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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 18 April 2014


In theory, there's no reason why anyone shouldn't get full marks on a mathematics test or exam. Provided formulae are understood and applied correctly, a correct answer will be received every time. This week, in a similar way, you are about to apply methodology to a situation that has confused and frustrated you. Something is about to 'click'. You're about to discover a solution to that which has puzzled you and possibly preoccupied your thinking of late. What you're about to do or put in place will be enormously helpful and hopeful. Prepare for a much needed revelation.


Politicians rarely write their own speeches. They have a team of people at hand to write them. All the politicians have to do is convey what has been written convincingly. The fact that we hear them say what they're saying implies they have utmost belief in what they're telling us. Yet, we know this isn't always the case. Words said authoritatively with a smile aren't always truthful or believable. That's something you'd be wise to consider this week. Someone might give a good impression of being knowledgeable or truthful. Don't be too quick to fall for the façade.


Are you at risk of inconveniencing someone by changing your mind? Possibly, but might a change of mind or heart be a good thing? This week brings an opportunity for you to consider your options in a certain area and how well suited to your needs a certain arrangement really is. Are you supporting a person or idea because it suits them? What's really in it for you? Expect a revelation that will shed much needed light on how you're benefiting from whatever it is. You do have the right to change your mind and someone else might just have to accept this.


When people want to be non-committal, they give vague answers. 'Maybe' or 'perhaps' or 'possibly' or 'we'll see' are just a few of the common responses people give when they want to leave an arrangement open ended. This obviously suits them more than it does the person asking for their support or commitment. This week sees you having to make a decision either way in an area of your world. For some time, vagueness and lack of complete commitment on your or someone else's part have delayed an important process. Finally, things move up a notch.


We know patience is a virtue. We also know how difficult it can be sometimes to be patient. That's why, when we can muster enough discipline to wait, we know we're doing 'the right thing'. The process would, of course, be considerably easier and less stressful if we had some idea of how long we were supposed to wait. When a certain amount of time passes, impatience starts creeping in. It's understandable that you want to see progress in a certain area very quickly. You've invested enough time and effort. This week, you are rewarded for your patience.


People sometimes say 'he who hesitates is lost'. Another common and updated version of that saying is 'if you snooze, you lose'. We know when it feels right to apply caution yet when we instinctively feel that time is right to throw caution to wind, we still feel hesitant and unsure. This week brings an opportunity you ought to seize. However, you could find yourself creating a long list of reasons why you ought to be cautious or hesitant. Ignore what your head tells you this week. Listen closely to the encouraging message likely coming from your heart.


'That'll do'. Such words get said for many reasons, usually when we feel enough time or effort has been invested in something and no more is needed. We also say such words when we are aware of how close to being perfect something is. We recognize its imperfections yet believe it needn't be any better than it is. This week, you could be tempted to believe something needs to be better than it is if it is to benefit you. In reality, likelihood is, it is fine, just as it is. Don't succumb to a perceived need to make it more complicated. Accept it as it is and all will be fine.

'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again' Such advice is helpful but so too is Albert Einstein's observation surrounding the definition of insanity being an expectation of a different result through doing the same thing over and over again. Does that scenario sound in any way familiar to you? What you desire is available to you. What's needed to attain it is a different approach or strategy. The coming week is likely to bring inspiration in some way to help with modifying a plan. This, as you'll soon see, is what's needed to bring a result. Don't give up. Just be flexible and creative.


'Anything you can do, I can do better'. So went the lyrics to Irving Berlin's classic song. Confidence is admirable but arrogance doesn't go down quite as well with most people. The sky's not insisting you're likely to be arrogant in any way this week but it does suggest that a tiny bit of modesty on your part might just 'suit you', as they say. You know what you're capable of and how you might be more talented or able than a certain other person. Your chance to shine is coming. Don't succumb to any need to pre-empt it. Relax, be patient and, above all, be sensitive.


Rudyard Kipling was a Capricorn who wrote a poignant poem that surrounded 'keeping your head when all around you are losing theirs'. To a Capricorn, this makes sense. People born under your sign are known to keep their cool and be sensible during times of crisis. You are, however, human. You have as much right to express dissatisfaction or concern as anyone else. This week, you're likely to see for yourself how certain people are making a tense or complicated situation more complicated. Keep your cool and calmly allow yourself to take the lead where it's needed.


'Here's another fine mess you've gotten me into'. So said Oliver Hardy many times to Stan Laurel. Yet, Stan never spoke up for himself and made clear how instrumental Oliver was in both of them finding themselves in whatever predicament they were in. This made life easier for Oliver even if he knew he ought to accept some blame for what happened. The sky speaks of you being a scapegoat in some way now. It's easy and convenient for someone else to point a finger of blame your direction. This week presents a chance to make something clear to you-know-who.


In one way, you have the world at your feet. It's the world you're carrying on your shoulders that needs addressing now though. It appears to suit some people for you to shoulder responsibilities on their behalf. After all, you're very capable and trustworthy. Should you be shouldering as much as you are? That's the question likely to be raised this week. As capable and trustworthy as you are, you still reserve the right to be less put upon. It could be time for someone to stand on their own two feet and take responsibility for something you've been responsible for for too long.

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