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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 17 February 2017


This week's tense link between your ruler and Pluto is unlikely to pass unnoticed. Having the planet of impatience and impetuousness challenging the planet of passion and obsession is likely to instill a sense of urgency surrounding a particular matter. You're likely right to question what appears questionable but try not to succumb a sense of pressure. Taking something slowly and steadily will ensure you win the race provided you don't take something too far!


It could become clear this week that a certain truth is emerging. There is something you are feeling about a person or situation that you cannot ignore. However, what you appear to want before taking any action are facts. As Venus links with dreamy and deceptive Neptune, you would prefer logic underpinned an action or a decision rather than a hunch. Acknowledge and respect what your inner voice is telling you. It will likely confirm the truth when the truth does appear.


Despite a strong urge to look into the future and instigate a change you feel will ensure a situation unfolds in a predictable and reassuring way, your ruler's link with Uranus implies it's not the future that needs your attention this week but the present. Focus on what you do have and what can be relied upon. Otherwise, you'll likely discover change you're keen to introduce to safeguard your future in some way will prove to be more unwelcome or unhelpful than you thought it would be.


You're not at risk of letting anyone down. What you see as urgent or in need of considerable effort to ensure someone feels supported or a commitment is honored is unlikely to be as pressing as it appears. As Mars squares Pluto, imbalance exists between career priorities and a certain relationship. Try to look objectively and realistically at what's expected of you. Your actions needn't be motivated by a false sense of urgency or obsessiveness.


This week's link between the Sun and Pluto suggests that, somewhere in your world, a certain conflict is making itself known. It's demanding you take it seriously and refuses to be ignored. However, you have the upper hand. You have a choice about how much of an issue you want it to be and how much of your time and attention you're prepared to give it. By all means, acknowledge the issue but try to see it for what it really is - a mere storm in a proverbial tea cup.


Your ruler, Mercury, is busy this week but one aspect that stands out is a delightful link to Jupiter. If you're not already discovering life is becoming sweeter, then you will soon. Positive and encouraging news is on its way to you and this should help you to strike a deal or implement an arrangement of agreement that has needed resolving for some time. Allow the very real and tangible reason to feel more optimistic and reassured to make its way to you, because it will.


A tense angle between the Sun and Mars is likely to confirm how safer and stronger you are becoming. Where your relationships with certain people or one person in particular are concerned, expect to see reasons why you don't have to be everywhere at once or go to great lengths to placate those who demand you should. The one person who truly deserves such effort is you. It's by focusing on your own needs for a change that reassurance and comfort will come.

Guard against being overly keen or even desperate in some way as a belief that doing something, anything, might be better than doing nothing. You might overlook the benefits of inactivity by believing you're at risk of making a situation more complicated or precarious by leaving it alone. Mars' tense link with your ruler, Pluto, could be causing alarm bells to sound unnecessarily. The best way of seizing control of a situation is to refuse to succumb to false pressure.


Mercury's link with Saturn in your sign has very persuasive implications. Whether words coming from a certain person are persuading you to do as you're being told or you're convincing yourself to take action in some way, try to step back and recognize how and why you don't need to be subjected to such pressure. You don't need to follow in ways you believe you must. It's only fair you make a decision without levels of unhelpful pressure coming your way to do so.


Pluto connects with both Mercury and Mars this week. The first surrounds a need on your part to cease looking into the future at how a situation or arrangement might pan out. There's much to be enjoyed and appreciated in the present if you can manage to focus on how close to perfect one arrangement or involvement really is. The second involves not succumbing to a false sense of urgency. A fear could prove to be unfounded and undeserving of effort it's demanding.


In the same way it can be unhelpful to ponder the past and what could have been done differently, it's equally unhelpful to be in too much of a rush to alter the future. It's what's unfolding here and now that needs attention and deserves to be savored and celebrated, despite how a situation may appear. As Mercury links with Uranus, You're about to make a valuable, helpful and timely discovery. A sense of unease will be replaced with something to be truly glad of.


Events this week could require you to trust your intuition in ways over and above how you would normally. A situation might appear to be one way but your inner voice could be telling you something different and it's important to trust its message. As helpful as having certain facts available to you might be, you don't need to wait for more information to arrive. Your ability to put two and two together to fill in any gaps can be trusted. As a truth emerges, you'll soon be proved right.

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