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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 27 June 2016


With a turnaround on the financial front this week there is a need for a cautious approach to financial and money matters, especially in the early days, choosing to stand back if you can but if action is required, to measure twice and cut once. A month after retrograding back into your financial sector Mars is in his final days in retrograde motion as you move into the new week and due to turn direct on Thursday he's slowing down to a standstill, asking that you simply observe. This is a chance to learn from the past when it comes to what inspires and motivates you, but also what has worked for and against you. The Moon's return to your income sector midweek and position here during Mars' final hours in retrograde motion, as he turns and in his early days in direct motion will give you a nose for money, while creating just enough financial tension to keep you on your toes.


While financial tensions are likely to be easing right back they won't drop off completely until Mercury leaves your income sector on Thursday, nor do you want them to. As the last planet to move through your income sector for the year Mercury and his smart head for money are keeping your head in the game, with any financial tension keeping you on your toes, working to put your income expectations, plans and expectations on a course and with a game plan you're able to work with long after the money gods move on. At the same time, with Saturn moving into his final weeks in retrograde motion in your financial sector this is a valuable chance to address old financial issues, learn from the past and take care of any financial housekeeping, with financial tension keeping you on your toes and also keeping you honest.


As the Sun spends his first full week in your income sector and the solar spotlight falls on your income situation, matters and options it is only to find that you're already half way there. By the time the Sun returned you had already begun to raise the bar on your expectations and to look less at where things are now or to what limits you, but to new and limitless possibilities. What you have is the benefit of having the Sun and Venus in your income sector at the same time, one providing the reality checks needed for an authentic new starting point, with the other providing the motivation to reach new goals. It's not until Mercury returns to your income sector on Thursday that the smart head for money needed to start walking the talk will kick in, bringing you to a point where you're able to start making things happen.


The focus this week is on your professional game, with even the money gods appreciating the need to wear your professional hat. With Venus and Mercury now just weeks away from your income sector and from opening the doors to the most potentially lucrative weeks of 2016, there is a need to start lining up for what is to follow. While the Moon's return to your income sector next week will provide the nose for money needed to start lining up with new doors before they open, for now it is more about having your professional ducks in a row. The Moon's return to your career sector on Monday, just a week on from last week's Full Moon in your work sector and just as you move into the final 10 days of finalising your professional priorities, will bring a valuable chance to get your professional bearings. Get your bearings on the work and career fronts now and the money will follow.


You have reached a major intersection in your financial year, where income forces are starting to streak ahead and will continue to gain momentum and growth over the coming weeks and months, while your focus on financial and money matters may seem to shrink back. It isn't that one becomes more important than the other, just that a different approach is required. With Jupiter due to leave your income sector on the 9th September and support to bring things home kicking in by the end of next month, across the income, work and career fronts, things will only expand from this point on. Yet after Neptune's retrograde turn in your financial sector two weeks ago, Chiron's retrograde turn on Monday shifts all your focus on financial and money matters as a whole onto the rear view mirror, where it will stay for the next five months.


The Moon's return to your financial sector on Monday comes just as a seven day alignment here comes to an end, allowing your financial instincts to kick in and begin processing the valuable clues, hunches and insights gained over the previous week. The main gift gained is a closer awareness and ownership of your financial needs and priorities, able to appreciate what money does and doesn't mean for you and therefore putting you in a position where you're in charge of your own financial reality, rather than money owning you. It's a new sense of clarity and ownership that allows you to make those small choices and decisions that puts the power back in your hands, while stripping money of its power to be any more important than it needs to be. The more financial understanding you gain the more you're aware that it's not about the money.


Despite the fact that you've reached what is destined to be a game changing week for income matters, a week where the tide is due to turn, to begin with it is more important to have your professional hat on. As the Sun and Venus move through your career sector they're shining the solar spotlight on your career and professional situation, matters and options ahead of next week's New Moon, while fuelling your professional confidence, desires and expectations. As new doors continue to open on the career front even more doors open to the past, second chances and untapped potential on the work front, with a strong partnership between the two. This is playing right into the money gods' hands, for with Mars turning direct in your income sector on Thursday they know that as the tide turns having the right professional momentum and support will be priceless.

While there may still be some financial tension or pressure right through to Mercury's departure from your financial sector on Thursday, for the most part this all came to a head during last week's Full Moon, with everything now out in the open. As income forces regroup there will be a chance to take in all that two Full Moons in your income sector over the last six weeks have triggered and start to get a sense of the implications. However, in terms of the potential for what this has really triggered it might take until August because you can count the true costs and benefits. The reality is that the money gods have months to let income matters and opportunities unfold, while they only have until Thursday to tie up loose ends on the financial front. While your annual financial review ended last week, the focus now is finalising your financial game plan.


When the Sun returned to your financial sector last week to begin your annual financial review it was to find that Venus had got there first and this has changed the whole dynamics. While you will still need to have your eyes open and head out of the sand, looking at financial and money matters objectively and realistically, you're also looking beyond 'what is' to what could be. As Venus works to fuel your financial confidence, desires and expectations she asks 'why not'? The Sun's job is to keep it real and by doing so you're able to establish an authentic starting point, but Venus' job is to inspire you to aim higher and expect more. The game changer is Mercury's return on Thursday, bringing the smart head for money into play that's needed to get your head in the game and start making smart financial choices, decisions and plans.


When the Moon left your income sector over the weekend this left you with a nose for money that will prove vital as you tie up loose ends on the work front, especially in light of what is unfolding in the second half of the year. Moving into the week with a nose for money is going to be an advantage in any week, but especially with Mercury not only leaving your work sector on Thursday but wrapping up all the planetary activity for the year. After this the professional gods are going to go dark for a few months, regrouping ahead of major and game changing developments on the career front in early September, one that is set to bring the biggest professional push in over a decade. Moving into these final days with a nose for money and your head in the game allows you to make the smart choices that will put work matters on the most lucrative course.


Monday marks the point where a clear divide between income and financial forces is established. After Neptune's retrograde turn in your income sector two weeks ago, Chiron's retrograde turn on Monday puts all the planets here in retrograde motion, shifting all your income focus onto the past and onto what is now a five month mission to explore and exploit the past, second chances and untapped potential. This comes just as Mars moves into his final three days in retrograde motion in your career sector and while the professional tide is getting ready to turn and new doors are already opening on the work front, this means that the professional gods have already opened a lot of old doors for income potential to exploit. As income forces take the road behind, financial and money matters as a whole take the road ahead, with the potential for growth and expansion over the coming months.


The Moon's return to your income sector on Monday was always going to give you an advantage, with a nose for money that kicks in during the early hours of the week always going to have an influence on the week itself. However, the Moon returns just as a seven day alignment of income forces runs its course and a week on from a Full Moon in your career sector is a chance to regroup. As this is also the Moon's last visit to your income sector before new doors open on the work front in just a few weeks' time, this is also a chance to start looking to the future. With July and August destined to be the most important months of 2016 for income, work and career matters and especially where they all come together, trusting a nose for money and the Eureka moments over the past week is the key to beginning the process of aligning your income and professional approach.

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