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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 21 July 2014


While life is starting to become more fun, colourful and dynamic, your fashion focus hasn't quite caught up yet and it won't for another few weeks. Instead Venus, planet of beauty is spending her first full week in a more home focused area of your life, more focused on first making your life as user friendly as possible before jazzing up your look in a more colourful way. That doesn't mean you can't start exploring your options.


You have a busy and vibrant week on your hands, especially when it comes to friendship and relationship building and communicating, with lots of social and human interactions and plenty of personal and professional networking. Venus, planet of beauty is right in the heart of this, giving you an intuitive sense of what to wear without creating fashion emergencies where there are none.


Venus, planet of beauty's departure from your sign over the weekend has left you with some clear likes, dislikes and expectations across the board but especially on the fashion front. While your birthday month ended last month, it's only now that you're truly ready to embrace a new and more authentic look for this new solar year.


While your birthday month comes to an end on Wednesday, it's only in the final days that you're now ready to start looking at a new look for the new solar year, one that reflects the new you that is emerging. Venus only returned over the weekend and you're still shaking off the nostalgic focus of recent weeks, with time to slowly explore your options until you find the right fit.


Venus, planet of beauty's return to a nostalgic part of your chart over the weekend has brought a sense of nostalgia into play, especially on the fashion front, where a retro look or sentimental blasts from the past are more likely to hold your interest. This will continue for several more weeks, despite the fact that your birthday month and new solar year begins on Wednesday.


A new week brings a new reality and focus on the fashion front, with updating your professional image over and the focus shifting more to your social life and after hours. It's Venus' first full week in a social and serendipitous part of your chart that is likely to bring some fashion emergencies, but of the fun kind.


Ironically, just as the largest players on the professional front move aside, this is when things are likely to start coming together professionally. It was Venus, planet of beauty's return to your career sector over the weekend that not only brings an opportunity to update your professional image, but is likely to attract opportunities and attention your way.

There is likely to be a sense of rebellion on the fashion front this week, for just as you reach one of your most important professional weeks of the year, a week that is a gateway week into a stunning period of professional growth that will extend out to October 2017 Venus, planet of beauty brings a desire for a more adventurous approach to fashion, encouraging you to move out of a fashion rut.


During her first full week in a passionate, change and transformative part of your chart Venus, planet of beauty is taking to things like a duck to water, returning just as you're ready for change. If you've been toying with the idea of a makeover or the idea of a new look this is likely to turn into a new sense of resolve.


There is a sense of defiance on the fashion front this week, that is likely to see you rebel from being told what you should or shouldn't wear and what's trending. You're waking up to the fact that to be the real and authentic you that you've got to make the choices that work for you, no longer willing to be a blind follower of fashion trends, instead becoming a trendsetter yourself.


Right in the heart of a professional turnaround this week, with things coming together on the work front and the tide turning dramatically on the career front is Venus, planet of beauty. Venus is not only giving you a clear sense of where your heart stands, attracting opportunities and attention your way, but she's showing you exactly how to pull off the professional image that works for you.


Despite the fact that you have not only reached the most important week of your professional year, but a gateway week into a professional chapter that extends out to January 2018, with your reality changing dramatically Venus, planet of beauty is insisting on a balance between work and play. Venus is on a new mission to bring fun, colour and a dash of playfulness into your fashion choices.

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