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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 02 October 2015


If it's not already becoming clear how teamwork is becoming more integral to areas of your world, then it could become clearer this week. As keen as you might be to tackle something singlehandedly and perhaps even with a view to being the only one to receive a pat on the back for doing so, something more impressive and far-reaching can be achieved if you're willing to accept the need for assistance. Look closely at where two or more heads can be better than one.


What is it they said about Jack and his obsessiveness with work? Apparently, it made him dull in the eyes of others and one of a few themes during October surrounds resisting taking career matters or pursuits too seriously. The coming week could make clear how much momentum you have working in your favor where your career is concerned - and how overinvestment of effort could be counterproductive. Relax and let a process continue in its own way.


You probably don't see yourself as a stubborn so-and-so. You might be aware of how focused you can be on ideas of your creation and making others aware of these if they represent a better way of doing something. You can be very determined when the need arises but coming developments could reveal how and why diplomacy and flexibility can produce better results than digging your heels in. Progress this week relies on your ability to share and accommodate.


New levels of comfort to make their presence felt this week, starting with strong clues surrounding developments in your career that offer the first steps to comfort and control. Finances are about to be put on a firmer footing and you should have some reason to feel optimistic about your bank balance by month end. If you're willing to speak your mind openly and honestly, then Venus's shift to your communication sector should sweeten any dialogue.


Who reads the fine print in any contract? We know we should but through countless downloads and online purchases we make, we tend to accept terms and conditions are created to satisfy everyone. It's the way certain conditions appear to be attached to an arrangement you wish was more straightforward that could be this week's bone of contention. Bide your time until next week if you can when goal posts will likely have been moved in your favor.


This week, Venus enters your sign, bringing with her numerous levels of assistance where your ability to charm and attract what you need is concerned. However, before what you need can be allowed to be brought into your world, space needs to be made for it and this could involve a need on your part to let go of what or who needs letting go of. Trust that the cosmos has a clear idea about what you need and don't need. Just agree with what it is doing on your behalf.


As Venus glides into a new sector of this sky this week, you can expect a shift from what you've grown used to in more than one way. You might not be in demand as much socially but will be aware of how little assistance you need where you might have grown used to asking for it. It's as if the cosmos is giving you a chance to see what you can do for yourself and you could be surprised at how much you're now able to make happen in a delightful way, singlehandedly.

You might be oblivious to how integral you are to certain others' plans and coming developments might help to make this clear. It's possible you've grown accustomed to wanting support from others where plans or endeavors close to your heart are concerned and you're being presented from this week with a win/win situation. If you're willing to support others, then support you want and need can come your way. It might be time to give thought to what you can contribute.


It's one thing having a Wish List. It's another to have a clearly defined plan to achieve all that appears on it. We can wish and wish until proverbial cows come home but if we don't lift a finger to progress what we want to see happen, then we are at high risk of disappointment. Saturn in your sign is requesting you be honest about what you want and how prepared you are to invest effort to get it. This week is an important one in that respect so make your choices wisely.


Rarely do people born under your sign achieve success in order to impress others. Of course, rising to the top of any organization requires someone to be impressed but your first, primary need when it comes to achieving is self-pride and self-satisfaction. That's just as well because you're not going to get as much assistance where certain plans are concerned as you would like. But that's just as well too, because you will find, from as early as this week, that you don't need it.


This week brings a chance to take stock of what you want to achieve and who could be integral to making it happen. What you're likely to discover is the list is a short one. That's not because few people want or are in a position to assist you. It has more to do with you being aware of how specifically you want something done and how you're the best person you know to do it. You might opt to use some unorthodox methods to get what you want, but that won't surprise others.


Developments this week, particularly the move of Venus into your opposite sign, could make clear why communicating ideas and seeking collaboration rather than going it alone makes sense. You perhaps prefer that if any pats on the back are being given out, that you would be the sole recipient but progress you want to make relies on you communicating with others and them doing the same with you. The week could be a pivotal one where a joint venture is concerned.

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