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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 22 August 2016


From the get go there is a need to move into the week aware that you've not only got a busy week on your hands, but that this is show time, with everything you've been working towards all year starting to come together. The definitive realisation will come when the Sun returns to your work sector on Tuesday, shifting the solar spotlight onto your work situation, matters and options for the first time since lucky Jupiter was in his early weeks, back in September 2015. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then and what this spotlight and sense of realisation will reveal is that you're no longer waiting for anything. Whatever resources you think you require, what you see is what you get. Yet while you're required to put everything you have into everything you do, a nose for money and an intellectually savvy edge will make it easier to work smarter.


After last week's Full Moon in your career sector this was always going to be a week to let things settle, let the implications of anything triggered run their course and in general process the valuable clues, hunches and insights. The Moon only left your career sector on Friday, allowing you to move into the week with your professional instincts sharp and an awareness of a need to keep your hands off the wheel. Yet what you can't appreciate is how important the silence is this week, for the professional gods are taking a break before hitting the field big time. Even the Moon is staying clear of your two professional houses this week, knowing that Venus' return to your work sector next week will trigger an unbroken chain of continuous support through to August 2019. Catch your breath and get your bearings, while you can.


With the Moon having left your career sector over the weekend and less than 24 hours before moving into the new week, this not only allows you to start the week with your professional instincts sharp, but with a better understanding of a need for work/life balance. While the professional gods are keeping the wheels turning on the professional front as a whole, busy work forces are taking a break and with a new surge beginning later next week, work/life balance is an ideal to aspire to rather than a challenge to overcome. With Mars gone from your work sector but the momentum he created continuing, you no longer have to work so hard to get the same result or keep up the manic and frenetic pace of recent months. With all the professional gods on the field in retrograde motion and retracing their steps, time for reflection is essential.


Starting the week with the Moon in your career sector is always going to be an advantage, ensuring your professional instincts are sharp from the get go, but across the income, work and career fronts by any stretch of the imagination this is no ordinary week. With the Sun leaving your income sector on Tuesday, the same day that Mars and Saturn begin their first alignment in your work sector in 28 years, this is giving you an intuitive edge at a major crossroad on both the income and career fronts. Yet as the Moon's first visit since Uranus turned retrograde, as well as sharpening your professional instincts and triggering Eureka moments, any emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses will come with 20/20 hindsight. In the early days of the week income, work and career forces come together in a way that could have major ramifications across all three fronts.


While there is no doubt that the professional gods are playing back up to the money gods at the moment, they are hardly slipping into the shadows. As things start coming together on the income front in a major and potentially game changing way, forces on both the work and career fronts are operating in a way that they're not over shadowing income forces or detracting from the fact that right now it is about the money, but are here to keep the wheels turning. However, as the Moon returns to your career sector on Wednesday and your professional instincts kick in, you're likely to notice that those wheels are changing direction. With the doors already open to the past, second chances and untapped potential on the work front, there are clues midweek that they're preparing to do the same on the career front. This is a stunning week across the income, work and career fronts.


As you move into the new week the professional gods are standing back, allowing you to process the implications from last week's Full Moon in your work sector and to let anything triggered play out. The Moon only left your work sector last Friday so you've still got an intuitive edge and are still processing the emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses that came to a head. The focus will shift to your professional game as a whole with the Moon's return to your career sector on Thursday and the timing is significant. Before leaving over the weekend the Moon's aim will be to sharpen your professional instincts, deliver some valuable clues, hunches and insights and give you a chance to get your bearings. With new doors opening on the income front next week the timing couldn't be better.


While the Moon's visit to your work sector over the weekend meant you may have struggled to keep your work hat off over the weekend, on the other side you get to reap the benefits. With the Moon gone the strong emotional responses won't follow you into the new week, but the intuitive edge gained will, giving you an edge from the get go. It was the time you had to think and mull things over and the message behind strong emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses that is likely to see you move into the new week with a different attitude, with a new appreciation for some of the work tension you may have and may still be under. With the worst behind you, a combination of the fog of war clearing and an intuitive edge from the get go it finally allows you to see that this is all about working smarter and smart time management.

Starting the week with the Moon in your work sector is always going to be an advantage, giving you an intuitive edge and ensuring you have your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground from the get go. Yet this is simply the icing on the cake, triggering Eureka moments and giving you a clear sense of 20/20 hindsight during the Sun's last full day in your career sector. Due to leave on Tuesday the Sun is shining the solar spotlight as the Moon is tapping into an intuitive edge and the underlying forces in play on the work front, as the money gods prepare for a full on assault of any glass ceilings midweek. Collectively the professional and money gods are assembled in the early part of the week to give income, work and career matters as big a push as possible, making the Moon's involvement at this critical time that extra edge that could make all the difference.


On face value the Sun's return to your career sector on Tuesday and the Moon's to your work sector just hours later is not game changing, with the Sun returning at this time every year and the Moon every four weeks. The timing is without doubt an advantage, giving you an intuitive edge and read on work matters just as the solar spotlight shifts onto your career situation, matters and options, but still not game changing. Yet this is an ordinary event that is set to have extraordinary consequences, with the solar spotlight revealing the full scale of not only what has been building behind the scenes, but the potential and support. This is akin to the Sun returning, turning the lights on and all the professional gods jumping out and yelling 'surprise'. With heart and head in the game, both luck and the element of fate in play and lucky Jupiter in his final weeks, this is when the full enormity of what's possible sinks in.


While last week's Full Moon in your income sector has left you with a nose for money and wanting more, for now there is no professional gods on hand to help out, but there are signs this is about to change. To begin with it is more a case of anticipation and a gut sense that something is about to shift, but as the week progresses and especially as the Moon moves through the different areas of your chart, it will be clear the gods are preparing for something. A focus on home and family matters in the early days is going to be more marked than usual, with a clear sense that you need to make your life as user friendly as possible, but for what? The same goes for playful lunar vibes kick in midweek, asking that you find a balance between work and play while you still can, but why? The Moon's return to your work sector on Thursday may provide more clues, but something big is definitely coming.


While you have a fairly quiet professional week on your hands, coming down from the manic high of recent months, this is just what you need. Mars only left your career sector in the early days of the month, bringing his longest visit in two decades to an end and with new developments next month, what you desperately need is time to let things play out. When wave after wave of professional developments hit the shore without a break there is no time to catch your breath and you end up missing half of the potential. Yet with so much already washed up on the shore, this is a week where you have permission to do some beachcombing. Thanks to the Moon's visit to your income sector over the weekend a nose for money will come in extremely handy. You'll have a chance to get a better read on work matters and especially your emotional responses to them, over the weekend.


Moving into the week with the Sun in his last full day in your work sector, the Moon in your income sector and a major alignment of career forces building makes it clear this is no ordinary week. From the get go there's a need to have your work, money and professional hats on, but in different but interdependent ways. The Sun needs you to have your eyes open and head out of the sand, looking at work matters honestly and realistically, looking to the future. At the same time the Moon is giving you a nose for money and will trigger Eureka moments that come with 20/20 hindsight, with the money gods more interested in the rear view mirror. Any doubts that the Sun's departure from your work sector on Tuesday will see work matters fall flat are dispelled as the first alignment between Mars and Saturn in your career sector in 28 years creates the potential for a major breakthrough.

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