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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 21 April 2014


For the first time since last May the money gods are finally giving income matters some much needed attention, thanks to the Sun's return to your income sector over the weekend. You will also move into the new week with the Moon in your career sector and on Monday in particular, as the Sun spends his first full day in your income sector, this is a chance to get a better read on the professional landscape, in terms of the challenges and opportunities you're dealing with. Mercury's return to your income sector on Wednesday will give you the smart head for money needed to quickly get things up to speed and with professional tensions starting to ease by then, get a better sense of where the money is. The money gods will remain focused on money matters, upgrading now to include income matters.


While the situation remains the same in that you have no planetary activity in either of your money houses, with the Moon having just left your financial sector as you move into the new week you'll do so with your financial instincts sharp, an intuitive read on money matters and a need to keep your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground. This is also a chance to take care of any financial housekeeping, especially with Mercury's return to your income sector early next month finally opening the door to new income matters. Until now you've been putting in the hard work and it's as work tensions come to a head this week that this is the start of looking more at where the money is and the need this brings to work smarter. It's not always just about the money.


The Moon's position in your financial sector as you move into the new week is likely to be a mixed blessing, ensuring that your financial instincts are sharp and you have your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground from the get go, but also exacerbating any financial tensions. For Monday is the day that an opposition between lucky Jupiter in your income sector and rebellious Pluto in your financial sector really hits home and with the Moon involved, intensifying your emotional and intuitive responses, this will really get your attention. Yet this also gives you a chance to see this for what it is, an opportunity for a breakthrough. With the most auspicious income months of the year stretching out in front of you, the money gods bring the right wakeup calls at the right time.


There are just too many other challenges and complications this week to make money matters more of an issue than they really are. If you are going to put your money hat on at any point this week, then mid week will be the best time, with the Moon's first visit to your financial sector since Venus left a chance to tap back into the financial desires and expectations she left you with. This comes right in the heart of some of the toughest days of the year, but also when there is an opportunity for a personal/relationship breakthrough and a breakthrough when it comes to work/life balance issues. With your financial instincts sharp you're able to keep things in perspective, as longs as you don't make it about the money when it's really not, instead getting what this is really about.


Despite the fact that there are likely to be a lot of tensions and pressures this week, with a number of planets out of sorts with each other, this shouldn't impact you financially. In fact, it's important to protect your financial confidence from any fallout, taking a more bullish approach to your financial expectations, especially on the home, family and/or property fronts. This is one week where the money gods are not only giving you a clearer sense of what you want and need financially, but the resolve and determination to back this up. With Venus not leaving your financial sector until early next month, this is the time to address any old fears and doubts, putting them firmly behind you. A new sense of confidence comes from knowing you have what it takes to walk the talk.


Where last week's total lunar eclipse brought income and financial matters into conflict, bringing things to a head on both fronts and creating some financial tension, this is now being revealed as a practice run. As Mars, in retrograde motion in your income sector, moves back into opposition with forces on the financial front, this is going to bring everything to a head, but in a way that is a chance to sort things out once and for all. While the Sun left your financial sector over the weekend, with Mercury not leaving until Wednesday the early days of the week are the most important for working with his smart head for money to take care of any financial paperwork, choices, decisions and plans or anything that allows you to turn a pressing sense of urgency into a financial game plan.


As you move into the new week you're also moving into the start of your annual financial review, with the Sun spending his first full day in your financial sector on Monday. Until Mercury and his smart head for money return on Wednesday, which is when a more proactive stage will begin, it's more about having your eyes open and your head out of the sand, adjusting to the first real look at your financial situation and money matters as a whole since last May. With the money gods more focused on income matters since then and while that will continue to be the case, the focus shifts to include your annual financial review. This comes with little or no urgency, but the money gods make it clear that this has to be balanced with an ongoing focus on income matters.

With the Sun having left your work sector and the Moon your income sector yesterday, within the space of just a few hours, this has left you with a nose for money and a clear sense of where things stand on the work front, both of which will come in handy this week. For this is the week where, if work tensions are going to come to a head they will, with knowing where things stand and where the money is making it a lot easier to work smarter. With Mercury now just a matter of weeks away from your financial sector and your financial review beginning next month, this is a chance to focus more on income matters and especially in light of how this ties in with work matters. This is a chance to focus on where the money is in order to work smarter, focused on your priorities across the board.


Having the Moon in your income sector as you move into the new week will always be an advantage, giving you a nose for money from the get go, though this time around it may be a mixed blessing. For this comes just as an opposition between Jupiter in your financial sector and Pluto in your income sector is peaking and financial tension is at its highest point, potentially exacerbating any financial tension this is creating. Yet as the whole purpose of this opposition is to create the potential for a breakthrough, having a nose for money and an intuitive read on the dynamics in play on both the income and financial fronts will fast track this. The only thing you can't do is pretend with a need to keep it real, aware of a need for balance between what's coming in and what's going out.


The timing of the Moon's visit to your income sector couldn't get any better, returning on Tuesday and positioned here midweek, giving you a nose for money just as professional tensions come to a head. A pair of crisscrossing oppositions come to a head in the early days of the week, creating the most severe cosmic conditions of the year, with Mars' position in your work sector right in the heart of this. Yet just as this comes to a head, the Moon's return to your income sector and the nose for money that comes with this, not only allows you to turn any tension into motivation, but brings a chance to work smarter. For as well as making it easier to recognise where the money is, this is a chance to appreciate your real priorities across the board and across all the currencies in your life.


While a lot of tensions across the board and especially on the work front are likely to come to a head this week, the one area of your chart that is not only immune to this but is throwing you a lifeline, is Venus' position in your income sector. Along with additional support from Saturn in your career sector this gives you the courage and the confidence to see work tension as an opportunity to work smarter and to push through any resistance, realising that the professional gods are simply raising the bar. You're facing your final test on the work front this week, with nothing but opportunities stretching out in front of you, not only on the work front but on the income and career fronts as well and even more so where all three come together. The time to iron out any chinks is now.


Where last week's lunar eclipse in your financial sector brought financial and income matters and any tension to a head, instead of the Sun's departure from your income sector over the weekend taking the heat out of this, things are only intensifying. It's this week that an opposition between Uranus in your income sector and Mars in your financial sector brings tensions building behind the scenes to a head, but in a way that is both the last hurdle you've got to get through, but holds the potential for a major breakthrough. With Uranus working with the laws of synchronicity on the income front and Mars firing up old financial passions and your fighting spirit, your biggest danger is dodging the shards of glass as glass ceilings shatter. When push comes to shove, come out fighting.

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