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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 27 March 2015


Do you lay down the law in no uncertain terms or offer a gesture of love and affection? That might not be an easy question to answer this week given the sensitivity of particular situation. Where you feel a strong need to sever a tie you could feel an equally strong need to reach out and embrace the very person you're considering severing ties with. What a confusing situation that is. It's your confusion that is making you so defensive or even antagonistic. As it clears, empathy and closeness will replace it.


There are numerous ailments we experience that have to reach a certain point before we'll seek medical attention. We don't want to be seen as hypochondriacs, reacting inappropriately to something that doesn't deserve such immediate attention. But, when it becomes clear an issue isn't responding to our efforts, then we need to take action. The coming week will see you taking decisive action in some way. The only reason it's happening now is because it's reached a point where no other option exists and because the timing is perfect!


Ostriches might prefer comfort of sand to stick their heads in but we can find much more comfortable alternatives. If we truly want to block something from our world, then numerous options exist. We know, though, that blocking anything is temporary and ultimately pointless. There is no exception to this rule. If we feel the need to block it, then we must accept the need to face it eventually. The coming week is likely to highlight truth you're refusing to accept. It's time to face what needs facing and experience relief and delight from doing so.


It can be frustrating to ask how far it is from Point A to Point B and be told, 'oh, it's only X miles or X kilometers that way, as the crow flies' and then discover how the non-crow-friendly option takes considerably further and longer to get to our destination. A similar situation is presenting itself this week. You want to get from A to B but seem determined to take the most difficult, convoluted option available. There is an easier way. Pretend you're a crow. Look at where you are. Look at where you need to be. Then, pursue the most direct route available because one definitely exists.


Before you offer a greeting to Square One and tell it how nice it is to see it again, consider how much stronger your position is now compared to previously in some way. You might regard what's transpiring as a setback or retrograde step but the position you're in at this time to take a significant step forward is superb. Let the coming reveal what you need to do in terms of reinstating or rebuilding what has been let go of or lost. There is something you can put in place that will be infinitely better.


We become aware when our luck is 'on a roll'. We experience one fortuitous event followed by another and we usually see no reason to cease pushing our luck because we know the its run won't continue indefinitely. The cosmos isn't encouraging you to be reckless or irresponsible where risk taking is concerned but it is strongly encouraging you to push aside more than one fear and see what the investment of effort will bring. If you do have faith in something called 'luck', then it is very much on your side this week. If you don't, then you have nothing to lose by trying!


Long ago, to remove any kind of stubborn stain required plenty of soap or detergent and something called 'elbow grease'. Nowadays, we have all sorts of proven chemicals at our disposal and even our computers know how to clean themselves in some ways when required. We are adept at cleaning or clearing up so much in our world instantly but we still struggle with clearing up confusion. We just don't know quite where to start or what the most effective method will be. The coming week will provide a perfect and permanent solution.

Think back to the last time you reluctantly tried to accomplish something and discovered you were not only successful but how much easier achieving success was than you thought it would be. In the same way we can insert a key into a lock we believe will not open and hear a resounding and satisfying click, the coming week appears to offer an equally satisfying development or realization. This has much to do with a noticeable increase to your confidence and, with that, will come a renewed sense of optimism.


Allow the feeling of what 'feels right' to guide you this week. You might not have much more to go on, but that's fine. There is something you're expected to support or a commitment is being asked of you but not much more information is available to assist you with your decision. That's fine, too. You don't need any more information. Trust what you know 'adds up' or makes sense in your head and your heart. From there, you will be guided in very much the right direction to make a very right choice.


Emotions often catch us unaware. We can be feeling one way one minute and another completely different way one minute later. Much depends on what our brains have to cope with and how swiftly we're expected to adapt to changing circumstances. As a sign that doesn't embrace change as swiftly as other signs, quick-changing events due to happen shortly could have emotional qualities attached to them. In other words, you could find yourself responding more with your heart than your head. Try to keep those two in balance in this week.


We know when it is isn't appropriate to be rewarded for something because it had to be done as opposed to going above or beyond the call of duty. There are also times when we find ourselves wondering how and why we stoically tolerate so many unpleasant, challenging and undesirable situations and wonder how we're benefiting from doing so. The sky isn't promising a reward as such for all you've had to deal with but it is willing to provide a very pleasing and heartwarming development that might just make up for much of all that you've been through.


It's not so much a question of what is or isn't attainable now. Success this week relies on your ability to distinguish between what's realistic and honorable and what isn't. I'm not suggesting robbing a bank might be preferable to purchasing a lottery ticket but progress you yearn to see in a particular area requires you to continue to support a matter of principle. Your pride is at stake in some way and you understandably don't want it dented. Be supportive, compassionate and sensitive wherever possible. If you can, each quality will be reciprocated and success will follow.

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