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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 08 February 2016


Having completed his first full month in your financial sector last week and having just moved into his final month over the weekend, it's becoming clear that this is no ordinary 6 week visit by Mars, aimed at fuelling your financial passions and fighting spirit. Nothing has been or will be typical about this first visit since 2014, from the fact that you were already battle hardened and financially savvy when he returned, motivated and everything out in the open. Even though the warrior planet of the cosmos will leave next month he'll return for several more months mid year, determined to see you fight to take your power back, doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes. This time the focus is on 'as long as it takes', for if Mars is in this for the long term so too should you.


Thanks to the Moon's visit to your financial sector last week, the first since a push to get this new financial year up to speed ended and the real journey begun, your financial tension is not only sharp but you've got an intuitive sense of direction. At this point an authentic sense of financial direction is more important than willpower, a game plan or firm intentions. Plans can change, willpower can drop off and good intentions often go the way that intentions go, yet once you commit to and trust a sense of direction, there is no going back and along the way you'll find the signposts you need. So forget the financial game plan and focus on a sense of direction and with the Moon having just left on Friday, with your financial instincts still sharp you're able to trust what your gut is telling you.


With Mercury leaving your financial sector on Sunday and Venus just three days later, it's not only important to keep your money hat on this week, but to have heart and mind on the same page. Working independently from each other but on the same team, Mercury is wrapping up a two month visit aimed at giving you a smart head for money and the means to make smart financial choices, decisions and plans. At the same time Venus' last full week is more about letting your financial desires and expectations take hold and run wild. Where mentally you're focused on the details and on what can be, your heart is focused on what could be, with each equally important. This is the final week for getting your new financial year on the course you want it to continue on. From the get go have your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground, trusting what your financial instincts are telling you.


You'll not only begin the week with the Moon in your financial sector, but a New Moon here on Tuesday brings an opportunity to draw a new line in the sand and commit to this new financial year. Only problem is you're not ready. A smart head for money won't kick in until the weekend and your heart, which will give your new financial year a sense of direction, not becoming involved until next week, this is more about committing to the journey itself than anything specific. At the same time there is a special gift interlaced with Tuesday's New Moon that you might not be aware of at the time, but could be game changing. As the Sun and Moon align they're totally focused on money matters as a whole, as the New Moon that creates the Chinese New Year this ushers in the Year of the Monkey, a year that for Cancereans is set to be especially auspicious for income and earnings.


Make the most of the last full month where the balance between income and financial forces is fairly evenly balanced, though the Moon's return to your financial sector midweek may temporarily sway things. With the Sun returning to your financial sector next week to begin your annual financial review, as much as the money gods are working to keep things balanced, over the next few months it will shift to money matters as you take care of your annual financial update. Until that happens there's a chance to make income matters an equally important priority, especially in the early days of the week. The week begins with smart and intellectually savvy work forces in an alliance with income forces that have a clear sense of direction, with a chance to line up your work and income objectives for the coming year.


Knowing that the Moon's return to your financial sector on Friday and position here over the weekend will give them a chance to focus on money matters, the money gods are happy to let the professional gods grab your attention in the early days of the week. This isn't for totally altruistic reasons, for while there is no reason why money matters can't wait until later in the week, the real reason that they're happy to let work matters take the lead, is that it will benefit them. With your luckiest and most expansive year for income opportunities and growth kicking off in September and a New Moon in your work sector on Tuesday getting this new working year off on the course it will continue on, they need you to be focused there. The income opportunities that will develop later in the year will depend on the infrastructure taking shape on the work front now.


With his first full month in your income sector behind him and having just moved into his final month over the weekend, it's becoming clear that this is no typical six week visit from the warrior planet of the cosmos. At a time when he should be getting ready to leave Mars is instead settling in for another month and when the Moon moves through your work sector midweek, it will be a case of deja vu for both. Having met up four weeks ago and with so much water having passed under the bridge on both the work and income fronts since then, this is a chance to regroup. While the fight to smash through glass ceilings continues, a sense that something is getting ready to shift on the work front brings a new boost in confidence. You're not flogging a dead horse after all.

When the Moon left your income sector last Friday this did more than leave you with a nose for money and a new sense of resolve, having also left you with a better sense of what you're working towards. This was the Moon's first visit since a planetary push ran its course and the real journey began, allowing you to get back to your original motivations, while receiving a reminder that it's now more about the journey. As important as the nose for money this left you with a sense of direction, which are in fact one in the same. With Saturn in your income sector until December 2017 you don't have to worry about losing momentum or motivation along the way or dealing with anything you might face, but what you need is that sense of direction. Holding onto and continuing to trust a nose for money will ensure you retain your sense of direction.


While Mercury is due to leave your income sector at the end of the week, leaving you with a smart head for money, 20/20 hindsight and plenty of experience under your belt, he'll continue to make an impact right through to the moment of his departure. In the early days of the week Mercury's smart head for money not only aligns with professional forces, but the forces that have a clear sense of direction, giving you something to aim for. With Venus in her last full week in your income sector as well, she'll be making the most of Mercury's smart head for money but also of your own ability to attract opportunities and boost your confidence, desires and expectations. While the money gods are working to put income matters on the course they will continue on, at least some money gods will stay on to keep the wheels turning.


Moving into any week with the Moon in your income sector is always going to be an advantage, ensuring you have a nose for money from the get go. Yet with the lead up to Tuesday's New Moon already underway by the time the week begins, this is also a chance to draw a new line in the sand. While a New Moon is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and here a chance to commit to getting things moving on the income front, chances are you don't feel ready. You don't feel ready because you're not ready, still waiting for Mercury and his smart head for money to arrive over the weekend and Venus and her ability to engage your heart and trigger the laws of attraction not arriving until next week. It's not until the Sun's final days in your income sector next week that you'll be ready to take a firm stand.


While the Sun won't return to your income sector until next week, turning the solar spotlight onto your income situation, matters and options, there is a chance this week for a practice run, thanks to the Moon's monthly visit. Yet it's not just the Moon's midweek visit to your income sector and the nose for money this will sharpen that will help you to line up for next week's developments. The Moon will return just as forces on the career and income fronts come together in a way that will see your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit kick in, confronting old doubts or any old baggage. This is especially so when it comes to old beliefs or assumptions, those that don't empower you or seek to hold you back. With some of the best months of 2016 for income and career developments stretching out in front of you it's time to address any negative self talk.


While the Moon won't return to your income sector until later in the week, with your nose for money sharpest over the weekend, even before then there is a growing sense that something is developing, not just on the income front but across the income, work and career fronts. It's less that a nose for money kicks in and more what it reveals, which is a strengthening professional position and a sense that something has shifted on the work front, that you can't quite put your finger on. While new income opportunities won't open until next month, before it even happens you get a major boost from Tuesday's New Moon. Not from the New Moon itself and more from the fact that as the Chinese New Year this ushers in the Year of the Monkey, a year that for Pisces is especially good for work matters.

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