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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 13 January 2017


This week, you might feel surrounded by mayhem and madness, chaos and confusion, upheaval and tension. You might also feel exasperated, threatened or angered by certain situations. In truth, you have less to worry about than you think. As Mars squares Saturn, you're being given a chance to 'fix' something that went 'wrong' some time ago. This will require a brave move on your part and to bring a change you want to see happen, all that's needed is willing to make it.


An aspiration you hold close to your heart might need more input and support from certain others than you thought it might. That shouldn't pose a problem or cause you to reassess the importance or viability of what you appear keen to make happen. This week, try to be receptive to assistance the sky insists is on offer to you. More than one person wants to see you succeed and if you accept support on offer, then a helpful and timely stride in the right direction can be taken.


It can be frustrating when we discover what we believe we want isn't actually what we need. A sign that we're getting this balance incorrect often surrounds us being frustrated that our efforts made in a particular way simply aren't bringing a desired result. This week, it's as if the cosmos is willing to make a concession on your part by offering a chance to separate a 'want' from a genuine 'need' and then identify what needs to be tweaked in a plan to attain it!


A chance exists to bring about a change to a tiring and repetitive situation you might have done a good job of tolerating so far but recognized was far from ideal. Rather than take action to improve it, it has probably been easier to simply accept and work around it. As Mars links with Saturn, a certain truth is about to emerge. You're about to see the reality of a situation or arrangement and, armed with this new information, change it so it becomes more than bearable!


You might have recently wondered why a particular situation keeps recurring. Just as you found yourself comfortable with a matter having been resolved, a development comes along that pulls the rug out from under you and causes you to wonder where the flaw in a plan actually exists. This week, as the Sun squares Neptune, fog is about to clear. You're about to implement a new strategy that will work and be grounded in reality in ways a previous one wasn't.


Astrology textbooks like to portray Virgos as critical and quick to make cutting and potentially hurtful remarks. Perhaps, in the past, you have come across as unintentionally blunt by offering support or guidance you thought would be appreciated. This week, your adrenaline levels could be high and this, combined with intense enthusiasm, could see you being a bit heavy-handed in conveying yourself. Being more of a listener than a talker could work in your favor.


Excitement and feeling intensely motivated are wonderful to experience, especially when we connect with something that will remove repetition or tediousness from an area of our world. There are times when we need to be a bit less 'gung ho' and adopt a more careful, strategic approach and this week's link between Mars and Jupiter could require you to do precisely that. Be motivated. Be inspired. Be excited. But, above all, be realistic.

What might happen if you stepped outside of a comfort zone? What might result if you pushed a particular boundary? You might read such questions in the belief you're about to take a risk that brings with it a sense of trepidation. In truth, if you're not already asking yourself such questions, then this week could see you starting to do so. You know you can be achieving more than you are in some way. Coming events could point you in a direction to start doing so.


Where you might have grown used to living under a cloud of uncertainty, this week's link between Mars and Saturn in your sign could be integral to a new level of relief and stability coming your way. This will, however, require you to face and accept a particular fact. This might involve accepting a particular restriction isn't going to vanish overnight but you're about to become aware of how another freedom you've wanted to experience is more attainable than you believed it was.


Sometimes, to make a point, we believe it necessary to inject some drama or exaggeration in order to illustrate how important a particular issue or belief is to us. This week, as the Sun in your sign forms a tense link with Neptune in your communication sector, you'll need to separate fact from a possible fantasy being nurtured. Much is being distorted and a particular dialogue or exchange requires you to be realistic, pragmatic and refrain from 'going over the top'.


By allowing time and space to work a bit of magic or bring a certain level of healing to a situation in your world, don't convince yourself you're 'walking away' from it. What's needed now is space. Breathing space. Thinking space. Room for maneuver. As an agreement starts to shift or alter in some way, you and a certain person need to adjust to this. This week's link between Mars and Uranus implies that a process can and will unfold perfectly if you give it breathing space to do so.


Mars is busy in your sign, forming numerous aspects which will undoubtedly bring a noticeable sense of intensity to more than one area of your world. In amongst energetic and focused activity is a particular link Mars makes to healing planet, Chiron in your sign. This implies effort made to bring healing or closure to particular situation certainly won't be in vain. Mars isn't known for understanding the word 'sensitivity' but you do. Apply it and a pleasing or heartwarming result will occur.

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