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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 31 October 2014


Do donkeys get wise to trickery behind carrots dangled in front of them? Perhaps, donkeys go the direction they do because they want to, not because they're being fooled into doing so. Perhaps, that direction is the same direction the person tricking them wants to go. The above complex analogy sums an area of your world. You're moving in a certain direction or pursuing a particular plan of action because you can identify a reason to do so that suits you, not because you believe it suits someone else. Continue doing what suits you, regardless of what gets dangled!


When we're in the throes of a confusing or hurtful situation, we know, in our hearts, it has a finite shelf life. We know there will eventually be progress or release from it and that we will, at some point in the future, apply a different mindset toward what we're experiencing. This is all made more confusing or hurtful because we don't know when we'll be in such a place. The sky speaks clearly of now being such a time for you. If you're not seeing evidence of being released from a particular confusing or hurtful drawn-out saga, then you will do, very shortly.


Sometimes, we overlook levels of control that gaining understanding of a situation gives us. When we feel confused, it's often because there's something we're failing to understand or get a true and realistic grasp of. We convince ourselves that, if something doesn't make sense now, then it will never make sense. This week brings a chance to gain understanding about something that has confused you recently. You might discover you were a bit too quick to dismiss something or someone based on what you believed you understood. Expect that attitude to change.


Do camels live in fear of straws fluttering in the air? Camels might be as familiar as we are with the saying about what straws have been known to do to camels' backs. In an area of your world, you too might be nurturing a secret fear that all it will take for a tense situation to come to a head is a single, isolated, tiny development. You've likely struggled to bite your tongue whilst showing support in a certain way and seeing little for your efforts. It wouldn't take much for you to walk away for good. The message from the sky this week is to relax and let coming developments reassure you that an uncertain situation is not as uncertain or volatile as you thought.


Impatience can cause us to act in ways we normally wouldn't. When we grow weary from not getting a result or response, we are sometimes prepared to do something to attract attention or even cause some levels of chaos. If we feel we're being ignored or not being shown respect, then the desire to make that clear to anyone involved can be strong. With that in mind, consider where you might be growing impatient or considering taking action that might cause a bit of a chaos but could at least result in some kind of result? Trust that you needn't go to such extremes. A process really is ticking along nicely and doesn't need intervention in ways you might believe.


Is it up to you to be the peacemaker? Should you be the one to extend a proverbial olive branch? Somewhere in your world, there exists a need to build a bridge where a certain person is concerned and the sky suggests onus is on you to take the first step. Coming developments should do much to reassure you that your efforts won't be in vain and that someone is actually more receptive to a discussion than you might think. All you need to do at this time is be willing to make some effort. Even a small amount could bring a pleasing result.


We can't change some situations. We can, however, change our attitudes toward them. That takes courage and willingness to be realistic and practical. When we find ourselves wound up by whatever is winding us up, it can be difficult to muster both. This week brings a chance to face a source of aggravation. It provides an opportunity to gain better understanding of what is either motivating or encouraging someone to behave a certain way or why you consistently encounter an obstacle with an agreement or arrangement. Have faith in the fact that something is finally about to shift.

Babies and small children know little or nothing about doubt and pessimism. Both are learned over time and absorbed through belief we put in what others have told us about why we should be doubtful or pessimistic in the past. They have somehow put forth a convincing argument that we ended up supporting. Imagine though, if our brains were programmed to disregard doubtful or pessimistic thoughts? Imagine how much more we would achieve and happier we would be. Whether or not you choose to support doubt and pessimism in an area of your world is entirely your choice. Accept that you do have a choice. Accept as well that a certain fear is unfounded.


Eureka Moments like to choose their timing carefully. They prefer to appear when they know we least expect them. That makes their entrance more dramatic or poignant. This week, if it is clarity and understanding you want to gain in a particular area, then the best way to attain both is to pretend you don't want it. Focus on something else instead. Let your Eureka Moment creep up behind you mischievously but in the knowledge it is there, somewhere behind you. When it taps you on the shoulder, it will bring a very helpful revelation. All you need to do is relax and let coming events prove this.


Have you tried drawing a line down the middle of a piece of paper and listing reasons in favor of making a decision on one side and reasons why it might not be such a good idea on the other? Sometimes, this helps with decision making. The interesting thing about this exercise is, the list is often longest on the side we want it to be longest on. You're in a tricky situation where the need to make a difficult decision is concerned. This isn't helped by the fact that 'reasons against' are less than 'reasons for' but your heart is willing to make compensations for this. You could use some help in the form of missing information to make you're decision and it's coming.


It's possible you're doing a convincing job of appearing content and optimistic in some way yet you know, in your heart, that a certain situation, arrangement or agreement is some way removed from where you'd like it to be. If you're feeling a bit lost, at sea, misunderstood or even neglected, then the sky promises reassurance is on its way. Before you can be reassured though, it is important to recognize how your feelings have been affected by a certain change. Insecurity will wane soon. And you can expect soon to see how loved and appreciated you are.


It was your fellow Piscean, Albert Einstein who made the point about the definition of insanity surrounding doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. On another note, chickens, have been known to drown from standing under leaking drainpipes because they didn't have the sense to move. With that in mind, in what way are you stuck in a rut simply because you fear moving or altering an opinion might be a mistake or bring change you could do without? It's time to alter a way of thinking and reacting to a certain situation. This week bring an opportunity to remove yourself from an unhelpful rut.

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