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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 21 April 2014


One of the best ways to escape this week's tensions is to embrace a nostalgic trip down memory lane that Venus, planet of beauty is encouraging. While your birthday month ended yesterday and this should be a time of adopting a new look for this new solar year, the reality is that it's far too soon. It's by looking back to the past that you'll find some of the missing pieces.


Monday is the first full day of a new solar year, thanks to the Sun's return to your sign on Sunday, making this the start of a brand new chapter. From the get go make this coming year as authentic as possible, choosing to be and expressing the authentic you. However with Venus, planet of beauty not returning until later next month, you've got time to experiment with a new look.


Sometimes it really is a case of faking it till you make it and especially professionally or in any situation where you're in the spotlight this week. With some tough stars in play your confidence might take a hit. Yet the short cut to feeling the part is looking the part, even if just convincing an audience of one - yourself.


In a week where tensions are coming to a head on multiple sides, refuse to create fashion emergencies where there are none or to sweat the small stuff in any situation. This is not the week to be focused on dressing to impress, but if there are situations where that's exactly what you need to do, don't leave it till the last minute.


The upside to tensions coming to a head this week is that this creates the perfect opportunity for change at a time when Venus, planet of beauty is encouraging a new look or even a makeover. However, this is something that has to be fun or it's just another pressure and if there are to be changes, it's more about letting the real you show through.


What you wear is more a calling card than you realise, a walking advertisement that says 'this is who I am'. Take the time to ensure that the message you're sending is the right one, realising that it's not about dressing to impress or to what you think others want to see, but to let the real you shine through.


Venus, planet of beauty is encouraging a more holistic approach to fashion, encouraging you to get away from window dressing and looking more than skin deep. From getting enough sleep, the right nutrition and exercise, whatever you can do to give your body what it needs, the better anything you wear is going to look.

A short working week means you've got less time to play around with and when you add work tensions on top of that, then you have a week where the easier and more manageable you can make your fashion choices the better. Venus, planet of beauty is taking it one step further, actively encouraging you to put the fun back into fashion.


There is a need to keep things simple this week, taking a less is more approach to not only fashion choices but the daily rhythm and basics of life. Venus, planet of beauty is encouraging a more relaxed approach, making those times when you get to dress down and into something more comfortable the most enjoyable.


You've reached the most challenging week of the year, a week where you need to make every facet of your life and especially fashion as easy and low maintenance as possible. Avoid fashion emergencies at all costs or putting unrealistic expectations on yourself. Yet while the storm clouds will soon blow over, beneath this is an emerging need to be true to yourself and who you are.


Where your confidence takes a hit this week a little bit of support will go a long way. While positive words and reinforcements are a good place to start, dressing in a way that makes you feel confident will fast track this. You know what you can and can't get away with, so focus on those looks that you know you can pull off.


Due to leave your sign later next week Venus, planet of beauty is on a mission to update your look for your new solar year, despite the fact that your birthday month finished over a month ago. This is less about something new for the sake of it and more about expressing the real you, letting your individuality shine through.

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