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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 17 October 2014


How obliged are you to look after a certain person or certain people? There's a rhetoric question if ever there was one. After all, where do we draw the line between what and whom we have some responsibility for and what and whom we don't? Then, there is the small but unignorable issue surrounding placating certain people because doing so is a much easier option than the alternative. This week provides a valuable opportunity to assess who is truly worthy of your support in various ways you can provide it. It will be important though to ensure that your keenness to provide support in ways you're being asked to do has at least one benefit to you.


Many people rightly believe that a day is a very long time. People who work in sales environments can hit monthly targets with one phone call they didn't think would feature on their agenda. It's not difficult to transform aspects of our world in short spaces of time and a particular situation in your world is much more changeable and alterable than you perhaps believe it to be. It might appear dormant and sleeping but can awaken with great gusto with a gentle prod from you. If you want a tired and tedious situation to alter and contain surprise and excitement, then simply make that your priority this week.


When we sit behind the steering wheel of a car and insert a key into the ignition, we tend not to be surprised when the engine comes to life. It's what we expected. Provided we've ensured basic essential requirements were sorted, we have no reason to believe the engine wouldn't start. Consider that in an area of your world you want more reassurance within. Why do you feel you need more reassurance than what's available to you? A key process is in place. If you're not yet seeing results, then you will do, very soon. You needn't fear being let down or, dare I say it, deceived. Relax and have faith in the fact that a crucial process needs you to do both.


We hear what people say but sometimes ask ourselves what they really mean. Effective communication relies on one party making their point in such a way that no uncertainty or ambiguity can play a part in what's being said or discussed. Unfortunately, in the technological age we live in, it's easy for words to be misconstrued or misinterpreted. Electronic communication always relies on the recipient truly understanding what's being said and the way in which it's being said. Someone you know certainly has a convincing way with words. This week, you owe it to yourself to request they stop dancing around an issue and say what they really mean, clearly, concisely and honestly.


Our reflexes are amazing things. We tend to not know they exist until we find ourselves in a situation where they're needed. We can rarely do much to stop our reflexes from kicking in sometimes, either. When they're needed, it's usually in response to a situation needing them instantly. There are some ways though that we can control reflexive responses and this often surrounds a perceived need to 'give back' what we're receiving. This week, avoid any urge to fight fire with fire. Someone might well cause your hackles to rise and you to believe it necessary to give them a 'taste of their own medicine'. You'll achieve so much more, much more quickly if you can refrain from responding in a thoughtless way and a way someone else is expecting!


It's amazing and sometimes quite amusing how a tiny insect can cause so much disruption, fear or annoyance. Sometimes, it's as if the insect is going out of its way to be problematic when it's probably little more than curious. The problematic situation or individual in your world ought to be seen as nothing more than a temporary annoyance. Whilst it might be difficult to ignore it or them, have faith in the fact that any disruption caused will be temporary. Like most insects, if left alone, you'll have little or no problem. If, however, you choose to respond in ways you're being tempted to do, then you risk magnifying or adding to something that doesn't deserve attention in such ways. This week, simply turn the other cheek, smile and carry on.


Does your opinion matter? Are you being considered where a decision, likely being made by someone else, is being made? You can be certain that your thoughts and feelings regarding a certain delicate and possibly personal matter are definitely being considered, even if little discussion is being had about this. This week, do all you can to let a situation unfold. Stand back and watch what transpires. The cosmos promises that what is unfolding will benefit you ultimately but someone else needs to take the reins and bring about the change that both affects and concerns you. You have an instrumental part to play in all of that's happening, but not quite yet.

Some people feel very uncomfortable with knowing they're being watched by others. They find it difficult to feel comfortable with many eyes upon them. Others, as we know, thrive in such conditions. They do so in the belief that attention they have from others does much to facilitate them gaining recognition or support in some way they want and need it. The cosmos is now shining a celestial spotlight on you and if you're not yet aware of how much attention you are attracting, then you will soon. You have something of value to offer others and attention is about to be drawn to this. If you're comfortable with this, then fine. If you're not, then give the next week a chance to demonstrate how helpful the attention you're gaining will be.


Competition, we are told, is a healthy thing. Sometimes though, it's the last thing we want to experience or consider where a plan to close to our heart is concerned. We don't want to have to give attention to something or someone acting as a potential obstacle to an otherwise carefully laid-out plan. Our first reaction is to view our newly discovered competitor as a threat. Is that always the case, though? Many companies will confirm competitors can boost, not hinder, business. You needn't fear or be suspicious of a perceived competitor in your world now. You're being watched for a reaction and can boost how you're seen in the eyes of certain others by reacting positively and graciously.


Long ago, before digital televisions and radios existed, it was possible to watch a TV program or listen to a half-tuned-in song via a barely-received signal. There was something barely tolerable about it but it could be done in the belief that some signal was better than no signal. A similar situation exists in your world now with regard to the signal you're receiving from a certain individual or organization. You'd rather have some indication of interest or acknowledgement than none but understandably wish the signal was stronger or made more sense. Soon, the message will not only be loud and clear but delight you immensely.


Do ostriches really stick their heads in sand? If so, why do we feel the need to emulate them? We do so for a number of reasons and the words 'fear' or 'stubbornness' are usually involved. An issue in your world is likely cause you to act ostrich-like or dig your heels in in some way. You could be displaying signs of stubbornness for the sake of it or to make a point but would you not benefit more through allowing levels of support from certain others to become part of what's irking you? This week, look closely at how fear might be playing a part in stubbornness you could be displaying. Then, expect a reason to be less fearful.


In cartoons, characters sometimes saw the branch of a tree they're sat on to thwart an adversary, oblivious to the fact they're actually sawing at the wrong end of the branch. They believe themselves to be clever but soon become aware of the stronger position their adversary is in. An individual or organization in your world might believe they have the upper hand or are being clever but do their actions not confirm or reassure you that they're not as shrewd as they believe they are? A dispute of some kind looks set to escalate but that doesn't mean you must believe you're in an inferior or weaker position. You're armed with information they're overlooking. Remain calm and relax.

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