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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 15 September 2014


While Mars' departure from your financial sector over the weekend has seen the urgency and any financial tension dial right back, it's left you with the financial passions and fighting spirit and the determination, along with the support to keep the momentum going. Mars returned to your financial sector just days after Saturn turned direct in July and since then he's been pushing to get things up to speed and to get you motivated. With that job done and powerful financial forces now having gained enough momentum, the high octane pace Mars pushed for and was so necessary over recent weeks is no longer required. The Moon's visit to your income sector late last week created financial tension and motivation, leaving you with a nose for money as things start coming together on the work front.


Chances are, waking up to and moving into a new week is likely to feel like you've moved into a whole new reality, for after weeks where the money gods are AWOL, they're now back and fighting for your attention, seemingly overnight. In what could be considered an overkill or just too intense, having the Moon in your income sector as Mars spends his first full day in your financial sector on Monday, is a mixed blessing. This is giving you a nose for money as things start to move on the work front, but it's also creating some financial tension, which is more a blessing in disguise. This is the kind of thing that Mars and his financial passions and fighting spirit feed off and while the Moon will be gone by Wednesday the fighting spirit this fuels will be a lasting legacy.


There is a new sense of financial confidence in the air as you move into the new week that doesn't need to be analysed and where over thinking things won't get you anywhere. This is coming from the fact that Pluto, who on Tuesday will move into his final week in retrograde motion in your financial sector and just as he moves into his last full week of holding the door open and the mirror onto the past, is enjoying the full support of the money gods. This is more an intuitive sense of confidence rather than coming from anything specific, but it will bring a sense that the tide is about to turn. While the Moon's return to your income sector midweek might create some financial tension, it comes with a nose for money just as work forces and matters are starting to regroup.


Things have suddenly got a whole lot better for your income perspective and opportunities, despite the fact that nothing actually changes on the income front. Lucky Jupiter is on his own in your income sector and will be until next May, working away behind the scenes to drive your luckiest and most expansive income year in over a decade, but in a slow and unhurried way. Even the Moon won't visit either of your money houses this week, so it's not that you gain a sharper nose for money. The shift hasn't come from the money gods but from the professional gods, with Mars' first full day in your work sector on Monday the game changer. As Mars returns to fire up your drives, passions, fighting and competitive spirit this will galvanise income, work and career forces to work together.


While you're not quite out of the woods yet as far as the financial tensions of recent weeks are concerned, the dynamics have changed and they are already turning into a new sense of motivation and determination. Where last week's Full Moon put income and financial forces into conflict, but also on level footing, the balance of power is shifting to income forces this week. As the Sun spends his last full week in your income sector you'll be feeling a lot more confident, aware of how many options and choices you have. However, what is really fuelling a sense of confidence are the professional instincts you move into the week with, just as Venus and Pluto are bringing income and work matters together. This is your first real sense that the tide is turning on the income and work fronts.


While financial tensions are likely to have come to a head over the weekend as Mercury, moving through your income sector, moved into opposition with Uranus, in opposition in your financial sector, not only is this already easing as you move into the new week, but any remaining tension is already turning into motivation. It's helps that Mercury and his smart head for money don't deal in emotional responses, but also that the Moon's position in your career sector in the early days of the week is sharpening your professional instincts. While a need to balance your income and financial priorities will continue, a growing sense of confidence on both fronts makes this much easier to achieve. As life becomes busier, working smarter and with a smart head for money becomes more essential.


While Mars' final days in your income sector were likely to be intense, with the Moon's visit to your financial sector creating financial tension that kept you on your toes, as you move into the new week all that seems to clear. It was Mars' departure from your income sector on Sunday that leaves you with your fighting spirit engaged and any glass ceilings either smashed or with fatal cracks, with this only ever the clearing phase. With the Moon having left your financial sector just hours after Mars left your income sector any financial tension has cleared, leaving you with your financial instincts sharp, a sense of determination but a lack of urgency as the real journey begins. Mars was the muscle needed to get things moving, with the money gods taking it from here.

After months of no activity in either of your money houses, as you move into the new week there is so much financial intensity that it might take you off guard. While it may seem that things have changed overnight the reality is that this is exactly what's happened. Monday is Mars' first full day in your income sector since 2012, but for the first time since 1978 he's returned to find lucky Jupiter in your career sector and for the first time since 1931, Uranus in your work sector at the same time. Welcome to the dream team that will lead things on the income, work and career fronts and especially a partnership between the three. Your chances of smashing through glass ceilings have improved dramatically between the weekend and the start of this new and game changing week.


There is a new sense of professional and financial confidence as you move into the new week, especially when it comes to income matters. This is due to an alliance between Venus and Pluto in the early days of the week, giving Venus' professional desires and expectations a boost in confidence, just as Pluto is spending his last full week in retrograde motion in your income sector. It's on Tuesday that the Sun will move into his final week in your career sector, at the same time that Pluto will move into his final week in retrograde motion in your income sector, with these two teams working together. While the Sun and Venus are revealing the path forward professionally, Pluto is making sure that the past holds no untapped potential before the tide turns next week.


While you'll need to wait until the weekend, the Moon makes an important visit to your financial sector this week, one that can help cement things into place. Since Venus left your financial sector on the 6th September lucky Jupiter has been on his own, not that he needs the support, but it's the Moon's return on Friday that brings a chance to regroup. This will be the Moon's first visit to your financial sector since not only Venus left but your annual financial review ended and Jupiter's more long term mission began. With Jupiter not leaving your financial sector until August 2015 and with this lucky and expansive financial year unfolding throughout that time, it's the Moon's return that brings a chance to regroup, with any intuitive sense of how to approach things moving forward.


While you're not quite out of the woods yet as far as the financial tensions of recent weeks are concerned, with just one more wakeup call to be delivered next week, this is nothing compared to last week, where a Full Moon and other complications saw income and financial forces in fierce competition. However, as you move into the new week this is already turning into a renewed sense of financial confidence but also collaboration, as the money gods work to find a workable balance. It's never just about what you earn or what you spend but the partnership between the two. A high income and high debt or spending cancel each other out, while a lower income and lower debts might put you in a better position. Find a ratio that works for you, at a time when you can do something about it.


While there may be some financial tension in the air as you move into the new week this comes with a smart head for money and a lot of wisdom and hindsight, along with a new and unexpected sense of confidence. It was an opposition between Mercury in your financial sector and Uranus in your income sector over the weekend that brought any financial tension to a head, but any old alarm bells this rang are already likely to have proven false alarms. This week the fortunes improve dramatically for both financial and income forces. On the financial front it's more that a smart head for money is gaining a more purposeful sense of direction. The biggest shift is on the income front, with Mars' return to your career sector over the weekend suddenly opening the door to a whole new raft of options.

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