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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 08 February 2016


There is a new sense of urgency in the air this week, as you finalise your game plan and everything needed to commit to this new professional year. This is not about tying up loose ends and bringing things home and more about getting your heart and mind aligned and committed to the journey ahead. With Mercury leaving your career sector on Sunday and Venus next week, you're in the final days of deciding the course the rest of your professional year will take. Yet while Venus is giving your heart a voice and Mercury the intellectual savvy needed to make smart choices, decisions and plans, this is more about gaining a sense of direction that heart and mind can agree on, than anything specific. Have a game plan, but one that is flexible and bends with the winds of change. Get the direction right and everything else will follow.


You not only begin the week with the Moon in your career sector but with the build up to Tuesday's New Moon already underway. On one hand this is the New Moon that at this time each year marks the official start of your new solar year, a chance to draw a new line in the sand and embrace an opportunity for new beginnings and a fresh start. Yet on the other hand you're only going to feel slightly ready. While you have the Sun in your career sector, shining the solar spotlight on your career situation, matters and options, with heart and mind yet to become engaged you are far from a point of being ready to commit to anything specific. While you may have a general sense of direction and of your professional priorities, that's as far as it goes. Fortunately that's all the professional gods require at this stage.


Another week and another case of Mondayitis and the professional gods couldn't be happier. With Mars, already in your work sector for over a month, not leaving for another month and the Sun returning to your career sector next week, the professional gods are still warming up and life is set to get a lot busier than it already is. So when you not only move into the week with the Moon in an adventurous part of your chart but with a New Moon here on Tuesday, this is the perfect opportunity to take a break and gain some perspective. The one thing you need to guard against is tunnel vision, with the more you can keep your mind and your options open the better. Meanwhile, the Moon's return to your career sector midweek is a chance to sharpen your professional instincts and pick up some valuable clues, hunches and insights ahead of the Sun's return next week.


While the Moon will return to your career sector this week it won't be until later in the week, with the weekend a chance to step back and gain some valuable clues, hunches and insights. Having visited your work sector last week and now your career sector this week, the Moon and therefore your emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses will, by the end of the week, have had a chance to get an intuitive read on the driving forces behind both work and career matters. Yet as you move into the new week, at the halfway point between these two important lunar vibes, it's even more important that you keep your mind and your options open. With major forces in play on both the work and career fronts it's more about lining up with a sense of direction that your internal GPS is working overtime, trying to lock into.


Due to leave your work sector on Sunday Mercury is keen to see you keep your head in the game, your thinking cap on and the communication lines open, but while there is a certain sense of urgency this is not because of a call to wrap anything up. You've reached the last full week of a push to get your new working year off the ground and while you still have heart and mind on the same page and both in work mode, this is when you're able to put this new working year on the course you want it to continue on. With the professional gods keeping a skeleton crew on board, enough to keep the wheels turning and the momentum going on this new working year, this is more about plotting out a course for the rest of the year to follow. This has to be done in collaboration with the forces in play and getting a feel for which way the natural currents are moving.


The week not only begins with the Sun and Moon in your work sector, but it's their alignment that creates Tuesday's New Moon, creating a point in your new working year where you should be ready to draw a new line in the sand, ready to commit to the year and the journey ahead. Yet if you don't feel ready to commit to anything specific or there are not enough options on the table to choose from, don't feel a need to grasp at straws. With heart and mind yet to even become engaged, at most this is a first draft of a game plan for the coming year. It won't be until the Moon comes full circle in four weeks' time that you'll be ready to make more detailed choices, decisions and plans and for now it's more about having your mind and your options open. What a New Moon does is bring a chance to reboot, creating a new and authentic starting point.


While it's important to hold back from throwing yourself into this new working year for another week, there are signs that the professional gods are getting ready. While it's the Sun's return to your work sector next week that will see the solar spotlight move onto your work situation, matters and options and give this new working year its official go ahead, the Moon's return this week is a chance to start lining up. By the time the Moon returns next month it will be as a New Moon and with so many forces already in play, this is the week where the things start lining up. In your work sector from Tuesday to Thursday the Moon will be here during the middle days of the week and aligning with the planets already in play, these are critical days for having your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground.

The early days of the week might feel a little disjointed, in that you're likely to be picking up some mixed messages. If anything it's home and family matters that will have your attention in the early days of the week, yet at the same time there is likely to be a sense that something is clicking into place professionally and that this is going to be a game changer. While there will be no work/life balance tension, it becomes obvious that this has to be a priority. Where the incongruity is coming from, is that while the Sun and Moon have come together to create Tuesday's New Moon, one that puts the focus firmly onto home and family matters, this also triggers the Chinese New Year, ushering in the Year of the Monkey. For Scorpios this is a fortuitous professional year, a year that is set to see income, work and career matters come together.


While the focus is more on income matters and a sense of where the money is this week, you're only at this point because of the professional support over recent months, that you still have now and will continue to have over the coming months. This is breeding a new sense of confidence when it comes to those glass ceilings over your head, realising that what was previously out of reach always has scaffolding in place that makes anything possible. While the money gods are working to tie up loose ends on the income front, with a smart head for money and a sense of entitlement to work with, it's the support from career forces that allows you to think big. In the early days of the week it's an alliance between Mercury's smart head for money and a keen sense of professional direction that allows you to get a fix on some bold and ambitious targets.


The professional gods bring a chance to let things settle this week but are also actively encouraging you to keep your money rather than your professional hat on. When Mars left your career sector in the early days of the year he brought over two years of continuous planetary activity to an end and with your luckiest and more fortuitous professional year in over a decade kicking off later in the year, this was a chance to let things settle and for what is in motion to play out. The Moon's visit to your career sector last week was a chance to get your bearings, while a return to your work sector next week will bring a chance to start lining up for new work developments over the coming months. For now though the professional gods are keeping away from this week, allowing you to focus on developments on the income front.


By the end of the week Mars will have been in your career sector for six weeks, which is how long the warrior planet of the cosmos will normally spend firing up your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit and if this was a typical visit he'd be wrapping up things and not due to return for another two years would be urging you to throw everything you have into everything you do. Yet even as the week progresses there is little, if any urgency and instead of leaving, Mars will still have another three weeks to go, not counting the several more months he'll spend here in a double dip visit mid year. You've still got all the professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit to draw on but with a lot longer time frame. This week it becomes more about the money, with a need to trust what a nose for money is telling you, especially midweek.


On face value it's business as usual on both the career and income fronts, the twin areas of strength and support in your chart this week and throughout the coming year, but that doesn't explain what you're likely to sense in the early days of the week. It's Tuesday's New Moon, on the surface a day that is more likely to inspire your emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses that creates the Chinese New Year and ushers in the Year of the Monkey, a year that for Pisces is an especially auspicious year for work matters and growth. It could be that you feel that you have invested far more into your job and work situation over recent years than you've received back and that you've missed out on something. As the Year of the Monkey arrives, this brings a chance to put that right, with plenty of untapped potential waiting for this kind of trigger.

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