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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 28 August 2015


People born under your sign tend to know a thing or two about influence, power and leading others. Life might be a more straightforward thing for you if it wasn't for the fact that others have their own ideas about how to influence, control and lead others and it appears someone in your world has clear ideas about all three where you're concerned this week. They might be putting forth a strong and convincing case but you're not obliged to simply do as you're told.


We often greet change with suspicion. It arrives in the belief we've been eagerly anticipating its arrival and understand how and why it has manifested. When we don't, we find ourselves wondering how instrumental to making it appear we have been. We know when action we take will bring change but there are times when it creeps up on us and takes us by surprise. Change occurring now might be surprising but trust it is definitely nothing to be fearful or suspicious of.


'You can't always get what you want'. Mick Jagger makes a valid point but rather than make a point anyone would agree lazily with, lyrics should have included something about uncanny ways we often get what we need. What we want and need can be two different things and the coming week could provide insight where making that distinction is concerned. Something you believe to be integral to your world isn't missing. You just need to be clever and imaginative to see it.


This week's main astro news surrounds the Moon growing full in Pisces. Although every Full Moon marks the start of a two-week period of closure for any issue that has run its course, the focus for you surrounds identifying reasons to celebrate recent accomplishments and with two very strong and supportive aspects involved, don't believe the idea of a particular dream coming true in the near future is far-fetched or unrealistic.


This week, the Sun makes its once-a-year opposition to Neptune. Because the Sun rules your sign, you can definitely expect heightening of your sensitivity and your intuition but it is the second of three Mars/Venus meet-ups that Venus's retrograde status throws a spanner in the proverbial works of. The coming week brings a reality check on some level. Be prepared to accept at least one reality and ask a question along the lines of, 'what about me?'


A need exists on your part to listen to what someone is trying to tell you. That's easy enough to do. What might not be so easy is resisting an urge to speak your mind. Someone needs you to lend and ear or possibly a shoulder and provide support in a caring way. You're superbly placed to provide it, too. Just be aware of a need to be unbiased. They need you to listen to them and not offer opinions that could be confrontational or cast judgement. For now, hear them out.


You can, if you choose to, ponder a puzzling situation and accept you have little option other than to accept it as it is. Yet, you want to know more. You need to know more. Something about it demands and deserves to be less of an 'unknown quantity'. This is going to require you to ask a question in order to be put in the picture. This week, consider very carefully the one question you want an answer to, then ask the one person best placed to answer it.

There is a finite number of musical notes and chords in this world. There is a finite number of combinations of both, too and despite the number being massive, we hear stories about one artist suing another for plagiarism. Sometimes, creative similarities are unavoidable. What one person believes to be a unique idea turns out to be one someone else had already. This week, look closely at an idea someone is keen to call their own. Does it look or sound familiar?


When we make something wonderful happen, we sometimes dismiss it as being part of a much bigger, impressive plan. Where we should be congratulating ourselves or enjoying well-deserved praise, we choose instead to be humble in the belief we've managed only to achieve a part of what we truly wanted to see happen. This week, you will owe yourself a pat on the back in some way. Make a point of addressing what you've achieved in both your eyes and eyes of others.


A 'mountain' might appear difficult to climb. A certain obstacle might appear difficult to overcome. Yet, we all know how what appears difficult can sometimes become surprisingly easy once we make effort to overcome it. What's needed this week in an area of your world is willingness to stop looking at a challenge you feel might require more than you're able to give toward it and start making some effort, however small. Then, expect to be delighted and reassured.


This week, look at the way in which you are adding proverbial fuel to a proverbial fire. Are you wanting to improve a situation between you and a certain person or are you, in some way and for reasons known only to you, secretly wanting to instigate confrontation? This would be much simpler if you weren't so keen to prove or a make a point. Of course, it would be simpler too if someone else didn't feel the same. Compromise can be reached. Make an effort to reach it.


We can be dismissive of what someone is trying to tell us if we believe we know better. We can also be very aware of what our inner voice is pleading with us to consider and still choose to ignore it in favor of what our head is telling us. You can continue to dismiss what your inner voice is trying to tell you but probably not for much longer. In fact, the coming week could be pivotal in some way once you choose to allow it to finally convince you of something.

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