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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 23 November 2015


The Moon's first visit to your sign while Mars is moving through your relationship sector and the only visit while Venus, planet of love is there see's both put to the test in the early days of the week. The Moon will move into opposition with Venus on Monday and with Mars on Tuesday, pushing some buttons and potentially fuelling any personal and/or relationship tensions, but all will be forgiven by the end of the week. While your relationships need these wakeup calls, more importantly this will get things out in the open by the time Thursday's Full Moon in your communication sector brings an opportunity for a communication breakthrough. With Venus leaving your relationship sector next week, this is an opportunity for both a communication and/or relationship breakthrough.


While Mercury's departure from your relationship sector over the weekend still left you with the Sun shining the solar spotlight on your relationships, the Sun's departure on Monday puts you on your own until Venus returns later next week and the real journey begins. For now Mercury has left you with the means to keep the communication lines open and considering what lies ahead this has to be a priority, with Mars continuing to make your relationships a priority right through to the second half of 2016. The Sun's departure on Monday leaves you with an authentic starting point, with a need to keep your eyes open and head out of the sand. This is also a chance for romantic forces to grab the love gods' full attention, with a new sense of romantic confidence taking hold.


You've reached a big week for romantic and relationship matters. Spending her last full week in your romantic sector Venus is working with Mars to spice things up and while she won't leave until later next week and Mars not until the New Year, they know that once they're gone you're on your own. This makes embracing your romantic desires and passions a must, turning into a romantic warrior in an effort to challenge old excuses. In the meantime, Mercury's return to your relationship sector over the weekend and the Sun's on Monday not only kicks off your annual relationship review, but become the first planets to meet up with Saturn here in 28 years. With the bar raised a lot higher this year, Thursday's Full Moon may put both you and your relationships to the test.


While Mercury's departure from your romantic sector over the weekend and the Sun's on Monday leaves you with no planets to pass the torch to, the love gods aren't worried at all, for they know what comes next. Where Mercury spent 19 days working to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page and the Sun to throw the solar spotlight on matters of the heart, where this leaves you on Monday is with an authentic new starting point, but the real journey yet to begin. It's later next week that Venus, planet of love will make a belated return, setting the scene for a romantically charged final month of the year, but will also help set the scene for Mars, who will spend much of the first half of 2016 fuelling your romantic passions and fighting spirit.


While you have a huge week for romantic matters, the relationship gods manage to get in early, cementing an alliance between communication and relationship forces that will spread into much of the week. With a clearer sense of what you want from your relationships, you've now got the support to give that and your relationships a voice. However, with Mercury having not only returned to your romantic sector over the weekend, but the first planet to meet up with Saturn here in 28 years, this is a week for taking matters of the heart seriously. By the time the Sun returns on Monday, to throw the solar spotlight on matters of the heart and all things romantic, it will be clear that something game changing is developing. Thursday's Full Moon is a chance to confront your excuses.


Even before the Moon left your relationship sector on Sunday it was clear that the fight had gone out of any personal and/or relationship tension and with the lunar nodes now standing guard over a balance between your personal and relationship needs, that you're now in new territory. While you're not quite ready to let the past go, the tide is starting to turn. It was Neptune's direct turn in your relationship sector last week that began the turnaround, with Chiron's final days in retrograde motion, before turning direct over the weekend a chance to lay some old ghosts to rest. Yet even then, with the South Node now in position until May 2017, at least one door will remain open to the past. With some romantically charged months coming up work to make your life as love friendly as possible.


There is some doubt whether the Moon or Sun benefit from their interaction in the early days of the week, but what is in no doubt is that both they and your relationships will benefit. You'll start the week with the Moon in your relationship sector, fuelling your emotional responses and maybe even pushing some buttons, moving into opposition with both Venus and Mars in your relationship sector. The Moon's opposition with Mars just before leaving brings emotions and passion into conflict, just as Venus is pushing any personal and/or relationship tensions to a head. While this might not sound like good news it is, with Mercury's early days in your communication sector seeing the only real test your relationships will get come just as the support for a communication breakthrough kicks in.

While the Moon's monthly visit to your relationship sector midweek will temporarily bring the focus back onto your relationships, as a whole the week belongs to romantic forces, where the tides are finally turning. As dreamy Neptune spends his first full week in direct motion in your romantic sector, he's waiting for Chiron's direct turn over the weekend to start progressing things forward. However with Venus in her last full week in a nostalgic part of your chart, she's happy to string out a nostalgic trip down love's memory lane for as long as possible. Enjoy the fact that the doors are still open to the past, but that new doors are also opening, with the love gods allowing you to flit between the two at will. Pay attention to any emotional responses on the relationship front midweek.


A week that is set to play host to a challenging Full Moon in your relationship sector, see the love gods starts with a more romantic influence in play. The week will begin with the Moon in your romantic sector and while this monthly visit will be over by Tuesday, it brings a chance to tap into the spirit of romance and get your first sense that while the doors remain open to second chances, the past and its old ghosts no longer have a hold on you. It's the Moon's return to your relationship sector on Thursday and the Full Moon this creates just hours later that will push some buttons, fuel some emotional responses and may even create some personal and/or relationship tension. Yet with this is an opportunity for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough.


With no planets in your romantic or relationship sectors the Moon's visits have become more important. The Moon will not only visit both your romantic and relationship sectors this week, in both cases it will be either a chance to tap into the last month's Full Moon or to prepare for the next. It's on Tuesday that the Moon will come full circle from last month's Full Moon in your romantic sector and with the circle closed, as well as stirring up plenty of romantic sentiment and your heart's emotional responses, this is a chance to capture anything triggered last month. Meanwhile, the Moon's return to your relationship sector over the weekend is a chance for a practice run ahead of next month's Full Moon. Pay attention to strong emotional responses without over thinking things.


The love gods come out in full to help make the most of Venus' last full week in an adventurous part of your chart, though in different ways as the week evolves. To begin with Venus will find herself under pressure, first from the Moon on Monday and then in opposition with Uranus on Tuesday. However, this is more an effort to challenge your excuses, in the lead up to Thursday's Full Moon in your romantic sector. Venus knows that when she leaves this adventurous part of your chart next week, where together with Mars she's been fuelling a sense of adventure, romance and passion, there will be little support for romantic matters once she's gone. Venus and Mars will put all their support behind Thursday's Full Moon and the Moon's position in your romantic sector through to Saturday.


While the Moon's return to your sign late last week may have seen some familiar personal and/or relationship tensions resurface, at the same time this has left you with a sense that while there may be some battles ahead, the war itself is over. For over 3 months your personal and relationship needs have been in conflict, but the best possible outcome was achieved, a win/win. With your personal and relationship forces well supported the lunar nodes are policing an on going balance between your personal and relationship needs, right through to mid 2017. The Moon's visit to your communication sector midweek is a reminder that it's all about having the communication lines open. It's over the weekend that the love gods bring some much needed romantic influences into play.

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