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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 20 February 2017


With the Sun entering a contemplative area of your horoscope your fashion choices may be far less 'out there' than they have been this month. Subtleties, and the understated look seem so much more appealing to you at the moment. Neutral uncomplicated designs with just a twist of style will be good options to illustrate how much you are being guided by higher ideals.


A whole new chapter opens up for you today as the Sun goes into your friendship zone and puts you into a socially expressive mood. Venus is still tweaking your nostalgia, but this time it is flavoured by a more feminine note. Soft and shimmering is the way to go. It's a win win, you can display your idealism, and at the same time feel confident while socialising with all those friends.


For the next month your dress code will be focused around your reputation in the public eye. The Sun enters your professional arena this week, making corporate stripes and dressy suits rule supreme in the wardrobe. Be sure to wear something dashing underneath, so that you can whip off the business jacket and sparkle when you mingle with your friends after hours.


A taste for the exotic is what you may experience over the next few weeks while the Sun sojourns your house of philosophies. Your far sighted approach may even allow you to try wearing a piece of clothing from a different culture. You needn't fear being unprofessional, because Venus is still rocking your profile. This will simply add a further level of interest to the mix.


A taboo breaker is what you find yourself becoming while the Sun begins its travel through your 8th house. You may have the desire to try out some fashion selections that express your playful dark side this week, like leather and animal prints. With Venus in your house of adventure, you won't mind being noticed for your power resonating fashion choices. You go Leo!


Although Venus has been dictating the desire to air your hidden fantasies, the Sun entering your house of harmonious sociability this week has brought a more conservative approach to the table. Your fashion choices may still have an understated daring about them, but you may be far more concerned with keeping the status quo. Out with ripped fishnet, and in with textured pantyhose.


Structured fashion picks are the name of the game for you this week with the Sun entering a part of your chart that demands a more refined expression of who you are. Venus assures you that although you are still feeling romantic and stylish, there is no harm in making sure that your choices are also pragmatic. Straight line cuts and no nonsense designs will relax your nervous system.

There is only so much that can be said for all those neat, geometric, tailored designs you know. As the Sun blasts into your house of play this week, you are bound to jump ship in favour of a far more creative fashion statement. Anything bold and colourful will give you confidence and self expression. Be brave and try your hand at colour combinations like burnt orange and purple.


Venus, in your creative centre, has urged you to adopt a bold and playful dress code. As she now slows, and the Sun enters your sector of home and family, you may seek to be less showy and more comfortable. The Moon also casts a feminine light on your expression, inviting you to partake in classic styles. Accessorising with pearl and silver will work wonders for you this week while you are residing in homebody mode.


With Venus in your sentimental zone, you have probably enjoyed resurrecting those vintage garments in your wardrobe that you just can't part with. The good news is, as the Sun enters your communication sector this week, you may be thumbing through fashion magazines in search of the latest look. Try some bright hues, like cherry and magenta, to verbalise your inner magpie and trail blaze the fashion scene.


This week sees your fashion focus shift from fun and versatile, to timeless quality. Don't despair if you feel compelled to get your hands on some branded accessories, blame it on the Sun in your house values, urging you to choose craftsmanship over price. Look out for sales, and invest in some solid classic pieces that will stand the test of time, and make you feel like a million bucks!


Last week your fashion choices were centred around displaying positive values by means of quality choices, but with the Sun moving into your birth month, you are about to rock the catwalk with bold confidence. Why not try out a new trend and give it a twist by putting your own signature to it? Power dress, wear red, and stay away from anything too frilly or feminine.

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