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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 29 August 2014


Is there such a thing as 'negative motivation'? It could be argued that an action that has been fuelled by negativity, anger or resentment is therefore negative or counterproductive. Yet, the person doing it believes what they're doing is positive and necessary, even if they themselves can see how it can be perceived as negative! This week, allow yourself to be motivated in the way you feel you are being motivated. You might have reason to question your reasons for following an urge but can trust that it intended to bring about a very positive outcome.


If you had a jury at your disposal and were able to explain your case clearly and honestly, how do you think a jury would respond? For some time, you have been aware of injustice in an area of your world and have, over time, likely convinced yourself that you were instrumental if not integral to causing it. That's why it would be helpful for you to receive an unbiased opinion. This week brings the delightful discovery that you don't have as much reason to be apologetic as you believed. Prepare to have your faith in justice restored.


Everyone has different pain thresholds. What might be agonizing to one person is a mild irritation to another. With that in mind, the coming week presents you with an interesting challenge. A situation can be painful or, with the right attitude, can be a positive development. If you're willing to see it as the latter, then the sky insists you'll see what transpires as mildly irritating and brief. There is no need to make it any more than that. Summon optimism and all will be fine.


We are told 'he who hesitates is lost'. Sometimes, there's nothing wrong with hesitation, especially if we believe good reason exists to be cautious. As one of the most intuitive signs, you learned long ago to trust what your instincts tell you. This week, whilst it is undoubtedly worth heeding what they're telling you about a need to be cautious, avoid a tendency to become too cautious. A situation needs to move forward and you're superbly placed to make progress. Just don't allow reticence to replace proactivity. Be brave and take a much needed step forward.


The Cowardly Lion in 'The Wizard of Oz' was an expert at creating reasons not to do something. His reasons were always fuelled by fear. His ability to create reasons was so sharp that he probably scared himself knowing how good he was at creating them. We all create reasons not to do something if fear plays any part in the plan and, this week, you're being encouraged to face a fear and take a brave step forward in some way. Ignore any reasons you can identify for not doing something. Focus instead on the one major reason why you must.


Within gadget and appliance manuals is a 'troubleshooting' section. If something isn't working properly, then manufacturers often include a list of the most likely problems, what's causing them and what can be done to fix them. Wouldn't it be helpful if we had access to such manuals where people are concerned? You appear keen to put something right between you and another. To do this, you need to identify the problem correctly. This week offers a chance to identify and easily implement a solution. Someone needs careful handling but you can do a superb job of doing this.


When something doesn't make sense and we want it to make sense, we find ways of attaching logic to that which appears illogical or nonsensical. We dismiss what doesn't 'add up' and focus instead on what we know is based on fact or holds some sense of reality. That, in itself, is sensible. With that in mind, look closely at the nonsensical situation you're trying to fathom this week. There is a grain of sensibility within it. Don't invest too much time focusing on what doesn't make sense. Look instead at what you know to be truthful and accurate.

Enthusiasm sells. Even the most negative and reticent person can find themselves 'buying into' or agreeing with someone who makes a point with enough enthusiasm. It's as if the enthusiastic person knows something the rest of us don't and manages to encourage us to take a quick glimpse into the world they are so enthusiastic about. This week, aggression will get you nowhere where making a point where winning someone over is concerned but heartfelt belief definitely will. Someone just wants to see for themselves how much you believe in what they need you to believe in.


There's something pictorial about us being described as 'captains of our own destinies'. We steer personal crafts through both choppy and still waters. We learn how to identify rocky shorelines from a distance. We also learn how to set sails to maximize help strong winds blowing in the right direction can provide. That's why it's important to recognize now how much control you do have in an area you might be feeling rudderless within. This week brings an opportunity to set sail in a very new direction.


'Whistle while you work'. Such was advice given by Snow White with the help of various forest-dwelling creatures. Whether or not we see certain tasks or obligations as enjoyable or downright depressing depends upon our attitude toward what we're undertaking. You have an option this week. You can smile and take on a duty or obligation that doesn't fill you with inspiration or allow yourself to become despondent and resentful. Do the former and you'll make light work of whatever it is. A small change in attitude will bring some impressive results.


We are sometimes easily persuaded by others. Much depends on how skilful they are at persuasion. If we're given a list of practical and believable reasons to do or not do something, then that's usually good enough for us. Things become more complex when we try to convince ourselves of something. We identify many reasons but will disregard what our conscience is telling us. It's your conscience not someone else that you need to be listening to this week. Trust the message your conscience and intuition are trying very hard to convey to you.


Some people will always see a half empty glass as half empty. They prefer to focus on what's missing than what they have available. Such people even overlook the fact that the situation would be even less desirable if they were dealing with a completely empty glass. With that in mind, how might you be looking at a seemingly less than desirable situation? This week brings a very good reason to start feeling optimistic if you're prepared to recognize it. Prepare to discover that a situation you believed to be cut and dried or set in stone is more flexible than you thought.

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