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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 20 October 2017


'You know that we are living in a material world...' So sang Madonna. We all know to what extent our respective worlds are governed materially. We become aware of shortfalls we believe prevent us from pursuing dreams and closely-held aspirations. Is that how life is supposed to be? Must all dreams come at a price? This week, a lack of resources in a particular way needn't be an obstacle if you apply imagination to pursuing something close to your heart.


All too often, we see 'light at the end of a tunnel' as proverbial trains coming our direction. If we're to experience a real, tangible sense of hope, then we don't want subtle hints or have to decipher cryptic clues. We want to know our efforts can result in something we can feel truly positive and optimistic about. We need to know faith levels aren't misplaced. This week, the cosmos is offering you a glimmer of hope. The more you make an effort to embrace it, the stronger it will become.


Every action we take is always preceded by a thought. The same applies to goals and dreams. We can't make anything worthwhile happen if we're unable or unwilling to visualize a particular outcome clearly in our minds. It's that vision that spurs us on to make it real. However, we must first have absolute faith in our desire to want it. That's something you might need to address this week. Something you truly want deserves a bit more faith applied to it.


Try not to assess too closely or strictly whether or not you're 'making a difference' in a particular area. We all want others to believe we influenced an outcome or made a helpful contribution in some way. The difference and contribution you're making in some way won't go unnoticed by those who matter. This week, even if words of praise or recognition aren't forthcoming immediately, have faith in the fact that others are appreciative of your efforts and contribution.


How many different foods did Popeye have to sample to determine his superhuman strength could come from spinach of all things? Maybe, he even disliked the taste of the stuff initially. Similarly, you might be undertaking a 'trial and error' method of determining something that can be very beneficial to you. You might not like the 'taste' of all you try but, with perseverance and patience, you can find a very helpful and timely solution to a problem this week.


Before you punch the air with delight having had an epiphany or a Eureka Moment, be willing to assess how sensible or practical your vision is. What you might be seeing as inspiring and motivating in your mind could prove to be impractical once you assess it more closely. Don't give up at this hurdle, though. If you're willing to consider all other possibilities this week, you'll soon arrive at one option that does have potential to bring an improvement where you want one.


Believing that, if something needs doing, then it needs doing by you could make a straightforward situation more complex. What needs assessing is whether or not what you appear keen to take control of is something you should involve yourself with at least to the level you believe you must. Your input or involvement will be appreciated by a certain person but probably in very measured doses. This week, focus on what you know to be 'your business.'

You might have struggled to raise a certain awkward subject recently and conveyed yourself in a way you felt was necessary. The coming week could bring another chance for you to speak your mind. This could involve a certain point that you might have danced around gently through fearing someone's response if you involved yourself further with a matter that concerns them. This week, you have a chance to state your case - delicately but convincingly.


Words of advice or support coming from certain quarters this week are well-intended. However, it appears certain people need more faith in your ability to see a plan through to completion on your own. What you're putting in place appears to affect you in the first instance more than anyone else. Therefore, it needs to be done to your exact specifications. This week, you'll need to balance taking others' opinions on board with continuing to do something your way.


You were right to anticipate a change in an area of your world, but it might be revealing itself to require more adjustment than you thought it would. You appear to have to accept additional factors playing a part in what was seen as simpler or more straightforward previously. This week, don't question how much control you have now over something you had significant control over in the past. Trust you're in safe hands, even if much feels unfamiliar at this time.


Something you're keen to convey needs to be conveyed completely, not in part. If you go in with defenses raised, then this will hamper your chances of saying what needs saying in the way you know it needs saying! To truly make a point, you need someone on your side. Giving them a reason to become defensive won't achieve that. Start off slowly. Ensure whatever the issue is, it's seen as a shared one and not a problem someone else is expected to resolve to your satisfaction.


This week, be willing to assess honestly if you mean what you're saying to a certain person. This might have something to do with ways your actions are contradicting what your words are conveying. Make clear how passionate you are about a certain matter or cause that needs someone's support or endorsement. Before either can happen, you need to make clear that you're not just telling someone what you think they want to hear. They want to know you mean every word you're telling them.

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