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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 22 May 2015


Is effort ever truly wasted? We tend to become aware when the amount of effort we're giving to a particular plan or cause outweighs any results but that doesn't necessarily mean we're wasting time or effort. It can mean that we need to look a bit more closely at what we're giving effort toward, how we're doing it and, perhaps most importantly, why we're doing it. A tense link with Mars and Neptune this week encourages you to look a bit more closely at why you're so keen to give effort toward something - and if a plan or idea is need of some gentle modifying.


A sense of pressure you've been aware has been increasing lately will probably increase further. This is, despite possible appearances to the contrary, good news. I fully understand why you might be of the opinion that the very last thing you want to experience is more pressure where you've been aware pressure has been mounting but, as the coming week will likely prove, there's a reason to smile and feel quietly optimistic about what is unfolding now, even if it appears chaotic or senseless. Patience shown and effort made this week will be rewarded. You'll see.


Enthusiasm, we know, is infectious. What about cautiousness? If someone is being cautious, can this cause us to believe they might know something we don't or encourage us to push aside optimism in favor of restraint or frugality? The coming week could highlight how someone else's belief that caution needs to be applied in some way is affecting or influencing an idea or plan close to your heart. Make an effort to understand why they're adopting such an attitude because it might be possible they do know something you don't.


When we're experiencing pressure and believe we're doing a good job of fulfilling obligations to others or placating certain people, the last thing we need is more pressure in the form of criticism from someone who believes they're justified in providing it. As pressure and likelihood of criticism mount this week, there are two ways you can choose to respond to either or both. You can choose to allow your confidence to be deflated or accept a nugget of truth and positivity exists that can be integral to you making a very helpful and pleasing improvement.


How dull would an arrangement or relationship be if a certain constant challenge didn't exist? As keen as you are to ensure you and a certain person agree upon a particular matter or are singing from the same proverbial hymn sheet, there is something exciting about the challenge that exists where reaching an agreement is concerned. The coming week is likely to add a bit more spice and pepper to a stew of contention but that needn't be seen as negative or a setback provided you're willing to be the one to see a situation in the realistic light it now needs to be seen in.


We hear people say 'there's no such thing as bad publicity'. There are countless high-profile news stories that confirm that isn't the case. If someone is to gain from being in the spotlight, then clearly the story has to have some endearing quality about it. It's possible you might lose sight of the level of support you have from certain people in your world in light of how you're likely to be aware of eyes being on you in some way. You're being watched for all the right reasons. Don't succumb to a belief that you need to be doing more to enlist support from anyone.


Every day must be seized and every opportunity identified and seized wherever possible because life is a short thing and we need to make the most of every single moment and let's stop there, for a moment. Of course, we owe it to ourselves to see life as a precious gift and therefore owe it to ourselves to make the most of the time we have. That needn't involve us investing vast amounts of effort, trying to seize every single opportunity possible. Sometimes, we can allow what we need to come to us, as you will discover to your delight this week.

One of numerous admirable qualities possessed by Scorpios is your ability to adapt. A situation that would cause anyone else to see a proverbial glass as half empty and resign themselves to a need to panic or accept defeat is often one you not only see something positive within but recognize how, with the application of imagination, it can be turned into something advantageous. It is that ability that will come in handy this week. A need exists for you to be resourceful and imaginative. Doing so will create an opportunity that might not have otherwise been available.


'Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into.' Such words were said by Oliver Hardy to Stan Laurel. Audiences could empathize with Oliver's predicament and response but were also able to empathize with Stan, who usually couldn't do right for doing wrong. Laurel and Hardy were comedy classics and regardless of whatever seemingly serious scenario arose, there was always something amusing about it. As Saturn in your sign opposes the Sun this week bringing tension to a relationship or partnership, try to see the amusing quality it contains. It is there.


Yours is the sign of the Sea Goat, a mythical creature adaptable on land and in water. How helpful is that? Being adaptable in such ways provides you with tremendous resilience. You are, however, human and as focused as you might be on a particular task or obligation, the saying about being unable to please everyone all of the time comes to mind. This week, do your best to allow certain criticisms or seemingly negative observations to bounce off of you. Take on board what someone is trying to tell you, but don't take it to heart. They really are only trying to help.


Our eyes have a habit of deceiving us. So too, do our ears. Rarely, though, do our instincts let us down. Much depends though on how strict we are about what we're telling ourselves! There's big difference between self-deception and heeding an unignorable message from our heart. The coming week could see you applying strict levels of discrimination to something you're telling yourself and the catalyst for this could be a comment made to you that gives plenty of food for thought. If you trust your instincts, then the truth will override fiction or gossip.


You have obligations to fulfill, places to be and people who require placating. Whatever you believe demands full attention is likely to take a back seat to a less exciting issue. Now, for the good news. You're about to achieve something impressive, significant and meaningful. Before this can happen, you need to gain better understanding of why an area of your world is as volatile and demanding as it is. This week, avoid trying to accelerate a process that refuses to be accelerated and accept that part of being human involves accepting you're not superhuman.

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