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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 29 August 2016


While romantic forces will push for one last chance to get your attention before the relationship gods take over, there is no doubt that focus has or should that be will, shift to your relationships this week. While the solar spotlight shifted off all things romantic last week, romantically charged lunar vibes in the early days of this week bring a chance to tap into the romantic spirit, just as the love gods put responsibility for keeping the romantic flame burning in your hands. This comes just as your relationships get a special boost and with the promise of even more support on the way, there is a sense of both confidence and anticipation in the air. The relationship gods are sending in their A team and whether within a current relationship or when it comes to attracting a new relationship, they come armed with a truck load of magic.


The love gods come together this week to throw everything they have into making this week as romantically charged as possible, but also into making this a gateway week for what is to follow. No matter where the journey has taken you until or where it will take you from now, this is a week for putting a stake in the ground, declaring to yourself what you want from love and daring to believe that anything is possible, committing to the job of walking the talk. If you're waiting for the right conditions in order to take a leap of faith you won't find any better than this week, with the love gods even opening the doors to the past and second chances, at a time when there is also the potential for fateful new beginnings. This is a week for taking your defences down and daring to believe that romantic dreams really can come true, but only if you're as committed to making it happen.


Across the romantic and relationship fronts things are looking up this week and in what could be a game changing way on both fronts. It's taken until this point in the year to get a clear sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, but you're ready now to fight to make that happen, with support from the communication gods this week coming just when it's needed most. Whether in the early days of a new relationship or gaining a better sense of intimacy in a current relationship, something has shifted and it's time to put the past behind you. In the meantime, the love gods finally show up, but rather than a slow start they're jumping in the deep end. Tuesday not only marks the start of the most romantically charged weeks of 2016, but by the end of next week the doors will be open to the most romantically charged year in over a decade.


While there is no doubt that your professional star is on the rise and you've reached one of the busiest points of the year that is no excuse for letting life become all work and no play. Yet this doesn't need to become the competition you think it should, with the love gods happy to keep the romantic flame alive in a low key way and even in your own heart, as they prepare for a new romantic surge in a few weeks' time. On the romantic front this week the main focus shifts to making your life as love friendly as possible, preparing for what lies ahead and making a balance between work and play as easy as possible. It's your relationships that get a boost, with past, present and future relationships all benefiting from a chance to give your emotional responses, relationships, the past and unsaid words a voice. A breakthrough is possible midweek.


Any denial about what you want from love or that you are the one responsible for making it happen has been shattered last week and from that a new sense of liberation and determination is taking hold. With your romantic passions and fighting spirit fuelled and a warrior spirit unleashed, you not only know what you want from love you're ready to make it happen. Yet this is only part of the picture, for fighting for love and to bring more romantic passion into your life doesn't necessarily guarantee you're going to be successful. The difference this week is that the conditions are right and you have the love gods fighting for the same thing, making this the perfect time to become a romantic warrior. You can no longer wait for confidence to kick in naturally, with a need to jump right in, faking it till you make it if need be.


Moving into the new week also means moving into the final days of your Venus return, a time of year when the love and relationship gods come to visit with pen and notebooks in hand, ready to jot down your romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the coming year. While still in the early days of your birthday month and new solar year the time has come to set some firm but also confident romantic and relationship intentions for the coming year, aware that this is less about where things stand now and where you want to set the goal post. Once the love and relationship gods have jotted down your wish list they'll go off and do their thing behind the scenes, with your job being to hold onto those intentions. This makes it all about the 'what' rather than the 'when, where and how'.


Where support between the communication and relationship gods has been building over the last four weeks, you reach a point this week where there is likely to be a quiet sense of confidence. Within your current relationships you're likely to find that if you haven't already experienced a communication and/or relationship breakthrough, that you're finding it easier to express yourself, while at the same time you're getting a better understanding and appreciation of the past. Whether currently in or out of a relationship there is not only a chance to lay old relationship ghosts to rest, but by making peace with the past an authentic new sense of what you want and need from the future is starting to emerge. This comes just as the love and relationship gods arrive to help redefine your romantic and relationship desires and expectations, ahead of your birthday month and new solar year.

While a fog bank is due to roll in this week, with a cloud of romantic nostalgia due to become so thick that you could become totally immersed, the early hours have your heart focused on the here and now. There is something serendipitous in play and with the laws of attraction and synchronicity in effect in the early part of the week, with listening to your heart and hunches having the power to put you in the right place at the right time. It's on Tuesday that a sense of romantic nostalgia starts to intensify and merging with a sense of romantic nostalgia already in effect, it won't take long before this envelopes everything. This isn't your normal, run of the mill romantic nostalgia, but thick rose coloured clouds that are immune to reality checks and offer a chance for total escape. As a nostalgic trip down love's memory lane begins who knows what lies on the other side.


While there is a sense of romantic nostalgia in the air and that will remain the case for several more months, this doesn't create the fog of romantic nostalgia that obscures reality checks or has you living in the past 24/7. This brings an awareness of the past and those light bulb moments where old romantic experiences, disappointments and all the highs and lows of love start to make sense. Whether in love or still looking for love you're able to watch reruns of the past and in the process gain a better understanding of where you've been and as a result, of where you're going. Yet there is also a sense of synchronicity in play at a time when the doors to the past and second chances are open, with old memories having the power to trigger something in the here and now.


While it has been over a month since the solar spotlight shifted off your relationships, there is a chance in the early hours of the week to revisit some of the intentions forged over recent months. Having spent the middle months of 2016 getting to the heart of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, your emotional responses to relationship matters in the early hours of the week will put this to the test, while reminding you that it's all about the journey. This is a chance to look at how things are running in a current relationship and to ensure the goalposts are set correctly for any new relationship and while this may see some buttons pushed, this is part of the process of keeping it real. Meanwhile, something special is developing on the romantic front this week, with the doors opening to the past and second chances.


While your annual relationship review ran its course, leaving you with an updated sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, strong emotional responses to relationship matters in the early days of the week could take you right back there. This is part of the normal pattern, for you don't just set your relationship goalposts for the coming year and never revisit them again. Yet whether within your current relationship or looking ahead to a future relationship, this is a point in the year where while you can learn from the past, it is now all about the journey ahead. Meanwhile, a sense of romance and adventure also kicks in during the early days of the week and while the relationship focus will only last a few days, romantic and adventurous forces look and feel like they're here to stay from the get go.


It's not just the relationship gods demanding your attention from the get go this week, but romantically charged lunar vibes have the love gods on board as well. While this is just the first full week of your annual relationship review, the crew assembled to take your relationships into the future has been working behind the scenes all year and with their A team on the field. While the process of not only getting to the heart of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, but of making it happen is still ongoing, a crucial phase comes to an end on Tuesday. That phase is that of getting to the heart of what you want from your relationships, with the part focused on what your relationships, past, present and future need from you in return taking another six weeks to evolve. Communication is a huge part of this.

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