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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 01 September 2014


You have a chance this week to get really creative, especially in Venus, planet of beauty's final few days in a colourful, fun and creative part of your chart. This gives you a chance to start the new week, the new month and your march into the new season the way you want to continue. From Saturday, Venus shifts her focus to your work situation, where she'll spend the majority of the month, putting an emphasis on your work wardrobe and professional image.


Change is in the air this week and with it a new sense of excitement and anticipation, with the seasons not only on the turn but a sense of colour and vibrancy in the air. By the weekend this is set to have a profound and permanent impact on your fashion bias with Venus, planet of beauty's return to a fun, colourful and creatively charged part of your chart over the weekend a real game changer.


While there is a need for fun coming into play this week, at this point it's not strong enough to over ride dominant work forces. Yet it brings in the idea that it's time to take a more strategic look at finding a balance between work and play, while on the fashion front it's all about avoiding creating fashion emergencies where there are none, keeping it simple.


As Venus, planet of beauty comes to the end of a mission to boost your confidence she's calling in the big boys, bringing a new sense of financial and professional confidence that is going to have a flow on effect into every area of your life. Venus is on a mission to get you to spend some time and money on yourself this week, seeing it as an investment rather than an expense.


Before leaving your sign over the weekend Venus, planet of beauty is on a mission to not only define your personal desires and expectations for the coming year, but to develop a new and authentic look for this new solar year. While your birthday month finished last month, Venus is staying behind to get right to the heart of your personal needs, knowing that the look you'll pull off is the look that expresses the new you.


While your birthday month and new solar year are already under way, it's not until Venus, planet of beauty returns to your sign over the weekend that your heart will be in it, especially when it comes to developing a new look for this new season and this new solar year. Until then Venus is more focused on taking you and your fashion bias on a nostalgic trip down memory lane.


In her final days in a social and serendipitous part of your chart Venus, planet of beauty is not only triggering the laws of attraction and synchronicity, but urging you to get excited about being prepared for when fate puts you in the right place at the right time. Venus is encouraging a 'Boy Scout' approach to fashion this week, one that has you always prepared.

This is not only an important week for cementing your professional desires and expectations but for defining your professional image before Venus, planet of beauty leaves your career sector over the weekend. Venus knows that your professional star is on the rise, so she'll be putting enough pressure on you to challenge your excuses.


While Venus, planet of beauty's return to your sign over the weekend will bring the help needed to update your professional image, especially now that you're in the most professionally charged weeks of the year, until then she's encouraging a more adventurous approach. With the new season's looks already in the shops and online, there are plenty of options, looks and colours to explore.


We have reached the most colourful point of the year, when nature starts revealing itself in all its glory and with Venus, planet of beauty in her final days in a bold and passionately charged part of your chart she's encouraging you to embrace this. This is a week to embrace the concept of change, going for bold statements and colours.


Your inner rebel is coming out this week, for where there are a lot of areas of your life where you have to compromise, fit in and negotiate, the one area where you need to stand your ground is your fashion choice. This is the one area where you can express your individuality and there is a need to stand your ground, proud to show the real you.


In her final days in your work and health sector Venus, planet of beauty is as focused on inner beauty as she is on attracting attention your way on the work front, bringing an intuitive sense of how to dress to impress. Venus knows that all the window dressing in the world will be spoilt by baggy eyes and not enough sleep, so she's encouraging you to look after you.

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