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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 21 August 2017


Dear Ram, there are several big astrological moves this week through your zodiac, but the new Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo in your creativity area, is by far the most auspicious. This is a time that heralds change, and new beginnings for you within the sphere of life that is associated with your recreation, or your interactions with your children. Mars, your ruling planet, is also very closely in toe with this eclipse, to reinforce the changes that it may bring into your life with zest and determination. By Wednesday the Sun swiftly moves into your house of health and routine, where he will reside for a whole month. You can look forward to a boost of vitality when it comes to your health, as well as focus to stay on task. Venus is also about to change residence on Sunday, and will move into your creative zone to pick up the banner that the eclipse has left for her. It looks as though you are in for a lot of fun and games, as she dials up your playfulness and possibly even the drama in your love life.


Dear Bull, the significant new Moon Solar eclipse is occurring within your home and family area on Tuesday, which means that there will be some fresh starts coming your way in the arena of relationships with family, home and security or connections with your heritage in some way. Mars is following the Sun and Moon closely in Leo, and will see to it that there is a strong backbone to tackle this area of your life. The Sun is changing signs soon after that, and by Wednesday, he will be firmly set up in your creative zone. Over the next month it will be a wonderful time to become active in areas of your life that encompass your sport, artistic side, your children or your romantic life. The Sun adds much vigour to this section of your zodiac. Venus is also moving house and she enters your home zone on Sunday, to afford you all the love and tenderness that you need in your family relationships. You can expect a pleasant week, and month ahead.


Dear Twin, with the new Moon Solar eclipse taking place in your communication zone, there will be some new beginnings in the area of your zodiac that deals with communication, transportation, learning, or siblings. This is especially significant if you have any planets around 28 degrees of Leo. Mars is tied up in the eclipse and will follow closely over the same ground to reinforce your will when it comes to manifesting your new start. The Sun is no slouch, and by Wednesday he changes signs and moves into your value zone. During the next month your self values and ability to attract that which you desire, will be illuminated to give you a leg up in this area of your life. Use it well. Venus has also decided to shift places and on the same day she takes up her new residence in your communication sector to give you a cheerful and companionable disposition. Your ability for public speaking is strong over the next month, as is the opportunity to learn through communicative relationships.


Dear Crab, the all important new Moon Solar eclipse lights up your house of values and earning capacity on Tuesday with the opportunity to start afresh in one of these areas. This may well have been the shift you were waiting for, and Mars, who's following closely behind the Sun and Moon, will give you the boost that you need to take up the slack. Before the week comes to a close, Venus is scheduled to move into your value zone as well and give you a taste for the good life. You can look forward to a full month of good inter personal relationships and an uncanny knack for attracting money. The only problem might be, with Venus here, you also know how to spend it. The Sun is also on the trot this week and by Wednesday, he will have taken up his new post in your house of communications. During September you will be busy exploring new connections and enjoying lots of verbal interaction that will keep you on the go in your immediate environment. Your only challenge is to remain focused!


Dear Lion, what a week to be sure! There is a new Moon solar eclipse in your sign, and if you have any planets, or your Sun around 28 degrees of Leo, you will experience it first hand. A new beginning with regards to your personal image awaits you at this most exciting time, so leap headlong into these changes and put your best foot forward into your new Solar year. Venus enters your personal zone by Sunday as well, as she trades the solitude of your psychological zone, for the opportunity to gift you a fresh new take on the way that you reflect your persona. A whole month of pleasure seeking activities awaits you now, as Venus helps you show your softer side and attract people into your world with your pleasant demeanour. The Sun also changes signs on Wednesday when he moves into your health sector and shines his warm glow on your constitution. If you have had any health issues recently, September could prove to be a time of respite, or even a complete turn around for you. Use your body as much as you can so that you can experience the strength that the Sun has gifted you.


Dear Maiden, with the new Moon Solar eclipse taking place within your psychological zone you could find that you suddenly have mastery over your inner fears. This occurs on Tuesday and calls you to open up and allow your spiritual nature to guide you once more. Perhaps you have become distanced from your inner voice of late? Or allowed fear and anxiety to manipulate you into a shadow of your former self? This week you can say goodbye to all of that and embrace the changes that will be instrumental in carving a new pathway into your future. With Venus moving into this part of your zodiac you could be fairly introspective, which gives you a chance to nourish your mind through cultural richness, which will serve as a salve to former wounds. There's not much time to play the shrinking violet though, because the Sun is on the move and set to enter your personal zone, which will definitely spruce your image up for a month. You are in the right mode to make a good impression on others, as you demonstrate spontaneous expression.


Dear Scale Bearer, this week marks changes that will bring about a new beginning within your group interests, or friendship zone. The mighty new Moon Solar eclipse occurs within this realm of your zodiac to refocus your organisational involvements and humanitarian view point. Perhaps you have been overly concerned with your own life lately, and too preoccupied to take part in community interaction? Whatever your circumstances have been, there is an avenue of renewal that awaits you in this sector of your life. Mars is closely associated with this eclipse and will soon pass over the same degree to make sure that your changes are reinforced by action and stamina. Venus enters this house on Sunday as well, and gives you the charm and grace to form harmonious social interactions that could even lead to romantic interests. Over the next month you could find that you seek out like minded companions with whom you can share your thoughts and goals. As the Sun moves into your psychological zone on Wednesday, your ego will be less active, giving you a reflective quality and the opportunity to recharge your battery.

Dear Scorpion, the new Moon Solar eclipse through your professional sector on Tuesday opens up the opportunity for a novel way of navigating your work load. This eclipse shines a golden light on career advancement and social standing, which is destined to change the way that you are seen on the public stage of life. If this weren't fabulous enough, Mars and Venus are waiting in the wing to assist you achieve your goals. As Mars follows in the Sun and Moon's footsteps, he will offer you the energy to dive straight into any challenges in this arena. On Sunday Venus changes signs and enters this sector as well, to gift you social charm, as well as successful negotiation and networking skills. This will attract the attention of those in authority on the work front and bring achievement one step closer. The Sun is also scheduled to change signs this week and will enter your friendship zone on Wednesday to showcase a fun filled month of social interaction with friends and societies that you are involved in. This is a really good harbinger for success on several fronts.


Dear Centaur, this week brings you a new Moon Solar eclipse across the philosophy and expanded mind sector of your zodiac. This could herald a new beginning in higher education or your belief system, or perhaps even overseas travel, which is also regarded as mind expanding since we learn about ourselves through foreign cultures. Whatever your current circumstances, you can expect a new opportunity for growth and objectivity after this eclipse on Tuesday. The Sun soon moves on to a new sign and a new sector of your zodiac, and on Wednesday your career zone is scheduled to receive a burst of illumination that will last a full month. This allows your reputation a welcomed boost throughout September that puts you in line to achieve the long awaited recognition that you have been working towards. Venus is also due to change signs and by Sunday she will have moved into the same area that the eclipse passed through earlier in the week. You certainly have your eye on the bigger picture now, and will get much pleasure from any subject that feeds into the expansion of your mind. What an interesting time for you Centaur!


Dear Goat, with the auspicious new Moon solar eclipse falling into the shared resource sector of your zodiac, you are ready to make a new start in areas pertaining to joint finances and investments between yourself and a marriage or business partner. If things have been tough in this area of your life you can expect a turn of events to bring about a new beginning. Once the Sun and Moon move out of the eclipse, Mars will take their place and give you the added focus and vigour that you need to tackle this task with gusto. The Sun changes signs on Wednesday and will enter your sector of higher learning, to expand your horizons. This turns your focus outward and gives you a great taste for adventure. You have added faith now which helps to make bold manifestations possible, like that overseas trip that you have been thinking of booking, or perhaps a course of study that interests you. This is a time when you will pursue the higher meaning of life with fearless courage. Go for gold!


Dear Water Bearer, a new Moon Solar eclipse in your relationship zone this Tuesday will serve to bring a new start to a relationship of a personal or business nature. Your focus is on one to one relationships now, as this eclipse brings about a realisation that no man is an island, and we all need other people in our lives in order to truly prosper and build self esteem. Venus will enter the same area of your chart on Sunday when she changes signs and helps to smooth out your personal relationships. You are more peace loving and adaptable now, willing to compromise, and happy to commit to structure within your relationships. The Sun also changes signs this week and heads to your shared resource zone to regenerate the affairs of joint finances and investments. This is an excellent time to revisit your current budget or clear some debt and get back on your feet. The way in which you are dealing with your life will come into focus and give you the opportunity throughout September to do away with any bad habits that may have got their claws into you.


Dear Fish, if there have been any health or work issues lately the new Moon Solar eclipse on Tuesday could afford you a new start in this area of life. Perhaps it has become necessary to review your diet and nutrition, or finally join that Zumba group at the community centre. You could even be changing jobs or just finding new and improved ways of dealing with the pressures of the current one. Whatever your lifestyle, you may find that very soon a new avenue of exploration is made available to you when Venus enters this area on Sunday, bringing with her the gift of harmony and friendly relationships for a whole month. Your team spirit will soar during this cycle, but so might your laziness, so make sure that you keep abreast of your schedules. The Sun is also set to change signs this week and on Wednesday he leaves your health and work zone in favour of some relationship enhancing time with a beloved partner. This month is a perfect opportunity for you to seek relationship balance, and change the emphasis from me, to us.

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