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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 23 November 2015


Across both the work and career fronts there is a chance to let things settle, after some incredible shifts on the work front over recent weeks and before things start to move on the career front. Even the Moon is staying clear of your two professional houses, keeping things as stable as possible. However, the Moon's midweek visit to your income sector, coming full circle from last month's Full Moon, will not only bring a valuable nose for money into play as work and career forces develop into something you've never seen before, but bring a chance to once more put income, work and career matters on the same page. This is the Moon's first visit since work matters deepened and a more permanent driving force took over, with a chance to look closer at where the money is.


With Venus leaving your work sector next week but Mars staying on until the New Year, it might seem that her mission to define your desires and expectations on the work front is the more urgent, but what is urgent is getting a sense of where your heart stands and what excites you. Venus will return to your work sector next year, in time to welcome Jupiter and to play a role in steering the start of your biggest year for work opportunities and growth in over a decade. However, once Mars leaves in the New Year he won't return until 2017, after Jupiter has left, with now the time to get excited about the future and especially what 2016 holds. Mars teams up with Ceres this week in a way that gives both work and career matters a boost, especially when it comes to a sense of what's possible.


While the professional tide began to turn when Neptune turned direct in your career sector last Thursday, it won't finish turning until Chiron turns direct over the weekend. For the majority of the week, with Neptune in his early days in direct motion and Chiron in his final days in retrograde motion in your career sector, you'll not only be caught between the past and future, but with both having to come to a standstill in order to execute a U turn, it's likely to feel that things have become stuck. A sense of being in suspended animation will become even more pronounced when the Sun's departure from your work sector on Monday begins a 12 day break until Venus returns later next week to begin the next phase. This is a chance to pause and take stock as professional forces regroup.


A slow professional climate suddenly roars back into life. It began over the weekend with Mercury's return to your work sector, meeting up with Saturn here in 28 years, triggering a roll on effect that has seen every day escalate into something more than the day before. Following Mercury's return to your work sector on Saturday and the Moon's return to your career sector on Sunday, the Sun's return to your career sector on Monday completes a line up that will completely change the landscape of your professional year. By the time the Moon leaves your career sector on Tuesday, 11 months to the day since Saturn first returned to your work sector and wrapping up the first visit since the South Node left, cutting the past's hold on you, you'll be aware that there has been a major shift.


At a time when both work and income matters are not so much lying low, but after some major developments on the income front over recent months and new doors opening on the work front early next month are letting things settle, the Moon's return to your career sector is a major factor in this weeks' developments. Returning on Tuesday and leaving on Thursday this will put the Moon in your career sector and ensure your professional instincts are sharpest during the early days of the week. Coming full circle from last month's Full Moon this could see things triggered last month come to fruition, but more importantly is a chance to put income, work and career matters on the same page, with a chance to regroup, ahead of some busy months ahead, considering all your options.


While the professional gods haven't been particularly active over recent months and that's absolutely normal for this time of year, it seems they have colluded with the money gods to mount a united push across the income, work and career front in an effort to achieve a real breakthrough. This was always going to be a good week for both income and work matters, with Monday marking the start of a 4 day alliance between Mars in your income sector and Ceres in your work sector. As Mars works to get your best deals on the income front, Ceres is getting to the heart of what you need in terms of job satisfaction and a sense of purpose. This will ensure that by the time the Moon returns to your career sector on Thursday and triggers a Full Moon that you're ready to seize whatever this triggers.


While the Moon's return to your career sector over the weekend is set to be critical, during just hours before Chiron's direct turn in your work sector, for the majority of the week there's a need for a wait and see approach and for a relaxed sense of confidence. Between Neptune's direct turn in your work sector last Thursday and Chiron's direct turn this Saturday is a 9 day period where the tides are on the turn, but with both having to come to a standstill in order to make a U turn, where things will appear stuck. The Moon's return as Chiron prepares to turn direct is a chance to regroup over the weekend, but until then it's not only the professional gods that are calling for patience, but the money gods as well. This is a major turning point, with real opportunities on the other side.

Moving into the week with the Moon in your work sector is always an advantage, but even more so when it's the Moon's first visit since the South Node and where, while Uranus is still in retrograde motion here, the past no longer has a hold on you. However, this also puts the Moon here during Mercury's early days in your income sector and as the Sun returns on Monday, both teaming up with Saturn for the first time here in 28 years. With Mercury's smart head for money, the spotlight the Sun is able to shine on your options and Saturn giving you the power to move mountains if you have to, this is a game changer. Having the Moon in your work sector at that pivotal point will ensure you've also got an intuitive read on work matters and the forces in play on the income and work fronts.


With some massive shifts on the career front over recent months, but the forces that will drive things for the long haul phase of the journey now firmly in position and new doors not opening on the income front until early next month, there is a chance to let things settle. By the time you move into the new week it has only been 10 days since Mars left your career sector, wrapping up a 4 day visit that saw some massive shifts and with Mercury drawing close to your income sector, the two forces that will dominate the coming year need a chance to settle. This gives you a chance to make the most of the Moon's midweek visit to your work sector and a chance for anything triggered then to come to fruition, and to put your income, work and career options on the same page.


Due to leave your career sector last week Venus is doing her best to fuel your professional confidence, desires and expectations, but considering what's playing out this week she won't need much support. It's on Monday that a 4 day alliance between Mars in your career sector and Chiron in your income sector begins, creating some auspicious days for income and career matters, but more importantly a chance to establish what you're really fighting for. This alignment leads like a cosmic red carpet to this week's main event, a Full Moon in your work sector on Thursday. As well as a chance to bring work matters to a head, turning and/or tipping point, this is also a chance for forces across the income, work and career fronts to benefit. This is a defining week on all three fronts.


Monday marks the start of an important 12 day professional period. The Sun's departure from your career sector on Monday, just 2 days after Mercury's departure over the weekend will leave your career sector empty, but just for those critical 12 days. It was in September that Saturn's nearly 3 year professional boot camp came to an end and it was just week's later that the Sun's annual review came to an end, each creating the foundations for future success, but in the process demanding much and offering little. The real measure of the success will come when Venus returns later next month and during the course of 2016, when Mars will have so much influence. The 12 days between the Sun's departure and Venus' return brings a chance to catch your breath before the next chapter begins.


Moving into the week with the Moon in your income sector always gives you an edge from the get go, starting the week with a nose for money and a chance to pick your battles wisely. However, this is not just any week nor will anything ever be the same again, after Mercury's return to your career sector over the weekend and the Sun's return on Monday. Both are ordinary events that are set to have extraordinary consequences, for while they return at around this time every year, they both team up with Saturn here for the first time in 28 years. Since Saturn returned last December you've spent 11 months preparing for this moment, marking a point where the most powerful professional forces in decades come into play. If there's any week you want to begin with a nose for money it's this week.

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