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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 18 July 2014


We often have no idea of how transparent we can be sometimes in the eyes of others. This week, be aware that much you could be keeping to yourself is more visible to others than you might realize. The sky does recognize your need to make certain matters your business and your business only but is trying to rally a few troops to lend a hand wherever possible. You needn't suffer in silence with so many others keen to be part of or help with a matter close to your heart. On this occasion, it could be a case of a problem shared being a problem resolved.


Before we can expect help or support from others, they need to understand what help we need and why we need it. Sometimes, they can work this out for themselves. Other times, it needs to be made clear. We're much more 'in tune' with our needs than they are. This week, you're likely to have to draw upon help or support in some way from at least one person in your world. Don't leave it to them to guess how they can assist. They'd much prefer that you make it clear to them by asking and removing any guesswork.


If we peer into a fish tank, we see a world that suits fish immensely. If looked after, they appear to live happy, carefree lives. Sometimes, fish carers must consider what needs adding or replacing, based on what fish appear to like, want or need. Enough of the analogy. This week, someone thinks they know what's best for you. Before you can accept changes they're keen to introduce, allow them to gain better understanding of your world and what you truly want and need within it. Through looking into and not being a part of it, their help could be more of a hindrance.


Much of what is beautiful has flaws or inconsistencies. Ironically, it is those that make it unique. Think about how appeal would be lessened if the Leaning Tower of Pisa was straightened Mona Lisa's smile made more prominent. It is what we believe could be improved that draws attention to it. This week, there is heartwarming appreciation to be gained from recognizing how imperfect as opposed to perfect one particular situation or arrangement is. Its beauty needs be acknowledged. Focus on that as opposed to all that you believe is wrong within it.


Enthusiasm, they say, is infectious. It is also a helpful and integral tool for getting others to agree with our ideas or proposals. Where you're used to struggling to make a point, you could find certain people to be easily won over. Your difficulty this week might surround not knowing when you've won. If you can be 'live' to knowing when your point has been made or you've achieved a result without laboring a point, then you will find the coming week to be immensely enjoyable, reassuring and productive.


When the going gets tough, the tough, like everyone else, must take stock of their situation and decide how best to continue making effort before they get going. This week, you have something to prove to yourself and one or two others. You owe it to yourself to demonstrate what you're capable of in an area that you have struggled within of late. It's time to get tough and decide, once and for all, where your talents or dedication are best utilized. Developments and opportunities coming your way will help immensely with your decision.


Many people believe that everything we do should always have at least two benefits attached. They stick rigidly to the belief that one benefit to doing something is not enough to justify investing time, effort or expense. There appears to be an advantage to pursuing a plan that does offer one big benefit of reassurance. Where there is reassurance, pride, comfort and recognition aren't usually far behind. This week, if you focus on achieving a desired result for a particular plan, you're likely to attain much more.

Some people will say or do just about anything to get what they want. They will tell us what they think we want to hear. They make promises they have no intention of honoring. We're aware when someone is trying too hard to influence or cajole us. This week, you'd be well advised not to take others' efforts to persuade you to agree with or commit to something at face value. Trust that there is more to situations than meets the eye. Reserve the right to question even that which appears unquestionable!


The interesting thing about limitations we create for ourselves is we never really reach them. We create clear ideas in our mind about what we're capable of or will tolerate, yet we discover life doesn't come to a complete halt when we reach psychological limits we set for ourselves. This week, your patience and endurance levels are likely to be tested in some way. It's important to understand that the sky's determination to encourage you to reach a breaking point in a certain area is precisely what will bring about a change you will ultimately be glad of.


Sometimes, we're a bit too quick to settle for 'second best'. If we discover there's the slightest risk attached to attaining something we truly want, then we convince ourselves that maybe it's best to accept something less desirable if it means any risk is removed. Expect soon to be presented with an opportunity to gain something you've long wanted. Don't listen to the part of you that insists you're not worthy of it - or the saying about something being too good to be true. The cosmos is determined to present you with a reward for your recent patience and diligence.


Do you care? If so, how should you demonstrate your concern? Maybe you could wear a frown all day and be constantly stressed and grumpy in order for others to get the message that you're truly concerned about something they believe you should be concerned about. That is, of course, one option. A second, more healthy and productive way is to do what you do best. Be confident. Quietly and diligently tackle a very surmountable challenge. You will overcome it and stand to gain much admiration and respect in the process.


How do Olympic bobsleigh teams or ski jumpers train? There is presumably machinery or software that help but surely real training comes with the thrill and absolute fear of soaring down a track or off a ramp for the first time. This week, you're being presented with a challenge requiring you to roll up your sleeves and tackle it with little thinking or preparation time. On this occasion, there's no scope to look for a solution. Trust that it will come once you start focusing on what needs focusing on.

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