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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 23 November 2015


Venus, planet of beauty is challenging your excuses this week, but rather than putting pressure on you to put more effort into your look or image she's challenging your authenticity. Nothing you can ever pretend to be or try and imitate can come close to how you'll shine when you express the real you. Rather than a mediocre imitation choose to be a stunning, one off original.


A stunning week for income, work and career matters might come with some stress, which will keep you on your toes, but you'll minimise this if you can refuse to create challenges where there are none. As part of the team bringing things together Venus, planet of beauty knows the importance of having the right image, but she also knows that you don't have time for fashion emergencies where there are none.


This week's Full Moon brings you to the halfway point in your solar year, a point where you're being reminded of the promises and intentions you moved into this new solar year with. Key to staying on track is being real and authentic across all the currencies in your life and with Venus, planet of beauty in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart she's encouraging you to express your individuality, but in a fun and colourful way.


A busy week will see you happiest when you get to dress down and relax, but the reality is that this is when the year not only becomes busy but is set to remain busy. Key to addressing any work/life balance issues and a need to work smarter is seeing fashion and your professional image as something that is part of the overall package, without creating fashion emergencies where there are none. Organisation and being prepared ahead of time is crucial.


As she spends her last full week in a smart and intellectually savvy part of your chart Venus, planet of beauty is urging you to take a smart approach to fashion, from shopping to managing your wardrobe over the course of the week. Venus is helping you to focus less on specific styles, colours or looks, allowing you to focus on the message you want to send.


On a mission to boost your confidence since early last month Venus, planet of beauty steps things up a notch this week. An important week for income, work and career matters may see you in the spotlight, with anything that can make you feel confident needing to be seen as an investment rather than an expense.


With your birthday month well and truly over but Venus, planet of beauty not leaving your sign until later next week, you have extra time to explore your options when it comes to a new look for this new solar year. At the same time you're also getting a sense of what excites you across the board, with a call for a more passionate approach to life and your image.

While the past is starting to lose its hold on you it won't be until later next week that Venus, planet of beauty emerges from a nostalgic trip down fashion's memory lane. This has been made more extreme by a sense of romantic nostalgia in the air and a sense of escapism. Yet while it's been fun to explore some blasts from the past, by the end of next week you'll be ready for a new look for this new solar year.


While Venus, planet of beauty won't return to your sign until the end of next month, allowing you to focus on a new look for your new solar and calendar year at the same time, as your most powerful solar year in decades kicks off on Monday it's clear that being anything other than true to who you are is no longer an option. Until then Venus is focused on spicing up your social life.


In her last full week in your career sector Venus is doing her best to attract opportunities and attention your way, while at the same time stepping up her mission to update your professional instincts. This comes in a week where Thursday's Full Moon is likely to be a catalyst for income, work and career opportunities in both the lead up and the aftermath.


The professional gods take a short break when the Sun leaves your career sector on Monday, one that will end 12 days later with Venus' return next week. It's then that Venus will focus on updating your professional image and attracting opportunities and attention your way, but until then she's making the most of her last full week in an adventurous part of your chart, where she's encouraging you to move out of a fashion rut.


This is one week where a desire for change meets the mix of encouragement and wakeup calls, challenging your excuses just when you're finding the courage to take some bold leaps of faith. As things start to move on the professional front don't be too worried about updating your professional image just yet, as this is something the fashion gods will work on over the New Year.

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