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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 22 July 2016


If you've wondered recently what a particular learning curve was in aid of, then coming events could confirm the usefulness of whatever it is you made an effort to discover. You have an opportunity this week to put into practice what you had to grasp the 'concept' of. Be willing to apply this new-found knowledge in an area it's needed within. If you can, then you and someone else stand to benefit from doing so.


Try not to let a sense of trepidation get the better of you this week. You might also feel you're entering into an arrangement or agreeing to something in a way that causes you to feel uncertain. History might be playing a part in your reason for refraining to jump straight into something before making a concerted effort to test the proverbial water first. The cosmos isn't encouraging you to be reckless this week but it pushing you to be less fearful and reticent for your own good.


We enjoy the feeling of knowing we were right about something and if there has been doubt in your mind that something you had absolute faith in would be received positively by certain others, then coming events could do much to reassure you. There could be more to be gained from a plan you invested blind faith within than you originally thought. Let this week's positive developments confirm how certain steps taken recently were the right ones to take.


There could be a tug-of-war occurring between what you are doing in a way you feel obliged to do and what you believe you should be doing. If certain others shared your vision or were willing to be a bit more receptive to your ideas or suggestions, then an area of your world that could be a source of frustration would be infinitely easier. This week, you stand to gain insight in a way that strengthens considerably your argument. There will be no need to say the words, 'I told you so'.


Keep confidence levels high this week because doing so could help you overcome an obstacle that surrounds what you don't know in a particular area. An absence of information has possibly played a part in lack of progress you've wanted to see that hasn't been through lack of trying. This week, it could be clear what you need to learn or at least find out more about if you are to overcome the hurdle. Being willing to say the words, 'I don't know' will get you halfway there.


With such strong celestial support on offer during coming days, you could become aware of how easily a plan is proceeding or how certain developments you've wanted to see happen are simply falling into place. Don't feel inclined to question what's unfolding or treat it with suspicion in the belief there must be a 'catch'. You're receiving exceptional support where you need it most. This week, that's all you need to trust.


New surroundings or a new environment might give reason to feel excited and enthusiastic but you are likely also aware of a need to adjust to what's new or unfamiliar. This change is unlikely to happen this week but coming days can prove helpful in terms of highlighting what you need to do to prepare yourself for it. The list isn't a long one. All that's required of you is to embrace confidently what's changing. The first chance to do so presents itself this week.

Soon, Mars will leave your sign for Sagittarius. That's not to say you'll suddenly become aware of struggle where you've grown accustomed to seeing swifter results since the end of May but a need exists for you to take action where you feel hesitant or reluctant to take it. Perhaps, you need more reassurance that doing something is better than doing nothing. This week, be willing to take a risk with your faith. If you aim at nothing, then you can be certain you'll hit it.


It's possible you could misinterpret Saturn's influence this week as demoralizing and pessimistic. Where you wish you felt more inspired and enthusiastic, you could see only a tedious and potentially draining scenario. There are ways such feelings can used positively. If you need the equivalent of a celestial boot poised at your posterior to take action to improve what is seen as intolerable, then events this week could encourage you to bring a helpful, timely and inspiring improvement.


If a job's worth doing, call a Capricorn. You'd probably prefer I didn't make such a statement publicly. You're likely aware of an increase to responsibilities or obligations recently and don't want to be accepting more. It is though, your ability to prioritize, organize and bring structure to what's chaotic that makes you someone others come to when they need such help. This week, you're the best person for a particular task. Rise to it and you'll succeed admirably.


Anyone who has run races or long distances accepts the need to pace themselves. On the other hand, some sportspeople who appear like and weigh similar to large refrigerators can be amazingly fast in short bursts. This week, balance needs to be found between throwing yourself wholeheartedly into a plan and seeing the benefits of a slow, methodical approach. A task might need a bit of both and finding that balance might be through trial and error but you can find it.


Many stories are written using templates. That's why we can accurately predict endings. We know there will be a moment when all looks bad for our hero or heroine before they manage to summon courage and save the day. This week could bring the equivalent of tension at the end of a second act. But you ought to trust your abilities to identify a sensible and timely move that can circumnavigate a potential problem and ensure a very reassuring, if not happy, ending.

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