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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 14 April 2014


This week is dominated by Tuesday's total lunar eclipse in your relationship sector, not only bringing any personal and/or relationship tensions to a head but all that has been building behind the scenes. While this is a supercharged version of the Full Moon that falls here, at some time during your birthday month each year, it's been decades since this carried the kind of clout that can create a major relationship breakthrough or turnaround. This marks the start of a defining 10 days on the relationship front, a time when you're likely to establish once and for all what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. This is the point where everything until now has been leading up to and everything from now will lead on from, with a need to keep it real.


With love gods are far more focused on relationship than romantic matters and that is destined to become even more the case over the coming weeks, so holding onto the romantic sentiment evoked over the weekend is essential. The Moon only left your romantic sector on Sunday and having come full circle from last month's Full Moon this was a reminder of where your heart stands and of what you want and need from love. The Moon's return to your relationship sector midweek will shift the focus back to your relationships, just days before the start of your birthday month and new solar year is going to put your relationships on notice, especially when it comes to a balance between your personal and relationship needs. This is a chance to take care of any housekeeping first.


Moving into the new week with the Moon in your romantic sector is always going to be a good omen, especially as by Tuesday this will become the first lunar eclipse here since 1997 and the first total lunar eclipse since 1996. This time around you have a secret weapon on your team, for not only do you know what you want from love, as lunar vibes bring things to a tipping point, this is when your romantic passions and fighting spirit is likely to kick in. There is something fateful about this lunar eclipse, with the love gods not only working with eclipse energy but the elements of fate and destiny, with potentially game changing consequences. The Moon's return to your relationship sector over the weekend is more a chance to give your relationships some much needed attention.


Two events impact your relationships this week, both in a game changing way, if not immediately then over the coming weeks and months. The first event is Pluto's retrograde turn in your relationship sector on Tuesday, beginning a 5 month retrograde phase that gives you a chance to reflect back, learn from the past and change the things that aren't working. The second event takes place the very next day and in Pluto's first full day in retrograde motion, with Jupiter moving into opposition, an event that sparks the start of the most challenging week your relationships are ever likely to go through. Yet with the doors open to second chances and the love gods rooting for you on both the romantic and relationship fronts, this is a chance for a major breakthrough or turnaround.


When Venus, planet of love left your relationship sector earlier in the month she left you on your own, but not before leaving you with a clear sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you and the means to continue what she and a 3 month push from the love gods started. Key to keeping your relationships on track is holding onto the desires and expectations Venus left you with, but even more importantly working to ensure the communication lines are open. This is where Tuesday's lunar eclipse in your communication sector comes in, creating the potential for a communication breakthrough, something your relationships rely on. It's over the weekend that romantically charged lunar vibes have something special planned.


This is an important week on both the romantic and relationship fronts, but for very different reasons, yet with both needing to be approached with confidence. Pluto, planet of change and revolution turns retrograde in your romantic sector on Tuesday, just as the pressure he's been under all month intensifies, with your excuses being challenged just as the doors open to second chances. With your romantic focus shifting to the past and the rear view mirror, the future and the road ahead belongs to your relationships where Venus, planet of love is leading the way forward. Having aligned with Neptune last week, you're left with a more idealistic sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, but also with the means to walk the talk. Communication is essential.


The Sun's final days in your relationship sector were always going to put the spotlight and some pressure on your relationships, but the love gods are taking this to a whole new level this week. While the Sun won't leave until Sunday, making it important to keep your eyes open and head out of the sand until then, his and your relationships biggest challenge will come early in the week, when Tuesday's lunar eclipse in your sign brings any personal and/or relationship tensions to a head. This is a challenge that the Sun will get during your annual month long relationship review at this time every year, but not only are the wakeup calls likely to be more powerful you've got forces on both the personal and relationship fronts that won't let you compromise. Communication is everything.

Despite the fact that we're moving into the most challenging weeks of the year, you're emerging into the new week to find a romantic fog that is putting a spell over everything. Thanks to an alignment between Venus and Neptune over the weekend, you've not only got a boost in confidence but a newly acquired sense of what's possible. With Venus not leaving your romantic sector until early next month, she'll spend the rest of this month working to keep your romantic expectations high and to help bridge the gap between the dream and the reality. This is helping to soften the most challenging 10 days of the year, which kicks off on Monday, with the spirit of romance providing the perfect escape from life's realities. While you can't stay here permanently, it's a nice place to visit.


While Tuesday's lunar eclipse is likely to bring some wakeup calls on the romantic front, with the Moon in opposition with the Sun in your romantic sector this is more a case of the right wakeup calls at the right time, challenging your excuses and bringing the laws of synchronicity and the elements of fate and destiny into play. With the Sun leaving your romantic sector at the end of the week and Mercury early next week, this is when you're able to get a clear sense of what's possible and what the love gods are pushing. With the most romantically charged weeks of the year not kicking off until early next month and May the month when the love gods will really go to town, the more you can address any roadblocks now the better. It's all about making your life as love friendly as possible.


For the third time since last August, but for the last time in your lifetime lucky Jupiter, moving through your relationship sector, moves into opposition with Pluto in your sign this week, once more bringing personal and/or relationship tensions to a head, kicking off the most challenging 8 days of the year. While this puts your personal and relationship needs into conflict, which has happened before, the difference this time is that it comes when both you and your relationships are already under pressure from outside forces. Yet with Venus, planet of love in your communication sector, as both you and your relationships face their final test, this creates the potential for a game changing breakthrough or a major turnaround. What can't go on is anything that isn't real and authentic.


On Monday everyone moves into the most challenging 9 days of the year, something that neither your love life nor your relationships are going to be directly impacted by, but could become collateral damage if you don't work to protect them. While you can't fully protect your love life or your relationships from life's realities, you can create a distinction where you become their advocate, alert to where you might be transferring tensions from other areas of your life. Key to maintaining your romantic and relationship perspective is confidence, holding onto the romantic desires and expectations Venus left you with and the hope you're already starting to gain in your relationships moving forward. Any personal, romantic or relationship pressure is more likely to be coming from somewhere else.


For the third time since returning to your romantic sector last June Jupiter moves into opposition with Pluto this week, but it's also for the last time ever in your lifetime. Jupiter and Pluto will move into opposition, on average once every 12 years, but with Jupiter leaving your romantic sector in July, by the time he returns in 2026 Pluto will be gone. Pluto is challenging lucky Jupiter and your romantic excuses and turning retrograde on Tuesday, brings a reminder that it's not too late for second chances or to change anything that is blocking love's free flow. With Venus, planet of love, in your sign and the luckiest romantic months in a decade stretching out in front of you, bless anything that challenges or provides the wakeup calls needed to ensure you're not asleep at the wheel.

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