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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 26 August 2016


This week, a need to take or at least consider a risk is likely to present itself. This likely surrounds a risk or rising to a particular challenge you've been considering for some time. Your reasons for delaying taking or rising to it might have involved you being unsure if you're able to see clearly what's expected from you. You have been right to be hesitant - until now. As long as a brave step forward is taken realistically and responsibly, a very pleasing result can be achieved.


The cosmos appears keen to boost your faith levels where they might have taken a knock recently. What you once felt confident about seems to have been subjected to feelings of doubt and uncertainty, causing you to feel beholden in some way or unworthy of freeing yourself from a restrictive and hampering situation. As your faith levels become restored, so too will your confidence levels. That combination will bring about a much needed and long-overdue change.


There's an undeniable link between comfort levels and confidence levels. By 'comfort', I'm not referring to cushion-covered furniture. I'm referring to the warm, inner glow of contentment that accompanies a feeling of being 'bigger' than a seemingly daunting issue. This week, as Mercury links with Venus, a new level of comfort is finding its way into your world that looks set to boost your confidence levels and help you to find a solution to an ongoing problem.


We're all capable of postponing tasks or obligations that don't excite or inspire us but we often have a choice surrounding accepting what needs to be accepted. We can stoically endure discomfort or try to make an effort to see as exciting or even learn to love what we dislike. This week, you might not be able to change an undesirable situation but you can change your attitude toward it. That, as you'll see, will be enough to make it tolerable or even comfortable!


We're all capable of accepting certain situations to certain points until such time that something has to 'give'. The coming week could highlight a reason to doubt your judgment in some way and possibly see yourself as illogical, impractical or inconsistent. It's important to understand you're reaching a turning point regarding an agreement or arrangement. This is also something worthy of celebrating and shouldn't be seen as cause for consolation.


There's much planetary activity in your sign this week but perhaps the most powerful aspect taking place is one involving Venus and Jupiter, both in your sign. The saying about seeing 'wood' for 'trees' comes to mind. A situation you might have grown too close to in order to see clearly is about to fall neatly into place. Financially, emotionally and creatively, opportunities are presenting themselves - and so too is a challenge that you can overcome easily.


The winds of change might, at this stage, be little more than a gentle gust but you can likely sense what's changing and what's required from you to adjust or adapt to it. This would all be a lot easier if you didn't have reservations about how beneficial the change is or what difference it's likely to bring. The cosmos is assisting you to understand in a clearer way what you feel hesitant toward. Soon, you'll feel more reassured that a brave step taken is both a timely and wise one!

We've all experienced the Diving Board Scenario –standing on the edge, peering below at others shouting at us to take that bold step. Behind you is a queue of people waiting for you to take it, too. Are others making an unfair demand of you or might they actually be right in encouraging you to do what you feel hesitant toward? This week, you can benefit from words of support coming your way, even if you believe them to be putting you in an awkward or uneasy position.


The Sun's tense link with Saturn is encouraging you to shake off apathy. You're likely to be aware of being under pressure to take action or make a particular decision but it's important you understand this pressure is intended to be more helpful than unhelpful. It's possible you might not have taken action or made that decision without it! An opportunity is presenting itself but, to see it properly, you simply need to lose apathy that might have grown some strong but breakable roots.


Can you be fussy? Should you be fussy? The answer to both questions is an undeniable 'yes' and it's in your best interests to be both. What might need consideration is the risk you're being encouraged to take and this week's Venus/Saturn implies a need to accept you'll have to take a calculated risk if you're to bring a development you've longed for some time to see happen. The coming week brings a chance to take a necessary and perhaps long overdue brave step.


Developments this week could cause you to feel you've taken a backward step or returned to a situation you believed you'd moved on from. Don't see this as an annoying prank being played by a seemingly uncaring cosmos. It's likely you'll see this past situation or scenario in a new light and it's also very likely you'll see what you failed to see the first time around. Embrace the fact that you're having to focus attention on something that can finally be moved on from properly.


The message from the sky surrounds how realistic you're being where a particular situation is concerned. You might be aware of a restrictive arrangement but could also be aware of how lost you might feel if you were removed from it. The sky insists you can free yourself from what has been holding you back in a particular way provided you're realistic about how much upheaval will be involved and a need to allow time to adjust to what's new and greatly improved.

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