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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 31 July 2015


We can sometimes be quite skilled at recognizing when we're being told a 'part truth'. Our instincts tell us something doesn't quite 'add up' or we're able to spot inconsistencies in what we're being told that have been overlooked by the person telling us. This week, you're likely to feel a need to probe deeper to establish truth in something you're being told. You could find it emerges quite nicely in its own way without further probing from you.


Once again, we see you with more than one choice available and a need to whittle these down to what you believe suits you best. The most appropriate course of action or opportunity is likely standing heads above others but it might not be quite so easy to recognize what needs discarding or dismissing from what needs considering. One particular opportunity presenting itself now could become more of a focal point this week. With this, you might have found what you're looking for.


As something shifts where an arrangement is concerned, you could be inclined to believe your best interests aren't being considered or someone isn't particularly bothered if proposed change affects you or not. Don't believe your needs or an obligation to you aren't being taken into account and the coming week could reassure you that you don't have as much to be concerned about as you might believe. Relax and allow someone to prove this to you.


There could be many welcome and enjoyable distractions on offer but they might not be helpful in terms of eliminating a concern or fear you have in a particular area of your world. This could surround money and a need to keep a watchful eye on matters financial or it might involve a loved one who you feel isn't doing much to reassure or support you in some way. As the coming week progresses, reassurance will be forthcoming. So, enjoy those distractions we spoke about.


If I didn't know better, I'd say you're keen to get this week out of the way in order for something to get off the ground or a personal plan to commence. The cosmos is creating an image of you pacing the floor apprehensively, wishing a particular process would hurry up and commence or come to fruition. In truth, developments this week are integral to progressing what you're pinning your hopes on. Allow coming developments to reassure you a plan is very much moving forward.


A need might exist this week for you to adjust to a new set of circumstances or unfamiliar surroundings. This shouldn't pose too much of a problem because the sky is offering much in the way of freedom and comfort, and some Virgos might even enjoy something that can only be described as luxurious. There will be a need for you to accept a routine has changed or fall in line with someone else's routine in some way. Again, you won't struggle. You might even enjoy it.


The saying about seeing something 'eye to eye' is an interesting one. Is that not how boxers stand opposite each other before a fight? Does the saying itself not conjure images of quiet confrontation? You might be aware of how you and a particular person aren't singing from the same proverbial song sheet and this issue could escalate before it improves. Coming events, however, will reassure you and someone else that finding a way to see 'eye to eye' is possible.

This week, restrictive Saturn ends its retrograde phase in your sign. Its backward motion started in March and, in June, it re-entered Scorpio. From this week, it moves forward and this is cause for celebration in more than one way for everyone but particularly you (and any Capricorns you know). A process that commenced in March that has been on the back burner gets a proverbial green light. Coming developments will ensure you're prepared and motivated in all the right ways.


Soon, Mars will enter Leo. This could enhance desire on your part to learn and explore. It is also possible you could adopt an aggressive stance where a matter close to your heart is concerned and this might require attention during the coming week. If you feel a need to instigate a tense exchange, be aware of how unnecessarily defensive or confrontational you could be. Such passion could be focused in much more helpful, interesting and enjoyable ways!


This week, your ruling planet Saturn commences direct motion in Scorpio. Having resided in this intensely focused and passionate sign between 2012 and the end of last year, spent brief time in Sagittarius until June before returning to Scorpio, its backward and forward activity is reflective of similar activity you've likely experienced in an area of your world. From this week, you start making strides where you have so far been able to make frustratingly small steps forward.


As you read this, the Moon is either very full in the sky or its fullness influence is waning. The second of two full Moons to occur in July is in Aquarius. This, in addition to Venus moving into your opposite sign of commitment to join three other planets hints at a less-than-calm week ahead. Drama and pressure will be mounting noticeably this week. All you need to do is trust that both are pushing you toward actions and decisions you've needed to progress for some time.


As an undoubtedly talented Piscean, knowing you aren't fulfilling your true potential in some way is something you would take seriously. We're not talking about artistic or creative talents per se, although you likely possess them. We're talking about focusing a particular ability you possess that has needed channeling for some time. From this week, restrictions and obstacles are being removed to allow access to where this can be utilized in a fulfilling and satisfying way.

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