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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 01 September 2014


Having the Moon in your financial sector as you move into the new week will always be an advantage, ensuring your financial instincts are sharp and you have your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground from the get go, but even more so this time. For as the Moon's last visit to your financial sector before Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos leaves later next week and before the real job of bringing things home begins, this is a chance to get right to the heart of what you're fighting for. With your financial instincts, passions and fighting spirit on the same page this is a chance to redefine your financial priorities, with knowing what you're fighting for and what's required of you half the battle. It's time to take your power back.


With no planetary activity in either of your two money houses the Moon's monthly visit to your financial sector this week was always going to be important, but especially so because of the timing. With no planetary activity in your financial sector since late last year and none expected until the Sun returns in November, the Moon's monthly visits provide a chance to tap into your financial instincts, check that you're on track and to take care of any financial housekeeping. Yet by the time the Moon returns on Tuesday Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos is just 12 days away, with his first visit since 2012 showing up on your radar, along with a sense of just how game changing this will be. This makes it important to keep your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground midweek.


Things are looking up for Pluto and your financial situation and money matters, even if it appears that nothing is happening or moving. At this point, all you need is the financial confidence the money gods are evoking, with the more you try to over think things the more likely you are to doubt yourself. Instead, with Pluto moving into his final 3 weeks in retrograde motion in your financial sector on Tuesday and the Moon returning on Thursday for one last visit while the focus is still on the past, you're moving into an important review phase. With Pluto's 20/20 hindsight and a growing sense of financial confidence, this is a chance to look back at what was a challenging first half of the year and not only learn from the past, but see how you can benefit from it.


Due to leave your income sector on Saturday Venus, planet of money and attraction is making her final days with lucky Jupiter count, knowing it's up to her to leave you with the desires and expectations and confidence that will underpin everything that transpires over the coming year. With lucky Jupiter not leaving your income sector until August 2015, support from Uranus in your career sector throughout that time and new doors opening on the work front later next week, it's no wonder you're starting to feel a lot more confident, both financially and professionally. This is when you need to be wary of old doubts creeping in or a tendency to over think things. Instead, the money gods would much prefer you practice wishful thinking, for the key to your success is believing in yourself.


While there is likely to be a lot less financial tension this week, this is more a ceasefire between the money gods, due to come back into combat during next week's Full Moon in your financial sector. In the meantime, this is a chance to focus more on income matters this week, where you have a changing of the guard. Until Mercury leaves your income sector on Tuesday it's about working with his smart head for money, keeping your head in the game and working with the Sun to keep things real, focusing on getting as many options on the table as possible. Mercury's departure will give you a chance to spend a few days with the Sun exploring all your options, before Venus' return on Tuesday not only raises the bar on your desires and expectations, but triggers the laws of attraction.


The money gods have had a chance to shift their focus back to money matters as a whole, after Mars and Ceres' epic visits to your income sector ended in early August. However, that's about to change, with Mercury's return to your income sector on Tuesday marking the start of a new wave, one that comes without the financial challenges and tensions of the past, yet is able to build onto the glass ceilings this managed to shatter. Mars spent nearly 8 months in your income sector between December 2013 and July 2014, his longest visit in 32 years and it is the barriers he's smashed through that Mercury and his smart head for money allows you to exploit. Between now and the end of November lie some of the most lucrative weeks of the year, along with the experience to pick your battles wisely.


Moving into any week with the Moon in your income sector is always going to be an advantage, ensuring you have a nose for money, your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground from the get go. Yet as the Moon's last visit before Mars leaves later next week, this is a chance to tap into your warrior spirit, a chance to redefine what you're fighting for and most importantly, recognise where you need to take responsibility. It's the Moon's alignment with Saturn, before leaving on Tuesday that puts the onus back onto you, reminding you that while the money gods can help you accomplish a lot, that they can only meet you half way. With Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos not returning to your income sector until 2015, the time to take a sledgehammer to any remaining glass ceilings is now.

With no activity in either of your money houses and none in your income sector since late last year, the Moon's monthly visits have become a lot more important, especially with so much unfolding professionally. For that reason alone, the Moon's return to your income sector from Monday to Thursday, coming in Venus' final days in your career sector, is a chance to get a better sense of where the money is, at a defining point in your professional year. However, as a nose for money kicks in don't be surprised if this comes with a ludicrous amount of confidence, boarding on wishful thinking and delusion. For just 10 days after the Moon leaves your income sector Mars will return for his first visit since 2012, bringing a very real chance to smash some glass ceilings.


Even without the developments taking shape on the career front you would be feeling a lot more confident, especially when it comes to income matters. This is despite the fact that there is unlikely to be any movement and it may even appear that things have become stuck or that pay matters are stalled, because they most likely are. Yet this is buying you some valuable time, both to get your professional ducks in a row and to wait for the tide to turn. Most of the financial confidence is coming from the fact that with a financial update over you're able to focus on income matters, with the financial tension of the past is gone. The Moon's return to your income sector on Thursday will ensure you have a nose for money as Venus returns to your career sector on Saturday.


Due to leave your financial sector on Saturday Venus, planet of beauty is pulling out all the stops to make her final days count, knowing that it's the financial desires and expectations she leaves you with that will underpin the extraordinary journey ahead. With the Sun and Mercury having already moved through your financial sector and your annual financial review over, Venus' departure over the weekend should be bringing all the planetary activity for the year to a close. Instead, this is just the end of the push to get things started and with lucky Jupiter staying on until August 2015, your luckiest year for financial and money matters is yet to really begin. The financial desires and expectations Venus leaves you with are crucial, with a need to err on the side of wishful thinking.


While the financial tension eases back this week this has already proved a blessing. As the Sun and Mercury move through your financial sector during your annual financial update, they're putting pressure on income forces that would normally be asleep at the wheel at this time of year. Instead, they're very active and the timing couldn't be better, as you move into some of the most important professional weeks of the year. The money gods however are putting more focus on financial and money matters this week, urging you to work with Mercury in his final hours in your financial sector, holding onto the smart head for money he leaves you with, when he leaves on Tuesday. Venus' return over the weekend will boost your financial confidence and trigger the laws of attraction.


Just when you're getting used to being able to shift a lot of your focus to income matters, with money matters having taken a back seat in early August, they come back into place this week, but in a far less menacing way. Where in the past a contest between income and financial forces created a lot of financial tension, that's no longer the case and over recent weeks you've not only gained a lot more confidence on the income front, but some real leverage. With your professional star on the rise and clues this week to even more doors due to open over the coming weeks, income forces are too robust to be bothered by Mercury's return to your financial sector on Tuesday. With your annual financial review still 3 weeks away this is a chance to get your head in the game.

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