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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 23 March 2015


Venus, planet of beauty's departure from your sign last week leaves you with some clear likes and dislikes and a sense of style that allows you to tap into your own true and authentic image. With your birthday month having just begun over the weekend this is a week for taking your power back, setting an image for the future that portrays the real and authentic you.


Where your fashion focus has been drawn to a sense of nostalgia and all things retro over recent weeks as Venus, planet of beauty moved through a nostalgic part of your chart, that all changed last week. As Venus spends her first full week in your sign she not only brings a desire to move on but a clear sense of what you do and don't like, especially on the fashion front.


If some active weeks on the social and professional fronts have been creating some fashion emergencies, they're less likely to bother you this week and not because there are less demands on your wardrobe. It's was Venus' departure from a social and serendipitous part of your chart and return to a more nostalgic part last week that makes you a lot more picky about what invitations you accept, while at the same time enticing you to take a trip down fashion's memory lane.


Venus, planet of beauty's departure from your career sector last week has left you with a well defined professional image, even if it is just knowing what you want and need and you haven't got around to making it happen. There's a need to hold onto this for Venus won't be back until 2016. In the meantime, your fashion focus is likely to shift more to what you're wearing after hours.


After spending the last few weeks urging you to take a more adventurous approach to fashion, exploring your options and moving out of a fashion rut or out of your comfort zone, Venus brings a more professionally focused approach to fashion this week. It's the planet of beauty's return to your career sector last week that brings a chance to update your professional image, just as your professional year starts to get interesting.


A desire for a change or for a more bold, colourful and passionate approach to fashion can only take you so far, with a need this week to start walking the talk. Chances are when things become real you'll want to scale things back to fit life's reality, but it was always going to be that you'd eventually find a middle ground between moving out of a fashion rut while staying within your comfort zone.


For the first time in over a year Venus, planet of beauty becomes the first rather than the last planet to move into a new area of your chart and she's ready to make the most of this. It was Venus' return to a more passionate part of your chart last week that will find no restrictions and instead plenty of untapped potential. This is likely to trigger a desire to change things up a bit or even for a complete makeover.

While the push to get your work situation and job matters up to speed will continue until later next month, as far as your image is concerned that wrapped up last week. After spending the previous weeks in your work sector Venus, planet of beauty has shifted her focus to after hours, while leaving you with a clear sense of how to make the right impression at work.


Venus, planet of beauty has become the first planet to reach your work, employment and health sector for the year, with her return last week setting the scene for what is to follow. As well as giving you a new sense of what you do and don't want when it comes to updating your wardrobe for work, she's also focused on health. Venus knows that you'll look and feel better if your focus is more than skin deep, knowing that real beauty comes from within.


Finally you have a chance to put more fun, colour and romance back into your life and as it's Venus, planet of beauty leading the way, this is likely to include or even begin with a desire to bring more colour and fun into your fashion choices. Venus knows that often the easiest way to brighten up your world is to literally brighten it up, with bringing more colour into your fashion choices bringing more colour into your world.


You're likely to find that fashion becomes more functional and that complicated and time heavy beauty and fashion routines are out. Fashion needs to be as low maintenance as possible, refusing to create fashion emergencies where there are none. With life getting busier getting organised ahead of time is essential.


While it's still important to make confidence building a priority, you've reached a point in the year where you're able to do this more effortlessly and without having to over think things. Knowing what makes you feel comfortable and confident should now be second nature, making it important to trust your own judgement.

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