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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 21 April 2014


Long holiday weekend or not, you'll need to have your professional hat on from the get go, especially in terms of trusting what your professional instincts and the emotional and intuitive responses being triggered are telling you. It's the Moon's position in your career sector as you move into the new week that is likely to be a double edged sword, ensuring your professional instincts are sharp as new doors open on the income front, but at the same time exacerbating both professional and work/life balance tensions that peak this week. Yet it's this intuitive edge that gives you the resources to turn this into an opportunity for a breakthrough or a turnaround. Where tensions have been building for several week's there is a chance this week to get everything out in the open.


For weeks tensions have been building ahead of this week's Grand Cross, a pair of crisscrossing oppositions that is set to bring things to a head, but already creating the potential for a major breakthrough. Right in the middle of this is Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos, who in retrograde motion in your work sector is stirring things up. On the back of last week's total lunar eclipse in your work sector this provides the extra push to get things over the line. This is the last obstacle you'll have to face, yet with this is the potential for a major breakthrough or turnaround, with work tension providing the confidence and push needed to make a bold stand, ready to draw a firm line in the sand. A lot is being packed into a short but game changing working week.


As is often the case, the thing we dread is often not only not so bad when it actually happens, but can turn into more of an opportunity than a challenge and that's likely to be the case when this week's Grand Cross finally kicks in. It's pressure on lucky Jupiter in your income sector and the financial tension this creates that holds the potential for not only a financial breakthrough, but a professional breakthrough as well. With support from Venus in your career sector and Saturn in your work sector, this is the kind of pressure needed to breakthrough barriers and shatter glass ceilings. On the other side of an intense cosmic standoff, which will have run its course by Thursday, are improving conditions and a strengthening bond on the income, work and career fronts.


The Sun's departure from your career sector over the weekend brought your annual month long professional review to an end, bringing you to a point where everything is out in the open, you know what you have to work with and you should by now have an authentic starting point. Yet chances are there is likely to be some frustration, feeling like you're stuck in slow moving traffic, with life's other demands making it hard to gain the kind of traction you want. It's the fact that you're still dealing with work/life balance issues that might be causing frustration, yet it is more a call to work smarter. With the best professional weeks of the year not kicking off until early next month, for now it's about working smarter and pacing yourself, with nothing as urgent as you think it is.


At the same time that this is the worst of weeks, especially in terms of work tensions that have been building for some time now, it is also the best of weeks, with new doors opening on the career front, but both working to your advantage. Even the Moon's position in your work sector as you move into the new week, evoking strong emotional and intuitive responses and exacerbating any tension, will work to your advantage, for here during the Sun's first full day in your career sector this will make it easier to draw a bold new line in the sand. At the very least it is the Sun's clarity and the fact that this will open new doors, that allows you to take work tension or pressure as an opportunity for change or to shake things up. You have resources you didn't have last week.


Make the most of the short working week, even if in your mind it's more a case of slacking off. It was just a few weeks ago that Venus left your work sector and wrapped up a very busy and defining 3 months on the work front and with Mercury returning to your career sector early next month, this is a short window of opportunity to step back and put things in perspective. The key to staying on track professionally and keeping the momentum going, is working with the resources in play now to find a balance between work and play, focusing on the things that allow you to express yourself creatively. In fact, it's where this is being suppressed or you don't have a creative outlet that you're likely to feel a sense of rebellion. Keep your ear to the ground midweek, especially on the work front.


Take advantage of any extra time the long weekend provides, for this is the week where any work/life balance issues are going to come to a head. Jupiter, moving through your career sector, is already in opposition with Pluto when things get even more complicated in the early days of the week, bringing personal and/or relationship tensions to a head. This is the Grand Cross that has been building for some time, yet with support from Saturn in your income sector and Venus in your work sector, it comes with the confidence to see this as an opportunity to change things. You no longer need to work yourself into the ground in order to achieve success. Meanwhile the Moon's return to your work sector on Thursday will give you a clear read on what your heart and instincts are telling you.

This week may feel a little like you've jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire, with the work tensions that came to a head during last week's lunar eclipse back again, but in a slightly different form. Yet this time it's different and not only because this is the last test that work forces and matters will be put through, but the very real opportunity this creates for a breakthrough. While the Sun left your work sector over the weekend, bringing your annual review phase to an end, when work tension once more comes to a head, just as the long weekend ends, Mercury will still be here, giving you the means to work smarter and to use this as a chance to change things up. Yet at the same time this is all about a need for balance, using the time you have more effectively.


While the Sun's return to your career sector over the weekend and his first full day here on Easter Monday could seem like a cruel joke, having to wait all year for some kind of professional support and then kicking in over the long weekend, the timing couldn't be better. It's not until Mercury returns to your career sector on Wednesday that you'll need to have your head in the game and with the Moon in your income sector in the early days of the week, the Sun's transparency and a nose for money provide a chance to get your bearings. This allows you to pay attention and keep your eyes open, without any pressure or urgent need to take action. Even when Mercury returns and you have a chance to get your head in the game it will still be early days, with the focus on exploring your options.


It's not just that work/life balance tensions are likely to come to a head that is set to make this such a challenging week, but personal and/or relationship tensions at the same time. Yet as challenging as this might be, with this comes a chance to clear the air and for some major breakthroughs. This shouldn't be a particularly active point of your professional year, having to wait until early next month for new doors to open on the work front. Yet last week's lunar eclipse in your career sector proved that rather than take a background role your professional passions and fighting spirit are fighting back. This week is more about setting parameters and knowing that the professional momentum is increasing rather than decreasing, you're running a marathon, calling for a change in tactics.


Jupiter, the most influential planet in the solar system, is under pressure as he moves through your work sector this week, which is bound to be creating work tensions and pressure. Yet as the planet of luck and expansion this is not only an opportunity to force a breakthrough or a change to the way you approach things, with friends in high places this is more likely to be a case of opportunities in disguise. With the support of Venus in your income sector and Saturn in your career sector, fuelling your professional desires and confidence and providing the determination and the power to move mountains if you have to, you're able to use any work tension as momentum. This is the last barrier to push through, with conditions improving dramatically from next week or even later this week.


With the Moon having just left your career sector on Sunday, within hours of the Sun's departure from your income sector, you not only have a chance to move into the new week with your professional instincts sharp, but a clear sense of where the money is. With the focus still very much on income and money matters this week, with a potential flare up of financial tensions, this makes it important to keep your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground professionally without over playing things. Right now it's more about keeping your professional rather than your money hat on, while at the same time realising that you're now less than 3 months away from some major new developments and opportunities on the work front. At this stage it's more about trusting your internal compass.

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