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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 19 June 2017


It is less that anything different is happening on the career front this week and more what is happening around it. After two weeks in your income sector Venus has reached a point where she is starting to interact with the planets in your career sector, with the early and later days of the week the most important. On Monday and Tuesday Venus is aligned with Juno, who is spending the majority of the year in your career sector. This is a chance for the two goddesses of the solar system to come together and as Juno is the queen of commitment, align your professional resolutions with what Venus is bringing together on the income front. Or is it the other way round? Either way, by the time Venus aligns with Pluto over the weekend, the seeds of rebellion and revolution will be sprouting on the income and career fronts.


If there is some work tension and job pressure at the start of the week embrace it, for this is more important than you might think. All this is, is the Moon moving through a reflective part of your chart and moving into opposition with Jupiter. The Moon will be gone by Tuesday, so if you wanted to you could stick your head in the sand and put it down to a case of Mondayitis. Hopefully you won't do that, because for Jupiter and work and job matters this is what you've been waiting for. On Monday Jupiter will have been in direct motion in your work sector for nine days and this is a critical point. Jupiter has been in direct motion long enough to start gaining some traction. But this is often the point where you're still fighting the past's suction. A bit of pressure from the Moon can jump start things.


The Moon only left your career sector on Sunday, allowing you to start the week with your professional instincts sharp from the get go. Often, this means getting the best of a lunar visit while escaping the challenges, but this visit didn't have any. Instead, the Moon was here as Neptune turned retrograde, giving you a front row seat as the doors opened to the past, second chances and untapped professional potential. This is something that Mars had a vested interest in, fuelling a sense of confidence on the income and career fronts. For while Mars is now in your income sector, he began the year aligned with Neptune. He was the other parent to the professional passions and dreams you began the year with and you now have a chance to revisit. The fact that this comes with income potential is even better.


This is one week where you can't judge a book by its cover, especially as first impressions might not appear that great. A snapshot of Monday in particular reveals the Moon, moving through your career sector but under pressure from Jupiter. At the same time Saturn, in retrograde motion in your work sector is in opposition with Mercury. A week that starts with work tensions and professional pressure running high can only go downhill from there, right? Wrong. Whether by coincidence or some bizarre way of preparing you for what is to come, in both cases the message is balance and working smarter. Everything changes by Thursday and that's when you'll benefit from the sharp professional instincts you began the week with. For it's on Friday that a major 15 day alignment of work and career forces begins.


Work and job matters are getting a free ride this week and it is all coming from Venus and a sense of urgency developing on the career front. By the time you move into the new week Venus has already been in your career sector for two weeks. Yet despite the fact that she will normally move through in 24 days, there is little or no urgency. You've had planetary activity here since early February and Venus just wrapped up a nearly four month visit to an adventurous part of your chart. Everything suggests you have plenty of time. Wrong, by the time the Moon returns on Tuesday Venus has just 14 days before she leaves, wrapping up all planetary activity in your career sector for the year. This is when it will hit you that it's time to bring things together. Venus will team up with Juno in your work sector on Monday and Tuesday and with Pluto there over the weekend, to help bring everything together.


While the Sun and Mercury's final days in your career sector might get a little bumpy, this is keeping you on your toes. It was last week that the Sun moved into opposition with Saturn and it is Mercury who moves into opposition on Monday. Yet this has more benefits than challenges. From his position in your home and family sector Saturn is raising the bar when it comes to work/life balance, but also on the professional front as well. It is the last time for another 28 years that Saturn will do this and with the Sun and Mercury gone by Wednesday, this is helping to make those final days count. Missing is any urgency, with even the Moon's return to your career sector on Thursday simply a chance to get your bearings. With Ceres staying on and Venus still two weeks away, the best is still to come.


This is the week where everything both changes and starts to fall into place, while becoming more real. There was an almost surreal quality to the second half of last week that will continue until the Sun returns to your career sector on Wednesday. Until then you're still in the surreal zone created by Neptune's retrograde turn in your work sector late last week. With the Moon in your work sector at the time, you had a front row seat as the doors opened to the past, second chances and untapped job potential. Yet an intuitive read on work and job matters also made the support from Mars in your career sector a lot more obvious. It was Mars and Neptune's alignment over the New Year that gave birth to the dreams and passions you're now getting a chance to revisit. The Sun and Mercury's return to your career sector will bring reality back into play, but the dream will have taken hold by then.

Starting the week with the Moon in your work sector is a mixed blessing. This will ensure you have an intuitive read on work and job matters from the get go, though an opposition with Jupiter could also create some work tension and job pressure. This will drop back by the time the Moon leaves on Tuesday. What you're experiencing is the Moon's first visit since Venus left. It is these monthly visits that will keep you on track and on your toes for the rest of the year and beyond. And the timing couldn't be better. It is just two days after the Moon leaves that a major 15 day alignment between income and job forces will begin. With Mercury just 14 days away from your career sector by then, your instincts will be alert to the big changes developing. You're nearing a turning point across the income, work and career fronts.


A new sense of the urgency developments on the job front this week and timing couldn't be better. The biggest danger you face on the job front at the moment is complacency, especially when it comes to a perception of how much time you have to work with Venus. Despite the fact that Venus has already been in your work sector for over two weeks and she is normally only here for 24 days, there is still a lack of urgency. This is partly because you've had planetary activity here since early February and partly because Venus has just spent nearly four months in a playful part of your chart. Yet the Moon's return on Tuesday comes just as Venus moves into her final two weeks. This is what will trigger a sense of urgency. With support from Juno in your income sector peaking on Monday and Tuesday and from Pluto over the weekend, this is the perfect time to seize the moment and run with it.


This is one week when a bit of professional pressure or work/life balance tension at the start of the week is a small price to pay. As is any work tension and job pressure at the time. In fact, things might not look too good on Monday, but this is not just a bad case of Mondayitis, nor is it all what it seems. On Monday Jupiter has been in direct motion in your career sector for nine days. This is a critical point, for Jupiter has been direct long enough to start moving forward, but this is when the suction from the past is still holding you back. The Moon's opposition with Jupiter on Monday, while creating some pressure, is exactly the push needed to break free from that suction. Any work tension and job pressure is simply the Sun and Mercury being kept on their toes during their final days in your work sector.


This is a week where it's good news for you and good news for work and job matters, but where Mars isn't quite so sure. By the time you move into the new week Mars has been in your work sector for two weeks and more importantly, on his own. This is Mars' first visit in two years and without adult supervision, he has been like a teenager left home alone. Mars has been free to fire up on the job front and fuel as much hot headed enthusiasm as he wants, without a single thought to the 'when, where and how'. That didn't matter because the Sun and Mercury are arriving on Wednesday to do that. This is a little like Mum and Dad coming home, with the Sun's reality checks and Mercury's intellectually savvy edge ushering in a more objective chapter. The Sun is here for a month and Mars will only leave in his last full day, so you will have to figure out how to keep your feet on the ground and hot headed enthusiasm alive.


While things may not appear to get off to a good start, you can't afford to judge a book by its cover. A Full Moon in your career sector earlier in the month seems to have triggered a tough time for Saturn, in retrograde motion here. A Full Moon will also come with some pressure, but this was followed by an opposition with the Sun last week and now an opposition with Mercury on Monday. This is simply a standoff between the Sun and Mercury's focus on home and family matters and Saturn's on your professional game. By the time the Sun and Mercury leave on Wednesday, you will have hopefully sorted out any work/life balance issues. For it's on Thursday that a major 15 day alignment between income and career forces begins. It is also at this point that you're just 14 days away from new doors opening on the job front. Where you're going, work/life balance will be important.

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