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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 22 August 2016


The fashion gods are pushing two themes this week. The first is organisation, with life getting busier and time becoming a short scarce commodity, there is neither time nor any excuse for fashion emergencies. The second theme is health, focused less on the window dressing and more from not only inner beauty but vitality. With a new season just around the corner, there is an incentive to get in shape.


As she spends her last full week in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart Venus, planet of beauty is going all out to bring the fun and colour back into your life and your wardrobe and to that end she has plenty of help. While it will be relatively easy to find a balance between work and play this week, that won't always be the case.


While the fashion gods continue to keep it simple, with their focus more on what makes life easy and uncomplicated, chances are you're starting to find that a little too boring, dreaming of bringing the colour back into your life and your wardrobe. With a new season just around the corner and the fashion gods shifting next week to your point of view, start exploring your options, checking out the new season's looks.


While you don't want to become a slave to what's trending for the new season just around the corner, the fashion gods are fuelling a sense of curiosity that warrants checking things out. Online or by vising stores get a feel for the different options but while keeping your mind and your options open. You don't need to swallow everything hook, line and sinker, picking out a colour there, an effect here or a style there, picking and matching to find a look that feels right for you.


By the time your birthday month comes to an end on Tuesday you should be more than ready to embrace the journey ahead and having long since established a new look for this new year, even if it is just a sense of the direction you're leaning, you're now able to wear this with confidence. If what you're wearing or what's hanging up in the wardrobe doesn't represent the real you, then change it.


By the time the Sun returns to Virgo on Tuesday to begin your birthday month and new solar year, the process of finding a new look for this new solar year is already well underway. As she spends her last full day in your sign Venus, planet of beauty is not just looking at how to express the real you through what you wear, but at what you want from life in general.


While the wind down of your old solar year only just gets underway this week, already a nostalgic trip down fashion's memory lane is nearing an end. With not only your birthday month and new solar year just around the corner but a new season as well, the fashion gods are preparing for some fresh new starts next month. For now the fashion gods are drawing their influence from the past.

As you reach a critical point in your professional year, it is now all about having the confidence to look and feel the part. The fashion gods may have wrapped up their mission to update your professional image but you're still perfecting the art of how to express that. This is less about dressing to impress and more about dressing in order to look and feel confident.


As she spends her last full week in your career sector Venus' mission to update your professional image, fuel your professional confidence and attract opportunities moves into its final phase. With the full support of both the professional and fashion gods you've got the confidence and the style sense to make the impression that empowers you. With your professional star on the rise you need to look and feel the part.


Next week Venus, professional gods will open the door to some major and game changing professional developments over the coming weeks, with her mission to update your professional image and confidence kicking things off. Already the fashion gods are encouraging a sense of curiosity and adventure, making this a week for exploring your options and looking at your options.


Just as the seasons themselves get ready to turn and as there is already change in the air, the fashion gods are fuelling a desire for change, along with an aversion to remaining on the fence. Change means decisions and you can't make those without exploring your options. Plain or patterned, loud and bold or quiet and elegant? Have fun on a journey of discovery that awaits this week.


In a week where there is an opportunity for a major professional breakthrough, with the whole dynamic of the professional year shifting as it puts the power back in your hands, having the right professional image might be important, but it has to be the right one. You're not into imitation at the moment and you'll never make the right impression unless you're expressing the real you. A need for power dressing comes from the fact that you can feel the power surging back into your system.

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