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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 22 May 2017


Starting the week with the Moon in Aries is likely to be a mixed blessing. This may exacerbate personal and/or relationships that are still dialling back after Venus and Jupiter's opposition over the weekend. Yet at the same time the strong emotional responses this triggers will be a chance to get inside strong responses before they dial back. This was the last opposition between planets in Aries and Jupiter in your relationship sector and as the planet of love and guardian of your relationships, Venus has been able to look at things from both sides. The Moon will be gone by Wednesday, with the early days of the week providing a real opportunity for a breakthrough. For this comes just as the Sun has joined Mars in your communication sector. As Venus moves into her final two weeks in Aries the planet of love has something to fight for on the romantic and relationship fronts.


While there is still no sign of Venus' return to Taurus and your birthday month ended over the weekend without her, the planet of love is drawing close. On Tuesday Venus will be just two weeks away, the closest she has been at any point this year. While Venus has spent a lot of time in a nostalgic part of your chart this year, this time she is not turning back and has her return to Taurus in sight. When Venus returns early next month she'll spend a whole month, not leaving until early July. With Mercury returning to your romantic sector in July, once Venus returns there will be an extended opportunity to make up for lost time. Often it can take months from Venus' departure from Taurus to the first planetary activity in your romantic sector, but this year it will be just days. All this might mean nothing now, but it means the love gods are preparing to make up for lost time.


Romantic and relationship matters have a lot of things in common this week. They each have powerful planets in charge, Saturn in your relationship sector and Jupiter in your romantic sector. Both are on their own, both are in retrograde motion and both are surrounded by support. However, there is something else they share in common and this week that is pressure. It was over the weekend that Venus, planet of love moved into opposition with Jupiter. But considering this was just as Jupiter was moving into his final three weeks in retrograde motion, this has seen the right planet bring the right wakeup calls at the right time. While romantic pressure is dropping off relationship tensions might be building, ahead of Mars' opposition with Saturn over the weekend. If the communication lines are open this is an opportunity for a breakthrough.


The love gods might be lying low after a Full Moon in your romantic sector earlier in the month. Even if they weren't they would want to stand back, no wanting to get in the way of the housekeeping that is possible. Venus, planet of love was at the heart of any work/life balance tensions that came to a head over the weekend. With the Moon continuing what she started, this is one last chance to address any work/life balance issues before both sides move onto other things. With your luckiest year for love in over a decade kicking off in the second half of the year, it is no wonder that Venus is spearheading this latest push. With powerful influences in play across the income, work and career fronts, this is not just something your love life can benefit from, but your professional life as well.


There is something important about the adventurous lunar vibes at the start of the week that you'll no doubt find out for yourself. This is the Moon's first visit since Venus, planet of love returned for her double dip visit late last month, but also the last before she leaves. While the spirit of adventure will remain strong all year, once Venus leaves the romantic element will no longer be there. Yet Venus has been fighting to bring the spirit of romance and adventure together since early February and as she moves into her final weeks the planet of love is no long accepting excuses. Adventurous and romantically charged lunar vibes will have teeth, no longer offering something special, but demanding that you challenge your excuses if need be. If you haven't mounted an escape already, your days in a romantic rut are numbered.


When the Moon left your relationship sector over the weekend, this is likely to have left you scratching your head. It looked and felt like an ordinary monthly visit. The strong emotional responses were there and the Moon's alignment with dreamy Neptune evoked the same dreams and aspirations. However, the Moon came and went without delivering the main feature of every other visit for the last two years. What was missing was any pressure, with the Moon making his first visit since mid 2014 where there was no fight back. This may have been experienced as losing the will or the taste for battle, ready to let things go or just refusing to sweat the small stuff. This was no one off but a taste of things to come. The force that has been on your relationships is gone. It really is time to lay old relationship ghosts and demons to rest.


It was over the weekend that an opposition between Venus and Jupiter may have brought personal and/or relationship tensions to a head. This was the last of a series of oppositions that has seen your personal and relationship needs clash for much of this year. Yet this was not only the last, but it has ended with the perfect planet for the job at the perfect time. Venus is not only the planet of love and guardian of your relationships but is moving through your relationship sector. So you would think that she would favour your relationships. Venus is also your ruling planet, so will always back you. So does that mean Venus put your needs first? No, her opposition with Jupiter was a chance to find an authentic balance. Tensions might continue into the early days of the week, but the communication gods are on hand to turn this into an opportunity for a breakthrough.

There is something special about both the Moon's visit to your relationship sector over the weekend and its return to your relationship sector this week. The Moon only left on Sunday, so while romantically charged lunar vibes won't follow you into the new week their influence will. This has been the Moon's first visit without the roadblocks of the past. This has managed to not only fuel your romantic confidence, but add new life to old romantic dreams and fantasies. This was the Moon's first visit since Venus, planet of love left last month, with a chance to recapture some of the magic. When the Moon returns to your relationship sector midweek it will have come full circle from last month's New Moon. This time Mercury, planet of communication is on board with a chance to give your emotional responses and relationships a voice.


You have reached an important week for romantic and relationship matters and while there might be some pressure, it is more the love and relationship gods fighting back. Venus is finally moving into the final weeks of her epic visit to your romantic sector. It was back in early February that Venus returned for what should have been a 24 day visit to your romantic sector. Yet while she did eventually leave two months later, it was by retrograding back out and now, three weeks after returning she is getting ready to leave again. This time she won't return. Not due to leave until early next month, Venus is actively pushing through barriers and excuses. After all this time Venus is not taking no for an answer. In the meantime, the Sun has joined Mars in your relationship sector, where you're already fighting for something real and authentic.


The Sun's departure from your romantic sector over the weekend may have taken the solar spotlight off matters of the heart, but the romantic focus is far from over. Instead with Venus, planet of love yet to return the best is still to come. By the time the Moon returns to your romantic sector on Wednesday Venus will finally be just two weeks away, the closest she has come so far this year. With Mercury staying on to wait for Venus, his alignment with the Moon will bring a chance to give your heart's emotional responses a voice. Mercury is helping you to get your head around your romantic options, knowing that the best is still to come. Venus' time in your romantic sector, from early June to early July, will be the most romantically charged month of 2017, with a chance to put in some serious preparations.


The Sun's return to your romantic sector over the weekend has turned the solar spotlight onto matters of the heart and all things romantic. This will have helped to break the spell from any relationship tensions that may have built just days earlier. However, the romantic spirit was already well and truly established. This is thanks to Mars' return four weeks earlier, something that you'll be grateful for this week. For the Moon not only returns to your romantic sector on Friday but triggers a New Moon here on Saturday. As well as creating a romantically charged weekend, a New Moon brings an opportunity to commit to following year heart, while creating an opportunity for new beginnings. Just six days after the Sun's return, without Mars fuelling your romantic passions and fighting spirit for the previous five weeks you wouldn't be ready for this.


When the lunar nodes shifted earlier in the month it didn't seem like a big deal. Yet it wasn't until the Moon returned to Pisces late last week that the full implications were felt and with that a pleasant surprise. For the previous 18 months the North Node had been in your relationship sector and the South Node in Pisces. Throughout that time a balance between your personal and relationship needs was policed. Throughout that time the Moon has visited both each month, constantly bringing your personal and relationship needs into conflict. The Moon moved through Pisces late last week and nothing. This has left you with a sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, but how you police that is up to you. In the meantime, pay attention to romantically charged lunar vibes that kick in over the weekend, for they are a taste of things to come.

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