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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 16 January 2017


All hands are now back on deck for the Sun's final days in your career sector. Not due to leave until Friday, this gives you a chance to work with Mercury, who only returned late last week. With your head back in the game but with the benefit of having had a chance to step back, you're now ready to wrap up the launch of your new professional year. Even last week's Full Moon and any pressure this created has managed to flush everything out in the open. This leaves you with a clear and accurate sense of where to from here. If you don't yet have all the details worked out or game plan don't worry, with Mercury staying on until early next month to help with that. All that's required by the time the Sun leaves Friday is a clear sense of direction. The rest you can make up as you go.


For the first time in 12 years you've moved into the New Year with lucky Jupiter in your career sector, so the Moon's for the year was always going to be important. Returning midweek and leaving on Friday, this is when your instincts will be sharpest and you'll have an intuitive read on work matters. This is both a chance to get your bearings for the year, but also get a feel for Jupiter's influence. Already slowing down ahead of his retrograde turn in early February, this will also bring a read on the pace required. Yet that's not the only advantage. It is literally in the Moon's final minutes in your work sector that the Sun will return to your career sector on Friday. Returning to throw the solar spotlight on your career and professional situation, matters and options, this will ensure you have a freshly minded intuitive read on work and job matters from the get go.


Another week and you have an ever tightening bond between a line up of planets in your career sector, which is getting this new professional year off the ground much earlier in the year than you would normally expect. This week and especially in the early part of the week, there is a chance to confront some old demons, especially those fears and doubts that are holding you back from the things you're passionate about. When Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos leaves your career sector later next week he won't be back until late 2018. Yet Mars is not only here now, fuelling your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit, but is surrounded by support that will keep that bonfire lit for months to come. It will be another month before you have to start looking at the 'when, where and how'.


You have reached a point where, even if you haven't achieved it yet, you should not only know what you're working towards, but how you need to be working. It's clear that you have a busy year in front of you and if you're struggling with your work load now, then having Saturn in your work sector all year means there will be no shortcuts. However, you've had a chance over the last two weeks to look at smarter ways of working, doing and being. With new career developments opening up from later next week, it is time to take all those lessons on board. No matter how young, old, rich or poor we are, we all only get 24 hours in any given day and considering you still need to sleep, then smart time management is your only option. This is something that Saturn demands you take responsibility for.


Even the professional gods are going to take a step back when the Moon moves through your income sector, knowing the importance of the nose for money this brings. With Mercury spending his first full week back in your work sector and the Sun leaving on Friday, there is definitely a need to have your work hat on from the get go. Yet moving into the week with the Moon in your income sector makes it as if not more important to have your money hat on. The intuitive edge and the nose for money the Moon will leave you with will be critical in gaining a lucrative sense of direction, especially as you're now tying up loose ends on the work front. The Sun's departure won't bring an end to work matters, but this will take the spotlight away. While everything is out in the open you're able to gain an authentic starting point.


While the Sun won't return to your work sector until Friday, turning the solar spotlight onto your work situation, matters and options as he does at this time every year, this is something you already have a jump on. Having moved into the New Year with the Moon and Venus here, you've got a clear sense of what you do and don't want. Thanks to the Moon's first visit to your career sector last week, you're also at a point where you can trust your professional instincts. You know 'what' when it comes to work matters, with the Sun's return bringing the focus on the 'when, where and how'. In the lead up to the Sun's return on Friday it will be more important to have your money rather than your work hat on. The Moon's return to your income sector on Wednesday will bring the nose for money needed to steer things in a lucrative direction from the get go.


For the last full week you have a formidable line up of planets in your work sector, all working together to gain as much traction on the work front as possible. But this isn't just any traction and is all about a push towards the things that excite you and you're passionate about. While not due to leave until later next week Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos' last full week in your work sector is all about identifying what excites you and at least starting the process of making it happen. The reality is you have support right through to late April to get the ball rolling, so this is less about the details and more about knowing what you're fighting for. In the early part of the week Mars is narrowing in on something fairly specific and that is the blocks holding you back. This is putting special interest on fears, doubts and old excuses.

Thanks to the Moon's visit to your career sector over the weekend your professional instincts are sharp and can be trusted from the get go. This comes just as you're gearing up for the start of what are destined to be the busiest weeks and months of 2017, which kick off later next week. At the moment you're still getting a sense of the direction things will take, but it is less about you deciding and more about getting a sense of your authentic path forward. While it may look like there are two or more paths stretching out in front of you and you may even feel the pressure of having to decide which path to take. But that is an illusion. There is only one real path and it's the one that allows you to express the real you and comes from a place of truth. Let the real path reveal itself to you. You'll recognise it because it will speak to your sense of purpose.


Moving into the week with the Moon in your career sector is always going to be an advantage, especially this early in a new professional year. At this stage this is more about tapping into what your professional instincts are telling you and getting a sense of direction. Yet this is likely to leave you with more than sharpened professional instincts and some valuable clues, hunches and insights. It is what you're likely to pick up on that could have you rethinking your first impressions of this new professional year. As well as professional developments ahead you will also start picking up on job developments as well, much earlier in the year than you would normally expect. As with all lunar vibes, this is like a trail of breadcrumbs, with each clue leading to the next. At this stage it is more about being on that trail.


Returning to your career sector midweek, the Moon's first visit for the year is a valuable chance to get your bearings, but also check in with the extraordinary conditions in play. For the first time in 12 years you've moved into the New Year with lucky Jupiter in your career sector and not due to leave until October you have a massive year for career growth and expansion in front of you. The Moon's first visit for the year is your first chance to tap into Jupiter's influence, but also the direction this is driving things and the pace. With Jupiter already slowing down ahead of a retrograde turn early next month, all this is valuable information at an important point, in an important professional year. While the Moon won't return until midweek, this is so important that you need to have your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground from the get go.


For the most part you're still feeling your way forward, which is par for the course at this time of year or at least that is the norm. Recent years have been the norm and by this time last year, you were already thrust into the fast lane and had been since the early days of the year. That is not the case this year. The Moon's return to your work sector last week and the Full Moon this created has jump started work and job matters. However, until the Moon comes full circle this will continue to play out of its own volition. You won't really have a feel for this new professional year until the Moon makes its first visit to your career sector for the year, which it will do over the weekend. Returning on Friday the Moon will give you a chance to get your bearings, as well as sharpening your professional instincts.


Mercury's departure from your career sector last week was akin to pulling up the gangplank and letting this professional year cast off from its moorings. Thanks to the Moon's visit to your work sector over the weekend, the first for the year and the last before returning as a lunar eclipse next month, you are no longer waiting for anything. Of course, pulling up the gang plank and casting off your mooring doesn't constitute a full journey and instead the start of the real journey. The eight days that Mercury spent back in your career sector was a chance to double check your charts, plot your course and make sure you had all the information needed for the journey ahead. With your head in the game, your instincts sharp and the promise of lucrative times ahead, the only question now is what are you waiting for?

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