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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 24 October 2014


All too often, we wonder where we 'went wrong'. We look at situations and can be a bit too quick to overlook all that might have actually gone 'right' because what's 'wrong' has a tendency to grab our attention. The celestial scenario for everyone is volatile at this time but avoid any urge to allow emotions to be heightened through belief that you need to backtrack in some way to make up for an error of judgment. Soon, you will see how 'right' you were and how you have made progress in ways you could be inclined to disbelieve here and now. Let this week's eclipse wane and you'll see what I mean.


If you were to talk to a bus driver during the entire length of your journey, you'd gain few popularity prizes. The driver's focused solely on performing a certain job safely and on time. He or she doesn't need comment or criticism and wouldn't take kindly to receiving either. With that in mind, have faith in the fact that the cosmos has your best interests at heart. As keen as you might be to question all that's unfolding that likely surrounds your commitment to a cause or person, don't succumb to belief that you must intervene. Reassurance you need is coming. Let developments following the eclipse in your opposite sign this week confirm that.


Most vehicle manufacturers spend considerable time designing steering wheels because they recognize how integral to driving processes they are. A properly designed steering wheel can be controlled with a baby finger. We don't need to grip and twist them, side-to-side, like actors do in films. Similarly, the direction your life is taking doesn't need as much control as you believe it might. You're superbly placed to gain or regain control of a situation that has been something of a white knuckle ride of late. The cosmos is putting you in the proverbial driver's seat. Have every bit of faith in the fact that all the control you need is at your finger tips.


Life would be infinitely easier if certain people listened to what you're trying to tell them or did nothing else but nod and react positively each time you made a request of them. You're likely wondering if, in some ways, you're speaking another language where one or two particular individuals are concerned due to an inability to convey a particular point. This isn't helped by the fact that support from certain quarters seems to have waned lately and you wonder where you stand with one or two people. This week brings a partial solar eclipse and any eclipse involves your ruling planet, the Moon. Once the eclipse wanes, emotions will play less of a part in a few essential discussions. That will enable you to make progress you've wanted to make.


We know the saying about wolves donning sheep's clothing. Might there be an advantage to a sheep to wear a wolf's clothing? Imagine power and fear such a timid animal could gain and create. Imagine as well ways in which a sheep need never live in fear of a wolf again if the sheep was able to convincingly pretend to be one. Others in your world might be adept at using underhand tactics to get their way and could even be of the misguided belief that wool is easily pulled over your eyes. You could gain an advantage in some way by using one or two deceitful tactics yourself but that would be short-lived. Your best course of action involves transparency in all dealings and discussions. You've nothing to hide no need to be cleverer than you're being.


We're encouraged to exercise our bodies but how often are we encouraged to exercise our minds? Our brains process what we give them to process and it's not long before we become what we think most about. You're presented with an interesting opportunity this week to change a thought pattern and, through doing so, bring about a significant and much needed change where one is needed. A certain situation has been given enough thought and consideration. It's time to put an issue that has preoccupied you for too long to rest. Be brave, be bold and move on.


Some people thrive on overcoming what is believed to be impossible. They love nothing more than hearing that something 'can't be done'. In rising to such challenges, they want to silence disbelievers and prove something to themselves at the same time. This week, a challenge awaits you and overcoming it has much to do with you having faith in the fact that all you may have heard or convinced yourself about isn't true. Even if others have little faith in your ability to resolve an ongoing issue or drama, you know what you can do to achieve what might appear impossible.

Strategies take time to create and even more time to implement. If something's worth doing, then it's obviously worth doing well. Yet, there comes a time when enough thinking and preparing has been done and a brave step forward to implement a strategy has to be taken. You are understandably wondering where you stand with a certain person or when a particular plan will get off the ground. This week brings a solar eclipse in your sign. Expect to see how essential the amount of preparation given has been and how better placed you are for it.


Some people delight in placing their heads in the mouths of lions or alligators. This must surely be the ultimate sign of trust. Why though, would someone take such a risk? It can only be to demonstrate or prove to themselves how able they are to gain the trust of another. There is someone whom you appear to have a need to gain or possibly win back trust from. To do this, you're going to have to take a calculated risk. This week's eclipse could make you feel vulnerable in ways that will undoubtedly make you feel uncomfortable but it will be brief - and enlightening!


We know when something appears 'too good to be true'. We're often skilled at spotting insincerity or deceit, most of the time, anyway. When faced with something that, at a glance, appears to represent something we feel delighted with initially but know instinctively that we ought to be wary of it, we can be a bit too quick to focus on what appears positive or 'above board' rather than what ought to be given the benefit of doubt. Your head is very much liking what's it's analyzing this week. The solar eclipse is encouraging you to approach it slowly and wisely.


A little bit of humor will go a very long way now. It's important to understand it is not my intention to make you feel like an Eyeore-like individual or someone whom others might feel has had a humor bypass. However, a situation in your world could be taken more seriously than it deserves to be taken. You could be reading too much seriousness into something that simply doesn't require it. That's why it's important to adopt a much more relaxed attitude toward it and, this week, that's what you're likely to discover for yourself. So smile. And relax.


Are you right and everyone else is wrong? Or might it be the other way around? Perhaps, you're the one investing considerable effort and supporting those around you and, given how much less stress they seem to be experiencing, there's a leaf that can be taken from their book. You know you couldn't 'kick back' in the way others are. You have an important mission to undertake. This week is likely to make you aware of how much more you have to do - and how much others aren't doing. They're not your concern. Focus on what you know to be right and what is working.

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