12th May, once the Sun leaves on the 21st May this will abruptly bring all the planetary activity here for the year to an end, bringing a sense of urgency but also excitement. There will be a sense that you need to get work matters sorted, up to date and on track so you can ...? That's where the question will remain hanging for there'll be a sense that you need things wrapped up because something bigger is happening, without knowing 'when, where or how'. That something is lucky Jupiter's return to your career sector midyear and the start of your biggest, most expansive and opportune professional year in over a decade. This is something your professional instincts and a need to get things sorted on the work front are picking up, even if it's just a vague sense at this stage. The Moon will begin and end the month in your career sector, so that is when your professional instincts will be sharpest and when you'll find the most important clues. In the meantime, a New Moon in your work sector on the 18th May is a chance to make a commitment to work matters, for new beginnings and to draw a new line in the sand.


As you open the door to May you're likely to be delightfully surprised but also a little apprehensive, for while you're moving into the month with Venus already in your work sector and even more developments during the first 3 weeks of the month, you'll also find that some of the tension that came to a head last month has also followed you through. The Sun won't return to your work sector until the 21st May, but having Venus not only already here, but here since the 12th April means you've already had a chance to define what you want before your annual review even begins. However, when Venus returned last month, as will be the case when Mercury returns on the 1st May, Mars on the 12th May and the Sun on the 21st May, for the first time in 28 years it will be to find Saturn, over on the other side of the sky, in an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart and in opposition, refusing to let you work yourself into the ground as you may have in the past. Key dates for paying attention to not just the tension this might create but the important lesson behind it will be around the 3rd/4th May, again on the 15th/16th May and finally on the 22nd/23rd May, the dates when first Mercury, then Mars and finally the Sun move into opposition with Saturn, all for the first time in 28 years. Yet this is being balanced out by the huge amount of support that work forces are getting from Ceres in your income sector and the North Node in your career sector, so much so that while income, work and career conditions will improve and strengthen throughout the month, they will come together auspiciously around the 24th/25th May. Any tension from Saturn is more a call to pace yourself and work smarter.


Having no planetary activity in either of your professional houses is something you're still getting used to, for prior to Saturn's departure from your career sector on Christmas Eve the last time you had no planets in either was in the early days of August, 2012. While this may be starting to feel more like a professional drought, especially if it may appear that the professional gods went on holiday over Christmas and then forgot to come back, it has bought you some valuable time to let things settle and after some very busy and hectic years, without a chance to take your professional hat off at all, for over 2 years, you needed that break. However chances are, especially with so much focus on income matters over recent months and so much potential planted, but nothing for them to hook into, you're getting hungry for change and to sink your teeth back into professional matters. You'll get that chance in the early days of the month, but be warned, once you have your professional hat on the next chance you'll have to take it off won't come until late September, so use the early days of the month wisely. Everything changes with the Moon's return to your career sector on the 3rd May, beginning with sharpening your professional instincts and then unleashing your competitive spirit when things come to a head as a Full Moon on the 4th May. With Saturn retrograding back into your career sector for a double dip visit next month, this is likely to be a trigger for both immediate career developments or what will unfold over the coming months. If that was all, with Saturn not returning until the 15th June things may have gone off the boil again, but just 4 days later Venus' return to your work sector on the 8th May will bring the first planetary activity in either of your professional houses since Christmas Eve, starting something that there will be no going back from. Able to pick up on what the Full Moon triggered, Venus is here to open new doors on the work front, but also capitalise on all that you have already invested, especially last year.


While the tide turned on the professional front when lucky Jupiter turned direct in your work sector last month and there will be evidence of that this month, this creates a complex situation, one where work and career matters will require a different, but interdependent approach. For while May is Jupiter's first full month in direct motion in your work sector it's also Saturn's last full month in your career sector, before retrograding back out next month. This calls for not only easing back on the career front but spending a lot of time looking back through the rear view mirror, while your work focus is on the road ahead. With Uranus spending his first full month back on his own in your income sector, this also marks the final month where a powerful confluence of income, work and career forces are not only working together, but are back on equal footing, with just one planet in your income, work and career sectors. When Saturn retrogrades out of your career sector next month it's only temporarily and returning in September he won't just take up from where he left off, but start over from scratch, this time with all the experience and hindsight already gained under your belt. While Uranus, in your income sector until 2019, will still be there when Saturn returns and will be until he leaves in December 2017, with Jupiter leaving your work sector in August these three planets will never meet up this way again, in our lifetime. There will still be planets in your work sector when Saturn returns to your career sector in September and things will still be unfolding, but Jupiter himself will be gone. With the work matters now moving forward, income potential planted and professional hindsight to work with, make the most of the last full month in your lifetime that you'll ever have powerful Saturn in your career sector, lucky Jupiter in your work sector and serendipitous Uranus in your income sector, all at the same time. If there was any month that everything was going to come together it will be this month, despite the fact that income, work and career matters will continue to unfold for months, if not years to come.

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