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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 22 December 2014


It's likely to be with a sigh of relief that Saturn, hard task master of the cosmos leaves your financial sector on Wednesday, though it might take some time to fully appreciate the benefits of having the pressure gone and what you've achieved as a result of him being here. Since returning in October 2012 Saturn has been on a mission to see you take your power back, demanding that you sweep nothing under the carpet and take full responsibility for money matters. Your annual financial review only ended last month and with everything now out in the open this is the point where you're able to draw a new line in the sand, while realising that you can only do what you can, with what you've got from where you're at. It's about learning from the past and drawing a new line in the sand.


While the focus on financial matters will remain, the players will change, creating a week where things start off fairly mundane yet before Christmas become anything but. With the Sun and Moon both leaving your financial sector on Monday, as well as bringing your annual financial review to an end, this allows you to move into Christmas week with your eyes open, head out of the sand and your financial instincts sharp. Yet missing from this equation is anything about tying up loose ends, which is usually the last thing on the money gods' checklist for the year. There's no need to tie up loose ends for on Wednesday, just 2 days after your annual financial review ends, Saturn will return for his first visit since 1988, kicking off a financial review period that will dominate the next 3 years.


Things kick off dramatically on the financial front this week, despite the fact that you've already got your head in the game, your financial desires, passions and fighting spirit engaged and money matters very much front of mind. Yet it's on Monday that first the Sun and then just 2 hours later the Moon return to your financial sector, kicking off the last New Moon of 2014. This is the trigger that money matters need and while it falls in the early hours of your annual financial review, you're more than ready to ride the tailwind this creates. This is an opportunity to draw a new line in the sand and with a much better sense of what you're working with and towards, to make a commitment to start walking the talk. Instead of waiting until the New Year make new financial resolutions now.


Christmas week is not usually a week where you have your money hat on, as it's usually the New Year where the money gods start showing up. This year the money gods are not only already here they're in competition with each other, some focused on money matters and the others on income matters. For the first time in 12 years you've got lucky Jupiter in your income sector over Christmas, but it's been 19 years since you've had Mars spend Christmas in your financial sector. Even Christmas Day isn't exempt, with the Moon's return to your financial sector on Christmas Eve and alignment with Mars on Christmas Day engaging your financial instincts and passions on the one day when money matters shouldn't matter. Yet it's away from your normal routine that you're able to gain some perspective.


While taking your money hat off over Christmas is unlikely to be an option, this is able to be done in a fairly low key way, especially if you defer thinking too much about things until after Christmas. This is one year when procrastinating and putting things off will work to your advantage, for it's not until the Moon returns to your financial sector over the weekend and your financial instincts kick in that you'll have an accurate read on things. Until then it's more about remaining confident, as you wait for a financial surge in the New Year. In the meantime, the Moon's return to your financial sector on Friday, for one last visit before Mars returns is a chance to listen to your financial instincts and the emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses this is bound to trigger.


Thanks to the Moon's visit to your income sector last week you got a chance to get your bearings and tie up any loose ends on the income front for the year, with the money gods happy now to keep things on track. This allows you to shift your focus to money matters as a whole this week, with the tide finally turning on the financial front. It's on Monday that Uranus' 5 month retrograde phase in your financial sector ends and while it takes these planets weeks to slow down, do a U turn and speed up again, what this will do will shift your focus from the rear view mirror to the road ahead. You might not be in any better position to make things happen, but the way you look at things will shift. When you stop looking back and start looking forward everything changes.


Much of the income growth you'll experience in 2015 and beyond is likely to be a result of the hard work Saturn has required you to put in since returning to your income sector in October 2012. With the hard task master of the cosmos raising the bar for over 2 years now, expecting more from yourself is your new normal, to a point that it's probably only once Saturn leaves on Wednesday and the pressure comes off that you'll realise how demanding it is. While Saturn will return for 3 months in mid 2015 he's leaving you on your own, but having cemented your resolve, your beliefs and a willingness to walk the talk, it's probably not until the New Year that you'll start to reap the benefits. Hold onto the nose for money the Moon's visit to your income sector late last week has left you with.

There is a changing of the guard on the income front this month, something that rarely, if ever happens. With Mars, Venus and Mercury having all recently moved through your income sector as the Sun and Moon leave on Monday that should be it for the year, with the money gods packing up and going on vacation, not to return until later next year. The most active months of any year for income matters are November and December, yet as your annual review comes to an end on Monday there's no sign that the money gods are getting ready to leave or that you have even begun to tap into your full potential. The game changer is Saturn Saturn's return to your income sector for the first time since 1988 to find lucky Jupiter waiting in your career sector and Uranus in your work sector.


By all rights Monday's New Moon in your income sector should catch you off guard, especially with the Moon not only returning just 2 hours behind the Sun, but immediately coming together. At some point during the Sun's month long visit to your income sector he'll align with the Moon to form a New Moon that brings an opportunity for a fresh start, new beginnings and a need to draw a new line in the sand, but falling within the Sun's first 2 hours this is something you shouldn't be prepared for, except you are. With Mars having recently moved through and Venus and Mercury already here, with your expectations fuelled and a smart head for money already getting your head in the game, when Monday's tailwind hits you'll be more than ready to seize the moment and commit to walking the talk.


While Christmas week is not usually a week that you'll have your money hat on, not by choice but simply because this is not usually a time of year when the money gods are active, this year this is very much your reality. For the first time in 12 years you've got lucky Jupiter in your financial sector over Christmas, but for the first time in 19 years Mars is in your income sector over Christmas. Even Christmas Day itself isn't immune from having your money hat on, with the Moon returning to your income sector on Christmas Eve and aligning Mars on Christmas Day. When you add the pressure that this time of year can put on your budget this may be creating some intensity, but there is a real need to see any financial anxiety as excitement, trusting that the money gods really do have your back.


This is one week where the professional gods really are taking things to the wire, making it seem that once again you'll need to keep your professional hat on during the holiday period only to peel away at the last minute. This is something the money gods are happy to take a backseat over, knowing their turn will come. It's the Moon's return to your income sector on Friday, the last for the year and first before Mars returns in the New Year, that will give you the nose for money needed to start lining up at the right doors before they open. Yet the only reason those doors will be ready is because of the momentum Saturn is creating in his final days in your career sector. Due to leave on Christmas Eve until Christmas it's more about having your professional rather than your money hat on.


In a week where professional and money matters should be slowing down things are instead exploding back into life. The Sun and Moon's departure from your career sector on Monday should bring this professional year to an end, but apart from leaving you with a lot of professional foresight and your professional instincts sharp there are no signs that anything is wrapping up. If anything, with Uranus turning direct in your income sector on Monday, just 17 minutes before the Sun is due to leave your career sector, this is when the tide finally turns. The game changer is Saturn's return to your career sector on Wednesday, with his first visit since 1988 coming during Uranus' first 48 hours in direct motion. The tide turns on the income front just as you experience a major professional comeback.

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