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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 16 January 2017


As she spends her final weeks in a nostalgic part of your chart Venus, planet of beauty is urging you to have fun on a trip down memory lane, realising that you're not here to stay. Due to return to Aries early next month and bringing with her a desire for a new look, you don't want to spend your budget on something and then have a change of heart. The back of your wardrobe could be a goldmine of forgotten blasts from the past.


While your calendar is likely to be full, whether it looks that way from the start or not, with plenty of serendipitous moments and/or encounters popping up, this shouldn't create any fashion emergencies. That is because Venus, planet of beauty is driving this and if your heart's not in it and you don't feel like dressing to impress, then you won't. Any fashion emergencies you do have will be of your own choosing and will have an element of fun involved.


While Venus, planet of beauty won't leave your career sector until early next month, while Mars is still here you have the perfect chance to update your professional image. This is a chance to look ahead and not only get a sense of what excites you professionally, but the kind of professional image you want for 2017.


There is a rebellious spirit on the fashion front this week that is likely to see you thumb your nose at convention, proud of being a maverick. What could have been a fashion faux pas at any other time will be your chance to set a new trend, declaring loudly and boldly that 'this is how I roll'. You're rebelling against being put in a box and stereotyped.


A desire for change is beginning to fuse with the courage to take some bold leaps of faith as Venus and Mars, the planets of beauty and passion are both spending their final weeks in a passionate and change focused part of your chart. Anything but the same old same old will do, reaching the perfect week to shake things up a little or for a complete makeover. Change is in the air.


There are likely to be two different approaches to fashion this week, approaches that will not only change from situation to situation, but from day to day. This is likely to swing between two extreme points of the pendulum, one where you're determined to dress to impress and the other end where you want to rebel, refusing to compromise your own individuality just because you have to 'fit in'.


A busy week on the work front won't leave much time for complicated fashion or beauty routines, but you haven't quite reached the point where being organised ahead of time is the answer. It's more about trusting your gut when it comes to turning getting dressed for work in the morning into an art form. You'll know instinctively what to reach for and how to walk out the door looking drop dead gorgeous, from what you've thrown together in a matter of minutes.

Venus, planet of beauty has only one objective this week and that's to have fun, whether it's with life in general, your fashion choices or both. Venus is aware of just how busy life is set to get from later next week. Until then Venus is working with Mars to bring more fun, colour and passion into your life and your wardrobe.


Chances are you won't be bothered with anything too complicated this week or putting in too much effort if you don't want to, preferring a casual look. This is less about flying under the radar and more that there is a general peace of mind that comes from keeping it simple and avoiding creating fashion emergencies where there are none. What the heck, go for a PJ day if you can swing it.


You're able to take a smart approach to fashion this week, knowing that it is usually the small things that make the biggest difference. Venus, planet of beauty is lending you some of her smarts this week, knowing exactly what accessory will change your whole look without breaking the bank or changing your whole outfit. Instead of thinking big, think small and smart.


Venus, planet of beauty is on a mission to boost your confidence and she's working closely with Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos who is on the same mission. Venus is able to borrow some of Mars' bold sense of daring, giving you the confidence to go for the kind of look that allows you to stand out rather than blend into the background.


As she spends her final weeks in Pisces, for now anyway Venus, planet of beauty is giving you a chance to define your desires and expectations and a more authentic look before your birthday month and new solar year even begins. This is a chance to develop a new look, one that expresses the real and authentic you.

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