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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 24 March 2017


This week's square between Jupiter and Pluto implies tension is building - in a big way and it could be clear how 'hemmed in' or restricted you are in an area of your world that you wish you had more freedom within. Events this week could cause you to feel as if you have little help or support available to you and are quietly screaming inside. That's why you need to make someone aware of what you're experiencing. There is more support available to you than you realize.


The coming week brings a link between Mars in your sign and Saturn. A question this combination will encourage you to ask yourself is: how much are you willing to tolerate now? Note emphasis on 'now'. Fortunately, your tolerance limits are being supported which is likely to come in handy. However, you know there's a right and wrong way to react to a certain situation. By adopting a 'keep calm' strategy, you can achieve much more than what the alternative offers!


This week's link between Mercury and Saturn intends to help you to feel more positive about a particular scenario than you've felt recently. However, this is going to require you to 'strike' in some way while a proverbial iron is 'hot'. To make the most of the valuable discovery on offer, you're going to have to react swiftly in some way. Do so, and the discovery will be about yourself and this, as you'll see, is what's needed for a plan close to your heart to take a giant step forward.


The coming week brings a New Moon in Aries, your solar sector of status, career and authority. When the Moon is 'new', it means the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same sign. The energies of that sign become supercharged and Aries governs impatience and impetuousness but it also rules courage. Has career-related restlessness been encouraging you to take a certain brave step? This week might bring an opportunity for that necessary step to be taken.


The coming week marks a turning point in terms of you feeling more comfortable about all that makes you feel comfortable! A conjunction between the Sun and love/comfort planet Venus heralds a time of 'enhanced financial status'. More money in your bank account would undoubtedly bring new levels of comfort and security. However, something on the romantic front is about to move forward, too. Give this powerful aspect a chance to work its magic, and it will.


Should you 'be careful what you wish for' this week? By all means, be selective but, because of a link between your ruler and Jupiter, you'll need to keep your expectations reasonable. Don't get carried away with too many ideas about what you want or believe would improve your world vastly overnight. Focus on what you know you need and why you need it. That message alone will give the cosmos what it needs to ensure you attain it.


This week's events could surround the tense link between Jupiter in your sign and Pluto in your solar sector of foundations. Tension, possibly connected with home or family, is about to increase and reach 'breaking point'. This could also be amplified by a belief on your part that you're not being listened to or supported in a way you need both. It's likely that thoughts, feelings or opinions could be released. This, as you'll see, will prove to be more positive than it sounds.

Do you continue to keep something to yourself? Is it a matter of time before 'that' issue gets brought into the open? This week's square between Jupiter and Pluto could make this week the week it happens. Where you've bided your time, possibly bit your tongue, counted to ten or whatever else you've had to do to keep the peace, you could decide the time is right to bring into the open or expose what needs to seen or understood. Just be 'live' to when you've said or done enough.


A restriction or obstacle that presented itself recently where a certain plan close to your heart is concerned could, in a strange way, reveal itself to be a blessing in disguise. This is because it encouraged you to assess your plan in several ways and it's what transpires this week due to a link between Mercury and Saturn that could bring a revelation or possibly a brainwave. What you discover about yourself will alter a strategy but in a way that makes it much more realistically attainable.


This week, 'push' could come to 'shove' in some way. Jupiter's involvement implies this could be connected with your career, too. Where you might have managed to turn a blind eye toward or shrug off something that touched a sensitive nerve within you, you might not be able to continue to suffer in silence. Are you overreacting to a minor annoyance? It's possible, so be prepared to have that made clear to you. Just deal with whatever-it-is sensitively and all will be fine.


A certain situation might 'add up' in every way you need it to. On the face of it, you could be satisfied with how logically it appears. However, the sky implies that might be a cold way of looking at it. If you're only prepared to assess and accept it in such a shallow way and not look beyond the obvious at potential it holds if only you'd make more of an effort to connect with it, then you'll only benefit from it in a very limited way. Your eyes and brain know what they're seeing. Give your heart a chance to take you beyond the surface.


Admit it. You're a talented person. Even if you don't believe yourself to be talented, you certainly can't deny you have an amazing imagination that, if harnessed and focused properly, can create something spectacular. As Mars in your ideas sector links with Neptune this week, stimulation and excitement are on offer and with someone who wants to create something spectacular with you. So, be willing to share your gift. Something truly special could result from doing so.

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