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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 06 May 2016


The cosmos is hard at work bringing new levels of comfort to your world and whilst this might take the form of enhanced levels of closeness and warmth with certain people, it could have just as much to do with you feeling more reassured about a particular situation than you have done of late. The coming week brings the first of several clues as to where a sense of reassurance combined with an increased sense of enthusiasm and confidence can be expected!


This week brings the Transit of Mercury in your sign. These occur relatively frequently but the fact this year's Transit is occurring in your sign is very auspicious. The interesting thing about such celestial events is they have tendency to bring out into the open what has been concealed. This, we know, usually has more benefits than disbenefits. From this week and during coming weeks, prepare for a revelation followed by delight at finally knowing where you stand in a particular way.


This week bring the much-talked-about Transit of Mercury. Whilst this doesn't happen in your sign, it involves your ruling planet being put well and truly in the spotlight and similar implications occur for you. The undoubted positive effects of the Transit for you might not be noticed immediately but this week's event will mark the start of a process that will empower you in a way you've felt weakened, very soon. Look out for clues that present themselves during coming days.


Events this week could help you feel more reassured about where you belong or where you wish you felt more accepted. It's as if the cosmos knows how frustrated you might have felt recently where your involvement or input with a particular cause or individual are concerned and intends to bring some level of recognition of your efforts your way. It might not happen in an instant but, from this week, you should be aware of how one arrangement is altering for the better.


This week, Mercury passes in front of the Sun. The message is a clear one. Here we have the most powerful planet in our solar system forming close interaction with the planet that governs communication, among many things. If, recently, you've felt you've been speaking another language to those you wish would listen and understand you, then events this week should reassure you that your message and authority - are finally being accepted and understood.


The coming week brings two important developments for Virgos. The first surrounds the Transit of Mercury. The second involves Jupiter moving direct after a four-month slumber. For most of this year, the planet of luck, expansion and optimism has been in a weakened position. Now, it regains strength and momentum and so too will you and combine this with the message of the coming Transit, to say your faith is about to be restored in a delightful way is an understatement!


In some way, push is coming to shove. That's a positive and necessary development. We often resent it when we find ourselves encouraged to take action when we believe more thinking time is required but, more often than not, end up being grateful for having done so. Events this week could mark a point where you accept a need to pursue a plan that has so far been uninspiring. Let an increased feeling of enthusiasm be your motivation to do what needs doing.

Many contracts contain clauses or are worded in a way to confuse or bore those whom they pertain to. The idea is to encourage someone to sign so an arrangement can be moved on from or proceeded with. It's not uncommon for contracts to contain hidden clauses that an eagle-eyed reader could discover to be beneficial. This week's Transit of Mercury can play a big part in you benefiting from an aspect of an arrangement that you'd not been aware existed previously.


Two important events occur this week that affect Archers like your good self. The first involves this week's Transit of Mercury that affects every sign and has clear implications to you. The second surrounds your ruling planet, Jupiter, awakening after a four-month slumber. The former will reignite your enthusiasm for and understanding of something that, so far, hasn't made sense. The latter will see you starting to make progress where you've grown used to a frustrating delay.


Even the most cautious person make a conscious decision sometimes to hang a few consequences and see what taking a calculated risk might bring. We all choose to do such a thing, often when our confidence levels are high or higher than they have been where taking particular action is concerned. This week's Transit of Mercury offers an idea that, at first, might be seen as delicate or precarious. Coming events could confirm it is a risk very much worth taking.


People born under your sign tend to know a thing or two about the benefits of pursuing something alone. That's not because Aquarians don't enjoy others' input. It has more to do with wanting to ensure others see and understand the bigger picture and can 'think into the future' in the same way you can. This week's Transit of Mercury brings with a chance for you to recognize how 'in tune' with you certain others really are. You're not as alone with a quest as you thought you were.


This week's Transit of Mercury occurs in your communication sector. How fitting that the planet of communication should be influencing that area of your chart, Transits bring into the open what needs to be seen, recognized, accepted and understood. That bodes well where communication with certain people is concerned. Events this week could mark the beginning of a new chapter regarding willingness to reveal previously concealed thoughts and feelings that deserve to be heard and known.

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