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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 27 June 2016


Venus, planet of beauty might be taking a low key and more mundane approach to fashion this week, choosing to keep it simple, easy and low maintenance, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with this. Soon a desire to bring more fun, colour and playfulness into your life and wardrobe will kick in, but for now it's about knowing what works for you.


An important week for friendship and relationship building and for socialising in general is likely to see the laws of synchronicity in effect, especially when it comes to bumping into or catching up with old friends. The fashion gods are onto this, giving you an innate sense of knowing how much effort is required or the message you want to send, making this a week that is less about planning and more about trusting your gut.


Venus, planet of beauty is on a mission to boost your confidence and she's pulling out all the stops. Whether by challenging old excuses or presenting you with professional opportunities that allow you to dress to impress, the more you can put yourself out there the better. The fashion gods can only meet you half the way and there will be times when you have to fake it till you make it.


As she moves through Cancer Venus, planet of beauty is playing a vital part in your birthday month and especially in the lead up to next week's New Moon, one that will give you a chance to commit to this new solar year, the future and the journey ahead. As well as a chance to follow your heart, Venus is encouraging you to express the real you, adopting a look that is unique to you.


As Venus, planet of beauty moves through a nostalgic part of your chart she is already evoking a sense of nostalgia that is influencing your fashion focus, but this moves to a whole new extreme this week. Teaming up with dreamy Neptune this is igniting your imagination, giving you the confidence to go all out to fully embrace a nostalgic trip down fashion's memory lane.


There is a sense of synchronicity in the air this week and right in the middle of things is Venus, planet of beauty, reaching the heart of her annual visit to a social and serendipitous part of your chart. As well as triggering the laws of attraction and synchronicity, those that have the power to put you in the right place at the right time, Venus will send the clues ahead of time that will help you make the right impression, almost by accident.


Venus, planet of beauty takes a commanding position as she moves through your career sector, on a mission to not only update your professional image but to fuel your professional confidence, desires and expectations. As you begin to know who you are and what you're after, you'll find the confidence to send the kind of message that says 'I mean business'. It's time to come out from the shadows.

Venus, planet of beauty and all the fashion gods are encouraging you to take a more adventurous approach to both life and fashion this week. This is giving you the confidence to start moving out of a rut, fashion or otherwise, mainly by showing you that the walls of your comfort zone were only ever figments of your imagination. As far as you're concerned there are no fashion rules.


Venus, planet of beauty is in one of the strongest positions she's been in all year and this is giving you a new sense of confidence on the fashion front. As a desire for change and more passion in your life and wardrobe takes hold, you'll be ready to make bolder moves and may even start to consider a makeover. It's time to get down off the fashion fence.


From her position on the other side of the sky Venus, planet of beauty is challenging your excuses and may also be applying some pressure, but this has nothing to do with fashion emergencies or asking you to raise the bar and put more effort in. Instead Venus is looking into your heart and knowing the real you she is challenging you to express that, rather than being an imitation of anybody else.


All focus is on income, work and career matters this week as the professional and money gods come together to create the potential for a real turnaround. Right in the midst of this is Venus, planet of beauty, who from her position in your work sector is not only fuelling your confidence, desires and expectations and attracting opportunities, but is giving you the means to update your professional image in a way that shows you mean business.


As she moves through a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart Venus, planet of beauty is gaining some serious support and that is transforming into a new sense of confidence. All of a sudden bringing more fun, colour and romance into your life and your wardrobe isn't a want, it is a must.

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