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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 28 July 2014


Step it up when you have to and when it's important to make the right impression or to have the right image, but unless that's the case life is just too busy and complicated to create fashion emergencies where there are none. Instead keep it simple with Venus, planet of beauty not only still in a low fuss area of your chart, but ready to stand her ground.


As Venus, planet of beauty continues to move through your communication sector her focus is different from the other forces that have moved through. With the communication lines already open Venus is more focused on sending the message you want to send through your fashion choices, knowing a picture paints 1,000 words.


While Venus left your sign the weekend before last, as the last planet to move through for the year you've had a chance to develop a strong sense of what you do and don't want across the board and that will continue to influence your fashion choices for months to come. You know who you are and what you do and don't like, with the confidence to carry it off.


After a long time waiting Venus, planet of beauty is not only back in your sign but she's standing her ground and by the end of the week will be the only planet still here. Venus is making it all about you and at a time when you now have Mars firing up your romantic and creative passions it's now your turn. Whether it's a look that screams 'this is who I am' or that is fun, colourful and bold, do it your way.


With Venus, planet of beauty not only in a nostalgic part of your chart but by the end of the week will be here on her own, you have a chance to take a trip down fashion's memory lane with your fashion tastes and your heart itself more focused on the past than future or current trends. This is a chance to not only look to the past for inspiration but to recapture some of your old groove.


With Venus, planet of beauty no longer in your career sector and instead spending her time making her mark in a social and serendipitous part of your chart, your fashion focus has shifted to what you're wearing after hours. Yet having spent time developing the right professional image this is something you won't lose.


With Venus, planet of beauty not only in your career sector but standing her ground and ready to make her mark, the focus is on updating your professional image, but on your terms. With Venus only here for 26 days and especially as she's the last planet to move through for the year, as well as attracting professional opportunities she's giving you a new sense of confidence.

Despite the fact that, with a New Moon in your career sector in effect as you move into the new week, creating a tailwind for already auspicious professional forces Venus, planet of beauty is making a defiant stand, working to keep a sense of adventure and spontaneity alive, especially in your fashion choices. She'll get around to updating your professional image next month.


Chances are there is not only a desire for change this week, but a sense of rebellion as well. Venus, planet of beauty is not only moving through an area of your chart that is all about change and transformation, she's being challenged by Pluto, planet of change and revolution, which will see your excuses challenged.


While you'll retain your professional focus and momentum for some time to come, already the focus is shifting towards more balance between your personal and professional lives. A need for more passion and even a need for change comes with an opportunity for a fresh start with Venus, planet of beauty challenging your excuses, while creating an opportunity for a fresh start.


At the same time that a powerful professional turnaround is underway Venus, , planet of beauty is directing her focus to work matters, both by attracting opportunities and influencing the way you look at things. As well as a clearer sense of where your heart stands, Venus is giving you the X factor and an innate sense of knowing what look will work and when to go the extra mile to make the right impression.


After spending nearly 4 weeks in a more domesticated part of your chart Venus, planet of beauty is making the most of her time in a more colourful, romantic and creative part of your chart by challenging your excuses. This comes just as you move into a massively important week on the work front, with Venus doing her best to ensure that on the fashion front at least, you retain a balance between work and play.

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