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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 24 October 2016


As she spends her first full week in an adventurous part of your chart Venus, planet of beauty is becoming a lot more determined to grab your attention, refusing to take no for an answer. As Venus works to bring more adventure into your life, the fashion gods work to bring more adventure into your wardrobe.


There is a sense of passion and a desire for change in the air that can't be ignored, especially as this is likely to challenge your excuses the more you try and ignore it. Leading the charge is Venus, planet of beauty, who is fuelling a desire to bring more passion and change into your life and into your wardrobe.


As things start to move on the work front and especially in the lead up to a New Moon that brings an opportunity for new beginnings, you're able to draw on past experience when it comes to your professional image and looking and feeling the part. While the fashion gods have moved on, they have left you with more than enough insight to know how to pull it off.


While finding a balance between work and play might be an issue this week, at a time when work/life balance is already an ongoing issue, having the fashion gods involved on the work front makes this a little easier. They're there to help you with anything from dressing to impress to organisation, wanting fashion emergencies even less than you do.


As she spends her first full week in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart Venus, planet of love faces the challenge of bringing more fun and colour into your life and your wardrobe, during one of the busiest weeks of the year. It's just as well the fashion gods love a good challenge, going into battle mode to press their message home.


As much as you have a fun, vibrant and dynamic week on your hands, the fashion gods are keeping things on the down low and aware of just how busy life is set to become over the coming weeks, they're encouraging you not to sweat the small stuff. While you might be able to handle fashion emergencies now they'll be a real challenge over the coming weeks, with the fashion gods more focused on streamlining things.


The fashion gods are turning their focus onto a more smart and strategic approach to fashion this week, with a particular focus on making the impression and sending the message you want to send, knowing what you wear has the ability to make a statement and say something that words alone can't.

While the Sun's return to Scorpio last weekend has brought you to the first full week of your birthday month and new solar year, as far as a new look for this new solar year, you've already been there and done that. When Venus, planet of beauty left Scorpio last week she left you with a clear sense of how you want to express yourself moving forward, shifting her focus this week to boosting your confidence.


In her first full week in Sagittarius Venus, planet of beauty is not only bringing familiar desires and expectations to the surface, but her second visit for the year is giving her a chance to have a say in your new look for a new solar year, before it even begins. This is something the fashion gods missed out on last year and they're determined not to let that happen this year.


The fashion gods are taking you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane this week and all that they ask is that you have fun with this. Whether it's visiting second hand shops for some blasts from the past or exploring the back of your own wardrobe, if you're going to go retro go for something that brings the fun back into your life, especially when it comes to finding the real you.


The fashion gods aren't just happy to embrace this week's social and serendipitous feel, they are leading the charge, with a desire to dress up coming first and then a chance to express that coming second. It's not that a busy social calendar is creating fashion emergencies and more that a desire to dress up, mix and mingle is putting pressure on your social calendar to provide opportunities.


Where Venus, planet of beauty leads the rest of the fashion gods follow and this week this is putting all the focus on your professional game and image. Yet this has nothing to do with dressing to impress, unless that's something that you want and is more to do with boosting your professional confidence, ready now to dress and feel the part.

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