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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 28 September 2015


The week starts with a bang thanks to Monday's total lunar eclipse, one that will not only put your relationships to the test from the get go, but will make sense of Mercury's retrograde phase in your relationship sector. Three times a year Mercury turns retrograde and there always seems to be a reason behind the when and where, but as Monday's eclipse creates a collision between your personal and relationship needs and quite possibly brings personal and/or relationship tensions to a head, having Mercury in retrograde motion in your relationship sector brings a chance to give your relationships, the past and unsaid words a voice, creating the potential for a major breakthrough. Meanwhile Venus' last full week in your romantic sector is all about embracing the spirit of romance.


The Sun's departure from your romantic sector last week and Mars' return is not only keeping the romantic flame burning, but it's suddenly burning on super charged gases. This is Mars' first visit to your romantic sector since 2013 and his first encounter with Jupiter here since 2004, returning to fuel your romantic passions and fighting spirit and to get this, your luckiest year for love and all things romantic on the road. While Jupiter returned to your romantic sector in August to kick off your luckiest year for love in over a decade, it's only now that Mars is on board that the love gods reveal the real clout they now possess. With Venus returning next week things will only get better and with Saturn gone from your relationship sector it's time to give romance a fighting chance.


There is something magical in the air from the get go this week and it's set to have a major and very positive impact on what is an important week for communication and relationship matters and also for friendship and relationship building. In her last full week in your communication sector Venus, planet of love is wrapping up an almost 4 month visit, her longest in 8 years, just as Saturn is settling in to your relationship sector, where he'll remain until the end of 2017. Venus knows she only has until later next week to give your heart and relationships a voice, something she's been working on since early June. In a week that holds the potential for serendipitous moments and/or encounters the doors are also open to new opportunities and second chances on the romantic front.


While it was Pluto's direct turn in your relationship sector last week and his first full week in direct motion that has shifted your relationship focus onto the future, something that happens at this time every year, it's what else is happening at the time that turns this into a game changer. Since Pluto's retrograde turn in April your relationship focus has not only been on the past, but in the middle months of the year there were some real tensions and wakeup calls, making you wonder whether it's safe to turn and look at what the future holds. Yet first impressions are set to send such a shockwave of confidence through your relationships that this really is a turning point. With Mars back in your communication sector the scene is set for a major breakthrough and turnaround.


The Moon's first visit to an adventurous part of your chart since Saturn's return to your romantic sector was always going to be important, not only putting them on friendly terms but in the early weeks of a major romantic chapter that will take until mid 2018 to run its course, a reminder of the support you have and that it's all about the journey. With Uranus, planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected the main player on the romantic front due to develop a strong relationship with Saturn in your romantic sector over the coming months and years, this is a chance to kick start things. As well as unleashing a sense of adventure there is something serendipitous in the air this week, with fate and the love gods working to put you in the right place at the right time.


While you will move into the new week with the Moon in your relationship sector, leaving in the early hours this is mainly an event that played out over the weekend, leaving you the means to reflect on any strong emotional responses without letting this impact a week that is more the domain of the love gods focused on all things romantic. The Moon not only returned to your relationship sector during Mars' early hours in your sign but moved into opposition, something that is likely to have seen personal and/or relationship tensions come to a head over the weekend, but again not follow you into the new week. Now responsible yourself for keeping the communication lines open, this was your first real test. Meanwhile a sense romantic nostalgia is mixing with a new sense of anticipation.


Monday's total lunar eclipse in your relationship sector is not only likely to blindside you because it's in your face from the get go, but because the Moon itself will only arrive a few hours earlier. From out of nowhere, with relationship and personal matters in competition but minding their own business, the Moon comes along and things erupt in the way that only a lunar eclipse can, bringing relationship matters and any personal and/or relationship tensions to a head. It was a month to the day before Monday's lunar eclipse that Mercury, planet of communication returned for what should have been a 15 day visit to your sign, but still here and in retrograde motion this is a chance to give your relationships, the past and unsaid words a voice, with a real breakthrough possible.

Moving into the week with the Moon in your romantic sector might sound like you've got a romantically charged week, but sadly that's not the case. With the Moon leaving in the early hours of the week this was an event that mainly played out over the weekend, but with major developments on the work and career fronts this week, this is a reminder that life can't be all work and no play. Hold onto the romantic sentiment and wakeup calls this leaves you with. The real dark horse of the week is the Moon's return to your relationship sector midweek, less because of what this will trigger and more because of what it won't. For the majority of the last 3 years these monthly visits have involved an opposition with Saturn, creating personal and/or relationship tensions to a head, yet not anymore.


Any week that begins with the Moon returning to your romantic sector has to be a good one, but even more so when the week kicks off with a total lunar eclipse here. As a super charged Lovers Moon and the element of fate and synchronicity in play, despite the fact that your professional year is hitting a new all time stride, this will stop even the professional gods in their tracks. With the Moon moving through your romantic sector in just a few days it's easy to dismiss a monthly visit, slightly harder when this creates a Full Moon but almost impossible when this creates not only a lunar eclipse, but a total lunar eclipse. By the weekend you'll have a chance to focus on your relationships, but the early days of the week belong to the spirit of romance, synchronicity and fate.


You've reached a point in the year where your relationships are in the safe arms of communication forces that are only now coming into their own. Moving into the week with the Moon in your communication sector, while due to leave on Monday, this is a chance from the get go to give your relationships and emotional responses a voice. Your relationships will get more direct support over the weekend, when the Moon's return to your relationship sector will allow you to get down to specifics, but the week itself belongs to more romantic forces. With Venus spending her last full week in a passionate part of your chart and the Moon returning to your romantic sector midweek this is a week for embracing your romantic passions, while fighting to find a balance between work and play.


The Moon's last visit to your communication sector before Venus leaves your relationship sector next week was always going to be important, with a chance to not only give your relationships a voice but to draw on the strong support already there between communication and relationship forces. However, when the Moon returns to your communication sector on Monday it will be for no ordinary visit, for becoming a total lunar eclipse just hours later this creates a major push and just 11 days before Venus is due to leave your relationship sector, a chance for a major communication and/or relationship breakthrough. Venus has been working closely with communication forces for months now, but everything comes together this week. It's the weekend that holds some romantic surprises.


The Sun's departure from your relationship sector last Wednesday and Mars' return just 2 days later not only ensures the focus remains on your relationships, even after your annual relationship review is over, it changes the dynamics completely. Until now lucky Jupiter's return to your relationship sector in August has been overshadowed by the relationship housekeeping that will always take place in August/September each year, but with that stage over the relationship gods are able to reveal the huge support and potential your relationships have. Mars may have pushed some buttons over the weekend, but it's these wakeup calls that give you a chance to start fighting for your relationship needs. With Venus returning next week things will only get better.

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