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  UpdatedWeekly to your web site or APP - 03 July 2015


An opportunity exists to put right a situation that you've wanted to see improved for some time. However, the sky might have different ideas about what constitutes 'right' or 'improved'. The way in which you and the cosmos might differ in opinion might surround effort needed on your part to put it right or improve it. You probably feel you've done enough already. You would like to see someone else take some initiative. For now, allow a new line of dialogue to open up possibilities.


A new level of power, control and possibly even authority are on offer to you now. You might be aware how much of each you have at your disposal but in the same way a student wizard might be wary or cautious about waving a magic wand for fear of what they might unleash, you could be feeling wary or cautious about wielding your power now. This week, it becomes clear what is within your power to make happen. Have faith in the fact that you cannot fail to use it wisely.


Our world is full of non-replenishable supplies. When they're gone, they're gone and effort is made to address some of what we need to keep in abundant supply but in other ways, people appear unconcerned. This week, there's something you need to balance in terms of what is and isn't available in abundance. One is your patience. The other is love and compassion. The former is at risk of running out but by tapping into the latter, something delightful can occur.


Having Mars in your sign is like having a small army waiting for instruction from you regarding what you want to see happen. Imagine though, that your army is a bit too keen to assist or at risk of going overboard where certain instructions are concerned. This week, you might need to make a conscious effort to ensure your army understands instructions given where tact, diplomacy and possibly compassion are concerned. Forcefulness can play no part in any strategy.


This week, the Sun opposes Pluto. Pluto's involvement can provide assistance in terms of strategic and effective power play. The Sun's involvement implies a need to defend or protect a value close to your heart might exist. Coming events will make clearer which applies but regardless of whether you're about to call the shots or adopt a defensive strategy, an area of your world that has grown predictable is about to be well and truly shaken with very positive results.


People sometimes talk about a 'carrot and stick' when encouraging behavior that involves both reward and punishment. Cart drivers would apparently dangle a carrot in front of a mule that encouraged it to focus on the carrot whilst being fearful of the stick-wielding driver. A similar situation has existed in your world for some time and this week, where you have felt a reward was hampered by fear of a threat, the balance is about to shift very much toward the reward.


Writers and filmmakers use analogies that involve central characters arriving at crossroads and having to make a decision about which of four roads to take. Three of them, given that one heads back to where they came from, offer uncertainty. Something similar is unfolding in your world now and the coming week could require a somewhat difficult decision about a particular direction you should go in. Your heart is the most reliable guide now. Trust that it knows precisely where to go.

Those of us experienced in assembling flat-packed furniture from particular outlets have a jar containing left-over bits and pieces we keep in the belief we might one day have a use for such items. At some point, we eventually discover a good reason why we chose not to discard what appeared to be seemingly useless. This week, you look set to make a helpful discovery. What you believed would never be of use to or assist you could surprise you in a delightful way.


Hearing a small child explain why they're fearful of something often results in us being in a helpful and knowledgeable position to allay their concerns. What seems a big deal to a child is something we often see a very good reason not to be fearful of or a clear solution to resolve whatever is at the root of the fear. The cosmos responds similarly to all of us in such a way sometimes. This week, allow it to make clear to you why a certain fear is unfounded.


Within an area of your world, you might feel you're 'wading through treacle'. It might feel as if progress you want to make requires considerably more effort than you thought it would require. It might also feel as if considerable effort to move a plan forward is only moving it in a slight and almost unrecognizable way. The coming week doesn't promise a miracle but it does offer reassurance that what has been trying or testing is about to become easier and more promising,


Sales processes always involve one person explaining the benefits of buying whatever-it-is to another. For someone to accept a point, it requires them to be made aware of 'what's in it for them' before committing. A need exists for you to do some clever persuading to a particular person who might be unhelpful or obstructive where a plan close to your heart is concerned. If they're made aware of what's in it for them, they might choose to be more supportive.


Some people can be very persuasive and succeed in convincing others of something those who are being convinced ought to be more wary of. Carefully chosen words can encourage even the most hardened or stubborn person to accept truth in what's being said to them. This week, a persuasive person might be overlooking or oblivious to your ability to see through a particular façade or untruth. For as long as you're armed with the truth, you can emerge victorious.

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