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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 16 January 2017


While Jupiter has been in your relationship sector for over four months now, you're only just getting a sense of his influence. You've been through the excitement of his early months and the pitfalls, as this clashes with your personal needs and now you have a more realistic sense of what this means for you. With a long journey ahead, no matter where things stand now, there is a growing sense that anything is possible. Yet it is the Moon's first visit to your relationship sector for the year that will fill in the missing pieces. Returning midweek, this is when you need to pay attention to your emotional responses to relationship matters, especially where your buttons are being pushed. For while this is a massive year for relationship building, there is also a need to follow your own truth as well.


Starting the week with the Moon in your romantic sector is always going to be an advantage, but even more so with the message that this brings. While the Moon will be gone by your Wednesday, these romantically charged early days will not only have an influence on the whole week, but on your view on romance in 2017. For with these lunar vibes are hints to romantic developments ahead, as close as later next week. This defies belief, for this is not usually a romantically charged time of year. Something is brewing. Your relationships will get their turn when the Moon returns to your relationship sector over the weekend. Unlike romantic forces this is just a monthly update, but emotional responses to relationship matters will give you a sense of direction. In both cases these first lunar visits for the year are a valuable chance for a reboot.


The advantage you have is not just that 2017 is a lucky year for love or a serious year for relationship building, but the forces behind the scenes on both fronts are working together. This is something that might briefly come into play for a few days or weeks at some point in any year. But what you have are the two most powerful planets in the solar system, working on this for the majority of 2017. No wonder then the bar has been raised and you are finding it impossible to simply go through the motions or to settle for less. This is a journey, with the Moon bringing a chance to get a better read on both this week. The Moon's first visit to your romantic sector for the year begins midweek, with romantic charged lunar vibes giving your heart its first voice this year. After so much focus on your relationships over the last few weeks, it's time to balance things out.


Starting the week with the Moon in your communication sector might not seem a big deal, until you take in the fact that the Sun is in his final days in your relationship sector and Mercury has returned to make sure the communication lines are open. There is an effort to ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to ensuring the communication lines are open. Until the Sun leaves you're relationship sector on Friday the spotlight is on your relationships or your relationship situation in a brutally honest way. Since just before Christmas this has exposed all your relationship flaws, cracks and voids. Yet already the rebuilding has begun and these final days are all about making sure the communication lines are open. Yet no sooner than the Sun leaves than the Moon will begin what is destined to be a romantically charged weekend.


Mercury's departure from your romantic sector late last week brought a rare double dip visit to an end, one that allowed you to go back to something already cemented and have a rethink. The Sun left your romantic sector just before Christmas and Mercury in early December, so to go back for a short eight day double dip visit was a chance to return to the drawing board, really getting your head around what you want and need for love. This begs the question, why? The answer is that 2017 is a huge year for love and romance, but it is a year where you have to take responsibility and take matters of the heart seriously. A chance to go back and recheck what you really want from love, will prove invaluable over the coming weeks and months. As that settles, the Sun returns to throw the solar spotlight on your relationships from Friday.


While your emotional responses to relationship matters might be running high in the early days of the week and you may even find your buttons are being pushed, what will really surprise you is the lack of impact this will have. Normally this will create some real challenges, but relationships are in such robust conditions that you'll be grateful for the motivation. This comes at a time when you are also feeling more empowered and confident, which is telling. Could it be, that most of the personal and/or relationship tensions and challenges in the past were because both you and your relationships were feeling vulnerable and didn't respond well when under attack? It couldn't be, but in a week where matters of the heart need to be taken seriously, there is every reason for relationship confidence.


In the lead up to the Sun's return to your romantic sector on Friday and Mars' to your relationship sector next week, there is a need to somehow find room for both. You have some of the most important romantic weeks and the most important relationship months of the year coming up, right in the middle of a busy start to the year. There could be a tendency to say you're too busy and that you'll wait until you're not. That won't work, because this busy phase will continue through to late April. At the same time, the romantic and relationship forces lining up to enter your chart are unlikely to buy your excuses anyway. This makes smart time management and balance essential. This is something you need to be working on from the get go. At the same time, start getting excited about what lies ahead.

A line up of planets that have dominated romantic matters for recent weeks is getting ready to break up, but not until later next week. As Mars spends his last full week in your romantic sector, he is leading a charge of planets that are busy fuelling your romantic desires, passions and dreams. It is one thing to know what you want from love, but as the warrior planet of the cosmos Mars gives you the confidence and courage to fight for it. You began the year with an impassioned sense of what you want from love and now it's time to fight for it. While Mars will leave later next week and won't be back for nearly two years, he has plenty of backup. No matter where things stand on the romantic front now, you have a better chance of fighting for what you want than at any other point in the year.


Despite the fact that the week gets off to a professionally focused start and nothing seems out of place on the romantic front, the further into the week you go the stronger a sense of romantic anticipation is likely to become. While there always has been every reason for romantic confidence, what you have lacked is anything concrete to pin this on. If single you've had a sense that 2017 will be an important year for matters of the heart and if already in love a sense that things will get better, but nothing yet to confirm that. That will remain the case all week, but with Mars' return to your romantic sector next week, every day takes you closer to the most romantically charged months of 2017. Mars is not a planet that favours a wishful thinking approach and instead gets out there and makes things happen.


With the Moon's first visits to both your romantic and relationship sectors for the year under your belt you've got to a point where you're able to wrap up your birthday month with confidence. This is especially so when it comes to knowing what you want from love and your relationships in 2017. This has been more important than it usually is for with Venus, planet of love having left Capricorn in early November and not due to return until Christmas, this was an important refresher. With your birthday month ending on Friday, the final days are all about cementing your romantic and relationship desires and expectations, getting excited about the journey ahead. This is about knowing what you want and setting parameters for the coming year to follow. You have the whole year to turn desires into reality.


Apart from holding onto the message from the Moon's visit to your relationship sector over the weekend, the main focus this week is on confidence building. This is as much about holding onto a better sense of what you want from your relationships, as it is about believing in what you deserve from love. You moved into 2017 with Venus, planet of love in Aquarius and while she has since moved on, she has left you with a clear sense of what you want from love and your relationships. With your birthday month and new solar year starting on Friday, it is crucial that you hold onto those desires and turn them into reality, for Venus won't return until 2018. The Moon has already made its first visit to your romantic sector and relationship sectors for the year, leaving you with all the insights you need.


Though not due to leave Pisces until early next month and even then will return for a double dip visit in April, Venus will be making the most of her last full week with Mars here. As the planet of love Venus is more than capable of fuelling your romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the coming year. However it is Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos that gives you the confidence and courage to walk the talk. Together they will continue to fuel your romantic passions and fighting spirit until later next week, while working to turn you into a romantic warrior. This is where an opposition from the Moon in the early part of the week might be an advantage, especially if it fuels your fighting spirit. After last week's Full Moon in your romantic sector, chances are you're looking for a fight, especially with old excuses.

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