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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 20 October 2014


Even though you're likely to have been toying with the idea of a change in look or image since the new season began, it's not until later in the week that you'll feel ready to take the plunge. Thanks to Friday's solar eclipse in a change focused part of your chart and Venus, planet of beauty's return on the same day, by the weekend you'll be ready to make a bold move.


In her final days in your work sector, before leaving on Friday Venus, planet of beauty is working with you to develop the right look and image, but also to bring home the message that beauty is more than skin deep. This is a chance to focus less on window dressing and more on health from a beauty aspect, aware that anything will look better if you're feeling and looking healthy and vibrant.


In her final days in a fun, colourful and creative part of your chart Venus, planet of beauty is trying to add a touch of colour and playfulness to your look before life becomes even more work focused and serious. As things start to fall into place on the work front having the right image is not only becoming more important, but so too will being organised, warding of fashion emergencies before they have a chance to ruin your day.


There are times when you do need to push yourself out of a fashion rut, fighting against reverting to those familiar favourites or the styles or looks that you've relied on in the past, but this is not one of those times. In the early days of the week in particular you need to stick with what you feel comfortable with, even if that means standing your ground, refusing to bow into peer pressure or creating fashion emergencies where there are none.


In the early days of the week and especially during the first four days of the year the focus is on the message what you're wearing sends, making it about the statement or the image in a way that is less about dressing to impress and more about saying what you need or want to say. It's Venus, planet of beauty's final days in your communication sector that allows you to send the message you want to send.


For the last few weeks Venus, planet of beauty has been working to boost your confidence, aware that looking good has a direct influence on feeling good, which in turn boosts your confidence. Even if you have to fake it till you make it don't wait to feel confident to dress with confidence. Venus wraps up this mission on Friday, so there is a sense of urgency about this, especially in the early days of the week.


In her final days in your sign, before leaving on Friday Venus, planet of beauty is working to give you a fresh start and with your birthday month ending on the same day, this is a chance to express the real you, adopting a new look for this new solar year that is real and authentic. By the weekend you'll be ready to hit the shops for some retail therapy.

Your fashion focus is likely to have been heavily influenced by the past over recent weeks and by a sense of nostalgia that sees your fashion focus trend towards a retro look or back to old blasts from the past. Yet with both the Sun and Venus, planet of beauty returning to your sign on Friday and solar eclipse on the same day, by the weekend you'll be ready for a fresh, new look.


You should have a fair idea of what requirements or even pressure your social life is putting on your wardrobe, especially with both the Sun and Venus, planet of beauty, in their final days in a social and serendipitous part of your chart as you move into the new week. However, don't see this as a sign that you need to go out shopping, for with the wind down of your old solar year starting on Friday things are set to quieten down.


In her final days in your career sector Venus, planet of beauty is working to streamline your professional look and image, knowing that your professional year still has some surprises up its sleeve. While the Sun and Venus will both leave your career sector on Friday, with Mercury not turning direct until the end of the week and not leaving for another week, the doors are still open to new opportunities and second chances, with a need to remain on your toes.


While your professional star has been on the rise for some time it's only when Venus, planet of beauty returns to your career sector on Friday that you'll get a chance to update your professional image, especially as you're bound to be under the spotlight over the coming weeks and months. With the Sun and Moon returning on the same day, triggering a solar eclipse, chances are all you'll have time for in the early days is to put updating your professional image on your 'must do' list.


Venus, planet of beauty is on the move this week but her shift on Friday is likely to be a very subtle one. Until Friday Venus is evoking a desire for change and for more passion in your life and fashion choices, before shifting her focus to a more adventurous approach. This is when a major mission to move you out of a rut begins, one that will include moving you out of a fashion rut.

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