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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 21 November 2014


Does history repeat itself? As much as we might believe we're experiencing déjà vu with regard to situations and scenarios we find ourselves in, there will always be numerous factors that differ from what we experienced previously. This week could see you assessing or reassessing your relationship with one or two people and it would be prudent to not rule out the likelihood of connecting or reconnecting with someone from the past. You could have understandable reasons to be wary or assume a previous result or outcome can be expected this time around. Look closely at what has changed and you'll find more than one reason to feel optimistic.


Much in life depends on timing. We know the saying about 'he who hesitates is lost' and are aware of how being in the right place at the right time brings surprising and delightful results. In some way, you've been a spectator or observing from a distance a relationship-based situation unfolding. This week brings a need to move something connected with this up a gear or two. If you're sensing pressure to commit to someone or an arrangement, then consider how well-placed you are to make a decision through having monitored the situation closely for long enough. The sky is supportive of commitments made now - and now could be a perfect time to do so!


Imagine stirring powder into a glass of water and watching it settle. There's a brief period where clarity disappears but, after time, it returns. Something similar is occurring in your world and this events unfolding this week will undoubtedly stir things up. These could cause you to feel uncertain or unclear about how best to proceed or what's expected from you. Later in the week, proverbial dust settles and you will see what has been uncertain with a more realistic eye. There will be some 'detective work' required from you to get to the bottom of a particular matter but truth will prevail as a result of a long-standing obstacle to success and happiness finally being removed.


How often do you stop to wonder what your purpose on planet Earth is? How often, for that matter, do any of us do this? Are we little more than chemical reactions designed to last 100 years? Of course, we're not. Each of us plays an integral role that justifies our existence and if you haven't found yourself giving thought to making more of a particular talent or ability you possess, then it's likely you will do very soon. There is something you can offer. There is a valuable ability or talent you can contribute to someone in some way. Career issues could be distracting you from exploiting this. Perhaps, developments this week might inspire you.


All work and no play can make for a very dull Leo. You'll know if you've been burning proverbial candles at both ends of late but possibility exists that you might not be as aware of how distant or even neglected certain people, possibly family members, might be feeling through your career-related efforts of late. This week could make clear how and why you need to delegate more wherever possible. You're surrounded by people you can trust – so why not trust them to help where you need it? There's a way of releasing yourself from a burden you feel obligated to carry on your own. Expect soon to see why this is more than just a good idea.


Wouldn't it be good to change a particular routine that that has become a bit too routine-like? Routines can be helpful things but we tend to fear or resent change because of upheaval and insecurity it can bring. In some way, an area of your world is begging for an injection of change or spontaneity. A situation cannot carry on indefinitely as it has done and you're likely aware of this. So, how willing are you to change it? You're about to receive celestial help where this is concerned. The cosmos shares your view that the introduction of change really can be as good as a rest so avoid any inclination to cling to what is familiar. If you sense the need for change or spontaneity, then allow it to enter. You'll soon see how it improves what has become stale.


Sometimes, it's easy to 'read' people. Some wear hearts on sleeves or leave us in little doubt about what they're thinking or feeling. Others aren't as transparent. Think, for example, how easily misinterpreted texts or emails can be. Much relies on the sender gauging the recipient's mood or sense of humor correctly. When either or both are misinterpreted, an apology often follows. Be careful how you're interpreting a particular person in your world. What you're seeing probably doesn't reflect the reality of where their head or heart is at and a wrong word or action on your part could complicate – or worsen – things. Be sensitive and supportive and will be fine.

We know how quickly we can alter a relationship or others' opinions of us. What takes years to create can be destroyed in seconds. Bear that in mind where your relationship with a particular person is concerned. As if enough tension and uncertainty didn't exist in some ways already, various celestial events Are bound to be adding fuel to a proverbial fire. Resist any tendency to be rash or impulsive. Avoid any inclination to speak your mind hurtfully simply to let off steam or see what the result might be. You could have much to do in terms of repair if you don't act calmly, supportively and sensitively.


Restlessness usually occurs for a reason. Rarely, do we feel restless for no reason whatsoever. We might not always be able to pin down the reason for feeling such a way but we know the feeling when it presents itself. With that in mind, consider how or why you might be feeling restless or 'ill at ease' in some way. What needs to change? In what way or ways are you feeling unfulfilled? If you could change an unsatisfactory area of your world, what would it be and how? Your life is unlikely to be transformed radically in the space of the next week. It will, however, be subject to thought on your part about what you can do to improve it and improve it you will.


When we know we're right and can easily identify how those closest to us are, er, not as right, it can be understandably frustrating. Bear this in mind now where your relationships with certain people are concerned. You could be coming across as unnecessarily heavy-handed now and, through forcing a point or an issue, could end up wondering why certain people have gone distant or detached themselves from you.. Chill. Relax. It's not that people don't think you have something interesting to say or a valid point to make. It's just that they'd prefer not to have their hair parted through your determination to say what you're determined to say so determinedly!


An issue could present itself that requires you to give careful thought to how much you ought to involve yourself. It's likely you have, for some time, felt it appropriate to stand back and let a situation develop in its own way or time – or see how someone takes the initiative themselves before seizing a chance to step in and assist. The coming week could make a few points clear – either someone is seeing you as a meal ticket of sorts and assumes your support will be never-ending or you could choose to detach yourself in the belief doing so will send a clear message to you-know-who. They're not being selfish. If it was the other way around, they'd be there for you in a second but there are ways you might not be doing someone as much of a favor as they think you will be by offering continued, unconditional support.


As one of a few signs blessed with strong if not exceptional intuitive qualities, it is your intuitive ability that is likely to come in handy now. There's more to certain situations than meets the eye. The biggest issue surrounds how much you choose to care about this and invest levels of time and effort to get to the bottom of whatever-it-is. Others will be adopting a much more methodical, cerebral approach to what needs solving, uncovering or exposing. You, on the other hand, are able to approach problem solving in a much more imaginative way and if ever there was a time to heed your intuition, it is now. Trust what your heart is telling you. Allow yourself to be led by feeling rather than intellect. What you discover through doing so will put you in a stronger and more advantageous position where strength and advantage are both needed.

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