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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 27 November 2015


How often do you surprise yourself? How often do you undertake to do something and discover you have the ability to exceed your expectations? It's great when that happens and we all wish it happened more often than it does. Of course, we can make it happen more often by tackling challenges that daunt us or issues that we feel hesitant about overcoming. This week, you look set to rise to a challenge and, singlehandedly, achieve something that surprises even you!


This week, Venus moves into your opposite sign. Is this good news? Much depends on how important you believe levels of comfort and understanding are needed where your relationships or commitment to certain others are concerned. Venus provides peace and love on one hand while her presence in Scorpio could see her focusing intently on lessening or averting a crisis. From this week, a long-lasting and more than satisfactory result can be achieved or agreed.


The Sun and Saturn in your opposite sign are working together to see what you're able to do in terms of improving a situation surrounding a relationship, commitment or agreement. What you might have opted to leave alone in the hope it might resolve itself appears in need of your assistance and that's the challenge you're likely to rise to. Something between you and a certain person or organization needs your intervention, not distance. Make that your mission this week.


A certain matter is important to you but doesn't appear to be as important to others. They believe all is fine and possibly wonder why you're taking the matter as seriously as you are or believe it requires as much attention and concern as you're giving it. Are they right and have you missed a point in some way? A result you want to see happen will require you to take the initiative. You haven't missed a point and don't need as much help or support as you believe you do.


'Move out of the way, let me do it.' None of us likes to hear such words said to us by anyone, regardless of how skilled or able they are. If we know we've given our best and discover it wasn't enough, then there are right and wrong ways for someone to make that clear and a right way involves offering helpful and constructive criticism. Bear that in mind this week as you experience frustration with a certain individual. A kind and helpful suggestion will go a very long way.


If you've sensed a level of comfort could make its way into your world but have been unsure about how to invite or encourage it, then the coming week could be both revealing and potentially pivotal. Whether you've wanted to experience relief or reassurance on the domestic front or have been pondering how best to convey yourself verbally to a certain individual, adopting a 'there's no time like the present' attitude could bring a result you've wanted to see for some time.


This week, your ruler Venus departs your sign for Scorpio. Where she has been working certain levels of magic and providing a protective level of comfort in at least one way, she now shifts her attention to your income and all things material. That has to be good news but, during the coming week, you could discover she has her work cut out for her in ways you were unaware of. Expect a brief bout of chaos or uncertainty to be replaced with reassurance as the week progresses.

To convey ourselves, words don't always need to be used. We can make points in crystal clear ways to others without opening our mouths and connections can be made or broken by actions and, at times, emotional connections we have with certain people. As Venus moves into your sign this week, she brings a need for you to look a bit more closely at what you're conveying in an unspoken way. It's time to look a bit more closely at what your actions are telling certain people.


This week, the Sun and Saturn form an awkward but helpful link in your sign. The awkward part could stem from awareness on your part that help or support you believed were imminent and undoubtedly forthcoming could reveal themselves to be elusive. Helpfulness is likely to come from you adopting an attitude along the lines of 'if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing yourself'. It's the way you take the initiative where you have to that will bring this week's delightful result.


We all know the saying surrounding 'burning of bridges' and what it means. We know we can, often through impatience or a perceived need to ignore something that shouldn't be ignored, make retracting our steps or actions difficult. That's why you need to exercise caution this week where impatience could get the better of you. Overlooking or ignoring a key point or issue could make rectifying it later a tad difficult. Slow down and don't be hasty where you feel a need to be.


You mission this week surrounds being willing to allow a process that is trying to bring some level of healing into your world to do so in its own way and time. As tempted as you might be to push and try to accelerate it, it will likely become apparent as the week progresses that your efforts to do so will be in vain. What is in need of repairing or rebuilding between you and a certain person is not beyond doing so but it needs you to accept patience and time must play integral parts.


There are times when we feel ignored or misunderstood and decide we need to put the world right by drawing attention to ourselves in a way that helps gain attention we believe we need if we're to be listened to or acknowledged. Where you might feel a need to ensure you're receiving levels of respect you believe you're owed, try to show restraint and sensitivity. You will soon discover you don't need to blow a trumpet as loudly as you believe you do.

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