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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 27 February 2015


We hear it said that, with great power comes great responsibility. Can it not be said that with great responsibility, great power is not far behind? Synergy exists between the two and one thing they both have in common is the need for discipline and common sense. You are being blessed with a notable increase in influence now. There are situations that you have felt powerless recently to alter and this is changing. Much less effort than you're used to will be required but so too will the need to apply discipline and common sense.


Do you feel able to rise to a challenge? The word 'rise' is an interesting one. It implies a need to make yourself bigger or puff your chest out in such a way that makes clear you're not fearful of what is being asked of you. In many ways, you're now in a position to start tackling various tasks and challenges that, not so long ago, fazed you. New-found confidence now has the added bonus of effort you're now willing to make. A week where progress becomes possible is on offer.


Long ago, a Chinese military strategist coined the phrase, 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer'. We have to be discerning at times about company we keep. Some people are worthy of our love and friendship and some prove themselves to be unworthy, often over time. Now and during coming weeks, expect greater emphasis to exist upon who you choose to share your world with. The first requirement to assess this presents itself this week.


In a particular area of your world where you might believe all is lost or the investment of hope is pointless, you can expect, very soon, to feel much more reassured about your prospects. In the meantime, there is something you must do first and this requires you to have clear in your mind what you want in light of recent developments that have altered an opinion or belief about what once suited you. A new opportunity where you need one is presenting itself. Be willing to seize it.


This week, it's important to recognize how many factors and influences exist where particular plans close to your heart are concerned. What you want and need to see happen relies on input and assistance from others and, when others become integral to plans, we have no option but to rely on them doing as they said they would do. This puts us at the mercy of changeable situations. Accept, this week, that involvement of others will mean you will have to be flexible and patient.


Although it might be tricky to change a situation, there's much you can do to change your attitude toward it and that's what's likely to become apparent this week. You feel a situation is either beyond your control to change or you have no option other than to accept it must be left alone to manifest in its own way and time. Soon, you will see how able you are to assist it but for now, accept your hands are not as tied as you believe them to be. Allow this week's developments to start making that clear.


A little bit of chaos does us good, sometimes. When we become bored or complacent, it can be exciting to bring a bit of disarray or pandemonium to a situation simply to see how it or others react. Clearly, we need to apply chaos in measured doses. Too little, and we defeat the objective. Too much, and we risk creating a greater and unwelcome problem. You likely feel tempted to push a boundary now, just to see what happens. When proverbial dust settles, you'll be aware of how something has changed in a pleasing way.

People who run positive thinking seminars state that, to achieve what our minds can conceive, we must always make concerted effort to visualize what we want to see happen down to the finest detail. We must be able to see with absolute clarity us being successful and feel the joy of success. Life, as we know, does have a tendency to make our successes come about and appear differently than we envisaged. This week, have faith in a vision but don't be so rigid in your belief about how it will manifest.


People who buy lottery tickets usually experience disappointment. It's not that the achievement of the dream is impossible but chances of winning are ridiculously low. Yet, billions of tickets get bought every week by people who allow hope to override the odds. The message from the sky this week surrounds investing hope in a sensible, practical and realistic way. If you sense an aspiration to be unattainable, then an opportunity is presenting itself that is much more deserving of your hope and effort.


Saturn, the ruling planet of your sign, governs, among many things, structure and support. That's what makes you such a reliable so-and-so. You take loyalty and reliability seriously and this doesn't go unnoticed by others. Your allegiance and trustworthiness can, at times, be taken for granted by some who simply assume you will always agree to support them in any way they require. This week, it might be necessary to explain to someone why you're stepping away on this occasion.


You're an innovative thinker and planner. You're capable of seeing into the future in ways many others aren't and equally capable at devising plans that ensure a vision is achieved. You know that time has to be allowed if plans are to manifest in the way you envisaged them manifesting and this week marks the start of a particular strategy. You probably have a clearer idea about the future than someone you're trying to persuade. Ensure the strategy you're embarking upon now takes into account effort and patience you'll need to invest on their part.


If you were at sea in a leaky boat containing much in the way of cargo, then you wouldn't think twice about tossing overboard what was superfluous or unnecessary. Yet, in our lives, we cling to so much that we ought to be discarding or releasing ourselves from. Need exists on your part this week to take stock of what or whom is still required in your world and what baggage you might be carrying from the past that is only slowing you down or taking up psychological space. Trust that you're receiving excellent celestial assistance with this process.

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