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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 17 April 2015


TV adverts promote 'new and improved' products. We view such statements with wariness. After all, had we asked the manufacturer of the product if it fell short of being perfect for our needs, we'd have been told it didn't. Yet the fact that it has been 'improved' suggests that isn't the case. This week brings a New Moon in your sign. It's time for you to assess where you want to see an improvement. Don't kid yourself that any area is exempt or without need. Be brave and, above all, be honest about what you truly want to make better.


Imagine, if you will, the sound of a drumroll. The distinctive sound always instils a sense of excitement and intrigue or, depending on what it precedes, a sense of nervousness. Something, somehow, in an area of your world is about to be revealed. The New Moon in the area of your chart associated with secrecy and privacy will see to that and a new way of dealing with whatever you've chosen to keep under wraps, lock and key is about to present itself. With this, will come a boost to your confidence and a renewed sense of enthusiasm.


When we're waiting for traffic lights to change from red to green, we can often anticipate the change before it happens. We know how long we usually wait in our vehicle and know as well when we ought to prepare to start moving once again. The New Moon this week is encouraging you to start getting ready to put a plan close to your heart into action. Waiting for the right moment is coming to an end. The right moment is about to present itself and when it does, trust that you'll recognize it. A long overdue and cherished plan is about to commence.


There are times when Cancerians believe it to be appropriate to retreat into 'shells'. This is often done when it is believed a need for protection exists. The coming week could see you becoming increasingly aware of how many eyes are upon you in some way. Developments this week could see you being watched more closely than you might be used to. It is therefore a time to shine and take a brave step forward, not a backward step into coziness offered by a shell. Certain people have suspected you are made of stern stuff. They're about to be proved right.


Despite how results and progress you wish were more encouraging or visible appear somewhere in the far off distance, it's important you trust that you are in the throes of a very positive and transformative process. Soon, your current situation will be unrecognizable and this includes effort made so far that hasn't brought desired results. The process that is working on your behalf now cannot be rushed. This week, focus on here and now in the knowledge that change you yearn for is coming, and very soon.


We know how tired our arms become when we struggle to grasp something that is beyond our strength capabilities. When this happens, we have no choice other than to let go. In a similar way, it is your determination to retain control of a certain situation that is likely bringing about frustration and weariness in your world now. For as long as you insist on keeping control over a process that fully intends to unfold on its own and in its own way and time, you are likely to experience frustration. This week, relax and start to release your grip.


It's much easier in some ways to convey body language than emotions. People see you going through the motions yet you could understandably be sensing their obliviousness to what's happening inside. This week, be less self-conscious about how you're seen by others and avoid any tendency to imagine disapproval from them. It is very unlikely it exists. It is the opinions of others that could be unnecessarily and unfairly affecting how you react toward them. During the coming week, it could become clear that this is something you do have control over.

To prove a point, we sometimes go to great lengths. We believe it necessary to use drama or exaggeration to illustrate how important a particular issue or belief is. Both do little to convince others of our belief levels. More often than not, they'd prefer we were less dramatic or less prone to exaggeration! This week, refrain from going 'over the top' in terms of making a point. If you can separate fact from fantasy, then you can make your point with clarity and not be at risk of being seen as unrealistic or not having grasp of what you ought to be more certain of.


Imagine how dull life would be if we didn't have to do various things we didn't want to do. Where would the thrill of overcoming a challenge be? Regardless of what bores or daunts us, we can either endure discomfort surrounding what we have to do or find a way to see it as exciting or even learn to love whatever it is we dislike. This week, you might not be able to change an undesirable situation but you can change your attitude toward it. Look closely at what is actually good in a situation and you will soon see it from a much more favorable perspective.


If one person takes on board or has faith in what we're telling them, then that bodes well for others doing similarly. If, in a group situation, we find something we're suggesting or proposing is met with receptiveness and approval, then there's clearly relevance to what we're saying. You can make progress this week by conveying something you feel is important and needs to be said. If you've had reservations about speaking up previously for any reason, then abandon them now. You have a point to make and expect it to be met with agreement if you're willing to try.


Is there some unseen Council that dictates who and what is attractive and who and what isn't? We need only look on covers of magazines to see who or what is deemed beautiful and how what's beautiful is governed by what's 'socially acceptable'. You, however, don't need to measure your attractive levels or ability to attract - in such ways. You definitely don't need to succumb to pressure to meet someone else's criteria of what's attractive. This week, accept how wonderful you are to yourself and your attractiveness in the eyes of others will soon be apparent.


We can be surrounded by many people yet still feel alone. Feeling alone can be heightened enormously when we're struggling as a result of support we need from one or two people not being forthcoming. The coming week could highlight how you're having to tackle a certain issue singlehandedly and aren't exactly over the moon with having to do so. The good news is, you are very capable of tackling on your own what needs to be tackled. It is the discovery of a certain piece of information that will boost your confidence.

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