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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 21 August 2017


It is not until the weekend that there is any focus on money matters and that will suit the money gods just fine. Last week began with the Moon in your income sector, which gave you a chance to sharpen your nose for money and tap back into a lucrative sense of direction. After months of planetary activity ended last month that was all that you needed. With Mercury in his last full week in your work sector, the Moon returning on Tuesday and the Sun on Wednesday, that nose for money will come in handy this week. It is the Moon's return to your financial sector over the weekend that will fuel your financial instincts and imagination. This time the focus is on money matters as a whole and it is just when lucky Jupiter is less than seven weeks away. With your biggest year for financial growth in over a decade just around the corner, these monthly visits by the Moon have become a lot more important.


You have reached such an important point in your financial year that there is a need to approach money matters with respect and your full attention. What makes this week so important, is that over the weekend Saturn will turn direct in your financial sector. This will end his third retrograde phase in as many years, a retrograde phase that began in April. Since returning in 2014, Saturn has spent the middle months of each year in retrograde motion, with a chance to spend time back at the drawing board, as you review and go back over money matters. However, when Saturn turns direct over the weekend this will end his last retrograde phase here for another 28 years. This makes the time until then an important time to look back over money matters, in a way that allows you to take ownership of the past. For this is the key to taking your power back, ready for when Saturn's direct turn, turns the tide on your financial year.


If the week starts with some financial tension it will be a small price to pay. For this is one week where you want to pay attention. The start of the week is so intense, with a total solar eclipse in the mix and some massive other developments that it could be easy to misinterpret financial tension as a sign that something is wrong. In reality this couldn't be more right. Ceres and Pluto, two dwarf planets with enormous influence, are getting to the heart of how to balance money coming in and money going out. This comes at a time when you are going through a mental reboot. The Moon is already in an intellectual part of your chart and the build up to the solar eclipse is underway from the get go. As the Moon steps in front of the Sun this will temporarily block that intellectual energy from coming through, only for it to switch back on as the Moon passes over. The eclipse will turn your internal operating system off and then back on again. This is a major reboot.


To start with all the focus is on the total solar eclipse in the early part of the week, making it impossible to see past the first two days. Which is why you shouldn't even try. There is a rich and vibrant week beyond that, but that can wait until Wednesday. To start with all the focus is on your income sector, yet it is not just about the money and it is not just about what will be triggered on the day. Your income sector does rule earned income and what is being triggered in the early part of the week has the potential for a major breakthrough. What is significant is the support from the professional gods now, but also over the coming weeks. This is setting wheels in motion that will continue. However, this is not just about the money, with a chance for a complete reboot when it comes to your whole value system.


Chances are the solar eclipse in Leo at the start of the week will be so blinding that you won't notice what is building on the income front. Mercury, in his last full week in your income sector before retrograding back out later next week, is happy to stand back. He is more focused on taking time out to reflect anyway, so is pleased with the distraction. However it is on Tuesday, just hours after the solar eclipse, that the Moon turns its focus onto income matters. The Sun's return to your income sector on Wednesday will see him reunite with the Moon, with the two still buzzing from the solar eclipse. As the Moon's nose for money and Mercury's smart head for money fuse, so too will Mercury's 20/20 hindsight and the Moon's ability to read between the lines and join the dots. By the time the Sun turns the solar spotlight onto your income situation, matters and options, you're likely to be stunned.


While everything else this week might be dwarfed by the solar eclipse at the start of the week, this is destined to have unexpected financial implications. This eclipse falls in the final hours of your old solar year and has a chance to reboot your imagination and just the way you look at things. The reason why that is important financially, is that just as the Sun and Moon align, they both move into an exact friendly aspect to Uranus, in retrograde motion in your financial sector. Uranus is the 'great awakener', the planet responsible for Eureka moments and flashes of inspiration. At the very moment of the eclipse an energy charge will pass from the eclipse to the very centre of your financial game. A solar eclipse is a major reboot and Uranus is the great awakener. Between them, this could see your whole attitude to money matters shift, with some major Eureka moments.


In the lead up to her departure from your career sector over the weekend, Venus is a planet on a mission or more aptly, a planet on many missions. Having aligned with Ceres last week and before that with Neptune on the work front, Venus is on a mission to get to the heart of your dreams and aspirations on the job and career fronts. Thanks to Ceres you are also on a quest to find a deeper sense of purpose. However, Venus is also the planet of money and you had the auspicious fortune of having the Moon here when Venus returned three weeks ago. It was that nose for money from the get go that had a huge impact on Venus' secondary mission. That secondary mission is to point your professional year in a lucrative sense of direction. For this was your first clue to the massive income opportunities ahead. It is over the weekend that the Moon will return to your income sector to help cement that sense of direction.

As much as the focus this week and especially in the early part of the week is on the solar eclipse on the career front, this is a massive week across the income, work and career fronts. So much so that this is the week that everything until now has lead up to and everything from now will lead on from. The solar eclipse at the start of the week has a direct link to forces on the job front, giving both job and career matters a major jump start. However, it is Saturn's direct turn in your income sector over the weekend that will see the tide turn, allowing income matters to get caught up in the tide that is sweeping your professional year forward. Saturn's final days in retrograde motion are a chance to look back, with his direct turn 'the' major turning point in your financial year.


Don't be put off by a bit of financial tension at the start of the week, for in reality this is exciting. This is the last opposition between income and financial forces this year and it is not only an exciting one, it comes with perfect timing. Until Wednesday Ceres, moving through your financial sector, is in opposition with Pluto in your income sector. This is just their third opposition here in your lifetime and the first, last and only full opposition here with Venus, planet of money on board. Ceres and Pluto are both dwarf planets and are equal in many ways. The most important way is their determination to see you succeed. Ceres is the queen of nurturing and Pluto the king of change. With Venus leaving your financial sector over the weekend and Juno turning direct in your income sector just hours later, this is a chance to change things up on both fronts.


The total solar eclipse at the start of the week is literally too big to fit into just one week. Its sheer power and intensity are too much to absorb in one hit and will continue to play out for at least another month, if not the rest of the year and beyond. Unlike the lunar eclipse in your income sector two weeks earlier, this week's solar eclipse has the Sun and Moon laser focused on your financial situation and money matters. Falling in both the Sun and Moon's final hours in your financial sector and as a rerun from last month's New Moon, this is a solar eclipse that has the power to completely reboot your financial situation and money matters. The Moon will leave on Tuesday and the Sun on Wednesday, but the jump start from the eclipse will continue. When Venus returns over the weekend, as the planet of money she will know how to exploit this. Expect Mars' financial passions and fighting spirit to get a major reboot as well.


It is no wonder the money gods are hanging back at first, not wanting or needing to get in the way of the solar eclipse at the start of the week. Both income and money matters not only know that they can afford to wait, they will actively avoid getting caught up in any of the intensity. And no wonder, for this is a good week on both fronts. Even after Venus leaves your work sector over the weekend, support between income and work matters will continue to grow. At the same time, with the Moon returning to your financial sector on Tuesday and the Sun on Wednesday, money matters can afford to wait. Instead, Mercury will be making the most of his final hours on his own and while the focus can remain on the rear view mirror. For while the Sun and Moon will return to open new doors on the financial front, in retrograde motion Mercury is more focused on retracing his steps.


It would seem obvious to assume that a total solar eclipse on the work front at the start of the week would have positive implications on the income front. However, what you won't expect or see coming is just how positive and potentially game changing this could be. This is a huge professional week, with a solar eclipse at the start of the week offering a major reboot on the job front, while there is a major turnaround on the career front later in the week. What draws income matters into the mix is not just that there is a general sense of support, but a very specific link. On Monday and Tuesday, right in the heart of the build up to and during the eclipse, the Sun is aligned with Uranus, in your income sector. Whatever electric charge jump starts things on the job front will travel out to income matters and jump start them as well.

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