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When you have a planet like Jupiter in your work sector from August 2015 to September 2016 and so much focus on work matters for so long, you can forget that you still get the normal annual updates. With the Sun always returning to your career sector just before Christmas, putting the solar spotlight on your career and professional situation, matters and options during the final 10 days and first three weeks of each year, a year that seems to have already packed a lot in, still has more to give. However, you don't have to wait until the Sun gets here or even for December to roll around, with Mars' return in late September having already given you a three month head start. While Mars has since moved on, though not before fuelling your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit Venus, who returned just three days after he left, is still here. By the time Venus leaves your career sector on the 8th December the Sun will still be 12 days away, giving her plenty of time to keep Mars' passions and fighting spirit fuelled, but at the same time fuelling your professional confidence, desires and expectations. For both Venus and Mars the focus is more on the 'what', knowing what you want, without too much thought on how you're going to make it happen. That's because this is not Venus and Mars' job, for they are the cheer leaders of the cosmos, fuelling your passions, desires, expectations and a sense of what's possible. However, the 'when, where and how' is very much Mercury's job, with his return on the 3rd December a chance to get your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open. Normally moving through in just 15 days Mercury will instead turn retrograde on the 19th December, bringing a chance to spend time back at the drawing board, reconsidering your options. By the time the Sun returns on the 21st December you will already have a huge amount of options on the table.


On no level can the planetary activity in your two professional houses be considered the norm, with what is usually one of the least active months of your professional year having already turned into one of the most active in over a decade, before even stepping foot into the new month. Because the Sun will always move through your work sector in September/October and through your career sector in January/February, these will always be the most active months of any professional year and while it is possible for Venus to sometimes return to your career sector in the later part of December, a host of professional gods are breaking with convention to turn your professional year on its heels. For the first time in over a decade you have lucky Jupiter in your work sector and while he's been here since early September, for the first time in over a decade you have the planet of luck and expansion bringing home one professional year and helping you to line up for the next. This is game changing in its own right, but for the first time since 1999 Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos returned to your career sector in November, just in time to create new career opportunities and seize the work developments unfolding. With Mars not leaving your career sector until the 19th December, those career developments will continue to evolve, but it's on the 8th December that you receive your next lucky break. Venus' return to your career sector on the 8th December is the earliest possible ahead of the Sun and not due to leave until the 3rd January, this will ensure you career and work opportunities continue to open up and even accelerate this month and even more so in the New Year. You not only have a huge amount of potential unfolding across the job and career fronts, but this is separate to the annual update of job matters that will begin next month, giving you a chance to explore wild new possibilities.


While Neptune's direct turn in your career sector on the 20th November has turned a lot of your professional focus onto the future, after the Sun's departure from your work sector two days later and with Chiron still in retrograde motion, the tide may have turned and the wheels may still be turning on the work front, but things are hardly taking off. Until Chiron turns direct in your career sector on the 1st December the handbrake is still on, but what you don't realise is, is just how valuable being held back actually is. Not only does this give you a chance to adjust to this new forward looking professional perspective and give work matters a chance to run their course, this is a valuable chance to get your bearings before things take off. For take off they will when Mars returns to your career sector on the 19th December, two months to the day before the Sun is due and in the process kicking off a massive new professional surge. This is bigger than the six weeks that Mars will spend firing up your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit or the massive chance to bring this professional year home and get a head start on your 2017 professional year. Venus will not only return to your career sector on the 3rd January, but will spend an extraordinary amount of time here during the first four months of 2017. Having been held back for much of this year, if this month could be summed up in six words, it would be 'the revenge of the career forces'. After being under pressure for most of the year, held back for the last five months and outshone by work forces for much of the year, all the untapped potential that has been building behind the scenes is getting ready to explode.


With Uranus in your career sector since 2010 and the Sun always spending the first three weeks of December in your work sector, it is a given that the focus will be on career and work matters this month, but not to the degree that it is. With Uranus in retrograde motion in your career sector until the 29th December, turning direct eight days after the Sun's departure from your work sector, this should be a low key month for career matters, with a chance to reflect and prepare for a turnaround in the final days of the year. At the same time, with the Sun having only returned to your work sector late last month, you should just be starting to explore your work situation, matters and options. While to a degree both are still true, this is nothing compared to the true scale of what is developing on both fronts. Saturn returned to your work sector in December 2014 and he has been slowly moving towards an alliance with Uranus in your career sector, something that finally comes together between the 20th December and the 29th December. This ends on the same day that Uranus turns direct, creating the potential for a major breakthrough and turnaround across the work and career fronts, over and above anything the Sun is exploring. By coincidence, this comes just as Uranus comes under direct pressure from Jupiter, with work/life balance tensions that have been building since September coming to a head, from the 22nd December to the 31st December. This is the same time that support between work and career forces peaks and with both once in a lifetime events, this suggests that there will be a major rethink of both your job and career options between Christmas and the New Year. Until the Sun leaves your work sector on the 21st December, you're able to look to the future and where to from here on the work front, while viewing the professional year to date through the rear view mirror. Even if it's just time over the holiday period to rethink your options and explore the Eureka moments being triggered, something happens between Christmas and the New Year that is set to blow your work and career options wide open, ahead of some stunning developments in the early months of 2017.


While you might take time out over the holiday period and physically hang your work hat on the hook for a few days or weeks, you know from experience that this is something you can never entirely escape from, even if it is just time out to consider your options. That's because with the Sun returning to your work sector on the 21st December and not due to leave until the 20th January, as has been the case every year of your life and will continue to be the case, it is here that he will see out each year and start each New Year. This year this is something you've been able to get a jump on, thanks to Mars' return to your work sector in late September. Even last month, Venus' return just three days after Mars' departure means his work passions, fighting and competitive spirit were in safe hands, with a Full Moon in your career sector giving the final weeks of this professional year a push. While Venus will leave your work sector on the 8th December, making it important to follow your heart from the get go, Mercury's return on the 3rd December means she'll have someone to pass the baton to. Up until this point, whether it's Mars getting to the heart of what excites you and your passions or Venus fuelling your desires and expectations, the focus is more on the 'what' than on the 'when, where and how'. Mercury's return on the 3rd December kicks off what is usually a 15 day chance to get your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open, making the 'when, where and how' his business. However, a retrograde turn on the 19th December, just two days before the Sun's return on the 21st December brings a chance to return to the drawing board and not due to leave until February, buys you additional time to explore all your options. Even a New Moon on the 29th December, while a chance to commit to your intentions and resolutions for a new professional year just three days away, will call for keeping your mind and your options open.


The Sun's return to your work sector each January is likely to have cemented a phrase into your mind that you are probably not even aware of. That phase will be 'the New Year'. If, come the final months of each professional year, you're starting to become dissatisfied on the work front or you feel like exploring new options, the response from your inner voice will be 'wait until the New Year' or 'I'll look at it in the New Year'. There is a subconscious programme running in your mind that defers talk or even thoughts of a move or new developments on the work front until the 'the New Year'. However, this year there has been a circuit breaker, for rather than wait until the New Year, it is already time to look at job matters. For the first time since 1999 you'll move into December with Mars in your work sector, where he has been shaking things up and fuelling your work passions, fighting and competitive spirit since early November. At this stage you might not know what you're fighting for and may still be operating on that old 'in the New Year' frame of mind, but events seem to be moving faster than that, especially when it comes to knowing what you want. Venus will often return to your work sector ahead of the Sun, but her return to your work sector on the 8th December is the earliest that is physically possible, giving you the greatest jump on your annual review of your work situation, matters and options as she can possibly give. Not due to leave until the 3rd January, Venus will see out the rest of this professional year in your work sector and along with Mars, who is here until the 19th December, they'll work to establish what you want and what excites you, whether you act on that yet or not. A Full Moon in your career sector on the 14th December could be a catalyst, either in terms of big changes in the New Year or anything that might still have time to play out this year. The professional gods have until late February to let things run their course, but across both the work and career fronts the real push comes this month.


What you see from first impressions is not what you'll end up getting this month, but for once this is for all the right reasons. Neptune and Chiron, the only planets in either of your two professional houses, have been under pressure for much of this year and in retrograde motion since June, so it is understandable that you're not moving into December with high hopes that anything will change. With the Sun not returning to your work sector until February, chances are you'll settle for simply not having the boat rocked and as little work tension and job pressure as possible. Fortunately the professional gods have their sights pitched higher, though to start with there is nothing more than a suspicion that the tide has turned. The tide began to turn with Neptune's direct turn in your work sector on the 20th November, but with Chiron still in retrograde motion the brakes have been on. You've been able to look to the future, but will have found it difficult to move forward. Chiron's direct turn on the 1st December changes that, releasing the final handbrake and more importantly, the past's hold on you. With the Sun not returning until February, the point in the year when things usually start to move on the work front, this gives you a chance to look to the future, but with little or no urgency. Yet that leisurely stroll to the finish line changes dramatically with Mars' return to your work sector on the 19th December, all of a sudden putting your professional year into high gear just as for many, the professional year is in its final days. On one hand Mars returns too late in the year to do anything concrete with it, unless this inspires some a late in the year 'take this job and shove it' moments or other such bold moves, while on the other hand it's a chance to see how a change of dynamics changes the way you look at things. Had Mars returned in the New Year you could put this down to a new professional year having a new feel and not put it down to Mars' influence, whereas returning during his professional year and knowing the dynamics before and after his return, his influence will be more transparent. With Mars not leaving until the end of January and Venus returning early in the New Year, whatever this kicks off on the 19th February has not only changed the dynamics in the final days of this professional year, but has already changed the dynamics of the 2017 professional year before it has even begun.

December is a month that has crept up on you slowly and until the very end is likely to be operating in disguise. What you see and very typical for this time of year is Uranus, in your work sector since 2010 and always in retrograde motion from July to December, slowing down and slowly preparing for a U turn ahead. Due to turn direct on the 29th December, but needing to come to a complete stop in order to execute a U turn, even if you wanted to push on your professional year is literally slowing down. The wheels will continue to turn, but will become slower and slower, before coming stationary just as you approach Christmas. This appears perfect timing, giving you a chance to pull right back over the holiday period, ready for a relaunch in the New Year. With so much unfolding on the income front, it has not only become more about the money, but with a smart head for money and a better sense of where the money is, this makes it easier to work smarter. So what you see is a working year that is slowing down to a slow, gradual and controlled stop, with a turnaround over the holiday period and slow picking up of pace in the New Year. On one level that is exactly what's happening, but there are some major forces in play behind the scenes that could completely change the dynamics of your professional game. Since Saturn returned to your income sector in December 2014 he has been moving closer to an alliance with Uranus in your work sector, with that alliance, two years in the making, finally coming from the 20th December to the 29th December, peaking on Christmas Day. At the same time Jupiter, who returned to begin the 12 month wind down of your current 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion, has had an eye on work forces since. Finally, after nearly three months Jupiter moves into opposition with Uranus, you guessed it, from the 22nd December to the 31st December. Uranus and work forces are being squeezed by forces that need you to pace yourself and who are supported by the most powerful of all the money gods. This is the potential for some major Eureka moments or some major paradigm shifts over the holiday period. This could change the whole way you look at your job situation in 2017. This could be one of those 'when push comes to shove moments', when you realise you can't spend another year working yourself into the ground and something has to change, only to have the money and professional gods standing by, ready to support whatever evolves naturally.


Where in previous years the closer to the end of the year you got the more the pace increased, this year you're likely to find that things come to a more controlled or slow wind down. The reality is that so much has been invested, not just this year but since mid 2015 that even the professional gods are spent, having already laid it all on the line. Even last month's Full Moon in your work sector has already given work matters the last real push for the year, with the Moon returning from the 11th December to the 13th December to provide one last chance to get your bearings for the year. With no more planetary activity in your work sector, there is no pressure at your back and no urgency, able to simply deal with whatever needs addressing. The last few months have given you a chance to look at job and work matters in a way that is already putting a new light on things, with a sense of purpose and job satisfaction now a lot more important. You're past the point of needing to work for more than simply a means to making a living, with plenty of time to explore where that might take you next year. The main reason for a lack of any real urgency this month, is the fact that with the North Node in your career sector until May 2017, there is a natural current in effect that will keep all that has been invested this year in motion. Your main priority this month is making sure you're in that current. You will know that you are on track because things will flow more smoothly and it won't feel like you're pushing uphill. You'll have your best chance to check you're on track during the Moon's last visit to your career sector for the year, from the 19th December to the 21st December.


For the first time in over a decade you're moving into the final month of the year with Jupiter in your career sector and not due to leave until October 2017, this means that one professional year is set to flow into the other, with little or no chance to take your professional hat off in between. However, there are some safety measures in place, both not only coming together at the same time, but ironically during that critical period between Christmas and the New Year. From the moment Jupiter returned to your career sector in early September to kick off your most powerful and defining professional year in over a decade, it was clear that work/life balance was a requirement. Uranus, over on the other side of the sky in your home and family sector, made it clear that you can embrace this major professional chapter all you like, but don't think it is going to be at the expense of home and family matters. This was always going to be put to the test when Jupiter and Uranus finally move into opposition, which they will do from the 22nd December to the 31st December, right over Christmas and the holiday period. Uranus couldn't have chosen a better time to stand his ground and while taking your professional hat off isn't going to be an option, with support from some major income developments this month and into the New Year, working smarter is not only a must, but there are workarounds. Time out over the holiday period will still allow you to keep your professional hats on, especially if time away from the coalface gives you time to consider your options. This massive professional year runs from September 2016 until October 2017, but you're only three months into this and you have only now hit the most lucrative phase. Before then life is unlikely to slow down, with a Full Moon in your work sector on the 14th December giving work matters one last push for the year.


Chances are there will be a feeling this month similar to finishing a project ahead of time or getting off school or work early, because you've finished everything that needs to be done. While the Sun will always leave your career sector on or around the 22nd November each year, the last time you moved into December and all the planetary activity for the year was over, was in 2008. With your biggest professional year in over a decade spanning from October 2017 until November 2018, this won't be your reality next year or any other year until 2024. In other words, a chance to have all the planetary activity in not just your career sector but both your professional houses over by the 1st December is a rare and huge advantage. This doesn't mean things grind to a halt, but after so much planetary activity this year it means that you have time to work with what is already on the table, without new dynamics coming into play. The professional gods have played all the cards they'll play this year and with the whole month still up your sleeve, you have time to play those cards to your advantage. This also makes the Moon's visits to your two professional houses even more important, especially as in both cases these will be the last visits for the year. The Moon will move through your work sector from the 15th December to the 17th December and a practice run for next month's Full Moon, this will bring a chance to get any last minute insight into work matters this year and clues on what you might be lining up for next month. In the meantime, the Moon will spend Christmas Day in your career sector and moving through from the 24th December to the 26th December, this will sharpen your professional instincts, inspire your imagination and give you a chance to reflect back on the professional year that has been and forward to your new professional year, at that stage just a week away.


While you will always have to keep your professional hat on during the first three weeks of December, with the Sun leaving on the 21st December this usually comes with a chance to take it off before Christmas. That's not the case this year, but then with Saturn in your career sector since December 2014 and not due to leave until December 2017, this is not just your reality at Christmas, but every month this year. What you will find though is that for much of this year there have been two stories in play and it is one of those stories that will end with the Sun's departure. The first story is Saturn, who in your career sector for three years is less focused on the day to day details and choices and is more focused on the big picture and the big questions. Saturn only visits your career sector once every three decades, but staying for three years, he might take you through professional boot camp but these are the years that will define your professional game for years and decades to come. This phase will continue until the 20th December 2017 and is something that is always unfolding in the background. The second story is the more active phase, when a faster moving planet moves through and while this is something that usually happens in November and December, this year it began with Mars' return in early March. Since then your professional year has unfolded in waves, with the current and final wave underway as you move into December. With Mercury leaving your career sector on the 3rd December, it is important to move into the month with your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open. Mercury will return for a few days in the New Year to tie up loose ends, so don't worry if there are still open questions. The Sun's departure on the 21st December will take the spotlight off your career situation, matters and options and with Saturn on his own, this will give you a chance to pull back. Yet is over the holiday period, that Uranus and Saturn will form a major alliance from the 20th December to the 29th December, with a chance to rethink your income and career options over the holiday period.

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