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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 16 March 2018


Nowadays, thanks to an array of social media, it's easy for friends, family, and complete strangers to know our business, or what we think or feel at times. Even when we're alone, we're never completely detached from others. This week, make full use of time spent alone to connect with what inspires you. Even if you find yourself surrounded by others, you're able to focus on future dreams and visions in the knowledge that you're not obliged to share these with anybody yet. Allow yourself to be immersed in any colorful world of fantasy you mind wants to take you to.


Where a long-term goal or aspiration is concerned, you would probably prefer your decisions were based more on logic than hunches. However, it's important to trust what you feel. Acknowledge and respect what your instincts are telling you about what's achievable - and what you should be doing to achieve it. A comforting truth is available regarding how viable or feasible a cherished aspiration is. When the truth does emerge, you will be able to say confidently and honestly that you knew it already!


Every successful person who has achieved financial security has their own story to tell about how they made their fortune. However, each will say they did so by giving people what they were certain people wanted. There you go the secret to making millions in one, simple sentence! Although the sky doesn't imply you're likely to make millions, you do look set this week to have an idea that will enhance your financial status in some way. Perhaps, it's time to make something available that you possess, even knowledge, that you know others want or wish they had?


Why do people say 'the truth hurts'? This probably has much to do with refusing to face and accept it. However, knowing the truth about any situation or ourselves has to be a better situation to be in. Living in ignorance and being unconcerned about discovering reality means we're bound to return to Earth with an uncomfortable bump eventually. This week, a truth could emerge in an area of your world. You might not welcome it immediately but will soon be grateful for knowing the reality of one situation, arrangement or future vision.


This week, you could have a reason to question if your time and talents are being used effectively. It might also become clear that your uniqueness, or what you can offer uniquely, isn't being afforded levels of freedom it deserves. This could be a time when you choose to remove yourself from a certain rut and explore possibilities surrounding how you can feel more fulfilled, especially in a creative sense. You know what separates you from others. It might be time to draw others' attention to this.


This week's link between Mercury and Venus implies you can create an earning opportunity for yourself, discover an ideal person to exchange ideas with or experience an epiphany with an ongoing problem. However, all of this pales into insignificance compared to the elation you're likely to experience from seizing a wonderful opportunity on offer to enhance comfort levels in your world. Believe you can bring it and you will soon start to see how attainable a much-improved and possibly long overdue change in lifestyle really is.


Sometimes, one person who is most skilled and experienced at discouraging us from doing something daunting is ourselves. We ignore our intuition because we know what it's telling us is correct, and struggle with hearing and accepting the truth at times. This week, a hunch, possibly connected with finances, could become too strong to ignore. However, despite what you feel, you understandably want facts. For now, acknowledge what your instincts are telling you. You're likely to find they're not as far removed from reality as you thought they were.

From the 17th until the 16th of May, Mars influences all things related to communication, ideas and how you convey yourself. Your words can often carry considerable clout, but they'll be extra power-packed during this period, so be careful. However, the positive side involves you being able to come across as determined in ways you might need to be to make a point or get someone on your side. You receive the first chance to put this to the test this week. Be firm but also be sensitive.


The cosmos could be offering clues about your life's direction this week. The first could arrive around the New Moon, focused on home, family, or who you share your abode with. News regarding a family member or real estate could arise. Secondly, Mars influences your earnings on the same day as the New Moon, from the 17th of March until the 16th of May. You could find a link or opportunity exists between your earnings and your home. Whether this involves working from home or splashing out to improve your domestic comfort levels, something home-related equates to your income and more of it!


Mercury gives you a chance to tie up any loose ends regarding a home, family or property matter before it goes backward from Thursday until the 15th of April. If you have agreements to put in place or something to sign, then do so before it creates communication mishaps and delays. The really good news surrounds Mars occupying your sign from the 17th until the 16th of May. It brings a helpful and timely energy boost or kick up the backside where you know you've needed one. If anyone has thought you were a bit too lackadaisical, then they're about to see what you make happen when you put your mind to it. The first example could arrive this week.


This week, Mars focuses its intense energy on the area of your chart that governs your secret dreams, fears, hopes, and wishes. The same area rules your subconscious mind, intuition, and instinct and all that's hidden, going on behind the scenes or confidential. Between the 17th and 16th of May, you could use this time to come up with a private or secret plan. It could also result in your energy levels flagging and you feeling a need to relax more. If the urge to detach yourself becomes strong this week, then seize a chance to relax, unwind and take stock.


This week brings a New Moon in your sign and a potentially powerful fresh start where you want one. You might feel as if you're doing a U-turn in some way, by changing proverbial horses mid-stream where one aspiration is concerned. However, a clean break from the past or what has become tiringly predictable might be needed. Secondly, mighty Mars influences the social scene and groups until mid-May, encouraging you to take the lead in any collaborative efforts. An idea could be a real earner for you, but accept it might not be until mid-April before plans become clearer.

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