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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 21 August 2017


Venus the goddess of style is restless, because this is her last full week in your family zone before she moves on to a more flamboyant part of your horoscope on Sunday. Give her a taste of what is to come this week by wearing the sexiest feminine garments that you can get your hands on. Lacy underwear does do its job to make you feel like the quintessential domestic goddess, as do strappy tops and crushed satin skirts.


Venus has had you mixing and mingling this month while she has been in your communication zone, but now the time has come for her to change signs, and on Sunday she takes up her post in your home zone for a month. Delicate and comfy is your new motto, as you start to seek out the gentler feminine styles, in place of the funky bright ones that you have been used to wearing.


Style and quality have been your signature look while Venus has been in your value zone for the past month, but at the end of this week she changes your choices when she changes signs. Already you are feeling the funk upon you as you peruse your wardrobe for the brightest garments available that will add interest and versatility to your day. Lime greens, daffodil yellows and cheeky pin stripes are just the beginning.


Shock tactics and bold statements have been your fashion forte since Venus began her stay over in your personal zone. This is her last week in this part of your zodiac as she readies herself to change signs on Sunday, and enter your value sector. All things of quality and classic elegance will now become the object of your admiration as the goddess of style boosts your self esteem, and gets you to understand that you really are worth it.


No more unicorns and sweet fairy dresses for you Leo! The goddess of style has had her fill of the girly look and wants to make some bold statements. Sunday sees her changing signs and you changing your fashion look entirely. Start readying your wardrobe for the month ahead by singling out your boldest garments. Reds, blacks, and tailored items that announce your importance are what you want to be aiming towards.


Venus certainly has opened your mind to a more eclectic fashion sense while she has been in your house of friendships over the last month, but all this is about to change on Sunday when she changes signs. She's headed straight for your psychological zone, to withdraw from the business of life and offer you more ethereal preferences that show your dreamy side. Get those caftans out girl, you will definitely be needing them!


After a month of strutting her stuff on the corporate catwalk of your career zone, Venus needs something more light hearted when it comes to fashion choices, and on Sunday she moves into your friendship zone to offer you a whole new spin on your dress code. Fold up your suits this week and head off to your nearest op shop to seek out as many funky pieces as possible to create your own new look. It's time to mix it up!

Enjoy your last full week of the freedom loving, windblown look that Venus has afforded you since she moved into your adventure zone. On Sunday she changes signs and enters your career sector, which also completely changes your fashion style. It's time to impress the bosses and staff with elegant and sophisticated items that exude success on every level. Hound tooth jackets, tailored suits and silky pin striped trousers are just a taste of what's to come.


Venus is bored of playing the sultry siren now, and has decided to trade her black leather skirt in for walking shoes and cargo pants. You'll get a taste for the great outdoors once she moves into your adventure zone on Sunday, and your fashion style will shift to one that is more freedom loving. Already you have the desire to wear flexible no fuss items. Think about what you could use from within your existing wardrobe that suits your current fancy?


Your fashion choices have been demur since Venus has been in your relationship zone. Conservative, elegant choices are her flavour when she is here. This week that's changing when she turns her back on conformity, and enters a different world. Naughty but powerful is the way she would like to express herself now, and you may be a lot more daring for a month. Bold but passionate colours suit you most, and definitely no frills!


While Venus has been in your work zone this month you have felt the need to wear practical and serviceable garments to complement your active schedule. Now that Venus is on the move to your partnership sector on Sunday, you will be more inclined to choose elegant and sophisticated styles that have a general well balanced feel to them. Softer colours like pale blue and lilac are very flattering to your mood and make you feel like a million dollars.


All the fashion exuberance has finally started to become dull, which has caused Venus, the goddess of style, to pack an economical bag and head straight for your work zone on Sunday. You'll prefer a more practical, straight line style of clothing this month, and may choose pale serviceable colours or neutrals, above anything bright or garish, that would tarnish the image of purity afforded by Venus when she is in this part of your zodiac.

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