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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 19 December 2014


There's something similar about your astrological outlook that reminds me of a maid arriving at a home where a party has been held the night before and not quite knowing where to start the cleaning up process. Perhaps your situation could even be likened to the way the Cat in the Hat turned up with an impressive machine to clear up the mess he caused in the home of the children he entertained for a day. The equivalent of the maid or the machine is your ruling planet, Mars, having a strong influence in terms of sorting out and removing what needs sorting and removing. This week, expect to see the first signs of where it thinks the best place to start really is.


When we feel strongly about a particular matter, we can sometimes fail to see 'wood' for 'trees', as they say. We don't find it easy to discriminate when we ought to. We struggle to push bias to one side. The sky speaks now of an issue that you undoubtedly feel passionate about. It also speaks of ways in which passion levels could be escalating in such a way that are influencing your thinking or logical assessment of a situation. That leaves only one option: relax. Step back this week from what you're growing so close to. Detach yourself from what is fuelling a constant thought. Time is on your side and you can benefit much more from caring just a little bit less.


If a job is truly worth doing, then it is obviously worth doing well. However, sometimes, we're reluctant to delegate. We know what needs doing, we know how it needs to be done and believe that we're the best person to do it, especially if we believe time required to explain what needs doing to someone else will mean we could have done what needs doing! Ok, maybe I'm making the message from the sky this week unnecessarily complex but perhaps, you're doing something similar. You can reduce pressure you're likely feeling by accepting you are human and reserve the right to request – or demand – assistance from others who can provide it. Trust that you won't be compromising in any way from doing so.


How often do you hear people speak about 'thinking positively' or the 'power of positive thought'? We hear people say phrases like 'look on the bright side' or 'every cloud has a silver lining' and, whilst they go some way to putting us in a frame of mind most likely to achieve a wonderful result, they do have a negative connotation that dilutes ever so slightly the positivity that needs to be enhanced and nurtured. A result you want to see happen can happen. It just needs you to be focused more positively on the fact that it CAN happen. This week might bring a test of your ability to be positive and believe in a positive result, but you'll soon see evidence of what doing both can do if you're willing to try.


'Grandmother, what great big eyes you have', said Little Red Riding Hood. 'All the better to see you with, my dear', said The Wolf. We can't help but think Miss Hood was a bit on the naive side. She was clearly easily fooled by a Wolf that didn't do a particularly clever or imaginative job of disguising himself. He too, was aware of the child's naiveté and had only one intention in mind, anyway. Someone in your world believes they can influence you in ways that suggest they believe you're – and I need to be careful how I phrase this – easily led or willing to believe anything you're told. This week, someone's agenda is very transparent. That is all you need to know.


'You may look through that shirt till your eyes ache, but you won't find a hole in it, nor a threadbare place.' So said the woman trying to pawn Ebenezer Scrooge's nightshirt after his death in 'A Christmas Carol'. She was confident what she was trying to sell had been examined thoroughly and took pride in saying so. I won't dwell on how people born of your sign often possess great eyes for detail but the sky does speak this week about how such a talent is going to come in handy. You're able to see something someone else cannot. You have thoroughly assessed a situation and, through giving it such attention, can trust your judgment of it is sound.


Many a ship has escaped crashing into rocks through the quick thinking of captains in control of the ship's wheel. With skill and the cooperation of wind, huge ships with sails can be turned around and disaster can be averted. Somewhere in your world, you're able to do something similar. Something – a situation, arrangement, relationship or decision – can be turned around in some way now and the sky speaks of this happening just in the nick of time. It was heading toward a precarious destination and your efforts this week can commence a process that heads it safely into another. All that's needed is willingness and belief that you're capable of doing so.

You have strong leadership abilities. You hold considerable influence. Of course, you knew this already but, in case there's any doubt on your part, the cosmos is keen to provide a gentle reminder. Such is the level of influence you hold that certain people actually want to be led by you. It's as if they're waiting for you to ask them and, if you are willing to play a Pied Piper role in some way now, then it won't take long before you see how well supported and admired you are. To accelerate this, all you need to do is invest some effort toward a particular cherished goal. Once you do, you will see how many people share your vision. Use this week to start this process.


It appears certain situations are going round and round in circles and, although giving a good impression of moving, upon closer examination, are not moving forward at all. Or are they? Even spinning cyclones that give the impression of circling in one place are actually moving forward at an incredible speed. From a distance, it appears they're not and something similar might be playing a part in your inability to see what progress you are actually making where you believe you're faced constantly with a lack of it. Let what's going round in circles continue to do so for a while longer. This week should bring reassurance in some way that a much needed change is imminent.


It's easy to shrug our shoulders sometimes in the belief that worrying or being concerned about how certain situations came to be is pointless if it means trying to piece together numerous complex pieces of the past. In the same way we're not inclined to pick up a 500-piece puzzle that has been strewn about a room, we're also reluctant to dwell upon how or why some situations arose. You have grown used of late to putting certain confusing or even unpleasant experiences behind you. The sky's not keen to open up old wounds but it is keen to encourage you to understand what you have been reluctant to understand about them. Expect a first sign this week.


We always have more levels of support available to us than we realize. Even when we believe nobody else understands what we need or are trying to achieve, there's always someone willing to listen and, to our surprise sometimes, can actually play a supportive or helpful role in our quest. You might feel as if you're alone with a particular goal yet look set to be both surprised and delighted with how supported you are in terms of making it happen. This week will unlikely bring hordes of people banging on your door, begging to assist in whatever way they can but it should do much to reassure you that you're more understood, respected and supported than you possibly believed you were.


In what way or ways can you offer help in some way now? Letting someone know you are there for them in any way they need you to be is one thing – but can you see a way that you can assist someone without them asking for your help? That's what makes your arrangement with a certain person a little bit complicated. As inclined as people can be to wait until asked or let someone learn from their experience in their own way, we can't help but resist offering help when we know we can provide it in a way that someone will genuinely appreciate. That's your dilemma this week. You might be required to step in and provide support without an invitation but can trust that what you do will make a noticeable difference.

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