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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 01 September 2014


This is the week when, if the love gods hadn't pulled out something spectacular, the recent romantic push would have burned out, only to be replaced once more by the relationship focus that dominated the first half of the year. It's just as well then that the love gods have pulled out something spectacular for while Venus, planet of love will leave your romantic sector over the weekend, with lucky Jupiter staying on until August 2015 the romantic flame is unlikely to burn down anytime soon. At the same time, while Mercury's return to your relationship sector once more brings your relationships back into focus, without the challenges of the past, it's made clear from the start that matters of the heart have priority and his focus is more on ensuring the communication lines are open.


While there is a changing of the guard on the romantic front this week this won't see the love gods dropping the ball, with some healthy competition continuing between romantic and relationship forces. With Mars not leaving your relationship sector until later next week and even then a major relationship push continuing until the end of the year, the love gods governing all things romantic would have to wait a long time to get their turn, if they waited for a relationship push to run its course. And that's the reason they're not, working with Mercury in the early days of the week to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page. While the Sun will stay on in your romantic sector it's over the weekend that Venus' return will see the love gods pull out their Ace card.


Due to leave your communication sector over the weekend Venus, planet of love, is on a secret mission to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page, not because she's going undercover and more because the real importance won't be revealed until after she leaves. However with Mercury, planet of communication returning to your romantic sector on Tuesday, he'll begin to take over from where Venus leaves off, continuing to make communication, especially when it comes to giving your heart a voice, a priority. Why so important? With Mars not only returning to your relationship sector later next week but beginning some of the most important relationship chapters in decades, where you're going communication is going to be crucial.


There is a need to trust, especially in the early days of the week that your relationships are in safe hands, that the love gods have your back and that you can afford to let things slide, putting all your focus onto the spirit of romance. Moving into the new week with the Moon in your romantic sector would always bring a need to make the spirit of romance a priority, but especially as this is the Moon's last visit before Mars leaves later next week, with a chance for your heart's emotional responses to tap into Mars' romantic passions, giving you a better sense of what you're fighting for. The Moon's visit to your relationship sector from Thursday to Saturday will stir up your emotional responses in the lead up to Venus' return to your communication sector over the weekend.


The Moon will visit your romantic and relationship sectors this week and the timing couldn't be better. With no activity in either but Venus' mission to define your romantic and relationship desires and expectations ending over the weekend, she needs all the help she can get. It's the Moon's visit to your romantic sector from Tuesday to Thursday that will provide the most startling insight, for as well as stirring up your heart's emotional responses and the spirit of romance, this will pick up the first signs of new romantic opportunities on the horizon. For rather than the love gods asking that you wait until November for your next romantic update, Mars' return later next week is already on your radar. There'll be a chance to look at your relationship needs later in the week.


Having the Moon in your communication sector as you move into the new week is going to be a game changer, especially as so many buttons were pushed last week and so many personal and/or relationship tensions came to a head. While there is more to come and especially so during next week's Full Moon in your relationship sector, this is a chance to ensure the communication lines are open. However, this is no ordinary visit and as the last before Mars leaves your communication sector and with so many relationship issues now out in the open, this is a chance to clear the air, with a communication and/or relationship breakthrough possible. It's later in the week that the Moon's return to your romantic sector on Thursday will bring some welcome romantic sentiment into play.


With Uranus in retrograde motion in your relationship sector there is a lot of focus on the past, but also a lot of support. With Venus, planet of love in a social and serendipitous part of your chart until Saturday and the Moon in your communication sector midweek, this is not only an important week for friendship and relationship building, but there'll be a chance to ensure the communication lines are open. This is important for just hours after the Moon returns to your communication sector on Tuesday Mercury, planet of communication will return to your sign and while that should increase the resources to ensure the communication lines are open, it sets the scene for some personal and/or relationship tensions once more coming to a head. This time around you're ready for them.

While there have been some wakeup calls on the romantic front over the last few weeks and there'll be more to come, in the lead up to next week's Full Moon in your romantic sector this is a move from the love gods to ensure you're not asleep at the wheel, hiding behind your own excuses. This comes at an important point of the year for personal and professional networking and for being a team player and with your professional star on the rise and romantic forces in retrograde motion, it would be very easy to let the spirit of romance slide. This makes it important to listen to your heart, especially when it's telling you what it doesn't want. The spirit of romance alive and with the doors open to second chances, any wakeup calls are more a reminder of what you might be missing out on.


Due to leave an adventurous part of your chart over the weekend Venus is asking that you embrace the spirit of romance and adventure. That would have been the case anyway, for as the planet of love this would always bring the spirit of romance and adventure together, but even more so as this puts Venus at a positive aspect to Uranus, in retrograde motion in your romantic sector. This is waking you up to what you might be missing out on while the doors are still open to second chances, at a time when the love gods are in a much more favourable position than they were in the past. While Venus will leave on Saturday, the partnership between romantic and adventurous forces won't leave with her, but will stay on and intensify over the coming months. This is just a taste of what's possible.


A lot of water has passed under the bridge since Venus left your relationship sector on the 12th August and with your relationship expectations banked, a clear sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, the planet of love is looking to bring more fun and romance back into your life. As you move into the new week Venus is already in her final days in a passionately charged part of your chart, where she's encouraging you to embrace your romantic passions and get off the fence. It's from Saturday that Venus will try a different tack, returning to an adventurous part of your chart to bring the spirit of romance and adventure together. After so much focus on your relationships for so long, it's time to bring the fun back into romance.


In her final days in your relationship sector Venus is working with lucky Jupiter, aware that the desires and expectations she leaves you with will not only be in safe hands, but will become the foundation and the driving force for an incredible journey ahead. With the Sun and Mercury having already been and gone from your relationship sector, Venus' departure on Saturday should bring the love gods' mission for the year to an end, but instead this is when the real journey begins. For you not only have lucky Jupiter on board and staying here until August 2015, but support throughout that time from communication forces. Until Venus leaves it's all about defining what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, trusting that you'll have the support to follow it through.


While your relationships will remain the main area of focus for the love gods, especially now that a major romantic force ran its course last month, the dynamics will shift as a changing of the guards takes place. You'll begin the week with the Sun and Mercury in your relationship sector, the Sun bringing the reality checks he brings at this time of year and Mercury working to ensure the communication lines are open. With some wakeup calls over the last few weeks and more to come, this has forced you to take care of any housekeeping. Mercury's departure on Tuesday makes it important to take over from where he leaves off, working to keep the communication lines open. However, everything changes when Venus returns to your relationship sector over the weekend, ready to work her magic.

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