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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 25 May 2015


Things are set to become a little more exciting this week, not just on the fashion front this week but with life in general thanks to Venus, planet of beauty's return to a fun, creative, colourful and romantically charged part of your chart over the weekend. It's time to put some of the fun and colour back into your look and your life in general, chasing the drab shades and hues away.


While there may have been some tension over the weekend, as the week progresses you'll find that it becomes harder to sweat the small stuff, especially on the fashion front but also in life in general, with a need to upsize your 'too hard' basket to accommodate all the things you'll be putting in there. It's time to simplify and de clutter your life, with your wardrobe a good place to start.


There is a push this week to take more risks, to embrace a sense of wanderlust curiosity and adventure as you realise that going through the motions or hiding behind your excuses is no longer an option. With Venus, planet of beauty been and gone from your sign and working now to boost your confidence, the first full week of your birthday month and new solar year brings a need to start the way you intend to go on.


In her final days in your sign before leaving on Saturday Venus, planet of beauty is working to give you a strong sense of self, both in terms of your personal image and of who you are, but also in how you express that. Once Venus leaves she'll shift her focus to building your confidence, encouraging some retail therapy over the weekend.


There is change in the air this week and especially on the fashion front, for while you'll begin the week with your fashion focus more towards a nostalgic look or towards the past in general, that's getting ready to change. While it's fun to take a trip down fashion's memory lane with Venus, planet of beauty leaving a nostalgic part of your chart and returning to your sign on Saturday, by the weekend you'll be looking for a new look, over 6 weeks before your birthday month and new solar year begins.


In her final days in a social and serendipitous part of your chart before leaving on Saturday Venus, planet of beauty will be working with the laws of attraction and synchronicity, with fate putting you in the right place at the right time, bringing a need to be prepared for chance encounters. Yet by the weekend it's a sense of nostalgia and a retro look that is likely to draw your attention.


From where things stand at the start of the week there will be a dramatic shift by the weekend. Where Venus, planet of beauty has not only been working to update your professional image but lay down the foundations for future professional developments, her departure on Saturday will shift your fashion focus. It's over the weekend that Venus will shift her focus to after hours and onto having fun.

There is change in the air this week, for any week where Venus, planet of beauty changes sign is going to see a shift in your fashion focus. To begin with your fashion tastes are likely to veer towards a more casual or adventurous look, with a touch of rebellion in the air. It's on Saturday that Venus begins the job of updating your professional image, as she teams up with lucky Jupiter to trigger some of the most auspicious months of your professional year.


While there is change in the air on the fashion front this week, for you it's more a natural progression. While Venus, planet of beauty is changing focus this week you're unlikely to feel much of a shift. Venus will begin the week in a passionate part of your chart, bringing a desire for change and the motivation, but on Saturday she'll return to a more adventurous part, giving you the confidence to walk the talk. Either way, staying in a fashion rut is not an option.


There is a likely to be a desire for change this week and not just because pressures and tensions that came to a head over the weekend are easing off. Where you've been exploring the concept of change across the board, by the weekend this will start to influence your approach to fashion or at least it will when Venus, planet of beauty returns to a passionate and change focused part of your chart on Saturday, spending three out of the next five months here.


As she moves into her final days in your work sector Venus, planet of beauty is aware of the huge professional developments over the coming weeks and just how much is set to unfold on the income, work and career fronts, especially when it comes to untapped potential. Due to leave on Saturday Venus is on a mission to both give your heart a voice on the work front and a chance to update your professional image, knowing you'll be spending more time in the spotlight over the coming months.


At a time when you're not only dealing with work/life balance issues, but you're trying to find a balance between work and play Venus, planet of beauty is destined to become both part of the problem but also part of the solution. Before leaving a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart on Saturday Venus is working to bring the colour and fun back into your life and your wardrobe, but when she returns to trigger big developments on the work front she'll also work to keep this alive.

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