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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 20 February 2017


It was in the later part of last week that a new sense of confidence started to emerge on both the income and job fronts. Even if you can't see where this is coming from deep down, even in your own efforts to over think things, you know that it's true. The Moon's return to your career sector on Tuesday will give you a better read on this, but as your professional instincts kick in this may pose more questions than answers. On the heels of developments on the work and income fronts late last week, the Moon will reveal that things are still evolving on the career front as well. This doesn't usually happen. This is the point in each professional year when, after a push to get your professional year up to speed, things then dial back. Yet across the income, work and career fronts things are still evolving.


Another week and another week of important professional developments. There has been no shortage of those so far this year, with a lot of comings and goings on the career front and Jupiter having turned retrograde in your work sector earlier in the month. However, it seems that things are finally settling down or at least they will do by the end of the week. The Sun left your career sector over the weekend, taking the solar spotlight off your career and professional situation, matters and options. This brings the official launch of your new professional year to a close, but this doesn't technically end until later in the week. Mercury is staying on in order to tie up loose ends, with a chance to finalise your professional game plan before he too leaves over the weekend. Until then an alliance with Jupiter makes this a good week for both work and career matters.


On face value the Sun's return to your career sector over the weekend is an ordinary event, returning at this time every year to shine the solar spotlight on your career and professional situation, matters and options. It's not that the Sun has returned that is stunning, but what this reveals. With so much water having already passed under the bridge and so much already at a tipping point, as the Sun turns the lights green you're likely to find that things start coming together quite quickly. Yet it's over the weekend that things will really start to move, with the Moon and Mercury returning to your career sector within 77 minutes of each other. This is when your professional instincts will kick in and you'll gain a chance to get your head in the game. Until then focus more on simply paying attention.


From the get go there is a need for a few commitments. The first commitment is to doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes, doing what you can, with what you've got from where you're at. Yet this needs to be backed up with a commitment to avoid sweating the small stuff. There is a lot of intensity, a huge amount of possibilities and a lot of tension this week. This brings the potential for a massive breakthrough, as a stunning alignment of career forces comes together. Yet at the same time a need for work/life balance is being policed, with some real tension and pressure if you attempt to keep your professional hats on 24/7. The problem is, there is so much developing professionally that you almost need to. Starting the week with the Moon in your work sector is an advantage, allowing you to trust your gut.


There is every reason for confidence across the income, work and career fronts, but it's on the work front that you really need to pay attention this week. The Moon will return to your work sector on Tuesday, two weeks since Mercury left, giving you an intuitive read on the forces that have stayed behind to keep the wheels turning. This is important, for there is something curious developing on the work front. Mercury returned in early December for what should have been a 15 day visit, but instead only left over two months later. Now Juno, who returned earlier in the month for what should be a six to eight week visit, has completely moved. Juno won't now leave until just before Christmas. What is happening? The professional gods are preparing you for some of the biggest job developments in three decades, developments that will kick off later in the year.


The Sun's departure from your work sector over the weekend may have taken the spotlight off your work situation, matters and options, but you have until the end of this week to tie up loose ends. You have until Mercury leaves at the end of this week to either make choices, decisions and plans or decide to leave things as they are. This is all about making any immediate choices, decisions and plans before the last planet leaves your work sector. Mercury won't be on his own, with support from Jupiter in your income sector in the early part of the week. It is hard to say who will be supporting who, but this creates an auspicious few days and week as a whole for both income and job matters. The Moon's return to your work sector on Friday will ensure that your instincts are sharp during Mercury's final days.


The Sun's return to your work sector over the weekend was an ordinary event that is set to have extraordinary consequences. There couldn't be anything more routine than the Sun's return to your work sector at this time of year, so much so that it's impossible for this not to happen. This is simply when the solar spotlight shifts onto work and job matters. What is extraordinary this year is the amount of developments already underway and how many dominos are set up, just waiting for the right trigger. While the Sun's early days are more a chance to get your bearings, by the weekend things should start moving. The Moon and Mercury's return over the weekend will be a catalyst, but the real breakthroughs are likely to come early next week. Once things start to move on the work front, they'll soon take off.

There is no sugar coating the work tension and job pressure that is rising this week, for it is coming from a very real opposition that is creating real pressure. However, there is also no denying the magnitude of the breakthroughs possible, with pressure the leverage that is going to push things over the line. It is all about managing that pressure so that you can use it productively. It is over the week that a rare triple alignment between Mars, Uranus and Eris will begin in your work sector, so rare that this has never and will never happen again in your lifetime. That work pressure is building at the same time is a pure coincidence, but could be that push from behind just as fate opens the door to a breakthrough. Starting the week with the Moon in your income sector and a nose for money from the get go is a real advantage.


It was over the weekend that a five day alliance between work and career forces ran its course, an alliance that blew the cover off forces on both fronts. Over the previous three weeks small shifts across the income, work and career fronts have fallen into play, but with little or no fanfare. Apart from a vague boost in confidence, the players on all three fronts are minor league and with so many big personalities at play, they have been thrown under the radar. It was only towards the end of last week that the cover was blown, with insights on both the job and career fronts taking you by surprise. The Moon's return to your income sector on Tuesday will allow you to take things a step further, with a nose for money adding to the insight already gained. All of a sudden you have options across the income, work and career fronts.


Jupiter, in just his third week in retrograde motion in your career sector, is still under pressure and this is professional and/or work/life balance tension and pressure. However, before you start feeling sorry for yourself or Jupiter think again. Jupiter is the largest and most powerful planet in the solar system and until the weekend had the full support of the Sun, the only other force that can equal him in size and power. This has generated some serious momentum on the income and career fronts, something that Mercury and his smart head for money will continue to support. The planets in opposition with Jupiter are important and they are making this an especially important time for home and family matters. However, they are not enough to halt your professional momentum. This is simply a call to work smarter, which will work to your advantage.


Any week that begins with the Moon having just left your career sector is off to a good start, especially with no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses. You don't have ongoing momentum to keep the wheels turning on the work or career fronts, so these monthly lunar visits have become vital. Having left less than 24 hours before moving into the new week, the Moon may have moved on but this will ensure your professional instincts are sharp from the get go. In any week that would be an advantage. Even more so as the Sun returned to your income sector during the Moon's final hours in your income sector. There was a period of just under eight hours between the Sun's return and the Moon's departure. Yet this has left you with a clear sense of professional direction as things come together on the income front.


The Moon's return to your career sector over the weekend means you begin the week with an advantage from the get go. If you're going to start the week with your professional instincts sharp from the get go then this is the week you'd choose. It's not just that this will ensure your professional instincts are sharp as you move into what could be a game changing week for income matters. The Moon is linking into something strong and enduring, a professional force that has its anchors firmly imbedded in bedrock. That force is Saturn, in your career sector since December 2015. Saturn is giving you the power to move mountains, but also the resolve to stand your ground and not deviate from your course. In a week that you could be tossed around by some fickle financial forces, this will ensure that your professional focus remains rock steady.

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