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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 09 December 2016


You might believe you know all there is to know about a certain person or believe you have accurate measure of a particular arrangement but coming events could highlight how there's more to be discovered. To make the discovery the sky insists is on offer this week, you're going to have detach yourself from a situation or commitment you've grown too close to. Step back, observe from a distance and then wait and see what gets revealed.


Taking a particular situation at face value will bring some level of comfort or predictability but if your instincts are telling you there's more to it than meets the eye, then trust them. As much as you'd like to base action on little more than a hunch, listen to the part of you that knows you need a few more facts before doing so. The sky speaks this week of a certain truth emerging. By allowing a bit more information to make its way to you, it will come as no surprise.


The coming week is important for two reasons. The first surrounds a link between Mercury and Neptune. This will help you to revive interest in a plan that got shelved in the past for reasons known best to you. What became less of a priority is moving its way up the list. The second key event is the Full Moon in your sign. This brings closure to a saga you've wanted to see the end of and will mark the start of progress where you resigned yourself to little ever being made.


Cancerian determination is an admirable thing. When you decide something's going to happen come hell or high water, rarely does it not happen. What you need to guard against this week is being a bit too determined. It's possible to be too focused, steadfast or single-minded and it's by being all of the above that you could end up burning a proverbial bridge you might need to return to and cross in the future. Be careful what you choose to remove, dismiss or discard this week.


Rarely do we see the benefits of chaos or disruption. Perhaps an appropriate analogy at this time of year involves snow globes, those water-filled spheres that get shaken to churn up white particles of 'snow'. The globe on its own might appear interesting but it's when it's shaken that magic happens. That's why a situation in your world that has been lacking action or momentum could do with a shake. Embrace a bit of a chaos. When it settles, a valuable discovery awaits.


This week, and possibly beyond, a boundary needs pushing. It's time to assess what you believe to be impossible or immovable and see how far you can exceed a certain expectation. Resist an urge to focus on what's missing or confusing in an area of your world but focus instead on what you do have available and what might happen if you chose to push not only a boundary but your luck as well. Summoning a bit of courage and faith can bring a very pleasing result.


Think back to when you were young and asked for something without saying 'the magic word.' Most of us soon discovered how integral saying that word was to getting what we wanted. This week, the cosmos is assisting you to make helpful progress by communicating or conveying a point in a way that will bring a result where your efforts might have failed so far. There's a very right and wrong way of making your point and with a bit of imagination and effort, you'll get it right.

If you want respect, then it appears you're going to have to command it and that's something the cosmos is keen to support you with this week. It's not so much what you say, it's how you say it. What buttons need to be pressed with particular individuals to get them to accept you have a valid point? You're about to become superbly placed to encourage at least one person to start taking the initiative where you've needed them to take it and taking you more seriously, too!


Leaving a situation as it is will likely encourage it to continue offering the same, predictable result. There might have been a time when you'd have welcomed predictability or comfort it offers, even if it was falling short of offering what you needed it to. This week, give in to your sense of adventure and consider what might be possible if you pushed this static scenario a particular direction. You might invite just the right level of momentum to move it up a gear.


If something is to be done properly, then it's going to have to be done by you. As much as you might wish you could involve others in the pursuit of a plan, you're going to have to go it alone. The first step to achieving success where you want to achieve it is to accept something needs to be done practically and methodically. You can't expect to run before you can walk. As the Sun conjuncts Saturn, you can very much be the captain of your own destiny in any way you choose.


Venus is active in your sign this week and her mission appears to surround encouraging you to assess certain situations and possibly one in particular to decide where you might have been 'going wrong' in some way. You might be painfully aware of what hasn't worked or materialized and not seen much in the way of new options. Expect soon to see an old, tired situation in a very new and inspiring light. A new way needs to be tried and coming events will highlight what this is.


Planetary support on offer this week, combined with your ability to make superb use of your instincts, will help you see beyond the obvious at the reality of a situation. This is not going to be a cause for consolation or reason to feel disappointed. You're about to finally gain accurate measure of something that has confused or concerned you. A truth is emerging and when it does, you'll realize a particular answer or solution has been begging for attention all along.

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