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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 19 September 2016


The early days of the week is not the time to create fashion emergencies where there are none, with tensions possibly running high. Yet from this is likely to emerge a new call for authenticity and the right to express the real you. By the weekend a bold new sense of confidence and need for self expression is likely to take hold, as a desire to bring more passion and change into your life and your wardrobe kicks in.


An ongoing battle to find a balance between work and play reaches fever pitch this week, with major work developments winning this tug of war. Yet the fashion gods are backing both sides, with desires fuelled over recent months to bring more fun and colour into your life and your wardrobe still just as strong. Yet as major work developments unfold, you're also finding the confidence to dress to impress at work.


In her final days in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart Venus, planet of beauty is doing her best to not just bring more fun and colour into your life and into your wardrobe, but to leave you with the confidence to carry on what she has begun. Not due to leave until the weekend, make your life and your wardrobe as rainbow like as possible.


To begin with a need for work/life balance is likely to filter into every aspect of your life and on the fashion front in particular, with little or no taste for creating fashion emergencies where there are none. Life is just too short to dress to impress and the more you can rebel from this the better. It's over the weekend that you're likely to notice a change, with a desire to bring more fun and colour into your life and your wardrobe kicking in with a vengeance.


At the same time that the Sun is working to boost your confidence the fashion gods are urging you to express yourself in a way that allows you to express that confidence. Imagine if you had the confidence to not care what was trending, what was in and what was out this season or what anyone else thought and instead you were free to express the real you. You won't have to imagine it, with the fashion gods allowing you to live it this week.


As your birthday month comes to an end and the Sun gets ready to leave Virgo on Friday, expressing the real you and rocking a new look for this new solar year is not only important, but incredibly easy to do. Chances are you're already doing it, with the fashion gods having got in early this year, giving you the confidence to express the real you.


While the Sun's return to Libra on Friday brings you to the start of your birthday month and new solar year, even before it begins you're likely to sense that this is your year. However, what is likely to take you by surprise is that before it even begins you not only have a sense of how you want to express yourself, but as major new doors open that you have the confidence to do so in an utterly unique and original way.

There is a massive amount of nostalgia in the air in the early part of the week, with romantic nostalgia in particular making its way into your imagination and your wardrobe. Yet as a sentimental and nostalgic trip down fashion's memory lane continues you'll start to sense that it's coming to an end with Venus, planet of beauty returning to Scorpio over the weekend, that the week will end with a desire for a new look.


While you've got a busy and social week on your hands, the fashion gods will lose interest by the weekend, so will be working to have fun while they can. It's during the week that the laws of synchronicity are more likely to put you in the right place at the right time, with a need to dress so you're prepared for any eventuality. While this will continue over the weekend and beyond you'll lose your taste for making this a fashion priority, with a sense of nostalgia invading your imagination and wardrobe by then.


In her final days in your career sector Venus, planet of beauty is aware of the major professional doors opening and just how important the developments over the coming weeks and months are set to become, taking her job of updating your professional image a lot more seriously this year. In the early weeks of your biggest professional year in over a decade the fashion gods are giving you the confidence to look and dress the part.


There is set to be a major change in fashion focus this week, with an upside down week on your hands. It's during the working week that the fashion gods will embrace a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure in the air, evoking a desire for more adventure in your life and your wardrobe. Yet it's over the weekend that the fashion gods will shift their focus onto updating your professional image, as new professional doors start to open.


A sense that the personal and/or relationship tensions of recent months have finally had a breakthrough is likely to bring a sense of confidence and a desire to kick away some of the cobwebs. A week that begins with the fashion gods working to bring more passion into your life and your wardrobe will shift over the weekend to a desire to bring more adventure into your life and wardrobe, excited about a sense of change in the air.

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