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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 28 July 2014


You have a bit of a mixed bag this week, making it important not to judge a book by its cover, with the week starting out much worse than it will eventually pan out to be. It's with a case of deja vu or 'here we go again', that you once again move into the new week with work/life balance tensions and professional pressure, which may be a little hard to take considering that you're likely to have felt the pressure building over the weekend, making you feel that you never really got a break. However, this is the last wakeup call you'll get, so is a valuable chance to pay attention. By as early as Tuesday conditions start to ease, with the Moon's visit to your work sector midweek not only getting you back in the game, but holding clues to new work opportunities due to open up next month.


If it feels like you've moved into the new week with something missing it's because you have, having lost Mars over the weekend, though in a move that has given you the best of both worlds. Having returned to your work sector in early December, for what should have been a 6 week visit aimed at firing up your drives, passions, fighting and competitive spirit, nearly 8 months later he has finally moved on. Mars has taken with him the urgency, pressure and constant need to be on top of your game, while leaving you with the drives and competitive spirit to continue what he started. This week the focus shifts to looking more closely at what you're fighting for, especially when it comes to job satisfaction and a sense of purpose. The one thing you won't lose is your momentum.


As you move into the new week it will have been just 7 days since Saturn turned direct in your work sector and you should be at a point where you're just slowly inching your way forward, expecting the pace on the work front to take weeks, if not months to get back up to speed again. However, as you move into the new week there'll be a need to hold on, for things are moving at warp speed, thanks to Mars' return over the weekend. Having been held back Mars' return to your work sector over the weekend has already done more in the 48 hours he's been here than Saturn achieved in the previous 5 days or would have in the next 5 weeks. All of a sudden you're hungry, motivated, your drives, passions, fighting and competitive spirit is engaged and it's time to start making up for lost time.


As Uranus spends his first full week in retrograde motion in your career sector there's a chance to pull back and while your focus is now on the rear view mirror there's no urgent need to take action or over think what this has opened the door to. Instead it's more important to keep your money hat on, with the weekend's New Moon in your income sector still in effect in the early days of the week. Even if this wasn't a New Moon and it wasn't the first involving lucky Jupiter since 2003, the Moon's visit to your income sector in Uranus' early days in retrograde motion would have provided a valuable nose for money, just as the doors open to second chances and the Eureka moments he triggers come complete with hindsight. This further cements the partnership between income and career forces.


While Pluto, planet of change and revolution has been in your work sector since 2008 and won't leave until 2024, there is no doubt that the last 12 months have been the toughest year he'll face and therefore you'll face on the work front during this 16 year period. Dogged by opposition after opposition, creating work tension and times when you question yourself, your job and everything attached to your work situation, as yet another opposition peaks on Monday you may be forgiven for wondering how much longer you can cope with this. The answer is that you don't have to, for Venus' opposition on Monday is the last and while she'll once more bring things to a head, she's also got the means to turn this last hurdle into a stepping stone, by asking your heart what it really wants.


While there is no chance that you'll lose your professional momentum anytime soon or that things will drop off, mainly because you've got a tailwind at your back, you've reached a week where you can finally stop pushing so hard. Last week, when you moved into the new working week Venus had just left your career sector, with her departure the previous weekend having brought all the planetary activity for the year to an end, but it was the Moon's visit later last week that brought a chance to tie up loose ends. This week you have a chance to let things settle, for until a Full Moon in your work sector on the 11th August you have no cosmic activity in either of your professional houses, giving you a chance to step back and let what is already in motion play out and process the journey so far.


Where the last 12 months has been dogged by work/life balance tensions, with more oppositions between the planets on the home and professional fronts in the last year than you would normally expect strung out over a decade. It's no wonder then that as you move into the new week and there is yet more pressure to deal with, that you could be tempted to just give up. However, there is something very different about Monday's opposition between Venus in your career sector and Pluto in your home and family sector and not just because this really is the last hurdle, with no more obstacles after this. As the last planet to move through your career sector Venus is here to make things happen, but also to attract the best outcomes for the least possible effort, finally able to get the balance right.

With the Moon still in your career sector as you move into the new week the New Moon that started on Sunday is still in effect and will be until Tuesday, making this a week for drawing a new line in the sand. Even if this hadn't been a New Moon this was always going to be a significant visit, for as the Moon's first visit since lucky Jupiter returned less than 2 weeks earlier, this is the first chance your professional instincts have had to tap into the enormity of the shift this has created and that your luck really has turned. This creates a week of contrasts, for while the New Moon in your career sector creates an opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings on the career front, with Uranus in retrograde motion it comes just as the doors open to second chances on the work front.


The Moon's return to your career sector midweek was always going to be an advantage, with a chance to get your bearings, tap into your professional instincts and gain a sense of perspective. However, this is more than simply a monthly update, for as the Moon's last visit to your career sector before new doors open next month, this is when you'll start to pick up new opportunities on your radar, with a chance to start lining up at the right doors before they open. This also marks a shift in the professional dynamics of your year, for where until now the focus has been on work matters, this is a sign that it's about to shift to career matters and the course your professional future will take. Avoid over thinking, instead listening to your gut, trusting your professional instincts.


For the first time this year you're moving into a new working week without Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos in your career sector and while this has scaled back some of the drives, passions and fighting spirit, it's also taken away the pressure to be on top of your game 24/7, with a chance to relax a little. It was only on Saturday that Mars' longest visit to your career sector in 32 years finally ran its course, having stretched out what is normally a 6 week visit to nearly 8 months, with a need to get out of the fast lane. Where the focus shifts to this week is looking at what you're going to do with all the momentum you've gained and the possibilities this has positioned you for, with a special focus on what you need in terms of professional satisfaction and a sense of purpose.


All of a sudden everything is coming together, bringing you to what is an important crossover week. Until now it's been work forces that have been driving things and with Saturn in retrograde motion in your career sector since early March, your career path and matters have taken a back seat, until now. With Mercury leaving your work sector on Friday and Venus less than 2 weeks later, the driving force on the professional front this year is now at a point where you're tying up loose ends. Yet this comes right in the midst of a professional turnaround, with Mars' return to your career sector over the weekend already firing up your professional passions and fighting spirit. This will turn any work tension in the early days of the week into motivation, revealing where your heart stands.


With the Moon still in your work sector Sunday's New Moon is still in effect and will be until Tuesday, allowing you to move into the new week ready and able to draw a powerful new line in the sand. The Sun only returned to your work sector last week, so New Moon or not his first full week here was always going to be a time for new beginnings, but even more so because of the clout behind the tailwind you have. For while you will have a New Moon in your work sector at this time every year, the last time you had lucky Jupiter here at the same time was in 2003. This really is a chance for a fresh start and with Mercury returning on Friday, Venus in 2 weeks from Tuesday and new doors opening on the career front in September, this is the start of a major professional comeback.

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