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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 25 July 2016


As she spends her last full week in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart Venus, planet of beauty is on a mission to bring the fun, colour and romance back into your wardrobe and she has the support of the Sun this week. The Sun is coming out in your life and while you have some busy weeks ahead, the fashion gods are ignoring this for now.


While the fashion gods are keeping it simple this week, this is part of a wider push to make your life as user friendly as possible. While the fashion gods will begin to focus on bringing more fun, colour and romance back into your life and your wardrobe from next week, they are also aware that life is only going to be busier over the coming weeks.


There is a chance this week to take a smart approach to everything in your life but especially your wardrobe, realising that it really is a case of mind over matter and if you put your mind to it anything is possible. There is no excuses for letting fashion emergencies catch you off guard or to let your wardrobe run away on you. You're the one in control.


On a mission to boost your confidence Venus, planet of beauty is a planet that will always be on the lookout for a shortcut, with her motto being 'why do it the hard way if there is an easy way'. The fashion gods could spend weeks boosting your confidence or they could encourage you to simply fake it till you make it, which they're likely to do.


As she spends her last full week in your sign Venus, planet of beauty is not only giving you the confidence to express yourself and your individuality, she brings a clear sense of what you do and don't want. It is that inability to get off the fence and confidence in your decision making that makes this the ideal week to go shopping for a new look for this new solar year.


While the wind down of your old solar year is now under way and even Venus, planet of beauty is taking you on a nostalgic trip down fashion's memory lane, this is something the fashion gods are giving lip service to at best. They're not here to stay and are only passing through and by as early as next week the fashion gods will be more focused on a new look.


While you have a social and serendipitous week on your hands, one where your calendar is likely to be busy and fate will be working to put you in the right place at the right time, this is something that the fashion gods are right into. With Venus, planet of beauty involved there will be a push against creating fashion emergencies where there are none, instead encouraging you to listen to your gut as you decide what to wear each day.

As she spends her last full week in your career sector Venus, planet of beauty will be working to attract professional opportunities and boost your professional confidence, desires and expectations, but she's also focused on putting the finishing touches on your professional image. This has nothing to do with dressing to impress and everything to do with looking and feeling the part.


While Venus' return to your career sector next week will bring a chance to update your professional image just as you move into some of the most important professional weeks of the year, for now her last full week in an adventurous part of your chart is more about non conformity. Venus is working to bring a sense of adventure into your life and your wardrobe.


You'll find it hard to remain sitting on the fashion fence this week with Venus, planet of beauty's last full week in a passionate and change focused part of your chart all about going bold or going home. Due to leave early next week Venus is evoking a desire for change or even for a total makeover. You get to choose.


While the fashion gods are likely to be challenging your excuses and putting pressure on you this week, any fashion emergencies are likely to be of your making, for that's not what they are about. They don't want you to put in more effort or make fashion a bigger deal than it needs to be, with all their challenges about being true to yourself, willing to express the real you.


As she spends her last full week in your work sector Venus, planet of beauty is playing with the big boys, aware that over the weekend you will move into a game changing two week period across the income, work and career fronts. As well as fuelling your confidence, desires and expectations and working to attract opportunities, Venus is giving you the confidence to look and feel the part, updating your professional image if you want.

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