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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 23 February 2015


Venus' return to your sign over the weekend brings you to the start of a new Venus cycle of love, one that allows you to look to the future. During the 24 days Venus will spend in your sign that the laws of attraction are in effect, making you a magnet for love and all the things your heart desires, creating some of the most romantically charged weeks of the year, especially when it comes to looking to the future and to what's possible. However, this creates a situation where, with Jupiter still in retrograde motion in your romantic sector but Venus looking to the future, where the love gods have one eye on the road ahead and the other on the rear view mirror. With lucky Jupiter holding the door open to second chances and Venus to new opportunities, they have the field covered.


There is a real sense of nostalgia in the air as you move into the new week and especially in the early hours, with the Moon escorting both Venus and Mars, the planets of love and passion into their first full week in a nostalgic part of your chart. While Mars is encouraging a slower pace to life and to pacing yourself Venus is taking your heart on a nostalgic trip down love's memory lane. Here for just 24 days this is Venus' chance to revisit the past and evoke nostalgic memories, not because it's time to reconnect with the past but because she's getting ready to move on. Due to return to your sign next month Venus knows that the path to the future runs through the past, with a chance to dance with some old ghosts before laying them to rest. Old memories hold special clues.


Having the Moon in a social and serendipitous part of your chart as both Venus and Mars, the planets of love and passion move into their first full week here gives you the intuitive edge needed to tap into the laws of attraction and synchronicity that are in effect. While the Moon will leave on Monday having spent the weekend here this has given you a chance to practice trusting your heart and your gut and getting a sense for the serendipitous consequences this can create. While Venus will only spend 24 days here, these are likely to be some of the most serendipitous of the year, all the more special because it puts both the planet of love and Mars at an auspicious aspect to Saturn in your relationship sector, creating some special weeks for friendship and relationship building.


Your biggest challenge this week is separating your personal and professional lives, with some smart time management required. For even Venus, planet of love is siding with professional forces this week, doing her part to engage your heart in what is a rapidly developing professional situation. Yet it was just last week that an alignment between Pluto and Ceres in your relationship sector gave you a chance to get a real sense of what you want and need from your relationships, something that will make it easier to determine how much of your time and attention they need. For it's no longer about how much time you give your relationships but the quality of that time, with knowing what you want from your relationships and what they need from you key to getting it right.


The Sun's departure from your relationship sector last week means that it's now up to Mercury, planet of communication to hold down the fort, as he spends his first week on his own, but definitely not the last. Mercury first returned to your relationship sector on the 5th January for what should have been a 2 week visit and returning just a day after Venus returned and a month after Mars got here, there was already a lot happening on the relationship front. Since then the Sun has been and gone and Mercury spent 3 weeks in retrograde motion, bringing you to a point where everything is now out in the open and the love gods have thrown everything at your relationships they can in order to get your attention. This final phase is all about ensuring the communication lines are open.


Venus and Mars' departure from your relationship sector late last week has left you with some clear relationship desires and expectations, your passions and fighting spirit engaged and a better sense of what you're fighting for, with the relationship gods still just as active, though with a changing of the guards. With Venus and Mars gone but the Sun spending his first full week in your relationship sector the focus has shifted to a more subjective one, here to perform the annual reality checks that will always happen at this time of year. You've had a chance to look at what you want from your relationships and now the focus shifts to what your relationships need from you, with the Sun getting everything out in the open. Even the Sun's reality checks are likely to reinforce the dream.


The Sun's departure from your romantic sector late last week has left Mercury, planet of communication on his own for the first time since returning on the 5th January, for what should have been a 2 week visit. Yet wouldn't you know it, just when the planet of communication is able to get your full attention on the romantic front Venus and Mars' first full week in your relationship sector means that he now has to compete with relationship forces for your attention. However, there's a way that these three planets can work together. For while Venus and Mars have returned to spice things up on the relationship front Mercury's mission to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page continues, something that your relationships can benefit from.

While Venus and Mars' departure from your romantic sector may have taken their direct influence out of the picture and replaced it with the Sun's more realistic and down to earth approach, they've left you with plenty of romantic desires, energy and passion to continue what they started. The Sun only returned on Friday, with his first full week a chance to make sure the romantic momentum of recent weeks isn't lost, but in a more low key way. This gives you a chance to look at romantic matters more objectively and also gives you a chance to give your relationships some much needed attention. The Moon will move through your relationship sector from Monday to Wednesday, with the last visit before Venus returns next month a chance to listen to your emotional responses.


You're not just moving into the new week with the Moon in your romantic sector, but with Venus and Mars here and aligned. With Venus and Mars having both returned to your romantic sector late last week and the Moon not only having returned over the weekend but formed a rare triple alignment, by the time you move into the new week you're likely to have established and felt more over the previous few days than you have all year. Last year Venus didn't return to your romantic sector until May and Mars didn't return at all, already giving matters of the heart a massive jump and head start. While Venus is only here for 24 days Mars won't leave until the 1st April, bringing you to the start of the most romantically charged weeks of the year. Your relationships might need your attention midweek.


At the same time that Venus, planet of love is spending her first full week in a more domesticated part of your chart, on a 24 day mission to make your life as love friendly as possible ahead of her return to your romantic sector next month, the Moon is set to give you a taste of things to come. You moved into the year with the Moon in your romantic sector, giving your heart a voice from the get go and a chance to set some bold romantic resolutions for the coming year, resolutions that so far have had no support to turn into reality. That's about to change, with the Moon's last visit to your romantic sector before Venus returns giving you a chance to listen to your heart, tap into the spirit of romance and revisit the romantic resolutions you moved into the year with.


The personal and/or relationship tensions of the last 2 months haven't been easy, but eventually they'll prove blessings in disguise, with the right support finally kicking in. The only reason there has been personal and/or relationship tensions is that while a parade of planets will always move through your sign in the early months of each year in order to get your new solar year off the ground, for the first time in 12 years lucky Jupiter is on the other side of the sky in your relationship sector, forcing any personal/relationship balance issues to a head. Yet the game changer has been Venus and Mars' return to your communication sector over the weekend, bringing the support needed to turn any remaining tensions into an opportunity for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough.


When Venus left your sign over the weekend she not only left you with some clear romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the coming year, she took away the buffer that was protecting you from an onslaught of income, work and career forces that have been waiting for the right break. While you've reached an auspicious week for the professional and money gods, the love gods have been pushed to the sidelines or so it will seem for most of the week. Over the weekend the Moon will return to your romantic sector, a week to the day after Venus' departure from your sign and just in time to restore a sense of romance. By then you'll have a better sense of what the professional and money gods are up to, with the weekend providing a brief respite and a romantic oasis.

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