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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 22 August 2014


Opportunity, they say, knocks. The interesting thing about opportunities is the less we know about them, the more interested in them we tend to be. A chance to pursue a long-held ambition is on offer now. On paper, it ticks all the right boxes but there are several question marks hanging over this before you can accept or embrace it with both arms. Trust that time is on your side before making any decision but you can and should enjoy being wanted and fussed over in ways you soon will be! To make this happen, you will need support from certain individuals. You don't need to look very far to see how much is available to you.


Can you remember the last time you noticed a tiny bit of wool or thread on clothing and chose to pull it? Can you remember wishing you hadn't? Something seemingly insignificant suddenly became a much bigger issue. This week, you're being encouraged to consider the implications of pursuing a particular sensitive or controversial plan. In the same way a spark can cause a raging inferno, you could end up creating a bigger issue through not considering the bigger picture. It's one thing to identify a potential problem. It's another to tackle it while it remains in a 'potential' stage. Leave a certain issue alone, for the time being, until you know more about it.


The ability to persuade is an art. As one of two signs blessed with exceptional abilities to communicate, you possess all verbal and intellectual tools required to get someone to accept your viewpoint and, this week, significant progress gets made where 'winning someone over' is concerned. Rarely, will you have been on such top form previously to convince someone to support an idea or proposal close to your heart. Prepare for communicative victory! You have something of considerable interest or value to someone else. You're in a strong position to control a conversation or transaction.


Superheroes always have a knack of turning up precisely when they're needed. Rarely, will you see one standing around at the scene of imminent danger, examining their nails or sending text messages. You're about to experience the thrill and excitement of saving the day through being in the right place at the right time. Although superheroes often rely on their intuition, you might actually find that one close companion played a big part in you knowing where to be. You are starting to play a more integral role in a new venture or involvement. It's time to show one or two people what you're capable of doing.


This week, a process begins that will make noticeable improvements to your levels of 'comfort'. Every Leo will have their own story to tell about which area or areas they could do with feeling noticeably more comfortable within. It's important however to recognize the process is not an overnight one. Recently, you've had to prime yourself where partnership, financial and career related issues are concerned but can expect from this week to feel at ease in ways you haven't felt for a while. What was proposed or suggested not so long ago is about to show signs of becoming a reality. Much that has been discussed or agreed in principle is about to become formalized. Expect reassurance and comfort to replace frustration.


We all know the feeling that accompanies making something clear to someone who really ought to be as 'live' to an issue as we are. This would be made infinitely easier if we were reassured that drawing attention to something we perceive as obvious wouldn't end up as a tense discussion. This week, you're unlikely to show much restraint in a particular area. Something needs to be said. The sky insists that saying it will do you and someone else a world of good and bring a particular issue into the open that has been in need of discussing for some time. It's time to remove complacency where some has set it and enter into a new and necessary dialogue.


Let's talk about commitment, particularly your willingness - or unwillingness - to commit to a certain person or group. The sky's message couldn't be clearer in terms of a 'merging of energies' in both a personal or professional sense. Some Librans will be expected to scribble a signature on a dotted line, others will be discussing and committing to plans for the future. In any case, where uncertainty has existed between you and someone else, from this week, you should see clear signs that a volatile situation is becoming more solid. What has been vague or uncertain in the background is about to become considerably clearer and more solid.

One step forward is worth taking. When it coincides with a step backward, it can be frustrating but much depends on how helpful the step forward has been! Sometimes, a glimpse into an area we've tried to gain access to is all we need. We then find ourselves with a clearer idea about something than we had previously. Don't focus too intently this week on a perceived setback. It will serve a very helpful purpose in terms of providing focus and motivation you've wanted for a while now. You're being given reason to feel more inspired about a plan or idea that has, so far, only intrigued you. It's time to turn a plan or idea into something more concrete.


Nobody has ever been known to choke swallowing pride yet swallowing pride is something so many people fear and find difficult to do. Your experience this week is likely to stem from someone accepting they were wrong and as surprised as you might be with this admission, you have an excellent opportunity to enter into a new realm of dialogue that has been obstructed previously through their unwillingness to accept this. See this development as a much needed fresh start. Flexibility exists within an arrangement that you believed was set in stone. Someone just wants to see for themselves how willing you are to accept you were wrong in some way.


The interesting thing about talented people is, many tend not to blow proverbial trumpets about their abilities. When someone is genuinely good at something, they know it and often don't feel the need to show off their talents. How then, do people become aware of these if those possessing them remain so humble? Coming developments will highlight how uniquely talented you are. You can provide precisely what someone wants - and they're unlikely to take no for an answer! Be willing to share what you're able to share. Be prepared to push aside modesty and to take the lead where it is hoped you will.


On the one hand, a recent change you've introduced is meeting many expectations. On the other hand, you're unhappy about an inflexible arrangement that stands with someone you wish was more willing than they are to listen to you. You could be forgiven for thinking they've adopted a 'you've made your bed, now lie in it' or 'you can count me out' attitude but there is much you can do to bridge a gap or heal a wound. Willingness on your part to demonstrate sensitivity now could work a small miracle. The key to making progress with a certain individual lies with showing empathy.


People are fickle creatures. One minute, they're making their thoughts known about how we ought to be doing something, offering criticism that is neither wanted nor helpful. The next minute, they're being supportive and full of praise. You have had your share of criticism lately. You've probably grown used to being told how you should have behaved or done something that has caused a bit of a stir in some circles. This week offers much deserved praise, love and comfort. The sky is facilitating bonding of some sort and you can expect to see how appreciated, supported and loved you are.

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