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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 05 December 2016


Venus, planet of beauty is on the move this week and with that comes a shift in focus for the fashion gods. In her final days in your career sector, Venus will not only be working to fuel your professional confidence, desires and expectations and attract opportunities, but help you update your professional image. By the weekend your fashion focus is likely to shift more to your social life.


Even when Venus, planet of beauty leaves an adventurous part of your chart on Thursday and shifts her focus to boosting your professional confidence and updating your professional image, a desire for adventure is unlikely to drop off. It's still time to move out of a fashion rut, with the focus simply shifting to moving your professional image out of a rut.


While there is a change of focus from the fashion gods this week, it is one that you will barely notice, especially as you will lose nothing and gain an additional edge. For the past few weeks there has been a desire to bring more passion into your life and your wardrobe, whereas this week this expands to a desire for more adventure as well. It's time to move out of a fashion rut.


A drive for change and to bring more passion into your life has been underway for several weeks now, but it is later this week that the fashion gods jump on board, with far reaching consequences. A desire for change is likely to impact every aspect of your approach to fashion and before the New Year may even inspire a makeover.


Until she leaves your work sector on Thursday Venus, planet of beauty will be doing her best to not only leave you with a clear sense of where your heart stands, but the confidence to look and play the part. As you move into some important relationship building weeks there is little danger of losing yourself, with the fashion gods urging you to regain your individuality.


While Venus, planet of beauty will begin the week on a familiar theme, evoking a desire to bring more fun, colour and creativity into your life and your wardrobe, things become more work focused by the weekend. While returning to your work sector to boost your job confidence and help you look and feel the part, Venus will also work to ensure life doesn't become all work and no play.


While the week may start in a fairly mundane way, at least as far as your fashion focus is concerned, by the weekend it will have caught what is fast becoming a virulent passion for fun, colour and romance. Where Mars is already working to bring the fun, colour and passion back into your life, it is from Thursday that the fashion gods will jump on board.

If you're going to take a smart approach to fashion, whether by getting on top of your wardrobe or just organising your fashion requirements, get onto it in the early part of the week. It is in the later part of the week and from Thursday in particular, that you're likely to lose your taste for anything complicated and especially for fashion emergencies.


On a mission to boost your confidence, the fashion gods have reached a point where they are now encouraging you to walk the talk. Unable to hold your hand forever, they're looking for smarter ways to jump start this, aware the quickest way is to simply fake it till you make it. The more you're tempted to over think things, the more likely you are to doubt yourself.


Knowing that by the time she leaves Capricorn on Thursday that your birthday month and new solar year is still two weeks away Venus, planet of beauty will be doing her best to leave with the means to express the real you. If you haven't already developed a new look for your new solar or calendar year, Venus is working to leave you with a clear sense of what that is.


There is a fairly dramatic change in focus this week, with the fashion gods creating a sense of romantic nostalgia during the early part of the week, then shifting on Thursday to fuel a desire for something new. No, the fashion gods aren't being fickle with Venus, planet of beauty's return to Aquarius triggering the shift in focus.


While there is a lot of focus on both your personal and professional social life this week and to begin with, this is where the fashion gods are directing their focus that will change by the weekend. It is Venus, planet of beauty's return to a nostalgic part of your chart on Thursday that brings you to the start of a nostalgic trip down fashion's memory lane.

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