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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 25 May 2018


There could be benefits to keeping certain ideas, plans or grand aspirations to yourself this week. In fact, some of your greatest visions could arrive by immersing yourself in a world of quiet contemplation. This could be due to a decision that seemed far off in the distance not so long ago quietly creeping up and reaching a point where you need to give thought to the future implications of making it. Share your thoughts or dilemma if you must, but you're the captain of your own destiny ultimately. Quiet time to yourself could prove revealing.


Where you might have been unsure about taking a brave step into the unknown recently, possibly in more than one area of your world, events this week could bring clarity and possibly closure where you need either or both. As keen as you might have been to look further down the road at where you want to be, or how an ambitious plan could stand a chance of being put in place, you could be spurred into action. You see a bigger picture regarding one key area of your life that has been vague until now. This will help with creating a definitive action plan to turn it from an idea into work in progress.


Two people at loggerheads over a particular matter, believing neither agrees with the other, can find common ground. All it takes is a willingness to do so and, at times, a bit of imagination. This week, and particularly due to the Full Moon influencing a partnership or commitment, you and a certain person can push aside what you don't agree on and focus instead on what is unquestionable. If you've been trying to find a way to maintain a commitment or keep a relationship from stagnating, then events this week could provide the answer.


Imagine being alone, in a rowboat, in the middle of an ocean. You've no idea which direction is which but believe it's better to row gently with the waves rather than against them. For all you know, you're wasting valuable energy and time, but you also know land exists eventually in any direction you head toward! That analogy might sum up a situation in your world. Something, possibly connected with your daily routine or work has been rudderless and lacking necessary direction. This week, a strong gust intends to carry you in the right direction. Reassurance will come from knowing your patience, perseverance, and effort weren't in vain and that sometimes, we all receive a 'lucky break.'


You have a good reason to be proud of the way you rose to a particular challenge recently. However, events this week could cause you to wonder what lurks around the corner that you should be priming yourself for. It's possible to overanalyze the safe position you're in and risk complicating a situation you can trust is stable, thanks to your efforts. It's where you go from here that matters and the confident Full Moon can help you to take necessary action to bring further success if you can abandon a fear and have more faith in your abilities.


If you need a distraction from effort made recently toward career goals, then a development on the home or family fronts could provide one. However, you'll need to do a juggling act of sorts to balance your energies. You can still gain recognition in the workplace but a change beckoning on the home front or the way a family member requires attention needs to be a priority. Perhaps, knowing that you're finally achieving closure with a home, family or property matter will bring comfort or reassurance.


This week's Full Moon is likely to bring distractions in more than one way. Therefore, you'll need to be as open-minded and flexible as possible to deal with changes to any agenda you believed was set-in-stone. Coming events will make clear that's not the case, as sudden demands on your time, resources or patience crop up, causing you to wonder how or why you've become so integral to others' plans. However, if anyone can restore balance to what is bound to become imbalanced this week, you can.

Events this week could help to redefine the boundaries of what's yours and what's someone else's. An issue surrounding you yearn to have more power or control could be a source of tension. For some Scorpions, matters relating to intimacy or joint finances that have been simmering away in the background could be brought into the open for ways forward to be discussed and agreed. The result of tension or escalating emotions from the Full Moon is likely to involve a new level of sharing between you and a certain person, with more 'giving' and less 'taking.' It's time to address your needs but also to take someone else's into account a bit more.


This week's Full Moon, quite literally, puts you in the spotlight. If you've wanted attention or recognition in any way, then you have a chance to receive both. However, being immersed in the spotlight means you'll need to speak up and leave others in no doubt about your abilities or ways you could potentially take on more of a leadership role. Your self-assertiveness receives a boost, and it needs to be channeled in a way that allows you to make your needs clear while accepting the role you can play in assisting others. If you want a chance to shine or take on more responsibility in some way, then you've got it. Speak up or forever hold your peace.


'And…relax.' Hearing such words often brings an intense sense of relief. It means we're able to detach ourselves, possibly only briefly, from something that has required considerable effort or concentration. This week, the cosmos encourages you to take stock of a particular situation and bring some level of balance into your life with downtime, or quality 'you time.' A chapter in your world is coming to an end – whether this involves a secret coming to light, a health matter being resolved or a work-related project finishing. However, by distancing yourself from what has taken up much time and effort recently will reveal what your next move must be.


How integral are you to others' worlds? Or might there be one person in particular who depends on you more than they're aware of? These questions and possibly more could arise due to the Full Moon influencing groups, friends and associates. You could prove truth that exists in the saying about a friend in need being a friend indeed. However, it might be necessary to push aside your needs that might have received considerable focus recently and focus instead on how you can assist or support others. It could become clear how loved, appreciated and needed you are.


This week, thanks to the Full Moon influencing recognition and status, you have a chance to shine and show someone whose opinion counts what you're capable of. However, with eyes upon you in more than one way, you'll need to ensure anything you pursue or accept recognition for includes others, or anyone who helped you along the way. A career development or opportunity could arise quickly and require swift action from you to seize or pursue it. For some Pisceans, there could also be a home or family connection with this. In any case, you have a chance to take control and prove how able you are to rise to a challenge and accomplish something responsibly. That's all the reassurance someone influential is likely to need.

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