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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 15 December 2017


Even when we insist on doing something 'our way' in the belief we're removing umpteen restrictions we'd have encountered or tolerated otherwise, restrictions still exist. We might be playing by a different set of rules by embarking upon something in our own style, but we still must adhere to them. From this week and until 2020, you're about to discover how a new set of rules apply to career and professional pursuits. However, these will likely meet with your approval!


You might be aware of what's changing in an area of your world but might also feel disillusioned about how 'far-reaching' that change is. You want something bigger, grander, noisier or that spells out clearly what you need to do to adapt to it. From this week and until 2020, you'll be increasingly encouraged to think bigger, bolder and more ambitiously. It's time to get serious about one or two aspirations that have appeared to be too much hard work until now.


This week's biggest event from your point of view surrounds Saturn's departure from your opposite sign, where it has been since 2014. The noticeable absence of restrictions and frustrations where relationships and commitments are concerned won't be felt overnight. These have been three years in the making. However, you're about to discover a noticeable decrease in doubt that has permeated certain relationships. This could be the first essential step to success in an area where you resigned yourself to it never happening.


A sense of pressure is increasing. How are you expected to fulfill and accomplish every obligation unless someone invents a 28-hour day? However, before you start to resent this increase in pressure, look closely at why it's happening and how instrumental you've been in creating it. This week, should pressure become too intense, step back and be proud of what you've achieved so far and will continue to achieve. It's a sign that one closely-held aspiration is on track for greater success.


As one of the zodiac's most creative signs, you've probably felt frustrated during the past three years with not being able to release or express your creativity in ways you've wanted to. This week, that frustrating feeling starts to subside. In the same way bathwater doesn't vanish instantly, you'll need to allow a new process some time to get underway. However, wherever self-expression has been stifled, your voice in whatever way you convey it will finally be heard.


Think of how slowly we approach signs in the far-off distance when driving. Think also of how we can look out of a plane window and the ground below and believe we're traveling at only a few miles per hour. However, the reality of speeds we're traveling at is very different. Events this week mark a new start where time a certain process has taken to show signs of progress is concerned. You're about to discover how much momentum you have had behind you all along.


Hindsight is a wonderful thing. However, we often resent it because it can highlight what we wish we'd done differently. Mistakes are also wonderful things. Few of us make as many during our lifetimes as we ought to, and a fear of taking a risk is often the reason behind this. This week, two key developments await you. The first surrounds reassurance that you haven't made the error of judgment you believe you have. The second involves a boost in your confidence to take a step that is long overdue.

Back in the 1970s, a North American TV advert for an indigestion cure asked the question, 'how do you spell 'relief'?' (The answer was the name of the product.) This week, you're encouraged to assess what would bring relief to an area of your world. For many Scorpios, this involves an increase in money. One particular, long-term, restrictive influence surrounding your earnings is being removed. Not having to cope with that in ways you've done since 2014 will, undoubtedly, bring relief!


One of many things animals and humans have in common is a 'once bitten, twice shy' mentality. If something has brought disappointment or pain, then we naturally go to great lengths to avoid it in the future. However, sometimes, we put defenses in place that we then grow very comfortable with. That's something you've probably done since this time in 2014 when Saturn entered your sign. This week, Saturn departs, not to return for around 29 years. It's time to drop an unnecessary defensive barrier.


What makes you unique? That might sound a daft and patronizing question. However, you've possibly grown so used to doubting your unique qualities and abilities that you might believe your list has gone from a lengthy one to a short one in recent years. This week, Saturn returns to its home in Capricorn for the first time since 1991. It intends to get a few closely-held ambitions back on track for you between now and 2020. Saturn gets bad press at times, but he wants to nurture you. Be a willing pupil.


Our parents and teachers would tell us that restriction, when applied helpfully, does us good. As kids, we saw no need for structure, discipline or responsibility. We were too busy having back then. However, we grew to appreciate each over time. This week, Saturn's arrival in Capricorn is a big deal for Aquarians. Suffice to say, restriction in one area is being removed and replaced in another. However, accepting and adhering to a new set of rules brings rewards that you'll like very much during coming weeks, months and years!


There are many books and online resources about how to win friends and influence people. This week's events could confirm in your mind how able you are to do both. However, what you're doing is nothing new. It's not as if you've awoken one morning and decided to be a different person. The progress you can make in more than one area of your world relies only on you being yourself, nothing more or less. People who can be integral to your plans want to gravitate toward you. Allow them to do so.

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