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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 23 January 2015


We are often very aware of how infrequently events go 'our way'. To attain a desired result usually requires us to give tremendous amounts of focus and effort to steer developments in a way we want them to go but you're blessed now with a caring and cooperative cosmos determined to give you a break. During the coming week, certain situations or even confrontations you've primed yourself for negative outcomes can become much more easily sorted than you believed. Make the most of this cooperative and benefic climate. It exists to help put in place significant stepping stones for the rest of 2015.


There are times when we are best placed to make happen what we need to make happen without input, assistance or intervention from others and that's fine. If we're as focused as we believe ourselves to be and confident of our abilities, then there's no reason why we can't singlehandedly bring about a desired and amazing result. The message from the sky to you this week surrounds taking sole control of reins in some way and undertaking to make something happen on your own. You know how much a result means to you. This week, you finally start to make it happen.


We can all be impatient creatures sometimes but can also find ourselves taken aback by developments we expected would take much longer to come to fruition manifesting unexpectedly. Where much of this month has been about lessons in applying patience and accepting certain developments would simply not be hastened, you're likely to find that, this week, some of what you've been anticipating not only happens but happens in a much swifter way than you thought it would. In some ways, the pace is quickening. If you're as ready as you believe yourself to be to take action when it is demanded, then all will be fine. Get ready to regain control in some way.


Plan A often holds more appeal than Plan B. That's usually because Plan A is the one we invest most faith within and give greater levels of thought to. When Plan A doesn't quite come to fruition in ways we hoped it would, we start giving Plan B attention. This week, be careful you're not abandoning one plan in favor of another simply because it didn't bring an instant, desired result. Before you embark upon a new strategy, give thought to what you might be able to do in order to enhance the likelihood of your initial plan bringing what you need because the sky insists that, with a bit of adjusting and the application of imagination, you can succeed.


There's a somewhat gruesome saying about what a person will do if given enough rope. Without going into detail, you appear to have a strategy that involves, in some way, 'beating' someone at their own game. A certain person believes themselves to be clever and in an advantageous position yet seems to be overlooking or ignoring the basis for the sound argument you're putting forth. This week, you might have to apply continued levels of tolerance toward someone determined to test your patience but it's important you don't give your hand away quite yet. Let someone believe they have an advantage for the time being. Soon, it will be clear how much stronger your position is.


Anything is easy once we know how to do it. Or so many people believe, anyway. Even if we become adept at doing something, it doesn't necessarily mean what we're undertaking is easier, it usually means we have a much better idea than we once did about what's required to do or solve it. This week presents you with a scenario you've seen many times before but have rolled your eyes at the prospect of having to deal with. That's because it has always had some level of complexity attached to it previously. Look closely at what you're expected to do and then look closely at how obvious the solution is. Doing so will ensure you see it as uncomplicated as it really is.


There is a right and wrong way to point out to someone the fact that they might be making a mistake. When we do choose to point this out, all we want is someone to simply acknowledge what we've highlighted to avoid making a situation worse. What we don't want or deserve is an aggressive or defensive response, especially if we're simply trying to help. Someone in your world believes they know what they're doing where a certain plan is concerned but there is something you can see that they seem to be overlooking. Choose your moment carefully this week to draw attention to their error. A tense response will more likely be borne from not having seen it themselves than ingratitude.

Professional marketing companies, like the ones who put glossy adverts in newspapers or through our letterboxes, understand response to their adverts will be small. Much comes down to how many adverts they make available. A one or two per cent return can sometimes be enough to have made the exercise worthwhile. In a similar way, levels of support you want from certain people is available but you a) know not everyone will come rushing to your aid and b) you only need a select few to show willingness to make a difference to a plan close to your heart. This week, it's about quality, not quantity. Those who truly matter will make themselves known.


If we choose to learn or attempt something that inspires us or with a view to simply seeing if we can overcome a challenge, then that's reason enough to do something. All too often, people believe that anything we undertake should have a 'proper' purpose to it and have some useful or helpful application in the future. This week, if you feel an inner desire to rise to a certain challenge, that do so. In many ways, whilst boundaries are being introduced in some areas of your world, they're being pushed in others. Allow yourself to experience the thrill of surprising yourself - and one or two others!


The sky speaks of 'detachment' and every Sea Goat will have their own story to tell about how and why they're choosing to detach themselves from a person, organization or situation. It appears you have your own idea or ideas about how an arrangement should be or how you stand to benefit from 'going it alone' in some way. It's also possible you've reached the end of your proverbial tether with regard to adhering to someone else's idea or ideas about how something should be done or an arrangement should be. Don't be concerned if the urge to go solo becomes stronger this week. You're being encouraged to focus more intently on what truly matters.


The need to remove yourself from a certain comfort zone could be noticeably stronger. One reason for this stems from someone else putting pressure on you to consider how you and they might benefit from change they appear keener to introduce than you are but, nonetheless, their plans involve you. The coming week could mark the start of such discussions and you might have to work a bit harder than you thought to make your point or, if necessary, stand your ground. Although someone else believes they have your best interests at heart, their motives might be a bit more selfish than they're letting on. Be willing to listen but be equally willing to suggest they think through a bit more the implications of what they're suggesting or demanding!


Water, as we know, will always find the path of least resistance. People go to great lengths to seek it too, sometimes especially if they fear repercussions from taking the not-so-easy option. In an area of your world, you appear to have recently deliberately opted for a more complex option and ignored an easier one. There is a good reason for this and it involves pride in some way. The coming week is likely to highlight how your recent decision might have prolonged a process you'd prefer was drawing to a close but you will also be aware of how your pride remains intact. For that reason, ignore anyone who believes you've made a wrong decision. You haven't.

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