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  Updated Weekly (Mondays) to your web site - 26 September 2016


Financial and money matters as a whole are back on the table this week thanks to Venus' return to your financial sector over the weekend. It was the month's that Mars has already spent fuelling your financial passions and fighting spirit this year that now has leverage, with the confidence to once again get back in the ring and start fighting for what you want. This doesn't mean that income matters no longer matter and if anything, with some major turnarounds on the professional front there is even more reason for confidence when it comes to the income opportunities and untapped potential in particular, this gives you access to. In general, what you're likely to notice this week is a boost in financial confidence and a return of your fighting spirit, ready to once more take up the gauntlet and fight for what you want.


The money gods are front loading the week to a remarkable degree, putting all their cards into the early days of the week and then letting things settle back. It is Mars' departure from your financial sector on Tuesday that is creating the intensity and a good deal of urgency, with his financial passions and fighting spirit moving into overdrive in the final hours of a game changing journey. Having returned in early March for what should have been a six week visit aimed at fuelling your financial passions and fighting spirit, Mars is finally moving on but when he does, he's asking that you approach financial and money matters head on, in a fearless and determined way. Yet far from the end of the journey this is just the start, with Mars' mandate simply to break down barriers and get the ball rolling.


Make the most of the relative calm in the early hours of the week, with a dramatic financial turnaround and breakthrough possible by Tuesday. To begin with you have not only a fairly quiet and typical week for financial and money matters, with everything looking and feeling much as it has for most of the year, but it's likely that things may even appear stuck or stalled. In his last full day in retrograde motion in your financial sector, by Monday Pluto will be at a standstill, with the money gods asking that you hold off making any financial choices, decisions and plans or if you can't, to measure twice and cut once. Yet on Tuesday everything changes, with Pluto's direct turn releasing the handbrake just as Mars' return is likely to fire up your financial passions and fighting spirit. In one fell swoop the tide turns and the pace picks up dramatically.


All eyes are not only on income matters this week and a nose for money in particular, but they are focused on the early days of the week, making it important to have your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground. In any circumstance and especially as 2016 is already a huge week for both work and career matters, the Moon's return to your income sector on Monday was always going to be a significant event, sharpening your nose for money and providing better insight into not only where the money is but its importance. Yet with Mars leaving your work sector on Tuesday and Monday likely to be busy, frenetic and out right manic, a nose for money will make it easier to work smarter or at least channel some of that urgency more effectively. Yet with the Moon not leaving until midweek, a nose for money will play a vital role as work and career forces regroup.


While the Sun's departure from your income sector last week has taken the solar spotlight off your income situation, matters and options, just two weeks after lucky Jupiter's departure, the money gods aren't quite finished yet, with this week all about having your head in the game as you tie up loose ends. Smart and intellectually savvy Mercury is not only spending his first full week in direct motion in your income sector but his last full week and as his epic two month visit draws to a close, it's his smart head for money and 20/20 hindsight that allows you to start making the smart choices, decisions and plans that will tie up loose ends. While the money gods will keep money matters evolving indefinitely they are tying up loose ends on the income front, with the Moon's return on Wednesday bringing the nose for money needed to get down to the final details.


While the Sun's return to your income sector late last week and his first full week of shining the solar spotlight on your income situation, matters and options is a very ordinary event at this time of year, what this reveals is anything but the norm. It was lucky Jupiter's return two weeks early that opened the door to your most powerful and potentially lucrative income year in over a decade, but it's only as he aligns with the Sun in the early days of the week that the full implications are brought home, bringing you face to face with the fact that your luck has changed. Even if nothing outwardly has changed or will anytime soon, in the early days of the week it's the inner revelations that are game changing, as you wake up to the fact that anything is possible. This isn't just the power of positive thinking, but a message coming from the money gods themselves.


Sometimes it's not the event itself that is significant and more the timing and that is definitely the case this week, as Venus spends her first full week in your income sector. Venus is one planet that you want to have here, for working through the laws of attraction and by raising your belief in what's possible, this creates expectations at the very time you're more likely to attract opportunities. Because of this Venus' return to your income sector will always create what are potentially the most lucrative weeks of any year. Yet returning over the weekend puts her almost a month ahead of the Sun and allows Venus to work her magic before there is any need for reality checks or to have your head in the game. Moving into the week with the Moon in your career sector and your professional instincts sharp, all of sudden gives you options you didn't have just a few days earlier.

The timing of the Moon's return to your career sector on Monday couldn't be better, ensuring your professional instincts are sharp during Mars' last full day and final hours in your income sector and as an urge to take a sledgehammer to any glass ceilings reaches fever pitch. Having returned to your income sector in each March for what should have been a six week mission to break down any glass ceilings in your way, especially those in your own mind, the warrior planet of the cosmos is finally bringing his longest visit in two decades home, with his final hours all about fuelling your fighting spirit. With your professional instincts kicking in at the crucial 11th Hour this brings a chance to keep the bigger picture in mind, aware of not just the forces in play on the income front that will keep the wheels turning, but the professional momentum as well.


This is one week where looks are deceiving, with first impressions suggesting that income and financial matters are not the same as they have been, but have become stalled. While moving into the week with the Moon's monthly visit to your financial sector wrapping up will ensure your financial instincts are sharp from the get go, with Pluto in his final hours in retrograde motion in your income sector this will simply highlight the fact that income matters are not only stalled, but seem irrevocably stuck. Even Pluto's direct turn on Tuesday was never going to be enough to get things moving anytime soon, though it was always going to release the handbrake and turn the lights green. It's not Pluto's direct turn that is the game changer but Mars' return to your income sector just hours later, turning the potential for a slow turnaround into the potential for a major breakthrough.


With no planetary activity in your two money houses the Moon's monthly visits are invaluable when it comes to getting your bearings, providing access to the money gods and making sure that you're on track. There is less urgency when it comes to income matters, for with some major developments kicking off in early November and some stunning professional developments already unfolding, so long as you have your professional hat on you should be fine. It's when it comes to financial and money matters as a whole that there's a need for some support, which makes the Moon's return to your financial sector on Monday and position here in the early part of the week so valuable. Until the Moon leaves on Wednesday listen to your financial instincts and let your emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses run their course, processing the message behind them in the second half of the week.


The Sun's departure from your financial sector last week and Jupiter's two weeks earlier has taken the major focus and the spotlight off financial and money matters, but while this has income forces dancing for joy, you still have one more week for tying up loose ends and putting your financial game plan together. Having returned to your financial sector in late July for what should have been a 15 day visit aimed at getting your head in the game and giving you the smart head for money needed to make smart financial choices, decisions and plans, Mercury is finally in his last full week, but also his first full week in direct motion. It's only now, with all your options on the table that you're able to start tying up loose ends. In the meantime, as the money gods get ready to shift all their focus back onto income matters, there are some exciting developments on the career front.


While the Sun's first full week in your financial sector will always have the solar spotlight on your financial situation and money matters at this time of year, nothing has prepared you for the revelations likely to be staring you in the face. There is no better way to start a week than to have the Sun and lucky Jupiter aligned in your financial sector from the get go, one turning the solar spotlight on your financial situation and money matters and the other in the early weeks of a major period of financial expansion. This brings you face to face with the huge potential in front. At the same time, with the Sun looking at the here and now but Jupiter to the future and a sense of what's possible, the early days of the week are some of the most important in a decade for taking your power back, realising that you are the master of your own financial destiny.

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