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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 05 December 2016


There is a chance this week to step right back and let money matters settle. While the Moon's return to your income sector over the weekend, for the most part the less you can make it about the money the better. This doesn't mean not taking responsibility for money matters or care of the things that need addressing, just no longer reinventing the wheel. If you don't have a game plan by now you are financially savvy enough to know how to address things once they crop up. The real distinction this week is that it is the money gods that have steps, leaving you in charge. In the meantime, the Moon's return to your income sector over the weekend will be invaluable for a number of reasons. As well as giving you a nose for money as things start to come together professionally, coming full circle from last month's Full Moon this could trigger unexpected income developments.


While Mercury's departure from your financial sector over the weekend has left you with the smart head for money needed to keep your head in the game, there was no call to finalise your financial game plan. That is surprising, for that is what Mercury returns for each year. Yet returning in the New Year for a rare double dip visit, Mercury knows that a lot of water is due to pass under the bridge between now and then and this is too soon to finalise anything. It is the Sun and Saturn's alignment over the weekend, the last in your financial sector for another three decades that will bring you face to face with the home truths needed to take your power back. With this comes a sense of what's possible and that whatever you commit to, you have the full power and might of the money gods behind you.


While your annual financial review doesn't begin until just before Christmas, even before Mercury's return over the weekend this is something that, this year you have a jump on. With Mars been and gone you've already had a chance to fuel your financial passions and fighting spirit and until she leaves on Thursday, Venus will be fuelling your financial confidence and motivation. Mercury's return has brought the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game and start working on your financial game plan, but missing is any kind of urgency. Normally moving through in just 15 days, Mercury is already slowing down and before the Sun even gets here will be in retrograde motion, with plenty of time to explore all your options. This makes Venus' final days more about wishful thinking, giving you something to aim for and work towards.


Even with the Moon in your financial sector, your financial instincts sharp, your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground from the get go, it is impossible to fully appreciate this week's shift, until it happens. To begin with, the Moon and Mars' alignment in your financial sector on Monday is putting your financial instincts, passions and fighting spirit on the same page, giving you a better sense of what you're fighting for. You know you're feeling a lot more confident and a lot more motivated and the Moon is only going to confirm that, but what this does bring is a better sense of where to direct this. It is Venus' return to your financial sector on Thursday that is the game changer. Returning to fire up your financial confidence, only to find Mars already firing up your financial passions and fighting spirit, this is when the real motivation will kick in.


While the tide finished turning on the financial front last week, it is not until the Moon returns midweek and your financial instincts kick in that you'll appreciate the full extent. While the Moon will always sharpen your financial instincts and fuel some strong emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses, it is where they draw your attention that is different this time around. Instead of being drawn to past financial situations and matters, as is normally the case, your attention will be drawn towards the future. However, this isn't what will take you by surprise, rather the degree of anticipation that kicks in. All of a sudden you're not just looking to the future, you're excited about getting stuck in and making things happen. For as you look to the future, there on the road moving towards you is Mars, with the warrior planet of the cosmos arriving before Christmas.


After an alliance between Jupiter and Mars the planets of luck and war in the final days of last week, this allows you to move into the week with a new sense of confidence and determination across the income and work fronts. You're starting to get a sense of what's possible, yet even then there is a deeper bridge between income and job matters this week, one that is set to convince even the most sceptical among you, that you're moving into exceptional times. While financial tensions are once more building, especially in the second half of the year, if you stop to listen to what your financial instincts and strong emotional responses are telling you, you'll discover this has little to do with the money itself. If you look beyond both what you respond to and look at why, you may discover something more valuable than money.


Over the course of the year and especially over recent months, the money and professional gods have been in a symbiotic relationship, with income and work forces in particular relying on each other for support. Until just a few weeks ago it was income forces keeping limping work matters afloat, but already there are signs that this has changed, with even more this week. With both ongoing income developments and untapped potential now in the hands of the professional gods, if work matters remain stalled that's not going to help you. However, you should start to see the first signs of job movement this week and even a sense that a trickle is set to turn into a torrent this side of Christmas. For now, the best you can do for both untapped and ongoing income potential is to keep your work rather than your money hat on. In the second half of the week in particular, trust your gut.

In the lead up to the Sun and Saturn's alignment in your income sector over the weekend, while it is important to have your eyes open and head out of the sand, it is also more about paying attention than over thinking things. Mercury's departure from your income sector over the weekend left you with a smart head for money and an intellectually savvy edge, but returning in the New Year it is too soon to finalise your game plan. If there are contracts that need to be signed or decisions that need to be made now, then trust that you've got the smart head for money and transparency to trust your own judgement. It's where there is no urgent need that you can afford to let things unfold. In the lead up to the weekend's alignment you're starting to suspect the potential you have to take your power back, ready to make a firm and determined stand.


Mercury's return to your income sector over the weekend has given you the smart head for money needed to have your head in the game from the get go, yet thanks to the Moon you're also starting the week with your nose for money spot on. This comes just as a transition is taking place, one that is shifting the focus from a motivation based one, to a phase where it is more about walking the talk. Until Venus leaves your income sector on Thursday you're still in a motivation phase, getting a sense of what's possible while your confidence and a sense of entitlement is being fuelled. Yet already you're starting to flex your mental muscles, turning in both a nose and a smart head for money, ready to take over and shift the focus onto walking the talk. Yet missing is any kind of urgency, with the money gods giving you time to explore all your options.


Starting the week with the Moon in your income sector is always an advantage, giving you a nose for money from the get go, but aligned with Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos you've also got a better sense of what you're fighting for. Mars moves into his final two weeks in your income sector on Monday, so this comes just as a new sense of urgency starts to develop and just as you're ready to fight for what you deserve. Yet with Venus just days away by then, picking this up on your radar will bring a new sense of anticipation into play. This is on top of a new sense of professional and financial confidence that an alignment of career and income forces late last week has triggered, making it easier to believe what a nose for money is telling you. While you've had a sense that breaking through some glass ceilings was possible, you're just starting to suspect how big they are.


While the Moon returns to your income sector each month, sharpening your nose for money, providing some valuable clues, hunches and insights and giving you a chance to get your bearings, the information coming back this week is remarkably different. Moving through during the middle days of the week, this is when a nose for money will be sharpest and you'll start to suspect that the tide has turned. Yet, by the time the Moon leaves on Tuesday there will not only be a sense that the tide has turned, but as you look to the future new opportunities are already coming into view. With Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos returning to your income sector before Christmas, where you might have been considering your options for 2017, you're now aware that this year has yet to run its course. With so much having been invested professionally, there is plenty of untapped income potential.


It is clear from the get go that income and financial forces are still in active competition and this is only going to increase over the coming weeks. You'll reduce a lot of the friction and financial tension once you appreciate that both sides bring nothing but opportunities and that the more you can focus equally on money coming in and money going out, the better. You're likely to start the week with an almost bullish sense of financial confidence, fuelled over the weekend by support from Mars that has inspired your imagination and allowed you to think outside the square. For the first time in 12 years you're moving into the final weeks of the year with lucky Jupiter in your financial sector, with that confidence well founded. In the meantime, the Moon's return to your income sector on Thursday will sharpen your nose for money, just as things come together professionally.

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