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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 23 May 2016


While the Sun's departure from your income sector over the weekend has taken the solar spotlight off income matters this is far from the end of the story, with Monday in particular a day where you're able to bring all the different pieces together. Monday is not only Venus' last full day in your income sector but the day Mercury turns direct, with heart and mind on the same page and for just one day both now looking to the future. Venus' mission is to leave you with the desires and intentions that will give you something to aim for, along with the motivation to keep your eye on the prize over the coming weeks. Not due to leave your income sector until the 13th June, Mercury's focus over the last three weeks has been on the past, with his smart head for money coming with 20/20 hindsight. On Monday the focus shifts to bringing everything together.


There is almost no way that the Sun slipped into your income sector over the weekend unnoticed, even if at this point all you can see is an increase in financial tension without knowing why. It was the Sun's return to your income sector on Saturday and the Moon's to your financial sector on Sunday that created a Full Moon that is still in effect in the early days of the week, but is only part of the reason why financial tensions are running high. Mars, in his final days in your financial sector before retrograding back out over the weekend, is determined to fuel old financial passions and your fighting spirt and his opposition with the Sun in the early days of the week and with Venus, when she returns to your income sector on Tuesday, will add fuel to the fire. Despite how it feels financial tension is a sign things are working, with some glass ceilings getting ready to shatter.


Apart from the Moon's monthly visit to your financial sector midweek the money gods are happy to work behind the scenes, focused more on boosting your financial confidence. Pluto, now in his second month in retrograde motion in your financial sector, is not only in a review phase that will take until September to play out, but old fears and doubts are no longer being supported. A quiet sense of confidence is allowing you to look back and put the past into perspective, especially when it comes to the financial choices and actions you may have made out of fear, ignorance or simply because you didn't know better at the time. When you know better you do better, so this is not about playing the woulda, shoulda, coulda game. The Moon's return to your financial sector midweek is a chance to listen to the financial instincts that now come with 20/20 hindsight.


While there is no need to have your money hat on until later in the week that's not the only reason that the money gods are happy to let the professional gods take the lead, especially in the early days. With the weekend's Full Moon in your work sector still in effect and the income opportunities due to open up midyear direct consequences of the work and career momentum being gained now, the money gods know which side their bread is buttered. With the professional gods not only working to gain as much leverage on the work front as possible but to address any balance issues and to see you work smarter, there is a need to avoid clouding the issue by making money a priority when it's not. Get the professional wheels turning authentically and the money will follow. In the meantime, the Moon's return to your financial sector over the weekend is a chance to get your financial bearings.


As Jupiter moves into just his second full week in direct motion in your income sector support continues to grow. You began the month with the doors open to the past, second chances and untapped potential across the income, work and career fronts but since then the tide has turned on the income front and on Monday Mercury's direct turn in your career sector will see the tide turn there as well. By Tuesday the only door still open to the past will be on the work front, yet as things begin to move forward on the income and career front you'll continue to benefit from the hindsight this provides. Still in his early weeks in direct motion in your income sector Jupiter is in no hurry, with the middle months of the year likely to be the most auspicious and ground breaking. For now it's about slowly moving forward with confidence.


While the Moon left your income sector late last week the nose for money this left you with is priceless, especially as things start to come together professionally. With the Sun in his first full week in your career sector and Venus returning on Tuesday, having a nose for money as new doors open was always going to be priceless, but this isn't where its real value lies. Thanks to both a Full Moon that is still in play in the early days of the week and planetary oppositions in play, work/life balance tensions could be running high in the early days of the week, as you adjust to having career matters back in play for the first time in 11 months. By holding onto and trusting a nose for money you'll find it easier to work smarter, which is what it is all about. With just over five weeks to get career matters up to speed you can't afford to waste time barking up the wrong tree.


Until now the money gods have been very focused on financial and money matters and with all the planetary activity in your financial sector at the moment that's not surprising. However, when the Moon left your income sector on Sunday this left you with more than a nose for money, but a sense that something is about to shift. With Mars due to retrograde back into your income sector over the weekend for a rare double dip visit, one that will open the doors to the past, second chances and untapped potential, holding onto the nose for money you move into the week with is vital. However, while the Sun left your financial sector over the weekend, with Mercury turning direct here on Monday and Venus leaving on Tuesday there will be plenty of distractions. Keep a nose for money in your back pocket, with the early part of the week all about financial and money matters as a whole.

While moving into a week with the Moon in your income sector is always an advantage, giving you a nose for money from the get go and even more so with a Full Moon unfolding, this will come at a price. That price is financial tension, which could extend further into the week than you might expect, with the Full Moon just a front for the volatile conditions the Sun's return to your financial sector over the weekend has created. This isn't a challenge in itself and in fact this kicks off your annual financial review, allowing you to get financial and money matters out in the open, with Venus' return on Tuesday a chance to fuel your financial confidence, desires and expectations. The problem comes from the fact that this comes just as Mars is retrograding back out of your income sector, putting them in opposition. Yet this is raising the bar and acting as a trigger on both fronts.


While this is a fairly low key week for the money gods, what activity you do have is positive and extremely timely. It's the Moon's return to your income sector on Tuesday and position here mid week that not only gives you a nose for money but a chance to tap into the planetary forces in play here. The only planet in either of your two money houses is Pluto, in retrograde motion in your income sector, so for that reason alone the Moon's return midweek is a chance to touch base. However, with lucky Jupiter in just his second full week in direct motion in your career sector, Mercury turning direct in your work sector on Monday and Venus leaving on Tuesday, this will see a nose for money kick in during what is an extremely important week for both work and career matters. Above all trust a growing sense of both professional and financial confidence.


While the Moon won't return to your income sector until Friday and you'll be without any support from the money gods until then, the timing couldn't be better and is well worth the wait. Until then the Moon isn't going to be too popular, especially not with the Sun who returned to your work sector over the weekend and Venus who returns on Tuesday, with a Full Moon in effect as you move into the week creating some real pressure and wakeup calls. You've waited for months for any kind of support from the professional gods and you finally get it, only to find that it comes with a bucket load of pressure. However, work tensions should start to ease from Thursday, making the Moon's return to your income sector on Friday a timely chance to make up for the bumpy start. By that point work pressure will be turning into motivation anyway, with a nose for money the icing on the cake.


There is a quiet sense of confidence growing on both the income and financial fronts and that is something that only just came about over the weekend. While a general sense of financial confidence has been on the rise for several weeks and more so when Jupiter turned direct in your financial sector earlier in the month, but until now this hasn't stretched to include confidence on the income front. That started to change over the weekend, thanks to the Moon's return to your career sector, a visit that only ended on Sunday. Apart from allowing you to move into the week with your professional instincts sharp this has left you with clues to some major shifts ahead, clues that will come to fruition when Mars retrogrades back into your career sector over the weekend. What you got and income forces got a small taste of last weekend was the support that will kick in for real this weekend.


All the money gods can do this week is stand by in support, ready to reap the benefits of the Full Moon unfolding in your career sector as you move into the week, but also from the work/life balance tensions and issues that are likely to hit you in the face from the get go. The reality is that the week is going to get off to a bumpy start and not just because of the weekend's Full Moon which extends into the early days of the week. The Sun's return to your home and family sector over the weekend and Venus' on Tuesday puts them on a collision course with Mars, retrograding back out of your income sector. This creates a week where your home and professional lives are in competition, yet the planets in your income sector are supporting both. Ready to make money from any professional leverage created, the money gods will use any wakeup calls as the motivation needed to work smarter.

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