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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 22 May 2017


This week with Venus picking up the light from the Moon and then making a conjunction with Pallas Athena, it's all about wearing outfits that help you to exude confidence and courage. At the moment the trend is for matching suit sets which is fortunate, as they present an image of success. Don some black cigarette pants and a fire engine red blazer for the best mix.


Venus the planet of fashion teams up with Pallas Athena the courageous goddess to set you apart from the crowd this week. You are still primarily in whimsical mode, but this week with the aid of Pallas, it is far more gutsy than usual. Frills and soft fabric are still in but could do with a spruce up of crystal energy. Wear a flower in your hair to maintain your fey appearance.


Flirtatious Venus is causing a scandal again, and this time it's in your friend zone! She has picked up a boost of courage from Pallas Athena and is ready to step out of the box with regards to cheeky fashion choices. Try some fresh fruity prints or precocious animal faced T's over crop jeans. Make sure that they are able to be layered because the change of season weather is fickle.


With Venus still in your professional zone and picking up a challenging angle to Pluto by the end of the week, your corporate style has just become intensely magnetic. Pant suits or conservative knee high skirts are still serious corporate statements, but Pluto may urge you to don a pair of gold animal print heels, or a statement necklace that embraces the wild and powerful side of your nature.


Venus the fashionista meets Pallas the wild warrior this week, in a showdown of ethnic style mastery within your wardrobe! An African flavour is the latest trend in adventure dressing, and Venus is no stranger to this concept when she is in your foreign cultures sector. Flaunt your sub Saharan fascination with coloured batik, geometric tribal print and maybe even a cool bejewelled turban to add flavour to an evening event.


Poor Venus, doesn't stand a chance of pleading innocent this week as intensely powerful Pluto bears down on her like an overshadowing semi trailer, wickedly enticing mischievous sensuality from within her wardrobe! Whenever your circumstances allow you to be creative this week, use black velvet, lace, fishnets or leather to set your image on fire. Keep things purple, scarlet, black and red to achieve the greatest sultry Morticia Addams look.


With Venus in this part of your zodiac she is a demure people pleaser, but this week with a burst of creative wisdom from Pallas Athena, and a coercive wink from Pluto, she may veer off towards the wild side. Who could blame her really? You can keep your harmonious fashion image, but allow your garments to reveal one telling clue that suggests a concealed secret beneath your compliant veneer.

When Venus is hanging out in your health and routine zone, you are super busy, and your natural inclination is to choose gear that provides both style and comfort. This week, there is a creative download of energy from Pallas Athena that gifts you strategy and vitality so that you can plan ahead when it comes to choosing versatile garments that are easy to convert from work, to workout in one fowl swoop! Just the way you like it!


Venus, in your creativity zone this week, is receiving an ingenious download of pattern recognition skills from Pallas Athena within this realm. Pluto is not far off either, and he offers Venus the opportunity to transform the old in favour of what is new. Have a look at some fashion trends throughout the ages on the internet, and see what you have got in your wardrobe that could benefit from creative rejuvenation.


Venus is in an imaginatively sensitive, and incredibly nurturing part of your zodiac this month which has urged you to make safe and conservative fashion choices. That however, is all set to change this week when she picks up some hypnotic intensity from Pluto, lord of the underworld. Clothing choices are meant to turn heads and make statements, so get those steamy little numbers out of hibernation and be prepared to show off your curves!


While Venus resides in your communication zone she is the quintessential mod girl about town. This was before she went into a square with Pluto, lord of the underworld, who turned the tables upside down! Your feelings are intense at the moment and this will be reflected in your choice of fashion. You may feel the need to make a controversially striking impression, so with that in mind be aware of not coming over too strong.


Venus is in your money zone this week and taking on a Pluto square, which could mean enormous expenditure if you are not vigilant! Wardrobe transformation is on the cards, which can be a good thing if you keep your wits about you. Pallas Athena will help you to choose sale items, of high quality that can be used in multiple ways over a long period of time. Wool blends, silk and linen are all good options for you Pisces.

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