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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 19 September 2014


This week, the Moon forms an unhelpful and then helpful link to your ruling planet, Mars. It's possible you might experience the reverse in terms of what you deem to be unhelpful and helpful. The coming week brings a need to vent frustration followed by a need to control passion and it's the passionate element that might be the source of difficulty. Aries people are known to be passionate and when you feel your temperature rise, it can be difficult for you to control what needs controlling. The coming week brings a much-needed chance to release emotions and feelings that have been bottled up for too long. As long as you don't misread passion for aggression, then all will be fine.


When need exists for us to visit a dentist, for example, due to discomfort we're experiencing, we tend to react to the need quite quickly. We don't want what we're feeling to worsen. We require relief as soon as it can be made available. Until such time, we have to endure a brief, sensitive situation. The above analogy sums up a situation in your world this week as the sky speaks clearly of possible 'oversensitivity' on your part. You can't help what you feel. Neither can you control situations or individuals with potential to make you feel overly sensitive. You can, however, believe that what you experience is temporary and intended to spur you into taking action to remedy it.


'You say you want a revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world'. So went the first overtly political Beatles song. Perhaps you aren't feeling too inclined to change the world but the coming week contains aspects that strongly suggest you're likely to feel inclined to bring about your own mini revolution in some way. Something from the past needs to be let go of if essential space is to be made for something more appropriate for your future. You're being encouraged to bring about change where it's long overdue. Whilst the process is unlikely be finalized during the coming week, you're likely to look back at this period as being pivotal to change being introduced that involves releasing outdated ideas, beliefs - or individuals.


When people use the phrase 'learning curve' what exactly do they mean? Learning anything is often not straightforward and requires a few twists and curves. Where your relationship with a certain person is concerned, you've been involved in a somewhat steep learning curve for some time. It's important not to overlook or ignore what you have learned through various experiences and how this knowledge can be put to very effective use now, particularly this week. Venus's helpful link to Saturn implies it is up to you to provide a stabilizing influence between you and a certain person. It's time to apply your experience to a potentially tense or uncertain situation. The result could be a stronger bond between you.


People often say 'change is as good as a rest'. You could be inclined to say you'd prefer more rest than change in light of pressure you've experienced in recent months. Perhaps, you've grown very used to this and the last thing you want to have to deal with is change to what you know and understand to be working in an effective way but change is occurring to a process that commenced back in April and this has to do with routines, or possibly one in particular, no longer relevant or appropriate. You've had several months to prepare for a new way of working or altering what your daily routine comprises. From this week, something shifts into a new gear and what has been discussed or in the pipeline since April moves one noticeable step closer to reality.


One of the Three Little Pigs grasped the concept of firm foundations and stability. If something is to withstand certain external forces, then it has to be built accordingly. This week's New Moon is likely to do much to stabilize or at least reassure you that your financial or possibly material position is stronger or holds more potential to be stronger than you realized. A fresh start is on offer in some ways but a particular process has taken a few weeks to reach the point it is at now and whatever finance-related venture or project you're embarking upon now is blessed with high likelihood of success. New developments could bring one or two individuals holding their hands out for financial assistance from you in some way but it's nothing you can't deal with satisfactorily.


In addition to a New Moon in your sign this week, Mars and Neptune are taking a swipe at each other. The implication here surrounds 'where are you going wrong?' This might even have more of an effect on someone close to you but the sky suggests certain lessons aren't being learned and previous experience is being ignored. For many Librans, this will relate directly to affairs of the heart or a somewhat harsh lesson in love. For others, it could involve an unclear or inconsistent message being sent to certain people who are becoming increasingly confused about where you stand with a particular issue or with them. There is value to be had by accepting what isn't working and putting in a place a more practical or sensible strategy.

Who is on your side? Who supports you and your endeavors? Who makes an effort to show they care or are at least thinking about you? Such questions are likely to have played an integral part in your thinking during recent months, and this week's very positive development surrounding your ruling planet moving forward from a five-month slumber is likely to put such questions well and truly under a spotlight. You're likely to find yourself assessing or reassessing various relationships in your world and who you believe is worthy of your friendship or support and who hasn't proved themselves worthy of both. Such is life. Sometimes, we need to create space for something or someone more appropriate. Give Pluto a chance to awaken properly and see what get transformed in your personal world.


Many people make considerable sums of money running seminars that explain how luck is not something we're blessed with but something we make happen through our own efforts. Yet, many other people believe luck is something we experience sometimes without having to toil or persevere. Perhaps, one day, someone will run a seminar that explains both sides of the situation. Regardless of your stance, this week brings a fortuitous link between Jupiter and Uranus. This aspect is renowned for assisting with luck and ensuring we're in the right place, at the right time to benefit from it. Be receptive this week to the likelihood of luck finding you. Make yourself available wherever possible and let an open mind be your guide this week.


Many people believe that, to be a good salesperson, you need to have 'the gift of the gab'. In other words, belief exists that people who talk excessively possess the ability to eventually wear a potential buyer down with their incessant chatter - or know how to say the right words, at the right time, in the right way to gain a buyer's trust. This week, the sky speaks clearly of your ability to do the latter. Your input will be required in some way and it's likely a particular person you're close to will require placating in some way. This is a sensitive situation and you'll need to choose your words carefully but you're being presented with a superb opportunity to express yourself openly and honestly in ways that might be long overdue. Provided you use your charm responsibly, all will be fine.


'Don't worry, it'll be worth it in the end'. People say such things to others when going gets tough and a reassessing if effort invested in a particular area is worth the return. We know how the saying (or song) goes about what tough people do when the going gets tough and this week brings evidence that your perseverance and effort in a particular area is likely to pay some form of dividend. For some time, you've shown support to an individual or possibly an organization and wondered if or when you'd ever see signs of doing so being worthwhile. Prepare to experience reassurance where you've wanted to see it and this can only ensure more comes your way in future by continuing to support whatever or whoever your support has been aimed at.


'Wake up and smell the roses'. This saying is apparently derived from two popular sayings, being 'wake up and smell the coffee' and 'always stop and smell the roses'. The first relates to the need to become aware of something and take action before it's too late. The second relates to the need to stop from time to time to do nothing more than appreciate life itself and the gift it is. This week brings a need for you to do both. There's something you need to accept, a fact needs facing and action is required on your part to resolve a particular issue. Yet, there's something to be gained from this. Freedom you'll experience soon will play some part in you being glad to be alive. Just get what needs dealing with done and out of the way first.

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