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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 25 July 2014


When we anticipate a coming event with great enthusiasm, we tend not to allow negativity to have a look-in. When we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of something or someone, we can be intensely focused on the event and not even consider any possible downsides or reasons why we ought to prepare for anything negative. It's interesting how we can actually keep negativity from entering the equation with very little difficulty sometimes. With that in mind, consider why you might be allowing doubts or negative thoughts to enter your mind about something you have every reason to feel optimistic about. A wonderful, heartwarming development is unfolding. Allow it to do so without fear or doubt being involved.


We learn from experience how, sometimes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. It is often when we find ourselves distanced from certain individuals or situations that we start to acknowledge how integral or otherwise to our world they have become. Periods of separation can also work wonders in terms of us seeing the reality of relationships and situations and this week offers you a chance to take stock of where you stand in some way and where things go from here. You have recently been afforded valuable thinking time. Now, you're required to make a decision. What do you want? What don't you want? What would you like to see happen? These are a few questions needing addressing this week but you can be sure that whatever changes will be a very positive step in the right direction.


How tempted to push someone aside and say the words 'move over, let me do it' do you feel? You've been patient in more than one way but could feel inclined to take control of a situation that you've grown increasingly frustrated with in light of how long it appears to be taking to come to fruition. Someone else has their idea about how something should be done and how long it will take. You, on the other hand, see ways in which progress can be made and should be made without relying on their assessment of things. Yet, you know that the only way things will move forward is with this other person's involvement. This week, you can move something that has been ticking along too comfortably for your liking up a notch or two. Someone needs to know how much you care about this happening and if you can explain calmly and sensitively, will oblige.


Everyone reacts to pressure in different ways. People born under your sign tend to be able to withstand considerably more than most others, especially where concern for loved ones is concerned. When people take control of situations and manage to convince others that they know what they're doing and have everything under control, others are often quite happy to let them carry on. That's something you need to be 'live' to this week. Your desire to control a situation is understandable but try not to overlook willingness that does exist on the part of certain others to do their bit. They know you can do what you're likely to insist on doing and their letting you do it probably has more to do with reluctance to argue with you than laziness. Be willing to delegate this week and you'll set a helpful precedent for coming weeks.


Some of the world's classic stories take a long time to get going. Some of the most wonderful musical masterpieces do the same. It's important to allow something enough to unfold and present itself properly, in its own way and time. That is the message from the sky to you this week. You could feel inclined to attempt to accelerate a process that refuses to be pushed. Don't be prejudiced by what you're seeing now in a situation. If you give it time, your views will change and you're also likely to see how much more support is available to you than you thought previously. Others share an ambition with you. They'd like to see it happen as much as you do but, for this to happen, a process needs to unfold in its own way and time. Avoid the tendency to rush what cannot be rushed.


'Here's one I prepared earlier'. So say people on TV cookery or craft shows. We sometimes feel a sense of relief when we hear them said. We often don't have time to watch someone go through all necessary stages of preparing something. We want to fast forward to a point in the process and remove tediousness to see how something has turned out. This week, you're able to do something similar. With imagination and forward thinking, you can devise a solution that accelerates an important process in some way. A shortcut of some kind is available to you and you can move this process forward without having to go through numerous stages to do so. You will, however, be expected to act quickly. An opportunity is waiting to be seized and you're being helped to identify it.


This week, the universe plans to intervene where a situation between you and particular person is concerned. You might believe this to be long overdue. I suspect you've been at a loss as to how best to approach someone with whom your relationship has been tense, among other words. It's as if the sky has realized you need some assistance or a reason to enter into – or perhaps return to – dialogue with you-know-who. Take things slowly, respond positively and all should be fine. You're not the only person who believes this tête-à-tête is needed. Someone else could be at their wits end through trying to make progress or reason with a certain individual and your input or assistance is likely to prove valuable.

How many fingers do you have? Count them. You have eight. Thumbs aren't fingers; they're, well, thumbs. Yet, people always say they have ten fingers. It's time to question something you've believed for a long time now. Something ingrained in your mind needs reassessing and a fresh perspective applied to it. This needn't be a time of upheaval and stress. All that's required is for you to accept something in your world is in need of being seen in a new light. Once done, you will be able to apply a new solution to this old issue but there will need to be compromise on your part for this to happen. Expect to have to adjust to a new set of circumstances but you can also expect to be delighted with what transpires, very soon.


Change rarely comes unaccompanied. It prefers to bring a few 'hangers-on' when it makes an appearance. One of these is Upheaval, the other, Insecurity. Sometimes though, it whistles for a fourth 'tagalong' to join them. The change happening in your world is likely to be alleviated by a Gift. The sky appears determined to lessen any stress and worry associated with upheaval and insecurity by offering you something it believes you truly want. This week, its gift to you begins to manifest itself and chances are, you'll like it very much but might have to be imaginative enough to see it as the opportunity it is.


Robert F. Kennedy once said 'Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly'. It's worth considering now what you'd attempt if there was an absolute guarantee you wouldn't fail. For some time, you've been considering a controversial move. Taking certain action is bound to confuse a few people and cause certain tongues to wag. The end result though, appears strong enough to outweigh flak likely to come your direction. Believe your instincts are right. Now is a very good time to take a brave step forward and this week provides an opportunity for you to take stock or possibly distance yourself from a confusing or uncertain situation.


Our minds are often compared to clockwork. People say 'his mind was ticking over' or 'something clicked in her mind'. The truth is, before we can experience a revelation, we must have experienced certain thought processes first. This week, expect something to 'click'. You have undergone a learning process in recent weeks that is about to make something crystal clear to you. When you experience this epiphany, you will then know how to progress a cherished plan and it will also become clear what levels of support are available to you from certain individuals. Let this week's revelation help to point a clear way forward.


The character of Mr Spock in 'Star Trek' was comfortable with his inability to display emotion. Emotions, to him, were illogical. They served no practical purpose in any decision-making process. The coming week could find you adopting a similar attitude. There appears to be a limit to how willing you are to concern yourself with a sensitive situation involving others. Making your true feelings known will help the process and more than one person will appreciate your input. A combination of emotion mixed with some passion will help make clear to certain people how much you do care about a situation and what you believe the best result to be.

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