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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 01 February 2016


If you started this new financial year with good intentions but have lost some of that fighting spirit, there is a chance for a reboot as you move into the new week. Having returned to your financial sector together the Moon and Mars reunite just as you moved into the new week and with a complete lunar cycle under your belt this time, as your financial instincts, passions and fighting spirit once more come together it's with some real life experience under your belt. If the early days of the year brought an idealised sense of what you were fighting for, then you've now got a more realistic take on this and as any battle hardened warrior knows, having the right intelligence is everything. While the Moon will leave on Wednesday, by then you'll have the enthusiasm and the insight needed to pick your battles wisely and to play it like you mean it.


Just hours before moving into last week Venus left your financial sector, giving Saturn a full week on his own and you a chance to step back. It has been an active few months for money matters, with your annual financial review having ended just before Christmas, but Venus returning just days later to update your financial desires and expectations, staying with you during the early weeks of 2016 to ensure your financial confidence, desires and expectations were fuelled. Saturn is the force that will keep all those intentions on track, with the Moon's return midweek a chance to once more test the waters, get your bearings and with your financial instincts sharp, take a look at where to from here. With an authentic starting point established the real journey begins.


A lot of things start to come together on the financial front this week, to a point where everything until now has been about preparation, while it's time now to start playing it like you mean it. With Venus' first full week in your financial sector under your belt, your financial confidence on the rise and Mercury's direct turn early last week taking the final handbrakes off, you've had a chance to get heart and mind on the same page, ready now to bring things home. With Mercury leaving at the end of next week and Venus 3 days later there is a new sense of urgency in the air, especially when it comes to using the smart head for money and a new sense of financial confidence to start playing it like you mean it. During the course of the week you'll feel your motivation increase and a call for action become impossible to ignore.


Thanks to Ceres' departure from your financial sector last week you have a much more authentic sense of your financial needs and priorities, aware that these are unique to you. When you adopt the herd mentality, using everyone else's expectations and their means of defining the definition of financial success you will always be out of step. Yet after seven months in your financial sector Ceres has left you with a unique sense of how you define financial success and with the Sun kicking off your new financial year, you'll find that it finally feels like you're the one back in the driver's seat. Key to maintaining your financial confidence and stride is remembering that you're working towards your definition of financial success not anyone else's definition, with comparing yourself to anyone else an unwarranted distraction.


While your annual financial review won't begin for a few more weeks, already you're starting to lay down the parameters, with a very special chance this week to step back from the specifics and take a look at what is really motivating you. As Ceres spends her first full week in your financial sector in four years, she's not only reuniting with forces that have been fuelling your financial dreams since then, but is bringing you back to where it started. While there is still a lot of focus on income matters, especially with the professional gods moving into the final weeks of getting your new working year off the ground, something is shifting on the financial front. One of the hardest things to do is now the most important, which is to stop comparing your definition of financial success with that of anyone else's yardstick.


While the Moon's visit to your financial sector over the weekend may have left you with a nose for money, something that is critical as your new working year gets off the ground, it may also have pushed some buttons and created some financial tension. What you had a taste of over the weekend was stepping back into the skin of what was your constant reality over the last few years. With the money gods now firmly focused on money matters, the Moon's visit to your income sector and opposition with financial forces may have pushed some buttons, yet both income and financial matters have benefited. The Moon will return every four weeks to give financial and money matters the same wakeup calls, but more importantly a nose for money as your new working year starts to hit its stride.


Moving into the week with the Moon in your income sector is always going to be an advantage, ensuring you have a nose for money from the get go, but even more so as this brings you back to some of the enthusiasm and motivation fuelled earlier in the year. On Monday it will be four weeks to the day since both the Moon and Mars returned to your income sector, ensuring that as an urge to take a sledgehammer to any glass ceilings set in, so too did a nose for money. Since then the Moon has come full circle and aligning with Mars on Tuesday this will bring you back to where it all began just over four weeks earlier, this time with some real world experience under your belt. The Moon and Mars will regroup in another four weeks' time, with a chance this time to get back to that original motivation, this time with a better sense of what you're fighting for.

With Venus having left your income sector just hours before last week began, this gave you a chance to let her desires and expectations settle and also a chance to step back. A parade of planets have moved through your income sector over recent months, including the Sun and in that time you'd had a chance to get your options on the table, develop a smart head for money and cement your desires and expectations, with last week's Full Moon in your career sector a chance to bring income, work and career matters together in the early days of last week. Since then there has been a chance to let things settle and that will remain the case until the Moon returns to your income sector midweek. By then you'll have a much better read on where things stand across the income, work and career fronts, with a chance to look at where to from here.


The week begins with Mercury and Pluto not only aligned in your income sector, but for the third time in just two months and for the second time in a week, bringing a smart head for money and a sense of rebellion together. And that's just the start, with the week continuing to see the three forces in play on the income front work together in ways that continue to progress throughout the week. There isn't a day this week that forces on the income front aren't not only working together to get things moving, but also working with the professional gods to further their course. With Mercury leaving your income sector at the end of next week and Venus three days later, there is a new sense of urgency to get things moving and to start making things happen. A change of heart or mind could change everything.


With Mercury not returning to your income sector until the end of next week and Venus not until the following week, there is time to explore your options and this week there's a welcome chance to simply stand back and observe. Ceres' departure from your income sector last week means that the Sun is able to spend his first full week here on his own and with a New Moon early next week and things starting to move by the end of next week, you need this chance to simply observe. You've spent much of 2015 defining your income needs and priorities and with the Sun here now to create new beginnings, there's a chance to let things settle. By the time Venus and Mercury return to get things moving what you'll need is an authentic new starting point and right now that has to be your priority. The 'when, where and how' and the 'what next' can wait.


This week it's not so much that the money gods are stepping back and letting the professional gods take the floor in the early days of the week and more that they're working together, aware that their agendas go hand in hand. With Ceres spending her first full week in your income sector in four years she'll reunite with some old friends, which in turn is set to see old dreams, confidence and motivation become unleashed, just weeks before the Sun's return is due to open the door to new opportunities. So when you not only begin the week with the Moon in your career sector, but aligned with Mars to fuel your professional instincts, passions, fighting and competitive spirit the money gods won't believe their luck. They'll step back, knowing that whatever this triggers will help their push for new income opportunities over the coming weeks.


While the Moon's visit to your financial sector over the weekend has ensured you're able to move into the new week with your financial instincts sharpened and a reminder of the financial motivation and sense of purpose you moved into the year with, it may have also seen some financial tension surface. Yet this provided the wakeup call that both income and financial matters need, for different but just as important reasons. While with no more planetary activity in your financial sector since Mars left in the early days of the year the Moon's monthly visits are vital for getting your financial bearings, but also for tapping back into the financial passions and fighting spirit you began the year with. With the money gods now firmly focused on income matters, these wakeup calls from the Moon every four weeks ensure you're paying attention.

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