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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 19 June 2017


When Venus is in this part of your zodiac, she wants to be indulged, and you I'm afraid, have been designated to grant her requests. You'll be on the hunt for that little bit extra when it comes to quality, and some good standards like linen jackets and silky pleated skirts are always loyal candidates. Gracious, feminine and oh so smart are your calls to fame this week Aries.


The heat is on and your desires for fashion are sizzling hot and spicy. You aim to stun your fans this week while Venus is calling the shots in your personal zone, and she is in the mood for power dressing! Fire engine red, bold cuts and solids in courageous styles and colours are all your go to Taurus. Dazzle the crowds with your initiative.


Fanciful fairy, and mystical mermaid are your themes this week, as Venus retires to contemplate the more sensitive ideals of life in the fashion world. There's something very whimsical about your preferences and you'll look best in soft dreamy garments that will mirror your inner expression. Silk, chiffon and romantic velvet in gentle moonlight colours should definitely give you what you are looking for.


This week Venus is inclined to play, and your wardrobe is the perfect amusement park for her. You'll love dabbling in the mix it up game, and you may even change your style completely from one day to the next. One thing is for sure though, funky is in, and so are big bold bursts of boisterous colour. Splash it on and watch the heads spin in your direction!


Venus is still in your professional sector, and hungry for honour this week as she gives it all she's got on the corporate cat walk. She really does believe that clothes make the man, and she has you projecting that image all the way to the top floor. Your approach should be subtle, dignified and powerful. I'm thinking tailored suits and uncluttered linen shirts!


In the mood for a safari? Venus is, and she seeks being comfortable over everything else. Smart casual, but with an exotic flavour is what I'm talking about. Mix it up as best as possible and remember that one stunning piece of jewellery is always a winner when it comes to accessorising a casual garment. Have some fun with plaid pants, or three quarter jeans and knit vests. Find something foreign and wear it like an ex pat!


Venus has everyone guessing this week as she dominates the fashion scene from a very powerful place in your zodiac. Naught V, she wants to shock, so you may have to temper her a bit. Edgy is definitely on the cards though, and you may be hauling out the little black number that has been pining away in your wardrobe for months. Intense and enigmatic is where you're at Libra, stun them with your mysterious aura!

Oh how sweet she is, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth! That's Venus in your relationship zone that I'm talking about, and she is determined to make a good impression on everyone she meets this week. Your fashion sense is creative but carefully balanced to meet aesthetic values and to flaunt your feminine side. You'll look fabulous in long flowing designs that give off an ageless beauty. Silk blouses and floor length skirts are definitely en vogue for you Scorpio.


By this time Venus has probably had you cleaning up your cupboards, as she seeks to ensure practical, flawless detail while she is in this part of your zodiac. Your fashion preferences this week will lean towards a more classic, pragmatic and modest look, as you scan your shelves for the perfectly coordinated fabric combinations. Don't even bother to don anything bright or outlandish, it will only make you bilious!


Your creativity button is ignited and the mood is dramatically flamboyant! You can thank Venus, the queen of style, who is performing up a storm in your entertainment zone this week. Gold, bronze, topaz and burnt oranges are all colours that you gravitate towards as you long for your glamorous ensemble to stand out in the crowd. Try some fun colours through your hair while you are about it, or an armful of glittering bangles. Be the difference!


Venus has endowed you with a taste for radiant elegance and understated chic this week as she celebrates the art of femininity from within the safety of your home sector. You are the quintessential domestic goddess, with a twist of sexy beast thrown in for good measure. Choose liquid garments that slip across your curves in sumptuous fabrics like silk and merino for the best hot mama look.


With Venus still in a very fresh and trendy part of your zodiac this week, you will be on the lookout for some fun styles that effortlessly transport you from the office to the café. What about mixing lime greens with sunshine yellows for a crisp no fuss appearance that leaves your onlookers with a taste of citrus? Cartoon T shirts with cheeky slogans, over denim pedal pants are also a hot choice for you Pisces.

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