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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 29 June 2015


As Venus and Jupiter, the planets of beauty and luck align in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart midweek, this not only creates a lucky and auspicious week, but brings you to a point where you'll likely to find the courage and confidence to express yourself. Where you've toyed with the idea of bringing more colour and creativity into your wardrobe, it's time now to make it happen.


As Venus, planet of beauty aligns with Jupiter, the largest and most powerful planet in the solar system she'll absorb a lot of his power and confidence, bringing a new sense of confidence to your fashion choices and the statement you want to make. For some time now you've wanted to simplify things and do it your way, with a chance this week to make a stand.


You'll not only find the courage and confidence to express yourself verbally this week, but to make a statement through your fashion choices. You're not only aware that a picture paints 1,000 words and that what you wear sends a message, but you're a master in doing this eloquently and with style.


Just a week into your birthday month and new solar year and already you're likely to have taken your power back, with a new passion for life and a growing sense of confidence already being felt on the fashion front. You've reached a point in the year where being anything than authentic and true to who you are is no longer an option, with the time having come to walk in your own shoes and express yourself in the way you want to.


Venus, planet of beauty is not only moving through your sign, she reaches a point this week where instead of leaving she's digging in her toes, bringing a new sense of confidence and determination. Not only do you need to express yourself authentically, creating an image that expresses the real you, but you're no longer doing this to impress others, with all your motivation coming from within.


A sense of nostalgia only deepens this week, with its real influence being felt on the fashion front and with matters of the heart. Normally Venus spends less than 4 weeks in a nostalgic part of your chart each year, too short to spend too much time or money on a retro look, only to see a desire for a new look set in a few weeks later. This nostalgic bent is not only here to stay it deepens, making it something that is worth investing in.


While your professional star is on the rise and you've reached a week where across the income, work and career fronts everything is coming together, as far as your professional image is concerned or too much focus on your professional look, you've been there and done that. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and with your professional image already down pat the fashion gods are more focused on your social life.

There is some dispute between the stars this week, with playful and adventurous forces joining forces to balance out what is a huge week for both work and career matters. However Venus, planet of beauty is in no doubt which side of the fence she's on, having teamed up with the professional gods weeks ago, going all out to create a professional image that matches the opportunities unfolding.


There is a sense of rebellion in the air this week, especially on the fashion front, where a sense of adventure is making it hard to blend into the background or stay in a fashion rut. Venus has already spent several weeks evoking a desire for a more adventurous approach to your fashion choices, but this week she gets a boost in support just as you get a boost in confidence.


Sometimes it's not what happens within the stars and more to do with timing that makes something significant and that's the case this week. For while Venus, planet of beauty has been bringing a desire for change for several weeks now, just as she teams up with lucky Jupiter midweek to give this a more powerful voice, a Full Moon in your sign wakes you up to your real needs. This could see a sense of rebellion kick in, ready to change things up.


Your biggest challenge this week will be finding a balance between work and play, with powerful forces on the income, work and career fronts coming together just as playful forces become a lot more urgent. Over recent months Venus, planet of beauty has sat on both sides of the fence and while you may struggle to find the right balance in other areas of your life, on the fashion front you'll know exactly when and how to slip into and out of work mode.


While there is a battle being waged between work and playful forces this week Venus, planet of beauty is clear which side of the fence she's on. With the Sun and Mars in their first full week in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart having more fun, colour and creativity in your life is a must but it's also something Venus has already introduced into your wardrobe and this week is working with the professional gods to ensure your professional image is spot on.

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